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thebutte office
Ofthe STANDARD Is In tho^New Windsor Hotel Annex, No.^21 East Broadway. The Tele^^phone numbor is 258.
Atltrrtisemrritsw II lis rcce v*s1 ^t I he Butt*^fctllrr o' 111' (-TVMiAHIi III! * o'clock^1'. .V uiMTiiim in tin* lodoa*
Meiuuiiuhk** pases'.^3 he KTANiMiiii is delivered u^ Untie subicrlb-^ciirail) ricij morning.
JohnNoyt'H nti'l falfly tl'-partt-ii for^California yi'uu nlay la h|M^nti HM winter.
Tl.oinasMeyer will l.^vr t^^-.l:ty f^^r the^Ielt^ of Man, tnulauii, in fct-uiH.ll ol
I-*am Srliwnb, n v ry rntutnl I null^ni of^mio of HoIoiih'm hostelrrK-s, wai a visitor^tu tut* city yea tenia/.
Mii-* I ni.i I tioniUK of PlaaalMM Springs^let i yeht. nlay ftaf C.al^ na. 111., to k|h*uU^tho win it r HaMtag rHativr-*.
K-lKenning w in lined tlO and o ^sts In^tlit* police court yeMenlnv m^^rn^ i)|C for^usiiur uuijsivu luniniaj/u to a |m^1 iceman.
V..V. Maze, general agent of tlie Union^Pacille, who MMOIMMUIIM tho editorial^tourists to Salt LaUe, will return this^m orninc.
OmM^m mmell, chief clerk in the^Union Pact He . Hire, und another eon-^scu-utiou* fabricator, went 11-i.hil' in^Kock creek Sunday utid cauglu 2V* trout.
Amaich hat been arranged fer a ll^lit^between Jun Job's ha'lger ami 1'avo^liricker's bull terrier *'Queon.^ A wagt r^of f.'.n a sitlfi lb up and unless: *'C^uceii^^kills the badger her hacki rs lone their^money.
Aact of rcHrilutlKim ^ ml*T-iiig Hon.^Tom nMtffMNl ol i* over fo.* appoint^^ment to till the vacancy la tho Interstate^I'ciuiiiciee I oiuiiithNiiiit ii.is bteii for*^wardeil t ^ I'reeidiut 11 irruon by tho^Board of Trade,
airs.J. 1-. K.eUards of tins city is tho^only inemtN r of the Moir.uua delegation^of the Iniard of lady iiLiii.it.^-rs of the^world'h lair in attendance at the session^of that b^ Mrs. J. K. TvOM and Mrs.^Walter Cooper w^ re unable to be present.
Themembers of the volunteer lire tle-^partineut have llnally tan-reeded in or-^^ftmsinn a running team to contest m tt o^stale IrHMU'l tout naiueiK. It Will take^about $40)1 to defray the ncccHttary ex-^peti*e^, utid an eir^*ri Will be inaiM to^raiso this amount by popular subM-np-^tloll.
Afeinall rork wbicli got fastened Ik-*^tmeeii tliu Main and guard rail of the^streetcar tiaek in Soutii Uutie yester^^day deralieil one tif the eh clrtc car*. The^cur was n-plat ed cmi tlie rails by a croud^of nun who volunteered their service*,^and alter a delay of halt an ti^ ur travel^was resumed.
Judgeklcllatton, having overruled the^motion fora new trial in the cise ol II r-^mau Levy, convicted of illegal tfalnb.ing,^an appeal I as be. u taken to the supreme^Colin, and L vy ih under a bond ot ^l.hdJ,^|M-iidiug aeiioii id the higher court. 1/ vy^wan seuteuced to hit mouths in the peni^^tentiary and to pay a line of f Km.
Mrs.J, 0. Knox of Aik* n, Minn , has^fleeideil to ehiabli^^h a lare.i- green hi u*e^here. 'The lady has had ample i xpe-^rience in that 1 Hi** of bu-m^ mi ami con-^siders Ihnte tb^* m sj( promising MsMfl^aht* has visaed Btfufw coneiiiding to rt-^Inaili here Mie UfOpoaea tie- * n-itioti of^u plant to eost not 1^ s ^ than jj.njU.
