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The..butteoffice _FOR A CHANGE OF VENUE
ortmi s [ .\ KDARD|0(j0B of tte prosecutiDg Attoroey ln
fc in ti^ Now Wnv.l -r H..I.-I UK*. Nn. iith, ppnrr,,fl r,
EaMBr.aJw.i\ n-.' r^l-i^li^^n^.I-if rVJk'bt use.
Makeri ; 15*.
A4wmiiwnt^ will if rei-.-i-..-1 .it the tlutli-^^H*d tin- ^^ vm-vci. t!i^ ^ n'etaafc^I'. If. far Inasfttnq In il^ fel^^low mi; inoniUi::*^ I' M^'*
T.'.rSr \ m^\iii^ Is iMIvert' I i^ Butts sulncrlb-^rr^ ^-.ir!^ frcrj nanHBC.
m. I vn v i M IOB.
ReasonsWhy the Trial Should Take^Flcce in Another County Ex^^ceptions Taken by the^Defence.
llfW'ii.i K\|^rf^^..
jnoatsn-iI ninii I'xiirnui
An::' li'tit K\|iro*^^Amhi'iiiiiI:. Fait-*.^CuImi |iarhV ^ :i-' M i
I'lllt'llI'ilr. I :.sTi-i ;i K\ .
::e ,i. in,n i^ p. m.
.*:*^^|^. iii.i:.V^|l. id.
U Ml... IllMl: 1 . h. 111.
.:i^^ |i. IllI H B, iii.
4^i |i. M.'-' I'^ )^. III.
;CD h. in. jhaj .1 in.
'1 Tnht. 1 EmmST
ft.rant KxprssiSiSan m. ; t*.a.
HelrmtA.fsinimiMl.iilon. ll:^in.m.| :i ^^ |^. in.
DfcuaUNiami miiiivai. ^^r m.in'.
Mr.and Mrs. II. .1. SniNlMiry of Salt^Lake nrarr i-i therlt) yitntpraVv/,^Tie-Ittfcsi enrrirrsat Butte ^ill give a
Iwll.m tin i-nia;; ^t Oct . at Keiishaw^hall.
anii anntiii'i' omwled hsnani^last night, hiding the
HfTTr..men in^aanaj in^sJlafMpa^ruiimihnj
(heniiilihil^^we will now^^ if m'li'ii'. t^ In1^lldt hhbdiii was
I n ail tm M-
Ti 1^ pi^at bMSNbWI^ManaajranaBjt,
K.V. Man-, ifpnjnral nui nt of the Cninii^Pacific, n-tnriicd (min a buawaag visit I^^Helena yantrrday-.
Tin1ffaamlhisi Inn Hi.s1hrrh.nnl will cive^a masoni-radrball ul Elanahaw 'i ilt ^^-i tli^-^evening nf Dep. '^^.
Themonthly inert inn of tin- W. c. T. I*,^will be held at S o'clock thin .-iftcriio^^ii at^tins aaaefubty room of -bn hnnnpanHson^un:'in.
I..C.Sti'lillins,Iran ling nBaaBBmnfajanajh^ami La Ii. Joitnnon, siiperint.-admit, I^^t11^of thelloatana Ccuiral, .isitini tin-city^Mansnlai.
.Court PrMa of M. i.l. rvilli . A. ^^. Lf.^f^A., lias PtSMOVed Ha lml^^' ismlll (nmi till-^In.si.hi A- MulM.iii.t liaiiil hall In tin- liall of
td aTiilajlila of Labor,
Iftin1 iK'rs.in simiin^' himsflf ^A aajnjaf^of tin- St.miMil,^ will seod lii^ Mm to^this nlliii'. ^not for |^iililii ii:in|i lint ;im nil^^rhlwiee at noml faltb*^ lUa ootiiniiiiiira-^tion w ill I 'i printed.
Wilsonami ( .111..II. tin- .ill [.-I liiiili-^wn^ men rbann ^l a it'1 uaaanhliii ami nsb.^hiiiB S. M. Craaaon one iiiijlii M wii k.^will ifi'. iM' i'i. Undnary Inaaraaf baiara
Ji.l.'i Nii'Mai I'Iiia liMl'iy.
T.1). Hutlor. rity liit'tilalor of the^BTAVDAEO. and Jamea llinn n. einnhitor^of tjav 9titif JaToaalaln, wIM ghra n Clirist-^iikis iliiiuer to tlir ui'u s|Ni\ s of the eity at
theSoiitiiern bote! dm Dae. -7.
