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IUMaiihivk.^fli.io *. Sl.-Fi 1 m Bull*- niaml aril's Kx|ir^'i.^^ tfta ^. ^! r'rnm iIlIU' la-aves l:iilld ul '.:M^A. m., Biter 1 ^w mi, a. M , Miliars ^:U a.m.^izr.oi- 1,-hM Unlns^i^^ci i.arrl
oil lit 10:10 A. M.. Ht'i'l I ^ i.l^l IUuU A. M.
OiUAH. Irnm l.utte ira.es Cults hi (una^lj. U., MM i uw al |4| i'. ii., buiari at Ml
hitins hki-aht:^4:4.1 \ ^l |',^ Hun,. - - iranrtnril'a F.\pros*^7iMlA. M Knr t.arr son-HMait s:3.i A.M..
lie*,Ixxlii^ tiat A. Ik, '..111is hi al ^. tY) A. M^VilOA. ^ -tor j.ulU Miu.iii al 9::uA. M.
Mlv-iDow allUiau a. M., arrnlnu al ISiitieal
111OA. M.
930 I- ^. - i'nr r.iitio and Harrison -I.^^a^*-s^h.uarl at 11^. M., srrivtii; in I ulte itUJ
r.m.. uartwos si i 05 r. ft
IHr. WrA I MlR.
Thedaily reronl of Hip tlicnnonioter in^tl.ih rity fory ^u r.lay was: 7 a. in. *JS; M^in. M; 1 p. in. i*; .^^ *,. in. Mb
Tlierowill be a hop .il French hall to^^morrow evening- A full orchestra will be^in uiic iiilunec.
Mr.anil Ur^. Charles Williams have^removed fi-Jin their former place of resi-^ilence al No. 311 \\\^.l 'i'h.ril street to No.^M8 Cherry tlreet.
J.H. Roomy unit ins family will aoon^remove from their present rc-sidi nee on^Oak street lo the lu.use on Cherry street^owned by Jo.cph Peters.
Clmrleallo'iek, tbu First strset r.al^estate dealer, sslfl a piece of properly on^Went Front street yei-tiniay lo parlies in^Una city. The i-ansiilcrnlicu was f :;.^'' ^.
Thedate nf tin* raltl * for a bay hone^which was to occur ^^u Octoher 10 has been^(-hanged. The ra 111 - will take p.ace at^Lou Harnett's store to-inorrow evening al^8 o'clock.
lieserredseat tirki ta for tho perform-^ancu to Ik* given al Evans opera house to^^night by liuo.lyear, Kliich it .Schilling's^miiisirels, arc on sale al the biuitii Drug^company'a atore.
Washingtonramp No. 2, I\ (^. S. of^A., held mi i xri ptionally iiitercating^meeting at ila hnll in tho M.itiiu block^last evening. Tbo order has a strong^membership list.
St.Mark's mission cuiimittee will meet^in the olllee in the Standard buil In g to^^day ai I o'clock p. in. All members are^requested to attend as business of im^^portance will be arranged. J. C. (i'l.im,^rector.
Newshelves are being put in the lliub^school room for the pupils' school hooka.^A large curio rase will also Ik- added and^each pupil will have nil opportunity of^adiluiff aa many specimens aa possible lo^ihe collection.
Thesun thermometer was in a normal^condition yesterday and at 2 o'clock in^the afternoon rcgiaU red 7.' d^ greea, a^rise in llie temperature of eight ile*^grera from tho corresponding hour on the^preceding day.
IkeQ nun removed his saloon fixtures^and atuck yean clay to a atore room for^the present. The building made vacant^will be occupied by the Smith Drug com^^pany, which will b gin the work ot re^^moving their stock to-day.
ThomasCooney, manager of the North^^ern l'aeifle land d) pirtiueutat lleklin, s^in tho city on a th ^rl plea, urn trip. Mr.^I'oouey la a great hunter, and each day^maket a trip among the mountains with^Ilia gun. lie aays game is quite plentiful.
C.W. 1. k in,^ and W. L. lloge made a^flshius trip up the creek us far as the^dum yi ster.!ay. 1'lie weathe r waa quite^cool, but tlid not stem to affect fishing in^the least, as the g^ nth men were fortunate^enough to secure 48 irout, some of which^were beauties.
SallieJean, tlio itifaut daughter of Mr.^end Mrs. S. C. Kenynn, died early yes^^terday morning. The funeral will be^held from the family residetice at the^corner of Cherry and Seventh streets, al^2 o'clock tb la afternoon, Friends are re^^quested lo attend.
ConductorLyons of the Montana^Vim,n ,s wearing an unusually broad^smile and u new lint with the word ^Con^^ductor^ on its fr^nt in gilt Idlers. Mr.^Lyons is said to carry bis new hat to und^lr^ in the depot in a grip in order lo keep^It In in celling ilusiy.