An^ Uort will lie made to have the next^Minna! tournament of the State Tire-^file ii s assue.atioii take plaee in this cny.^As such events always uttraei large^crown of visitors the hr nit t| will hop *^that the buMii* ss men will respond iii^.^^^rally when ..pit'.o-lad b^r MiliMtip*^lions to enable the department to send a^delegation to IVs in.in.
CaptainShepherd Ml I illitig at the^loot of the stairway leading to Judge^M tihlooif- court ^esterday. I lie old vete^^ran was the picture of despair and UMMmV^Mb) und in answer to tpustious ol^friends r.idly replied that the judge, eon*^^table and clerk had all gone to Orer^Lodge, ml here 1 am * ith a pasn in uiy^pocket ami can't g.^, Ihc mse a* me oik*^has to keep the court going,^ le- would^add iu a mournful voice.
Awar.iiigJ (oi|^ ui fiii.
Unit, Sept. 7.^When Judge McMur-^p.iey convem-K the polite court to*morrow^morning he \. i'd tind a large Liinibiir of^liighly diveu'lied e.*^^es awaiting him;^plain drunk, vagrancy, resisting ami as^^saulting ollleerb, ^llsturbing the peace,^uiel aliuo!*t every oilier i Ueuse pun sh-^able uudcr the city or.ntiatin s are ad eu-^tered on the stui.on r- * er th * ivsidt of^the police round up since S tturd.ty iiight.^Oeorge and 11 an u ah i ote are among^those awaiting trial an \ the n uppt arat e ^^ot Iheir name- oSJ MM big book looks hk^^old tine'I be time wa^ when even^Joscuhiue and lh et. r dod tieatix were^Hot ur rente* I any idtetier nor SjprMW regu^^larly than w^ re *. OMM and ilantial:, ami^always for tlie same olleiise, dittut bing^the pcaee by lighting.
Tbsy^ loeetl I loir Khup*.^Ut TTF, Sept. 7. ^A MMMMf of MW*^Main street BHsCKMiitlM evi h-ntly wi r^Ignorant of the f^et that t^r- lay was ;\^1* gal liolul iy, n'.d at the usual In ur tb.s^morning threw tu .r shop Mwl * p^ n ari l^commenced the new weik's work at in n^pounding. 'J h^ y had not In . u working^Jong, h*iwever, WlsM a delegutiou ol their^brotwer blacksmuhs waited dm them, fMatJ^witii little d Ib'-ulty eotivii e^-d IMMl 9t^the fuel that ItAII was ^rong. \'\,^ hlaek^smiths clow d their respective shopw im-^inetliati ly and j tittOti ttt laige tfWwd of^pleasure seekers.
MissMattte blaekistou will ot en a pri^^mary und h n^l^ rgart^ u school en 1 |^diy, Sept. 8. Miss rdaekistoTi'r. M)MMl^Will, Iio ooulJ', be a success, hm ix thofimgh
teacherfor children hue Is en tneded^lajiti for a long tune.
ior MMi
Awc ll-furti sh^ I nim -room hou^e; has^hoi a.r luri.acc ratiye with hot waU r,^bathrr oin. i tr. ^ an M ri i, ti d until Api ll^let. Apply loKxkardA Lewis.
TbiogsHeard and Observed by^porters cf the ^Standard.
Butt*Water Just a Little Purlfled-^Bettlnn; on th* Vord ct of^the Jury In tha Oav.a^Will Case.
Dittk,Sept. T ^ Supi rintondont Whar^^ton lm^ i villi nlly fountl acinir flu-ana of^cli'iiuiiitf tliu wuter ^I tin1 SaSaV Jfoiv^Wulrr ami uiij-, for Xl.v fluul Si Sess^SvmIbS Se main, to-duy i. irn uily lav*^provi d. In anicll it la U aa .ui:i:^ Hiive ^if^a toiiynril ihan it l ui IxH iifura lonu^limr. niitl mi tu.to anil i oit.iaii i.ey not so^.ir^^i k y r^ iiiiiidtul ol liot nl.i'-. WWM
MaiMapertoUHnWirt ^ini to brtaf utmui
tlieuT^at flSaMS la Hot known, bin^lurUii u MiaptaSe BBSS tliat^ilie Mw in haml|i:ipt-n i| unit^lilutoil w.th real water bafafa. hem if^pimipi il tliroiutti the ni'iinia. Wliati'Vi-r
lllayl^e tile Clllse till' pi upio of ill,* , lly
'ii illy irrati'itit to lbs mi criuieutli'iit^anil aap. llial he wi I roiilintie in the^id work until I t* tartliaSM real vvan-r^anil the uicia.ity for hiiyiu^ cxpcuaive^ranch water^ will n a-e.
