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|Professor Stiekscj't Method Caises^lick Comeit
IWhat Ha Says About Making L quid^Sulphurous Aold ^ Intereat-^Inn Paper by Thomas
Lint, Nov. 1.^Tup experiment made^hy ^'lia^i W. biickner of the Parrot^company at the oily ball, laal evening, at^rtdaittl in tbla morning's Stakdahd. baa^aroused coiisiclerab a talk among tbuse^interested in tbe smoke question. Few^are those who claim to understand tbe^process, but air. Sticknvy is relied on aa^a man wbo knows what he Is about. Mu^one questions tbat lie baa a correct theory^lor extracting tbe aulphur from tbo^smoke. So far as air. Stiekney's eipla-^na imi went, it does not appear tbat tbe^aim ke is to be gotten rid of, but only ^hji^thu sulphur la to be ellini-^vimt.d from the smoke. If Mr.^htickuey's proposition is rightly^understood, Butte will still be a smoky^city, but tbe sulphur, which is the objec^^tionable feature of tbe araoke, will have^h en el in i.ated. This will of itself be a^great blessing, and probab'y most of^l.utte's citiaons will be satisfied to endure^ill - smoke if they can gat rid of thu sul
Ifthe cltiatns' committee decide to^nrrymit Mr. Ktickney's plan, tbe first^' limit necessary will be to convince citi-^^ Mis generally that tbe plan is a feasible^one, To do this, it will be necessary to^have a demonstration ona larger scale^ihau tbe one of last e^^tiTng. Mr. Stick-^Ley says tiiat about 1400 will cover i be^roat of audi a demonstration. There
refew who would not concede^.hat this amount would be^money well inveatetl. Th- smoke^i roblem will not aoltre itself. Somothing^must l^e done, for if every experiment^^tops at its Ural explanation thu question^sill never be settled. Mr. Stlcaney is^rlouhtles.i right ill bis theory* ll is the^luty of the citiaons to find out whether^'he scheme I* practical. Mr. Stickney^.ulieves ihero is wealth in store for the^.tockholders of a company to be organ-^i d to make sulphur out of Uutle's sul^^phur kiik ke.
1'rof.Karl Eilers of Berlin, Germany,^recently read a paper before tbe Araeri-^i ait Institute of Mining Engineers on the^manufacture of 1 quid sulpnurous acid aa^t is carried on in Silesia. Alter deseriL-
v ibo proecss ills* piofesaor says:
Thes|^eelAl imitoilunce whlcli aueli a |^roeess^siny ihaVa at lids time id I lie I'ulletl Mate* is^.^^MtesU'l by I he grow tu llteouvcnli uciMiiiimuiii^hilt to itislieas, eiiMTleuerd in sueli lut'altlies as^llntlr, ^.t ni , altere the stilphiiioiis gases Iroiu^nree loaal oi.iuis Iiate |^rt.vi d not onl^ f tt.il lu^vt'tiet ut ton hnt itjur.oiis to human i e l it It it^n i ^ it d ll at lh^ aull.oritlis of I'ttlle areearu^cs ^ etiiihiUenuu l!.e enterprise of r^ Moving-, if^pi;ieticah:e, ihe dense nu^I siifft tutliiic etoiitl^wfueli iu.w hnngs over tliat city, and ^ t tslueli^mini,t.nun itelu iiitdoulitediv nuius the ajpaatrf^slid i. us. opptessive. If net ilie most lolsoucus,^fan.
