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6:60A. M.-iiom Butt*^Standard's Kipresi.^V ioa A. SI.^I rom l.iitle^..cavt-s lluttc si aul
.*.M.. HUver Bow ^:I^A. ^.. Muart * 4S A. M.^ltiSO I'. M.-fmm SMMOB^ l*a^es Uar-
rihonat 10:40 A. M , l)**^ Ixxlge M 1 :U5 A.M.
:0Sf. M.-rioin 1,1111*-LeSWS llulle o:uu JT.
St..bUver Bow ^:15 Y. ^l. muart CHOl'. M.
4.43A. M^For Itutte Miiiidard^! Fspresv^k:Ou A. ^!.^Kor Uarrivo-muari ^^i A. M.,
h.vr U*\nn bji A. M.Garrison At 10*0 A. m,^^i^0 A. M -For Hull*-- Muart at 9:40 A. II,
fciiterBowat MM A. St, arriving al Mb
I^ A. M.
iiiSOr, M.-For Butts and Gsrrtson-LreTa^bluart at 3*^ V M , nslvrs la Bulla ati JO f-^M., Garrison at sou 1*. m.
Thedaily record of tlio thermometer in^this city ia reported by A. T. Playter,^druggist, corner Ma u and First streets.^Tbo record for yi-su-rilajr waa: 7 a. in.,^46 degrees above; 12m., 70 degrees above;^4 p. iu., 7'.i degrees above; 8 p. m., 67 de^^grees above.
VI,C. Leonard of Park avenue left for^Ctixago yealerday aitornoou on receipt of^a telegram informing him that hia mother^was lying in a critical condition at her^Lome there.
CharlesHouck, the First atroet real es^^tate, dealer, yealerday disposed of the V.^A. Spruker property at the corner of Hircb^and Sixth streets. 1 he consideration of^the sale waa iVl.UUO.
GeorgeButler has been engaged as chief^mixnlog st at the bar of tbo Montana.
Mr.Iiut^cr comes from Denver, whore he^h.t* an excellent reputation as a tine dis^^penser of wet goods.
Mrs.Li. F. Malum and her aiater. Miss^Hall, entertained a number of friends at^their home lust evening. U imea of va^^rious detcriptiona were enjoyed, after^which a ounce luncheon waa aerved.
Thesun thermometer in front of A. T.^Playtor'a drug store registered 87 degrees^nt '2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, a fall^in the t miioraiure of 3 degreee from the^corrtspouditig hour on the preceding day.
Acacialodge No. 33, A. F. * A. M ,^held a r^ gulur meeting at ita hall in the^Standard Luildin; last evening. The^imeting wua an unusually interesting^one. The order is in a flourishing con^^dition.
Throemen who made application to^the street and alley committee on Thurs^^day to work out their poll tax were^p aced at work repairing L'cusl street^yesterday. Many needed improvements^M re made.
Asocial dance will be given at French^hall this evening l^y Messrs. Brennun ^^Uetlings. The floor of the hall ia In ex^^cellent condition, Good music wiil be in^attendance. It ia expected that a largo^^rnwd will be present.
J.B. Lo-cb is alowly recovering from a^severe attack of rheumatism which has^kept bun confined at bis homo since the^fiist of .hi. week. Mr. Loaee was able to^bo MM ycs.erduy, which will be pleasing^uewa to Ins many friends.
St.Mark's guild met with Mrs. John^Merrill al her home on Oak street yealer^^day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Tbo ladies^have been busy during the past week^Working on a beautiful poriierj for tbo^Catholic fair at Missoula shortly.
Twocows placed in the pound on^Thursday by Chief P.ekel for roaming^through the streets of the city were taken^out yesterday by their owners after pay^^ing the usual fine In such cases. This^should prove as u warning to others.
Atelegram received yesterday from^Rev. B. T. Nome, pastor of the Christian^cburt h, announces that bo will lie unab'.o^to reach this city in time to hold services^ut the church aa intended on Sunday. Ho^will return, however, early next week.
