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wasiii tbe handwriting of Job^m scon the will lately and it^Mine instrument that I saw In 1871.^ft acquainted with A. J. Davie and in-
1Rnnber of O.d-Timers Who Gaief.-1 on tbe instrument in tbe genuine s:
Upontbe ffilL
tun-of A. J. liar is. The signatures of^C Sconce and Job Davit an* allogenic^r- Havo atood near James Davis while^1 has be on engaged in writing and have^nP'POQITlovfn 'he movement of bit pen. Saw the^in ruzI I lUNL ^^ ,wo oee^ian, previous to 1891.
wit in 1871 when it waa in good condi-
Hniu^-- n. a,, . In. and also in 1872. Tne nin holea
u 5 ^B,carn^ 5^HS there and tho paper badly discol
Markod-SomeWitnesses Who
Have Hemarkab a^Memorise.
LitHue no hi.I tune 1 looked at it. The^III, at the tune 1 lint aaw it, vu alone,^[wrapped and uncovered.
n.-T-r. a on 'i'i t\* r LOOKED AT D WIS* PAPERS.
BlTTB,Aug. 28.^ 1 be Davis caae to-da'
vaareplete with testimony of a ruoat in^^ '^r M'^n^^^ win d m.-a spun tne^portant character. In fact it a I mo*Wl^ v,mrl A*u
amountedto a coup for the proponent|Srnitli M. Hanahaw waa the first wit-^The evidence was mainly rendere*** called] in tho afternoon sesim.^through tie pnncnf-^ -and there havo ofacquainted with the late James^cumulated enough of these ty|^owritur4v'*^ ^' Davit county, Iowa. Had busi-^documents to llll u four-horse wago^e^^ transuetioua with him that rt quired^J nomas Glasgow, a resident of fta-n examination of hia private papers.^reik 1 ^w,,,,ul^. anil evidently a memo* Ids occurred in October, 1871 Ho aaw^u '.,\nli,t^ ^^^^^'^Plaa,,,. t^r Jalm,. Uavis at t.mt time.
theIkiikh of James D.tvir, in about t^^'1 ^,a,e whether or not it la the same
year1874. Smith M. Hinsiiaw, MasjaMaaMMBMN you saw in October, 18741
^ue of tli^ numerous justices of V ^Yet, sir, I think it is.
peaceof Salt ( reek township, tbou| ^What examination did you make of
quire Hanshaw combines farming aalliis instrument in 1871^
sortof a diversion to hia legal duties ^I read it over.
wasput on the stand and gave teatimoi ^Where did James Davis take tbe will
tothe effect that he had examined tlifrotn ^''
willa number of years prior to its licit ^from a trunk, I think.
offeredfor probate, and the iustrume ^Were there any other patters of va'ue
nowin contention and the one he aaw Kept with the will in the trunk ^ ' ^Yes,
thattune are identical.sir; there were some deeds to hit prop-
Thodepositions read were from tcverurty.^^narties living in Iowa, who state that the ' Are you acquainted with the band-^saw and rend the document purportuavrting of James K. Eddy V^ ^1 inn.^^to he A J. liavis' will, long before lie diet 'l'lense cxaiinnn tiio instrument and^iiml when it was in the possession ottke whether the will or any portion of^James Davis and when it was kept in tlm a in the handwriting of Eddy.^ ^I^iu Uess house of that gentleman.\m't think it la.*1
'Were you acquainted with the hand-
HEHAD bEEN THE WILL. vnng of Joli Davis .^ ^No; I am not.
...... ssi^.^'lo witness was then turned over to
hat Tlinmu. Ola.goes Kaows About the inoiit.-stani^.
VMyori^You say you taw this will
auhjectof tbe will, on the occasion that^you apeak of.
1said, in identifying the will I would^go rntlier by tbe auhstauce of it, tiiau by^tbe handwriting contained th^rein
Acontinuation of the res ting of depo^^sitions was begun by reading the testi^^mony of Kli Dye. He knew A. J. Davis^intimately since 18(7 until the time of b.a^deatb. He bad seen him write b.a name^many timet during bis business di alings^with him. He aaw an instrument pur^^porting to be tbe will of A. J. Davis, at^the bouse of James Davis in 1881. It waa^handed to him to be read ly J. K. Kddy.
Courtadjourned until to-morrow at 10^o'clock.