Outin West ( iii pi r street i. rt aidewalk^that Jll 1m with cur.osity.anil natoinshmciit^evcr^ hoily that In liohls it. The walk h -^Bins on a level Willi Main atreet aim la^(trailiially canieil ali liir a Kr.iile that cle-^vatca it ahotit l'l feet ub i\ i the earth ami^at that point mil* atirilptly.^I lie an al portion of the walk^Ml without a railing or^Gliar.l of any kiml aed as a means i 1^MHMeltttaC stiiculo holiU i ut iiiilue' -^meiiiH nut oll'i-reil Ii/any oihor place, in^llicciiy. i'he original iiiiciitiou ciuer-^laiiii.o when coiistiiK'ilou of the walk,^was lic^uu is not known, hu: it .a ihciiilil^that the i|eai|{ii wai to c.rry it hy an easy^grail*1 acroaa the i/iilcii aim onto tliu hill^heyotitl for the accomiuoilatioii of the^people. Tins unit 'I have caUieil it to he^far nhctro a great many of the lioti'ca m^the r-treet. hut this couhl ha tr 'easily hc.'ii^riiinili.il hy the rrtcuoii ot a lair way a or^elevators to hoiat people onto the walk.^Tin* walk ahoiihl eiiher he completeil to^i In- hill orel.e a In I'N r aliouhl he place I^at ita i resent tcruiiuua ao u^ to make it^uf soiiim u.e.
TheOwalcy hloca la well up towanl the^thiril siory ami the net work of acaffoltl-^iug that siirroiiiiila it in h-.'iiig iucrcaaeil^in height. 1'liouglitleaa people anil insist^upon using the anlewulk underneath ami^ii nly run the riak of being transformed^into angels through i lie medium of falling^hricka ami othi r binliliii^ material. A^gang of iilnC'tni'lii'd iilters is coutiutially^uingmgat the oppoaite aide of the street^watching the workmen and waiting for^an opportunity to earn fi es ita w itiie.bes^at a coroner*. impii^.t.
llla po'uble tli.il lin y are laying tliem-^aclvcs liable to a charge of cotili nipt ot^court, hut for all that quite u number of^ineii liuve maile bets i n the verdict of the^jury in the great Davis will ^ase and con^^siderable money and other commodities^will change hands when the mysterious^1U announce the remit of lie ir ilelibera.^tious. '1 he spirit of gambling is too^strong i:i some p oplo to he tleterrec] bv^tlit* possibility of ptiuiatnuaM for iudul*^It in i in then- weakness.
Agood story is told on one of the cfll.^cers connected with a loe.il militia com^^pany. For n number of daya before tbe^recent lliS|M-ctiou of the citisan soldiery,^the ollleer in question would *'ach after-^iiooti retire' to the privacy of his own tied^cbambar, in the second story of his resi^^dence, and after dressing himself in full^regimentals, would put an imaginary^cempiny ot aoldiera through a lively^course of drilling. He would clasp his^sword at the hilt w ith one hand and at^the point w ith Hi*' other, and then walk^bail,ward as 1! viewing the allignmi tit^of Ins troops. It so happened that^while going through lius ma^^neuveroneafternoon, ho^walked backward into an opeu
tairwayami tumbled into a heap on the^floor ol the room I clow and presented^itiiylhiug lint a soldierly and tl.guilled^iiPliearance as he lay there rubb ug his^I rinses. His good will' was in the room^attending to some household duty and
herushed 1o the side ol the fallen hero^ami in alliums and lender Voice askeil^him it he wer*' hurt.
Witha ipl ck hound her I ll-band re^^gained Ins f* ol and cluing to an ^atten^^tion,^ in a voice of thunder roar, d out:
Hurl7^ No, woman ; what do you know^about war'.''* and then ran back upstairs^ami dismissed Ins soldier*.