St.Mark's church, flifteenth Sunday^after Trinity^lioly communion at 10^o'clock. Morning prayer and sermon at^11 o'clock. Keening prayer and sermon^at 8 o'clock. Sunday school and rector's^Hi hie class at 2:80 p. m. Atl on* cordially^invited, beau free.
Anumber of Anucondans drove over^to Carroll last evening to attend a party^given by Mrs. Fred Chase at that place.^The tuests present were treated rayally^by the charming hostess. Dancing was^enjoyed until a late hour. An excellent^luncheon waa served.
Thepupils of the High school met at the^school house yesterday and were condi^^tioned In studies by Professor Stone. The^teachers who have b ten passing their va^^cations out of town have arrived and^everything is now in readiiKMs for the^ujicuing day of reboot next Monday.
TheStandard compositors' base hall^rlub came out for practice last evening at^the grounds opposite the school house.^The boys played in good form and are^almost certain of winning their match^game down the valley with the Deer^Lodge, valley nine to-morrow afternoon.
SenatorW. M. Thornton, F. E. Ser^^geant, W. L. Huge and C. W. Loomis^made a prospecting trin to the hills yes^^terday and located a claim which they^have named the Fust National. Tiny^will develop it and the shipment ol ore^will commence as soon aa the smeltirs^start.
NextMonday is Labor day, and the^Knights of Labor of the state intend to^have a grand blow-out at Deer Lodge.^Assemblies from all parts of the state will^be present. Anaconda will be well repre^^sented. A good time is anticipated. Spe^^cial rates will be given over the Montana^Union. ______
Thepassenger tram over th ^ Montana^Union, which formerly left this city at^6 :!.^^ p. ni. and returned at 10:5j p. in. was^removed yesterday owing to poor bus!^nc^*. A little iiiconveoienc ^ will un^doubtcdly be experienced tor a few days^until pcopie become accustom d to the^change. _______
laaaffePeters, James Walsh, Joseph^McCaffrey, sr., aud Joac-ph McCaffrey^will compose a parly which leavea for the^II.g Hole country tins m Tiling on a iwj^weeks' bunting and ll.hmg trip. The^party will h ave Willi a complete c.imping^outfit, and among other tilings will take^a coal stove aud a few fur overcoata to^prepare for any emorgenciea which may^arise.
GREATFALLS NOTES.^A Haiaware Sock as la-Beeaase* Op.ra^^tion,- O bar Matters.
Eerrtalte Hie standard.
GkkatFall*, Sept. 4^Bach, Cory A^Co. have sold their stock of hardware lo^the new hardware company lately organ^^ised by Messrs. Hotchkiaa, Hawkins,^Chowen, Dickerman, Carter and George^Hotcbkhu, who will carry on ^he business^al the old stand of Hotchkiaa A Hawkins.^The capital stock of the new Arm is^MO,000, and as soon as the new Chowen^block is built the firm will open out one^of the largest stock* of bar Jware iu the^elate.
Thesilver smelter is again running^after a shut-down of three weeks for re^^pairs.
TheCarpenters' union of Great Falls^will give a grand ball next Monday even^^ing.
UnaLeuderstat, a aaloonkceper on^First avenue south, has left for parts un^^known. Numerous creditors are on the^lookout for him.
CityMarshal Treat has gone to his^old homo in Iowa on a threo weeks' vaca^^tion.
Thereis some talk among our local^horsemen about getting up a scries of^races, to come off on Saturdays of each^week.
TheGreat Falls Are department -ill be^represented at the state firemen's tour^^nament at B.s.iuan, September 23. and^24.
MarshalLaeglirla Ksonsraud.^Special le die standard.