LolaI assemlily No. .'I.TTa. K. of I,, of^Meaclervilli'. ha\e rhantri'il its mciilatiii.;^mii'tinir iiiuhi from \Vi ilm silav to'i'liurs-^^la^ MgM id each week in order lo ac^^commodate the I'oii-sters, ^ ho in^t^t in the^(^nine lull.
DanMcCarthy . who almost sI iLImiI Dan^pantrieb todaatb In one ol tin tfamhliii^^iKiiiM'f. a ccHiple of weeks ;ipi, will In^ ex^^amined before JiiiIkc McMurplicy to-day on^a charge of assault w ith intent to commit^murder.
ColusaIimIl'c No. .'tK of (hid Fellows lia-
ateetodthe ration Ina ofBoera for the eana^^iliKyear: Nolile niaml. M. K. Hotrlikins;^vice itraiul. J. L. Cliuii hill: financial wis^rctar^ . August liciinlH-ck, jr.; j.. rutan. in^Meretaiy, l*rauk Chll; trustee, John ft^^MM,
Atinilx riuaii ^ Maa name could not lie
laarnad.at nrarii in lbe sbafl of the Mouu-
tain^ oiisol'ilal. d, n as slightly cm iiIhiiiI^the head ycKtcrduy li^ a rock falling on^him. The man's scalp was cut and after^th^ wound was dressed ho walked home^from thy hospital.
Andrewt Hinplii'll rii ltcd I |i on th*^S(reels Willi ills Hraln ^n( mtflhaar.^klR, lice. l. ThepaHaa iMMbI in^another insane man this morning who^was making tilings hvel.. on the streets.^The latest unfortunate's name is Anilis'w^( ampls'll ami la about ^)years of age. He^was taken to the nonnt] jail. This even^^ing he beeaaaa so i latent thai he had to In'^loeked up in a ^epamte cell lopaarMtl^111 ^ 11 from iloiug in jury toothers.
MillinglliM-lllllrnts l ilcil.
liti l l . Dae, L The loitowhal inincr.il^Im-atioiis wciv lili-d lor reeonl to-day in^the otticcof thunity ivconlcr:
Afiidavitsolannual labor Vnnie Mc.^Sur1111111 Valle\ ilistrii t. h) William (iuiil-^r-lhiH-fcr and others) Mai Qaanna. unor-^gaui^eil district.b} H. II. norsl and others.
ATug or t\ nts
Bini:. IVs:-. I, I'nil Kin hie is manag^^ing a lug lug of v..ir tournament to he held
iiiDm^m during 'he nredt or Dae. f. The^Mirnarueni isatlrartliia uiuehattention.
Thenwill l.e 1U or !J teams in the con^^tests.
WasMad| In l..*:i%c.
Bprnc,Dep. L Canstahls HfeaahaaJ t.s^night ai'itiatul laigene rotter, a aasssr,^nli i was getting n .iily to leave town and
MajanMHanvdltors .,t the sans* time.^The complaint w is made In ^ man named^Peierson. w ho had a s,ni Is..oil lull ataiiisl^I' ^iter, lie put up a cash IhiihI lot Ink a|s-^BMraM ^' to-inol l ow .
Dec. 1. Thethroe acemed
the Penrosemilliter easn
court ul Io'c'.oi'k this
to plead tothe in w in-
n'liiagainst them resSjerdajr.
Therewas the usual delay in waiting for^thecottut. alloinc. . and w hen he arrived^tliecouri aakad the defaajdatrts if they
wen'ready to plead. l^;'cniy. Ilicl c;. and
Kellythen entered separate plana of not^guilty.
ifit please the court
CountyAttoriie;. Daldnbji^illea aatition for a change^argued Dee. It, WM,^ Th:^then h iiideil Ul th^ clerk, ai^lows:
fiiHi' DMvM C irri ul Uir Set.' ./ilcli'Wul
Pfctiaw.rfditi oi ^ji^slann. atilew ButrOmMt.
Matswt Maataaa vs. xviiii.ua K. Iteaary.^Ktuiciu- I*. ls^*lt^ mi l riillllp.1. Uickey: Vour^|m'| |i Iiiiiim'. Jnllll 'I. IblUtwnt, altuiiicy ol tin*^(lOIUlt) nt Sll.cr I'm.. IcslMS'trmlj I epresi'li: s
thatnrkeems Ihr slntve ilefi n lanis nvra^an*lies' Jul) pe i. for the stunli r of WUIUnt
.1.I'elll.oe. woo ssh .11 tile lilac iii sa ill 111 iii ill i
theI'lhter ol a sos -pn|H-r piaiii* toed in the ':*''l^uiniatjf of (Hirer How aim hail bena^a asnabef of tin' lrat^utliire fruat sabl nauaty^mill a rruwlaeut rllnvn ilicniif, ami. aliertsts^the mtilder of sai'l \. nUstti .1. IVaanse prmliireil^n innfntUMl iieoMUloa in Mtnl asnjaty. sad tan^pri'liuiliini;. Iiesrltui of the i-iKirgc seslnut hsmI^ilefnKUUits iwerinl a pcrim! nf ullout rinjal^Wfrkft. ilnii'i'.: wliieli tunc the trslniiniiy was^IsthlMieil very lull., in all the pai^ is at said^eunnty silli niMneuts ami rrttinsuw Iheninii^ami tvlii'iea*. ilarlir: the sal.I heal ing by noss.