Th.rililora An* l:ipceli',1 Till. Morning^in llatle. Uls.ua. They Mc.tl.r.
rXTii.*s^'pt. ^.^ The Montana editors^are ^ xpi cted to arrive to-morrow morn^^ing In in .Suit Lake, and from iliia city^will scatter and return to their n .peetive^heme.. A tiiiainc^-s meeting was la id at^Salt I.tike. J. M. Quiim of the llutte^M was elected president of th^ asso'^elation; A. Ilolx rtson of the lloulder^aSSiSft] H. ^^. t'ollin. of the Misa uila^(j'attffratid K. N. Smlirrlin of tlie Hueky^Moun'iuit Utitbaiuhtttin were ekfcletl vieo^prcaiileiits. A. K. Verkes of the lh z 'tmiti^CaioNirfr was chosen secretary. A trcas-^iir*-r being rati-ddercd an unnecessary^uppciiilage. tie- election of such an otuVer^wa^ d .peiised with. J, II. R ad, w ho m -^compamed tlie a.Miciation south, will not^return for another week or so, having^ileeuled lo i iijey a vacation wnh the^saints and genua's.
Al.il. I^*y l.^^ All.
II 'TTF, Sept. 7.^t Ibservanci- of Labor^day is very g. in ral in character, and^business of all kinds is virtually Man^peiidcti. All of tin* leading business^la uses have been closed and tho city is^almost Bvat rt. d, nearly * v. ry body having^g no to D er Lodge that couhl do so.^* inly cue or two stores are open in Main^slice*, and they are small cone tiis, cm-^|iloyin| only Ixiya. Tlie banks, couris^and ad pub.u'ohi 'cs are also closed ami^ill*' occupants have taken ill 'insc.vcs * ff^for a dav s *aitiug in the valley.
AMltall l'l re.
HiTit:. Sept. 7. ^An alarm frani hos.TJ^tins nuiriiing at 4 o'clock eallnl the fire^*I^ partmeiit lo tin* Washiug'ton market in^Wist l ark street. The electric wires^hi came crosaeu in ^nme m inner ai d v, i^the woodwi r* of the ceiling on lire. I he^blase was quickly ' xiingtu .l ed by the^employee of liM e^iai'n^!,mem. and tha^si rviee. of liie ilc| nrttne It were not^iiie.iid, 1 he ftedaWa was ii iiunal.
Ita%aa*al aSSSTa
IIi S,|,'. D)f i. fk Ji\ of the flninr
Dta.i aA l^o^.', will ri move In. ^f.
BaaIran Um l it e block la rat in- l i and^1 . iiw s. y budoing, La^t Park street. I),-.^Iloyer win cuuflnc his |iractivc tu i rt, aar^and chronic d.scasu..
LOOK.NGWOn ^ STUFF.^^Charles abnal a Ms.li. r sal a Biatrial
Bt-TTR..Sept. 7.^As a rustler In tha^Hold of matrimony Charles Saaul ia ^^success. It will ba rrmt inhered that be^took tho moat solemn of solemn vows^three months ago that he would lore,^eberisb and protect Cera Humphrey.^The obligation was administered bjr Judge^Muldoon, and the young couple were sup^^posed to have been happily married. The^story of their two months' wedding Ufa^has already been published in the Stakd^arii and ia yet quite fresh In tlie minus^of the readers, so fresh, in fact, that they^have not fnraoiteu that tho aeparatiau^of the couple waa due to tbe^surg-stion of Charley to bare^as an article of furniture ^ wash^tub. To this Cora vigorously objected^and an agreement to disagree was made.^They have lived separate a month and a^few days ago Charh-v sought Cora at her^boarding house in Wuikciv.llc to ascer^^tain when, if at all, she was going to ap^^ply fi r u il.vorce. He appeared lo feel^quite confident the court wouldn't heai-^late to grant her a th crcc on the grounds^af dissert.on, and Bjae) appeared quile^anxious to have her IIla tier application^as soon a- possible. He was questioned^as t*i wliv he was |aj Mich a rush io see her^file the application, lor Cora could not^understand what particular ihlTerence her^delay made lo him, und was also at^a less lo Know why he was so^deeply interested in her welfare,^as he had never shown any concern in^that direction before*. Charley said be^was not looking ufter her interests, but^his own, saying he was once MilUViently^foolish as to he interested m her, hut tbe^lesson he hud learned con lained it moral^h^ would always renu mber und keep in^failnd It was this: ^1 he love of a giddy^mid worldly woman is too general.''