PlllLlPHUL'KU,Sept. 4 ^The board of^aldermen met last night in regular ses^^sion and by a vote of 4 to 1 refused to^approve the minutes of a former meeting^at which Marshal Lougnrin had been dis^^missed. The board ly the same vote^completely exonerated the marshal from^any and all blame or chargea up to dale.^This In all probability settles the police^question for some timo to come. The^reaaon for the change of mind by some of^tbe aldermen was a very strong petition^of heavy taxpayers.
ColeA YVIntetiill, the Deer Lodge attor^^neys, are in town to-day.
Everybodyia talking base ball, and^there is great interest taken in the com^^ing game Sunday between the Missoula^and Philipsburg teams.
OlB Tr.p to Helena.
HarryLewis and E. E. Dubreuil, mem^^bers of tbe Copper City wheelmen, left^this city at 6 o'clock Thursday morning^mounted on their bicycles for a trip to^Helena. Tbe gentlemen intend to make^a quick trip of it. They reached Deer^Lodge and bad breakfast and reached^Eliston at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, a^distance of about 60 miles, some of the^road being very rough, so bad. In fact,^that tbe two wheelmen were compelled^lo dismount and walk with their wheels^for considerable distances.
Onreaching Elistnn they decided to re^^main over night. Next day they reached^Helena about noon. A telegram received^from Messrs. Lewis and Dubreuil by a^friend in tbia city atate that they bave^bad a pretty bard trip owing to the state^of the roads. Tbey will return to this^city to-morrow evening.
FarmJournals Unreliable.
I'fnrathe Texas Sittings.
Afat o.d man waa spread out over four^seats on a Hudson Hiver train. At a^email station a tall lady, wearing a sun-^bonnet, entered tbe car. The old fat^man pretends be did not see her, but a^gentleman Just behind the fat man, who^took so mueh room, politely removed his^gripsack, and sbo sat down, thanking bim^for his attention. She did uot say any^^thing for a minuto or ao. Then she^snapped her eyea and remarked to lbs^gentleman who bad given her a seat, at^the same time glancing in the direction^of tho corpulent old gentleman:
Youcan't rely on what you read In the^farm j mrnals nowadays.^^'Are they ao unreliable T''^'Yes,^ she replied, glancing over her^shoulder at the tat old man. ^I read in^one of them the other day that tbe^average hog is 15 years.^^Tbe old gentleman grunted.
Stockholders'Mettiiig.^Sprrlal to the Standard.
PUILIPSUIKG,Sept. 4. ^ The stock^^holders of tbe East Granite company held^a meeting here last night, but no busi^^ness of importance was transacted and^an adjournment was taken till the 11th,^by which time Superintendent Welch,^who is now at Spokane Fails, will have^returned.
Foran laUrnatlonal Comer ess.^Boston, Sept. 4.^President Compere^of the American federation of Labor haa^extended an invitation in behalf of the^trades unions of North America to the^trades union congress now in aeesion at^Newcaslle-on-Tyne, England, to bold an^international trades union congress in^Chicago in the summer of '93.
TheKnights of Labor picnic will be^held at Deer Lodge next Monday. The^Deer Lodge people bave made every ar^^rangement possible to receive tbe visitors^royally and as they have never faded to^do ao in the past, it is more than likely^that the coming picnic will b^ a success.^Members of the local asaembly of the K.^of L. and their friends expect to attend.^Special rates will be given over the Mon^^tana Union.
A.T. Playter, druggist, corner Main^and First streets, ts sole ugent for the^celebrated J. A. cigar, in Anaconda,^manufactured of tbe choicest havana to^bacco. ______________
Aboutthe gntellor.
Iknow nothing but. my cigar factory^will be removed in a few days and will^be tunning full blast at Sc tin tiler's^brick store. No. 218 Fust street. Send iu^your orders and patron .s- homo indus^^try.D. TlBTJEg.