Sen Tilings Reporters Hear anl Scan^Things They Obiem
Writingla lbs Will.^In regard to making a test of tho ink of^the will. Colonel lngersoll said his side^hud concluded to concur with tbe pro^^ponents in doing this, and had tele^^graphed last evening to Dr. Hasan to re^^turn to liutte in order to conduct such^text f. r the contestants.
ThomasGlasgow, the last witness of^yesterday's session, was recalled and^qu' stioned hy Judge Curruthers. It will^us) remembered the court adjourned yes^^terday evening pending this witness an^^swering ih ^ question at to whether ho^hud ( ver seen the Davis will in 1871 nt^tne hou-o of Janus Davit in tlgin,^Wapello county, Iowa.
JudceCurrinhers^When you went into^the house, who did you llml'.' ^I found^J ( Sconce, Mary Ann Kddy and Job^Davis.
Whatconversation did you have with^any of these on the subject of tbe will
Objectedto, objection sustained on the ^t tinm
s,sir I think so.
'tat makes you say 'I think to' ^^^^W, the contents ur ^ tho sain-, and^tlie-itu.'T similar.
1you aay to Job Carter in^Ofsjr. IKK), at Elgin. Iowa, that^*nt will wat a fraud' mid that
sjcould tin.I 25U men in Davis^cry who would inqcaeh J. C. Sconce,^d lid you not agree with Dwyer to help^I prove that this will was a fraud V^^esttoucd overruled.
Whollrst -inike to you in regard to^litying ill this case'.'^ Question over-^ed.
Wasit not James K. E.ldyQ lea^^ned overruled.
'Whowere present when you saw tho
11in 1874'.^'
'JamesH. Eddy, James Davit and wife^d a little girl.
Wasthe will stained and discolor* I at
Looknt tho will and state whether or^you M it was as difficult to read then as^^^It is more dilllciilt to read now.''
incinipcteiicy of the question.
V\lien you went in the house did^tec n written instrument^'' ^I did.
Picasolook at the will and state ^Were there evidences at that time of^whether or not it it tbo samo instrument ic will having been wet^ ' ^1 here were,^you saw at the house of James Davis in hrht though.
themouth of July, le71V ^Yes, sir; it is ^Did you ever hear it said that Eddy^the same.^roio this will 7'' ^1 did.
Howdid it happen that you read tbe ^When was this that you beard this^^^will nt that time^ ' ^Job Davis handed In February. 1891.
methe will und told me to read it.^^How do you expl.dn the fact that you
Doyou know in whose handwriting lad an inkling that E.ldy wrote the will,^tho body of tbe will is^^ ^In my opiu-shen w* ourselves did not suspect such a^ion Job Davis wrote the will.^lung until May of tho present yeart
Areyou acquainted with tbe signature Uuestbn oLjecled to.^of Jum-s Davis^^ ^lam.^Mr.Myers^1 I
OlivsrTries His II mil at 1'ocket^I'm kluc and llne.n't *aroee^f.
BrnK.Aug. 28. -If C. H. Oliver doea^not Und himself comfortably cared for iu^tlie penitentiary uftcr the next term of^the district court ho will indeed have oc^^casion to congratulate himself on hit^gootl furiune, for he got himself into an^exceedingly bad predicament this nfter-^lioon. Oliver thought lie saw an I pi or-^utility to improve his tliianei il MtMitt^a little hy d. i:ig a J )!^ m the pocket p ek^^ing lino and made tile^ attempt, hut del it^ill so but giingu manner that about half a^dnz^u persons witnessed bis work and^caused bis arrest.
Witha number of other men Oliver was^in the l larendon and enjoyed the^hospitality of an elderly gentleman^named J. M. Jones, who wus somewhat^under the inllueiice of liquor. 1 he men^were all seated at the table, and Mr.^Jones, ticiug drowsy, allowed his head to^drop on hi* breast and fell into a slight^dca.^. Oliver aaw this und without a^moment's delay deliberately rcuehod^across and attempted to insert his hands^into the old gentleman's vest pockets.^It happened tiiat Mr. Jones was not^asleep and he grahbed Oliver's hand^with the remark, ^how aro you^^ und^pushed the h ind away. Iu about a min^^ute Oliver aguiti reached over and tnis^tun ; got one of bis hands in the top^pocket of Mr. Jones' vest and pulled out^a t^ hill and u key, both ot which dropped^to the floor.
