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vol.hl^no. 50.
IisilUto iatricu Officers by Chillus^it Valparaiso,
FactsLaid Befor* Secretary Traoy
by Captain tchlay-Mora^Amarloan War bhlpa In^Chilian Watare.
Chicago,Oct. 13^A special from^Washington says Captain Schley has^asked Secretary Trac y to bare Admiral^Brown asm* at once to Valparaiso to aid^by bis presence in seeing lull justice is^done tin cowardly rufllaus who murdered^a sailor hit week. It is now alleged the^boatsman's mate, Reagan, was shot by a^policeman The dispatch asserts that^Minister Egan will be instructed to de^^mand reparation, and that the president^bas said to Vrscy: ^I mean to bare no^more of this business from any nation^and the demand upon Chili must be pre*^amptory.^ There will be four cruisers at^Valparaiso who the demand is made.^Captain Schley has informed the secre^^tary that it has become impossible for^American officers to go ashore without^being insulted, aid that hereafter they^mean to go armed and resent insults in^the proper way. ^We are losing our self^respect by permitting these things,'' says^Schley, ^aud the ycuugcr offlcers are wild^with rage and cannot be much longer re^^strained.^ ^I do not want theiu to be^further rest rained,^ said Secretary Tracy^to one of the commodores, ^and 1 have^told -Schley so.
Itis improbable any serious results will^follow the 11 iltiiu ^ro incident at Valpa^^raiso. It is probablo Ibis govern went^will await the outcome of the legal in^^quiry now in progress in Chili before^making any move, and that meanwhile^precautions will lie adopted to avoid any^further collisions. Secretary Tracy and^General Foster had a conference with tbe^president this afternoon and at ils close^Secretary Tracy dictated tbe following^as the latest official luformation on the^subject: ^Prom a diapalrh received^from Captain Schley, it appears he bas^made a careful investigation, which^showed Petty Officer Charles K saga u,^while riding a street car, was assailed,^dragged from the car and shot.
ApprenticeTalbott, l 'oal.Heaver Ither-^son, Coal Heaver Turnbull and Petty Of^^ficer Hamilton were wounded in many^places, principally stab wounds in the^back. Coal Hearer Panter and Lands-^mau Davidson were dangerously injured^by assaulu with clubs, stonas and knives,^and many other men were seriously in^^jured by assaults. Thirty-five aeamen^were arrested by tbe public authorities^and detained. Surgeons on the Baltimore^are unanimously of tbe opinion that some^of tbe wounds were inflicted by bayonets,^thus showing clearly the p xrtlctpetion of^tba police. The A merican sailors ware^without arms and defenseless. They^were sober and innocent of any misbe^^havior ; that in several instances sailors^of the Chilian fleet rendered assistance to^our sailors, and that in some instances^the police protected tbem.
SecretaryTracy said through some dif-^ficuliy witb the cipher used in the dis-^p itch thev were yet unablo to ascertain^what disposition bad been made uf the^men arrested.
Santiago,Oct. 23.^Regarding the re^^cent attack on the sailors from tbe United^States steamer Baltimore Captain^Schley has reported to Minister Egan^that il was brutal and cowardly. Egan^will present the matter to his govern^^ment. Tbe Chilian government has in^^formed Egan safe conducts will not bo is^^sued for refugees now in tbo United^States legation. The supposed ground^for tbis refusal is that the men are crimi^^nals. Egan continues to demand aaf*^conducts. Tbe question now appears far^from a settlement.
Theladed States Uraad Jury or South^Dakota Does Good Work.^Sim x Falls, S. D., Oct. 23^ Tbe^United States grand jury bas returned 18^indictments against officers and directors^of tba Louisiana lottery. Evidence was^laid before the jury in tbe form of affida^^vits and kept witb tbe utmost secrecy.^The department at Washington brought^the charges before this court for tbe rea-^aon their efforts in other states before^United Slates grand juries bad been frus^^trated. Tbe United States marshal and^deputies leave tliis evening for Now Or^^leans to arrest the pi evident, vice presi^^dent, secretary, treasurer and directors of^the lottery company. The indictments^are for transmitting lottery advertise^^ments through thu mails in violation of^the anti-lottery law pasted by tbe last^congress. Tbe extreme penally is live^years imprisontuont ami f^OJO fine.