1Ski ii I p.^Two mares, one branded J. P. untitle^down on right shoulder, left shoulder J.^M., the other with bridle bit on left hip,^one sorrel horse branded with wrench on^left shoulder. Owner can dare same by^proving property aud paving expenses.
Gil. ADAMS,^French Gulch, near Anaconda.
AL It la ^ i,ii,ii mus^.
Thepresent demaud for ci.ars in An a-^conda if aupplied by home industry^would cause the einpl resent of at least^25 cigarmakers. Whin- tb^ is not so^great a mattor as IBS employment of^many men by tnn smelters, yet it is^worthy of consideration. 1'. Tiewejc.
10.O0 lliwsnt-
Onebay Jiers- branded^ k ft shoulder,^R left ih gh and 4_^cn lift thigh| while^face. One) gray^uare. 1^^' l^^unds,^branded S on left shoulder, ii B. Shrvve.^Anaconda stable.
Dr.Snyder was a Butte visitor yester^^day.
L.B. May paid Butte a flying visit yes^^terday.
D.L. Monteman of Minneapolis was
registeredat tho Hotel Commercial yes^^terday.
Dr.Ouinn, pastor of St. Mark's church^on Main street, went up to Butte to bear^tbe argument by Colonel Ingersoll iu the^Davis will case yesterday.
Mrs.1. F. Kirby or Oak and Fourth^streets returned last evmng from an ex^^tended visit with relatives and friends^throughout Madison county.
SaltonCameron returned to George^^town yesterday after an enjoyable tr ail^with D.'cr Lodge and Anucon ut friends.
Mrs.Shelley Tutllc. and hi r family rt-^turned from lfiversido yestvruay slur a^ix weeks' visit us the guest of Mrs. Mar^^cus D ily.
Mis'Mattie F.vans came over from^Birto yesterday, and ia the guest ol Mrs.^J. Y. Surprcnaiil of Purx avenue.
J.K. Bradley, traveling agent for the^Mey^ r i Bros.' wholoale drug houss of Si.^L^uis, was in the city on business yeeter-^day.
Arrivalsal lhs Montana.^Among others registered at the Mon^^tana yesterday were: S. B. Cnlderhead,^Unite : O. 11. Peck. Helena; J. E. Bradley.^St Louis: E. E. Plant, Sew York: V. P.^Willis, Chicago; George I . Cole, St. L nils;^George A. N eo!. Deliver; Harrieiie Har^^ris, Huston; Mrs. S. B. Caldertiead, Butte.
Nuta I'uiMinsui I act llle.ieli.^But a true beautifler, being tho only^preparation sold under a positive guar-^ti e of t\,ir n that it comaius not a grain^or fraction t her, of of poiaououa or tlele-^terioua aubatances. Indorsed by tbe most^celebrated artists of tbe lyric and dra^^matic stage; recommended by eminent^yhyaicians, and pronounced harmless by^leading chemists^Wisdom's famous Ho^^lier 11 ue.
ThirtyYear's Kxpvrlsueo^In tbe manufacture of cigars enables^mo to compete with both Eastern and^Chinese manufacturers and cigar dealers^will llnd it to their advantage to get their^cigars made to order at my factory. Tbe^smoker who wants a good cigar should^ace that be gets oue ol my moutifacturc.
Letterheads, bill heads, job printing of^every description neatly done at the^Ftakdakd office.
Neat,Nawiv Furnished ar.d Commodious^ltonms. i Hily Wuilc He p l.mplojreu.
UoodTable nil Well Vinitiated Dining Boom.
J.E.CI.KABY, Proprietor.
