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Orthe STANDARD Is In the^New Windsor Hotel Annex. No.^21 East Broadway. The Tele^^phone numbor Is 256.
iimtiim^ii'^ T.i r*^ r*v-*^ rM a: tli^ Hutu^cilice o! the manhaiiii 111! a o'clock^1'. M. t. . in^^Tiii.n in ihefotfoa-^n.-j innrntii.r'a laiei.^11i^ Ktaxhahd ii delivereti lu Hutu iub^t*rlb^Mi cat ^ tttij inm inn.;.
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i40 p.m.^', :^u.m I^1 ..^^ p.in I^: 3b p.m. I
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AIm'llrjnun It-It jrosh itlay afternoon^(or Mile* City.
HornNor. 1 in WcM I'arli street to (lie^wife of Kuccu ( ampana, a daughter.
Tornloy, a ( liinauian, tin MfettSa^ycaieiday lor scattering liahdt^i!li^ on the^street.
J.1'. B ck, D. A. Kikin. .Id!in. Joe. In^and J. A. r.ilmit are oil a M itiug trip to^Whitehall.
JohnHissingcr of Sail Like, fornu^rly^engineer at tliu Parrot mint, in visiting^in tin- city.
Mllea Finlen is fUinp up a new a.iloon^in Eaat Q laru sired. It will be op. ncd^in a few oaya.
S.II. (.'alderticad, iriTicral freight and^piss-ua-cr ug. r. I of tin- Montana Union,^left lor Cliicugo ycsteid.ty.
Anotli.'r|h^lif^man n*aigned ycatonlay.^Offlci r J Is Suit.van pave up In* I nion^ami star to change in otlit r Im- in- s
Therewa* it very enjnyatole clirialcniiig^111rt^^ laat evening ni llio noma ot Mr.^uiid Mra. E I I arruil in South Idaho^tirec t.
lies*ic William* ni l Minnie lloannl,^two very nails-lily girl* refilling ^^ ^^^^^Mercury a' rcc t, tvi r* *rr*^l*d yenicrday^by Ofliccr N'ooiiau ior figlitiug.
WilliamII. Onlan, f orin i t I v tio'ikkccper^for the Montana Luuiber A p^oelue-e coin*^|taliy, left ^^^ sicrday lo net e^|il a a:imlar^poMti'.u turn ibm Klllatoaj 1 luiiniig com.^paiiy.
Therein one incnilier of a local mill*^inry company wbo ju i now ia not^unxinus Ior a v* ;ir who 1 lull. Saiurtiay^night some raaenlly thief broke into bin^room anil atoie b;a muiLrl, but lell the^un foi in mill cnririt'gc In x In Inn l.
Companyli U nre-pur ng to give a^grand h.ni tosMstJ Nov. M^ 'I lie mall r^w.ll be delimit ly m'ltied at a m- rims 'b a^evening. J'tie tali- ol the guard bave^always been MM finerlumiiig, and thia^ona will doublh'aa aurpaaa all prtdecea-^aora.
I'rtMlurUoltl . k-.ii
RfTTK.Nov. 1.^Attached to tho N ^rlh-^t in Pacific enailii unit train thin after-^poonwaaa fur roiilitiiiiug a nample of^the pioilucla i f tht* t^1ale of tln'goii. It^waa a bamUiiiiit. roach wliicb had liceu^huilt by the bt ard of trade of that a title^for the purpose of ndtertiaing the re*^aourcea ol Oregon throughout the F.asl.^At either end were attractively filled up^quarleia for the eMiWMMS ^^^ chatiri', F.^li. Sieele ami lua gaatalagu lieautiliil^iliaplayit of the ilivi ratlltd irtuutrti of^^ he \V^ bfoot atale wore raiigutl in an at^^tractive manner along either aide of the^car. Mitierala ot all kinda Wert* on ex^^hibition, uh well a- the eereala atid fruit...^and all aero itriatitred ufttra unique ami^pit aaitag faalilrfu
Whilethe ear waa alantluic at lilt^ depot^it waa viMletl by a liiin.lii r of pi rtolia^w ho ^ xpren^eil the r ailm ration at the^biaiityif ita tounii'.s M will aa the^original tiiaiilit r of in raiigomeui.