tl'lllspl'n|i lOltded to wiitiesses il Im'Mine e\l^|i-|il
tiiHtnMsjnlw*r^ of a niiniliei ul iHrgniibtatknai ox-^luting In until nmulj were exlilliltuut steal Inter-^is.! in Ml Id cause, md whereas, timing Mid pi'e-^UiulBsry lienrliia Us^ same m'S* sttcmWid It) a^l^rge pro|Hirii'^ii of I Im- male rtthufM^of siiiu t otally who toeard lae rvkteties^aiitl araanteats af eniatseL and Ins nanrtts^nt the esse, ami wkn found aad wjawsmd npin-^laastlieieou: aad.wbereas lae d*leatiaatsars^nrisalnetn' ami Inntictduil idtlseusol sskl ^ rnssty,^liHVlng it very e\ti'ielve a.-1111:11111.111' '' lliereui.^lae)' litive nn nuilne uiihieiii-e over the inimls of^t)^^^ liilial.it inis ot Hie sani puoaty of rUivn IJnn.^w lii-rciii ^.:iiil action is nenillnic. XX herefitrs year^iwiltiuncr. lbs sakl count. MlarBeyef iIn- saiil^county of sill.ei How, has ressoa lo heilevo aad^iIihs. Is-lii-.e llial the stale ol Montana cannot
obtain,ami will noi h i : in- a fair ami toaasrtisl^trial af sabl oans.' iii the sakl nuuuty of rtUwr^lion. iiinl also in.il it Is iuipo .sii.ie |n ^ no nplakat^of four iM-titit nertootdalii a (nry InsaMeount) ol^Mirer Hon wboaarenol loraiea aa ^nj4akai a-.
lotin- guilt oi imeaer of tin- nakl iteliiudjintSi
iiii-ii iv.. ,i.i dlsiiuanty ineai as jury men, i in ic
lineyear nettttiiaer as said inly atlnim-y
Mforcsalil.icsjn ciuilly prays ami iiiom-s tin.^hiiiiimililc ciinrt in make aii order elanadasj tiie^MbspM iii ll iiinl reaue of MM cause (iimiiiic^jmll'-ial ami coiiuty ill Hie stale nt Montana In
Wlllclllite *-auses' mill laasolls hell lllht lo|c se|^lOfjh do lint exist.
Thepetit Inn Is signed h\ John T. llaMu in as^prasseataM altarapy. ami (^eoige llalilotu as^^arald assistsul iinmeititlng stloruey.
Ahsoon as the dociiineiit was lili*d At^^torney CaiuplH'll for tin- defense, asked^that the rci-oiil show that tln-y rescrvi-d^their rights to exceptions as to the suf-^llcieuey of thn notice for a change of^venue, and that their right Is- heard at the^Kinie time thai the motion for a change^will beanytted. Mr. Ualdwln said he would^im-fi-r to arguetlic defend.nils' exceptions^iicforc that lime, hill Mr. Calliplx ll n-pli.il^that Ihe |m'titioti is simply a move on Ihe^part ol tin- si.He and the defense simply^asks, in oilier to save time, to !^^ lu-anl at^the time of the ai-gumctits Ml the^motion lor a change. ^It is^simply setting our rights, if we^have any.^ added Nlr. ( .iiiipU II. ^1^further a.-l. the court that til^ stale In-^ordered to serve it* affidavits, ill sllp|hll*l^of flu- petition, on tlieilefcndants' conn el.^ho that w e ha.c Iii^ 111^ r means of deenliiig^upon Ihe siiflit-iciicy of the (M-titiou.
HulilornThe altida. its w ill Is-in court^and the ilcfcnduutt^' counsel will have^ample time in which to examine them lie-^fore the motion conn s up for argument,^anil plenty of lime to till counter a Ill-^davits. 1 don't see why Ihe counsel for^the state should hate lo supply the other^side w i:h copies.
CauiplM-ll\Vc ^ ithdriiw our rixpirst for^tin- copies of tin- althla. its.
