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thebutte office
Ofthe STANDARD Is In tho^Now Windsor Hotel Annex. No.^31 East Broadway. The Tele^^phone number Is 256.
Aihcrtltement will be rwirnl M Ova Amis^oOlre of tli.- Misiukii lill a o'clock^r. kl. lor insertion in the follow-
Uuruiorniut''t MMft^The Btaxpakii it ile-liveicd to butt* subscrlb-^tnraily every monitor.
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Maillot hast rklLU K^ 1jmi p.in
Maillor hast via M. 0. K^I Jup.m^Mall lor West n^ S I-. Kv I
JerryMuiliti ami J^^- ivlnlikl left lo-d^y^for a abort eastern trip.
OfficerCarrol lias rccovcrcel sufficiently^from In* rce-e-nt kaltysna lu III Mm lor diry^one-- more-. Hi* malady was 0 eoinnliea-^11011 01 kidney trouble* ami lyiihnid ta-vi-r.
MinnMamParker will I nvi- fur ' V-^don today, where- she* will r^ ^111:10 ln-r^a i utile* at tin- linn all II. In ucadciny.^Thi* will bo Ikt MM i- rni at school a*^alio will graduate- Juno next.
WilliamParsons, who liai MM jailed^repeatedly fur vagrancy, waa inn in^attain yesterday 011 tho same old charge,^suppli-lllt'litcd with another lur iimii.;^abusive language.
GeorgeIliircliiK, who mhmj resigned^from Ihe ivolie-o fore*-, ha m^rry now ihat^ha la liu longer uti tilliccr l----.ui'-- tlii-ri^ha cnulel arre-sl fordisiiirbing the |a-acc u^J11 tit- stranger who a few duya ago took^up Inn Uuiuu in tho houau of lhggins.
AboHcynaun- and w ho 111 liniu- doesn't^kiu.w him '.'-has relumed M tho ciiy ulii r^an abat-nce ut uliuusi a year. 'J he guile^^less Abraham Ih mow soliciting orders fur^a Nun Fraiiciscei linn ami M suce-casful^baa ho lit conn* 111 1l1.it line that he in^known to have ^eeiirt^d orders (ruin c;gar^sign Indiana, lie w ill r- main only a lew^duya.
SaiiiHarvcv, whose language* ami de^^portment lire in-lit allvo ^it the flah^market and brothel, wai nrroeteel yraler^^lay afiei no- 11 I y Olliccr liani|^aluli lur u^moat aggravated Mas uf disturbing the^peace and using ahu^iv^- language. Mr.^Harvey will piobnhly gel MM more^troublu if ho uin-mpis M carry 11110 t-ITi ci^tho blooitiluraty ihreuls he made In-fore-^and after being urteate-I.
R.ptlrathai are bsMsJ Mane la thr Oou^^ia;rrgatloiiHl I liurrli.
IiCTT*.Sept. JO.^ Ihe usual Sunday^aeiviee 1 were not hold tu-day in the Con^^gregational church owing to the fact that^the chinch is undergoing u thorough^course t^f repair. The bcnrliei have all^been removed and w ill be replaced Willi^the latent design in chair pewa, which^have arrived ami w ill I m plui c I in pom.^tiou at once. The floor will lx^ n-^carpeted Willi handsome ami - ^-^peuaivo carpet, uml generally the^interior of tbu botiae of^worship will be greatly improved, both 111^tin- light of appearances anil comfort,^particular y the latter.
AaMr Howell tile puator waa disen^^gaged lo-dav, he accepted an invitation^from J. E. St|mrc^ to preach the morning^aennon al the S ^ulb Idaho M K. church^ami one frorii K,-v. I-'. K. !irii-*b 10 preuen^the evening aennon at ibe Mountain \ lew^M. i- i hiireh. An outline of the acriuou^prtached 111 Moiiiilaiu View church is^given elaewhere in ibis insiio while a brief^tyuopais id the other ih also given.
AHool llciag I'ui on ilia Coart llou.r^That la a Hoof.^BCTTt, Sept. 20. -'1'ho contractor* who^have the job of putting a new roof 011 the^court house do not i 1111 11 -1, atj fur aa they^are concerned,that the hu l ling ^ill again^Buffer from ruinatorm-. Wllk tins end ill^newsdouble ahift, tiuuiberiitg in all 14^nun, are at work on the ro.-f. O u-hall^of them work during the day and the^iipiera at lllglll. As .1 r.-Mlll tla- job i- be^^ing rapidly puabeil forward, and I .el ore^Ilia week la over the roof will be com.^platetl. The material which ia being us. ,1^wurka lo eoo.i advalititge, and faat 11 in*^and good work ladoiie.
HeTbat Died 0p^ the Cross With^Christ toe Sailor.