AI'srplrsll g QarsiioB.
WAKHI.ttiTON,Oct. 23 ^ Another seri^^ous complication bas arisen in regard to^the enforcement of tie (^h nese exclu^^sion act. Two Chinamen, who came in^from Canada, and were caught in North^Dakota, were taken baek to tbe Canadian^liuo by the marshal, but the Canadians^refused to let them in except on payment^of a head lax of i50e-ach. The China^^men had no money to pay and the mar^^shal is li^|..ii g tin in for instructions^This new state of ail airs is an embarrass^^ing one and tho attorney general is now^considering it.
MMWill ItMlga.^PlTTfBlRC. Oct. 23.^Hon. Cslvin K.^Bnce. cliuirman of the demrcratic na^^tional executive committee, passed^through the city this afternoon, and in an^interview with a Ihs/nytch reporter stated^it was his intention to resign the chair^^manship of tlie committee after the nom^^ination of tbe presidential candidates.^He could not give the name of Ins suc^^cessor.
A^iegr^^ i. itiu.rt^Port HiiMMt, Va., Oct. 23^Robert^JorJan, colored, was hang, d at Hsmptou^to-uay tor commuting an outrage on Mrs.^Moore, a white lady residing near Black^nver, is July.
Baltslagsan Railroad Lead^Organised
Wmt^^If-Froiectioa.^^penal to las ^taodara.
FocATtLLO,Idaho, Oct. 31. ^The rail,^road company to-day issued its Last order^to parties having buildings on its ground^to move them by the last ^ f this month.^Some have been inclined to pay no at^^tention whatever to these order', but this^time. It is thought, more consideration^will be given tbe mandate of the great^corporation. Il is given out on good^authority that tbe first day of nest month^the railroad company will commence^laying tracks on tbe outer edge of its^grounds. This has caused more alien,^tion lo be given to tbe latter order than^to Its predecessors. A track constantly^full of can in front of one's door is not a^pleasant prospect, and none of our^merchants are anxious to establish tbe^precedent. A sudden demand for house-^movers will probably result from tbis^^last^ order.
Anumber of cases of typhoid^fever are reported in the city. Two^deaths have occurred the past week. One^named Henry Cbristman, an engineer,^died very suddenly tbe 20th lust. His re^^mains were taken to Laramie, Wyo., for^burial. A delegation of 10 members of^tbe Brotherhood of Engineers from this^place accompanied the remains and the^bereaved family to Laramie.
Ontbe evening of the 20th lust, a mass^meeting was bold for tbe purpose nf or^^ganising an association for their mutual^protection; also, for the purpose of tak^^ing concerted ami prompt action looking^toward the throwing open of tbe reserva^^tion to eett ement. Dr. I. Moors waa^chosen chairman and Henry E. Topas^secretary. Tbe object of tbe meeting was^thoroughly discussed, and Hon. George^Gorman, Thomas M. Terrell and Bon. L.^A. West were appointed a committee to^draft resolutions asking our representa^^tives in congress to cooperate with Ibem^in tbe work. Their report will be pre^^sented and considered at a similar meet^^ing next Monday night.
ANDCHILIANS.^~~ the Killing
Washington,Oct. 23.^A cablegram^has buer. received at tbe navy depart^^ment from Captain Schley, commanding^the United Stules steamer Baltimore at^Valparaiso, Chili, giving additional de^^tails of tbe fight betweeu American and^Chilian sailors, in which one of tbo for^^mer waa killed. He gives tbe names of^the men hurt in tbe affair and corrobor^^ates tbe facts concerning it already^printed. He asserts bristly that the fight^was caused wholly by the Chilians, who^made an attack upon tbe American sail^^ors without provocation. The boatswain's^mate, who was killed, waa dragged from^a street car by the members of the mob,^which numbered fully 1^0. Tbe officials^at tbe navy department deny that tbo^dispatch contained aqy sensational state^^ments and Secretary Tracy says that the^phrases quoted as coming from him on^tbe subject in a morning paper are^wholly unfounded. The cablegram may^be made public after it has been sub^^mitted lo the president.
TalkAbiut Removing Idaho Indiana te^tbe risthead Reservation.
M'cc'altethe bianelard.
Miskoula,Oct. 23 ^A rumor is in cir^^culation here to-night to the effect that^negotiations are on foot lo remove a^large part of tho Indians from Idaho lo^the Flathead reservation. Where it started^or what truth there is in it is not known.