Thef Ulcers say iieople must clean up
theiruliiys or there will lie trouble. It^would lie much cheaper and save both^the efticer Hud , U'l-uiler a great dial of^trouble. 'I lie ordinance n ads plainly on^tins question, and lie- p. natty in MM^c^^i h is heavier than must pccplo would^ea ^ lo I ear.
Ilrsulntiuna Ut ^* mp illiy.
WuriKss. Il lias pleased A inui'ily tiod. Ih^^greut an l.i ^^^ I uf li e n:,iu.|^., I,i hi al .si-^provlilrmr, to lt nn,\.' Irmn tins ^ aillil) slate of^irola:ion to IM MMM ln yoiiit our I e ove^l^bretlier. A. I^. Flays r, I! is h. pMf
Iffsii'iTl.Tliat ihe i tli ers ami mi inlxrs of^Ar ieia linl.e, N.i .tl, A 1. aval A. M., Alia^mn.la. Mont., plan-on rer. rd lheir thanks ihat^Mf sMMSi aretkll, A il ii or 1 ln.rsl .ii Platter,^was assocalleii wltli th, in fur upwaids of tlitee^jeari, tlirirgrateful recellertlou of his faithful^effort* to rensei ve l'ie ioteretta ef our aneient^and linnoinble oruer, ih, r niipm-iatinn of his^work as a lailhful oflleer ul tlieMrfayk Md IkM^pn f in il soi l uw in t lie :o ^s lUal has l^erj sua-^lain. .1 hy Ihcm iii his deei-aai-.
/,'^.^r ,., i at ill the i.^ i i as ^ of nur Lrother,^A. I', kailer, on** bus g^ in* fioui nur miilsi uui-^veisalh nil eni' d ana a ._^^o t eill/en.
Rvsofrli.at we as a h-ilne du ami her, hy^rnme) la in,^ relatives ef 111*, tin ease I, esp.-elnlly^to Ins mother, our heartfelt tyiiipaliiy wl u iln-m^in tills, tin-It henaniiien , aud pray lli..t the^Cod i t all e. n-o man w 11 su*i nn md eoliif at^them lu ihrir staep sormw. and euat'l** us ail^say lu blURB e 1 n. ^mi to ihe dnlae will,^^^.so male i be. Allien. 1
Wnlrvit, 11. it a e, py of these resolutions be^spread nisei in.- r ear is .,f ti.- li^I :e. a eopv l*e^printed il the AaMooda m ami.sun. and a copy^he ^^ lit t^ Ih' BSOSbet of Ila' .ire, a^. il
rUgll'danlielialf .f Ae.ua iasUe No. 33, A^I . and A. M , hy tue column e.
.1\mks tl. i'i inn,
Kl^. lajtM ^^f/BaHS hi snkhv.
To.1 .hn BpaHMj^Formerly of Driglitou, Mass. If you will^MM uii-at^ with lames Harry, I'. 11, box^t.i. A: a ^ ti n Mutit., you will tnar o!^bonieihiiig US your advaalaff-*.
Agirl to do general housework. Apply^at MX Oak street.
Eierjbo!]yUiited to iMt tbs Be-^timing Firemen at tbe Depot
AMeeting to Be Held This After^^noon to Complats Arrangements
Forthe Reception Thia^Evening.
Amc ting will be held at the Are bouse^at 4 o'clock this afternoon to complete^arrangements for tbe reception of Ana^^conda's victorious flrein -ii on tbeir re^^turn f r in Hex man at 6 o'clock ibis even^^ing. Tbe local fin men have now tbe^liou'a sharo of tht^ honor and purse ^ al^the tournament and Will be treated^royally on their return. Many citisena^bare signified their intention of turning^out to welcome the boys home, aud the^meeting to be held at the lire liousu will^bo held expressly for th- purpose of fin^^ishing plans for the reception. The^boys will bring out tbo hook^and Udder truck decorated in holiday^style. Elforts will be made In accuie tho^services of lioouyear, Llitcb ^ Schilling's^ruiustrel bard, providing it reaches the^city at noon to-day, to head the proces^^sion. The line of march w i I be decided^upon this afternoon. Transparencies arc^being made with appropriate niottoo-.^There will be a great demand for broom*,^ami all those who cannot atiend this af i-^eriioon'a meeting are requested to shoul^^der a broom, no matter bow old or dirty,^and be at the depot at 6 o'clock. Lvery-^kody is requested to turn out this i veiling^aud g v.- the hoys a hearty welcomu.