TheCoiirlLit ihe neraeds show that^the dcfeuilaiils rcsorve all I In if rights and
taheaneeptionsto tha suiheioiicy of the^evidence in tin- iM'tiiioti for a change of^venue- lie liuilier outers that the prose^^cution file its clUdavits in support or the^pi til ion on or Invfore Ike. t, ami that the^defeudatilH 111. their answers on or before^lie,'. \^ at - o'eloek ill the utter noon. This^w ill g ive i ach side time to examine the^affidavit^ ami lie ready for the iirgunu-iil^w liu-li iH set lor Due, W, at III o'clock in tha^iiioriiiug.
CaaanrllTh*- flefendanis l^y counsel^desiix-to except to the court's ruling ris.
qubhujthe stale to file its aaadavlts hy^pae,ft| we also aajeapl to tin- court's rul^^ing rsajnirini IM ib'fi hw to tile aflkhtt its
livIhi-. IX. and we further exeepi lo the^rttllna of tin- court llxing the lime for^.irguiug the motion Uu a i-liaug-i- of VI utte^mi [)ix-. I'i.
CourtI.*-! ihe rcM-oitls show every ex-^eepliou Mr. I aiiipis ll ilesiix s to lake in^tins niattcr.
Tin-iiiniiei- iii-ariiigof tbeeaae a*astben
rotltinweduntil Dim-. I'i. when ihe argil-^uiciils tin the i notion lor a change of veil tie^w ill Ik- heard.
Joseph(Irlsmer snd I'hoel.e Usvlrs la^^Trrnrlia- To-nl(1il.
Cim!^^^. l.-The annual encr.iBe-^iiient ^if Joseph |J. (irtsnuT and liischanu-^ing w ife. Miss Plioehe D^vioH. assistitl by^tln-ir eun-fttl select coinpauy. will MM^luence to-mom:w night at Magillie'so|k-'..1^house and end Satunlny evening next,^(riving four rvcniui; nnd olio niatinii- |ior-^foniiaiu-e Saturday. They will open in^'^FernclilT.^ of which the following is the^story of the play :
Twomen love the same girl. She is won^hy Tom How-Ins,and Willrvrd Hillton burns^to lie ii vciiged. At the opening of the^play Ti in and Antile an- li\ tag hap^^pily wiih their ^ liildvcn anil Tom's
ahsterHaltie and father. ^Dad^ UuatMi
Tomi-; drafted, hut Jim. Ins bmthcr.^gets Hie start of hiui ami goes as^his snbstltttte. Four months Inter Jim^visits his Uoane for a few tiiiurs and goes^away to duly, leaving to Hilton the^pleas: at la- k of iiiforining Iba lolks of^lbsItondnatnjrs of his promotion. Milton^Instead tells Com tha' ilpn baadVnBsrtanb.^and Tom enlists In ratnava tha disgrace.^Tom would ha.c volunteered long before
butrortheilanraaveadernendad upon him.^Kightc u iitoiitlis inore paused nnray and
noihiiighasbeen In .on from the soldie:-^In... s. Hilton tell. Annie that Tom i^^di ad. Hi- is very kind to her iti Uvr^lixsibies and keep- bar fn in want.
BurglariesReported From Various Parts^of the City.
I'inallyshe promised to marry liim. in^order to provide for her little ones and for^her fattier. After they had gone to the^chuii h Tom and Jim rot urn. Tom liad been^I a prisoner of war. When Tom learns of^I the marriage he thinks his wife untrue to^him anil refuses lo stop it. Hut Unities.^I young I'l.er. Harry, has dlaBOVered Hih^' toll's Im.hciicss null elieeklliates him. Till-it
iii null s inn timt Marty has been supply*^bar llilion wiiti tha money v. ith which he^. Iii !|n-d Aiiiiio. 'i'om sees and Is-lieves in^| his wife's rmth and all an- happy.
Thesale of scats is now | r.ign i sing at^Calkins, ami no doubt the (,i inin r-w ill^b - greeted w ith a crowded house lo-lliglll.
trowu's ttni k in kaassnjnhsi^Hi in. Ik e. I. Ohartca R, llmus
gaiii/.erof Ihe I Niks' union, n turn, d I pnan^Anaconda tisliig tit. lie says tliat all :|je
pyatnurntilaandliotnUIn \uaeomia hara^agise.| p. nit.mine shite for Ihhseaa
helpexeep- ihel'alaet hotel. l'ol'l* csiks^W ill go OA er to All.leoltlla ill Ihe iiioriiiug
illcharge ol Mr. Hinw u. and It! duriug Ihe
Se^ k.