Mayii r.ot be that the solution of tins ptoldrin^1k turirahed hy a prooe t v I1.4-.1 nut only re^^turn eg the sulphurous a* id fi t 111 tiie est'iipliijr
are* ^ f ill- roas'inff furnaees. hat also delivers^It in a t hemleslly purr e mom 11 and eomp.i^^irrehuuishle form'.' \Wnihei it it u d, in Una^mini. I e 11..ri-] . rn I at a p.oflt 10 the present^kaslkaM of tuose mdieirira wiiien reaaava ll, la^1 mutter allien in eu not here be Investigated I
'a 11 only ss^. In passing, that 1 have no dould^^here u. idtl 1 e ways f.'tind of itttlt/injE this i
/snitanl ehemleal if Us production, even w.tlioul^trout, were sliovn 10 he the moat feasible es-^htue 1.1 ei.mnumllies fruiu a great uubauee.^Aiut ii r valuable contribution to tbe
literatureof amoks is from tbe pen o'^Thomas ( ciri., n,p nnieuneni uf the^Boston 4 Montana. Mr. Couch's letter^appears n to-tlov's issue of Thr}n^)ile^and abou d be read with close attention.^Ha advocataa tbe fl le and stack as tt.e^most leaaible plan lor ridding the city of^tba smoke, and ha promises hearty co^^operation and support ill aueb a scheme.^Mr. Couch's article ia as follows:
Iam asked to Rive my vlewi uiaaa what la bow^aall'U the ^smose r.11 I .nee.^ This t|uestt^o la^oue in sri-leli ^e are all eaaaj y 111 ei steal, *ud^0:1s tn.it must lie weighed it se.nvonstel) and l^e^dealt with ou its iu rtis. tlidinaotva ^ ^ untletl^u|Hin meie sen Inieui mt.i not r. ni.tty the ev.l^eeniptainett of; nor will the halo assent.*us ef^those iutexieateti ^hli ^umtty aid in the leu^t^cligtee toward reaeniaie lue mm sought. Tne^e ml.111 lis sin round 111K lite dlfflt'Ul.) lu 11 ne^tarsiuhy 1 xam ni d hy linpirtiui iinudb^men^wno have tlie interest of ^ very uiuuitry slid^every inolvitlual iDhatliant of the uWluet at^heart, vt Ilea this is d.iue, tne Bra! step in lbs^right ulreeiiou al l liave Ivio iu.de. tueh n-^sniinaiiun, 1 tuygsat, should le made by tbe^city council
'ITie.inellers npersli d by tbe courer pi odiicers^of tiutle are sitaiued lu a valle/lienimed lu by^theltiM'ky niout.tains on ail aides, 'ihitiaui -^fortuuate. for m tins fiet ilea tbe who.e of our^tr ulna, la the sinter season uurinz threoid,^sill senile 1, ao bre. le la prirrpttblo In tins^Valley, and the sulpnurous gases a'tile 1 ^ the^botioui like water in a tub. The queati u is^bow u^ gel liieiu outr Tula b's h eu diseiisseil^fur 10 years b.tli here and ahroag. until^the qu stioti Is aa well underst'-nd In^New 1 oik as it Is ii Bute. Vet uu^metallurgist orchemilt that I am anvised. f. ll a^offered anything u^ aid us ill Iho ^olut.ou of the^teubl m. 'the health 1 nicer was flu ilij sent^Cast by the city to look In o all niotesses known^to s^*lence, and to briug tack if posaibe some^seheiueer U'-thed Inst eotiid Ii' mude t ffer.ite.^VS hat did be find, or bring back with BtslT N^^fur as I know, nolluug.