DanHurley, manager of the saloon,^was one of tuose who witnessed the at-^lair and walked toward Oliver. When^the latter sua* lulu come he placed his^foot on the money and then picked it up^Mr. Harlcy onhredhimto give up tin^money, hut O iver refused and snow e.I^tight. After luakinc scverul demands^for the mi u^ y and Oliver still re I using^to surrender it, Mr. ilarley walked tow^^ard the bar lo g i u p -t.-nailer that he^keeps there, Willi the intention of seeing^whetner In' could not induce Oliver to^comply with his demands. Evidently^surmising what was coming, Oliver^called out that he would give^him the inoiny, and held out his^hand. Hy this time Mr. Jones awoke, and^as Mr. Harlcy caught Oliver by the wrist^Mr. Junes forced his hand open und took^the money. Mr. Harlcy then released^Oliver and appurcntly allowed the matter^to did, but instead inn. lied Officer Wulah^of wliut had occurred. The ( 111. it arrested^O iver ai.d took him to tlie county jail^und preferred u charge of rolihery fiom^the person against him.
O.iveris well known in the city, and a^short time ago did duty for a few duys as^s;.ce;al police iii in. Kecently h*^ hss done^nothing except to loaf about saloons and^^work'' pcopic^ for drinks.
-1havo a right to follow this^^It witnot Into every hole into which he^Is.^runs I do not know what he will say in
Thewitness was then handed over to etia*^r to this question; he mny say that
istbo tiguaturo on the will his^
the*contestants for a cross-examination.
Mr.Myers^Did you ever serf that will^from the JtHb of July. I -i-i. until March of^the present year^ ^No, sir.
Doyou say that you could carry a rec^^ollection of it in your miiidof this will for^2uyeurs^ ' ^Yes, sir.
D.dyou ever see a photograph of the^will belore comiug to Uutte ^ ' ^I did.
Howcame youtosco tbe photograph ^'
JamesK I^. Idy showed it to me.
Didyou ever see a photograph of tbe^Will In fore tills^
Yea;a man named Dwyer showed^me one at my home m Missouri.
Whowent iu Davis'house with you^when you claim to have soen this will^ '
Mybrother Sara.
Howlong did you remain in tbe
bouse '^^From 15 to CO minutes.^^^How were the persons in tbe room ar-
JamesDavis was just going out tbe^other door as 1 entered. Sconce wat sit^^ting behind the table and Job Davit wat^sitting beside the table.
1'henyou did not see James Davit to^speak to him ^
Notthen, but I saw him at the barn^aft, rwardt.
Whowas with you when you^Janu s Davit at the barn^''
Idon't remember.
Yiu say that you aro acquainted wtl^Jolt Davis' handwriting, now when lie^you last see any writing of Job's^
I ne last tune 1 saw any of his bnJ-^writing wus last fall.
Wustnis on the estray a 111 lavit ^ ^It^was.^'
Iwould like,^ taid Mr. Myert ^'o^have the witness shown this estray alll-^davit and sec if he docs not see agreat^(l.flereiice lH-tween tho signati'e of^Sconce mi it and on the will.
1ohji'ct to such a proceeding,' aaid^Colouei Sanders. A friendly til took^pine - b.'twceti the two attorue-ys, when^Judge Mrliatton choked them loth off^by sustaining the objection of be pro^^ponents.
Mr.Myers^When did you see ,-ny writ^^ing next l.. foro seeing the erffay ulll-^davn^ ' ^1 don't recollect.
^Wlien did you see James Dads write T^^^Onco ut his own house, abou nine years^ago.''
Didyou ever see him trite another
Yes,once at the C. nter sehool house.
Hidyou ever correspond with either^James or Job Davit^ '^^No. tir.
Didyon evi r tell H. C. Elutns.at Elgin,
Iowa,mat you could not identity the^will ^ ' ^I think not.
Didyou ever tell him that you could^identify the will'.
.Notthat, but 1 -t.it .1 to li'in that 26^years wat a long tun ^ to rnueiulwr any^^thing. '
Wasit not J.iraet ]{. Eddy who told^y hi what you knew iu tins caae^^ Ob^^jected to.