Oregonsnd ike World's Fair.
Portland,Ore., Oct. 23.^The legisla^^ture having failed to make an appropri*^lion for thx world's fair exhibit at Chi^^cago in 1893, tbe state board of commerce^has employed a number of men to can^^vass Oregon for tbe purpose of raising at^least $23,000 to be applied toward making^tbe exhibit. Each canvasser has a letter^of authority from the executive ccmmlt-^tee on tbe Wold'a Columbian exposition^and is supplied witb blank notes.
Carter'sOrder.^Washington. Oct. It. ^Commissioner^Carter or the general land office bas sent^an order to tbe register and receiver of^the United States land office, at Ashland,^Wis., giving notice that tbe district held^for indemnity purposes for tbe benefit of^^he Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis h^Omaha Railroad company will be re^^stored lo settlement and entry. Much of^tbe land is said to be valuable for ita tim^^ber.*
FeeadOallty.^rprrlal to II s Standard.
MlMOl'LA,Oct. 23.^The case of^Swarta and McCarrick, chargeel with de^^stroying the plumbing in th* Rankin aud^Union blocks, went to the jury late this^afternoon. Tbe Jury was out only a few^minutes and found a verdict of guilty,^fixing the punishment at SO days' Im^^prisonment and (SOU fine.
Submergedby Floods.
Madrid,Oct. 33.^Vast tracts of land^south of the Sierra Nevadas are sub^^merged by tbe floods. The Cadusr river^iiaa overflowed and crops in three dis^^tricts have been destroyed and a number^of persons drowned. Terrible distress^exists among the inhabitants.
TheJury Disagreed.^Freclal tr ihe r^HSflsMi
MiskoiLA.Oct. 18.^The Jury in the^Jordan case was discharged to-nigbt,^after being out 4s bourse without agree^^ing. It is said that they stood 11 for^one year's imprisonment and ono for ac^^quittal.
Walll ii i In ^d numlavs.
Watertown,N. Y., Oct. 23^ The^Presbyieiim synod to-day adopted u res^^olution urgiug congress not to lend^tb.OdO.UJO lor world's fair purposes unless^it was agreed that the fair be closed Sun^^days.
FIo.mista Slag ess.^City or Mexico, Oct. 38. ^ Floods in^the state of Tabasco aro increasing snd^becoming more disastrous. Thousands^of csttle have been drowned, crops al^^most entirely destroyed aad many lives^lost.
caj*^nd a
rumsfar Ihe Organ s ^uea eg a psmaaeth
Sawsa, K in , Oct. SI.^morn lug the g gantic^is before tbe Fanners
tionhere. Tbe committee^investigate and report upon^reported yesterday sfte-rn^ably. Tbe repor', however,^copied by the convention, a^able it will go through all^secretary of tbe Alliai as Exc^pans, which does eu.0C0.0fJ^business per year in this at^it will be an easy thing^all the business into^organmion. In addition^alliance is in ' position lo^luiely the grain business of tl^every county ^h-^re the al^pledge suppoi t to the stock,^will be appointed nnd goods^ihe National Union company^of the profits. The National^pauy is the outgrowth of Us^.convention. The scheme^then and upproved by Presl^Three month* later it meeting^italists was held in New York eW^company formed with t'3,X0,00i capital^The slock lias been subscribed aed prol -^ably its work of sppoiuting agevts will^begin immediately and the ttnjt store^will be established by the 1st ^f next^January.
PrintersPreparing fur a General Btrlkr^u mi.in. abased. I
BtRLiN,Oct. 23.^A meeting'of the^printers employed in lierliu and ti Leip.^sio was held to-day in those eifes and^preparations wero ma In for a^strike of G rman prititi rs which s^be determined upon for to-moi^Breslau and Leipsic nsOOtlngg of^liny resolved to give their support to a^resolution arrive ) at by the pritfcer* of^Ibis city yesterday. This resol^voiced by 4,000 Berlin printers wh^decided lo aek their union to oi^eral strike in case of the^of employers to graul thel^working MM and an^of 33 per cetit. in wages. It is ge^ad'iiilteel that a wholesomi strRti^ptinters throughout G.-rmauy wiiMie ini^mediately ordered.