Weare ton! no* that lie- chief difileulty 1. e ,^that the most disagreeable fumes met with on^Hie streets of llutle, comes Iroiu the upru sir^ioasi hsa|ss, a v^ ry smalt proportion ^t the ore^re.iueetl in the valley being dcsulplturiKd by^tliat metiiod, and that if Ills quantity of ore^ao bundled was adciucd in furnaces or^111 stalls, so that tne funics would
Fas up through a stack one hiindrcil or more^el lu height a parti tl lemcd) would be found,^butte is situated on the stops of tbe mil. Baa the^b'Wer put of the t wu Is piohnUly a utiud.ed^feet or less above the nearest smellers, then ris^^ing Ii. c 1 10 ttte north 10 t-n c.ev.ittou ot itcrhapa^five huudr'd or more feet. How staeKa t.iat c^^n-^^cviiie iiilphiirious gas- s to a heighi whlcli^Pauls enable them to fsa luio 1 tie town can be a^bent fit to it lew i^eople will understand. I'm^tins, in my opinion. Is shut slacks n the va 1 ^^woulu Be. W aavw the ote is calcined in o|iea a r^heaps the sint'ke lruttt tin 111 strike the groiiuu^nuiueiii dels, ue|K^KilniK liee or native sulphur^as it .nes, mo BatwrasBga lessridnu aa distance^is g; in el irom tt.e neaps I his, theu, is^couvlusive t videiiee th l the sooner tbe^smoke strikes tlie groinnl the sooner it la free t^from the ^ hjeetionable siilphimnii luiues, la^no alack, 111 njf htunb.e opinion, that la not hit h^emiugb to setts the crest 01 the inoualaius anr-^roitiiatug the smelters, will Ihe rem nly s*e aeeK^lie found. If it is found to he practicable after^caielul sin vey by coui|^eleui eutriueera 10 c.in-^sti net a flue auti MsjBa thai will eel ry tint fnines^ai d ga^es over the inoun a ns, :v: us in ike an^elf rt to ivHis.ru t it. 'First, let us lute the^^p.estiou looked Mo hy eng ncers capable of tlo-^111K it; then we snail Ii .ve a louiutalion t^ hipid^on. ami can go hiii ail 111 e.lluenilt'. there wtj^Hi n be 110 ^\;:i^^ 1 of the iutltis ly that has m ule^i:mi ^ taaBBWs, ami ii..s given It a woi.tl^wile rentisu, lielug t.eslroyed; IktM^* ill be tin danger of thousands of lam-^i lea belli^ deprived of a live! ho. tl^through any l.u-ty acuon of th' city council of^Butte. All we n ed Is a eatwtal exaininaiion si^the tontliiions hy engineers and Beieiitisls who^are coiit|^eteut 10 do thewirlt, und set Bpaa^their .ti.vice. U lieu th s is do.ie the lui*anipc-^leui lies lers wlh he ic.egaled to their nroier^sp ere*, ami all the feats of p opie lie ug thrown^nil of eit.ptoyiuent will be remuved.
Itia Mini hy some pe p c t .at the sulphur^smoke entlauger the lives ef the uiliabllauis of^this loca lly. V^ ho knows thai^ llises the hca.ln^cfll'er kuow whedier or not the mortality^among the iuhshltauls of the valley villages is^greater or jess thvu it is among the people * h ^^lite en the hill where the sun siiiuct all ine time^IB ^in it. sbtie the pe. pie iu tbe lowl tieis are^h il l* 11 from view b. sn.oke. 1 be leve if^the 1 Ity council would ii'stinet the health uflh er^to keep the names untl lo alitles of the ileitis^that will tM'etir hetwten the 1st of Nnvemb r auu^1st ^f Apiil m xi. lu oruer that a liuibful state,^nieut of the destli rate per cent, of population^may be ascertain* d, tbat at the end of th^ lime^that etneer will remove bis hat to tus smoke and
say.as seme peeple in t in say lo me: ^ V^ u are^very LitsagTsrsI le; I until likeyou; in Issl, I^hair yon; 1 ui up n ens Ir.vt-s itninoo I Bud^ib^t ^^ii are n ^t so Injur eus to hutte alt rail.'^la it n^^ possm e that .Ids would lie tbe veitliu T^II lu nieg au.pliur isa^lsi^ freioiit la a roosn^whet e the rei ins ^ f irt ho d nave been lougrd,^why is It not a nartbil lufeetaiil uiualae among^the nth futiinl in our al'eys, etc
