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Ofthe STANDARD la In the^New Windsor Hotel Annex. No.^21 East Broadway. The Tele^^phone number Is 253.
aavsrtlsementtwill lie reee.ve.1 v I lis Until^sties ^.f the Htanpakd till ^ oelock^V. XL tor iDM-ruon in tlieloUus-^mc moraine's |^i*r.^II^^Ptak:^ari^ is rteinerm lu Hutu subscriu-^^^^ carry imi) uioining.
Prof.J. \\ . Young of Helena ta a vialtor^in the city.
Dr.A. H. Adams of Madison r.unity ia^in tlir city.
Thenext term of court will have a^graml jury.
T.( . Power of HHc-ua paid his Unite^conatiiuema a vi-.ii yi-slrrilay.
.L. Honner pain-1 it.r uikIi the city^yesterday, en route to Deer Lodge.
Hon,F. G. HiRC'ii^. *'ho line h n in^the city acveral 'lay, nturned to Mir-^aoula yesterday.
CharlesBartlett, for aeveral yeara cm-^ployed in tho Blue Mint mill, left lor^Atpen. Colo., last ni|(lii.
Everybodyshould renifmher the bag^^ociahie to lie held at St, J din's I'pisco-^pal church this evening.
J,J, York, commander ol L'nenln post^No. 2, 0. A. I! . will leav.- f^ r I'hilipsburK^to-day to lnsmutu a new post.
E.S, Conner, in adranc^ of the Carleton^Opera company, is in the cily arranging^lor the appenraiieo of the troupe.
Mr.and Mrs. II. I.ohle, who were mar^^ried at H'-lena V\ ^.-ilui--duy, arrived in the^city yesterday on their weddiiijr tour to^California.
DeputyShor IT Kirrmrda took Willinni^Holland to lloer L-nlge yestorday lo servo^^ sentc in-, of six yeara in thu |hiiUcii-^t nry for Inn glar^ .
P.S. Sullivan, the miner injnnd in the^L- imgion Inst Tuesday, was c ^tisider^U^much worse yesur !a^- and his condiiiou^alarmed his friends.
Thefuneral of the late Freeman I iwe^will take place tins afternoon at ^o'clock^tinder tlie auapices of Enterprise lodge 1.^O. U. F. of South Unite.
Mr.and Mrs. H. U. V.ililon mourn the^loan of their infant child, which liieil^Wednesday evening. The funeral will^take place at Deer Lodge to-day.
William7-eri s was arrested yesterday on^a warrant laaeaw by Judue 1. Id), ^fce.fgtag^him with petty larceny. The complain-^ant ia Margaret Bala, who alleges that^Eerrs stole two .arliels Irom her con^^taining feminine wearing apparel of a^value of s in.
CharlesDaly, who had a friend in the^city jail last night, was caught by Jailor^Wilson in the act of a.tempting to pass a^bottle of whiskey through tin liars, und^us a const ^|ut'tice soon found himself^also on the ius.de of ihe grating. The^whiskey waa confiscated.
H.P. Lucas died at Ilia residence. No-^4: L Smith Ariiona street, at l:lip, m*^yesterday. The rem mis will t^ for^^warded lo-day lo tin. former home i f air.^Lucas, Haih. N. Y. Mr. Lucas was n mem^^ber of Silver Bow lodge No. MM, I.rami^United Order of (lid Fellows, under^whose auspices Ihe funeral services will^be conducted. Afl in- niliers are requeated^to attend, liy older ol the N. G.
A 1'botngraph ol !)^ ol Ilia Swiftest^laJW In ihe 4 liy.^lirnK, Nov. 1'.'.^A fine photograph of^the : taniiami s fust horse anil delivery
cartha. ju-t Iii turned out by i'aliiier.
Titopicture represents the Sta.niiakd's^well-known horse Schoolboy standing in^front ol the city hall with lite Anaconda^oTASDAKI) csrt mid load of papers. The^picture represents Schoolboy in repose,^but he is lo Ih- seen nt bis best at all^early hour in the morning wheu he^fine over the ground from the^depot at South Hint,. to the^liulte (fltceofihe M i.Miai.'I), from which^point thu papers tire delivered to the^carriers. Seliooilmy is u itiurndle.-nt an^^imal, strong I lulu il and poa-i-rlnl. rover-^lug mile ufier mile at lie rate ,^| ftK with^the greatest MM, He t all run iti^ tin lull^lxom South Btttla wnh as great eas^- and^rapidily as In- ran nn.vo on a I^ v^ ^ 1. ami^Ihe subst ribi rs who welcoiu^ ihe M ano-^abu early each nioining can thank^Schoolboy a^ d the Standaiid ^ fni hfiii^camera for having their lavurite paper^at the breakfast tattle.