The'2 itl ami.vers ^ry of the^Empress Aujusti Victoria wascel^hero to-day. The em per ir, to^prise and delight of the emii^seined himself clean shaven ex^bia moustache.
Tbecommittee of the internet!^bibition of arts in Berlin in 1881 a*^the Society of American Wood En
|encrulms to^At^Inters
Yorkcity a great diploma of
Dl.pleasadAbout hii Article
laan Anier.eau Paper.^DrnxiN, Oct. 13.^ Archbishop Wsish^repuuiales the interview which il was^said was held shortly after the death of^Parnell, and in which be was quoted a*^referring to the dead loader in ti rais dis^^paraging. They aroused indignant com^menu in many c.immunities where sym^^pathy for the deael man waa not ex^^pressed. Archbishop Walsh also de^^nounces tbe attack which was made upon^him by the Herald of October 0, classing^the statements made us ^sensational ral-^umuy.^ He adds: ^They attribute to me^the atrocious and un-Chrisliaulike senti^^ment tnat charily should not find a place^on lb) open grave of l'arneli. I feel b luntl^in my own defense and in that dignity nf^my effico to ascertain whether tb^ Amer^^ican law permits bringing to justice ths^author or publisher of ths libel.
FivePeople Oored by the Preened Besst^One Fatally. '^PlTTBBlRO, Oct 23.^A wild Texan^steer escaped from Perrs' stock yards to^^day aud for some time created a panic on^the streets of Allegheny. The mad^^dened animal traversed several of the^prominent thoroughfares. attacking^everything that came n its way and com.^pelting people to flee for their lives. Five^persons were gored by the frensied beast;^one of them, a small boy, fatally. A^party of clliaens with guns and revolvers^finally killed it.
MichaelI).silt Interviewed
Qlr.i N stown, Oct. 13. - Immediately^upon tbo arrival at Queenstown thu^morning of the steamer Wisconsin, Mi^chad Davitt waa interviewed in regard to^bis nomination by tbe McCaithyites us s^candidate for a aeat in commons made^vacant by the death of John Pope Hen-^nessy. Davitt said he could not say^whether he would or would not accept^tbe nomination until be reached Dublin^and had au opportunity of consulting^with his friends. Davitt received an en^ihusiastic reception from tho town com^^missioners and from thu delegation n i^resenting the Irish federation. He was^presented with an address of welcome,^to which he made reply.
ArT.IrsIn Mrsicu.
Cutor Mexico, Oct. :Z ConsideraU^numbers of Chines* are leaving Ibis coun^^try daily for the United States. They^cross tbe line at or near Brownsville, not^far from tbe mouth of the Kio Grande.
Aprominent member of congress says^that President Bias will soon make im^^portant changes in the governors of^stales, as he is dissatisfied with tho way^things are going on. In t ..mpeci.es ihe^financial condition of the state Is bad.^and San Luis Potosi find, il difficult to^pay interest on the stale debt, wh:cu is in^^creasing daily.
nasiHall Matters.^( hpMiD, Oct. 23.^The American Base^Rail aaseciation to-.lay appointed a out-^mittee to consider the feasibility of a lu^or 12club circuit next season. President^l'helps was reelecied. A number of^other offlcers were chosen and standing^committee* appointed. The rule was^made that visiting ciulss are not to be al^^lowed a itcrcen tags of the gate receipts,^but the home clubs take everything. An^^other new rule provides unfinished game*^shall be taken up where left off and fin^^ished on ths next schedule day, between^the two contesting clubs.
TheStone Masons' Trouble Still Re^^mains Unsettled.
Thomas Do an Safe In Jail-A^Couple Fined for Beating a^Little Girl-Other^Matters.
Creel*.!te the Ptamlarn.