Ifit Is aeeeaaary to do so, on ordlnaree mak^^ing it c mpulaery upon the health officer to keep^such statistics aa 1 have suggested, and it is put^fi o Ihe nanus of IT koharts to enforce, I^thuik the result w mid be hiyhly interesting, auu^ihe mciicai fraternity would be put in p- sses-^s on of some facs I hey ounlit to km w, as w .111.1^thep ople No belter Weld for the study of the^elfeets of aulphur fuiut s upon at^y iseople can be^found thau tins is. I^e us at ow. Ill' n, whether^11 dies tr coca not urstr^y human hfa. If ala-^ilsiie.il ; 1 ^ 1 ^ 111 v shows that 11 does not kill, and^the lout! flue mentioned shall n I I e 11 iishlereu^feaslb.e. we sh.dl Ih* tonteitt loeniltin* tlie d.s-^agieeuble 11111. s f ir ihe winter seasons ra'hrr^tlistt be lorcei. 1 ^ set) entl tiperations ai d throw^iwoiocout tt ^ 1 pi. \ Inc. t, anleli would Pe B -OsS^allse tu both tl e eompsiiltH and Ihe^|seople. i he siticltiiu o'tl e ore* is li^ n.ost es-^senlitti part ef the mining btisinxis lor us here.^We rtgtet that we It ve le t suflle.cnt water to^enaliie us to erect it 1 Ihe .uieheis necessarv for^the reuu.tiou tif our output, so tl at we eotiid^build uu a city ^ f iou.u^ :bh:^h tans Yet this^lildlisliy Is el sled will the eesS|s^ol^. th* ll'aps^of flltu, 1 le., :li'i are roustiieied brerdeis 1 f du-^ettes, v t., a nuisance, 'lliat the smoke isex-^trrmely uisagrrrablr we sil fieeiv tdrnt'. If we^tan rid tl e mv 1 ltd v.e u t^ 1 f it let 11s find out^tne way of iio.bg it by Bah g nixim it the right^wav. if it is ^ est iict.ve 01 human l.f ^ let us^hi ow that, 100. If seine plttn 1 an Isr found that^will give us the desired relief I believe every^niiu.ui: 11.nip.my ami every lutl.vi ual wbocan^wl I rnntrll ule toward Lie 1 x ense. 1 know^lliat I wi.l f, 1 une. if the 1 Ian shall be the flue^and siaek, which 1 think sin.e le* .o tktd lino^art! (^f all, Ibrie ^.11 lie n ^ d fUeiilty, 1 imagine,^In g ttiug the city und the diflert lit m nil f com^^panies to operate haunt iiiotuly 111 1I10 niaiter.^rut a toiiipelei.t 1 n itieer in t harge of the Hue^proposition. Have him ascertain the si/e of the^flue rti|tinrd. the material ^r which tl should he^constructed, etc, etc , nnd submit a 1 enot 1 of Ike^entire cost. Tin 11 if the plau Is cousitierrd feas^^ible let u* one ami all put our aliottiueis to the^wheel and enueuvor to ia se the fuuua necessary^to cairy the w tirk to 10m plot ion.
Th*Horse itecasne Frightened.
Bi'TTP.,Nov. 1.^This aftrrnoon Jerry^Murphy und another man were returning^from a funeral, driving a single rig. Mur^^phy was handling tbe lines, and when at^tbo Montana Union crossing, near the^Butte ileductlou workr, be dropped one^of the reins, which frightened the hois ^^and caused it to run. Immediately iu^front wan another rig, and in trying to^pass it tbe horse turned too short and up^^set ihe buggy, throwing Murphy and bts^companion out. The tall rendered Mui-^pby unconscious and be was badly cut^and bruised about the head, and bad to^bo taken homo in a baci. The buggy waa^couaidcratily broken up.
AttentionWaalilnglJU Hoard.^Members of Company N. U. M., are^ordered to aaaenib'.e at the armory at 7;liu^o t itic * p. m Minday, Nor. 1, 1891, to^transact business of importance lo the^compuiiy. Uyortlerot
CS. .- hoi siAKtK, Cud. comdg.^S. W. Giiavus, 1st hergt.