Eddtold him or that he saw Eddy write^tlie istruiiieut.
hell did you llrst tell anybody that^youad seen tint will iu 1H74T '
is'.* i 1 told H. H. Tremble that I had^seed.
hendid you llrst bear of tbe death^of idrew J. Davis^^^^'iilun two or three weeks after his
'hatit your compensation in this^ca^
endollars a day and oxpeuset.
'idyou not do some work for the^pr^ jiients iii Iowa^
didattend to a few butincts matters^ioouiicctiou with this case for them.
ClllssnsWho Were on Intimate^Terms With Jaiutt'Dsvls.^The reading of depositions wat re^^fined, the first one being that of F. T.^^ all. L veil i i Davis county from the^^ne I wat born until 1878. Knew James^^avit. Lived with him from 1874^intil 1878. Have examined the private^papers iu the poasession of James Davis,^taw 1 opened hit trunk one d^ y in hit absence^and found, und read tbe said will. I saw^the names of J. C. Sconce*, Jatnea Davis^and Job Davit. It was dated some time^in lsi. j. Saw tbe will aguin in tbe court^house in liutte, Montana, and it is the^same instrument I aaw while looking^over James Davis' papers.
Depositionof A. S. Bishop^Am .18 years^of age*. Lived in Iowa from 1864 until^1878. when 1 moved to Kansas. Was at^the home of James Davis in 1878, making^an examination of his iiancrs. Saw the^ill and read it. A life tune income was
:ivento 'l'limua- Jefferson Davis und 1'et^^avis, the remainder e^f the property was^giveii to his brother. John A. D ivis. Saw^the elate- on the will Ms wastats Was in^Unite iu February, 1.-9I. and examilli 1^tlie will. It is the same instrument that 1^-an in March, 1878, at James Davis' resi^^dence iu Salt Cre ek township.
Depositionof J. C Si^ m e. jr. Am^^0 years old and a r.-sident of^Salt Creek township. 1 am a nephew^of J. C. r-cuie'c and have known him all^my life. Knew A. J. Davis, deceased. M^taw hia will at tbe house of J.,iik-s Da^^vis in 1880. James Davis and 1 were^hunt rg lor u paper m a hilreutl elrawer,^when 1 c line across the will.. Loeiked at^it und examined the signatures and con^^tents ot the instruments.
Another Mrs. N ..nee Who Maudod the^li.ii t of ihs Jlsvis Hums.
Thedeposition of T. J. Sconce of^l'.'g ii. Wapello county, was read: ^I was^employed by James Davis ill the summer^if 1871, and while engaged in putting^new roof upon Davis' house, had occasion^1st i xamine many of his private papers^Saw the will and read it. 't he paperi^Is came wet by rain leaking through the^re^o', mid it waa while spreading tlicm out^l -diy that I Isad a chance to read the^e .ml. nts of the will. Am well acquainted^with Job Davis, ami luuiiliar with Ins^handwriting. Am also acquainted with^the handwriting of J. C. Sconce, as well^as that of James Davis.
Iumy op nton the rlgnatures of tbe will^are all geuume. The body of the lusiru
AFormer Ilesldrnt ot ealt 1 rsi h T w^ship on rs Ts.iitu'.ny.^W. O. Jackson, Jr., a resident of M s-^aouri and by occupation u lawyer, was^calli d upon to testify. He formerly lived^in Salt Creek towusb p and knew James^Davis intimately. He had In l|^ed luui^examine' his private* papers on one occa^^sion, and bad se en and read tlie will of^Andrew J. Davis. The witness was shoa'ii^the will and prouojneed it the one and^the same-as he liad seen at James Davis'^house on that occasion.
Hewas ae(planned with James H. Ed ly^nud very familiar with Ins handwriting.^Th- witness stated einphsttcai y that the^body of the will was not iu 1 Ml s writ^^ing.
Colonellngersoll^Do you kirn*' H. C.^EvansT''
Didyou hav^^ a conversation ^it!i him^in tins court louse two or iline ^ ccks^ago^ '
Didyou say to bias in that conversa^^tion that ^oii could not with any certainty^identify the will^''
Whatdid you toy to Mr. Ivans on tbe
HoWas a Sad Man With a Headache^-Thev Visited tho National^Park-About Butte^Water.
R.BBON.Mors Added to
WM.!^ atOOa, m. n. Kimwaf.sr., t. e. . mjaw-^r.r.iis mvk^ isoalv, r, k. * tier..Nr.
ATliras-Ts'sr-O'il I toy aVts Ills Parent,^n nu,e on Fire.
