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TillCeaseless Search for the Earth's^Bidden letals.
A Few Thlniis About the Bl^^Mineral Froducar In Mla-^^oula County Ntwi^^rrm Idaho.
Aeorreapondar.t^f ibo Missoula Ouzetle^writing from r-'uprrior. ItM principal^ramp ID tho Sprint* tiulcli country. Mis-^sou la county, has the following to ^ny^^bout tbc Iron Mountain mini': ^After^a banl climb up tin - iWi p mountain mail^from tlie concentrator tin- writer I mini^bimsrlf at tbo i ntranet' to tin- mam tun^^nel of tbc mine, anil ^^^ tolil tliat lie^^tooil 4. 2j0 feet abort* sea level, anil^about 1.0 ^J feet aliovu tin* concentrator.^Tbe tunnel wat ciitereil and billow**! '.^^^foci into tbo mountain. It i xu mis .! ^J^foot furtber, but at tVKJ Icet gooil mineral^waa found and is lx_'inn in km out by^me-ana of cr^w^cut^ un l hto|^ei for a Uis-^tance of :^H0 feet alone tin- Mm of tbe^tunnel. '1 be mine is located on a^well defined lead, but thus far tie^bulk ^ f tlie ore baa been taken from a^aboot or blowout from the main I^-^!^^ ^^It is tnaTi grade ore. In * in larce hollies^and continue! to iiuprt.vc as ^li toth is ob^^tained. '1 be. ledge vur.e* ill wullli from^four to 12 feet of almost solul mineral,^and ^ bund bctwri ti gooil wnlla of blue^alati-and whim Mm lock. It runs Mil^and wot.', dippii g iiliout LU ile|*rt ^^* to tbo^norlli. The woik up to duf has been^principally upon the blowout, but the^mam Icilge bus 1*ccii rut out wlirn |h'iic-^Iran .1 by tlio main tunnel ami tbe apace^converted into a large, well umbered and^well ventilated ktaiioii. '1 I.is station in^9J0 feet fr^ in tbe tunnel i iitranre, and a^shall will be Kt.irii d here and sunk di^^rectly on tbe m tin rein.
Themain tunnel mirr- tin- mountain^^bout ^U) feet below the summit where^tbe or^- crop* out. Wagon roads wilitl^^croaa tha face of tho mountain from the^mam tunnel to the ^imiiiiil, Numerous^^mailer tunnels pii-rce tho iiiouutaiu^^I various points nlorig tlicsi* ru.vt*.^These haw connection with the itiitiu^lunnel to which ti e i re is sent by means^of wooileu conveyors and loaded on^tramway cars and ilr.iwu by mule p* wer^to the ore houses ami I'IIIh. The drain^^age, n nidation and sysiemutic arrange^^ment of the mine tl r^ uirhout iuiLcatee^that Supt r.nteuili ni Forbes thorc uglily^understand* the opening unit o|H lutiuii^of a mine.
Thein no is i qii ppeil with a (^*^ horso^power lioilcr. -6 horse power engine, anil^liurluigii compressed air drills are used^ill driTiug tunnels and entries. Twenty^fire men wi r.'H*mplo^od u. tl einme at the^tint ^ o the c rre^| oiuleiu's visit and this^force will be doubled as soon as tb^ coit-^centrator stints up. This mini' Is simply
prospect so fur, hut ore is being shipped^daily. The average* output ,ht month is^atiout 76 tons. There is over 15^J tons of^good ore now in the bins uwaiiiug ship^^ment, with a huge amount of concentrat^^ing ore on hand. The high grade ore is^sent to Helena for smelting.
NearH l.nmsr.^Fr m I tie I Uiiuar. 1*1 *iu^, \ utile*.
