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TheCeaseless Search for the Earth's^Hidden letals.
SomethingAbout the Rich Proper^^ties of the Coeur d^ Alenea-^Developlnti the^Prospect*.
Arecent hump of Hip Cootir ^i^AI^^tir^^Minrr li.is tin- f. ll^v\ inn lo say iilmiu tin-
dr ,^rv U It af Mabo'a riefa aslnetnl^rttatrh r The iiimm Bsinafal bell b'iw
onlli'^^mill side oj tin1 rt^W Mdaaatll^tiir ^ ..Mi- fn^ni i^^ims jilmo^i orQjnsteaa I^k)MM Wiinlnrr ai-n^- l'l.icTrii'''l..^Mmtli ^if Wall 101'. mil i-\^ 11 futlli't 1 i-t.^lanaa ri ci i\ int' mora attention UnMWna^c\^ ^'i\ 111 it Im'Ioii, ami tin-enennragitsS^Naggst of ajuHl MM in pVOOMS s||0|sj||^imlimlr 1l1.1t iiiori-. anil I pent ^ li'iil BBOin,
is|a fo|i..^. Willi a large foree of gang
workingin l'l.i^ ^r rn'il. a l.irui- ton ^^ on^Nm Ait1 mill'', ami a mm a paoBartlaa^illm^ii 1 Canaan vv,^il.inn it gagjaaste !iH^k^Mm aba raM raaan or this bjImmb! bait ^^beginning to 1k^ Bjppaaeafttevl
Tin.Uiiut luih ofti ti ix frirPtl in deaafl^to ill.-pragmas of norfc on Placer(.reek,^'J In reopening af aha Argentine i- uivon in^gttessvsreoeansa of tiii-- isena. Hotuettilng
inrrjMiil to ill.- p.. Mill ^t iii o| all iirxin
tin-\ii-iniiy of Oetmraj ^iii paean of^haMaaaC
Tin-Maaaral Point prapi rtj is hsaeeej^aaasaet anreetta MMth ^^i Wiattani I Mmm'*
liotiI. li in amoiiL' tl^ Im si of tiir high^^Mali aaapeeviee in iIh* I'm-urd'Alew*,^Pu|M'i-k an* now mini.' out lor lionilinu it^t^ Col. I. N. Mimn. in 1I10 Inerraat of^St. Paul nurtipt.. for I In- mini of *10.ik^i.^Tin v lai-k lliv signal nn-of lint one of 11^^^^am in is allll lie lias si^nilieil .1 syilllllgllt'mi^to the ileal.
TI10Ktnina lies smith I'titl west of the^Mineral I'oi it i.ml Joins it. This. tens, is^mhbbt l^^n^I to ^ ,,l m.1 Miiiu.v. The^owners aiv Meaars Ifosa anil .lohnas. n.
Worklias baeaj la) progreee tteaaj far tan
|Klstiwo ui-'-l^s.
C.s. Jeaasnsga ba - ananaai the MaMMaBi
Hpnow has iin 11 al nui'k liien- ami |in^^|n^.-^ to 1I11 a con-iili ranle am..nut .if it.
TheI'kiiiiv i^ w is gantgf bend to ('apt.^W. J. Iliiiurs anil ^'. S. Ji iiniiitfs. Tiny^Hii'MorkiiiL'a foneof men 'I' n . ami the
rJaawMiis eary aaasinracnBg*.
Workeotltniiles w it I^ the inosl eneonrair-^int: n-siilts on the Nellie. The bbj strike^1 lieii-a few weeks a|jo |ilaeeil it ill rank
withthebiggest .n .l beat properties in the^t iK-nr il^.Mi nes, ^.iik ^f flip inlei-i-sts um
MaaaraaaaL Beery man aHaraaaad m it
iswell sutlsliist w illl lne sllnvv intf.
Anew tnnnel lias ri-ccntlv Isi'ti starliil^on the Knii U. 1 I.'h I .'I'. which will DOthe^main ^ajrhhaj tunnel. The Knieki i-Imn l,,-r^is nniler Is.ml to Ihirke. (iurrhMI anil^others. It lias ^!cvil^i|nil into a v.iluubli'^pro|sTtv.