RevA. W. Craves' Elcquent Sun^^day Night Dlacourao at^tho Baptist Church In^fcutt*.
TheWoman s I'roteclivo I'11 ion, I. A.^K. of w ill give their aecond aunual^ball at K. ii-liaa hull Tiu adny - veiling,^Sept. Zi, lr-'Jl. 'J his ball ia given 111 uid -I^our briicltt fund, which ia quite low at^proa*lit oil account ol a great dt al of^aickneaa and Mai dcatha among our^lllcllttn-r** tilt- pual year, especially the^paat winter, w hir h waa a great drain 011^our Uuur.rea. We hope to n pleiuati our^fund* tiy our earnest cndcuTora to make^till* ball uapltasuiu ami aiiccesafiil aa^t-ur (tinner one tif lastyiai . t Irtou'a banti^will furnish the inuaie, and we will gu tr^^ail tee our pntiolis all the pleaaura 11 g--n.l^floor ami line music can contribute. We^aolicit a fair aiian--if your patronage, us^our el jeet la a Worth) one, and we clit. lid^^ beany wclc-mi- 1.. all.
lbU \ MOMM. I'n a.
Jl.NMl.UolfDoe. li. S.
Butte.Sept. 13.
A^ o -e- 11 hi.
BfTTK,Sept. JU - 1'|^oii my return from^the Kaat lately 111:11 y of my frienda were^auxiuua to learn where I shall locate.^Being unable to get 11 deair.tble .III, in.*^mediately, Mr. (jallogy kindly pel nutted^nie to Iihv-- ordt-rs leftut his store.
My^ Mice is not then- as many aeein to^have inferred, as such an arratigem -lit^would In - unusual; but until 1 am perma^^nently l-sratt d, calls for in-- may be left^at the Butte I'liannucy.
Bitj. L. 1 am.
l.oo.lNrwa I r.on alra i.lot.I^BfTTK, Sept. - Wonl has lie- n re-^ceive-i from Sheriff John I. Lloyd to the^effect that be will arrive 111 liulte on Oct.^6. He ia accompanied by Miaa l.loydwbo^la at preset.i viaitiug friend. 111 Ohio and^Mrs. Lh-yd ia atlll 111 New York, li a re.^I oris r- gunling lur physical couditiou^are favorable.
Cryatalapringa water fri-in Columbia^garden* i* uaetl in pn paring all Io-mI nt^the Antelope ri-atanra-ii. The electric^Inn* have arrived. Open day and nigiu,^W\V^at Park, II .11. - A U ^odUau, pro-^prietor*.
Kim,Sept. 30 -Kiv. A. W. Crave*^pn-ached to a large audience at the liai -^tiat church laat evening. He took for hi*^text the 411 I verse ^f Hit- 23d chapter of^Luke:
Uir-IrrmeiiiUcr nut when ihoti cotneth Into^thy klnstlom. Anil Jesus au^i 101 o lulu, t't-riiy^I say unto Hue, thin ^l^^ ami I tuoii ce wlia Un^^til pal .ullse.
Inview of tin- uuc Ttaintiva of human^extatenre, these wonla are very aigmli-^cunt. It rctpiirca noiup -rna'-urnt uiir-ury,^|io D.vine gut of prophecy, to predict that^our day* ur-^ laat nuiiilx-rliig up, that the^aanda 111 our gluaa of life are rapidly fall^^ing, that our day* are gliding swiftly by,^and there ia no ipieation that can ao agi^^tate tho human mind, a* tho uncertainty^of human lifo and our nrariieii to^death.Tbix ia no matter
ofcold ulntrrict (peculation.^I.very day it is preaaing upon tho inmost^spirit of some mourner, bending over the^hi-uil of death. Kach day, each hour,^cucii iii.nute some human heart ia cleft^in twain uud 1 ours out ita unavailing^buat* of uiigui*li, or ait* in It* silent^agony, more li mbic than the moat pierc^^ing shrieks and wailing. All around ua^the pros|iect 1* gloomy enough aa to the^continuance of lift-; the inaiiy nintiu-^111--nta mid itiinl-atoiiea 111 t ur cemeteries^evidence Ihe fact that no land or clime ia^exempt Irom MMJMI ^one generation^paiaelh away ami another romelh.^ In^all ibis wo only aee ihe fulfillment of the^divine decree, ^dun thuu wus't and^unto dust thou ^halt return.^ And a^heart thus bowed ilown in darknesa antl^BM crluinty, cannot b - aatislle I wiih con^^jectures ami apeculationa; it iit-c-da^aolid, substantial consideration.