Cowcreek cuinp has pBSM into winter^quarters. Tlie pr*^sp^ els then.* lire still^looking go.id, but it is now pretty defi^^nitely settled that that cun never muke
poorman'aramp. The surface indica^^tions are most flittering, the fl^at and^the rock found is rich enough to Justify^the expenditure at I irgo bum* lor do-^^elopmeiit, but no olio has so lur been^ablo to go de*ep e uoiigh to ascertain the^width or deTluile chinaeter of the veins.^That they ure both wide* and rich i vi ry^thing Indicates, but it will take capital to^prove Ibis. Tne propri* tors MM prob^^ably justifiable, under the tl iiicring out-^look, in not boud'iig their claim* e any in^the season ul llgiircs then uiiaiuablu,^but they cusht UoW lo lie convinced^that the best thing tht-y can do is lo give^capitalists a allow. As h^ug as they^bang on lo their claims the same^condition ol aff airs that now exist will^probably remain. Mr. IWaMaj who^has several promising cU.ius and ha*^been one ^*t the most persistent pr speci-^ors in the ramp this summer, will ^go be^^low'* in a few day*, lo bob up serenely^^gam in the spring; the Tumi liroihers^will work lor wages this winter alio in the^apruig again, probaoly, refuse good * ff* is^from othe rs to tV velop their properly, and^ao it will go win otuars h*^lduig gool^claims. Our advice to all of them is to^fix low figures and a year's time on their^prop*tii. s, ami to give bonds lo men who^will guarantee extensive development^Work. We* are certain Cow creek w. 11 lie*
great camp a Mat day, hut we don't want^to wait for the ^ vent uutd the present^Claimants are* froa u or tired out.
Thwwhole talk among prospectors now^^nd hereabouts is a I ait Soum Moun^^tain. Kviry old claim i i that camp winch^was abandoned in the early excitemint^there, haa again l ee u located, and pros^^pectors are* busy in every locality which^promises pay. Men w ith s| ecimi n pie ces^of galena, carboiiuti, gray copper and^quam, may bu seen in public place*^every duy, boasting of their discoveries,^bpcculators are trying toacquue eptious,^^nd, until snow drives them out, there^Will be manv |^eople in that camp. We^have looked for such u state of affairs to^occur any time* during the past three^years, tho A'uyyW expert having first^rallied tho cimii three years ago; hut it^took tho rrv.val of the Finn mines to^atir up an- MMaM about South^Mountain, One particular feature of^prospecting there is that Hew ehscoveries^have been made* on the east s:de of the^mountain, where prospectors did nut^work before', and 11 at has liecu picked^up carrying more gold than silver^some^^thing Uuw lo the camp, it gins without^Baying that as soon as the suow goes off^la the spring, a good ileal of develop^^ment work will be done then , and a-^galena i*nd rurliotiute ores ure found^over such a w ide area, it looks us though^this district will show up uiuung Owyhee^producers.
Doingssi Usilry.^ris'rlal n Hi*- Matidard.
IIajuy. Idaho. Oct. 24 ^There is* *nie^talk of me Idahoui* mine being workc*l^^gain this w liter. I his untie I.as shipped^over fl.7iW.ouu
tU. Tiu former superintendent of^the K d I lou I mine, was presm'i^! wuh^an elegant gold watch, chain and dia^^mond locket by the MsplsgM of the
mineupon hi* resigning from the com^^pany.
Thereis considerable activitr now in^placer mining at Snake rivrr. A new^company I* forming above Shoshone^Kail* to tap the r.ver at Twin Fall* and^tunnel the same on lo their ground.^Machinery that will aavo thia flour gold^would be a fortuna to the inventor.
TbeHod Cloud and He I Elephant mine*^are shipping quantiliea of ore and getting^supplies in for tbe winter. The Red^Cloud jig* will Id running shortly.
Expertaare daily expected to examine^the Camaa No, 2.
TheCaptain Jack company are push^^ing their lunnel ahead. A big *trike any^day would lie no surprise, a* the Star^mine above them is looking fine.
Twenty-onecar* of I ullioii passed^through here in six days.
ToMsrk tbe Mines.^Homer S. Davis, one of tbe mine own^^ers at QmM Creek, about ten miles from^Ked laoi.'c. says the I'lrkst, Is making^preparations to work his untie tbl* winter.^It i* In* intention to commence work on^the Lilly Guy load and run in a tunnel^several hundred feet and tap the main^lead on tho Kva L. lode*. The propertira^owned by Mr. Davis are good antl when^tin y arc sulTlc ently developed, they will^be r eh bullion proelucers aud worth much^lo Hed Lodge.
I'leMAlirr a I sol Mill elms.
I'romtin* New Voik Sun.