TheWar Hugh1 has lieen nniler Imnil to^('. S. Jennings, ami others for nearly a^year past. Sonic excellent ore has mm^taken 0111 of it. Not very Ion;; uk^^ a 1*011-^traci .\as let fur riiniiinu a i.'^^-ioot tunnel^unil work BBM that is now innlcrway.
'J'hct'onietisliK.il.il west of the War^liable. JohtilUJ hi This w as lioinleil to Mr.^Jcnniiik's al^ii(.r w ith the War baJMN^cvntly Mr. JptinitiKH 11 Ik.mli il tin' Comet^lit all im :i aseil llunre in oilier parties. He
nowhas a eontriict for raajnlaia; a Mr ftmt
tunnelunil has a force ol men iloinuthe^work.
Sil||Pof the interests in the I'nl.ll is ha\e
recentlybeM boaaaMJi aaal ^ force of men^lire now ai work aMM ^t.
TheTaJMaaa is the property ^^( Blahe^aatatherai Reeaajtli thc^ aaade a ahlDaaeM^oton that Mttaad them rery aatlafaetary^proliis. The) luivt' quietly developed tlicir^^raparty ami ahluped MtffJb'lem ore from^it to nni i ill runuiiM rxpenaee aaalajaM
hililypa\ a lialam c. Whil ' not nnu li is^lieanl of the Yankee. Ill \c!'1 hcloss it is^in. .if thih.iimI pi,ij,. rties nl the e.inntr^ .
SenatorKline, backed ^*^ a Chirajce^MTM1 ^ at ^ kni:' tin BUndy unmp. A^tunnel to he 700 tvai lonu labehaj rim.^Work i ^ U im. pushitl ni(iht ami du) on^the property.
W.si ol the Hlimly is the Oral Path^.
earatedb)Man Praa/waad Mliera. It is
ii..V.UBjder boMl to Colonel Mlllii v. \
11inns r nl men are now at work devt l^p-^inu it.
Thepropi rttaa ajaalhMad ahatra a
lif.irh .ill a.ljoiniti^. matix of ^hem . i i-^ileiuK aoM tin same ladaje. Wh la not^very htnja Ion es of men areemnlayed on^MU ^f them at an m ni. it i. rrattfyini lo^knov that Ihey aie all Is mi. worked.
SoiI them h.^\e furnlabed -ui eseeh
lentshow mi. ot ore. and these bare ^iv. n^eonftdeupe in tin utltera^ 'I here are aaora^MM Ml|4u)I d in this rtcinlt) than e\er^beforehand there is ^ikkI rem on to believe^tin- Dumber w ill be areatly im r aseil.^Tin owners ol tin M..lit.-1 Ini I... aaat
atOabtaMianHa^rhMrian d sik oi 0e^^bun ..mi 11.1 .11! i i s.m oi w ^lats w hu^have i.^ ^ inly comph n-.| their unnual ao*^n'SKiuein work. The Baaeaaaj was L it in^rary ^^i^i^l shape. ^ ^tajaaaj u Ihraasluol
lsl|fe. tioui w hi. h some m i \ Buad MBJMa
viiic ahtaiaed. rba Monte Lrhaa^ls k
..!^ 'I III Shi' l^|s BUldl.
Is:. all I Will Georaja an- mil woikiiiu^the Killhnek. on lathe unh h. hint mat .ami^It is i uinoreil ihai a Isiti iinu proposition i
cmfoot. The propeit) is iiadilai well.^Han mut..n A- C.k.k own Ibe rfcaiui l)haj^east ot the hi,Inn. -.ii il,,. opposite bill-
side.Thai nut In on the htdae alawii un
fisi. It was hardl) far itMMajdl '^ lad a
Mr)aattd asraaatlon* but rlipy ajot fairly^pood aaaays n. is it h h-aii and din 1.