BfTTK,Aug. 'J8^Fire wat diseovero l^In tho residence of J. F. Fierce, Center*^ville, at noon to-day, and a tele phone^message was semt to the fire hall. The^department made a quick turn out and^ran to ,llio corner of Woolman street^wliero the last hydrant iti that direction^is situated. The hosu wat attached but^the pressure was not strong enough to^force the water the re quired distance. The^tiro was extinguished by Mrs. Fierce be^^fore any serious damage was done, anil In^doing so the ludy displayed great pres^^ence of mind.
Thefire originated in ihe parlor and its^originator was their .i-ycar-old son. Hart-*^well. The little fedlow by tiinaua ot a^cdi.iir game.I access to the match'tiox and^lighting a match ignited the luce curia.lis^in the room. After ho had started the^bl. i ^ the child stepped back to the fur^^ther end of the room and atood rooly^watching in mute uinaiemcnt the result^of his work. Mrs. fierce, who at the^time was outside,noticed the boy standing^unusually quiet, und In u.g surprised ut^that fact euiercd the room to ascertain the^cause. She was greatly alarmed on en^^tering to find the curtains uhluze and tin^Maui. - leaping madly to tic ceiling which^lilt'I become ignited. She iu*h^d out and^gave the alarm, and then seeur.ng some^water dowseel it eiu the lire. Dy the time^a crowel had gathered she had the fire ex^^tinguished. Some id' the mere excited of^the crowd seeing smoke issuing from the^re-ar of tlie building near th ^ roof cut a^large hole through the wall only to find^the space between the ceiling und roof^filled with smoke caused by tlio fire m^tbe parlor. The loss will not exceed t'M.
Bltit, Aug. :8^Dawn on I'ark street^a man hold, a job that e ven the laciest^bum in the c.iy would hesitate' to eleclme.^and that is saying much. All the man^bas to do fa at iiite'rvals to blow tw.i^short und quick blasts nil a whistle that^bangs hy a cord from Ins neck, lie is in^chnrge eif the steam elevator used^to ho st I rick and mortar for the ne w^Owsley block. The mortar ami brick nr..^level. . mi.i wheelbarrows, wlucii iu turn^are p ailed onto the elevator ami, when^all is in readiness, the man w.th the^Wills le Mgnale to the engineer iii the^^Ml ail'III to hoist the load. A 1 day long^a crowd of envious men hang ab.mt tne^place look.ng at the mail with the wlnslle^Msd wish the*; had his j b. If w ort, no^harder than that ( x sled everywhere idle^men would uot Ik* as numerous as they^now a:e.
Aman with a decidedly bad east of^headache and a ri d, swollen look about^tbe eye-, was relating Ins ( xpericiiee Inst^night to a pnl'ccmun at the corner of^Main and l'ark In els. He said that the^night before he had Ih en in one eif the^concert -anions, the proprietor of which^he well knew. Having already drank^considerably bethought it prudent to give^part of bis money to the keeper of Un^^join! for safe kei'ping. Accordingly he
Kateluui fl.'.n and retained f.'iO to^low in. Shortly afterward he^began to ope'ti wine and soon got^^good and full^ and had a vague rocolh c-^tloti ol leaving ill. place. Ycstctil.iy^aftt ruooti he returne I to the saloon and^asked f..r the money he had on deposit^there. Without a word the proprietor^deliberate.)' handed him a pure ol paper^show.tig luui to b^ indebted to the bouse'^to the e xtent of {.'^ The man n ill ui-^strate.i, but was calmly lata that he^boi glit wine for ull the money 1st had on^deposit mid ^stood e II ' the bartender for^Olle Ii .'.tie. lie still owet for that bottle.
