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VOL.III. NO. n4.
tc-uiie nimuiTfi LOis-iM
Locatedin the most desirable^part of the city of
Warrant)-Hoed i. payments in^Monthly Installments of^TEN DOLLARS.
()n!yotic - fourth mile^from pottoffice and city^hall up a gentle incline^brings one to the center of^the Prospect Hill Addition.^It can he said without ex^^aggeration that the location^oi these lots commands the^most magnificent view of^any residence site in Hoze-^man. It offers large re^^turns to investors. It has^an abundance of the BJKSt^water. Its scenery is un^^surpassed in Montana or^in the Rocky Mountain re^^gion. Of all other places^in Montana it is the most^suitable from its location as^well as its advantages for^the permanent capital of^the state. It is the geo^^graphical center of Mon^^tana. It is beautifully lo^^cated in one of the most^productive valleys in the^entire country. It is a place^of permanence and its^growth will keep pace with^the growth of tin: state.^The rich men of to-day are^those w ho bought real es-^state and held on to it. W ill^you follow their example^while then- is still a chance^and purchase lots from first^hands
$10Down ami $10 Per Month.
JamesW. Murphy
RoomNo. 6. March.^au 4 Valiiton Block,
TenPersons Crushed to Death li an^English Theater.
ACareless Man's Act Results in^a Terrible Calamity - Men. Wo^^men and Children Tram^^pled Under Foot.
London.Pee. '..'7. The theater in (iates-^litMnl. county Dunham, war last night the^scene of 11 1 rightful panic in wliicli, m-cord-^ing to re|mils li t civeil, at least In people^MM killed i.ulriulii anil many injured. A^mm.,11 hi.ui'. ^ .iu-i-,1 hy u man in 1 hi' audi-^enee ilroppiiijj a lighted in.iU h on thesaw-^ilual covered t1o^^r, caused one to Mart the^fry of ^lire!^ Immediately there wan a^wilil rush for Mm doors which, owing* In^the MViiue rush. biTami' so blocked that^only a few sm ii'iliil in (ji ttinjf nan. The^stain ,in' trailing finin Ihe gullery also^became blocked. A check taker w ho at^^tempted tn restrain the crowd was^crushed to death under foot. Whin the^panic subsided the bodies of children,^w hose live* had licen literally ei nato ,1 out.^MM found l^ lag on ilir ki.iiii .im'. A con-^: table who eanie to assist ill the work of^rescue, w hile (IracuinK nut a body widgtd^among die struggling |MHiple discov ered it^ftii:- i!ii* IwmI.v nf his M 11 son.
'Ihe attraction lor tin-cvcuing was the^I^.11111^ii^i11^^ -. ^ Xlladin.^ the theater In inn^literally pacUcd. The shout of ^lire^ was
.lined at III:;*!o'eloek ami instantly there^was din- confusion, in w Inch above all was^heard the shrieks of voni,m. many nf^whom fainted. The lessee of the house,^iiiiuiediately stepping on the Mage,^shouted tn the audience to remain sealed,^assuring them there v as no real danger.^Many oilier* attempted to restrain llie^in.id rush for die doors. Most of those on
he llrst llisir ese.i|H (I. It was a sudden^la-nd in the g illery staircase vv hiehi auscd^die fearful jam. People who h id fallen^and wen* lying in a heap, screaming and^groaning, wen' trampled upon. At last so^many struggling |x^oplu had fallen that all^passage I'm exit was effectually blocked^by a mass of writhing liiiin.in beings, and^those si ill remaining on their feet were^lnrced to seek other means of csca|ie.
Theoeoasiou nan made doubly im-mora-^hlc by several acta of heroism. One mall,^vt ho occupied a gallery seat, jiiui|ail from^(he gallery railings to the hal'-ony Is-Iow,^slid thence lo the stage, all the nine hold^^ing a child with his teeth. Other men res-^mill si'veral women in a fiiiiil.it manner.^Meanwhile the the was easily i|iicm bed.^The police sought medical aid ami as-^sisted in extricating die v it tints from the^staircase a matter of the utmost ditll-^eutly. One child, after calling out pile-^oiisly : ^Save me! save me!^ died liefore^ii could Ik- reached.
Thenew s of the disa-tcr spread rapidly^ami soon thousands of frantic people were^rushing to the scene to ascertain the fate^of relatives or friends. Within a fen^hours all the dead were idem died. With^the exception of one. all were Ivctween the^ayes of l.i and In. Menils-rs of the cum-^|Kiny , .-t aped in theii costume- and w hen^they relumed to the dressing i-oom - thi'V^h id I,een loblssl of then- ordinary clothing.^The lossee of the theater announces lie^wilt give the proceiils of ihc |tcrl'ot-ma nee^to the lafreaved and close the theatre^pending inquiry.
They%^'^^ Mill Talking nf the ^ inni'liltce^i'liriiiKlimis.
S|iei'tali 'unestMiinleni*e of the Ntunilanl.