Westof Hartitiitto.i A C.x.k'sahsM at^Clshiirn is a g'SKl starter lor an or. p^ ra-^MUi The fi.iiiii work is f.ishioin il alter^that in Wallaei. A btup hoy ah I of ora^from the Killhnek cups It, ami nearly
aver)pnipsiIj in the MHajlihorhuod is rep^^resented.
TunPMMhaMl ^ sllforulsn*-rrr|^^rlnc^PM 'to- WaalM Knlr.
Rperlalt in n-siKiiulcuci' ol tlie Suuulunl.
IkitsKCitv, Idaho. Nov. ;^^. I*. Mc-^Maiirv unil A. II. Ohoiiipi'of San I'i aiiciseo,^w ho w civ up|kiintpil deli'inttes to the recent^biher concress helil at Denver, an- hero^en route honie. In answer to iiuestions^najMaJaM IM states MpMa^MMM .'nil the^aaM rul Maaasl of the MpaaaaaMatfraai Mr.
M Maui^ saal: ^Kverj state sent its^ileh nate: hut the W, st was mm li baJhnT
pepreaaajrtadthan tin- last in aaajMi to^njeaahera. The rouvention w..- 'dead^^ mi- for fraeeohnsajeand the n-snit of the^latarohaneje of anttnon iwrlnaj our ^ dMM
inthe citv of Denier i a uti'iit step toward^KPcurin^ lie coin ';e.
Mr-Mi Maun is u old uiiuer anil Ml
oaaaatid some of tin laraost Mlnlna praa
citiesin the state of ( ilifmnia. He MM^one ol the main ^t^ii-ils in the |j|-cal lalM'ka
baajaaeandthe Yaha Land eonapani that^operated the bhjaTeel by dMidb1 ndht in the^West. Mie amount tahflMlii bl*aaMl hi^ties concern was f.^..iui.n^l. The water
needn^as front throe lake in the Shtrn^N^ nia HMMMnhnv the bnajeet of which^eorarad m ares of HQ seres am! i. rnsaaed^j.atii nahaBM* Inches of water lor mm^montha in the roar. 1 he aahsr Inn fao
nishedlogt'lher iilsnil the same. Mr. M*--
Maunis now the principal owner of aha
well know I Delhi ,|i. art/, mine in \e\aila^Ooanty. (ill. Almlll six scars ayo he
startedat the rraes rootsou tins praMarhj.^in\i Ktinu about jLH.i^^l. and '^ ^'ears^bed $X10/IUU In dividends, lie said that a^short time ainco MO p^ttrir* of anh^pjaaratoi ham this peuperty ^ added ttlfi ^
Mr.hVikfata) is em-of aajcht aaMMh^^donersappohtted by tis^a^yvartMii oi Cali^^fornia in !hi world's t'ahinfMan expo i-
Tin-llen. l. M. Wells. Mahn'a nerd)
ap|Hiii:teilworld's fair eiiminissi..iier. li lt^this cit] tor his home in Northern itlaho^^.sieiila.\. ftaaV '^Ict'Timu Kl to in,ike^|daho*s . tidbit one that will r^ haot rredit^on her greatness.
iaOM^Ttsse I'm Rerlrsd lu the PoUes^^ ..an.
Ill^l'l i . Dee. 1. A ease lulls; since fm-^BottCU, save by a few nvrsmi '. w as it-v i\. .1^in tlf police court liwluy. Several niontlis^DKo a taluahle u-olil watch was stolen Ir,nil^a man in bfoadrnlllr Shortly after the^Ihefi was reported tnthi' police tin' wr.ti h^was found in a |iaw hshop in Bast I'urk^street kept by I. I'ini iis. The owner of^the shop said lie e.iukl Identify the man^who paw mil lb^ watch, and aMne tins*^alt, ^ wanl poiiiteil out lanil Dentlin to an
ollieeras tlie peostOb Deiini ^ was ant'i|,
Iit before his cutnilnntkMi raukJ lake^plant Plaeus was called Last on busiuees
andwas aotte until quite lis elltl\. In the^meant itoe Dennis liud baaa|1^eleiiaad on
bonda,ami w hen PineusnhlMjan be^ bI
notbe found, bchuj employiil BuMenbere
OUtsidethe elt^ .
taa day or two he aiajwajerd and was^toiii to appear aejala lor a bani baHi and ^^^^this ntannertheoaae was aaavln reopened.