Matthewliullaghcr of Pavonia avenue^is dying in tin* Jersey City hospital from^injuries received in a flght which took^p uce last night at 1'avonia avenue aud^l'rovoal sir* et.
TheF.mcrald foot ball team played a^game* yesterday afternoon with the^Gael cs al lirast na, L, I. bad hlooel was^engi n mm dor n the game, ami when^the n inns relumed to Jersey City the^tr^ uhl*^ was continued. '1 he players^stopped hi sevi ral saloons, ami in e-uch^plsc ilhe batt*e was fought over again.^Finally the diapuh n*^ hud it out at Pa^^vonia avenue and Grove street.
Afew minute* later word was sent to^the Si cm I 1'recincl police station that a^man hail been killed. Policemen were^si nt up und found Gallagher lying on the^sidewalk utie-oiiscmus ami bleeding from^several we^unds. His ussailants ami all^of his friends, except Johu Kiujon, had^disappeared.
Anambulance carried bira to the^hospital. KiUon waa taken to the^station bouse utiil ile'tuined as a^witness. Gallagher, who i* uncon^^scious, wn* unable to give the police any^information thai would I- ml to the arrest^ot lis assailants, and Kitsun | rofosses^not to know anything about the allray.^Gallagher is in a critical condition, but^the physicians at the hospital iIi.uk ho^may recover.
Illsl.iuln I h o I 11'!^ t Ti*u*porarlly.^From I lie I.ewistoD JjMaMl
Ilie electric i'ur was full aud a certain^young inuh was forced to sit quite close^to tlie young woman who was with him,^and this was all very agreeable to hum^When the cars go under the railroad^bridge on entering Hallow II from^Augusta it is customary to pull down^the trolley and iu the evening the^lamps, as a consequence, go out. Whut^an opportune time t Click went the trol^^ley buck to the overhead wire, the lamps^glowed Mi again, and tile pussci gers^got their eyes oceustoined to etiaiigu of^huhi Just in tuno lo see* tbo lips ot that^y ting man ami woman glin-d n g 'ther.^1 bey, the b nshitig couple, were very-^glad to step 11 the car at the next ela^^tion.
stocks AND UONUa.^I ps and 1'owns It* tiaifcet Values on ths^Block I xcliaag*
KkwYukk,Oct. 24.^In tbe stock mar-^to-ilay there w as little but profe**ionul^trading from first to last, with only small^changes in everything traded in. The^maiket closed ul ubout the best prices of^the day.
Governmentbonds, lb in.
f.K 4' leglslt'ie.L^V. K 4's eiiti|H^tl..^I . S. 4'-s r*|^I . S, 4't's roii|*ou
iun.iila aeui set a.^Central Farina
HiI in l. n
ileliMI All. li ptd^I'.. 1- AW
KansasA 'le\as..
hemsit Nash. ...
MicUlgai]e ssarai.^Missouii neta*..
Nel'lllelii I'aellir..^a, 1'. I'lelelieti...^rihwesteru
N.W. preMrri^d..
....IN.V Central
Oregon I mpiitt....
jUre^^'^a Mien l.tas
Oregon Navig'n...
Ninth Alltrieau..
s-, I'a.-.i..- Mae!.
1.1^ Iteauinx
jltiot.rsiulr Wes'n
ildii(Iraudr ii IJ^4.1's Klo 1.1unite firsts.
41',IUhs IslaoU
RV*. I'uui.
iV Fan' Ainnaiia.
it1.Term leal
X4Hlexaa Faeilfl
lot's^-'. 1' |irelerr^l...^p, K F.\t*res^
r.xi'i^Ve'esU-l ii l tiloo...^Alll. Oollou u.I.
NrwVoitw, Oei. 14^Money on call^easy; cio*t*d oflered 2)4j per cent.
lruuo uiercanule paper, 5). iij'^ per^cent.
SterlingKxrbange - Steady to strong ;^uO-day lull*. Jt.ol, tie maud *4.M.^liar silver, Ha.
1.onion si.oiry Marks!,
Lopo^, Oct. 24 -'JIo^ing. Consols:^money, i'6 1-16; do. account, Ht 1-lti;^L imed Male s 4 ^, 121; 4V^s. 1 ^*
liarsilver, 44)4*1' per ounce.
-Money,\ |ier cent.
lb*I'stiuiruiH Market.
