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Hittke Various Cities of the Onion^Honored the Eienl
Paradaa and Damonatratlona of^Various Kmdi Throughout tha^Untied stale.* and Canada -^Universally Ubiorvod.
Taooma,Waili., S.*pt. 7.^Forty-flv*^huiKircil laborers look pari in ills ialior^parafle to-tlay. Tl^u feature ol (tie parade^was flouts prepared liy trades unions and^tilsnilfscturtrs, illustrating tlu ir purlini-
IiE.NVF.R,Krpl. 7. l..il^or day was gen^^erally c^t*at rvt*ei tint* ami throughout lha^stale to-day. Ill tills cily the liutitii ^^^^bouses, l-aiiks and pulihe cdtlces were^closed. 'J In' purado wiih the largest ever^ae*^*n in tin* WVsi and liuil over 112,(tti0^ni^ ti in line. Tlie sdirniKjii siient^at the picnic gruumls and resort* near^the eiiy.
Itu .ill.
HosTOH,Sept. 7.^Ham Interfered villi^tin* programme urrangeU ft.r Ihe L.ilior^clay celebration here. Business is Keller*^ally sus|m*iideil. At the other eities in this^vicinity and at Portland, Me., Concord,^K. M., the 1seTe-1t.es of the day were con^^si'li riilily curtailed owing to the stormy
i^-t^. Hid
CLrAr.t.ANn,Ohio, Sept. 7. Labor day^Was observoil nere hy .1 general closing^of bii^iiii-ii^ houses anil manufacturing^eatablit-hiiients. 'i in re was a parade in^the forenoon and athletic contests at^Forest ( iiy park in the afternoon.
kuii^a 1 oy.^KaHsan OH v, Sept. 7. I.uborilay was^geiK*ralty iih^crve'il 111 tlim city to-day hy^the various Ialior organ g etioiis. Very^few of the business liotis* s closed. Thero^was u parade uiul much 1 p 'cch inukttig.^SpeeiaU from a number of cities in Kan-^ass indicate that the day is very guueially^cbserved as a holiday.
I'liiiaualpliis.rnit.aph.rill a, Sepl. 7. - Labor ilay is^being ip iicraily obsi rveil lu re by the^rlotiuir of all financial institutions, fed*^eral ^ fliers anil a cessation of business^generally. Nutnerous picnics anil excur^^sions, participate i 111 ly 1I10 labor organ^^isations, are being held.
Ottawa,Out., Sepl. 7.~Labor day^was c.leliratcil in uu imposing manner.^Thouauinls of naople turned out to wit^^ness the procession, IIuhiiicss was tui.-^pended.
Na-.|ivii.i.i.,S. pi. 7. i ubordsy in this^my is bring observed with cnihusiusin.^Fully tJn.OUl witiiesied tin* labor parade.^A meeiiiiu is tie-iug held at the park this^afhmoon at which spei ches arc liciug^inailu by labor uilvocult w and polila-iatis.
Coi-fMBPs,Ohio, Sepl. 7. Organised^labor hi re eeleiirated Lili.ir day with u^parade in the morning and ex reises ul^the park in the afternoon, with numerous^speeches.
Sr.I'ail., Sept. 7. Libor day is being^observed as iimm! to-day, many houses^llclllg closed. '1 lu re was a parade 111 the^morning, follow i d in the afternoon by a^picnic and games.
BlKKAin, Sept. 7 l.alior day was^relchraP-ii here 10-day 011 a scale of un^^usual magnitude. Governor Hill was^present and vieweil the. purade, ufier^^ Inch he held u reception.
viu-liiiiglue.^W ash 1N1 .'11 in Sepl. 7. Labor day is^hen u i^h-erved her*' by a parudu of the^labor oiguuitalii'iis.
*itirlnnsll-^ClNcINN ^l l, Sept. 7 Libor day was^ebservi-il lo-dav ly a iurge ptiK'essioti of^workingineii. After tip- paraile aeldrswca^were listened in from Major McK luley^ami John Vein, republican and puoplu*e^parly candidates tor governor.
Indianmmi.is, Sept. 7. Libor day is^being g^ uerally observed us a holiday in^this cuv. Hiisinessis su^peiuled. Sena-^tor IV Her and others luado speecbes ut^labor meetings.
SahI'ipni .m o, Sepl. 7. The flftb an*^mini obaervauee of Labor day in Sail^Praucbco was marked by 11 partial siu-
SJSMStiont^f business. Theu.u.il parade^was held, about 11,500 men being in line.
MlNMvent is Sept. 7. A parade and^gpecetenial1 pc made up th*^ order for the^duy's in rcises lor the celebration of^labor's holiday.