Itrt quire-* a light from lie.--v.-ii to d ssi-^pate the durkucaa and oliacuriiy of the^I mure. It waiita a revelauuii 'rem God^to lift the veil uud di-pcl all li ar mi l mis^^giving.
liiveua this aaaiiranco and all is well;^bill who can give it to us V I'.ve buiiilretl^gcuei-.ttK-na have passed intu ihat ahad-^uwy, misty realm; tut 110 messenger, no^whisper bus e^ 1110 back from the tomb.^You may uak the earth, you may implore^the aklea, weary ihe heights and tor u e^tho depths with li-sccchiug cries; but^t aril- and skti a, height ami depth return^only a cold, dead, chilling echo. Where^then can aaauriilice lie attained I llu-sacd^be I.ml, then- ia u Savior who perfectly^uudcralaiida all our needs. Tho croas^towers like a lieacou light between that^world of uncertainty uud ours, irrudiatiug^each with celestial brightness. From^ihat croas we Caleb ihe echo^of the Savior's words to the^dying thief on Calvary, ^To*^day 1I1011 shall be with mu ill I'sru-^illse.^ These are Ihe aecond worda ut^^tered by etir Savit r on the cros*. On^eithtr side of him hung a crucifletl male^^factor, and when the priesta uud people^had ceaaed their 111 human mucking tle-y^ulao reviUnl him; but the mujosty of the^aufl - ring aon of Uud, and la-rhupa the^pn xunily of death and ita veiled myster^^ies, wen- working upon the mind and^heart of one of the malefactors. For a^tune he had b i n silent, but now ua hi*^Companion breuk* form ugaiu echoing^tie- worda of the crowd, ^If thou be^( hriat save thyself and us,^ he rebukes^him in words which show how deep and^how fruitful ha I been those momenta uf^iiiediiutieii. ^Ileal thou not fear tj oil aee-^ing thou art in the aamc coudciunaiioii V v^^And we indeed justly; for we receive^the due rev. ar I of our tiecda, hut this mull^hath done nothing um-ss,^ and turning to^Jc.ua banging liiere 011 u crosa beside In*^own, bo said: ^Lord, reinemlier me^when Thou corneal into Thy kingdom.^^Wo naturally impure, whence (Ilia^change'.' A moment ngo this man waa
llloeklllg.how he is confessing lb - jllst
mat of 111s own Bufferings; just now ih -^rulitig. now giving hi. unsought teati-^moiiy to the smlcaaiiess of Jcaus; iheu^crying out against li-in, now at-eiug 111 the^crucitlied One a King, u Deliverer, u^Snv or.
l'i-rl-aptno other near that cross viti^prepais-tl to aay ua uiiiell of Jeaus. The^woiidi rt of tbu -u hlen durkiit---.s, and tbe^t arll tp.iske bad not yet convinced the^peoph of the tlivuie ciiaracter of tliesuf-^ferer; bill this Ihlcf, at the very tloor ^ f^death, -aw in the man beside him the^Messiah, the Savior ^ ' men; ami in his^laiih lit* cust himself Bat lua mercy ami^lu gged to Ih- remembered 111 the tlay of^lua glory. It was a 111.11 v.-Ion-change.^What had ho known of Jesus^ Possibly^he hud heartl MM I eerluiuly bu hail^heard the |M-ople speaking ut the king^^dom pri-t laiined by lluaUallilcuii prophet;^p.-riiapa he hail witnessed ihe trial ami^in unl (jovernor Pilate Mill that he^was an innocent man. He saw lulu^patiently led uwuy to lie crucified, mul^imovt- ail be had heartl that ciy of mercy,^as 1I10 l-ing, sharp uaila pierced tho*,-^hutiil t that has bt-eti employed only to^bleaa mankind, ^r'atller, lorgive tlx in,^tlu-y know whit they do. Who c-un tell^tin- returnialiou in the heart of mat thief^in that hour M col 11 el. Who can^loll how the ap rit of Uud^collected him, and awakened in IssM^h-ug tigs for righteousness'! Facing death^was just then 10 him tin awful reality,^not 111c empty Mm w'c soiu-'tuu- s make^it. It waa the going out into the uiyaieri-^oua darkness, u departure into 11 region^unknown ; uud who could tell how , out of^llua eelil! ct of li s In art, thai aiihhint^fiiiih earn -that led kM to thai wonder^^ful t-olifcaaioli of the tli\ inity of Je*ua.
