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VOL.III.^NO. 51.
Insultto Anerlcins by Chilians Calls^lor an Apology.
AdditionalNews About tha Kill^^ing of tha Sailor of tha^Steamer San Fran^^cisco.
Washington.Oct. 24 ^Further per^^sistent inquiry of officer* of tha govero-^meut in regard to the Valparaiso iucident,^^bows conclusively tbe administration^does not regard It a simple street brawl^for which the Chilian government cannot^be be d responsible, but as an insult to^the honor and fisg of the United States^calling for the most vigorous diplomatic^treatment. The official report by Captain^Schley shows clearly, not only the^assault upon American sailors^was cowardly and unprovoked, but^inspired purely by the haired for tha^uniform tbry wore and tha country it^represented, or, in other words, was not^an attack on them as individuals, but as^representatives of tha United Slates.^The report also indicates that the local^police, instead of protecting the Ameri^^cans from the violence of the mob, in^several instances aided in the onslaught.^^This,^ the report says, ^is demonstrated^by the fact that several sailors were^wounded by bayonets, such ss are^usually carried by the Chilian police.
Thefact that the only persons arrested^were the M American sailors who escaped^injury at the hands of tiie mob, strength*^eus the view that the assault was intended^as an insult to the United States. Infor^^mation at band shows that so far none of^the Chilians concerned In the attack have^been arrested, and so fsr as known no^steps were taken to punish them in any^way for this action. The authorities at^Washington are very indignant at the ap^^parent indifference displayed by tha^t'ml an government, and Minister Egan^has been instructed to take prompt and^vigorous measures to secure proper repar^^ation. Ho has been fully advised^of the position of this gcvarnment^and lias been instructed to acquaint^the Chilian government there witn the^hope the matter tnsy bo amicably ad^^justed without detriment to tha honor of^either country. It is understood the^president insists upou proper redress for^the supposed insult to our national honor,^and unless given within a reasonable^time Minister Egan mill be recalled and^all diplomatic relations in Chili sus^^pended. Secretary Tracy said this after^^noon no more vessels had been ordered^to Ch.il and he did not know tbat any^would tic sen*. The Yorktown is now on^her wsy there and tha Boston is starting.^Neither c.-.n reach there within a month.^The Sun Francisco Is at Callas, only four^days' sail from Valparaiso, but has not^been ordered there. Neither baa another^available vessel, the Thetis, now at San^Francisco. Tho sailing orders of Boston^and Yorktown were issued b fore the^attack on the sailors and the main pur^^pose of their detail was to relieve the^Baltimore and San Francisco, which^vessels ure to go to Sau Francisco when^relieved to be docked and overhauled, it^would seem, then fore, the government^does not care to ninke m y belligerent^demonstration towaids Chili, but prefers^to show its displeasure through diplo^^matic channels.
Troubleinitn ncni Ueiweea the Junta aad^I'ne'e Mm's dovsrameal.
Wamiihotok,ObS 24 ^Secretary Tracy^asid tin* morning that further study of^the cipher dispatch received from Cap^tain Schley of the Haiti more, Thursday,^in regard to the recent assault upon^American sailors at Valparaiso, showed^tbat in addition to killing one mail and^seriously wounding sis others, 35 other^American seamen were arrested and de-^tamed by the Chilian authorities at the^same time, aud they wcro afterwards ex^arained nnd dismissed. There is no proof^that they had been guilty of any misbe^uavior. This confirms Captain Schley's^other statement that the Americans ware^unarmed, sober and well behaved at the^tune of the trouble, aud also indicates^that at least 40 men out of the Baltimore's^contingent of 276 men were objects of the^rage ot the Chilian mob. It also appears^now that up to tha date of Captain^Schley's report the Chilian authorities had^taken no steps to arrest and punish any^of the Chilians responsible for tho affair,^or, at any rate, no Chilians had been ar^rrsted or tbat a movement of the wheels^of Justice had op -rated in any other direc^^tion than against ths Americans.
Anofficial thoroughly familiar with all^the fact* in possession of the govern^^ment in regard to the Valparaiso affair,^pointed out this morning tbat it was al^^together different iii its material feature^from the Italian affair at Nsw Orleans.^In tho latter case ibe men asssulted were^domiciled hem and were practically citi-^sens of the I'uitcd States. At any rate^they Itore n ^ official relation to the gov^eminent of Italy. In the Valparaiso ease,^on the other hand, tho men attacked^were in the uniform of the Unltrd States^government and were attacked simply^because they were Americans. The of^^ficial raid tho attack on them w^s a de^^liberate insult to the American flag and^could be regarded in no other way.