lwt I oulp.ola Arrratetl.^Ri itf, No^. 1.^Two lena f^H tpcd^ are^rouiuii p ah- ut t-'-nit;lit through the i ff/urti^o! I t | uty SI tT il lliu k ley ot S.ivrr How.^Una ot thorn la aiyled K-l Fi i :i raid, and^i^ under urn k! eiiargoii wiib holding up^Frank Brown Lot night, llrowti ia lo .d^ua a wilueaa in ill^ ca-e, 'I he ollit r^alleged footp.ttl ih Kd Joeea, abti ia^eharced with lobbing Harry Florencu in^I hit. cilv a low g giita ago. Fioreiiceaaya^In* -a a atranger and .lonea lutrodueetl^lumaelf In Ifnu and IMS drank logetle r.^Litoi Fl reneo Mar'od MgM ami mi the^way he taya Joiick ciimo up lo l.iui, put^lua hand in hia pot ki t ami alolt- ;.v^Florence told the polito, but waa uiiabie^to flutl tht- man who tiad lua ailver. Sal-^unlay he went to Anaconda nud aw^Join a in a rcataurani itu n*. JoSea waa^ainateil and !^^ ntiiy KhwrM llaekley^broiit|n him to Hu h . Florence ia de^^tained a* a wttm aa.
t%Hill alt A i no. i
BeVTSjNov. 1. ^Tht ro are prosprcta of^on armory in Huitc. Kver ainr-e the or^gaiitcitlioii of tin* ItH-al eoinpaniea of it.o^atate militia tin tpio.tion tit ainiab e tpiar*^Iwra for drilling haa been a trouhU aome^one. Ttie memlieni have tu ou ohli^t-il tti^put up with ineonvi iiieurea in lht^ itaea^ol too milni a plMM for going tkroHffli^their mi'itnry mitueuvora. At u iiieeliug^of the WHthiiitftoii (.iiar la In Id at Mfl^akutiug rink Ulta t-veiiing it waa tloeiJetl^1o hire that pavilnou tor tin* h4-a-arjajru^where i!rilla will take p nceevtry Sunday^Hftt riiooii at 4 o'elt ek. A otni inittee^cnnaialiugot ^ or| oral H.ivia, l.n in^ mint^W ynne anil Si rgoaui t.ravta ttan ap*^I'oinwd to confer wuli oilier eoinpaniea^of the h cul inililia. uhd to cunaitler a*uya^and li t ana of at'aining a auilable^armory.
- - a ^^^- ^^li tt aa a I'oaaitia Aflor.^Hen k. Nor. 1 ^The Turn Vt rets ^o-^c.ely thia evening liiauguraiod a ^^ nea ot^aoc-iala lliat will ho In Id every two weoka^throughout tli*. winter. Capuee hull con*^taint d uhou' 4u rouplea aim found plena-^ure In tlui'enig and aotsial iiiti rooura ^^umil ubtuil iiii'lmght. Vi.ii tirtt iFa or-^ctio *.ra furniahetl t:.e tnua'c aii-l h g-h.d^tune gt nerally tti tnj iyi-d by nllwhn^atp'nileil.
Re. E B. Hjfftli's Sermoi it the Con-^gre^tional Cbcrcb List Higbi
Teaching*of Chrlat and Thnlr Ef-^fecta Upon Civilization -^Tht Higher Life^of Man.
Wated' ^A partner p. take a one-^halt IP tort at 111 a Icaac pay ore in aight.^No n.achint ry ttqu roil. A flrat-claaa^aliowinir to make a atnke. (all * xamitie^and take -aiepiea and invt aiigate fully^Athlra.a F B. W. PtMrM.|a 11 l int,^alio t, btitwoeu (-ramte and Uroadway,^1.1.^to, Mont.
Warlu ritiilo-'taplii.^All Halt enlurge i photo of youraelf^given free with evt-iy th ^ *n cabiuet-i at^il.e Imuerial galh'O'. ' !^ I ti'ialom-e.^Wmeat work guarauued at ia pu dt,i u.