Thechcinial w ill tell you of lite exact^coiiip- aition of a diamond, and he apecu-^la-es as to the manner in which the forces^ol nature have produced 11, but all his^sk.ll has nut in 1 11 sufficient to muke one;^ao wo r.ninol understand Ihe workmg-^of the apint of li-'-l, nor can we pro^^duce conviction in the heart. The II. Iv^.pint ^nteretl into union Willi lie- human^spirit, and the man, the penitent, ut-*^kriov .edged Ills Mrs- ill Tin* legld^III^leaches us how we must bI auvetl. The^10.-si liireei teaching of the text ia, thai^Jtsu.aceepis tts* penitence of the dying^ih el and promises him a place 111 lua^kingdom. What then ia ueceasarv -in^man's part to become a partaker of the^blisa ol Paradist-T
(hurch creed*do not give the answer^of t'hriat. Men have hurriedly admim ^^Ian red bupliam to the dying and ha*--*^torcetl the sacrament into unwilling^moutha, itlly supposing that n soiue way^they may bring aalvation No drops of^water. 110 sacrament uslu red tbta thief^into me love of the rt ueeiner. The dying^thief broiubl t.-nh 110 fruit, bul^laittti no live eoiifesaion, 110 wurds but^the prayer of a -lying man. Ilia aacrav^meiii was a dying (Tiriat, lua creed wua^th^- need ol a departing soul, lua rvpetit-^anee W*a the gtwlly sorrow of u lu-art,^conscious ^ f lis ow 11 guilt. Here 1 - * aoul^coiiacioua of *in and confessing it. bcltev-^nig 111 (Mu 1st and confessing him. Here^is u soul see-kiug ilebveruttce from .in by^mighty faun. Discerning in tin- suit- ring^Jesus tbc way, uud the IruUi, aud the
light.It cast* itself upon bint and he ac^^cepts it. This is salvation, that^aoul I* auveei and that it is^1 ver the beginning of the new life.^Whether that lileeontlnued to grow here,^or in a better land, aalvation depend*^first, last and all ibe time on faith^111 God'a only Sou. That ia the germ of^the Christian life, a germ which shall ex^^pand and develop, whether in this land^of cloud* and atorm*. or in the land of^eternal light, where unhindered it may^ever flima in perfectness, and unroll ita^beauteous petal* beneath the smile* of^him who planted it.
Nowlet not this incident mislead us.^Shall tins encourage any unpenitent man^to delay Ills repentance^ There waa^another thief on Calvary, and he was not^sav d. Dying bcura do tiot always turn^the 1 bough-a 10 Cod; this man cbvyed as^far aa he was able to obey. And where*^ever and whom ver is uttered in sincerity^the cry, ^L ^rJ, re member roe,^ the voice^r s s to the clouds, and there float* back^aa on the wing* of a dove the answer of^our Heavenly Father, ^Thou sbalt be^w ell me in Pnradise.
Parudiaeis where G01X is, and win ra K*^ia there i^ immortality. Take-, then, with^you una echo of His mercy, and let the^certainly of a blessed luture, let the^visions of the heavenly Holds and of the^juyoua, happy throng uphold your^wcurricd arm and cheer your troubled^heart. L *ieu: You stand on the shore^of this mainland, and from that diatant^shore come the atralns of music, and^they tell you of jay there, and bappineas^and peace. Above the warring of the^eleiiieuta, above the roaring of the seas,^above liu- fury of the winds, there comes^to us a aweet strain of music from the^cross iiself, ami into our doubt springs^certainty, and to our ipieation give*^stiswi-i, ^ I ts-day shall thou bo witb M* in^Paradis ^!''
The t'ouragtaut Ac. uf (Irlpmia Toes^Jaruel
I.cttk.Sepl. 2^.).- A very courageous act^waa iH-rformc-d by T-uu Jarud, a gripman^on the cable line. By greatly endanger^^ing bit own life be sav.-l a 3-year-old^girl from b-ing crushed by a cable ear^yesterday, and after Uomg what lie con*^aidered lua uuly he modestly took hi*^place at the lev- N in hi* car, which had^not been stopped, und was carried away^before the mother of Ibe little girl could^even 1 hunk him for what be had done.
Tomis aiming the gripmen who work^on the dav shift, and as he wua making^the usual trip between .'1 and 6 o'clock^laat uigiii he, accompanied by Conductor^Harry Smith, left Walkerville on the^downward trip. When descending the^( rntcrville lull he noticed the child in^qiii-*tion standing in the center of toe^uack less than 21 feet in advanco of the^approaching Irani. Beside ihe track waa^the little child's sister, who waa ao badly^scared that alio could not respond to the^sound of ihe h-.-ll al ibe car which Tom^vigorously rung. Everything possible was^done to stop the train, but owing to the^sleep decline it was louud an utter im^^possibility. Seeing no inn- was to be^lost tho bravo gripman sprang to the^front of his car 11ml le-uped fearlessly to^^wards the child, the thought of saving^whose life was the only one which crossed^his mind, and for the time losing sight of^the fact Ihat in another instant he might^lie crushed lo death by the wheel* of lb*^moving lr 1111.
liewaa 111 time and the child waa^quickly lifleel from its dangerous placa,^but the gallant young fellow waa struck^by the end of the car on the shoulder. He^was not seriously injured, however, and^managed to swing himself onto ihe end^of 1 he train as it was passing him.