It.^ - Sa tin a s i-ike,^BtTTE, Nov. 19 ^There was an Incipi^^ent strike among the boya of the Inde^^pendent Measenger company this after^^noon. It was learned Hint MM or two of^the Ixiys was rn l iving larg. r TCeM ih.tn^the balatu-e, and the boys in talking the^matt r over decided lo strike for higher^wages. The hour for the airike wns set^for 'i o'clock this afternoon. Hut ih^-^strike waa brief, the hoys quickly return^^ing to work. It was I xplaim-d to Saw^that ^ n ^ ^r two of the bojrl ri eeiveil^higher wag. s in consideration of istra^wjrk.
viInlng Doi'liuienl. I ilril,
Diitf.,Nov. Hi^Ihe following mining^documents were Hied for record to-day:
AllhlkVta of anrnal labor ^ October^loile eiaim. Summit Valley districi, s4iu-^utl Betihaiii and nlaan\ Oella, 1 ml. -^pc-ndeuce district, Jusi pit (Jreuoli; A. B.^I'., Summit Valley district, Joscnh Xa-^deau autl ntberai ClutUtoiie, Summii val^^ley, John F. Cowan.
LocaleI-1notict ^Cliicago, Twin Moun^^tain diatrici. by deorje M. Ciawford and^William C Chenoweth.
Beforebuying, call and t xamine our^large and comjdete stock of heatera. H^J. Biumc, 78 \\ eat Park street.
Forchoice article of^ICock Springs Coal^rail up Montana Produce company^Telephone 44. '
Ifyou want your stoves moved, cleaned^and put up. call up telephone ||. .1.^Blume, 78 West Park street, opposite^Central school building.
TalkAbut the AoDibiltUoi of (be Po^^lio Ccmmissioa
MayorMueller Opposed toSesslona^Behind Closed Doors-Char^^acter of Concert Saloons^to b) Investigated.
Butte,Nor. 19 ^The police commis^^sion ailll rivea. The attempt at its anni^^hilation at the council meeting laat right^failod, but there it may yet have lo fight^for its existence. The voto last night^atooil 7 in litvor of abolishing the pol as^commission slid 4 in favor of its con-^tinned existence, it is a rule of the coun^^cil ihnt a !hl i e-fi in tin vole of the enure^council is necessary to pusa all ordinance^nt the sumo meeting nt which il is intro^^duced. 1 lit by letting the proposed ordi^^nance take lis natural i nurse ami conic^up lor passage thu week after it ia Intro-^One. il, only a maj my vote ia^necessary. The queslioti now la^whether the seekers after the tcalp^of tie) poli-c commission will be able to^muster u majority vote to annihilate it.
Threealdermen w^ re absent last night.^These gentlemen were Aldermen Me-^Dc i moti, llnrrot and Van Butkirk. The^friends of the police commission count^on the votes of Aldermen McDermott and^Hai ret, while the opponents count Alder^^man Van litiakirk's vote ;,a with them.^That would make eight in favor of the^abolishment of the pmiro comtnlasion t ^^aix m favor of retaining it. Hut the friends^of the commission count on lli'i vote of^Aid' rum n Dawson, who lust lug In voted^lor ilia repeal of mo ordinance. If Mr.^Dawson votes as the friends of the com^^mission expect, th ^ vote will stand 7 to 7.^'I hen the mayor will Ih- called oil to de^^cide whether ihe sasajaskMSfM of which he^is chairman shall live or die.
Ihemayor w ill call a in -cling of tho^police commissioners next Monday to in^^vestigate the Mi G ^wau mailer, and any^oilier churges or complaints that may lie^bn ught to its attention. The council last^i veiling did not take any action on the^mayor's suggestion that a meeting bo^held to investigate the conduct of the^Clipper Shinies autl o lit r resorts, lue^mayor made the suggestion, hut not n^wortl was breathed on the subject b/ any^alderman, ami it cannot be said whether^or not the proposed investigation will^take place.
Itmould be n movement in the line of^munici|ial reform if the agitation over^the pol.ee commission would lo-uliin the^substiiiiiioii of a coinm s^ion composed^of citn-ns. A dei man Manic ssid to-.lav:
''Iam hearljiy in favor of a police com^^mission of eh i ms, as is proposetl. i^think it a movement in tue right direc^^tion. Tho only ihlnctilty in tho nay is^that it will be necessary to have the leg^^islature tako action before this can be^done. Ths incorporation act provides^that the council shall name the police.^men, and the city council has not the au^^thority to delegate thia power to cliig ;ns^without the necessary action by the lego-^laiure.