SecretaryTyary bad an interview with^th ^ iresident this morning in regard to^the matter, but refuses positively to say^what the p!au of action is which has been^agreed upon. It ia known tbat tbe ad^^ministration regards tbe situation as^most serious and that the incident is not^one that can be overlooked as a simple^street row. While no other vessels have^been or-1,wed to proceed to Chili to en^force the demand for reparation that will^probably bo made, it ia likely the uaval^force in Chilian waters will he reinforced^unless this government receives some u^surance from the Chilian government^that p'oper justice will l^ ^ mete.I out to
tilei ffell.h r-..
Mii -it K.an has been advised of the^views of the administration, but the *x^act nature of tbe messsge sent him can^^not be ascertained.
Coattpssslsls Aeeaaed t^f Cessplrsay^Agslast aa Allege* irlasisal^Bah Fsunciaco, Oct. 21.^On tho night^^f Aug. It, JSM, Samuel Jscobson, a^trunk manufacturer, was snot and killed^at tha door of bis residence by unknown^persons. Subsequently Sidney Bell and^Edward Campbell were si tea tad for tha^crime, and May 7 last Bell was convicted^of mutder in tho Aral degree, Campbell^and one Cbsiles Schmidt, who bad been^arrested for burglary, being tha chief wit^^nesses against him. Schmidt alleged^that while confined in tha county Jail^Boll bad confessed tbe murder to him.^Schmidt was airalgaed in the superior^court to-day on two charges of burglary,^and District Attorney Barnes read two^lengthy communications from Schmidt^w be rem the latter claimed to be innocent^of the charges and stated be pleaded^guilty for reasons best known to the dis^^trict attorney. Be charged tbe district^attorney with having prompted bint^to give teat mony against Bell^on a promise of release and^claimed tbat Campbell boasted^of his wife's iuflusnee with Judge Mur^^phy, before whom the case was tried, and^with tbe district attorney and with tbe^police officials. Schmidt accused Camp^^bell of using fraudulent means to secure^Bell's conviction and bit own release,^aud declared he had a good reason to be^^lieve Bell never committed ths crime for^which be is to hang. District Attorney^Barnes denounced Schmidt's statements^as false and aa part of a conspiracy to^seve Boll's life. Be asked leave to file^the communications as a part of the rec^^ords, but Judge Troult denied tbe mo^^tion, holding that letters were scurrilous^and irrelevant. Schmidt pleaded not^guilty to tbe charge of burglary and tbe^case went over for a week.
Miser^apaealag* of I a teres t la the Oar*
stesCity,^r rectal to lbs Standard.
Missoula,Oct. 84.^Pat Fitipatrick^was tried in district court this morning^for grand larceny in stealing a couple of^watches, an overcoat, a revolver and^soma money at Noxon a few weeks ago.^Be was found guilty and sentenced to^two years in Deer Lodge.
V.A. Clark, H. P. Clark, Frank Foots^and Ike Harpster went to 8mead to-night^to spend to-morrow bunting.
BobMather, tbe AHaer correspondent,^is a happy pope. It's a boy, born last^n ight at Chauncey, N. T. Bob gained 16^pounds when be got tbe telegram
DsputySheriff Wood to-nigbi arrested^John Lyons on a bench warrant. Lyons^waa arrested with Swarts and McCarrick^when tbe plumbing in the Rankin block^was destroyed, but waa discharged on^preliminary examination. Tbe Intention^is to try him in the district court.
Conkeyat Hawkins reopened ths South^^ern saloon to-night with great eclat and a^big crowd.
storeAbout iks Hale^I os Ahoxlis, Oct. 14.^In the trial of^Richare Trumbull, James Burt and Capt.^James Farrell, charged with violating^the neutrality laws of tbe United States,^in losding the steamer Itata with arms^for Chili, J. J. Fowler of tbe Arm of Grace^A Co. of New York testified yesterday^that Trumbull called upon bim last^March and stated bis object was to^purchase arms aud ammunition. The^witness Introduced him to W. W. Rey^^nolds of tbe New York firm of Barley,^Graham A Co.