Cutat Falls, I let. IS.^The stone^^masons held another meeting to-night in^the New Era club rooms in regard to the^trouble between that urgaiiisa|iou and^Jnmei Csrlisle, the contractor of the^I.rent Northern shops. What action wa^^taken waa kept (nun the pubi c. The^rommiltee appointed al last night'*^meeting waned upon Mr. Carlislo t^ - lav.^That gentleman claims that tbo four^men who came In re from ihe^East were receiving but $110 pit day.^but that he hail signed a contract with^them whereby he wa* lo pay tlie ir fares^over ihe road Loth ways and sec ore their^hoard while here si reduced rates. Il is^said he refused lo pay these men the^nealo price, 16 per day. under the existing^circumstance-, hut s.nd he would l^ ' will^^ing to pay union prices provided II^ hired^men in ibis city. The seven meti em^ployed st the shops then ^pul wetk. The^outcome of th^ dtdhuly will lu watcbeit^with interest. T h ^ sioiit-ma^ous wish to^celiiraelict the sinteinrnt made ill to-day's^issue of the lsfud i- ih it a mass meeting^would be heel in front of tho court house^1. -morrow afternoon in front of the^court house. Tin y stalo that no such^srtion has been taken.
Itwaa learned on good authority t^^night that the Creul Northern would have^^ns road coniph ted to Neihart to-morrow^night. The in utile i.vor the right of way^has lieen settled and LUU ui n are now en-^gaged ill rushing the construction work^to completion.
SheriffHamilton returned from Utah^ilu* aficnioeiu with hi* prisoner, Thomas^Dolau. Dolati is charged with hav ng^played a prominent part in stealing u^valuable gold watch. diamond rii g and^diamond stud from Hilly Mack, .in actor^at the Park ilie.iier, nearly Iwo mouth*^ago. I^ ^!an was arrested at O .plena few^day ago by the chief of police there,^who immediately no illcd the^sheriff here. Il is sai I that the other two^men arrested on the same charge have^made a lull confession. In nee tho srrest^of Dolan. i In three men implicated are^now aafely lodged in jail to await trial.
Mr.and Mrs. Chambers upp and in^the police court this morning. '1 hey were^arrested last night mi wiat rants sworn^out by Mathias Cains ck. Il ap^^pears that Gallzeck's little* 10-^year-oltl dniighlir, L nie, was passing^through (ha niters' yard aud picked^up a giars. The* soman camo out and^accused the little girl of stealing,^dragged her into the house, knocked her^down mid severe ly b^at h-r. The^woman was arrested. A few min^^utes later Chamliers met Calits-ck^and alter kuex-kirg him down^k eked him about the head ami chest.^Chamber* was also arrested, flu appear^^ing in the court room l^ -tiny il was found^that the little girl walk) il lame and was^badly bruised and discolored about the^back and hip. The couple were found^guilty and alter receiving a sound lecture^were lined J I'M and costs or Mi days each^in jail. They were committed in defuult^of payment.
furthe Itusslan Nn^^ ,^St. Pf.TP.R8UL'Kit, Oct. 23 ^The .Voros'i^says Ihe launching of tbe Y w Kuss.au^ironclad Navarino, which occurred Tues^^day last, is the beginning of a scheme to^reorganise Ihe Kusaian navy. Itssy.:^^A great llall.c fleet, able lo defend Kit^sian interests on the high sens and carry^on operations in hostile waters will be^crest d. Also a fleet to protect tho Baltic^coast line, together with a number of^armed cruisers. Tho govern in nt will^acquire possession of Ihe enure slnp-^bui dmg industry of the country and es^^tablish another nv.-al port liesi lee ( rons-^tadt, one not liable to be blocked by ice^or blcckaeled by an enemy.
Chicago,Ogtb 23 - The Western Traf^^fic aesocistion has n f. rred the matter of^commissions on eimsTaut business lo^California points lo the Continental asso^^ciation for consideration at the New York^meeting nest week. In event of failure^to arrive al an agreement the Southern^Pacific is author s-d lu pan eipute^through the New Orleans gateway in^commission on ^ migrant business, New^York to California, terminals, on the^basis ol fl.'t, the sum now being paid by^crrla.n lines in New York. Participation^on part of the Southe rn I'acifle west of^New Orleans shall not exceed 18.
HrhoonrrsYlrrcleeeL^Pmm.'KTOW.t, Mass., fJM 23 ^ A dec^of VJ st' inner-, barer *. brigs and school!^rr^, eff Cap^ ^ od at dark last night^bound iulo nostnn bay, experienced^rough Weather. Two schooners arc u-^ported sunk eff Shove fud shoal. The^fate of the crews is unknown. A small^schooner is supposed to have sunk north^o! i'ollock Kip shoal, 'the crew we^seen clingiris' t^ the ngiiiii: of a Mart^masted schooner sunk near Shovelful!^shoal. Tney had been t hours expos^to the fury of the storm and no help can^r uch them be fore morning.
lie.Mi of lbs I'ubl c.