Itis helit veil, however, that even if tho^city cannot delegate Its pnwerof appoint^^ing pohce officers, it can retain that^power and delegate to a commission of^citixeiis the power of investigating nnd^th elding on all complaints and charges^made against any police olllrcr. '1 he^council could retain tho power of ap^^pointing the officers, hut give to cit s Mis^who had nothing i j no with the appoi nt-^mentollho officers the power of decid^^ing whether ^^r not they are guilty of of^^fenses charged.
Onegnoj ro-ult has already been^scored. In re,tan! to the next meeting of^the police commission a standard re^^porter asked Ihe msyor tc- lay:
Willthe meeting be secret or open ^''
Itwill be open,^ replied the mayor. ^1^was never in favor of secret meetmgv,^and if 1 have anything to say about the^matter the sessions of the police commis^^sion will bo open to the repoi tera and the^I ublic.^
lint-,of the Murpuy tlospel Trusperattee^I'iiIoii- I'anfOMasry Resolutions.
Bittk, Nov. 10 ^At their meeting yes-^ter 'ay nlieriioon the ladies of the W. C.^T. V. devoted considerable time to u dis^^cussion relative to pet nulling card play^^ing ill the club rooms ol the Murphy Gos^^pel Temperance union. The ladies evi^^dently had not been apprised of the ac^^tion taken by the ^ xecutivo commute ^ of^the Murphy association or they would^not have indulged iu the dn-^cussiou. Written in a large, bold^hand ia a notice in the club^rooms that no card playing will lio al^^lowed on the premises an I that no minors^shall have acceaa to tea rooms, and that^no minors un ler 1G yeaia of age will^be allowed to fn i| lent the library.
Thonotice was observed by n reporter^yesterday, and one of the genii-men in^the duo room said it hail been found nec^^essary to prolnhit cartl playing because^hoys had gotten into the habit of spend^^ing all their time in the clubrooms, play^^ing seven up. To prevent boys from^loailng about ihe place to the neglect ot^their work or slu-ln s, it was deeim d best^by the committee to puss the order ex^^cluding minors from the r nl.ro in and set*^ting n limit to the age at which minors^have the privilege of the library.
Thoverdict of the people is that the^Standaiid is Montana's best newspaper.^Try it for a month.
TheSupper tilveu liy the Ladles of the
ILiptlst4 liureli.
Bl'TTF.,Ncv. IS.^1 he auppcr given by^the Indies of the llaptistchurch this even^^ing waa a decided success. From 6^o'c'ock to 8 the reading rooms of the^Murphy Temperance union were crowded^with hungry patrons of the affur, await^^ing their chance to satisfy the inner^man. The tables were apresd iu^the assembly rooms, an I with the^snowy linen and daintily-disposed^dishes, presented a very pretty^appearance. '1 he la.lv palroneases were^Mrs. W. K. natcheldor, Mrs. J. W. Keed,^Mrs. F. K. W. Fallon ami Mra. Charles^liozcman, nnd under their management^iu- supper and the service was the acme^of the gastronomic art.
TheDill of fare was composed of Ihe^most delectable dishes, the regular ortho^^dox Thanksgiving dinner being served.^Koast turkey with sll the ^fixtures^ was^div iured with relish by all w ho were^sealed at the liouutiful board. The Indies^w ill clear in the nt 'chborhood t f |jn as^the result of their ^ If ris.
TheSl AMiAlin has more readnrs than^any riral newspaper read in Butte by^many hundreds. Try it for your adver^^tising.
Heatingstoves are going eff al a I v. It-^rate, but we still h iv an elegant assort^^ment. H. J. Illume, 78 West Park street.
Besrin mind that the Union Psciflc^tukes second-class passengers llirouk-h on^fsst express trains.