Keyhold*wss called and testified tbat^Trumbull purchased from bim 8,000 Rem^^ington rifles, 2,000 Lee rifles anu 2.000,000^rounds of cartridge!, paying tberefor^fKj.000. Tbe arms and ammunition^were shipped to Oakland, Cel., and^were consigned to some foreign nation.^The witness did not remember what na^^tion.
UnitedStates Marshal Gard testified^concerning tbe seieure of tbe Itata, and^after tbe government counsel had stated^tbe government didn't Intend to prose^cute tbe case against Captain Farrell of^tbe schooner Robert and Minnie, Farrell^testified to tbe shipment at Oakland of a^number of cases of freight, wbicb were^afterward transferred by the schooner to^the lists outside the Ssn Diego harbor.
Twoof tbe crew of tbe Itata, who de^^serted tbe vessel at San Diego, testified^tbat the vessel bad guns on board and 60^Chilian soldiers, who had doffed their^uniforms before tbe vessel reached ths^coast of California.
ail Carrying Contract*.^Washington, Oct. 24.^Bids for con^^tract* under the postal aid bill will be^personally opened by the postmaster gen^^eral at 8 o'clock Monday afternoon nest.^The decisions will not be made for prob^^ably a fortnight. It has been decided to^accept for sureties bonds and contracts of^surety and trust companies of undoubted^standing. It ia not necessary for any^other than accepted bidders to submit^plans of vessels to the navy department.^All iraaa-Atlantic and trans-Paeifle ships^will be seaport office*. Applications for^cadctsbips or apprentice appointments^are to be made to the steamship compan^^ies and not to tbe postoffloo department.^There will be eight cadets on flrst-class^ships and two on fourth-class ships.^While the advertisement contains 62^forms of bids it ia not tbe intention to^sward contracts to any one line for any^one route providing tbe proposal offers^ths full service required.
HI.in.at vroshlogOa.^Washington. Oct. 24.^Secretary Blaine^and party arrived in Washington this aft-^ernocn on the Congressional express v.a^the Pennsylvania road. The secretary^appeared somewhat fatigued from tbe^effects of his Journey, but greeted bis^friends cordially. Later a reporter called^at toe house and met tbe secretary at the^door on bis wsy to tskc a carriage to call^on tbe president. In response to an in^^quiry as to bis health, the secretary said^be wss feeling very well, but ss to other^metiers bs declined to talk.
CoalTrain Wreck**!.^I it-mini.IlAla., Oct. it ^A cosl^train was wrecked by a burned trestle on^Columbia A Western road to-day. Con^^ductor It ce and Flagman Crawford were^Lumed to death in the wreck. Others of^the crew were badly injured.
sir.aasl Mrs. W*la^tsia Plsnssnlsy ear-
erteeaother steal see.^frrelal tela* Mansard.
Phii.ipsbi-bg,Oct. 24 ^Quint a number^of tbe friends of Mr. and Mrs. Weinstsin^gave them quite a surprise this evening.^They went to their residence, taking with^them ice cream and other nice thing'.^Dancing was indulged in and a very^pleasant time was had.
JohnKaiser returned from Deer Lodge^yesterday snd ia now engaged in booming^that town for the state rsnitoL He claims^that be la doing it pursuant to aa agree^^ment with the Deer Lodgers by wbicb bs^obtained free drinks while sojourning^there.
BenJ. Piser relumed from BcsMnan^yesterday, where be went as a delegate to^the L O. O. F. grand lodge.
Trialof tee Notorious reesete Brlgaatl,^Mils-Austrian Gas Boats.
Belgrade,Oct. ^Ths trial of a no^^torious female brigand named Mils com^^menced at Poaarsvlts. She was a terror^to Servia for year* on account of the tor^^ture which she inflicted upon her victims.^She is charged with 14 murders and an^endless number of robberies.
Greatexcitement was caused here by^the news tbat tbe Austrian government^has decided to keep three gun boats st^Semi in as Danubean cruisers. This step^is being taken as a precautionary meas^^ure against a Servian attempt to place^tbe trade of Servian river ports entirely^(D Russian bands.
ABark Darasd^A Large Fsilnrs^Me^*l
London,Oct. 24.^Tbe British berk^Addis H. Csnn burned at sea. Her crew^were rescued end are at Castilles.