KaNsah( nr. Oct. 23. ^At Ihe closing^of tho session of Ihe Am r can Public^Health association, u resolution asking^for .lie creation of a department^national pnbnc health un h r a secretary^was passed. It wa* decided that the con^^vent.on meet in IMS in Chicago and on^that occasion b i made an International^congress of hygiene snd publ c health.
}oVt-tinl llrisnehl^vTaMBHOTOII. Oct. 23.^The president^has recogn s hi t. oveiiut Branch', consul^gel eral of Italy a. Sail Francisco fur Cal^^ifornia, Nevada, Oregon, Washington,^and of Ala-ka.
OeasralHsbbara Telle About Ills Cm.^Partnership With Mdlsasa.
Salem.Mass., Uet. 23.-General Hub^^bard in ihe Starles will case to-day gave^in a general way Mrs. Sestics' property^as consisting of soms fi) different kinds,^stocks and bonds. Tbe property is such^thai aryone who attempts to attend to^either one of tbe properties nquires all^of his lima, Tbo witness bad a large and^prosperous practice and when Stillman^came lo him and said Searles wanted^him to take the management of the busi^^ness, and asked if be would go in with^him. He told bim it waa a acrious matter^as it would, in a short time at least, in^^volve the abandonment of bis practice of^law. Finally he consented to lake il up^with him. Co-partnership was suggested^I y Sllliman. As attorneys, they hatl met^with rebuffs in getting information neces^^sary to co|te with the questions befeiro^them, but as principtls as well as attor^^neys, they could insist on their rights to^i'. The witness knew that 5 per cent, of^the Income i f the property would Ih- much^Ichs than his proleasional income, snd^finally after much discmsion the co-part^^nership as drawn, was made as a most^Just and reasonable arrangement.
AtIhe afternoon session Cent ral II uh-^bard testified thai the management of^the estate had taken nearly all his tune^for the last year and a half and fully as^much of Stlllmnn's time, lie saw Mrs.^Si .tries about June 6, 16^*, anil she^wanted someone to msiiage her business^who was near at hand. In the latter pari^of May, 18S0, the witness went to Mrs.^Si arles t.uJ remarked she appeared lo^be drawing but Itltle, while Sear es was^drawing i|Uite l b rally. Shn askorl if^that waa not right. Witness said yes, if^she wished it. She said Sear It * pays all^her bills and shs wanted him to. She elitt^not want lo keep a bank account or have^anything to do with mailers etf business.
Wereany changes mail ^ in the record^title of the co-partnership just before^Mrs. Starles' death^^ was asked the wit-^ne^^.
Yes;tbe Southern Pacillcand Pacific^Improvement company both h id b ^en^transferred to the parinersli p, but had^mnnined ou re cord in the name of Mra.^Seailes. They were then transferred ou^the b inks of ill* comptny.
'1be witness had no personal knowl^^edge of the wills and had never attempted^in any manner to influence Mrs. Scarlet^in regard lo making hor will. Mr*.^Searien always impressed linn as a woman^of alert mine! and spoko as a woman of^quite tlec.tied opinions when she spoke^ou matters of I uiiness. The witness^never advised keeping matters secret^from Timothy Hopkins.
ATraining Hhlp CsptiaeU aad Koartesn^^apposed lo ll*va 1'srlslted.^Pakik, Oct, Si.^Aowicer, from Brest^stats that the long boat Austerl.ls, tbe^French government's training ship,^manned by 1 ^ hoy . and two quartermas^^ters, was t it| s led to-day ill a dangerous^spot al Ihe entrance of the harbor. It^was blowing a gale al the tune, and^though e If arts ^tie made to reach the^long boat, il must have sunk almost im^^mediately, for not one has been seen^since.
Adispatch to Ihe r .umo from Copen ^^hagen says: During ihe royal gathering^at Frvilensborg, the palace of^the Danish royal family wheio^the emperor and empress of Kiusia have^made long visits this autumn, the forma^^tion of a ^league of pesce^ was discussed^at length among titled nobilities there^assembled. The league is to include^Itiieeui, Serv.a, Montenegro, (j recce,^Sweden, U.-iiniark and France. Ibis^league of peace, should it lie an actual^fact, will naturally be regardeel as^counter move to the renewul of the elrei-^hiind agreements openly snnouncctl by^the emperor of Ceriuany | revious to hi^recent visit lo England.