Prof.I . It. liiiinoni. rarnterly prlajelasyj^of tin i-elelmitisl institute lor siMiiinMsSBja^st Boston. Mass.. who. - siui'i-sHineortii't-^Bnj Intpadlraents of speaefa srhila at Hel^^ena has lid-nil. titlr.ieleil niileli fa.otahle^anamiatayl Ibeoturlioui Mom.ma. will n^^main for a shm-t time in lliitte. All uMaa.^anted should nuike imntedlati npplieation.^Mr. Dujuant'n ofHee Is in th.- Heatl btaeh,^V DHGl mite stiii I. Highest Hutle ami^afontana ii fen-uei ^.
Heatersami ei^.i. sto.es. aaaal and lam-^ily iticl ranges in gnat variety. H. I,^Bitime. n West Park.
Prof.I.Jeffrey^-,ehiropodlsl ami njanj^run-. *lioom is o.o^ nd ismi ^!,-^^ store.^Dn Main street, Butt*.
Th--rerdfci ^^'. tin- pecsant iattotaV
Utasdakdis Mi itana' Uoarapaajar.
Ti it fot n tnontb.
Ctilflo^ i l^. i'esigu i I all ki tlllt. privule^Uevei.. ...lit.. Till pi.^in il-i.
lliri r. Dae, 1. A big. iuusciii.il fellow .
giving his name as Jack llouahue, was
Airestatltosabjhl b^ Ofkara MawipMiai^MndHaajlt far^ naaaf issnaitlly ami un-
pi-i.nkiilaltai k on all iinilleusi.c I Inna-
ii.iii. Donahue w.-t- - landing on Park^stHi i near Main, w hen tin- CknnMnM^p.'s etl bhn* Willi a htsip Donahue^started after Ibe Cbinanten nnd riutned
|him .is far as ihe , ot-ner. wlp-ix- he ovei-^I tisik him and thdiherately knocked him^down. The otlicer- witnessotl ilit- as^^sault and ttrrestnl Ikuialiuc and^MiiuinMMisJ the Chinaman to go along to^give his a (Id re all When tin- Mnliou was^rein lied Donahue again iissauIii-iI tic^ftilnaanaii h. kuiH-kiug him to tin Boor^withablow frora bin Hst. Before he could
followup the blow tlie olhivrs llllstllll^MM into a cell.
baaVnfMDMMaV^Lilly's gold watch with the nsinclt. il.^Meltoiiulil i ugravcil on tin- inside of the
nes, a BBaBsaajajM ^II. M. It..^ on the out.^side with diamond aettina on rerarar aide.^I'mluilily ihop|Hi| on Mam sin-ei between^I'aiIi and Broadsa|. xisn.^ ivwaid will^be imid if rMltransJ ki Xo. 1^, Huaitk Main
Whyno: saie moiu^\ anil Is- eolnloit-
aidethis ninter by beating ponr buuao
wifh a I'i up,nihil 'iiiii.,Ii. J. Illume.
WestPari street.
beara orders for W. A. Itmitb a) Ii. H.^Nhsnnaa's, or with V-.m Orton A Rein-^I ai ii.
AnMaHaMa Old I nly ^ n ates a Mnsll^S4-nsall,in.^Hi it;:. Dae. 1.- Some exritement was^BBBSjad ill the lower end of the city this^morning by all old (.erm in lady rushing^into the street and announcing that she^had found a colored Isiydead in her house.^The supposed dead Isiy, however, was the^liv. lieu kind of a ^wp^e imsiii uften\;ird.^Tin- Isiy, wlio is the son of Charlie Smith,^the well known eixik. has been play ing^truant so much of late that a few days ago^In- was BBnaHad from kcIiim I and since^then has been afraid to go home fearitut^lie would Is- w hip|ss)|, and slept at llnl^lion sen of neighbors. I-ust night he w ent^] to the house of an old German wonunu^| living near his father's house and w as gi. en^I a boil. This iiioriiiug the old lady went^to his l oom and, after looking at abnJ^thought he was dead, and knowing the^disgrace in which he was at home, cmi-^chuted that lie had committed suicide.^Without waiting to satisfy herself that the^Isiy was really dead, she rushed out into^Ihe street and rushed to Baker's restau^^rant, w hen- the lad's father is working,^anil sir-allied that Willie was lying dead^in one of her beds. Mr. Smith hastily^went to the house and arrived just in time^to sih his hopeful fly ing out of a luck^door, partly dressed, mordertn Banana the^parental ire. When last seen father ami^sou wen- hfiult-d in the dlructton of the^Wyoming line and Isith running us fast us^their legs could carry them.
frlt-lnlsof Itcnirmi ami I'sge Propose a^lleni-llt lor the ^'lluill|^loll*.