AMip rlor I*erloi in uiea Promised for^This I.veiling
AtEvans opera house this evening will^he seen th I r.'iguing nrustn I sensation,^(ioodyear. hatch A Schilling's Minstrels,^comprising the highest sslaried artists in^both hem isphcres, an entirely new'rlor^of iniiisirelsy. Over IIM yards of velvet,^sat.n and plushes for draperies for the^U rand royal court tlrst part. Ci medians^as Vonto Cristo Jesters, vocalists as gay^cavaliers, mnaicians as Moute Cristo fish^^ermen. A glittering scene of beauty im^^possible to describe in words; ^10,UOO in^gorgeous wardrobe, new and novel^ucts, new specalties, splendid music,^wonder u| dunces, realistic Greek^and Roman glnditorial contests, ami^MMM poaiurings; M iiniu'.'iiso tonc.ti-^iruVon of minsir. i Mai-. 1 lie or g nal^and only f'hnrles W. Goodyear, tbei|iiaint^genius, icflued VMiuiist, slid fastest talker^on enrih. 'J lie unique chnracn r artist,^Chuiles K. Sehilliuu, the originator of in-^strntneiital roim-dy and premier ur'.isl of^thi-Korld. i ho luuious and most artistic^living delineator of neer i character. K.^M. Mill Ua^ exceedingly clever and en^^tirely dlllercnl coiiioiiiait, the greut trie,^Symoiids, Hughes aud lias us,comedians^and dancers.
Mainsmi l Abecco, the Arabs, the^greatest aerotiuta and gymnasia the^world has ev^r known. Sr. Gaicia, the^only auh rio soloisi in ibis country. The^T^cooii quartette and a host of ntlnr^well known artists, i'rof. Will II. Scon-^ioil's famous baud and orchestra of mm^instrument artists will give a concert and^parade uhutit noou.
AaK 11 or l a ii men l W Inch I u Hi ,1a All th*'^I'n llloia Mads for II.
PiiilipPlullina, jr., and bis assistaut^gave the first of their three scries of en-^lertamiiieiits at the Methodist Kpitcopal^cliurrli last evening to a large aud appre^^ciative audience, composed principally^of ladies and children, l'inlip I'lnllips,^sr., did not appear owing to a sudden ill^^ness. I pou the advice of pliy* iciium he^has returned to his m ine in New York^cily. 11,s abicnce did not servo to mar^any of ih - many tine features of tbe en-^tortainnnnt, as the elder Phillips'^place was ably fills il by Ids^talented son. The nerformanco^began at 8 o'clock. A large canvas^bad been stretched in front id the altar.^Tbe entertainment began hy the singing^of the hymn ^Hock ot Age,,^ in which^the entile all Jlelice was n quested to Jo.ii.^Following this the evening's journey^was commenced with heauinul Illustra^^tions on the canvas, furnished by pow-^erlul 1 me lights. Each illustration waa^followed by a full explanation of its^many pom is. One view rapidly followed^another. Of their kind the illustrat lona^were the best ever seen in this^city and together with tbe ex^^planatory part were intensely Interesting.^Tbe entertainment is first rale in every^rcsp'Ct, instinctive as well as interesting.^The course will continue to-night and to^^morrow evenina. Tickets are oti sale at^the Smith Drug company's store.^Twenty-five cents will be charged for Ihe^auuiissiou of children.
Mrs.L. ti. Smith bas returned from a^delightful sojourn at Kiverside, as the^guest of Mrs. Marcus Dal).
MissHairs returmd to Deer l.odg^^yesterday after a brief visit.
Johnliur liannii, city marshal oflleer^Lodge, foiunrly a member of An aeon-^na's police force, was ui town viaitiug^Ir.cuds yesterduy.
11.T. Mnl.an returned frcm Great Falls^yesterday lifter a business trip to that^place. Mr. Mai.an is pleased w nb die^town and thinks that is ihe coining city^of the stale, outside of Anaconda.
Mrs.Dr. Stephens and her hule daugh^^ter left for 1 In tie* yesterday and^will pass s vetal days there with friends.
MC Leouunl returned from Chicago^lust evening, having been called there^some time ago by the illness of his^mother.
DanielDwyer and his family of Park^avenue have returned from Salt Lake^( ity, after a highly enjoyable visit with^friends in the Mormon city.
JosephI'cters and his little son Joseph^went over lo Uutte yesterday on u abort^vim.
Mis.Dr. Ouinn bas rrenvered from a^rather severe attack of illness.
Mat Grscie Wisner has fully recovered^from an iilners which kepi In r confined^at her home on Park avenue curing the^early part of tbe week.
M.ssAnna i ieij ii will enh rtnin a num-^b^r of friends at iicr heme M 1 irst street^tins evening.
1).A. Harper of Ka;.- a- C.iy waa regis^^tered al the Hotel t oiumereiai yestcrd-y.