ItralLibera Drobebiet Gal ice bas failed^with liabilities of $300,000. Bs was s^member of tbe syndicate working the^Osocerite mines. It is feared other Arms^belonging to the syndicate wiU collapse.
Tbenaval exhibition opened in May^last ty the Prince of Wales closes h^^night. It has proved to bs the) most suc^^cessful show for years past. It ia esti^^mated 2,500,000 people visited ths^exhibition.
MsTrath In the K-purt That ths Qaeeo^of Kaglaad I* Dead.^London, Oct. 24.^Great surprise was^created here this afternoon by the receipt^of a cablegrsm from Nsw York stating^tbe report waa current in tbe United^States that Queen Yeloria waa dead. A^dispatch wss at once sent to Balmoral^and a reply soon received from Private^Secretary Pon son by declaring the report^totally unfounded and that the queen is^quite well.
Shanghai,Oct. 31 ^A message from^Pekin says: Tbe Chinese government has^decided to send part of ths Pe-Cbee-Lse^garrison to restore snd maintain order in^ths disturbed locality. This resolution was^reached with great reluctance, aa the Pe^^Chee-Lee troops are especially depended^upon for the protection of Pekin and tbs^adjoining country. The Chinese govern^^ment became satisAed, however, tbat^there is some danger ot a renewal of tbe^old Talping rebellion and vigorous means^are nsceessry to prevent tbe movement^from becoming formidable.
St.Loi is, tJet. 24 ^Much bad blood^has been engendered between tbe striker*^at Giedringhaua mill and men who took^their places, but tbe first outbreak *tuc*^the inauguration of tho striks took place^Thursday night. In tbe Agbt James Rog^^ers, secretary of tbe Ivy lodge, an amal^^gamated association of iron and steel^workers, wss shot in the tbigb and seri^^ously wounded by one of the striker*.^Tb* affair has Just come to light. Tbs^strikers assert tbe men now at work in^tbe mill are armed with pistols and^threaten to use them.
Wastaa Ex tm.loa of Tias*.
Kingston,N. Y., Oct. 24.^The super^^intendent of banking has Issued a state^ment regarding tbs U ster County Sav^^ings institution. Tbe plan proposed is to^induce depositors to leave their money^for two years, without interest, and get it^at tbe end at tbat time in full i while^tbeee who draw out their deposits will^have them scaled down 6 per cent, Ths^super! niendent thinks ths bank can^pay at least 86 per cent, on deposits, if^given time, and ultimately the present^depositors mey be paid in full.
Daly'sPrepared Th-ater.
London.Oct. 24.^Augustl n Daly^said to-day tbe rumor that be^ia to build a theater In London^is correct. It will be upon the^Marquia of Salisbury estate, near Leices^tor square, and in the vicinity of other^theaters. It will be nearly as large a*^Henry Irving'* theater and sumptuously^furnished. He proposes to occupy il with^his own company about four months each^year.
Boundfor Valparalfto.^New York. Oct. 24.^Tbs cruiser Bos^^ton sailed to-day to reinforce ths United^States squadron in Chilian waters. Tbe^Boston is expected to reach Valparaiso^in about two months. She carriss stores^for a year's cruise snd ammunition for^the Baltimore and Ssn Francisco.
ratalHoller Kxplosloa.
Glasgow,Ky., Oci. U ^Tbe boiler at^Jobu Quigley'* saw mill exploded yester^^day, killing a child namod*Mortcn, fa^^tally Injuring two other children and Mr.^Quigley. Tbree men employed about tbe^mill were bsd'y hurt.
Receive*lly the fresldcat.^Washington, Oct. lit ^Tbe president^to-dsy gave sn audience to Senor Mo^^rales, recently appointed minister and^plenipotentiary from Salvador, and re^^ceived bis cn dential*.
PrinceBismarck Hainii0 to Defeat^Goferomut leisures.
ThreatsDirected Against the Em^^peror^Trouble Between Pub^^lishers getS Printers-Trie^World's Fair.