Thecotiv 'isaiioii wus lengthy, and to^C harley part.em.uiy inten sting. Cora^would give no decided answer until he^told her wliy he was so interested in the^mi miioriant in un r of a divorce. He at^length, but w uh n hu t.lin e, told her, aa a^secret, of roi:r^e, he hail in o young ladiea^of Unite matrimonially in view. To hurry^his desire as to the d voice- he told Cora^ono of tho gir.s had lots of ^stuff,^ and^^'as hy no means adverse to bis suit.
(ora say. she would feel greatly re^^lieved to know for a certainty that^another woman so easily deceived as her^^self waa in ^ xtstencc, and will soon make^the denied application.
HISlilihVICES NOT WANTED.^Itroiher lillklnsnti, a lliiiiniaitarian ia In-^l.tvlewnl In in*' t li a I or 1'ojlee.
1I ITK, .Sept. 7.^Several days ago B.^la Mlkinson. rcprt seining the HVsfera^afsaeeaa sSatraef* arrived from Si. Paul^and began soliciting subscriptions. Ho^also anui imceil that part of his work^was to organize branches of the Western^Humane association of Chicago, and Im^^mediately upon hi. arrival began to form^tin1 acquaintance of parties likely to bo^interested in mi -b matters. The object of^Mi. Uilkitimu's waa very laudable,^for u human** society is very^much needed in llutte, but^it is very doubtful whether he^w ill longer kei p up his good work, in^view of a letter received by the chief of^pol eo to-day. The) letter is from the pub^^lishers ot the SeraTetatM Jnnrtirif and is^signed hy a brother of Cukuison, who ia^manager of the concern. In the letter is^a n quest to the chief to notify liilkineon^not io solicit nny more subscriptions for^the Johi imI and not to collect any more^nuiii* y on its ui count, the manager stat^^ing that Cilkinson was not authorized to^net us agent for the titihlication. MaDa-^ger (.dkin-oil requests the chief to turn^Agent OUklnaoa back, but nbtto Arrest^him. No ^ xpluuatioii for revoking tbe^agent's authority ia given.
TwoYoung 4'oiipi,'. Narrowly Kicnpe^Taking a B ff Drop.^Hi TTF, Sept. 7.^Two young men. namea^not known, at canipained by as many^yoiin.- ladies and driving two single rigs,^hud a disagreeable experience at a late^hour last night while returning fruit tbe^Columbia Gardens, and had it not been^for the timely arrival of ^Winnipeg,*' the^haekman, tlieir's would undoubtedly have^been a fatal drive. The young men were^not very well acquainted with the dan^^gerous road leading from the gardens,^and wore discovered in time by ^Winni^^peg^ to prevent them from driving over^an embankment at the Northern l'acifle^crossing which dropped almost perpen^^dicularly a distance mi nearly 40 feet.^The night was dark and being unable to^see Hie trail they got turned around. The^haekman let: his hack and, taking their^horses, put them safely on the road.^They had mil gone far when they lost tbe^road again, and ill attempting to Hnd il^drove with one rig into a ditch foil** feet^deep. Tlie buggy was overturned and^the occupants thrown out. The young^lady received u iniinbsr of painful cuts;^her iompamon escaped uninjured und^the buggy was b ully demolished. Tho^ladies were then transferred to the hack^and brought to the city.
Thel'icule and tump I ire ol th. Oread^Army ami s, us of Vatoraas.
BiTTi:. Sept. 7.^The animal picnic and^camp lire of the Grand Army of the Re^^public and the .Sons of Veterans will be^^gin at the Columbia gardens next Friday,^und will continue until Sunday afternoon,^inclusive. The members of the two or^^ganisations will ramp on tlie grounds,^which will he turned into a regular mili^^tary camp out ing the three days. A cone^poiitivc drill for a valuable challenge^trophy, between the Emmet guards und^Montana nil s of Unite and Wolfe Tone^guar.is ol Aiiaeomla will lie one of the^Features. A number of regular troops^from l'urt K' ugh. who have been granted^leave of absence for the occasion will at^^tend the encampment and will partici^^pate in the sham battle which has been^arranged as one of the attractions. An^old army conk has been secured who will^^ ^reside over the kitchen and will servo a^lull of far.'shell as the ^iKiys'' were ac^^customed to w hen ^at ihc front.