1fTTE. Nov. 1.^Th^ following aerinon^waa ilelivered by Kev. E. II. II o* oil at lite^l onaregatioiial ^ hnr.-'i ili a ureuing:
.Inlinxlv , Jl lb- thai l ath my eniniiviiii!-^inpnls autt k ^ i pi I ii Itagt, lie II l* thai lo.i'ili^lee; aetllle llt*.t Into h tlie all ill he lotiil i f illv^I all.el . ami I will lu\e lulu ai.d ^ ii inauif-*l^in) si II until him,
1..loliu v. j. Ilia ti inuiamlinruts are not
Nuilnngcould Imi fa r t liian thet-at*^that 4 hrial waa wilin g ahou d ho ap;.ln d^to Ii.- person nud In* teaolnng. 11 i bia^loiiolinigt eotiaiittite a real rt valatiou^from Gtai^ So hia conieuiiMirariea naked^nud tu the moilt ru worl.l ia still aaking.^I. -ion to th- mode 'if ii'v-atiguting Mlfal^quealion which t hrial oflera: ^My teach^^ing ia not mine, but lua that aent me. Jf^any man willelh to do Ink will be aball^know of the leaching win i In r it be of^(^oil or whether 1 apeak from myaelf.^^Nol the one who ia merely curioua, but^ihn nun w ho ia ol.edicut ia promised una^aisaurauee ol knowledge.
Il.otlouht which paralyses action la a^tliacase. The th ubt which sliniulalea to^activity ia w bolt some. The pi rl of^doubt ia thai the debtor will^consider himself nlwnlvi il In in duly,^anil will apend his life in barren nega^^tions. Wl.ati vit doubt of the teat-lung*^of C'briat invades the human mind, the^lespousibdity of a (tod-givcn life is iip.oi^m-, and un man is absolved from lb ^ duty^of strongly willing to do the will of God,^no mailer what h'S belief or tt uipeia-^mem t r splitre lit life.
'1be tanti in Christ which works out in^t.bi'ilienee to IIla ct nimandmeiita is no^lea* faith thou that winch cxpreaa-a itself^in t onfetaion. Indeed, the lailli winch is^not net onipun it d by obedience ia no^faith nt all, though il may call itself or^^thodox.
Theultimate test of life ia still the same^as when Christ taught. Il is the test of^fruilfillness. Sterile belief is not a wlnt^heller than alerile unbelief. II still re^^main t true that man tlo not gather grape*^of thorn* or figs of thistles.
Thereare those wbo make the matter^of creed t-ulmcrlptioli of prune import-^.itice. But there ia somethiug mere im^^portant. It is the life which underlies the^creed.
Letno one think that I would detract^MS* particle ol virtue from that tiiiie-hon-^nred aud (oxl-b t s^. d act which is termed^^confession of faiib.^ I'aul calls it the^^good cuiiteaai ^li,^ and so it ii. It set-mx^to mo tiie duty of i very one wbo has a^faith ill Chria', though It lie but a moiety,
10confess it and live up to it.
Thereare those who place great virtue^in secri t die pleship, but Christ did not.
11you believe in loin honestly ami ear-^neatly, the world neetls your confession.^There is no community in the world^where people do not need the inspiration^of a uohlc word, of a high ordeal, of a^lofty hope. The irouhle is that the tread^^mill of life too oflin forces upon in a^dull and flat reality. Aud each man is^nli a ni in give expression to tin beautiful^Ideal winch dwell*, ill bis soul for tear of^eiicoutiP rmtr the ridicule with wbicb the^sous of Jacob meet Joseph, ^Here come*^tins dreamer.
Menlire dreamers. You cannot tie^their thoughts lo una earth and In the^three aeore and 10 of this life. These per^^son-! ure benefactors who give strong aud^col li tent contession of humanity's^noblest faith and are always ready togive^a reason concerning the good bop* tliat^1* in t bem.