Thisin,titling a comimi.iuep was anvtlted^until t, emorrow . w li.-n l^^ nuis w ill li. ^ yiveii^M opportunity tocsplain bow In ^ot the
Weme psaparad bi do a aaadst Jabaf^baattnaj ami ventUathnj. t all ami aat an^esthnato on your work. ii. J. MnMat M^W est Park stiii t.
Yesterday'sSession of the Board of^County Commissioners.
Someof the Characters Who Aak^for Help From the County-^Mrs. Cuisko^Again.
I'll*Hiiil llowriK In Mai-hrl tslllfs t,n ilir
Mask1 * is-
Niu YoitK. Dee. I. The MaVk market
osjaned^I^.n. In the afn mm i^ as*
rarrada little lift by theicucwal of MM
raM. theadaot behsj thai a lew aiorka
weremateriallv ilepresscd. I'hc MBansI
list.Marerer, ami hut dbrhtly affected.
Thereport that Cyrus W. field was ile.nl
saaletodthebenM somewhat for a lima.
Theclose w as ipiiet. dull and heavy, most
stK ks shosrhnj aMnhl kwaaasj Missouri^Pacific, however is dow ii l par MWh
Govenunanlbunds, saaaar,
tloaine. stocks:
.s.4s restklered II'.
[t,s I s IMMlpUO.
ft.H.tlreg,^!'. s. t11V eoupua.
I... im t'^
Anierti.ai Ki press
1SlUUlS I'a' Illl'
tajuota HoutlH i i. .^^ cut ml I'll. Ill,' ...
Uikawiuia .
Ii.i,v i ^ H.ti.i M
i. i.. i \^
Ksiiksm^ Tevas .
I..tkeSh.,te. .
In'isi 'i k Naslu 'i
Miss,|| j p . ni -^Kurt hi i it I :i^ ,1 ^ .^V. I'. preferred..^North* eiUi'rn. .
N.W. plefeneil IV)^IS. Y. 1 ellllal im'i
iireiiiiiilaip'ait . -i^^ in in n slmrl I.me '-' i^1^^ iinn,111 Navi ^i In. 7
fcl'iNorth Ann : i' .in
s I'm Hie Mall :^^'
wi'jlaadiiNi ^
ii kin llraaate \\ est
ne i n,iiraade p'M r.^,
;it Um i;n.n,le in t^
4ivlass I Is ail *^'
:.^ Mt. hurt CKHaaas, :^:.,
.,nJarailMl ^^
Vrvss Pa, ii.,- .... ii',^tt . I Mien l':l. Hi'- . .. M*,
t T I', areferri l
M 1 . s. f\ press ... u
Ia.Ekarros ... M^..' v. , s|. it men... s.'^i^n,', tm.t ^it.'ii ^^u.... -.-^',
It.asM si,., k Vlar M^llllslilN. It,.. ,. I he follow, ny wein
lisi lo Im iiuatatloMi
AtehS^ T|^k 1st TS. 1 , Ml v. l i li.Com. . . '.11
Atrlis,Tp'. In.luiit. ^ ^^ Ismdwiiii
Metis)Tpkrsftrd. ^^ istarar.bnas
Ili'lllult^ uline, - ,- 11,,-. m
\|WYilllli. D.-e. I. Money ill Pall^C.|s, . elosei! tilfen ,1 . p^l' ee|U.
Prhno MerceDtns pMV BfJM bm
arlbnj tochatnit tkm\ rtKuty Mils^|l tl. dmnaial *t.H.
It.,;silver. '.'I' v.^I.i .i l trust. I^1,.
el i
Hearf;.^.i as^rss^^BBMrtal' otr^'s|k^in|eii. ^^ ,.t t|i, st.ui.iur.l.
