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61S0a. m - Fi t 111 liuUv-atsudard't bnnii^Siflo 1. at -From buUe-Utvo Huitn ut :-m
A.M., Bl.ver lu.w s ui A. M . MM i^ A.M.^ItitO ^^ M.^tram t;*rrlsoii^l-e^ve* oairl-
onut 10:10 A. M., lh^r l-odg* tt Wi^ A. M.^6 o.t r, ti.^trom MM^ Leave* Hull* at am
P.M , suver How at c 10 P. m., Stuart at i:43
4i4SA.M. ^ For Bulle-1 lanilard's Eipreu.^^ :^u a. ^t -for tiarrison-fcluait ^:3t^ a. M.,
i'eerLodge 0.25 A. M., ^.unison at v so A. M^Vilo A. ^. i or iiutlr-Stuart at 0:JUA.M.
Mlv^ l ow at 10:30 A. M , arriving1 at Butte at
iiiOA. At.
aan ^^ ''.-For llulte and Uarrlsou-Leavea
Munt ut - i P. M., arriving in butle al 1.3j^P. vi., Harrison at 4 ia I^. U.
W.E. Kendrick of Butto was in Ana^^conda yesterday.
PatDowney, who waa arrested Satur^^day, waa released yesterday.
GeorgeWalkup and His brother Albert^arrived in Anaconda laat night from
Cimo, (Vo
Mr.O linen,who ia facetiously referred^to aa ^the bum^ by many thoughtless peo^^ple, waa thrown into the city jail yester^^day.
lira.Barry of t berry street received^tliu s.i.i newa of lb* death of her mother,^Mrs. Sheridan, in Boaton, Mass , on
HarryFlower, who closed bio pawn^shop after the bays all weut broke laat^'prins, will open at tiio old aland ill a^few flaya.
Mcaar.Tooey A Hunt opened the north^division of the Combination gambling^bouao Saturday night. It bad been^cloaed for aeriral montba past.
OfficerMcKiuuey arrested a man for^begging money on the streets, but aa be^waa nut of work and seemed like an Hon^^est fe low he waa discharged again.
Ther; fl! .^ for tho 1100 bicycle took^place at Lun Burnett's Saturday evening^^nil Operator Kelley, of the Western^Union telegraph office, won the wheel in^^ throw of 42.
TheDeer Lodge County Teachers' asso^^ciation will hold ita next meeting in An^^aconda. The association will be in ses^^sion the first three days of the Thanks^^giving holidays. It waa largely through^the energetic ^Hons of Profeasor Stone^that tho association selected Anaconda^lor tbi* meeting.
Themember* ol the local fire depart*^nient bare received an handsome photo^^graphs of the Miaaoula fire department-^a^ handsome a aet of men aa ever scaled^a ladder or held a m u c. The Copper^C ity hoys value the pictures very much^and they will have them handsomely^framed and hung up at the engine house,
Severalcomplaints have been made to^the police that a gang of fellows are^tb^ habit of going througn the streets late^at night u| selling boxes, pulling down^sipns aud uprooting barber poles. The^titn^prs say that all persons caught in^tlieae depredations will be thrown in the^city root house independent of their age,^sex or pnvious condition.
Tnenext attraction at Evana opera^house will be Uncle Tom's Cabin. Prob^^ably no book published ever had the read^ing (except the Bible) that Uncle Tom's^Cabin has had, aud no dramatisation baa^played to the number of people, as baa^Harriet lieecher Stowe's simple story of^Uucle Tom. The audiencea pack the^theatres to- lay, aa they did yeara ago.^Uncle Tom seems never to grow old.
Atrain baa been put en to run from^Anaconda to Stuart to connect with the^night train to Butte. The tram leaves^here at 9 o'clock and return* at 10 o'clock^p. in. 1 he proposed change in the pas^^senger traina over the Montana Union^fr^ nt Garrison haa not been made, the^announcement of tho opening of the^uni-Iters having | ursuaded the manage^^ment that tile change would be unwise at^this time. A new time table will proba^^bly lie published by the Montana Union^people in a few days.