Th^ leaching* of Paul always put the^element of failh in the forcgrouiiti.^I'uul's own faith was so strong aud ho^waa always so supremely loyal to his con^^victions that it has seemed lo me be could^not comprehend the religious needs of^ii I'll of oilier tempt raiin nt*. There ure^men whose laitb is pot strong. Indeed,^it go- a balling. They are not less honest^perhaps than other men, but they arc con^^stitutionally doubter*. Hcsides these^there are other* who are not loyal to their^conviction*. They do not live up to the^faith they have. Though they should have a^n vt lutmii irom heaven they think too^much ot thimsclves to ever encounter^mariyntom, as did I'aul, in obedience lo^H. 11 ih ii' is a way to shirk they can^always bo d peuded upon to discover it^and to pursue it.
Theproblem afforded bv the latter class^I tlo not intend lo grapple with. They^cannot be cured until ibey are inoculated^with a little moral earnestness.
Hutthere is hope for the other class,^Ihu Thomas type of men, the men im^whom iho faitb faculty is deficient.^There is a way of testing Christian truth^which Christ ha* provided for them. It^may no I. i gor ba by reaching forth the1^hand ami thrusting it into the spear^wound of our Lord, but it is nevertheless^a method of investigation which i* ten^suitable and roiicluaive.
Letua consider, Aral, the object of sucli^an investigation, aud second, the meihoei^by which it is to Im* carried through.
1he object of n liga u is to brii g the^soul of mall into eleriial relations wi'.b^us maker. There ia an ilislineuve feel^^ing in tin- human soul at it* heat moments,^that Un* tiiinga seen arc temporal, tut^that llu re are unseen thing* winch are^eternal. I mrraoti called this unseen and^eternal influence ^th* over soul. ' Call it^h^ -what lei in y ou may, It's higher life^i. fftirda a worthy foal of iff or! lor every^man.
If1 can interpret the religious yearn^ings of our tunes, it ia to he aasim-d once^inure ol ihegreat and beautiful truths that^I Prist laugh! j to know that thec eriial^aoven it;!! of the universe is a htavcnly^Father whose love reaehea lo us lutlivid^ualivj lu know thai Christ still lives a*^the Saviour of mankind, and that be has^any.- of making his eft.stuuee real tu bis^It'll iwcr*.
Ouruge is aointt nies called an age of^douol, out it is ia hoi a toimative one^J he changes in the thought ol our lull-^amount lo a revolution. The itersp -t-^tive and point of view of knowlnlg^ have^changed. The motii ru wor d is con,,^polled to auju'l its faith to the new^knowledge, il |* a painful process, ami^this process is still g nog on. The n^known- Ige we p -si s. we may coll ider a^nea i . veiati n Irani itie (j. d of ad truth^a new sit p in tl e revelation mt Himself to^men. Shall we not be a* patie^and as faithful ill liarning Hit^new lessons lie has lo teach u^ua our forefather* have been^ 1^la tieeatlse 1 In .i. to our generation la^ihtiikiuit a id working lis way into tin^poast salon ot a purer anil more fruitful^lailli that 1 say our age la a formative^one.
Whileilie religious fanh of men of our^day is undeigoirtg rt adjustment, the^^ p.ritual yrnrnitiga to winch the faith of^our Lord Jesus Chri*l haa b r m arly 14^ceniurits mluist* red, are as deep anil ut-^gcni us t ve-r. 1 here is mini) u iriith^stektr living contemporary with you and^mi, and .tin ^lu- us, who, i is the depths of^Ins In art. hungers aud thirst* after^r gbtrcustit s*. craving* ali rli tea untie^know lei g ^ never has and li v.t tan sat^^isfy.
Nowtue word* of our Lord are full of
ennur.-igement to tins kind of men- He^loved h* in not less than other* among^his .iiaciplea, an i He s-a* very patient^wnhttnmin leading them up and i p to^the point where ibiy could flrm y grasp^Hie great and wnnderlul thing* He had^to bach Hum And Hi* words toilum^be-long with equil riffhl to truth Seekers^and tiutb h rer. of our own day.