BALMAC bU A'^Kid Mat
Lt I Tr-ft-^Merry from
Kspec i^Just*.
NewYork ^)-^!. 28.^A special cable^from Valparaiso says: Another letter^written by Balmacrda has turned up. It^was to his three brothers, lie says he^cannot longer j-opardisj his friend, the^Argentine minister, by remaining at that^legation. Ho bad intended giving himself^up to the Junta, but owing to tbe belief^its leadets will respect nothing, he^changed his mind on I will make a per^^sonal sacrilica. He says he hss left for^publication a document that will prove^nf bistor t al use and thai through it^Kurope will comprehend Ins conduct,
citreta's llrfaleailsR.^Niw Ohlvams. ^) t. M*^ Everything^was quid al ihe Liuisiuiia National bank^time morning and up to noun no arrests^lie vo been made and there is some little^douhl that there will !^^ any. In an utter-^v,^ with Morris, president of Ihe clear^iug house, this morning in rrganl to tin^Carcia defalcation, he said. * fpigene F.^liarcia, paying teller e^f Ihe Louisiana^National bank, Is a defaulter in the sum^of I11V.0C0. It was first discovered oil th^8th of October, but the full extent of the^defalcation was only demonstrated ou^the Ltia.
Cireia coufesseel a shortage from old^payments, errors an I mistakes com-^riiilied by him within the past 15 yea^1 he cash in tbe bank was exam tic I and^the shortage eiiscovercd. The loss of tlie^large amount was carried to profit and^loss, and still a capital of fouimiu ami a^surplus of SlfiO.OOU rt main intact. 1 do^not tli uk any deposits will be withdrawn^from the bank on acciuut of the defalca^^tion.*'
borciawas arrested I -night, but re^^leased m on furnishing i.\'^n bonds.
Htealiugfr. in I iois aim.^Halifax (let. 23 ^Of 11 M *oal skins^cat ght in thu B bring aca tuis seusoit,^L't.OUO were taken by M Nova Sc-olia^schooners ftsb iig m thai water. The re^^sult has been so encouraging that Nova^Scotia capitalists eel now lilting out a^Meet of.lu vosaeisto proceed to tbe Pacific^and engage in next season'* fishing.
Supposedlo 11.^- been Lust.^Lz.wr.h Del., Oct. 23^The flthing^scbooiirr K.'d Wing of Noank, Conu., is a^total wreck. Her crow is supposed to^have been lost.
GladstoneEarnestly Ltboring for the
Passugsof ths Home Rule BtlL
HeavyPolitical Battles In Varloug
District- A Tool of Balfour^^tug.and and the^World's Fair.
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LoMMH,Oct. 13 ^ (tladslono has re^^vised the home rule bill. As to what time^the st heme in detail will be div i ged de^^pends upon tile fate and character ol the^government'* Irish local government.^If a dissolution camo now, the measure)^would be published with such complete^^ness as would Icavo ihe conservatives no^chance to say the country hud been de^^ceive.1 on any imp^ r ant point. When^tie- general election tloea como the issue^ill be fought on definitely declared^home rule I tie*. If th* popular^rote places Mr. Gladstone in power,^the course thus adopted will paralyse^the opposition. The house of lord* will^not ilaru to reject the h.ll on the ground^the vote of the electorate had not been^specially taken ttiereoti. Regarding Ihe^principles of the new incisure enough^had Itceti tflirially ascertained to state^that it gives tho proposed ln*h legation^fuller powers than d d the bill of 188i.^lt retain* ihe lower ami upper houses of^Irish parliament, vests the appoinlmi nt^of the judiciary in tbe Irish executive,^and i.iainiaitis s larger representation of^Ireland in the imperial parliamoitt. Com^^plete questions of llunnrial relations and^control of the pel c ^ are also settled.
luthe Cork eh clion light there is much^partisanship. 1 he (riends of Kedtnonel^declare themselves t-oiilldenl of victory,^liny have no hick of funds, part of the^^noiit y coining from America. The final^In pe of restoration of party unity rests^nidi Michael Uavitt. If he refraina^from throwing In* whole influence on^Ihe- side of the McCarlhyites. and uaes^hi* per son al power lu a quiet policy of^cone.Itstioli, he w ill in tune re consilium^the Irish party. If he consents lu contest^Kilkenny, thus throwing the bailie to the^laruclitis, tho feud will be eternal.^When Inte rvicwctl it lay lie talked as if^entirt ly coiumittetl to ihe inuj irity.