Thechild was taken in charge by Mrs.^Matthews and afterwards given^to her elder sister, a girl of live,^who was ao badly excited that^she was unable to tell her name.
IlulieHill Send a Pretty Spry Delegation^to I teat-mail's ToaraamauL,
Bitte, Sept. 20.^Next Tuesday the^running team and other member* of the^volunteer lira department will leave for^(he Boieman wuere annual tournament^will la-held. The tournament begins Wed^^nesday, and will lust until Thursday even^^ing when a ball will lie given, i'r.xcs,^aggregating in value f 1,0^J0 have been^hung up for the various contests anil to^gather in some of them Is tho very laud^^able umbition of the local 4'Jakie*s.^ Al-^though it was consul- rablo of an up bill^struggle at the beginning, a team ha*^finally been organn -d that the boya think^will e-ouie boine witb some of the trophies^offered.
Hcccnttythe team lias been in regular^(raining ami with the raoat.ezcelleiit re^^sults. This ufieriioon the member* were^taken to the' race track by their trainer,^John Purrot. uud run separately 111 order^lo obtain their time, ao as lo enable the^trainer to place them in (he (earn. Mr.^Parrot refuses lo divulge (he lime made,^hul s.iy. that if Hum- fails to secure any^of the prices, it will not he because of^slow running. It is expected that about^40 peraona from Butte proper will attend^the tournament, anil, b -sides these, the^Alice and Cagiiuti department* will prob^^ably ulao be- represented. Au effort will^be made to secure (be nest tournament^tor iiulte.
Thejuveniles do not propose to permit^the ^lug fellows'' to rupture all (he hon^^ors and pnx -a, but expect (o be in it^ihciuscfvi s us a e-erP in degree At least^the Uuls ulao have been training and this^afternoon rati with ami wiilmui their^apparatus und made some ustoniahingly^fuat time. '1 b^ races between juvenile^tennis w ill lie lully as interesting and ex^^citing us those between (he* seuiora.^Three juvenile companies hav-^ entered^for the conn at in ih -ir class, ll-Htc, Ana^^conda and Box -man. Two prises have^been bung up lor the race*, first (70 aud^second SU. It ia nol known whether Ihe^race la 10 la* a atraightaway, but Ibe^local yoiitha aay that it is immaterial to^tin 111 which it will lie, as tiny feel^able* to take* care- of the-maelves in^culler c-ve-ui, and will agree to anything^at all reasonable thai the other two com^^panies may deaire. For a team that baa^had au little prue-tice us the* liulte Juve^^niles the hoys do surprisingly well and^are reaseitiably sure* of one prise. A meet^^ing of the Juveniles will be In-.tl to-mor^^row evening, whin filial arrangements^will Is--inude-ami the iiiemlMTa of the team^assigned lo their re- pecilve places on the^drug.
TileItaBSjSSM viel 111 * is,
HlTir, sent. ^). -Marshal Mclnlyrc of^Walkerville has leased the American^lioti-c ami look poasi *^lon to-day. Mack^has bad M extended experience m this^line of husim-aa and tho place will be run^in. flrst-clasa style. A number of im-^provemeuia will la* made in the place.
Thaialuirra' I also bMMMMMBj^The Unite Miners' union offers a re^^ward of tuxi for the arrest ami conviction^ol the jMfwM or persona a ho stole tho^blackboard, and for the return of tho^same.
Signed.G. U. Dai.h^, li. s.
In. J. t -( rewley. Christian Scientist^receives paiienta at 4.-4 Lust Mercury^^ treei. Hours lo 10 U a. 111.. :\vj u _,^Consultation free. r'
Lost,slrnyc I or alolen. A black horse^about 15 ban.is high, brande-l X on left^shoulder. Ll. nl rcw-.rd if reiurncd lo^(jju'.d Urot., B-J North Mum atreeu
Rei.Bonder's Able Diseoirse Abont^the Outcasts of t Great Citj.
Mtlllenalraaand Their Loat Oppor^^tunities^Tha Great Necessity of^a Good Lounging Plaoa for^tha Unemployed.