Inour n xt lb- acts b .-fore Hi* disciples^inn only ^ ^^ o j c of re-ligit us life and^belief hut ih- method of it* attainment.^What wurili could set forth a higher con^^summation of religion ibsn these: ,-He^shall bo I ^ved of my Father, and I will^love him and will manifest myself unto^him.^ Are not these the very thing* that^w* have alw*ys been led lo expect from^our religion
Theseword* e xprea* Ihe object of re^^ligion. Il lu comes exceeding y important^to know the conditions precedent to the^attainment of this goal. They are ex^^ceedingly simple and rcssonable, and two^in number. HI '^H^* that ha II my com^^mandments, and (J) keepeth them.^ You^will nonce that iho clement of faith i* not^involved. ^ xcept iii.it certain kind of con-^tldenca w h eh loyally and oliediencu ul^^na'.* involves.
ihe faith in Christ which work* nut In^obedience to h * commandment* i* no^lets faith I lit li that which expresses itself^in eieeiis. Inile* d ibe faith ^Inch is not^accompanied i y obedienco is no faith at^II. It is die worst kind of faithlcisness.^One of tho cotiditions precedent w^* can^nli fulfill, ^lie that hath my command^^ment*.' Thai means each one of us.^Tin y come down louii inct'oned by the^live* of Cod'* h^st and holiest people^through tin so eighteen centuries. Moat^of ut have felt powerfully at some period^of our live* Ihe elevating inII u nco of^Christianity. Wo bavu his command-^mollis.
Theteaching* of Christ arc vnlunttnoua,^yei it we shall ana yz ilit in we sunt! tlnd^one or two harmonious principle* running^ll rough them all. He gavo such endorse^^ment to two commandments of tliu Mo^^saic late as to make them ms own. On^one occasion he wn* asked what was the^most important cotninamlment lu the^Mn^:.le low. And be said unto him,^^Fin ii shall love the Lord thy (.ml wifli^all thy heart, and with all thy soul and^with all thv mind. This is the first great^comaiitliiicut, anil a second like umo it^i* this, ibou shall love thy^neighbor a* thyself. On these two^commandments hangelh the whole^law ami the prophets.^ Is there any one^for whom Ihe first of these i* intangible ^^We have our Lord's own ae*urance that^the si cond is like unto it and that I* not^intangible'. Wbeu the scribe who was^qin sluming Christ tried to point out eui^ambiguity in thia commandment by ask-^ing, ^And who is my neighbor^^ Christ^g line ii ra Ihe parable of the good Sa-^maiian. thereby rendering tho scope of^this criniiiandment forever certain, and^then aaid tu him, ^Go thou and do like^^wise.
Whocan doubt that we have in these^two coiiiinandincnts the gi-t of all that^waa good ill the Mo.eaic law Y In the aer-^mon un the mountain be summarii d the^^Law and the Prophets ' in tins compre^^hensive way: ^All things therefore what^^soever ye would that men should do unto^you, so do ye ulso unto them, for tins is^the luw ant. the prophets.
HutChrist g .v ^ a new and most im^^portant ci miiiaminient to hi* disciples^which wa* not found in Iho Mosaic law;^^A new commandment I give unto you,^that ye lore one another; even as I have^loved you.
Ttia similar effect is the brief reference^of I'aul. ^Hear ye one another'* burdeur,^and lo fulfill the law of C'briat.''^Can you not see what a helpful and large*^In-line.I woild tins will be wheu men b -^gin with one accord to obey these com*^mamlmentsof Christ^ How such obedi^^ence docs bring forth to light the div n ly^in humanity.
Theseare the germinal commandment*^in the Christian life. Wu all buvo them.^There is hsrdly ^ mau in Christendom^but knows that these* are in substaucv^the ct iiimandnii'iila of Christ. Christ at^^II times identified these cominatn m nts^with the commandments of U.kI. As the^Apostle John, in aflor years, significantly^said: ^Hi* commandments are not frtv.-^ous.
Hiscommandments truly are not griev^^ous, and though our obedience to them is^sadly im|m i feet, Ihe further along we get^ill their prin t cal real 1.111011, the more tlo^we real.ii* thai ihe yoke they lay upon us^is easy unci tho burcieu light.