Williaml.swie** Jackson, whose s|s^^poinitiit til a* Irish st cretury i* definitely^announced, lias the reputation of being a^good business man w ithoul any bias to^^ward In* own ideas, if be has any, and a^ready anil pliant instrument of Balfour^and Salisbury with a shtewd eye oil tl e^main chanec.
Inau interview to-elay Mr.^Dredge, onn of the liritish com*^miasioiiers to the world's fair,^Chicago, suiil since his return he met en^^couraging indications tif increasing in*^teit-st on psrt of liritish manufacturere.^The commission will distribute 1,UX)UJ0^circular* throughout Ureal Britain and^Ireland inviting exhibits.
Opinionuf Acting net tatary epauldleg^^tlscif 'i;*' of 1 bines*.
WA-.niM.reJe,Oct. ^1 -In a recont^letter lo the treasury department in ro^^ll irtl to the case of Bernard lit iaa, ar-^li sted in San Krancisco on a charge of^opium smuggling, Aciiug Secretary^Spaulding informed the collector there,^it seems evident there is nothing to pre^^vent prosecution of suit* l*ith against the^goods ami against the cr.intnal. Kpaul-^tliug lias instructed tbe collector of cus^^toms itl San Francisco in cas^ he is not^satisfied there urn no unduttab'.e articles in^ih ^ baggage of Chinese persona passing^through this country in transit from Hong^Kong to Havana or elsewhere, via New^Orleans, he will require that ihti baggage^lie s.-aled uud corded and is placed in a^sealeJ car.
TreasuryAgent McLean r^ commends^for ihe site f g the public building at^Stockton. ^ al.. the property al tbe corner^nf Sutter and ( hannel streets, offered (or^SlO.tM), if large enough, and si coud choice^is tbo properly al the corner of Califor^^nia anel Murkel streets, uttered for 1-1.-^^sOO, if it cau bo obtaiuetl al a lower^figure.
111*Ml 11..u i site.
Vim a, Am , Oct. ^ - A prominent en^^gineer who returned to-day from the^crevasse, which has lieen the source of^supply of the so-called Saltou lake, says^it is almost closed, and by the time there^is high water in the Colorado river again,^deaert winds will have it completely^cboketl with sand. One mouth in ore aad^the lake s ill ihasppenr.
prrssKiii..1 J*w*^.t. Pki i-t,s,ui itei, Oct. 23.-Peasants^have atiat keii the Jewish inhabitants of^Slaroeliob, ami the Jewa are leaving in^ihe vicinity of that town, burning and^pillaging shops and dwellings of the^Jews and severely ill treating occupants^and families.
lath- a*nSS*iaSkS ll-pubtle^BcK.Nem Alias. Oct. 'J3. ^ President^Pell grimi ha* issued a mauilesto dee-lsr-^lug tin- cabinet crisis over. The inn s-^ter of 11 .Alices will rem i.u in office. Ser-^leia-.ii ha* been appointed minister of^(oreugll affairs, on I 1 ulestia. justice.
IViipl.-.t'tuii*r g arvltt*;.^City e^*^ Mi xn ei, Oct. as.^Advices re^^ceived hi re trom numerous sources re^^veal the fact that in many sections of^country the scarcity of foud is now so^great as to r.-sull m actual eufferiug^among the people.
fertile!ol tiulllv.^l^t nil c Oct. 23 -The j iry to-day in^Ihe cu*..' of Hubert Mel.r eict and O. H.^Murphy, thuged with conspiracy, re^^turned a v. r 'letof gulty. H ib.-rt Mo^Creevey has lied auel bis boudsmeu have^been e-alled on.
Thsrroposstl Me o'I, llrltlt*.^fpes si li ti e Mantlarih
MlaeOVIsa,Oct. 2^ ^A large number of^bridge t udders are here to submit bidson^the bridge. The eon ie.1 will meet at^noon to- morrow to op^n and oousideg^bids.

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