NrwYork, Oct. 24- ^ Petroleum^clueing ai^ ^,.^.
4losing Uueiisilons lor Metals suit Mlelag^ateeks.
4upper, Bin i. I i *^ i 1^|M Youk. Oct. 24.^Coppor^Weak ;^Lake, OantMS *^ ^^^L. a l D ill; ^loin -.tic, M 2 ^^Tin ^Steady; stra ts. :2n 06.
The*recent losses by lire* in the ca'g ^^of ships carrying cotton has shown mat^cot'on *es*d oal) win n Indd in the aetsae^^ ^a the eaitsnh* ol ill*- bate, rapidly ^ X *II*^i s and generates spuutaue-out MSa^^uoll.
Wldi.wof a IJeaitmaisn Uletater aad Her
flasnsaileLife,^w*^*liington CeriespoiMleBee of Thilidelohla
TheKpoea of Madrid announoea tbe^probable marriage of Mme. Barrios of^New York to Martini* Rod*,of tbe Span^^ish parliament from Ibe province of Gre^^nada.
Tbiamarriage. If it really ceeura, will^be a great *urprlee and cause a sensation^among tha host* of pecple in all the dif^^ferent American countriea where Mme.^Barrio* is ao well known at n great beauty^anil as the possessor of ^ princely in^^come.
Avery curious story la told of the way^in which she very unwillingly became tbe^wife of the great dictator of Guatemala-^It seem* that iu one ot bis tour* into tbe^interior of the country tbe president un^^dertook to inspect a famous old convent^school for young ladies. To ce-lebr ite bis^presence ei rtu.n pupil* were asked to re^^cite antl otherwise dieplay their variout^talents to the belt advantage. Among^the iiun.b r wa* Sonoma Vccutidano, the^lovely lei-year-old daughter ol one of tbe^pr ml old lamilira of pure Spanish de^^scent.
Uarrioswaa ao completely charmed^with the performance aud personal^charms of the girl that he decided on tbe^spot to make bar his wife. He went to^tlie mother superior and gave her bit^ci nun ends in regard to the girl's educa^^tion, placing decided sires* upon her^aiudics of French and English. He then^aniiouneed his dicision lo return at tbe^end of two years and marry her.
Aftern turning to the capital he sent a^comuiii'iicution to the father, Don Vecu-^^iiiauo Quesalienango, staling his inten^^tion nun advising the lumily that it would^be heat to acquiesce iii hi* plan.^Hut tbe proud parents, deapisinz the^dictator for the Indian hlooel in^bis veins, hurried the daughter off to Eu^^rope. Upon being informed of the flight^Hairios caused the lather to be arrcated^und detailed to work ill the chain gang^until such lime us he would express Ins^willingness to have the marriage occur.^Finally tho family a^ qui* seed and lbs
aughter unwillingly went through the^nuptial ceremonies, which were cele^^brated with great pomp and splendor.^T he father wa- ele vated lo he highest of-^lice in the gifi ot the president, and was^afierwarils one of the individuals moat^prominent in the government rnhuery by^winch Guatemala waa defrauded of mi^^lieus.
Althoughtlie marriage wa* one of coer^^cion, and the bride wa*, at heart, a* much^opposed a* her fumily had been, aficra^tune she fell in love with her husbaud^and the union prove*I lo be an unusually^baupy one. Eight e.r n no children were^born be-fore the tragic death of Birrios,^as he waa trying to recover ibe hotly ot a^dead son from the field of haute ' tiring a^n volutiotiary uprising of the inhabitants^against ttie dictator.
Aftertin* Mme, llarrios fled wilb her^family to California, ihene-e i^^ Washing^^ton, and finally seined in New York with^an army of govcrnesHC* anil tutors, de^^voting herself to the education of her^children, and making a brilliant addition^to the si cn'ty of our uietr* polls, ^ here
h*' hu* continued lo live iu almost regal^splendor.
Itis said that much of the money stolen^from the govciiinnnt of Guatemala dur^^ing the Harrios dictatorship was we'll in^^vested in thia country and Great Britain,^and thai her income is one of the largest^received by any woman in the world. At^any rale Mine. Harrios i ^ the envy and^admiration *f people wherever she is seen^lor the magnificence of In r j wels and^the e xtreme e*legauce* and riciiues* ot her^toilets. She is now about 115 ye-arsof uge,^n rare beaut*, an MtwUMt linguist aud a^thoroughly a e* mplishe-l woman.