Ifyou want a first class suit of clothe^made toordtr, from 12) upwards, c ill at^the Uuion tailors. No, 11, Last Quarti^street. L. Wis*'.
Ira. J. i. (. row Iry. Christian Scientist^receives patients at tit Last Mercury^street. Hours 10 10 ti a. m., L to a p. ru.^Conaultaliun free.
Forchoice article of^Rock Springs Coal^call up Montana Produce company,^l i b phono 44.
Popularexcursions to San Francisco^Los Angeles and other points in Califor^^nia are run over the l*m^ n Pacific.
Idiho'sWorld's tar tiwnslstlastr Tires
efHis J1I1 Unit. City Me e .^rreetal Correspondence ^ f the standard.
IIoibeCirr, Oct. SI.^It waa a sail sur^^prise to tba people uf lioise whan Gov-^1 r.ior Willey announced tbat be had re^^ceived a communication from Capl. J. K.^De Lamar, Idaho's world's fair commie^sonrr, tendering Lit resignation. Cap^^tain lie Lamar's letter con taim d many^suggestions. One is that tho state com-*^m kiioncr slit u d be salaried at fl.NO) per^year al.d his el pen sea paid. His salary^aliLuld he taken front subscriptions and^his expenses to Ih- taktn out of the state^appropriation. Captain De Lamnr rec^^ommends Hon. Jtsse| b Hawkins of Silver^Off as bis successor. Mr. Hawkins ia a^merlianic and a man of good executive^ability, and w'H, if appointed, make an^efficient man for the place and a tit suc^^cessor to Owybee county's mining king.
Assoon as Governor Willey finished^resiling Captain De Lamar's letter, be^inimtdmtely wrote a reply urging th^^captain to withdraw bis res g latum. A^committee headed by Mayor l'innry^waiud on the governor, showing the^greatest solicitude in thu matter, and^brt uzlit all pressure possible to convince^Mr. De Lamar tbat be should not resign^at tins hour wbeu bis set vices are so^nun h needed. A pttition lugging Mr.^lie l.ntn.ir to continue as cniuiiussioncr^was circulated about the nly, ami was^sighed ly hundreds. '1 be govei nor anil^peoplv eagerly await the coniiutsaiouor's^reply.
J.H. Push ia building a handsome tw^^stoty trek resilience on tbe corner of^JdVerson und Twelfth streets. The base^^ment walls ore of native aaiitlst. iie and^the st:pt ratrttcturc of brick, Ihe exterior^of winch will lie vt net-red with pressed^brick. These are tbe first prt ascd brick^ever brought to Uoise. 'i be basement^will constat of heating no 111, storage^room and cellar. The first story w ill con^lain vt anl ulo and bulla.iy, flit is boil with^waiuacotipg and qtiarter-sawetl red oak^ar.tl tloublo parlor, sitting room, etc.^The second tt ry will lie. used for slct |^ing ami both compartments. T he build^^ing will be embellished by a splendid^tower. I'.'J feet in height.' T'bo cost will I to^^bow $7.0U0.
TimothyRegnn linn conn I Mi il six very^nice frame buildings, nil of which are^re 11 ting at Ktt pt r mouth.
PostmasterLronaid. H.J. Curbiia and^J. II. Tot good I an' each built handsome^tw ti ry name residences.
Workon tbe Grand Army 1 all now^goiim upon State street is liomg rapidly^pushed. Its locatttiti is very desirable.
Inthe cabinet of the Grotto auloon is^to bo seen a golden candlestick, which^was found in an old Catliolic mission,^soi:,ow lu re in old Mexico. It la worth^about $.(0, and still bss the sperm on its^sides tl .it melted and ran down tin 111^when last used.
InK. 7. Johnson's law office ia the larg^^est double harm t ie ever scon in this^country. Il is six inches in tliumeier at^the base, und at the^ top has two circular^cavities, each of which ant over an inch^in diameter. Mr. Johnson has bad it^overlaid w itb goltl ami it serves the gootl^purpose of a double match box. ll was^waslied ashore at Newport. Ore., and was^bought by a hotel man, wbo gave it to the^present owner.