Butte,Sept. 20 -The chilly night air^without and the cheerful glow of lights^snd the promise of warmth within caused^Ibe tabernacle to b .* well filled as U- v.^Rounder arose to deliver one of hi* char^^acteristic sermons. After re questing the^congregation to aing (he hymn, ^There ia^a Home Over Yonder,^ (be reverend gen-^tl-man announced bis (ext,
Whatavaileth all the wealth of (be^world unless properly u^ed.
vThileyou may not find this test in^tho Bible,^ ho said, ^it ia, rtrvurthi-^less, a good one from which lo^deliver a sermon. Probably nowhere^in (bo world ia another city the a s e uf^this where so many rich men cau bo^found. Neither is there another city of^the population of Buito that is so de^c-^11-nt in public institutions calculated (o^In ncllt the people. Almost every town^half tho six* of Butte that 1^havo ever visited bad its free^reading room*, it* public library, Hs pub^^lic hatha and tho many other like Institu^^tion* erected by philanthropic people for^tin- benefit and welfare of tbeir leu for-^uiiiafe brethren. Here in Bulio wo bure^notbing at all like those places. The^only public institutions wo have is^a court house) with a leaky^roof, an illy ventilate 1 county j id and a^city hall (bat threatens to topple and^crumble away. Bul these arc not the^gifis of any of our wealthy men, but the^r- sulia of taxation and the 1 xpenditure^of money contributed by all of us.
Thelong, cold monthi of winter with^their days and nights of smoke will soon^he hero snd then will b.-gin the miseries^of the poor man und the man whose only^house ia tho boarding hoi s* and a cheer^^less little room lighted up by a tal^^low dip and warmed by the avarice of^the landlord, who charges a brown^stone rent for a board shan'y.^These are the days and nights that^cause the tlcvil to reap a harvest of souls^vi large that he find* himself crowded for^room in hi* subterranean granary. A^^nan cannot sleep all the time, and no^matter bow bard he may work he will^alwaya find loins -If witb a few idle hour*^111 which to rest and amuse himself.^Where 1* be to spend that idle time^ Bo^you expect him to remain iu a dark,^dreary littlo room, with only a hard beti^and ibe (runk containing hi* scanty be^^longing* a* companion*^ If you do,^your knowledge of human nature is woe^^fully abrcviated. Man is eminently a^social animal, and longs for the^companionship of his own kind.^For that reason the man^who toils hard all day in shop and mine^as soon as his work ia done gou* in search^of some place where he can remain a^few hours and find congenial compauy.^Where ia he to go if not to the saloon.^Ihe gambling house,or even worse places V^AH men are not so fortunate, or, perhaps,^otherwise, as to belong to ihat exclusive^class called 'society,' and for that reason^hav ^ not access to parlor and reception^room. So (bey must go elsewhere (o find^pleasure and comfort. Tho keepers of^saloons and ol her resorts know this and^know las weakness of mankind for com^forta and (ho thing* calculated to engage^the muni. That Is why they have elegant^furniture, costly pictures, innumeruble^ncwapapcr- and periodicals of all kinds^and complexions which are free to be^poruseu and read by whosoever elesircs.^There i- where (he unemployed man^goes, for he know* be will llml warradi,^eaae and a cordial welcome awaiting^him. Wnb other* who are also there he^feel* that in return for all these luxuries^he must spend a little over tho bur. A^^first it is only a little, but soon tbat little-^grows und before long he spends his all^in those places. It is then tbat the godly^people who have never known what^temptation ia bold up their bund* iu^horror a* ilu-y look at the reeling drunk^^ard who passe* ihe 111 on the street uud^point to him a* another awful example.
Youmay think me *har*h and preju^^diced, but lor all tbat, 111 a majjrity of in^^stances those very people wbo despiae the^poor drunken wretch are responsible for^his downfall. Had they given a little of (heir^Immense wealth toward establishing and^maintaining free reading rooms, a gym^^nasium or other like place where the^homeless man could have rational and^instructive amusement., be might to-day-^be a good and uaelul citisen mstead of a^mere wreck and outcast.
Nolyet have the last echoe* of the^argument* of high-priced lawyers wrang^^ling over the estate of a dead millionaire^died away, and the witness chair^^till warm witb the beat^from Ihe bodies of the Salt Creek and^Arkansaa witnesses wbo tosdfled for so^much per diem aud found. And yet the v.. a :^estate is nol setlleel, anil we are pi-onus d^a repetition of those exciting days when^the trial was the ull absorbing topic ol^discussion. How much better ami nobler^it would bavo b -en for tbat dead million^^aire had he made a will and b quealbed^a portion of Ins riches for Ihe endowment^of a public library anil Iree reading room^where tlw unemployed men of the city^eould sp.-nd their idlo hours in tbc pur-^^ uii of knowledge and information. No^shining mirrors and no well filled bat^^tles would bo (hero (o tempt (belli^to risk their bodies and soul* and ^nuni^^di r their earnings I- r stuff that is worse^than poison. No sturving and trembling^wife and children Would await the home-^coming ol a elrunkeii uusband wbo spent^bis time aud mouey in so in* dire wuere^men are made worse than brutes and^fiends. No mother would weep ove*r th^^son who is rushing to ruin. Meui are not^naturally bad aud depraved. It is cir-^cumsiaiices that makes them so. Give^(bein a place where they can And the^comfort* aud pleasure* of the *aloou^without Ha vicious surroundings and tlu-y^will In qui nt it 111 preference.