1.I^. Sargcant came ,.v,r Imm Hutte^last ivcnmc.
Arrivalsat the MsMaM^Among others registered in tie* Mon^^tana yesterday wen*: |^. R, I'nlker, Bos^^ton; J. H. Met une. Boston; W. M.l'helps.^New York; K K. t'amnbcll. Imlianapoli^Louis E. liotiknf.ky, Salt Like t ity; 9^Sargcant, liutiu.
Ar.rsi.n Hamilx Pari,.
TbeSocial Four, consisting of Misses^A. Fisher, II. M. Gibson. E. L. BrUekur^and K. Jour, gave a delightful dam uu^party at the home of Miss U lie Gibson,^No. 212 South Maple street, last evening.^A large number of invited guests Were^I r.'sent and all thoroughly enj ^yed lb*^pleasant affair. Tho Social Four is a^nieces, and will hold other dancing par^^ties Id the future.
I'unsralof Mrs. ('lustier.^The funeral of Mrs. A. P. Cloutier will^take place from the family bom
at)^:;^ o'clock this morning. From Hie^house the n mains will Ik^ lakoii to Si.^Paul's church on Park avenue, and at lo^o'clock requiem high mass wdl lie sung,^lltir.al wnl bu in the Anaconda ctlui-^tery.
Dancingschool.^Miss Harris will open an evening danc^^ing school next Tuesday in the Matthews^building on Main street.
fleer/If Ihe fotlowlrq Hotlrt annate* III tut
Sanf tanriieo Clticnicte.
Tailjre tshad tTrn sick onh- ahent two
week-;.nd it h.i ^ net until the I i-t llnieiW^folirdavith.it lie- rial.nb to I. a m ri no turn.
Aithe rUgi-naig of hisillni si hesuflrtrd lnsn^diahetea sml Stosnsctj essnrltrr, Latsa ihe^kidney^ rcfeseiteenforin tacsl rssxtlcsjssssp^hr puise-d aairtly away. Thus en.led the life^nf one of t lie most prominent turn in Cali^^fornia.^ hike thousands of others Ins un-^tirnrlv death wa- the mult of ueglecuui; early^synip'mnis of kidney dissase.
^ IF^ YOU ^^^i^sretmublsd w*th di'ils-lrs, irravel. or flny do-^raniremenl ot the kidiu, . or iiritnii v nrnsna,^sjaars il'l.iv ptoper trealnniit ISSSlI you are^forced to give up your daily duties; ,f,,M*f^waste vour money on w,nilihs^ liniments^sod a etas plastl rs, asg strike at the seat of^the ill-rase :.t once by llsl'io, I he greatest of ell
Inm n nnicdies. laweris4srsxasl Orasjea Kid-^n, v Ten. It has savisl Ihe lives of thousands.^Why *M.^ul 1 ^t no* ^ are\.in ' Try It. I'unty^vegetable and pleasant lu lake. ^l.UOa pack^^age, 8 hn fjlt.00.
Watchmaker^ Jeweler
Iii fUer In
AU Grades ol
Watches, Clocks. Jewelry, Optical^Goods, Silverware, M
1Irs', tu. Anaconda,^0j:|IO^itf lllf Hff-liiVC.
HlVsMmMM^M^Icrsaieor item
Yj^mercantile COMPANY.
II.A. D'At'HKCL, Wholesale and Urtall^Bulla t ity, Montana
Anacondalivery stable
i. u. Biiow.Nki.h, VMM sioa.
AndUnites for II.re.
Alsorro| iieior of Pas c'tcer llasisaci' and^avpress line, i ounection ina in^wi.hall llall.s,
thee and Hable. Ural hiroet, Anaronda
PHILIPPHIlTiPS, the Singing^ilgrim, with his + +^eerless Pictures, + +^hoto-Opticon and Songs.
ladrai.ei, lies, rip Ive hictui,' as the Famous 'tllobi* Trotter
Tellsthe istori of l is W ainlerlugs ! Kvery Vi, w a Work or Fine
AitI iMssBTMrah.y . ii ui i in Anuluni; of tie hi d K\er Oflered!
bosas the 1 re s, I'nip t. n I BffasSbMl An lie ncei
UnScptembor 24. 25 and 26.
Tick,'s. .'in ei r- and scerntt. ^ hlldrenSa ^^^ n l. Course Hike's ;i ^^.-,, at Snetli s lira,; o.oie.
Thisdcpnrtnicnt has a new and attractive appearance^by the elegant display of imported and domestic^clcths to be found in our suitings of the^newest and latest designs.
Anunlimited and choice assortment of patterns to suit^the most fastidious taste.
Weare agents for two of the best custom tailoring^houses in New York city. Leave your measure^and have a suit made to order.^Fit Guaranteed.
NewItMstf Wash Goods.
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