Au-rrtutmn\lM vmt*r II.y head om etnt n#r^if ^^ru *^m m*i*rfsO^i; tptnri raU* m n m/r, ifjt^^^* at Unfit, if n^-u. .No utiiw r u^c ir^m aec*iA*J^;^ar it a* than ^ cmt*
IJViKBALI*.^A genetal store noiug a good^r Imsinesa In a go tl io .it ma: will sell on ae-
ciunt ef sleknesSi slot k eau-tsls of groceries,^nines h.ittware. Uawais . n 1 iteming. Ad-
dr-ssbox It. lirmite.
-r our i.undrctl BBakl^t f^^r sale. Address^Mon'atis
1^n I All lbs Ft lit .sAl.i^I or the finest point N^lE.el Brd itllmore. Cwvallli
ll'uMHillt.ts-s to wuii. 1 at eJ term ^ till,^it none taken f.u 1 ss 1 lit three in m lis at^hat rate. A.lare-s llyr. u \\ end I'eer laslge,
VCKNTst* a.N I I !^ Free pnpiidonl I In^energetic men. heveial t.l our -aicsiiteii^hive earned In at BIB lotsl'Siawe k foi gears^Isist. I^. U, II x ItTI, New Yolk:.
Employeso( th; Aiacondi Compiny.
Allmen in th*^ i-inploy o' ih** AiiKi'DiIjI n^m-^pany, r.ti.er m l.na ^ ur Ati.troinU, nt.iv ^ curt*^i^e, afcihl ti**, itioi.^ ihau tw^', .'vl.H f'l'i tu^'Iir ( t-all.'ll A.l.111! 11 tu r-'./'-lii.m. m 11' . ity^in itini: pr- ^i* cti h f ^r thria un ^^r br(*^re !^^^ .^1. isM. WaiiAtniy iKnl.
.1.w. nun
!^^ MMk Moi l.
JohnMagulrr. ProprleUr and Manager.
Y A\ Mhv the honor of at-i^irinj.^ia ii. ^^^.^'^r.i H'iu^- tit-xt
ABtlTw^ Mur^d^njc Kvenlnts, In^Au-uis.n iui)'k Ore^cit I'uy la
I.if a^ U-
NOIHI: ^^ A^m MMi N I - Kftt Li^^n Mm-^ins ooMMkni -^ ;i! ,u,t1,1 ^^.^'**^^ w.irK* ar *^11 ih* ri tir Crew Vi un: ilctricC, Dt^s L.v.n:^^^i-'nitiv, Moni.tM. N^ti#ol awfc^.*^^-m*-iif. No-
l^o it litfrhy fi\*n il .t at n Ml in^t
*l I hi* r. -ih * u( *a ^l timipany li**Ui^at U^ rn e.^ lu An;i., i.'U, .^iorta;ia,^t-n Uu* irili day or Oct ah i f, IflM, an nkarna^^nifiu u t ecu nfrftafv WA^ i^.|i*l mmi iiir^ra|^i at ^t m'K of ^^ a *.l .'i^,np ^ny. \* i\ ah'i* on or '^for^^ Nuvi'inh -r ln.tt, I ^ ii. h. Win* o ^wt^^-^iar*f. .^( U.\ titiutt- in An i-octl t, M Mitan i Ativ^KhM*lk ii|^iit * h i h %;\ tl ain* nt una i ^ :n^tin) niil un ihe Nth ^lay of N^ Vr-inl-ir. iv.il, *.h;tl^Im- AaMta#f| il^iitn|tr^^ii( and will In iin.y aiivr-^t'^f^t fiT f^.i.#a' |nil^uc j.ui*.1*1:1. all I. un r*i^ |K\^in. tit *hali !^*^ inul** bHora, vOl !*^ MM on lt*^^Mill dai of Dn pmw r. ^L in piy IM ii*^iin^i|^M tit a^ rHincnt t 1 n t!i^-i Willi 1i10 c.^kt of jil-^\t it i*iu^ ai.il . ^ 1 .'ii^.-ii i^f fialf.
ii.I.. WI.V icX, Hroiv-tarv.
iinict*in L't.ioii M-^ck, Ati^^ t^ti^l.i, Hii.aani.