Thefollowing weie registered at the^Montana yesterday: \V. J. Cunningham,^San Francncoj H. E. Owen, llu't ^; C. J.^McMicrry, Bulle; John 'J uuiy, Butte; E.^H. Cooney, Butte; W. W. Want worth,^Butte; Jan. Nolan. Butte; Con Sullivan,^butto; Tim Murphy, Butte ; Win. John^^son, Wickes; If. B. Tourney, Uute; W.^It. Piuckard, Chicago; J. E. Bradley, St.^Louis; E L Brooks, Chicago; J P. Coan,^Mm neapolis; W. II. Arnold, si. l'.uti j p.^L. Foster, llutte; Geo. \V. Irviu, Butte;^James Shields, Kiliston; E. L Urn nun^and wife, Chicago; K. G. Humber, User^Lodge; J. S. Proctor, St. Paul.
Ofthe Nos* Jolitios who appear at the^opera house In this elty next Monday the^Democrat *J**J brntincl. of Kittanning, Pa.,^^a**: The wonderlul Noss family gave^another of their uii| aralieled serio-comi-^ral entertainments to a crowded house^last Saturday evening. When this gifted^family were here one year ago, we^thought there was no room for improve^^ment, their performance giving such uni^^versal satistaction in their variety and^their excellence; But we are free to ad^roil that the entertainment on lsst Satur^^day evening excelled anything of the^kind ever presented to our pleasure seek^^ing people. Without disparagement to^any of the older ones, we were justified^in saying that Beriha ia a jewel, aud little^Mibs Muy in a star.
ThePipestone mineral water is the best^mineral water in the market. If you want^water on the side or otherwise, call for it;^every first-class saloon has it on tap.^John V.l'etrii* is sole ugent lor Anaconda^lor tins lu.nrral water.
Whenthe ITAMiAiit) first announced^that the works would o|^en soon Mac-^Callum A t'lotitier ordered 16 carloads of^groceries. I'h-y hovo now arrived and
are^Jiang I i. I hot cakes.
Thebottling department of John T.^Petri's^* cstabli^htnciit will be opened^this will, (all in en him if you wish any^^thing in tins line. MM ironwater, Mil^^waukee beer, e:c.
Pabstbeer is lor sale at every firct-clasa^asloon in Anaconda. If you ^. ant a glass^of foaming iagei to cheer, but n^^l P*JS^^briatc, call for Pabat beer. John V. Pet-^nut, ag* ut.
GossipAboit Seieril Eiei's of Some^Possible Loctl Interest.
Many Changea en tho Montana^Union Railway^Almost a L/ncb-^Ing^Because tho Smeltora^Are to Open.
Manychange* are being made nlorg^tho line of the Montana Union prepara^^tory to tbe opening of Iba Anaconda prop^^erties. Ti- lay 80 carloada of ore will in-^iive at tbe ameltera. Thirteen carlo, d*^of coal are now somewhere between here^and Silver Bow junction. Many more are^being rushed forward along tbe line of the^Union Pacific. Yardmaster Jack Burns^of Butte, who haa been in that position^ever since Nick O'Brien It ft it, baa been^appointed master of transportation, the^position held by Nick O'Brien when tbe^aliutdowu came. U ^ -day ibe effice at the^abops will be reopened, and G L. Wright,^an oltl ^Montana Union operator, will be^in ehotge of the telegraph instrument. G.^H. Kelley, who haa beeu in charge of tbe^Western Union office at tbe depot for^sum* time, will leave for Butte to-day to^take bis old place in tbe railroad^efllce and l.e will be succeeded here by^K. J . Bee, who formerly worked in tin*^eity. M. G. White, who was one lime tel^^egraph operator on this line but who haa^recently been in tbeieinploy of Ibe K. cuy^Mountain Telegraph company at Phil-^ipaburg. will com* back and will work in^tbe yaitls.