Letthe living millionaires unloose their^purse strings und as-isi in the several^movements uow on foot to eaiabliah a^place where men may spend their leisure^time wiihoiii being exposed to tcmuia-^(ion* for wrong eloing, and they will^bleu (he community and bless them^^selves. What nobler monument does *^good man -I- sire man some instKudjn^bearing Ins name (bat ia calculated to^bene Hi mankind^ Such an institution is^a l.brary, a tree gymnasium, u free read^^ing room or an hospital. 1 would rather^have one of n^--e lor my monument than^ihe most rosily *haft ever rear. .1 heaven-^ward rcrt r ling tho famo of Mil war^^rior.
I.O. Ol r.^ SI. Louis ana It*lnrn-t^a..lO.
TheNorthern Pacific will sell on Sep^^tember 17 excursion ticket* to St. Louis^and return at {05 60 for the round irip.^Tickota will be sold on September ITlb^only, with final limit October 1.1891. Full^information will be furnished at 23 Kaat^Broadway. _
JuUeeilallry 'a I lp.ll.ucr.
Pr..NDi.ETo. Or*., Jan. 12.^Having suffered wi(h mr kidneys, I waa^Induced to try (bo OKF.GON KIUNKY^TEA, which relieved me in a short lime.^I lake pleasure in recommending i( to^the public a* a safe remedy for kidnry^difficulties.GEOktiE W. Haili.y.
CountyJuJge of Umatilla.
Neta Foiaeaous taoa lllsaeh,
Buta true lieautifirr, being (be only^preparation sold under a positive guar-^aulco of ^1,000 that it comaius not a grain^or fraction thereof of poiaonoa* or dele^^terious substances. Indorsed by the most^celcbrau-ei .-trusts of the lyric ami dra^^matic stage; recommended by eminent^yliysicians, und pronounced harmless by^leading chemist*^Wisdom's famous Ilo-^bertine.
Ie-ttcr I cad*, bill beads, job printing of^every description neatly dona at the
Forsale cheap. Handsome oak cylinder^desk. Never used. Apply Standard office,^Butte.
noiiiiiHand Ilelurn ^^^ TO.^For the Montana Sta(e Firemen's^tournaiinntt.il.,. held at Bex ^men Sei^trmber 113 ami ^4, the Northern Pacific^Kailroad company will sell round tri|^railroad tickets at one tare and ouc-flfui,^llua! limit sept. 2b.
awonOrhU com noun tl of the caiebratal Dr.^Vsjpoux. l**Tis. rrssctlPslon 19N Is ssia^Tosmvs ocaxAK-rxx ^v cuaa
Aaytana at afjj'i
XotnxttOT how canted,^inch at disorder 01 Ui*^^.c-iieiacvs organs of^\ rliber s*x. nalus in ths^j hark. nsrV'-iis urostra-^' nation, nyttsrst, etc
Ouragent* ar* instructed lo T.surugD axt
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Btouactionsod rxMXAXKMT ccaa is not^rracTico by uauc* au uuxsa,^fries 11 a ho* or six iwses lor U with written^raarsuit**. Sent by mail lecure.f aealed. Ad^^ores* til ro-ntasiiicacona 10 1^. M. Newuro^Drug Com pally, aoieageuis, butt* City.
Claret%50 toSi 00
Riesling75 toi oo
Zinfandel75 toI 00
PortI 25 to2 00
Sherry1 25 to2 00
Anr-elicaI 25 to2 00
Muscat1 2J to2 00
Malagai 25 to2 00
Cal.Cr. Hrandy..3 00 to4 00
Blackberry2 50
UolUedGoods st Knifonable Figures.
116West park at,, I^OW C,ty 11 *'' Butt*.
MO.M'AV KVkNT.Ml, AUG. 31.^f-tcond \\^ -\ and I'io.IIcI-uk Success of^l-arry Mcn ugue'a Ulststt ly heru-^stllunal *i*-v-liruma.
iuuitoeu u.i to* inaur.als ae e-ietl^from the sannt of the Wlntee a - el distllcl^In Lomlun, iu wiih h Mt. Montague w|p v.v-^lilly iilusirai- Ins iheorv of the causes of^Ihe *lr^i-luu* crlinca of' .lack li e Kn-ter.^^liAliKY MUNI AGO u^^Jnrk Hie Hipper^^i ai:kik hu M AN . as^Neil Ni-.-uo
Anda*i Ilia Urea' t'ompsuy in tin- i ml
V holt-sale aud Ileum Osslsrsls
crkb.6TC^Main Street. - - Anaconda.