Ki*ehei^i-.^Ho^-Hisikk, N. Y., S-pt. 7.^Libor day^Is being celebrated lu re to day mure gen^^erally than ever before, liutitieas gener^^ally is suspcudi d and parades and pic-^pics are the crder of the day.
MlMI lils. Sept. 7. Labor day is In ing^Ci lebrated here to-day w ith a parade and^picnics. The t ank-- a*el ^ xehanges are^closed and bunims* generally la sus^^pended.
UOKTlilM.l^ii.|h-e, Sept. 7.-Lal^or^day was cele liraleil Willi great ell-^tbu*ia.ui- Public buildings were closed.^Grand procc^siou in the moruing ill^Which 10,000 men look ynrt.
ri, l^ui .
Si. l.cil is, Sept. 7.- 'I lie flrnt penet.il^obaervauce cf Libor day 111 this city took^place to-day. Twenty thousand men^formed in proo MttMl svnl marehed^through lb^ streets ol the city, after which^they proeoeded to II.o park, where a pro^^gram bad been arranged 111 the way ol^luuslc, athletic a|^oit-, speeches, etc.
riTTfJBrm.,S^ pt. 7. The National as-^^hciiiiii 11 of patftaj ci, rks convened Mi^this city this morning with Ml dclegaua^present fioiu ull parts of the country^Their meetings are secret. The object t f^the association is to secure u classifica^^tion of wages similar to that of the letter
earners.Labor day la not being ob^^servod aa formerly. There have been no^demonstration and but (or the closing of^the courts a lid banks there would be^noth.ng to indicate ^ holiday. A large^demonstration la being held in Greeus-^burg. Wheeling and other surrounding^towns wbicb are participated in by the^labor organ,1 uions of this city.
Detroit,Sept. 7.^Libor day la being^eclenranxl quietly bero to-day with a^parade ami pirnio.
homef.xeellcat Shoetnig at Fart Bberidaa
(1111 aiio, Sept. 7.^The shooting began^in earnest with the (Juiled Slates Army^National tournament at Fort Sheridan^to-day. Phenomenal work was done.^Lieutenant Kaiuscy secured seven bud's^eves out of a possible ten at MdO yards;^Sergeant A. Oa Austin mnde eight out ol^a possible leu at tVO yards, and^a score of 48 points cut of a possible 60^was made by a crack shot from H o^Grande. To-dtiy was especially set apart^for bulls'eyo firing, two purse-, four gold^medals and one pr M being offered.^There were CM competitors. Including^Lieutent Colonel lloiclikiss 'and t'aplain^I'igralim ^^f the Second infantry, Illinois^National Guards.
TheJackson colored crnck shot of the^^Flying Ninth^ missed the target entirely^several times M the miyjnl range.^Sergeant A. ('. Austin, cmincmy K,^Fourth infantry, won the Inlrr-Or \in $100^purse for the prealcst numbi-r of biill-i^eyos at 11X1, Mn and 500 yards, making Ihe^total of la buds ^ ye. Lieutenant Hughe,^I.liii infantry, won the. fVAfffMSwM medal^offered for the officer making the gn utest^number of bull's even, making a total of^12 011 M, aaj and VD-yard range*. Tbo^Initr-Oetnn gold medal to Ihe offlver mak^^ing the highest score at JO ^, 'AM, U U and^WW yards l ull's ^ ye firing was won by^Lieutenant Kamscy, who scored 1^^7^points, he healing Lieutenant Hughes by^one point and Lieutetmnt-t olonel Hotcb-^kins of the Illinois National Guard^by three points. Liciitc naut-Colotiel^tlotclikiea won tho prix^ oirered ihnolllccr^making the greatest scoru at Mil yards,^he si curing 45 p unt-, winch is rru.it(led^as remarkable shooting. General Miles^was 011 the range during the afternoon^and warmly congratulated the contes^^tants making good shots. At the close of^tho tournament thu medals and pria is^will In presented to tho winners by Gen^^eral Mtles 111 person.
1wo MMMta MUtMM Take fatal^lliauglit*.
Ht'Nll.fUTON,N.b., Sept. 7 Andrew^Oleson, a well known farmer of ibis^vicinity, diet! last night from Ihe i ffects^of u dose of poison taken in mistake.^Martin Klilldsim, a neiglib g of ti e tie-^e^ ate I, lies at th ' point of death, ami^Hans I linger, another friend, is slowly^recovering from the effects of the poison.^Dennis Flaheriy, a ranch owner^of previously good reputation, b.iu^I.cell arrested, charged with | msoning^them. I.a -t week he met tin 111 and ufter^a brief friendly conversation iirered^them a drink from a flask of uleohol^which he drew from his pocket. He^asserts ho hud two It isks, one contain^^ing alcohol ami one |toison. The men^assert that he had but one lla-k, and^that the liquor therein was ol a milky^hue, and it was not clear as alcohol^sheUill he.