IslMlMI. blah . HCN . J'. I I,.- |{. H.
||d K. potnpauy ami .loin. IdaaM ^i^Challls bave oonimcncod a !t^| tat lanuel,^ahi'h will tap the Jarrh I'd., shout 4nt^^feet deep. lleii lofore the ndta has barn
variosdwith an incUns, but owhnj to the
amountof water it was , UMMlM ^.|k rat-
inttit in ih,- way, The hsipai raMJM (Nan
font|oeinht niche: in tbi, i s. am! .
a*hisjfc ssflUOounces in silrar,
KaraOnu,srhawas packina ore front^the Silver Brick and River View mines,^hus taken I- s pai k train ^II on account ^ I^Bad weather, Tlie mine- svUl continue
tlieilpl^ scllt foleeh all Willlel .
VoSJ can hue the n ] , ^,' i ,.v ii at voi.i
rh^t early ' iwi marnlny. It Is the p. po^^lar fav rit^ . tlie is.-.j,:e . j,a|x.i. ttud in^^oui MM
Pa|rnlaaia u u i- M^ni m Yoiik. Dac, i. lYiroioum^inn at uu.
STOCKS AND BONDS,^t lo.,im IIikiIiI inn- I,.i- vt, lain nod viininu
RhvTMota asaa, i. riic cio*m
tionslor Mdny mi^^A111^ 11,-au I Uut .^ai:-. . ....T..
Ail.',insI no
II.il^ Isle
IIst \ it. i i ,.r .
iiiutl^v^ 1,-k
i^lorailo i en
i:^IS, I . II.
crewarsna ...^t'oluradn ^ hi .^^ -ii. ral. * va.
t^|. 'Its
t'till'.. OS 1 .i It 11.
I. Imuah .
Iie.i.|v ami.
Iin. ka i ..ii
I^til. i I - s,.^ i.
rrrilsaili UsiM \ i in i v
Haha, Korcioaj
'^Pper. Tin aM I ^^I.
twmVottK. bar. i. ^ ini ffiaiMili
lik^ . lie.', nils r. ^In.^hi.
MadEaabrri aoaaestic, MJa
Tin Bk adj : strait.. NMsV,
Ifv.u w.im v,.^; S-, ,c. luoveii. -Iraasid
amipin uo. . ..II ^^ t, ks^MNU W. || j^ui .i.a .^ \\,l*srastiMItonpuaiu Can-^atni aahaoi boikiiua.^ IU
Hittk, Dec. 1.^Chairman MeQiieenry^atnl Mr. Caplice of the county comtllis-^sionerH were in session tiwlu.v, and cou-^sidefad some mutters rob tjasj to taxes and^made a nuinher of rcltates, b'-sides trail-^sael kaj eollsiderilllle ot her business. AImiiU^thi-lll-.tlhllllflh.lt received their llttell-^li.in was the application of a hitf li'hllst-^liKikiiik'man vvhu wanted eoiiutv ehirilv,^lb- said he was u cook and was snffefMaj^fi oai a hail eokL M' Qm em |. in his usual^M| of il'-.ihiik* w ith such ciihpm. talloil to^the man for a lew Miniltoa and bp that
timeIiDeluded lie would j^c! ulousra
whilelonger without the assistance of the^public,
aDanMaMskMahtn was then racairnd
frontthe friends of Mrs. (iniske, staling^thai the woman Is in iuilliiiliatc m-eil of^help. McQnaanay w as in favor of asMMssV^liiuj Ednuind Uuao Gulske lo suppofi her.