Copyright,ism. New York Associated Treu.^Bkblin. Oct. U ^The reichstag will m-^^inble Tuesday, Nov. 17. Il can lie^predicted that the leading feature of tbe^speech from the throne will be congratu^^lation* upon 'the formation of a commer^^cial union between Germany, Austria and^Italy. It Is also expected bis majesty will^refer hopefully to tbe outcome of tbe^pending negotiations with other conn-^trie-, looking to the widening of Ger^^many's commercial relations. Il I* now^definitely determined that Prince Bis^^marck will again make bis app.-ar-^ance in parliament. He haa been in^communication witb the leaders of the^conservatives and of the reichstag party^in regard to concerted action acsinat^both tbs internal and external policy of^the government. Bismarck's attitude to^^wards cemmercial treaties snd upon tbe^labor question and bis opposition to the^government's policy in tbess matters oc^^casions no surprise. Indications of bis^intention to challenge tbe government's^foreign policy, end even to go to the^length of revealing Ibe secrets between^himself and tbe emperor, bss alarmed^both bis friends and tbe government eir-^c'e. The Hamburgker .Suikrich'r.n, Bis*^marck's organ, declares the prince is en^^tering upon a parliamentary conflict be^^tween himself snd tbs emperor. Anampblet^written by Lotbair Bucher, undoubtedly^under the direction cf Bismarck, has^made its appearance. It abounds in com^^plaint* and threat* directed against tbe^emperor as altering Germany's foreign^policy to tbe psril of tbe existence of the^empire. What tend* to excite alarm in^ministerial circles regarding Ibe prince's^schtming, is tbs knowledge of tho fact^that tbe ex-chancellor baa tbe backing of^tbe plenipotentiaries of Bavaria and^Wurteroburg and the partial support of^Ssxony in tbe bundesrath.
ChancellorVon Caprivi I* conscious of^tbe latent or open sympathy of the fed^^eral governments with the ex-chancellor,^snd has a difficult part to play. Everyone^expects some painful and exciting scenes^will bs occasioned through ths altitude of^tbe prince during the course of tbe ses^^sion.
TbeCologne Gatette reports Dr. Von^Hollshen, Germsn minister to Japan, bas^been appointed German minister to the^United States to succeed the late Count^Aroo-Vally.
Meetingsof master printer* have been^held to consider the compositors' de^^mands for nins hours for a day's work^and tbe other demands formulated by tbe^unions, and ths action taksn at these^meetings will, it is believed, tend to evert^the threatened striks by arranging a kind^of compromise. The German printers'^onions, acting in concert, nave given^employers a fortnight's notice and if their^demand is not conceded a general striks^will be ordered. The employers sent^^mi*sanes to Austria to engage composi^^tors to All tbe vacancies in esse of a^strike. Austrian print* r^ communicated^this mors to the unions and the latter^took action to prevent the scheme beiug^carried out. An arrangement was agreed^upon by tbe German and Austnsn print^^ers by which tbe latter made a siraulla-^nsous demand upon their employers and^gave similar notice of strike. If tbo com^^promise fails an extraordinary eperlscle^wiU be presented of the whole printing^trade of Germany and Austria on a strike.
Theemperor recently sent to the min^^istry of justice a communication regard^^ing tha growth of public debauchery ia^Berlin, aud pointing out tbe necessary^means to suppress it. This communica^^tion induced excited activity on tbe part^of tbe police, and public morality has^been greatly promoted. At a conference^of tbe Social Purity society st Dresden,^held recently, resolutions of protest were^adopted again*! tbe government's toler^^ance of impurity. The meeting also sp-^proved the emperor's project for th* sup^^pression of drunkenness bill, to which^end will be among tbe Aral matters con^^sidered by the reichstag.
Acircular issued by Hrrr Wermutb,^German Imperial commissioner to tbs^Chicago Columbian exposition, to the^commercial and industrial associations^and art societies, extolling tbe arrange^^ments made at Chicago, both as regards^to building and an opportunity for fine^display of exhibits, bss been most favor^^ably received. Herr Wermulh ssys the^arrangement* provide for ample space^for German exhibitors.
BV. Dr. Tiffany U.ad.
AllKNEAroLiH,Oct. 24 -Rev. Dr. G. H.^T'ffauy. pastor of tb* Hcnnep n avenue^M. E. cburcb, died this etternoon. He^has been ailing soms time.