$3Per l^ issn, $3 i'er bus n,^Is the price uf Hutie's finest photos, taken^at the finest gallery in the city, the lm-^I'cna1, oppcsne tlie posteffice. To con-^vine, you *'f the sapcriority of the work^done there, compare it with that made^elsewhere in the city. This will cost you^nothing, and w e will be glad to have you^do so. \Ve ate not obliged to make vnwa,^which any amateur can make io g t a liv^^ing, or lo get something to till up a show^rife w.th. I'hcrelore we confine our work^exclusively to poriiailr, mid m that line^we guarantee yon the bet. Again we til-^\ 4 you to iti-pecl our work. Imperial^gallery, opp isite pnstraSco.
lW. t iiMii'Ki. Proprietor.
Ket.esnl lUlunval.^Ill Monday, August 31, Dr. T. C.^Wiihersfioon. w ill r* move aifl ogaas from
theMamie A lbIlloerg bh ek to tl^. |ate
residei.eeot lir li. U, Whuford, corner^of West Ualena and Idaho atresia, A^pi .vale hospital has been fitted up in^connection Willi Ur. Wnher'-poou's uew^otllce, wlicre the In st of car*- will be be^^stowed on all patients. ObSm hours will^be I reset s. tu '.' a. m., and ItSO to 140 and^7 to W p. iu.
Ir.Corbetl's Plan for Defraying tha^Cost of tin ^Cilnrt leinoT
HaFigures It Out that Butt* Could^Carry tho Smok* to tho^Mountain Top And^Never Feel It.
litttk, Sept. 7 ^j. Leslla Corbett,
originatorof tbe culvert method of^aiiuting the un ike nuisance, is more^strongly than ever impressed with tbe^fea.abilily of his scheme. His plan is^received with conaiderable favor by^many, and they would liko to see the ^ x-^perimcnt made, but the cost of tho thing^* the great obstacle in tho way. Mr.^( rl.ctt claims a great ^many people to^w hom he had broached the prop* sit ion^bate expressed willingness to submit to^a special tux levy for the purpose of con^^structing bis system of culverts to con^^duct the flumes to olio of the mountain^top* and tin re permit them to aaceud^heavenward through a high smoke stack.
Onan assumption that tbe taxable^value of properly in Butte and additions^is $10 000,000, Mr. Corbett says a tax of^I nulla running through a period of aix^years would more than supply a fund^necessary for tho construction of the^proposed system and the interest on the^money borrowed. After tbe first two^years, be says, it is reasonable^to exnect a considerable advance^in the values of properly,^when the tax may be lessened. H fore^Huh step could be taken tho city council^would have to act on the matter and sub-^mil i he propo-itio'i of the special livv to^an election culled for that purpose. Then^if carried, the city could negotiate a loan^ou the guarantee of the people, and^actual construction could begin.
i^t her means exist of abating the smoke^evil und at a leas coal, but Mr. Corbett^thinks none promise to give the same re^^lief as is promised by his plan. Condens^^ing chambers could be constructed which
ouldprecipitate tlie soiid mineral^mailer, but much of the smoke would re^^main to All tbe air. Mr. Corbett's en^^thusiasm over his project is constantly^growing, and with the adoption of his^method he is sure such a growth would^ciiaracteris ^ tbe city aa to make it tbe^astonishment |of the laud. Other en^^gineers have methods of allaying the^nuisance which they think aru mora^feasible and economical than his own.^Mr. Corbett invites them to make them^known and do their share tow ard,improv^^ing tho interests of tbe entire community.
K'ertr.eLight Polra Com. Handy la Case^of Runaways.
Ui'TTE,Sept. 7.^There is at least one^driver lor tbe Northwestern Forwarding^company who, after bis experience to^^day, ia of the opinion that an electric^wire pole is an excellent thing against^which to run a team of runaway horses,^11^ was driving a team of heroes, to^which was attached a large wagon, down^Hirst street in South Unite to-day w hen^the horses In-cumc scan d anil proeeedi 1^to run away. The driver struggkd^bravely to control the horses but his^strength was not equal to the occasion.^A a a last resort he turned his team to^^wards a large electric wire nolo on the^corner of Utah avenue and Front street.^He struck the pole tquarely in the center^with a point of tbe wagon tongue, witb a^horse on either aide of the pole and they^were brought to a standstill.
lioubiingI'p Outlet.^BCTTF, Sept. 7.^The situation of a^brakeman of a passenger train on tbe^Anaconda train of tho Montana L'ltion^railway now ia anything but an enviable^one. The express and baggage messen^^ger has baW removed and besides having^his regular work to do the ^shack^ es^compelled to look after the express and^baggage car also.