butMr. C.plioe tboiiuht that tlIieapest
w.iv..in of it was to send the woman and^her children to some of her friemls in some
utberparttaTabaaanntry.The ehairmun
sanlhe MM ^i I'^--' 'I to the UM of inakitifr^the taxpa.veisi HiipiHirt her. after other^parties had i-eeeiv eil the crcilit of the nets^of charity toward the woniau-ch.trit.v that^was evident I) extended on the strength^that the county would pay for it. The^discussion drifted on other matters^ul charity in which oertala parties were^alleged to got credit for kind act sat the^expanse,,1 ilieeouni.v. The niauaucmcnt^ol t he orphans' bofrSSCOfnCin fl a*a share of^this , l it ii Ism. ami then Mr. Mevjlleellcy rc-^inarkei! that he w ould like to see a state^^ment front ilia) Institution, In the talk
whichfollowed Mrs. tiuiske's case was^thrown lo one side and would have re^^ceived tin further cousiileiation had not^Mis. Charles Anderson walked into the^ufBceal this point anddemaml'sl uu onler^for$U worth of ^(truh^ for the woman.^I he com mi- si, .nets tried In ni true the mut^^ter with Mr^. Anderson but she would not
haveit. she ^anted iIn' order and aha
vvallied it without delay. She (rot it. Thc^laily Stated thai they bad im tailed Mrs.
UofskelnacabissSnnd bad prwldadher^with furnituiv, chsthlnaand other useful^things, aud the uniy thing bsrkingtMMn
goonanppty of provision-, and that as
anonmthe aranaan got start^-i! she would
Ik*able to siip|Miit bet's, If eiinifortably.^Mrs. Aiidersou has Is-eu taking eare of^airs, (iniske aiiil bsrchild since her ndetiHe^from jail and has proven hci-si 'f a it'sid
frk'IMt^ the unfortunate woman.
Thecommissioners bad scarcely turni-d^their att'-ution lo tax matters acain be^^fore another sick man came in and sahssj
forhelp. He had an attack of fever and^was cviili'iitlv ,ery ill. lie said he was u^^unit, mill hi' vvtiM aci ompanicl and cn-^doreedbi another man. who was alann
i-.Hik.ami Isith ItMtkcd an iftheylrail Im-cii
runningin bard bsea Ibraerarail sonaagfld
badHot Keen u dnui in as long il time. It^was a bid day for white cooks. The
sik naMjaskl he'had just got in front Deer^Lodge, and the rownilestkwsors Uiught^him a lickM and sent him back, as they^. -insuletiil the climate of that place I letter^lur a nob nianthau that nl Butte, One of^the e^K'!,s said he w as out of money w hen^he came to this city, and thought Mr. Mi-^t.hieeucy ntlght have struck the town it*^same fin incial condition. ^1 did,^ said^tl,^ eh.ii.-man. ^but I did not usk the
tvuntjto h, ip mo out.
Thisi-nihil the pauper business for the^day, and then the eiiliinh-.i-'ln is turned
theiiattention to the bsapaotion of a new^count) map, drawn by linker4% Harper,^tlie engineers. The map MnMgsMted tkn
laborof five jears. and ni' t the approval^of the eommissioiicrs. who endorsed it^and proinise'l to mm n number of copies^w lien printed.
Thepstnalndar af the day was takun up^with Taanrial aaTnira.
.A Maasf New -i li. tnr,
PMMii'.' CM an riMana,
^(inat- t s, heme in the w orld !^ he ex.
etnlnsd,as he anddaady mmmbI himself
f1 -, 1111 a icvv gMMsMkf4 dgaaj iluui(tht. ^and^there's a w huh govern im nl mMMMM| in^it.^^-in ahaff
l^vjust thought of it,^ BaMtkanad tbg^aaan vdtlaatt noticing the mmbbbm, I'll
justk'. a . onp'e of piis-ek of glass ahoiit a^Mat I.'iiu and two or imm inches wide;^mil then I'll tl them aUiul nil eighth of^nl: inch apari. start half a doicn flic-in^from one cud. and the otic that OBtaattf^the uthcr end lll sl w ills.^^' Wins what '.'
The nice, man the race! I'llgivctbi in^nil ,1 fair start ami color them SO|POUPag^tell one front the other, and. say I there'll^Is- ^ mint ol money in il.
lintit they run utf ,,t 1 In sides-.^'
Disntiallfyth,m: Thnt*g naa rogulag^way, Thevvhoic Ihhaj won't saat any*^thing, and (iii iii S ott' we enn buy a^vv hole ,-ity a tnOUth after It's started.