NOTll'KlOCinitVNKU-Ti \M.i.in Me-^C^^^. his I.eirsaud assigns: You are here^^by no Hied that 1 havj expended nn ^ hundred^dullars iu labor and hnprotrnieiils upon lhs^IwihRiit eealtl lodo niuilnx claim situate in^^ieori;etowu imnin ^ dllsriel IU Deer laidjje^eounty, stale ot llonuna. murder to hold said^iiiimui: c aim under the provlsensof section^2..UI revised staliites el the I lined Mates, be^^lli:: ilie amount required lo hold ibe same for^Hie year sndliin A. I). MM. And If within^nine y nun days from the service of tlm notice^by puulicaliou you fail or reiu^e In contribute^your proportion of such mpeuditure as eo^owner jouruileresi in sa d claim will h eoine^the property o Ihe snl.se lb r. under section^ISM n vised statutes of die I n: ied Slates.^*JOHN II M AND ALL.
Firstpublication Keptciiiher i, UVU
ur,I mifdut.r.jl
banFrancisco Cmroiutto.
)aSgf Ahad lxt n tick only ahont two
*tp k^, ami it was not until the U^t Ihrrc of^f ^ir iImv* that the m i'.mK t^v'k a m-rioti* turn.
IAt ihe ^^^^',uning nf hi^ illuean hr suflrerr^1 frnns^dUbetmafil Znmc_ disorder Latw the^Li Inrys, rrfutrd to ncttnrm their fiircti ^n*nnd^lit- |i stsfil qtiirtlv uwav. Thu^ rn.lt d the life
I^^f one ut the ino^t promtneut men in CaH-
Iforma ^ Like tho^Mtid* of other* hi* mi^^lt in U drith ^^* the remit ofnej.UvtiU^ caity
,^^ ui]^u^m^ ufktdi.ry dttejae.
|Ipr VOU
tretrnuMed with dial-rten, | .ivel. or anv do
'iaaiueim iitpf the kidney* or urmarv organa,^dmmri delay proper ttratnunt until you arc^fQlCcd to j;ive up your iUiIv tlutie^ | tt^m*t
\mfmmm)fmmt money on WMfMMt liniment*
Iami wotKi* plait era. tmt Mnkc nt Ihe ^eat of^th. .!i^ea*r at once by u-ingtdf f*rrnte^t of i*ll
|known tcniedicv the celebrated Oregon Kid-^ii.-v Tea. It ha*.*av^ I thr live* of thou-sat.dv
,Why tshould it n it cure yon * Trv it Purely
,\-t ^ctlittle and nlca^aut to lake. {1 .OOa puck-^n^r. li for $j\.0O.
n.A. P'ACHKITU Vl.ulcsaia *rd KttsU
Watchmaker^ Jeweler
Dealer In
All tirades of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Optical^Goods, Silverware, Etc
FirstHC, Anaconda,
Oppositethe Htt-Hiit^PIANOS i^ORGINS,
rj.nterH \MN(i MACHINES^For sale or Kent.
EtrleUyFirst Class. I I Op^ Hav and MtW,^came ol all kinds In Meason.^Bide Dining room tor ladies aud *-~'^Tt
Thisdepartment has a new and attractive appearance^by the elegant display of imported and domestic^cloths to be found in our suitings of the^newest and latest designs.
Anunlimited and choice assortment of patterns to suit^the most fastidious taste.
Weare agents for two of the best custom tailoring1^houses in New York city. Leave your measure^and have a suit made to order.^Fit Guaranteed.
NewSummer Wash Goods,
NewPrints,^New Ginghams,^New Sateens,
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HouseholdWhite Spreads, ^S
Weare introducing a New Fabric, heavier and more durable
RotundasCloth,^ 8 Yards for Si-Try It
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D.J. facsy
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Gentlemen'snatural Cashmere ribbed welts, spliced^seats, silk and worsted ribbed, solid colors and^fancy stripe, best full fashioned fast black^Balbriggan, fancy and solid colors^in Balbriggan.
Blackand fancy silks, silk plated, solid and fancy^striped Lisle Half Hose. Ingrain Cotton, hand^seamed high spliced heels, British Balbrig^^gan and many intermediate grades.
OurClothings and Furnishings will bear close inspec^^tion and should be inspected to be appreciated

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