II^that hath my commandments and^keepeth Ibein.^ Obedience to tho com^^mandments is the second condition, and^it is the difllcult one. We all have so^much in us of what goes by the mime of^the ^old Adam,^ self-willed, retaliating,^that it is hard to adopt the command^^ment* of ( hrist and obey them.^Hut bard though it be, though il involve^the complete extinguishment of self-^int. res', yet that which Christ holds out^In the world i* loo irnnrccudcnt a pr ^^,^too rare a gift 10 allow unytbing to aland^between u* ami it* possible attainment.^It ia at larger, more abundant happier life,^a life which He call* lifu eternal. A* we^value all tliu best that (ioel hasgivmi ua,^as we a'p'i-c after the highest within hu^^man reach, we cannot, wo must not ig^^nore ihe commandment* which Chmt^ha* given us wilb iho seal of hi* Father,^aud which our innermost heart* sanction^and appr. v-.
Ketping the ci tnmandment* of Chris*,^then, atlorda a very practical and safe^method of investigating the truth of^1'hriatiatnty. It ia a good way 10 solve^our doubts in the first instance, and it is^a good ^ny to pass through the occasional^fofc'gmcs* w\i cu settles down upon our^faun.
Wlienthe mariner does not have the^sun ami stars to gli de him he tru-lt 10^ibe c imp t-^*. In the wor's of our ttxi,^Christ ha* given u* a safe roiupaa* 10^..'iiido ii* lo the eternal life. It i* the com-^pa** of taltli wliicb expresses itself in^otttHlicuct* m Hi* commandment*, anil^through all Ihe si u in* of unbelief and^fog* of jotiht it p nnta unerringly to the^pole of Christian duty.
Carlvlet says. ^He that never turn*^back, hut in 1111'nlly face* 11II hia doubt.-,^will find In yond Hi** burning annd* tho^crystal fountain wh ch flows for (he heal^ing of all nation*.
Noticewhat a high rank and rich ex^^perience of divine love and fellowship^Christ promises to those who fi 1.1 1 the^condition of obediene -: ^He that bath^11 y ccnimaiulnienia and keepeth Hum,^he It is that lovcth me.^ Our L ml^bccttiw* rank of loving diaciplethtp upon^the ot* e]ii'tit one. ^And lu- that lovelb^me al^.i.l be lovtd of my F uller, 11 ml^will tar* h 111 and will itian.fr*! my.elf^unto turn.''
Ifwe, ^ ho ore al*nut to enter upon the^iwt ntielh century, desire lo know^whoilicr Christianity is truth, here 1*^i.hi way for every sincere an 1 earnest^matt to teal it. Ami from w l.ati vit point^we consider it, a life spent In ole-tlicuce^lo the commandment* of Christ is not^wna-.tl VVat need MM fear lo invest the^life capital id lis* giv -ti ii* in this way.^1 lioiion hfe should end in lorgetfuliies*.^though tin* event should prove that these^is no Cod wiio value;* eur Wilt pains^^taking aid iniperle'ct set vice, tot^it were fur boiler that wh should^love our neighbor as ourselves and not^ourselves only, that we ^Mould live a* did^IT r at. going about doing good, hearing^one another's btinle-ns, ministering not^being militate retl unto, giv n t rallier than^receiviiiL-, than to Itvc a life thai n volre*^a!^ or. ami enda in self. Self low is not^1 x ist^^*!**^, I in contracting and dwarfing,^and in Ihe soul that knows no higher law^than this, all thai la moat valuable will^e ventually ^pinch out.
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Cllpp*rShade*^ Dsn **na Have
Not Forgotten Thair Old^Tricks ^ Mr. Orr's^blgnsture.