Aramping parly computed of a num^^ber of prominent young men of this city,^and accompanied by a collide eif frieuels^freun neighboring towns, w inch 1. It heic^for the National park three weeks ago,^have been h ard from und arc reported^at having got themselves in trouble with^the olhcer, of the park. They bail bee n^in the liah.t of riding a distance of six^nub s to their camp in the evening. No^register is preividcd for visitors to the^park, and tne boys being desirous^of makii'g public the fact of their pres^^ence, registered their names with a ktnfo^in some of the more bountiful shade^trees. The result had a hiimilialivjfl ef^^fect on the vandals, as the guards, dis^^covering their work, rmlo out and^brought the party back from their enmp.^where they were comfortable' located for^the night, und compelled themioera-e^their signatures by lightly shaving Un^^bars, from that particular portion of the^ire s. -m il an ell,-use is not punishable^by a Hue, but Ihe guilty ones are subject^to (j 'ctment trOSM the grounds. It is^not known whetner or not^this rule is strie'tly enforced, but^it is thought it is us tile parly is ex|h cte I^to return in u tew days. When licensed^of Ihe e IIelite by Itta guards tbo boys, it^is said, signified their willingness to set^^tle for the damage done, but greatly oh-^j cted to bug marched back by a small^detachment of soMn rs a distance of six^milt's to jM'l'lorm a job w hich ci.uM as^well be' done hy one of the guards^Hril'iug* would not go, however, and the^wi.ole party was taken back.
Hundredand Klfiy
Bom.Aug. 2B ^Francis Murphy was^greeted ibis evening by an nirliei.ro that^surpassed iu numbers any of tbe previous^attendances since the tin ctmg be gad ^^this city. Keiishaw I all was packed^with a mass of enthusiastic, Immlelap-^ping humanity. The hand of love and^fellowship were cordially ^ xtciu'c l te^ the^fallen and an earnest app al made to the^sinner to forsake his ways. Mr. Murphy^jumped up and down ami sideways, us^^ i I us gyrating about tbe platfeu m in ti in-^Tama:,!.!!! stylo shouting ^allien^ Mfl^^ I'l.l.si' the Lord,^ as some of the ^lelds^anointed'' would t.-ll of l.n ( xperieiico^with sin and hi- redemption therefrom.^Dvaaa wonderful meeting. Mr. Mur^^phy's enthusiasm e. ins infection*, and^soon after he l^ gins to ^p ak the tW^cue^ is ut a camp in e.ing i Pen of imagi^^nation. The uieeiing was cpencil in the^usual maimer, widi -onj and p-aver, at^the conclusion oi wh.e ii Mr. Mavphy be^^gan by say lag I ^It is not s^ 1^ r people^Win 111 1 ^ish to pre ach this gos|M I of love^and le iutn ranee-to. They ,. .n't to e I .t.^but th^ p mr s n ek, the man wh ^ lias bad^his life wr cl-clby drink, is the mm I^want lo sec. You go- d mils r people,who^attend to your lui.ines., are well and^don't aX d t^ lie (h etored. 1 he pliy^ run^doll't go to visit the Will; he |: It lo VIS.t^those who need Ills help; llwho are
sohad that they can't help themselves.^It is not the i lies that iitte ml chip h the I^most that need the care of a miuisti r,^but the great w orld outside that don i ul-^ten.l are the ^in n ^ BOM he would like to^reach. I'hcy arc the ones that Christ |^preached the go-pel lo, and they an^one- we waul to reach Willi^love
Whenthe .pe.iki r bad blushed h ^ in^^vited ull those addicted to the u^o ^I^liquor to Itep Hp and sign the pledge.^Ab ut IN did so und bore the bit M bine^ril b 'ti triumphantly a a ay in tin ir him. n^hol-s
Tr-nsarta reneral^^ banite drawu on a^Kid ^!^'^
:::b'Hin.'^leanoi' .
Kit-^ of
AnInsuraucs t'ouipsuy Alleges
isIu Orbt to It.
IlLTTF,Aug. IX ^Action was com^^menced in Department I. of tic district^court to-day by S. De Wolfe as at'.oruey fur^ti e Commercial Insurance company of^t aliforuia against 0. V. Marsh, W. M.^Jack und H. 1. Frank, ll appears that^on April 17, Do* 1, Marsh was appointed^ugeut for the eompuuy for Montana an 1^the other two gentlemen furnished bonds^in the sum of f2,'H*I as security for the^faithful iM-rforiuat.ee of Ins duties. Oa^May ^! of this year a settlement was had^between Marsn and Mm company und a^shortage ol ,'-'^. '. alt in Marsh's uccouutt is^elaimi d to have been discovert d, hence^the suit. 1'he complaint alleges that in^so far us the tion.l-uien wont security for^Marsh they are responsible for his short^^age. Tbey sue for the amount named
m ^
sdrn'lt^. It Mas ihs 1st.^WalKKKVILLK, Aug.The neigh-
borsol Mrs. i'at Kay were ureuued a le-w^nights ago by cries of ^burglars'1 com^^ing as tiny thought from that tally's n s.-^dence. A nut - of men rushed to tin-^place ex|H'Cttng to have a lively scrap^with burglars. i hey I. und the lady in a^great slate of excitement. She told Ibetn^that burg.ass had for some time been^trying to i If . t an e ntrance to tbe house,^nud were at the tune oa. the roof. An in^^vest gallon was made und the robbers^were found to be uotlut g more nor less^than u very ordinary est, which was^prowling around the place.