Crystalsprings water from Columbia^gardens Is used in pr^ paring all food at^the Antelope restauruut. The electric^fans have arrived, i ipen day and night,^30 West Park, Harris ^V (i lodhan, pro^^prietors.
TheUnion Pacific will sell round trip^ticket* from Montana points to St. Louis^for ibti aO, on account of the meeting of^tbe Sovereign lodge, L ^^. ^^. F , Sept. M.
EastGreat Falls^Townsite Company.
Atthe Great Fall, of the alls-
nniriItiver.^The Minn* a' el's ot i asc.el ^^County.^Lots for ssle, 60x150, Sax)^lei ins Easy.^Offices: is'. Si-codiI st., fircst^Falls: 3% ^ 11 anu miv, Kusl Ureal^I alls, 111 llruauway, New turn^City.
ToContradorsand Builders
Hlilswan'. *l on th-.* i'arpeuter Work cf a
MMsMtttfMon apposition to^V. M. r.tiuent, M.-i... -^
Stedetention from basis*. r^ refer yo^^to C4I0 patients la the City id ta'x, and aix^^National Banks la Denver.
Investigateon- netho**. litre Ooarantee to^Ar.Kautc'.y Cure all kin-Is ot n^*fK: ^sf both icxes,^without tM ese cf KKIl'Ii ouYKiX-J^, aJ ^oa11'1'^of how hug stcnoiai,
Roomsoj-o4 Opera If mse gck, Deiver. Entrance^Cunis ht. office Iloun. it it a. in.. 2 to 5 p. at.^Take 1.levator. SEND F^PC I ft CI LA ft
Butteoffice Northwest Corner Main and Park St*., over JebV Clothiar Stor^^Room 15, cnuanci on Park St, Office hours, | to it ft. naod a to ^ p. in.
VSsr,lh*;ilR,d Boot and Sh^^ Store. N 36 North^Main Street, Butte. Between Park and toadway.
CATAKKU,Throat,^juug sua ah ulooi^disrates, which era^^leeuily and iwima-^ueiitly cured v ray^new system or ^lu-^lalatlon^ of enro^^ll ^und medicated^vapors.
A-catarrh it ins^forerunner of deaf^^ness snd consump^^tion, each should ho^lumpily attended
10before I it loo^Isle.
ensuItalian free
erlililty.srtslag from^^oiaMui Iniilkerrtiou, rxresies in mature ye an^and ether causes proaueinit nervousness, such^at self abuts, seminal weakness, night losses,^sexual debility, loss of sexual power, blood uis-^crdrrs and ambition, aversion lo society, met^snranly. indigestion, constipation, blotches,^Impediments tu marriage, rtc. leading lo soft^^ening of I s Drain snd intanlly^all curable^rases warranted to cure In a very short time^llerrul rases la a lew days, v barges low, as-^iccliilly to tbe poor.
*ho matter what yon have lakes or who hu^failed to cure you.
Donot trust your esse to any specialist who^has not triads a personal examination ot your^human system, otherwise you will be disap^pointed by failure ol troaimeuu If tt does not^make you worse
Un.Sciiultx warns. cure of every sasi^l^e undertakes His sjderlul new remedy tt^the euly certain sad ermanent cure In such^diseases. KemenitmrApii.is and biood dlt-^ease, cured witnouc f use or mercury, ana^vital |^wer reslori d bui. new remedy. .
tl'WAI.It Wsaknks symptoms of whKtt^ruu |^alns in ihe t^^el( id tiaUts with b'rnlnc^srn^ation on ui^ top (fie Lead, with miieom^discharge and a genii feellnt: ot lanxuar^nervousness aud depreo u speedily cured b^^Ur. Schulti's new rente.
hvr-Aliaffections uas eys slOllially an^itlrnilficslly treated.
Fullyone-eighth or n sum total at hum!^tun en uk is caused by(enereal exceitet, o^^asses and their results.