FineCigars, Tobacco ind Confectionery.
Overthe Red Boot and Shoe Store. No. 36 North^Main Street Butte, Between Park and Broadway.
eAlAHKil,Xhroat,^iuiuc snd all blood^c:s. uses, which ar*^^I eediiy and pet mv^^.ently cured liy my^new system of ^In-^LSlsUou^ of com-^pound medicated^ia nors.
Ascatarrh is ths^forerunner of deaf^^ness suit coutuuip-^IM41. sack should o*^rscmplly attended^le la-tor* It 1* (oo
1 cturr*.
eaTs.aoT tervou* Mfl ^rtttni Irom^vcaihlui IndlserrUonTeXCesScs 'J mslura MM^and MM cause* g^syMax, MtMsjMjgl^J^^Si tell abutr. *eniUial weai-pess. tughi 1--saea,^sexual debility, loss of Sevu-K |^wer. h.ood ehs^^Srders and aiubiuon. aversion lo MMfJifMt^siiehnly uidiresiiun. eoaiUPsUon. blotches,^Inipe.limcnts tomiiirlsge, nc- ^^**ain't1 lo^rnuiii ot tno cram and lu.aulty-au cuiahl*^casta warranted to cure in a very short I una.^Kecenl cases lo a law oayt. ( target low, es-^irctuhy to ih* i^xr._. .
1Noniatter whalyoansv* (SkSB or who hat
Islledlo cure you. ^ -- - _
Boset trust your rase to any tpeelalltt who^lis* not mane a tawtoual cxauurtatiew of your^liurnan tytteui. eAlicrwlso you wUl ue^lssp.
11U 111 nil^^**.^^-.. ^w ^^ w-t
elatedby failure at ueauBeor. if^irske yea wort*.
11doe* not
lu. BcntTMS warraou a curs of every eats^lie undertakes. His wuodenul new remedy l^^Ih* only certain and |a^rmauetit cure la su-n^tUaeaae* Kemeinber. hypli.it and biood dls-^eases cured without the ut* of mercury, aud^vital 1-uwnr restored by his new remedy.
Pkm ami VYKAEMKaa-Symptoms of which^are pains in ilia bask and psint with burning^m s. msuou on Ui* top of tbe head, with inueuui^dlschargs and a general leellnx of iaa(u-^r^iirrvttnsuest and dcprettlon, tpseduy cuiod by^Dr. rk-hultx's new remedy....
Eyk-AJIstleetlontof t-i* eye skiUXaily sal^^rleniuically treated.
Fullyotie-eiyhtli of ibe mm total of bomaa^run. nr.- is caused by venereal ex ceases, als-^ensesaud their results.
thewuuelerlul New Kerne-ly It Ibe best an*^MMtt of ail medicines for r extort nt; abeunUi.^amliiiiou aud vlyor In those who suOer lruin all^pilvaUc, enronie snd nervous diseases, suchat^Uuod aud skin diseases, syphilis, serotinus, fv^tout, ery tipela*, tall itavia, ueinphluu. psortv^sis. etc., and all Impurities of Ihe blood cautmg^erupUont, pun plot, blotches, tsJUng out of. lb*^hair, eta
TKIVATKDISKasih.^Gonorrhoea, tileet, tlricli:re. Kidney and bladder^lioublea. cyattsts, and all tad effscuof youthful^lollies and excesses, which so uulli man for busi^^ness or pleasure.
Thewonderful MM of (his new remedy ds-^penus upon the fact (list It supplies an element^which Is lound wauling in ihe blood of weak men.
125E. PARK ST.
FnmPtand Efficient Aaendtnct. Embalming and Slipping a Sptci.i!o^LADY ASSJi^TANf!^.
Cpcntay ud HigbL
IdepuOD.Ni. 5/.
tainFurniture Co.
Unv.-lust received
iixiofihe linn-, and treipevt
Ererbrouiilit lo Balls^j,o^ en sale.
A:- ^r^ ^ ^1 n ^ a* well.
wm.I^ nour. ^i. n. BMSsTVtvVB, ^. a chax
j.SIis,MAkCU* DALY, 1. k. s li: ...am'
buttecity. mont..
Transacta renera' hanslnx bu.lnesx Ex-^rhaiiiie drawn eu a.i too ,.a..u; cities of^kuiope.
Collections Promptly Att-nieJ To.
rorrea|ondent: WeM. I'.ircn A. Co., New^VorK; W.lt, r^r^i ' o, Ma t Ijt'se; Wells.^faiKotVio., .-an rresellm; i inau* Nslitaaal^1'ai.k, uuiauai l-rm KslifiMl Baas, yinaiio.

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