Caseslor Isst t-iwyers,^Ll/TTa, Aug. SI At the conclusion ..1^the hearing of Ibst D..vis caae to-da)'^Judge Mi It.nio:. considered two tr.H ug^mailers.
'1tie ease of K. D. M . nn vs. George^Hnltcnl.ofr et al. is as dismissed at the^c nts of the plaint.!'' on motion of bit^NHai
I^n motion of the counsel for tbe plnitit-^iff tbe cause of Charles Colbert rs. 1' A.^Lsrgey et al. was ord'red on the c . . ^^''ar and the defendants, 1*. A. Ltrgiy.i'^James A. Murray, ^^rdend entered 1. r^want of appearance or atiawer.
Collections Promptly Attendod To.
ii iic'i- n.Ifnte- M. l s Knr^n ft Co.. Sew
Virk;W.lt, lll.'.UIO. .- .t V\elU.^pftrgOtst IV. *stl Fral'.'lse I Ii.at.a Ssllolial
ytrVuaasati i n-t Katas aj Km k.oma in.
the.pel of
ttilly a day or two ago the S i amiakii^c. nlamed an article which set fonh a^stranger's opinion of Untie water. At^It.at tunc the alleged water was bud, hut^since then it has become so much worse^that it is really until lor it-c. Within tat^lust couple of days or so the stuir called^water and for which fancy prices are^charged, bus so gicutly deteriorated^iu quality that It ne i.illy smells^and has a taste highly suggestive ol de^^cayed vegetation, and even worse. Last^summer en enterprising rag picker used^ihe water of the creek, a short distance^above the pumping slulnui, to wash his^rags liefor.- shipping them, and judging^[rota the present condition of the watcr^IIh^ rug picker bus evidently resumed^business at the old stand. Alulleveit.^seiin'thitig apparently is cntire-iy w rong^and the health ofllcn might llml it mier-^est'tig to make est mvostOaiioii of the^matter and ascertain just what tie^trouble is. The waU*r is i^a-l. v- ry bai1 ^^dauguroui to the lieu lib of the ei nun unity
AWslkeivills Man Walks to l^ er Lodge^nud Hack Again.
Wai.kllivii.t.i , Aug. 28.^ 1 homas^O'l.. nry, a iiimer who, during tho past^few years, has boardeel ut the Amer . an^hoti-e, run by Mrs. I'ure. II, was suddenly^missed from the loan on Thursday of^I ,tl week, lie first left the | l ice osj^Monday, Aug. 17, hut rc urnu l the ful-^lowing tiny and coniplaiucd of In mg me^^jail He ut one.' went to bis room,where^he remained until Thursday, when be^took such a mysterious departure, lb*^was lust set li at the* rear eif the^house in close proximity to some^old mine shalls. It was ut ft -t thmg.it^h^ had probably fallen into one of the de-^si rtt d liiitie s, and u thorough search was^mst gated, but without avail. II ^ hud^Ic mi out of employment during He* i e-t^ft w mouths ut'd w as at tllllt s netlei ably^ins ^Udent. He had prevmu j heel^^ery j vial.