It'TTK, Nov. 1.^Last night Pot* Han^^sen, one or the proprietors of tbe notori^^ous Clipper Shade* saloon, honored the^STASnAr.D oftVe with a visit and rather^Inaoleitly demanded publicttion of a^note purporting 10 be signed by Tbornaa^J. Orr, Ihe man wbo claimed to have^been robbed at Hansen'* place Thursday^night. The body of the note and the slg-^naluie a cro written by two different per^^son*, the former Ii nig in a pood business^hand anil the latter a mere scrawl, al^^most unpo-sible of decipherment. The^note was u complete denial cf ereiy state-^meet made by Orr on the night that he^^aid be had neen robbed and replete with^the moat lulsonie praise aud flattery ot^the owners of the saloon and their em^^ployes. Having 110 evidence that the^c^ in 11.111. canon in quealion waa signed^by Orr, unci knowing ihe reputation of^the bouse referred to in the statement it^contained, a repcrier waa detailed to in^^vestigate matter* and find ^Ut if ti e arti^^cle a as genuine. Officer Haiupatuu and^a half th / 11 other peraona to whom Orr^bad slut* tl that bo had boeli n b e d at the^Clipper Shader, repeated the stutemt nt*^lb y made on Ihe night of the occurrence^ami said thai not only once but fully a^half d^ san limes had Orr said to them he^bad been robbed at tho saloon, and that^he was sure Nell Toohey mid another wo^^man employed iu the bouse had robin d^him. I ll01 u were then made to find Orr^bimseit, but liny proved unsucccssiul^until about 1 o'clock tins morning, when^he was found, but wu* so drunk a* to bo^unable to know what he was doing or^what he said. A gentleman closely con^^nected with him in a business and^social way was seen, however, and the^nolo shown to him. He unhesitatingly^pn-nounced the signature not tu be that^of Orr- but if it was, he said, Orr was so^drunk when be attached hia name to the^article that ho did not know what he waa^doing. The latter atatement is probably^true, for it i* known that Orr wa* at tbe^Clipper Shade* during the fore part of^the night, and when be left the place he^wa* *o intoxicated that he fell asleep iu a^chair in another saloon and remained^thereuntil this morning. To-day search^was aguiu made for Orr, but be could not^be found.
Orris a man po*scs*ed of considerable^un.in y and ia interested in tbe Orr*x-^Noyes placer diggings near the city. He^has a weakness tor getting on protracted^sprees, and when under the influence of^liquor is an easy victim for dis^^honest and designing people. About^Ave or six weeks ago be^was on one of hi* periodical drunks and^was unfortunate enough to go to the^same saloon. For two or three day* I e^remained there, filled with liquor, and^wa* kept in one of tbe boxes. When hi*^money was gone be began to draw checks^on ( lark bros'. bank, and several of^the m were cashed. At laat one of hi*^partner* in tbe mine heard of it and as^^sumed the responsibility of giving orders^to tbe bunk not to cash any more of tho^checks. Afti r the order waa issued he^signed several more checks and when^ibey were piosented at lbs bank pay^^ment on iheni was refused. The' crowd^with him threatened to cause hi* arrest^for forgery and in tbe semi-lucid condi^^tion ot his mind he was easily frightened^and inducetl a friend of hia to go to the^saloon and redeem the dishonored^checks, Lccause be was afraid of ar^^rest.
Iti* possible that in the condition in^which be wa* laat i.ight Orr may have^a gn-d the communication referred to.^but if he did be wa* unable to rcabx*^what be wa* doing, or elie bo wa* guilty^of a deliberate falsehood Thursday night^wben he infoimed different persons tn.it^he bad been robbed iu the notorious Clip^^per Shades saloon.
Gilmore'scelebrated band will be in^Kali Like Nov. 5. 6 and 7, wben a grand^concert will lie given in the tabernacle.^The band will bo assisted by the Choral^society anil tabernacle choir, which^consists of 700 voices. Yor this oc^casioii the ITnon Pacific will sell^round trip tickets from l utte to Salt Lake^for {15. conditional tliut deposit must be^made ior ticket* by 25 persons ou or bt -^for* Nov. 4. All who wish to take ad^^vantage of thia liberal rate should bear in^mind that deposit* must be made early^as possible, so that sleeping car accom^^modations can be provided. Fitrtb* r^particulars can bo obtained at V. P.^office, corner Maine and Uroadway.
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Jii'l;fItai't't'a I.X|l*l l **ur^*.
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