JackLyons, who has been running a^passenger train to Butte ail summer, will^take bit old position of yardmaster. He^gives bis employes good satisfaction and^laitbiul seivice wherever be i* employed.^Tbe traiu crew* have not yet been an^^nounced. The reorganisation will prob^^ably take place to-day or to-morrow and^tbe men assigned to their new positions.^The road ia in good condition both aa to^road bed and rolling stock, and it is^thought good service will be given duriug^the coming month*.
Anamusing incident occurred in tbe^5-cent saloon on First street one night^laat week. Two men were drinking in^tbe place when the smaller one of the^two deftly took 12 from hi* friend. Tbe^money was missed and ibe little fellow^was at once charged with the theft. He^denied having seea tbe cash and pro^^tested tbat he was an honest man and^hated a thief as he despised rat poison.^But those present thought he was guilty^and several in the crowd soiled him and^throwing blm across a beer table bi gati^to search him. They proceeded none too^gently, and in less than a minute the^fellow was almost naked. All the time^hi kept up a howl of protest* and^squirmed like a captured eel. He was in^the hands of abigtellow when tbe money^was found in hi* shoe. Instantly tbe big^fellow yelled to tbe crowd to get a rope^and they would lynch tbe offender, who^was now receiving kicks and cuffs from^a score of bands and feet. At first there^was a disposition manifested to carry out^tbe appeal to lynch tbe unfortunate^tbief, but some cool bead in tbe^crowd suggested tbat 12 was almost^too small a sum to bang a man^for. He urged tbat f2 60 was^tbe lowest amount for which a man can^be legally lynched in tbi* state, and be^succeeded in inducing the crowd to take^it out in kick* and thump*. Bruised, bat^^tered and bleeding, the unfortunate thief^Anally fell into the handa of tbe barten^^der, who fired bim into tbe street like a^rocket. A lady who was pa^*ing at the^time narrowly escaped being hit by tho^^trange missile. Half a hundred men and^boy* followed the poor fellow up tbe^^ireet, until be fell into tbe bands of tbe^chief of police.
Thelightness of the sentence imposed^upon the fellow Callahan by Police Ma^^gistrate Rockwell on Saturday, wo* a^disappointment to several of the officer*.^Callahan bad deliberately assaulted a^Chinaman whom he met upon tbe^streets one night last week,^and the wounds inflicted upon^the unoffending Celestial might easily^nave proved fatal. It waa no fault of the^assailant tbat death did not rcault, aa tbe^blow* dealt were vicious and coaardly.^Besides tin* Callahan had caused the po^^lice trouble upon several occasion* and^ia generally regarded with su*picion by^the olllcers. That bo should escape a few^weeks in tbe pen was a matter of surprise^aud regret to many.
Aa 1 uteres! leg Uiscvurse by lie v. Dr.^yuiuo Last N-ght.
InSt. Mark'a church, laat evening,^Rev. Dr. Quinn delivered a sermon es^^pecially to the member* of Acacia lodge,^A. F. A A. M. on ^Speculative Masonry^and Divine Truth.^ The church was^well filled with a large delegation from^tbe local lodge and the tbe public.
First,Profsssor Kennicott with the^ciioir rendered the musical portion of tbe^service to tb* evident enjoyment of the^rector and congregation.
Dr.Quinn spoke In subitancs as fol^^lows: Speculative Masonry teaches ss,^among many, two moat useful lesson*.^First, a* M**onry teacbta u* tbat in n 1^^by nature in a stale of darkness, help^^lessness and ignoiance, so Christianity^inform* us tbat Jesus Christ comes to us^in this state, and will, if we receive Him^and what he offers, give us light, hslp^and Instruction.