1he wonderful New Imely is the best at^^orest ot all medicines or rettortrut .treuiu^sinbldoo and vigor in Use who suffer lroin t^lirivate, chronic snd nwout diseases, sm at^blood and skin diseaaes,ivpbllis, tcrofuiut, *^vous, erysipelas, salt rhets, nemphlun. psos*^tit. etc., and all Impuritu of the bloou causg^eruptions, i um ides, UoUxs, falling out of a^hair, eta,
PR1VATKDKKAtiRa.^Gonorthasa, gjeat, ttrictut, kulnsy and blade^troubles. ryMtta, and alsad rflectsuf youtot^fellies and excesses, whlchw uulU uieu lor bt-^nrts or pleasure.
Thewonderful seer set f Uus new rrmedys-^pends upon the fact that . supplies an eleirat^which Is found wauling lulm blood of weak ua.
125E. PARK ST.
Promptand Efficient Attcndtue. EmbmJtmng mud Skipping i Sptdaltt
CpenDay ud HigtaL
lelephosaNa 57.
buii:,MON I.
Cor.Colorado and Galena Sts.
Thishotel will be run on the European Plan in a^strictly first-class manner. Rooms !ight, newly papered,^painted and furnished throughout Every convenience^for the comfort of Guests. (Rates Liberal.) An excel^^lent Restaurant run in connection Now Open under^the management of
j.cbaovin mini co.
AreDally receiving carload altar carload^of the Finest and cheapest
Krerbroutht to Montana, snd prepared to^furultli any kind ot a House, room or hotel, )tut^a^ you want IL You want to see their new^l oldiiiK It. di yutt In, lineal In the .aud. Couw^and look st them.
whitesewing machines.
tcPet Cent. Spot Cash On y.^it ft ^4 WESI broadway, EUIIK, MON I.
Aaonderful ccm|^ot'.nd rf fas celebrateJ l)r^\ tljioin. Paris. Pr^e*'rt|*ii0^. i'.'-*i is soil at^l'osirivx uiiuMtc iu cms
$1^Any form ot djM
'rKs' NERVOUS MEtSE, 0$-'
11 No matter liow e.iusod^ll men as iliviuei . ,u#
,. \leiative . ^ in. ,,f
]|\ .l.lier ^rx. rauii a I lie^, A I. link nervoit- nroelns*^^^ |y ti at .en. liysler a. eic.
OatSLcn'.sareinstru^, ; :,, Krrt'Mi Axr^Iliixii I'AIP'*^'*. tli'si itiiTio.v ixa where^^; t auction an*' I mimsm .m- i ikk u Sur^Lrrri-rss o^ ut^l^ *'x '
mattM s'^'^^'^ '*1 ,r 10^t w'r'tI'-':'
rtiirantee^^iit bv ma -.cnreiy sealed. Ad^^dress ail communicol. * io 1). M ^ewbM^liru- SmttH ^ ^S^ ^1^ * tuu^ eSS Mu01-
wm.i book, at. i. uuwiui, k. a rnABT-^UXJtS. MAKCl'SUAl.V, r. K. SAKOKAKT.
Transacta peneral banking business. Ex-^^ Inn kc drawn ou all Um leading alios uf^Kurepe.
Collections Promptly Attsadei To.
('nrirf|sinilent: Wells. Fargo ^ Co.. New^York: Wils, Karen at Co, Knt Ijike; Wells,^lani'istu., -^an rrssslsesi must a Naimual^hauk, ouiaus; nM Nat.nnal Hank, Onutlia.
ttilNsr., taVtSft^MONDAY l.VlM.Ny, ALU. 31.^N com! Week and I'rodlglout Sticcett of^Larry lb n aiiue't lui* us* ly M'U-^s.tiat'ai *i r ** luam.c
,ou'ineu ^'ii sis v u.a i ai- s e ed^fr in the s inns of the Wi lt, e a iel distil t^in L..n*h*a, in wen Ii M . Mn ingiiewil v*^-^i ilv iiu-tiat lus tbeorf of tin- raoses of^die an clous cries ^ t of' Jack tie hnier.^^HAlil'Y MnMAIil i astin- I.I, pe '
i\ i ^. 11 PUN' AN. at^Nel Ni ^ a
Ar*la MM* lite, i .''ill' nv ill the i :^ *C

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