Notto |Ud as rie'.ered.^Ottawa, Oct. 24.^The mounted police^department is advised that Constable*^Alexander and Rsgan, while patrolling^nsar Fort McLsod, Northwest territory,^on tbe 10-h in*t., were fired upon by s^psrty of Blood Indians. The policemen^returned the Are and one Indian received^a fatal wound. Constable Alexander re^^ceived a slight wound. '1 be superintend^eat of tbe mounted police will bold sn^Investigation.
imm lltinola-e.
SanFkani !h^ o. Ocl. 24.^Tbe stesm-^^bip Australia srrived tux!ay from Hono^lulu- Tbe volcano Ki1I.uk a t* very act^Ivc, and it* fissures sre beginning to^stesm again.
HawaiianMinister of Flnsnre Smith,^who was one of the passengers, says tin^rumors shout the queen's poor heslth.^heart disease, etc., are without fouuila-^tiou.
Amsrles'.Frotesl^Boston, Oct-21^A cirtu'srba* been^issusd from the office of Lead a Ilaml.^tbe maganne edited by K-v. Dr. I: Iwsjgd^Everett Hale, in which il is stated the^petition to tbe cur of Ruseia in regard to^bis treatment of S b -nan exiles, ha* been^signed by more thai one million citissna^of this country.
B4Uarstu'd for tiimiusl Libsl-ssOVIsg
Amongth* I'oor
Cityor Mexico, Oct. 24 ^ Me^*r*.^Jackson snd Grsbsm, editor* of tb*^Ang!n-Amtrtean, have been sued for crim^^inal libel by Ibe United States consu:^general for having published a letter^from a Mr. Matthews against Guenther^concerning some mining rlsim*.
Adispatch from San Salvador to ths^Associated Press says: President Ei-ta^oris tbat be does not aim to effect a^union of Central American republic, as^reported. Bs believes a union may come^in time, nut cannot be brought about by^force, and if it does come, il will not be^for soms years.
Businessis exceedingly dull here and^in other parts of tbe country. Article*^of prims necessity are growinj ^lear*r^and dearer, causing much -tifT. ring^smong tbe poor. Merchants are over^stocked snd rente are fabulously high.^Stores appear dessrted. In soms of the^states lbs condition is even worts than^ibis.
Mrs.August N*a Libers!**! tram^vai* ln*aa* Asylaea
NewYork, Oct. 24 ^Mr*. Bella, wife cf^August Kan, a wealthy retired furniture^dealer cf Brooklyn, waa this afternoon^released from a private insane asylum I y^Justice Cullrn of tbe *upreme court^on the ground tbat *ho had been^illegally committed. Tbe woman ha*^been in tbe asylum four years. Her law^^yer alleged she was perfectly aatie slid^waa deprived of liberty in order toensble^her husband to conduct himself as b*^pleased In certain resurct*. August Nan^is well known in Brooklyn social and po^^litical circles.
Hidaf the Smith Hridg* t'^ inpaay te
stallI ths New Itrldg* Accepted,^special te the standard.
Misaoi'la,Oct. 24.^This evening tbe^city council decided to accept the bid of^Ibe Smith Bridge company of Toledo,^Ohio, to build the bridge for i34,.VX^. This^wss the lowest bid off -r.-.f, and I its m^ceptancs depend* upon tbe plsns and^specifications being equsl to the require^^ments. On this point the city engineer^will give bis opinion at a meeting of the^council Monday afternoon.
Ufl tti.cei Stilled,^t ree Isl to lbs htsadsrd.
Wallace,Idaho. Oct. 24 ^It is re^^ported thst tbs difficulty Itelween the^Northern Pacific and lbs I'nion Pacific^people in completing the side tracks of^both tbe tbe Union concentrator at Wal^^lace and tbe mines at Burke to convey^tbe ore te tbe mill haa been satisfactorily^settled, and that I bey will be put in place^st once. Tbe mills have been ready for^operation for *omt lime, but owing to lbs^Union PeeiSe not letting ibe Northern^Pacific across its track at the mill and^tho Northern Pacific objecting to the^Union Pacific doing the same thing at^the mines, work has been at a standstill.^This nsws insures quite a little increase^in lite amount ol money paid out in^Wallace.
Chinesela rass*!*.