AsMasnonry g.voi us in our youth,^new views of tile and its duties, so^Christianity introduce* us to a new life^and corresponding duties as St. Paul^tells us in 3 Cor. 1:17 ^It any man b ^ in^Christ he ia a new mature.^^Here wo have death to the old life aud^res urn c i ion to the new.
Masonryencourages labor in pursuit of^truth. Its mono is, ^Onward and Up^^ward^ until tb* soul readies the highest^good where tbe treasure* of knowledge^await the persevering traveller to glor fy^God in the attainment of Christian char^^acter ia our great business in tbis life.
Thatwe may do this with success we^must seek the blessings of wisdem,^strength and beauty happily within oui^reach through the mercy of God.
Theyare God's gift* to us and are to be^had in Christ. Tbe fear of the God is^the beginning of wisdom. We become^like Christ by studying Hi*^character as given in ibe gos|^el^.^There arc *^ Veral relation* that subsist^between speculative Masonry und Divine^truth, only one cf these 1 can velop^lb!* evening. 1 mean the ethical re a-^th-ii. Masonry based on Bible Hum^t aches it* in n lurs that man I* a tie ral^being, and as such sustain* ceiiam rela^^tions to hi* environment. That ia, man^is not alone in the world, neither ought^he to live I. ir rnru-elf. There Is a Suprt m^^Bring hi whom ho mutt believe; there^are other members of society towar. ^^whom he must sustain relations and be^must seek to be Hue to titmseli ill society.^Man must therefore lot* farad, love and
helpbis neighbor and make tbe bast of^himself for time and eternity.
Itwaa shown clearly Irom tbe words,^^If any man be in Christ, he is s new^creature,^ bow we can perform those^duties.
Dr.Quinn thanks the members of^Acacia lodge for their presence and the^other friend*, also tbe cbotr with Pr^ -^feasor Kennicott for their valuable set-
Advertise*)Letter L^sU^Letter* remaining unclaimed In Ana^^conda poatofflce for the week ending Sat^^urday evening. O toner 24. 1(91:
okmi.k.mfn * list.
Brown,Cha*II(ir.iw. CE-3
lludilrlmaoD,Juhf.neimian, Thooiat
Crashn,Jt-iHams, Fhlltp
t'arhtii'ii.r t. pkKllaney, 8 H
Cadiee,J Khe bong, William
Carpenter,J W1... I-in cr. L M
Cain.II HL'Bi'h. Mpud t
Carter.W \VMcCaRerly, John
('minor,Win ^MrM nory
an7. JackMrtioi. rti, I'atr rk
1lick.on, Klrha'dNose. Jame*
riiiinysnu,^aiini-lHears,John^Uluoer, i nomas
lcm, Mrs JM.s.re. alis William
lue ev. Mis .1Andiew, Mrs
fiouUMn.MrsTerrrn. e I'etrrsou. Mrs Maigar. t^barns. Miss Kaelirl Kpclleni. Mrs Kale^Mar.lis, Mrs !.^ eMime, Mrs Bauna-1
Hosier.^;eoIhisrlmg, W J
Andersen,Wil'lamKo^e. Mrs John
Asplaiid. CarolinaMaluerg, A^he sell, II II.
Incalling for these letters tbe applicant^must call for advertised letters and g.ve^date of this list. Otis cent will be col^^lected for each letter. If not called for^within two week* they will be sent to the^dead letter ollice.
J.C. Kri-PLr.it. P. M.
Lost Between tbe depot and tbe cor^^ner of Oak and Fourth streets, on Mam,^a small rusaet leather valicr. Suitable^reward will be paid for return uf the^aame to tbe Standard olDce.
Torent.^A good, comfortable four^roomed house in good repair. Low rent^to desirable tenant. Apply J- M. Ken^nedy, 50H Cellar street.
ThfMerry (.to) ics, introduced in the^farcical comedy, ^A Quick Match,^ by^the Misses Muy and Bertha Noss, has^made a decided hit.
HarryFlower, the Anaconda broker)^will open up hia old place of business in^a few days. He will have aa much money^on hand aa ever.