TheWar tlvsi.
(IIIcai.o, Sept. 7. -The war betwien^the rival t'hte.igo race tracks is ended^temporarily, ut least. The Hawthorne^track has closed, t'orrigan gives as a^reason, poor luisincs* and the approuch^of cold weather. Ni xt spring, however,^he says, the track will open uganw iih^Isetler attractions than ever before. At^Gar held truck the ininsgi r. rubbed their^bauds gleefully and suid, ^We know it^was coming.
liismts-eI by the Jadgi*.^Cim i.NWATl, Sepl. 7. Suit for ii Junc^^tion by tho carriage m itiii ue ur.rs^against the railroads to resiraui thrill^Iroui pulling into clfect the BtOff rate on^b s^ Hi iti a ear id carriages, was dis^^missed by Judge Outfall, he sustaining^the demurrer on tile ground ha court^bus 110 jurisdiction over ihe mailer in^^volving the rights of so many different^corpcrations.
ItalllliiK If oeIllsrs.
Sf ami Fox AiiUfi ii's, I.T.,Sept. 7.^^Boomers ur- living lit every direction at^Ihe word of command In 111 the cavalry^troops, who are clearing the reservation^for the lowas and Sacs ami Fcm '^. No re-^s.stance U Isutig ollered the troops, and^it is 1 xi^i c .td the lauds will bo cleared^by the end of ihu s eek.
tellIroDI ^ limit;.'.
l.iMMiTON,Si pt. 7.^All cast-lioun I^freight on ihe Kentucky L'uion mi.road^wn^ wrecked .11 Cigjf t ily today hy lull^^ing off a bridge over lied rivi r. The en^^gine anil it'Vt'ii cars went down 4.1 feel.
uompsotiHall, the III email, killed, and^Kngilieir Maun 1 Im !lv tealcd
Al.sigs tsheriage.
I'msin lili, Sspt. 7. Li ei is who have^been examining the books of Alt pin ny^t'Hy to-night ri'ports a tlefleit-ncy tif ever^i.L'.' 10 in tilt' MMMMtl of the in uUct^clerk, Havid Hustings. Tho bisiks are^in such a condition 11 is impossible 10 tell^what his Isrcomo of the missing funds.^The shortage exit lids over a period of 18^years.
Df.NVr.p,Sept. 7. Official information^was received here Una evening that^Mi flu and Smith's resignations as presi^^dent and general manager of the Kio^(^ramie have been accepted by the hoard^of directors at its meeting in New York.
laTrtts aatt
Mliorl111 Aeruunts
PirTsBiitii, Sept. 7.-G. Krnffi, treas^^urer of the borough of Sarp-hurg, this^county, confiascd judgment to-day to the^borough solicitor lor tHl.OUl. Ii is under^^stood he admits a deficiency in this bor^^ough oT from $10,0 ^ to eT.'.uoO.
IIm In n llrtiWitetl.^l.oNDO.v, Sept. 7 ^ The British Itark^F.gi, bound from Haiubuig to Melbourne,^lias 1.. en wricked on the rocks off Warn-^an,In., t, Australia, and 1.1 ol the crew^drowned.
Muilitrat Hauler alurg^ii Heed.
I.tmm.rox, Ky., Sept. 7. Mrs. Hen^^rietta Morgan, mother of tho famous^raider. Gen. John H. Morgan, died^tins aliernoou, aged 8n years.
Aitaabaxeatto Mas
L^^t ag.