TuagbsWho Oeeapy Deserts* Csblas la^the OKI I'laerr Diggings,^km Nov. W.^If the court*, or rather^public olllcers, possess authority to do so,^an order to destroy fhe old deserted cabins^and shscks in the placer grounds would^prove not much less than a blessing to^the community. These dilapidated old^hovels are used as retreats by tbe many^vagrants, thieves and footpads that in^^flict the city and menace the life and^property of cit sens. Lmg since de^^serted by their owners, the cabins are of^no earthly use to anybody and^the the temptation held cut by^their txislenco to And shelter^an 1 a place, of concealment is too strong^to be resisted by ihe class of men referred^to, and as they are allowed to remain,^they will be used by the homeless wan^^derers who are continually fl tckiug to the^city. A visit to the old diggings by day^will reveal every one of the attacks filled^with i lie,d sii pitiable men. whose appear^^ance is indicative of their character. At^night the ru in nre deserted, their occu-^puma being scattered over the city^lugging and stcalirg. At the foot of^Montana streets stands one of these old^cat ins dun lor si me time past has been^the rendi ivous of a tough looking^gang, ami the entire neighborhood^is in a ri iistant statu of alarm by rcastn^of their presence. The cabin lie.ng shu^^nted beyond tbe city iimiis, the tramps^who have taken possession of it are safe^from police interference and do about as^they please. In the crowd are said to be^a couple of lays nut yet in their teens^hut fully as haruened as their elder com^^panions. The sugReation has been made^by those residing in that neighborhood^that it might not be a bad idea lor tbe^sle r fl* s forces to raid tbe den and rid tbe^locality of the uneaviry gang.
Wesell heaters lor So and upwards. H.^J. Uluute, 78 West Park street.
TwoMen Who Are l-ond of Ihe t'esapaay^ol Mi-r ff Llnyif.
BfTTK,Nov 19^Not to exceed two or^thr.-e days a:.-o John Anderson and Frank^White were discharged from Ihe county^jail, where White has spent the greater^purl of his lime during the last two years,^snd they did not take kindly to being^pushed out into the cold world. Their^minds wandered back to tho warm quur^it-rs autl tho plentiful ^grub^ they had^left behind, and at once began to lay^plana to get back. This morning be^^tween II and 4 o'clock they were^around Galena and Wyoming stn eta,^trying to aell n lot of c gars,^for which they asked only $2, although^worth a great deal more. Tiny nlao hail^seven cans of oyster*, for which ihey^tried to ob'ain a purchaser. After visit^^ing several sul ^ons in their elf oris lo di ^^pstse of Ihe goods-, they ran afoul of Offi^^cers Donavon, ^cott and Hooper, who,^knowiug the men, suspected mat they^had stolen the art hi las and arrested them^on suspicion. Later t n the officer* dis^^covered the store of the Cali^^fornia Commission company in Fast^l'ark struct ha 1 been entered and^ono of the men connected with^the store idcntifled the goods found in^ihe possession ol White and Anderson^as bcloiig,nj to the linn. The till had^also been tapped snd 14 in silver coin^stolen. The cigurs were contained in a^traveling man's sample case and were^valued al i75 Eutrauce to tbe store wns^effected throuzh the front door, which^the nu n in charge of tbe store say was^locked its usual last night when the place^was closed for the day.
Achai ge of burglary in the flrat degree^has been entered against the prisoners.
JutlgsMrMurphey's Declslna la ths Cass^Against Dau McKsnsie.
Bttte, Nov. 19 ^This afternoon Judge^McMurphey rendered a decision in tee^esse of the Stato vs. Dan McKenxie, tried^yrsterdny. McKeuzie was arrested on^complaint of Ben Degruhart for driving^stock not his own from a range, which^under the suite laws is dtsignaled as a^misdemeanor and punishable as such^The defense set up was that tho stock iu^question slleged to hsve bi en driven off^mil not belong to the complainant, but^was the property of 1. Clowes Miles, in^whose employ the dctetidant was st the^time of the commission ot the offense,^no denial being made of the alleged^removal of stock, a mare, which boh^Degenbart and Miles claim. Deginhart^claimed to have owned the marc for a^number of years, and several witnesses^tesiiiltd lo having seen heron bis range^near Pipestone Springs for at least sis^years. Miles test ft -d that it was about^that long ago when he lost the mare, and^was unable to Hud her uutil quite re^^cently, when be heard of her being on^in gen Pan's range, and sent McKcnsie to^drive her home.
1h'J court held that tbotdefense had^made out no case, and filled McKensie^SdO and all costs, and ordered the man ,^valued at about rt6U, to Ira restored to the^complainant. Notice of appeal waa^given.
ANEW wrinkle.
MitelCars Id ths City IVill Us Bested liy^Klreirielty.^BfTTK.Nov. 19^Ever since cold weather^has set iu much complaint has been made^about the chcuileaa and uncomfortable^condition of tho street cara. Both the^cable antl electric cars have been without^heating apparatus of any kind, ends ride^iu either has been anything but a pleas^^ure trip. In other respects tho service^ri tiocred by the company has been^equally defective, probably dun to^the long illness of the general man^^ager. Mr. Woolston. Keliel, how i ver, is^promised, anil the promise is being cai-^m il out. Tlie cable cars are being over^^hauled as lap dly as possible atld stoves^have been ordered for all of them. The^cars of the electric hues are lo be healed^by electricity and nn elevtrician is now^on his way from the East to install the^new device. Ihe apparatus to be used^consists of coils of German silver wire of^gr at resistance which w ill be placed tin^^ner IM seats snd will receive Ihe current^from the trolley wire in the same manner^that tbe current is conducted to the^motors.