TheCelebrated FrGRch Cure,
IiBold o^ a
toeuro tar form^cf a-rmue disease^orauy disorder of^tho gi'ni-rutiveor-^gr, nt e ^f eiUicrsex.^v bethel arinlui;' / - ^^fromtkooxecsilvo/^BEFGRT useufstiinul'.atr, AFTER^Tobacco orCrhiTn.orttirourh VO'itiiful lu llipre*^Ui n,uverlnefulgrace,a^e .tnennl Loss of Undo^Power. WsxeftUaM^Dsarlngoowfj Palnilnth*^Mrk.sci...iiulW'cuknf ts.llvsieTia. N'rnoui yros.^tra'.ion, N.K-tumul Einhrlous, |.o -.oorrbna, T's*^tlr.i -s. Weak Mentor.-, l^'-mf l oiveraiM Irai ^^toncy. which If neffleelcleiftcn lead to premnt -^^aU age ct 4 Insanity. I'rtea f i.u) a t* x, Ohuui^for f ^^ Kl. ertil I y Liall on receipt of price*
AWRITsI V i.l til ts-Tri^ is given tot^e\erv f * tOc-iVr received, t ^refo:id tlieitiom v If^a I e rmiinri't cire Is no' eilectrsl. We hint^thoinandsof testimonials f-orno1*! and yout f.^cf hot'i sexetia liol:avols^ea permanently ru-i-e^b) theusuol Apliroditlao. tlrculsrirea AdJnej
THEAPHRO MEDICINE CO.^IVasteru llraucb.Eox 17. MMsstMs Ofc
rK - VI x bv^11. A. D'ACIIETL. Di uigltt, HI Ti K, 1IOXT
ChauvinFurniture Co.
TnveJust noeivrJ
Itmo.'the liuesi and I hetiwit
Kverhro itlit to Hulte^KM en sale.
Ardai* MMntfJ ^ ai well
Ownersof Horses.
Onand after t-'rptember i, law. oar patrani^wilt find tu located on Mercury street, between^Main and Meatus, Bear Moataaa, waei* wt^will be pleated to Beat then, with the bet^equipped shop la tho state, we will be bet sr^pripired than ever to tie woik oa short nodes.^We will endeavor to make thia the Brst-cUn^hoe log shop of ths city, where horses will re^^ceive our personal attention all lime*.
Kroprnel under tb*^iiiauaiiemeut of
5rw1yP.pared. Painted and Furnished^lurougi o il, can be seeured for
lorthe Beaaoa of 11-91-02.
Bom*detliabled^tea now at tbt disposal
olthe public.
Callen or address Cbr s Weldemao, corner^Park and Montana strrett
V^^TU'kTei t KEPI lOKs -Ks: ile of A. T^1^ I'l.oii r. dee. as' d
Mateoi^ aetewf tneu i y the urni. rs ipied,^p. hlie adii.iu.st ani ami adimnis raior or tne^esute nf A, T, P.a ter. iM*a*M 'o he credl-^toisotanl u l iKisoiis hsvii g claims .u.i.att^the sul t dri tied, lo \ll h.t th r. wnb the^tie,- ..sin* i oui-nei* w.Uoii :. ur uio-itn, a tor^ths fit st piihlti-atlou et this no' lee tn th^ utidei-^sicne i at Ins oftVe In i.ur s n lie,r mtge^coiinll Man Ba. or at Hie o!Tt. ^^ of n. il Jrlp-^MR* Ir i od*e t'dy.