Ill11K. Dee. I. It is said that a mo.i-^iiu-tit is on fcMit lo tender a iMimpict to
WllUantPage and Dciitiis Ili-agan. w ho^ii-ccully won the championship in the tuts-^handeil drilling contest at Denver. While^il would be u nice compliment to the^champions, their friends think that as^long as it is lull Bnled to tender Ibeni a^i onipliiiiciit in recognition of Ihe victory^they won for Unite, sonielliing slmultl Im-^goticn up that a/ould I^ more substantial^Bttd acceptable to the men. who are h inl-^Workiiigt i:11 - -^111111ng. i-\i ry day miners,^with iiodesiii- nor incliiiatioii faraueu^eonvi niiouul affairs as luinipu ts.
Thetbstpeonaaitlan, that of givingihe^BBtn a beatralt fif some kink, their friendv^think would Is- far more appropriate ami
wouldafford aii oppoitiiiiti. to all tint^BtineeJ of the camp lo . how lb -lr appreeh^atiim of tin- aueeenaful Bttentpt ut the twa^rirlura to uphold the nana- of Butte;^millers agtiinsl all i-om|s-titi^in, A ban^^^ pict may strike men necunlotned losuel|^means ol c-ompliim-iiting promiiu'tit pi r^^sons us just the Ihlna : but tin- miners -
themen w it Ii nrboan itcagaii and Page ^..
stH'ia'.c-and to whuru they an- In-st
kiio..ii object lo H and fhrpr a benefit or
mmmi, h^IN
hersiibsiamiul testimonial.^POLICE COURT.
TheSurprlaad Surprisea the Sur^^prises The Police Search^^ing for Stolen^Gooda.
edict.,f the people is Ihnt tin
iitOAitnliMontana'i lieat Bewsi^u|K.-r. i
ii^ il lo, a mouth
Hl'ttk.Dis-. 1. This nfteriiikin a don-n^or iiiii,,' BBnd) and decidedly diny looking^men wen- ariaigiied in the Batloa eotui ofl^a eliargi- of wigruucy. Tltcy wi n- a |su^^li.ui ol tin-gang roiimleil up Sunday ami^Nlouday nights by the police w In n lin y^r.iideil the subsius and gambling houses.^Most o| Ihe fellows \veix^ genuine bums^and holms, while a few apparently were^honest voi kingmcii, linfonunale enough^lobe ^broke^ am! without h hauls |ii^^Utter wen ghran tin- I an Mi III of the doubt^ami told to Mok lor work ami admonished^tokn-pawii) fnini g.iiiihliug house, ami^saloons or suffer ihe eMSsn|neneea ilie^nest time tbey nrere brought into court.^The others were Ahsnf Hfi and oostacsh-Iij^and ^rillBini siis|m^uilcd la Mnutas in^give Ibem time to 1,-avc tin- city.
Marie Rlgat's corpulent form ami
braicnface loouii-d up i-oiispieuouslv^\. In it the Msi of ordinary offenders .^reacbrd.anil -h lost no time in plcnhun^guilty when ashed about n little dintiirh]^ntiee she had eaunod in Wyoming streef^last aight. ^I'i.c ami e.et^.^ renuirkinl^tin t oiui. Mam- paid ami aiubli d out.
v!'Ilall McXulty and Pat t'nssid) n-etn]^sent Is-low in default of :.1 and eoetaearli^for plain ih iink-.
IkII i 1'iiiik, a frisky female, who vug^arrested Siitula) for trying to tear ikm-n^the Butler Imtisi-. eutcreil a plea of guilty^to a oi large of dis .mlerly colllluct and paid^#.'^ and ei wis.
Wosell Ihe c heapest good hose in Butte.^Uuig. sb cV Co., ol West l'urk stivet.
Biitk. Dec. 1.- The influx of idle and
viciousmen who an- flocking kMVMMH^nl! dirertlona still continue--.not withstand^^ing the strict meusiires reeelitly adoptiil^kar th'- police lo rid Mm eMp of an undesir^^able lot of men. Instead of show ing any^deen-usc- in their iiumls rs. as was t-x-^patlod would result Ml the fiixnient^raids on dm dives mid joints alsjiit town,^the.ii iuy of unwashed and utikept loafers j^Mi nis in Ik' increasing and a jananytlutp^ate iiicreiiM- ill the numls-r of ndiberies^nnillhelts re|iorted to tin- |x^liee is also^lloticeabh-.