Idun I see all) thing i^ it!
Vondon't! lAi - b^^ 11 tif,11acct1.11 k '.
'Seen the mm there^*
Well, my barn is to aaal pools' on tlie^flic-, i'l prc'll Is-j.isi a ^ milch exein tin at,^and the evpenara wUi In- Iras than at any^otb. t Inu k in tlie ciiy. II. I've Otu Uedtlsj^Mhjnrl
.lii'lu,*Itallev 's l'\p,-i leffiee.
I'imii i ion. Oii-.. .Ian. 12,^Having stiffens I w ith m ^ kidneys. 1 w.ia^in.in. .-.I 10 ny the OHBCON MHM.y
TKA,^Inch relieved me in a short lime.^I take pleasure in recotttntendlng ItlotlM^public ui a safe remedy for kidm v .iiill-
Mihhai.(.1 ottng W. Hah i v .
Count.Judkc of l iiiai ill.,.
TheGelaLrated French Cure,
m,Sjs^. Is IBM 01 A^J**^*-! POLITIVE
V)to curs sari
is/^'1 rtotisd -
t.rr-y .liMT.l'.ri.(^i\ r~ Ike irBenuirai^^v*a 1 :^n(aitaarsrx,^/VH v. ,t',T arl^ltiit
I : ihoeti'l'Mlvc^ef.ft.Rf tl l-ul MllIlUlsUI , ^r i 1
..'.' ^^^ ' l.^ L^-M'l i
J^.v, r. M :..'^' a ^.. itooriiijtiliv.in l-slaati^r^' k ^ iW.ak-i.-ssllyitv^ i.S'arvoiul^t II . .X^ ttirnsl I mlsplmm !.^icon-has. i,u ^^i.t., v Bk 11 ipry.Loncf I'owsraMlansn
1. : 1 . 1 ^ 'i-o
I i- j \. I : lea |IjU 11 lK,t, DISMM
I, ^i. ^ 1^1 ^,-lctir^pi-l;,t ot prlea*
Att Id i , |.V (|| . |; vv ; BfJ (, ^lTM f
' I nl, rt.^ . .v, J.t'.r- ' I tusm u . -, il^ii I'eroianent 1 r^ Is net efii tut, n,-lnva^t omsailf e| antlnnotals frost e'd nort 1 huso^e, laiths lr^.^hoI ^vobseu|^ei-msr'0'iv 1 -r,d
I.1 a-^^ 1 1 iiisrlrrs. Art s
THEAPHRO MCCICINE CO.^n.^.siK h.a^^L!in .:. lvKi^si^oa.
Tr Mat 1 ^^D At lll l'l. |iriitsu.t.
l-l1 TI . .Mi'NT.
I Call ami ksik Ihrmiuh our stork.
ItIs OMMsM in all (lie dtflerent^I Hues and we defy rtimin-lltliin.
WholesaleDealera in
Lumber,tath. Shtnries.^Windows, Doors, Mouldings.
Wholesaleand Retail Healers in Hay. Grain. Feed and Hard and Soft Coal.^We carry in stock a lull line of
FromOuartz Gears to Light Spring WagOM, Also Clark, Ferry,^Stodebaker and Standard
AFull Line of Road Carts^Of the Best Makes. . . .
AFull Line of Peters' and Mort-^ley Bros.' Concord Harness. .
GardenCity, Clipper and Chilled Plows. Smith, \Vorthin^iton ^ Co.'s Carriage, Buggy^and Track Harness. Saddles, Whips, Robes and Dusters, and every^^thing pertaining to this branch of trade.
li|kuevl .Inly I, tssil.IteniN-neU (h't. 1, IbiH.
Oiiptif th'- tiMinNoniP'*. Mi MMl t'l^*ff;intly an^(Miintfft ImlrK hi the I'liUcti State*. Ihin tiujihly^iin*|ir^M^f. ^iitl provldMl wKh rteviilon^ eleutrti1^'m-IN, rtr^' alarnih. tuimliu vat^-r. ltaths. steam^hfHt. o|M'ii fltt* pUtrrs and all motlvm fonvt-n-^jt'ix fs. RootM ni suite and mtj^B, ClsMM nn^l^ht^r\i(t^ nti let i v 1:1 ^l-t'l;ms. llatin from
$3.50per day upwards
AccuiillngIn ^l/e an.I ^ li.irai'ter nf roents
C.W. LOOMIS. Prop.