Itlias often been mooted at a vexed^question why all men of genius or great^^ness are so food of dogs, i he reason is^not far to seek. Those who are great or^em nent la any w. y find the world full of^parasites, tiad.es, liars, fawners, hypo^^crites; the incoiruptlble caudor, loyally^and honor of the dog are to aucb like^water in a barren place to the thirsty^traveler. Tho sympathy of your d ^g is^unfailing and unobtrusive. If you are^sad, so la be, and if you are merry, noue^is so willing to leap and laugh with you aa^be. For your dog you are never poor; for^your dog you aru never old; whether^you are in a palace or a cot^^tage bo dors not care ; and fall yaU as^low as you may, you aro hia providence^and his idol still. The attachment of the^dog to man outweighs and almost oblitor*^all s attachment in him lo his own race.^There is something shocking to our high^t.pilnoii of him In the callousness with^winch he will sn.ff at the dead body of a^brotle r dog ; he will follow li s master to^the grave, unci sometimes di011 it, hut^ihe lots of his own k lid h aves him un^^moved. 1 never knew ill re man one ex^^ception to this; it was, howevor, a^noteworthy one. 1 bad two pup*^pies of tho Mnlussiit, commonly^e tiled ihe Maremui.i breed; lnrg , while,^very beitiitilul dogs, with long weir) vary^^ing in sum nctwei n n Newfoundland and^a collie, the old Greek race of watch^doga to wh ch, unite certainly, Argoa be^^longed. 1 hese puppies, named Pan and^Paris, lived together, fed, played and^alept tngeihcifcuiid were never aeparated^for a moment for seven moiitbf. In the^seventh mouth Paris leil ill of distemper^ami tiled. Now, bv my own ohscrvuiiou,
1cm declare thul Pan nursed Ins broth' r^as gajgidut.itdy us uuv boy could have^t.in sell another; bcked him, cleaned^h.iu, brought him HIM Using bus to cut t^^btl all 1i1.it he could think of, and^when his hrother ut last lay^there cold and unresponsive to his^efforts, his grief and a sinu s,I.incut were^pain! ul to see. From ill tl must deceased^to play; from being a very lively dog bo^grew grave and sad; he had a wistful,^wondering inquiry 111 his eyes which ii^was pathetic 10 Itchold, and although he^livetl for 111 inv years after, and was as^happy us u dug eun lie. lie never recovered^his spirits; lie bad buried his mirth 111^tho grave of Paris. Something wae lost^fur bun with his brother wlnrli lie never^regained. This is ilio only instance I^have t\^no'. 11 of a dog's h v.* for another^dog. fhiidii,tit Xorth .'liu-r,c in JiLVificfar^Hrpfrmttcr.
IheFear an 1 a Hall for CealtV
Wasiii.niiton,Sept. 7.- The ctmplrol-^ler of ihe currency has sent notice lo the^cashiers of those national bunks which^have 4'/. per cent, bonds 011 deposit with^the l ulled States treason r as a baa u lor^ciiculatiou, on which intere st has cease I,^asking li t m to cither renew the- bonds at
2|tcr cent, or substitute some other bonds^as accurtiy.
Anl.tii Ii usutsl c lit e-ept .ou.^All Nu ll. Sept. 7 - Kmpcrur William^urrived this 1 veiling. Me was gn en d at^He station by Prince Ii g tit L o;iold an I^the royai princes, who were aeconi|taiiied^ly their mint. Oil Iheir way lo the^palace tl c 1 uiperor ret o veil an enthusi^^asm ovation ftom the cit x'.-ns.
ian t.ii.rr Ills I 11 t. it silaile1.
Washington,Sept. 7 The treasuiy^depai nut ut, upon the request of Minister^Ii, mere, to-day granted permission for^the Mtxiraii Paid Uicimr the United^States and proceed to Portland, Ore.,^w here the bal d will tuke purl ill the Ore^^gon Mate exhibition.
Rocky.MoDDtaie Manufacturing and Supply
ixcoKKgcriox WrTU
TkPosy Telegraph Co.
HasCnequaled Facilities for tho^Transmission of Telegraphic
ToAll Paris of the World!
OVt.NliL) BV-
tS/ORKS. ^t ANACTlfsinA
twillbe bold In i:alte-ries of b htam|ts or moreo
CORNISHROLLS^Lartre and Small.
Jigsand Revolving Screens^Many Patterns.
fcuiail.(tit. x 12it.: eapaeltr^^w4totw
HOISTSLidgcrwood. Kendall, Crisby, Union Iron Works.
BOILERSOur own and other makes.
AIRCOMPRESSORS^Rand and Burleigh.
TheFind Silica Brick
Inuse at the large Smelter* ol Butte and Anaconda where^they give better satisfaction than any hitherto^tested, surpassing the Colorado and^imported brick formerly used.
PricesBelow Competition.
FreightBates Moderate.
QuickDelivery Guaranteed.
fsiTPatticsneeding any of above will do well to write or call^early as the prices that have been put upon same insure quick tale.
Lumberand Produce Co.,
WholesaleDealers in FLOUR. Wholesale and^Retail Dealers in Hay. Grain, Peed and Hard^and Soft Coal. We carry in stock a^full line of
FromQuartz Gears to Llsrht Spring Wagons.^Also Clark, Perry, Studebaker and
.,id) im, Cf r.rto cans 01 twt* auks*, tianlea Mir. Cllppr sol Cn.lt* kl| a^^ uns ^:lri^i^ St* Msstjgf Bros.' Concord lUresss. fralttt. WoiilnruUM fcCo.'s Oamiff^its*! SB^ SgfMk Uaraass isuletka. *ui|^^. ^^^b^^ auu i^u^urs. *nl rvsijiauti pertauuat
Cttitndtook fbmjk cur Stock, it ts eemftete im ^**Y ilu different limts,
anawe dejy (cmpauion.
J.T. CARROLL. Managtar.

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