KK. HK'iW\^Adri Bisltatot of sai i ( state.^PatedOet.iber 1, gg
IN1 sb JTsTICK ^ Ol'KT- Miate ot Montana^touuiv of Mint low}**. Townslu.i ef^Milvii i ow, before ilngri j MtVMaa, Ju'tle*^of tne Tcaee
Wi l on Minieis and W K. I'ai-ni*. do^binitiess as Wtijleavi A l*ar*i^ii^. pi |ni if^Kians ,i, : ami Ii. 1* Mrle-au. u.i.n ^ h. -.:.-.s as i^.fed ^ Mcl.e.eu, defendants - si.rf* -I'mHotJs. I^The peeip e of the sta e o| Montana send ^i.et-^mr u^ .n .l A M l^-sn:
Veilsre her b^ f quired In sppsar in mv Bee,^In I he l.'wiisiilptf s.lvrr Bow. i .mat) I Oliver^Tow and Mtateol Mnnisna. on Marnay,tbs itth^da* . t Aur.isi. A P., wn, st In o ef ^ ^ a m ,^and ansae, tin eecount on id* ui an iet| n lo '^reeosss el yuei the sum of |i o for ^.^v done^and islMir |eifotnioi l y p.aim ff for ^ou at ^our I^e wn seeetsl stsstasvee an*i reeu ^t.
And\ou ure hen bv not led, i|^nr f i.,n fail^tt appear iiml rDisrr hue -ai-l eompU ^t as 1^i bov reiuiired ihe ssi I plaintiff ^i I lake a I^Ilia in. i i hi ^ i fault stains you for ins ^uia of I^{ and i o t of suit.^Given iiu ler ui) Issud this I ih dav ^^r AunisL
A.a,lit an J Mi i uoajt.
Jusli.t of the I'eav '.
CharlesSullivan, Scavenger
AhOrdtrt TrompUy AUcndtd t*
Kesh'.enc*308 South Idaho street,^1.0. Box thsButts, Moot.
rARPKNTEB^aND BtTTLnBV,^Esumstss ^ aralabod oa all Kladaof Build la ^v
a*fof*BQftla the City.^LsX'U8T8T., BAlttiiJUi JM.u.M)*iaiHI)i^AJfAOOstSA, . MOaTAJIA.
Keaisruiteai Katat* and Mialat asoak,
HUMbTBEKl. anaconda.
mNorth Mala atrott,
pn,K. a, aXVPstB.
Otxee.^r*t Btrset, *~~
ila new process. All daises ot Dental
w-' ^ ''
sorkexecuted la Ersi-cuui manner, ax-^Ubcial TeeU Without l'ssias.
F1CKONMAlN^ier^^VKK 8MITU DBUO^hottdenos ea Oak atteat. naar at. Ana
OfBeeboon (30 s. m. tettata, m , frotai j)^lc l p. bl. and from c m p. ol M a. av
awonderful compound of the celebrated Dr.^Vtlpoux. Tar is. Trrscrlplion IDtu It soil on^roaiiiva oL'aicavTxa to cum
Anyform ot */#'i
Nosxatter now canted,^such as disorder ot the^xetietatlvo organ* of^elt her sex. palni in I lis^l^rk. uervnus'vrostra-^* iration, hysteria, etc
Ourstent, sre lost roe ted lo KxrvxD AXT^Mo*xv Paid Ton ranacaimow im where^ss in taction and i'lSMA* xn r cuaa is Not^fcfwsnrsw try usiBt six box**.
PriceII a box or six boxes lor ta with written^euarsnies. bent br mad securely scaled. Ad^^dress all communications to l^. M. New Or*^Drux Compauy. soleaceoia. Butte City. Moat,
F.KENNEDY, Manager.
X*oTI('BTOCO-OWNM: -T^ Wl lism Mo.^a^ t^-^. In. l.tirtand assiyns: l'^ ars b*.-^^l) iieined that i liav expsnded oa- baailrsd^dolssrs in .ebor and Iniprorenients upJQ lbs^i wil k i quarts ode mi., j riaini s.m.i- n^^;eorxeiowu miotar ditsrol 10 Deer l.edx*^aoiuilv. .isle of Mootaua. iu order to bo d esld^mltiinx r aim under Hi* provicuasot secuoa^2.. .* rssiseel staluiee of ths I n ted Males, be-^inx lb-ainourit reuu.rr.i to lioi i in* s*m ^ 'or^the tear tudUif A. D i^o And If wilbta^i n e ^ ^ ^i'dsys from Hi* 4. ivi** ol ilis* notice^lo i i.i'l cat too y*ai fall or refu^e ti eontrpnite^t^ar pr p^rii*'n m sttaB upendilur* a* n
owner**.i r Uiterett ul sad eiaim will tins
tiepoiieri* o: tlie ^ul'scnb r. under seixtua^'.',.. ( ie^ is-u s sl .iet of be L'a ie*l Mates.