OTTAWA,Ont., Oct. 24 Advice* from^British Columbia are to the effect thai^great excitement exists there among^white laborers over the refusal of tho Do^^minion government at its last session to^adopt legislation restricting the immigra^^tion ot Chinese laborers. Chinese arrive^by hundreds on every steamer fr^ in Hong^Kong, and, although hundreds bare made^their e*cane across the boundary line^into tbe United Mates, a considerable^number n mam in the Pacific province*.^The presence of a battery at Victoria and^niilitie on the main land is said to have^prevented riot* which otherwise would^bsve occurred within tbe last few mouths.^A bill is now before tbe British Columbia^legislature musing It Illegal toimpluy^Chinese In the mines.
specialte the ttesslsrd,
Hoiar.City. Idaho. Ocl. 24 To-night a^night watchman, Sam Bowey, *aw two^suspicious looking chsroc-i rs going upsn^avsnue, one of Ibem carrying a keg of^beer. He called to tbem to atop snd both^began to ran for life. Howey took a shot^at Ibem, wbicb he thought took effect in^the arm of one of the marauders. Both^msde good their escape.
TheJury in His Celebrated Libel Silt^Decides In His Faiar.
Dekver,Oct. 24. -Word has b^en re^^ceived lrorn Meeker tbsl st I. ly psrk two^Urge bands of Utes ars encamped and^are wantonly ^laughtenug deer. I ttnarcd*^of carcasses being left to rot on the^ground. Further down the divide and^clear on to the Blue mountains parties of^l':e* are engaged in tbe same pursuit.
slewUst tho ^....^Ir.rrk Hacte. lnd., Oct. 24^ l.ucy^Jewell und Sarsh Prattercsme here from^Paris, 111., last night and stepped at s^hotel near the depot. This morning both^wit- found dead in bed. They hsd^blown out the gas.
a.oral, in - pita.^Madrid, Oil 24 ^Flood* continue in^Gieriada and Alruariu ami several v.l-^Isges are almost entirety destroyed. A^violent storm i* prevailing on tbe Conl.i.^lersrian roast and a number of wrccka^liav^i occurred.
May!'^* t.i.rinciiT.^ISSSAM del. :l -Henry Villsrd, who^is making s lour ot Ibe Northwest, in sn^interview to-day expressed the brln-i^tbsl all trsin* on the Nor:hern Pscil c^will, before long, bo operated entirely ! y^electricity.
PaS^ raliex * lutliM.
sgsssnlto ths ^ an i.. -i
OfMCltT,Oct. ^'4 Yesterday Sber.ff^^ ampbell cf LgsjM county arrested a^man named Napier ill this city for steal^^ing a suit of domes in B-Ib vue. He was^taken to Bellevuo and placed in jail lo^awail trial.
The^Pioneer Press^ Must Also Pay^Hia Counael Feee to tho^Heavy Amount of^Five Dollars.
On.im tl.^mU^Pesjcer, Oct. 'A. George Itaymond,^James P. Had!* y snd W. S. Biis*. the^three i B-slty etflciaU indicted yesterday,^were arraigned tin* murniug slid rtr^^ussed on slu/jou bail each.
Minneapolis,Oct. 24.^Tb* Jury ia tbe^lit el suit of I .-nanus Bonnsllysgatnsl tbo^Pmnrrr l'ir-^ for flOO.OOO damages, to^^night brought in a vird cl giving Don^^nelly fl no and allowing him to.00 for^counael lees. The trisl has been prob^^ably tbo moat famous in tbe legal annals^of ths N .rthwtst. Ignatiu* Donnelly^sued tbe 1'ionter Press for 1:00,000 actual^damages ou account if ibe publication^of a letter from Colonel King,^forrcerly postmaster of tbe house^of representslives, Aral published in^tho 1'iontrr fi^i, and it was on account^cf allegations ot bribery made in tbe^letter that Donnelly brought suit. The^jury was out three hours and at one time^stood 11 to 1 in favor of the f water /Yeas,^but in view of tbe fact one instance of^alleged bribery in congress could not bo^pn ved, owir g to tbe deslh of a witn***.^RBty returned a verdict aa atated, making^ibe damages pure y nominal, solely on^account nt a single failure of proof.
UsvldMi-Naught Frightfully Hart ta aa
Accldcat.r-i-ei-lol to the Maoiloro.