Threecarloads of canned fruit, fresh^from California, just received at MacCal^lum A Lloutier'a.
Smokethe celebrated J A cigar for sale^only at Lon Burnett ^, No. A Main street.
Ifyou want a good cigar and a good^place to amoke it go to Lon Burnett's, No.^8 Main street.
Trya smikc of the Mastiff plug cut for^ale at Lon Burnett'a, No. 8 Main street.
Forbargain* In furnishing goods go to
MacCalliiraA C loulier's.
*^#i(/m t*^ following ttottcm MMeWel'^ Vn^San Francisco Chronicle.
Tudfe had hren Mck only about (wo
w t^, und it was not until the la^t thirt* or^four day^ that the malndv t ^ -k a a**riou^ turn.^At the i'h k i ;i ninfT ol hia illnr^i he ranTered Irom^diahetea and iloinach disorder. Later the^kidneys refuaed to perform their functiouaund^he passe t quietly away. Thua ended the life^of one of the most prominent men in Cali^^fornia. ^ Like thouaanda of othera hia un^^timely dentil wa^ the re.ult of ueglecting early^eymptotna of kidney dioraae.
epejesIW YOU aeVaW^^re trout'I'M with diabetes, frrarel, or any de^^rangement of the kidneya or urinary orgnne,^rfoetV delav proper treatment until you are^forced to Kive up your daily duties; vfon'f^waste vour money on worthleaa liniment*^and worae p1a*tera, but atnke at the aeat of^thediaeaae at once by iiMtifr, the ^reate*t of all^known remedieft. the celebrated OieRo-i Kid^^ney Tea. It ha^ caved the live*, of thousrtnd^.^Why should it not cure you' Trv it. Turrit/^veajctaMe and pleasant to take, f l.OOa pack^^age, S for $fi.OQ.
*a. D ACHKLL, Wholesale end KeUU,^Butte 1 ity, Montana
i ^ i ^ J
nrsNt-r tub
ina rr.w hay*.
Mi ran be rertirtd at Smith's liriiR store.
Monday,November 2,
Underibe Prrsonil Managrmrnt nf Mr. John^Maxuirr,
S|^cUl anKacmivnt or tho Kxpcnsnts of^inch lias* NoveHiss,
JkeNoss dollit.es
ADili Mate
,. Introducing^Srw Novelties,
bOLkSsl.dlUl.C. v.
vnkiins ( ontsdy
Ands Company nf Comedians.
Prlres,adcrnts and *'. ^SMM your teats at^the Mil th Urns Company s store.
Saturday,October 31.
Mostfciiccfttful Cosiedy Drams 10 Five A ll,^THE
Crimesof a Great City
Or.Liverpool by Night.
AFarty by tbe Name of Johnson^
Until Kirhy,^ loving, trim aud true
OtherCbarsrteis by Hi* Ccmpauy.
Beatsnow 00 tale at Mnitli's drug store.
Andthe People are Running to
WhereThe/ Can Buy
Cheaperthan anywhere else. We also carry^a fine line of Gents' Furnhhing Gocd%^Liquors of the choicest brands, Teas and^Coffees of the best qua ity.
OCiPVLadies, Misses'^L-d^J\J ar\d GKildrerVs Wraps,
Directfrom th Eastern Markets.
Dont buy last season's Wraps^from Butte or elsewhere. We will^sell you new Wraps cheaper.
Wehave a few last reason's^Wraps which we will sell for 50 cents^on the dollar.
Wednesday,Oct. 14.
Estes^ Connell Mercantile Co.
WeAre Receive New
NewOvercoats,^New Underwear,^New Hosiery,^New Cloaks,^New Wraps.
TryUs and Youil Buy Nowhere E/se!
MacCallum^ Cloutier, mt SOFi^b*
OurOrders Are All In, and the^Balance of Our Stock will^Soon be Here.
D.J. Hennessy Mer. Co.

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