Jt'HNII. slASUxU.^I u^l | ubbeatloa bepteniber 1, ItaL
GoldMills, Wet and Dry Crubhing Silver Mills, SMELT^^ING and CONCENTRATING PLANTS, Hoisting and^Pumpincr Works, Cars, Cages, Skip, Ore Buckets and^Water Bucket*.
CorlissEngines, Compound and Condensing Enginsi^and Tramways.
BUTTE.MONTANA.^C luce aad Works, Hawthorne Ave. and Willow St., Chlcats,*'!.
\Salt Lake City, Utah,^, /Helena, 31 outuna.
L.C. TRENT,^General Western Manager
AndMachinery for the Systematic Reduction of Ores bj
HoistingEngines, Geo rod and Direct Acting,
ppospeetingand Development Holota.^Builders ef Improved Air Compressors and Wire Tramways,^Frue Vanning Machines and (mbroy Concentrator.
Iiidgeruiood Hoisting Engines,
SleotrioXtlght Flont9t
DiamondCore Pfoapeetlng Dvllla.
aW/tand Compressors, Otit Eitvatcrs. Knowltt' Pump*. Root lhw*r%^KINCSLAND tl DOUGLAS SAW MILLS.^SHAY PATENT LOCOMOTIVES.
f FIRE +
ANiil.o- kvada. or nan FranBltoo.
fAl.lTORNIA. ol saa Franeuoa,
COMMEhCIAUrf California.
HliKMA*'8t'UND, of Caillornlt,
lUTKKIAL.of London.
LUKllOKa 1-A.NeAsUUUt,
N1AUAHA,of New Yors.
FHUKN1X,of Loodon,
tlUEEN.of Lirrrnool,
FillTerm Ocezu September 3, 1891.
roursrsotlustrurt.on-i. cull*!** 2. CoUece^rri'par.itory. :^. BiieiBOt*. 4. KerrnaL \^Miisie c. Art, uisd lustra.'lloa ia Coaxatoa
prsi'Mfor cataloirae IS tne I resld. nt,^F. P. TOWER, A. M., O. a
wxt, i* aiooe. PrMid.Dt,
MAitCtSliAl.t, Vlee-Preet,
^.al. lUIIXMW, Cashier.
CAPITAL, - - $100,000
Buraad sell llowoatte and Foreign I'lcnsun,^aad traoaaet a general bankiax tusinsat.^CoUsetions proaptlr sitem.i^d la. hx-^sxsxaae drsern oa lioadoc. aWlnOurt,^tilsscow. Uubltn. ttetlaat, I'srU^awaburi, Berlin and aU law^lealmr dues j^ uuruo*.
AmericanKxcli.inx- National Uank.
tmtaoaNational Baaa
V^iis. Tanjo*Cuat
Ttali NaUunai Uank
ELttrownlee t. Co ........^banU' Natsonal bank...^us* lire*. mVo
Established iSSj.^e^e^t^a^
7Fitzpairick ^ Strickladea
Real.Estate. Amcx
xlKSTbT. an acu.S b a.
|Jr~Realhsut* an*I Josuranee Areola, atxa-^Ui Brwafrs, vAsllcciof^ and Cuuvt) aAS9*is
aitnersi trsafer business tttxaaxaaaS*
yirtlTf*~* sAiaxle anil douli.* rlrs.
tMaaibutu^ all trat _^Telepuuus No.:
Stable.Broadway, I'tiilipsbur
V^l L HOr.r, M. B. K^^IW!^LV^, K C. rSJAXV^1 El.s. XAKCIS UAA.V, ^ X. SAKiiKANf.
Trxi'.sarta teneral ttnktnj btitlnett Ex-^rhai se orawu uu a i lua i**a*lui; cih.'t at^t.-i'i1.'
Collection* Promptly Atttadtl Ta
onest^^nii#nt^- Well*. Ksrco a r^^ New^lork. ^^^!*, I .ii .*.io. SB t lAike. WM
lars'Oio.. ^*i: TraiicisC'i; ^'roni.a NAiiaaal^lai.k, oniaiisi nrst NisUihixi Haua. Unix Ss
l-'UtSINATIONAL sUMi Ax a co .np v.

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