Allp^raona Midtalg Mock in Im KM l.ion^.MiniMit ^ l^-*^tiit tion t*t^ni|^ ^n\ wui plt-.tw,^ i u|^nt thi^ M-crctar 'a oftict* anl M*cur^* aio k In Km J^lion Mm in: inmrany in i-a^*l.a:i*k,t* lhfi^ri'r.
Illkt |MIL^ irati.Mi t^i t I'.l
rpOALL WttUM IT MAY * ONrKUN NoC'.-o^I 1.0 h ri*h^ L.iv^*n Ilia t'r nn^l i** ^nnl w,)|^,i('|tl\ |a ^li^' ^ll^ti'.t-' 11 mut In ami kff |lw WtHttif^m IsOtlff* an 1 **t't-uf *l^*ntaii:i mi tin* _^ th^il.iy ^f IkOVfMWJl'a A. I * Ittts a t#w*e| i 'h i. Tti.,^in a** s ^m ih. |s^ (ft, r at app ^ ant ran Im h at i,^for an otiltT ^^f Kant r un [mmnut tu; h^*' lo^i .iiivon iiuiliirkh 111 her own 11 im * iinth r tin*^WHtMM) mj ^An mm lo mmmmImI mai t .-^ 1^iroMtenI i'mihui m*MsM)M] ui iMf ***'u iiauu*^at* mmj trailer ^ api'i' I Mmn h l MM.
I1 at the 11.1 iiri-of th - t iiMiii^^* t-i or ra* 1 !^-I^mi l^\ Ilu-un rrsi,.n^^l Ik ImM nj a hotel MM
bvttrdiBjlmmmm kii*(m^, ii '- owpgflini if iyi
an. |MfMHMJI ptiM'i'il* 1 11 ..^^^^ .11 \ 11; on i f^hiiki. an^I it f.u i t IbrriHa : in il.r m)vmm^^nu'lit vt lhe protl!** atliiUi from r*a ^l tiu*4iiii-^g in^Mir h ^itli^*r I usinris aw *\i ^ m.t\ ilr- rn | intltal^ e
Hatnlat Anaci n ia, V.*m u 1. Oct ih.*- *7, l^ n.
BLLiM D, 1 017 rii.^T. o'l tr \rv, Atlornry for App imil.
Or**L*mj m IsMTI bVTJMmI Tiara.**
SMUtKHY.rAr-rturned voran. M'at^li^hvM^a** a ^ol i|i*c iur-^rD_'iT, tiut -^^ ^ u to any^tli.l,|fr.tr^ JOHN Mai.t IRE
1L1OriKinal ^ h vra^^ r Ml MMl niin at the^Mrlro|^s^l!iau Thrttfr. .Ntn Frann^*o, m^la.l. wli**n ihlitiit-at l'U^ ^^ .... u^oue of ih** Mi^*i MtraaMJtal^l: ti.- on K**r..M .a^H1^1 1 ity.
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Seat,ate now on s.de at Calkins'.
P.0. S. of A.
COMMANDERYNo 28. P. 0. 8. OF I
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fcflE spend no money for pre^miums and spare none to obtain
Allthe News
ofthe: E^AV.
Theonly inducement \vc offer is the best newspaper ever published^in Montana. This is what has secured for us a circulation never^approached by any other journal in the state.
TheSTANDARD'S field is not a local one, it embraces
TheGreat Northwest.
Subscribershave been added to the Standard's^circulation in the past Sixty Days.
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