WALLACE,IDAHO.^East ('khan Siiiket.
Ratessum t,. ti.wi par Dag,
llosnlsail Uiilglni: \\ eeklv. tr..vi to ^n.
Meals^^i ts. soil I |i^anls.
Calli t^1 sw us. Kvervtliini; New. First Class^Trt attneiit tiiisrantei'il. I In- only Sco-
tlllit( lass lliilel 111 WallueC
PERRATONft WEBSTER, Proprietors.
(Kn.rr.RHAioN, MtNAiira.)
Vs*granite, MONT.
Nrnt.Nevvlv Kiintlsln'il Rnd ^.until.^Iloin^H'M'ins. onlv While Help Kmpl.iyiil.
(iomlTslilr ami Weil Ventilated Killing Boons.
J.!:. CLMUCI, Priiprletdr.
/^' .an MM nsg,
* ^ ^ 1 * v I
125E. PARK ST. !
t i'i't.n I1i:i^m^^^av.
Kvrrvthiiie1'inifiiit.il'le ami II .ne like, an I at^Itrssnualilc Kales 1 loodTswM, ami t lean,^Well \ ratUated Bnonit.
* ^anaconda. MONT.
HJk^^t fMatt sikkkt.-
Flrstris^^ Ari'onininilatlnns. Meal*, 'il cents.^Ituaini anil luwnl, sj. iM i M.nilli.
whiteoaak asarsoyaa.^FITIMQI ^ oLSdS, Proprlftnrs.
Whole-aleami Itetall IK'Slfrs In
Beef/Autton Pork,
m.iinStreet. - - - Anaconda.
Promptand efficient attendance. Wholesale and retail dealer in Un^^dertakers' Supplies. Hodies carefully embalmed and shippe^to all parts of the United States and Kuropc.
OpenDay and Night.
TelephoneNo. 57.
L.C. TRENT,) Salt Lake City, Utah,
GeneralWestern Manager, /Hcli'iia, Muutuna.
AndMachinery for the Systematic Reduction of Ores by
foistingHnginss, Ooarsd and Direct netlng,
Pfospeetlngand Devslopment Hoists.^Bulldera of Improved Air Comproaaoro and Wlra Tramways,^Frue Vnnning Machines and Cmbrey Concentrator.
liidgeruiood Hoisting Engines,
SleotrioXaight Plaxxts.
DiamondCors Prcspsstlng Drills.
aVrVKland Compressors. Ct's Elevators, Knowles' Pumps, /fraf ilo*^r%^KIHOSLHUD * DOUGLAS SAW MILLS.^SHAY PATENT LOCOMOTIVEB.
Ladies'Cabinet Dresser ever Turned^out at Chauvin's.
OurHoliday Goods A/ riving in A'ezu Designs
IgaannTflfrom Ttiltli^ ^ fiirnimrs st.,rs tn l.v^1 hcktnut alrrrt,npnostts Msr-^t mIIiiiii s^ ^ l^iit.' 1 -
REPAIRING OF All KINOS!^lat'l'iitliij rabaat asods, m..11^ Uoin' at^Baasstaaaai arr
ParlorRockers^Odd Nttes,^LmaMu*^Secretaries,^Parlor Suns,^/'at ntings.
Piu::orTobies,^Jpo'c Cans^ant Dl $k$k
WmAWLoli'is^and fatal M^$.
I$.'0,000.(0 Werth of these goods
IItrnvuig. So/n: iilit cidy on the^fioi^. Qttffonin and Sidebontds.^Male : tii :,eip tor j r. All wmm^di ;:^i at I aftern Ta^ tory Prtco, and
I;freight. Never sueh a dis/^ ay seen^i1 in Butte.

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