I.i-l night Miss r.iniini Pnrcell was iu^But e. and on pns-i:.g the* corner t f M tin^slid lirotadway wa- grt tt.y urprised on^rue ntig Q'iseary. Sh^ sp ike to lum, bnt^he Jul not answer Iter, and stoaa atari g^v... ntitly at 11.^^ yotsl g la |y. He^n ^ ired to be uc'. ng as ttn-iwh I ^^ wa^^it, sue, hi I Miss I' ire II r^ larntil to^WulkervlUa and reported bis presence iu
Unlit to her peep c. I. iter he was lie 1 by
ilin I'ureell uli'l Mat l^ liana, B*bat ^ i^^at ttcbl a for blaB, All entreatu s on th r^part to luduee hull lo rc'.iiril to his lale^pl ii ^ o' residem-e w-re lor a t in - In^von He filial ^' tons no I to gti.f.i
h- Isad been shav d ai ll h ij t
bath.Ha staid that after 1^ ivina Walker-^rille on Tiiurs'lay be walked to |i '^^Lodgo and back again, going nr. und^tne rity ami returning through^M ^^^^^'^ mile. DtaHitg bit pibj-r^niag^^:.. : i i eati ii r o.b i.g but a few barn .^wl.'ll he* p.eke 1 iii ti ^^ rstottatains. He^I r eiited a bagganl and tatigu' ! Bl*
,al ce, bis eyes lx u g -tr l.en hse t ic^in tho last stages of c '
ii1 a'y bat a falaer in the Plait ad^lou 'try who will Is- sent for lo lake^i lialg- of tbe drm tiled man.
S' ' lt.:l.g Ilea^F r good aaalll ful in*^i . ratina apart wo to Murphy's hau l I a I^a.l ^ Last lialena strei :.
Askyour dealer lor the Irwin tKg ir.
EastCieal Fall.
Attlie t.rea^ t 'il- of tat Mi^-
semiIhe t r.^Ihe Mint.tic. ens of tasca.li^t'oiitity.^Uns f.T n e, :. ktjD, t.sisi^lei III- I as\.^QPttai I-'* o.THllil sL.tlleil!
Calls.It GranJ ate., Kaatlirrai^tails, ut Bruatlway, New kerk^i u\.
AltD.ill''rerelv ht rarlnsil tft'r ^-arl^kl^uf tlitj yui. st aud u.... v.
MertroiiL'ht to Mnntanx, ^nd prrritrsd tn^fiirnitli any kind of :^ in.use, room or Imtei, Jus;^as ^.hi want/ it. You want In see Un-ir new^folding B.sls just bV uaesi Ui U.s land. Cwust
Slid1UOS iu l.i.i
Al-oAt: FS ! s rOR 'UK i Kl.F I:' A : R'J
zoPar Cent. Spot Cash Only.^^ k H WEST EROADWAY, EUTTE, MOST.
Ho.suaii \ i.MMi, ai a
I'lonuti ni^ns lv Meat i
fbare)^i. rial 'i e i
Mll i i ,
Iii on
roiiniisslon i. ii - a I) nutteriala st- e. sd^ir at tae tiustaat the Waiter ai#l tl.-tti. t^It liairtial. m artsli Ii Mr. Montagu* *;l e.e-^inl^ ulusUal' lus theory af tas taaatt aj^ihe stt ikaiserimrtof' Jartt t a merer,^II ai:k\ M^N I AMI i as ^.Int l. Ihe Idi is- ^^t Alt HI K I'UM AN. as ... ^Nel Kv.soa
Amis i
Kcttryfublle. CtilccUoni Attended I*.^H. J. MULDOON,
1I t.F.I'HtlMi,
Olllre,1^^^ Main St..
No.335.^liutte, Montana.
Werefer you^Mate, and Ma
Nodetent Inn from business,^lo l.oil patients in tlie ( ily ami^Station d Hanks In Il. iner.
lavrstlgsteour mrth.sl Writtea r.aarantea to
a'lately Care til kin ^ of gl'ITl'aK of both stats,^sritl at use set ol KN1FK tiR ^VK1N'.K. no matter
otflow lung standing.
Ko.ms et ^M Opers House ft^i ii Ml. e Ib.nt - q
Take1 '.. rator. SEND FOR
I^ ^:^ e^to 5 p. at.
Buf.eoffii-s Northwest Corner Main and Park Sta. over Jacobi' Clothinj Storj^Kocm is cntiance oo Park St. Ofibcc hours, g to n a. :n.. a id 2 to ^ p. m.
ItomMart Etfu unt AtUndanee. Em^tkmnz am/ ShiMin^ a i^peei^i!it^LADY ASSISTANTS.
Cftnli. and N .v.
MtybooeNo. If,
Cor.Colorado and Cavlcna Sts.
'1his hotel will be rtM on the European Plan in a^strictly first-cla^I manner. Rooms Ugfat, newly papered,^painted and furnished throughout Every convenience^tor the comfort ot Guest-. (Rate. Liberal.) An excel^^lent Restaurant run m connection Now Open under^the n.ana^einent ot

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