Khteilast night two burglai lag and sev^^eral eases of anaak thievery bare Isn-n p^
|h^ t^ I in the police, 'i he lllosi serious of
thoseixsnwud last evenmg butajamt tjand
7o'clockin North Montana MBaBt. Two^hint hers. John and Adam Hni'ing.-worth.^rcou iy a cabin on the hill back of Ceiiler-^villc and Is-itig iNiiistanlly at wenii in the^inin-.. they amaswd a large BMDaM of^rtotlling and other personal piii|_s-r v. UM^night I bey went lo supper al u o'eks k and^returned la aliinal nBasnar wheg flioy^got Inn k tln-y mat teed tin- door of thecals,;'^BtaiMtingopeii, and examination of its in^^terior disclosed that it had In raided by
InnsUrn Nearly nil their clothes, a^gold watch and other effects, gas^grcg.iting in value alsiut iflKO. were^gone. In the snow wen- footprints to and^Irani ihe mhhl leading toward another^rnbitl so:.-.' I.i.-.ia.ia-caway andoll the other^*'d ^ of .Missoula pnlrh. Suspicion at once^was attaehad to tin- oeanjuMila of llai
cabinas la-ing tin-parties who had i-otn-^initiil the hm-gkirv-. and a watch was kept
on11n- place until Ueday, when a search^warrant was secured from Judge McMur-^p!n y and given lo CMBecea Watteen and
Diheine for service. TlUN|s-cti^l cabin
was seai-chi-d. but none of the stolen pro|e^erty was found, 'ihe men occupying ma^place w en-found to I e a couple of vvc'l-^knowu miners and pmsisi-iors. und the^offlccrnare satisfied that they are IggBBBMBh^One of the men said that at ahogi 7^o'clock last night he was silting^near the window reading when^a man |ias.^od by who appeared to have^come fli'lll the ilill etloll of the Hollings-^wortll cabin, but as it w as not bing illiusual^he ilid not look to sisi' w ho it was. The fact^thai the disir was locked with a Yale lis U^nausea I ha llidHMawmlka to think that^the burglary was committed by someone^familiar w ith boiisebii aking.
Karl)this morning another burglary^was committed near the center of tow n^hy a man who certainly ilid not Uek
plentyof nerve. Ii was near To'eloek
sheu a man mimed Anderson, employed^at the Combination house as a burteruler,^w ent to his ns^m in the residence of W. P.^(....nn. in South Montana street. He had^occasion to leave his iimiiii for a few miii-^iitis.. and ii|miii his n-turii saw a man in^the nsini. In an instant the intruder^picki-d up a revolver that was lying on tin^^bureau, and. covering Anderson w ith the^wca|sm .told him to stand Ixick. a com-^maud that Anderson Very protliptly^obeyedU The robber then helissl himself^log tM bill that had Ims-ii lying by the side^of the revolver, und Isicked out of the^pjaaa. In the hall lie was Joitusl by a w-e-^oml burglar who hail alteinpted to enter^another room, but was frightened aw ay by^tin^ occupant, who wan still in Issl. The^burglars h-ft by the front disir and dis-^npiM-anil in thoilireetiidi of Silver street.^Several of the nMimers in tin' kaajga^chased the burgiars for some distance,
butinaWy aeie eaaBaaJlad to give up the
ruee. Nn policemen aii-on duly ill that
partof the city. Only a few nths ago
Andersonwas the victim of another bur^^glary ill the Bggng house. A number of^nu n were at-rcstcsl on suspicion, but had^to Is- released for lack of evidence.
Thisaftei ti-sin Officer ( anlwcll sit-ured^a vviuraiit to search a cabin below- Silver^street, which is is-eupii-d by a niniils-r of^va-rrants w ho aii-known lo the |sdiee as^sneak thieves. Uist week, nine |^tir of^trousers wen- stolen fiiun a stun- in Bags-^terville, and since then several aMsBBpta^linve bam made by a iiumlsn- of suspicious^fellow s to sell M-isisers in the lower pnit of^the eity. The police thought a cache of^stolen' gisKls existed ill th ^ cabin inen-^tioliisl. and it was on this ls-lief that the^wii Iran i was obtained and the cabin^searched. Nothing, however, was found,^although the officers an-eonlldent that ihe^aeeupuiltsof the cabin know when- the^trousers and a lot of other stolen gissls^are coiH-ealod.
KrwHM llnrlng Niiveoifier It. purls of^linicem.
litrit:. Dec. 1. The lire dcpartineiit^held iis monthly meeting to-night. The^n-IHirts of the ns-rotary. treasuii-r and lire^marshal wci-e saad and appronil. Acconl-
ingto tllandial's re|sirt tller^^ MBB
eightalarms for the month of Novetnls-i-.^and the entire loss but $1(^). and the ilis.ilr-^ntice SHI. The highest loss was fcJO and^fully Inaurad. The report further stated^that the department la in tirst-class work^^ing oiiier at prenent.
gppiirntioasfor mIs-rshiji wen- |B
eeivedfrom Tlmnuta Burn*, \\ . S. Sw an-^son. Thomas htarr, M K. ixing mid Frank^II. Thome-., the latter giving Ul* occupw^tioii as a lldllkjtlaire, Tin- applications^ansae referred io a oorumittoe.