(.muFalls, Oct. 21.^David Mo^Naught, employ*d at the Boston tb Mon-^tai.y concentrator at Black Eagle Falls,^met with sn sccident tbis morning which^mar result in his death. Mi-Naught and^two oilier men were engaged in holding^an iron Coi nish roll. Wlieu several feet^from the ground tbe rope broke without^warn.ng and the ponderous weight fell,^striking Mi-Naught on tbe bead,^lie wa* lilted from the ground^in a senseless condition and^tsken to the hospital. Physicians^were hastily summoned. 'Ibe man's^face pre* -iited a ternblu appearance. On^examination it wa* found that his jaw^had been fractured, bi* nose mangled^and under the let! eye was a deep cut,^Th^ skull waa also fractured near the^temple. Th* other two men escaped^with alight injury.
Theladies of the Bsptist church served^a ilclightlul dinner at the Cory block^ball to-nighl. The eflsir wss far the^benefit of tbe church and was a success^socially as well as ftnanc.ally.
Itis n ported tbat tbe Bach Cory build^^ing, at the corner of Central avenue sod^Pork drive, was sold to New York parties^to-day. The price paid is said to bsve^been llOti.000.
('.C. McDonald of Helena hae been^appoiun-d to assunio the management of^the new Groat Fall* opera houae, which^i* rapidly Hearing completion. Tb* mat^^ter waa definitely aettled tin* afternoon^by the board ef trusteea. Mr. McDonald^ha* had wide ^-xp^ ri^ lice and was manager^of the Milwaukee academy of music for^a number of years. Efforts will be made^to secure the l anion* Bostonians for the^opening engHgemeiit.
Titobank clearances in Ibis city for^the past we* k were *.^)'.. 7^ -J ilM
CAHI'LNUll.l IN JUKfc.0.
Is*Mi a Ml Im iu a sc.lt..:.I at Kirn.
villi- On* seriously Hurt,^fl-rrml te the Manriard.
Uramite,Oct. ^4 -Tbis morning sboul^11 uYlo* k, w hile the carpenters were^working at Kirkville, the scaffold on^which they were standing gave away,^throwing the men to the grouud. a dis^^tance of about 12 f*e', but il was tar^enough to v-ry nearly kill one of tbem^and breaking ih ^ rib* of auolber. Tbe^two injured meu were brought here soon^after the sccident and placed in the boa-^pi Isl under the care af Dr. Sleigh.
Theroad between tbie place snd Phil^^ipsburg is receiving some much needed^repair* by Superintendent Bisque of the^Ui-Metsllic company at tbeir own ex^^pense. It is said that the money belong^^ing to the district is exhausted and the^rood was never in worse condition.
NswSink* la in* Mope-Will start the
treeat i. the s-t.ni.iar-1.
1HiLii-r.ui mi. Oct. 24 ^ It is reported^thst tbe ii. p ^ company bavs struck good^pay ore in ti.e Jubilee tunnel, which ia^now in a distance of about 1,200 feet. Tbe^ore body is .pine extensive, and while^nothing haa yet been said about it, il ia^mors than likely thai the mill soon be^running sguin, and small as it Is, the^Hope will very materially add to the^prosperity of the town when running.
YesterdayA. E. Barton arrived from^Butte, accompanied by J. K. B. Coon,and^went out to the Bald mountain district to^* xamfti^ and report upon the Preger snd^Csri.p-Miiioiiey properties, lately bonded^by Mr. Ilartou. Mr. Coon Is said lo be^gte.it.^ pleased with the properly.
Ittsan*Asyluss MsbJ -cut.^GuMvviLt.t:, Texas, Oct. 24^Tbe^^t Ii tr.u.ury puriy of Montague county^yesterday pssst il *orae remarkable^luiious. Tliey demand that congresi^a bill to ptov de that any person who^owe* more money than be can pay and^make* affidavit to that effect sball re^^ceive from the secretary of the interior^siiincieiit money lo pay all debts.^Any person owing nothing, but who^want* more nicmy than be has a good^chalice of obtaining, because of tbe pre^^vailing tluanc.al system of robbery and^opprrtsiou, may make application lo the^s, cretary. w bo sball refer ibe mailer to^an auv.soty lioard to tlx the amount to^ho advanced. la no case sball^be receive less than three-quarters^of tbe sum spplied for, nor be^charged a higher rale of in tercet than he^is w illing to psy. In esse of failure to^repay the loan the borrower shall not^receive more thsu 60 per cent, on the next^application. Any man making misreo-^resentations shall be debarred from bor^^rowing mors than twice.

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