Walkslivn.i.i:, Nov. 19.^John Berlace,^the man w ho w as arrested for stesling a^cook stove fiom the Moulton contpsn^will have a heating Saturday ruortiiug.
Thedemocrats have decided lo hold no^primaries or caueua this year.
HORSES, MULES. CARTS, ETC..^J'ur sale Cheap,
Ihave for aale a lot of horses, mules^dump carts atid harness; also complete^boarding house outfit, including range,^kitchcn utensils, etc., all of which will be^disposed of at n bargain.
Applyto J. T. Carroll, Front etroei.^Anaconda, or ^^ East Granite street^Hutle. '
Kingup telephone for the patent^weather stripa on your doors and win^^dows to keep out the cold and smoke. H^J. II.uni. , 78 West Park.
Ifyou want to read the best newspapc^printed in Montana, subscribe for the^STAifiiAKD. It isin Bulls beforedsybreak^every morning.
PutStreet Hucksters Wbo Insist Upon^Disobeying the Lai.
TelephonePoles Ornamented With^Hindquarters of Veniaon and^Choice Fowl^Policeman Du-^heme a Worried Man,
BtTTE,Nov. 19.^Tho rivalry existing^between the hucksters on ths south side^of West Park slreet is so strong that^sometimes it almost nun.tints to fierce^^ness, ami in their eagerness to boom bus-^nes^ tin y nut infrequently ignore the^rights and privileges of the public. No'. !^content with the spare they rent from th ^^owits of buildings they occupy as stores,^they try to utii'x ^ all outdoors for the^display of their wares aud blockade ilia I^Sidewalk with boxes, bales, barrels and^olbcr truck, to the total disregard of the^convenience and rights of p destriuns.
Tokeep the emerprising ^green groc^^ers ' in check, it has been found necei-^ssry to detail a policeman specially for^that part of town, who*,) principsl duty is^to keep the sidewalk clear and free of ob-^s true I ions. Officer Dilheltie is tlie Ullfoi-^tuuatc lean selected for ill a' tltitv and he^finds it anything but pleasant. N ^ mat^^ter how often he nrih rs ebitructing boxes^and barrela removed be general y finds^s, in other obs.riiciloti blockading the^walk ou his return, and he is compelled^to ^go for^ some one again. Of^so fiequent occurrence are these in^^fractions of the ordinance which^it is his duty to enforce, that^some times he is almost dnvi n to ill--^traction slid threatened with insun! y.^To h-ar him exposiu'ate and thrtaten is^emitting to outsider-, but to the officer^himself it is anything hut i le.isanc 1 his^afternoou he cleared me sidewalk us^usual a half a d^ sen times and calculated^that his troubles h id ended for the day.^lint he was ni.s.aken. From force cf^habit he made another rnund of^ihe block shortly afterward and^found that one of the huckster* had^translormed telephone, ami other poles^in front of his shop into racks faf dis^^playing meat and ornamented tliera with^steaks, htiui-qtiarters, loins ami other^Iragiuenla ol veiueon, with hem and^there an occasional buck or a cmcken as^a son of Hiigro ^ work. Duhcme then did^gel mad and les language be tittei-e 1^was ^fi'^ quetit and iiaiiu'ul to bear.^ 11^^wants to trade his club for a ^att ling gun,^wh cli ho says is me only w-apou thai^will make any impression on Park stixei^huckster*.
Kingup teiephone for the latent^Weather strips on your doors and win^^dows lo kee|j out the cold and smoko. ii^J. li.u nt, 78 vVesl l'ark.
Therewill be a social dance at Cale^^donia hall,corner Mircuryuntl Montana,^Friday evening, Nov. LIO.h. All respiclL-^b e people invited.
B.J. Blume of 78 West Park street has^fl iii lied the t on tract of pulling the patent^weather strip*- on all tin- doors and win^^dows of the An.ic ^nda ^ fllces.
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tftalaj tod Kigtii.
telephoneNo. 57.
Ilk*swa'k nn FAST I'AltK sTMUR to |h!^ jiopnHr lv-ir- II Is I'.un.csr.^Kcor I'ar.or Hi Hulls lo |assa j' - im:.: evening .No li.n,' lull
r^-kil'l in Mask. Ita WMs SSWS ar* stkaattva Is the rami o: natrons Mi^I roiusX in rxeciutiJK i ran

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