ChiefMini a- called attention to Ihttfaei^that noBrenvn uniforma bad yet keeg^tnrnad U,aHbongh InalimlkMin gam U
II to do no at the last meeting. It was
ileeldedlo ass.-ss linen again -i every aten^^Mr Who did UOt have his suit ill Ii) the^next meeting.
Thesiibjis i of an annual ball on Fenru-^aiy--'wa- discussed, and it was decided^lo get iii an application for the hall in^lime, ami a committee, consisting of^Thomas Burke, P. rueker and Lmm^anna appointed for thai puvpoaa.
TheBBrretaey teportad a nuinls-r of^meinls'rs liable to expulsion for nousit-^leliilance. and hi- was i list rue i i*d to give^thill all a final w arning, after w hich tho^meeting adjourned.
Ata regular BJg ling of Silver Bm^Trades ami Labor 'sscinbly . held Satur-^day evening Nov. .'I. lCJl. it was imaiii-
moiisiyreaatrad thai all BBBBahar*olUbor
orgain/at mils dineontlnuo pati-oliiring^Chinese on and alter Iksc. r^. IWI,
PeronlerSilvci- BoBJ Trades anil Labor^A-seinbly .
C.LallB, Pres.
Hesun- to c all and examine our line^Btonkof fanev and plain heaters. II. J.^Hliimc Ts West Park sim-c-t.
Pi-.vilionskating rink opens hum 1 tg^4 M p. in., and 7 to 10 p. in. Igulies' skaic-^,'iii'. lis' Dlilton. man.igor.
Ourheaters an- moving amu/ingly. but^we an- still at the old stand. 7s \X est Tark^BtratM, 11. J. Illume.
Mineis.we want you to call and see our^shoe. Burgess ^ I o.. kf West Pui k.
rr r r
Wmex a man inx'Cats a certain amount of money^in a suit of clothes, he wants something that will^give satisfaction.
Arcnode to sell, othctl arc put together for the^ex])rcss purpose of ffft inu a man just x\ hat he \xants.^I'crfcction in material, fit and finish. Those we haxe^were matle for our tratle, Mad, as \vc arc here to stay,^you can depend upon our garments being exactly as^represented namely, the best that money can buy.^V\ c would be out of pocket if tie would try to sell^you a suit that would not give satisfaction. Our busi^^ness demands that MrC plexse every customer.
Wedo our best to fill the bill. Noxvhere can you^buy better garments for the price than xve offer.
Exhibitedin our windoxvs. Go to any bankrupt^sale, auction or paw nbroker store, you w ill find noth^^ing equaling them in Quality or style. We have lots^better every xvay, but higher in price, of course. You^can depend upon having your money's worth every^time. W e have, a
Whatyou may be wanting you can procure of us^at low figures.
D.J. Hennessy Mer. Co.,
Forthe Holiday Season commencing December 1st,^every purchaser of $2.50 xx'orth of goods will receive a^ticket entitling him to a chance for
OneWine Set of Beautiful Design, valued at -$ 75 00
OneHoward Gentleman's Gold Watch, 141 case, valued at125 00
OneElgin Lady's Gold Watcb, 141 case, valued at - - 50 00
Buyyour 'Xmas presents from a jeweler who^guarantees his goods.
J.C. WAHLEN, Jeweler.
w w w
withHats. Caps. Boot! and Shoes,
Shirts,Neckwear, Underwear,
Andan iiiilimiti-d stisk of OMMbJ furnish^^ing (rtssls for gentlemen's use.
KverytlihiEtins Ik^cii selected with the arcat-^est cure and money spent with lis will liny a^higher grade of eoo,ls than e.ili Is- nlitaiiicd^elsewhere ill the state. UMKK1 TUB STOCK.^It call easily Im- shown and a few minutes' time^will convince ^oii that our ^:^msIs are lis- very^Is ^^; for the money.
Thelocution is the same cceiipiisl liv lis M long
TheNorthwest Corner of Hsln and Park Streets.
Takea xvalk on Kast 1'ark street to this popular resort. It^is the nicest beer parlor in Butte to pass a pleasant
evening. Nothing but
FirstClass Liquors ^ Cigars
Arekept in gtock. The waitresses are attentive to the wants^of patrons gird prompt in executing orders.
Vocal and Instrumental Concert Every Evening.
J.A. GORDON, Proprietor. | 42 E. Park St.

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