WASHINGTON, Dec.Speaker Crisp
hasliccn less geiieniUH to Montana thai)^was Spcukrr Iteeil. With hopes of im^^pressing Montana favorable towaiits the^1-cpiihlic all parly. Heed gave to rieprc-^seiitative ('arlcr. tli^ii a brand-new^^Mather, the chnirmanship of the im-^portaiit i oinniittei' on mines and miiiiiig^and a place on coinage, weights and^measures. It was an iiniiaiil thing to do,^and ii made the task of Crisp hard, lint^he was not left unaware of the desirability^of repeating to Montana the l.ivor^that h id been extended by a republican.^Kepoaicd democratic recommenda^^tions were made to him. Out ot interest^for the state alone. Colonel Sanders ia^said to have gone to Crisp to add ins ad^^vice that the Montana |x ople should bare^us much consideration upon i ouiiuittcca^in which llie state has a |seiiliar and^pin'ier iutcii'st as il had obtained from^l'^ed. For a time, as I tel. giaplnil you,^il looked as if die s'leaker liad followid^the ad\ ice ot lh^- men w ho favored a repe^^tition of Hdil's unusual favor to farter,^lim the pressure ii-hiii Crisp lo reward^Jiis rriends fixiui the South who had ki pt^iloleg-atiotiti solid for hiin pn-m iiii-d that^outcome Mi. MMM dia*a not get a chair-^inaiiship, and Montana sinks in promi^^nence by Just so iniii'h as tie' loss of a^leading place.
Thei-earc disapisiintineiits fnr ihe New^^'oi k Ncn in MHnbaV. 1'or scleral daya^tliia luw been experted. While ( risp wart^a candidate the Nun supported hiin^heartily. There was nothing ion rough to^Is* asserted by that paper against Mills^and hi -supporters. Tin-re was no MM^of criticism for the pan in it CMHMMI and^Mill wen- siipposisl to lie taking in llie^promotion of I'ri^p'to ele.1 ion. .bisi at the^close of tile contest, however, some lllillga^wen-said in CrispV loom, by men who^were wotUiiig diligi-itl.v lor bun,^that mi-iii to haw go: into^ihe $m MMM kite. hut not^loo l ite to turn it fMM Crisp and Mftkl it^^i IhiiI prolesti i^ .ej.litis) any hutiiiliaiion^of Mill-. I r un what I e.m MM, this dis^^covery was (hat Ctisp wa^ not only not a^Hiil m in. Imp that two or more of his lieu^^tenants protested, in very poatrtad terms,^to i-xpressioiia from the Tammany MMi^(bat looked like hitter boatilltf lo fTaia
I.mil.They got llie impicssiou that it any^^thing in tie- cmlidacv of ( i lap meant that^he MM w-rking against (level.mil or KM^Mill, gentlemen who aad that apUiioa^would do well to rli.mgc their minds,^l b it. to the'l amiiianv men, w is a MM
Nov. however, that the eoinmitti-es an*^naile d. ,hi n an- inoii- -u11u)^ -. T.mi^^ni.im 4V m *J not ap|* al to hav e held ( risp^do* ii very will. Cummiugs. vvto is still^a member of tin- S'iim staff, and already at
aroikwriting stone* about the congreaa.^had requested that be be put at the^head of ihe importaal committee^on merchant marine and ftah-^eries. He did not get p. Instead^of receiving that very important and^prominent committee, he ia made chair^^man of the committee on Ihe library,^which may not make him an con^^spicuous, but will certainly giv him^greater opportunity to w rite Idlers to the^new-paper, of a very eiitartaluing^character. The library eominiltea does not^really have much lo do with any library. Its^principal function haa been, in n-ceut^years, to buy picture* of an allis/ed^historical description and doubtful value^al an absurdly high figure. The capital^now contains several of llie auppnai-d^'^works of art^ thai h.ive hcen prepared^for the government .mil bought by ihe^library committee al prices which any^rc.sp.-i table art dealer in tlie country wimiIiI^laugh Immoderately if they were named
Our^'member, although not successful^in getting the committee places to which^Montana might have concluded that he^was entitled, promises to be agreeably
knownina social way. Mrs. Dixon, who^has been acquainted in the capital f n^some imie. held her first r^^ception on^Tuesday at the Shoivhaill, and will hold^reeeplions every Tuesday during the sea^^son. Her rooms were visited, during the^afternoon of tin- flr.-t reception., by all^of the Montana pMMMHI (own. Mrs- Ihx-^nn's. attractive qualities have made friends^for her that are included 111 both p.ir-^t ^ .., .mil luriv publics cease lo bo dis-^cu-sidvviih any thing bill playfulness at^social gathering of this sort. The Sliore-
11nil is a handsome hoiiseaud convenient^to tin- center of lie- iqetow n dialnct.^Tuesday is visiting day to the honaves of^the ii-presentalivi s. lAery wife of a rep^^resentative I do not mi all to imply that^any of them have more than one wife is^mi p| use. I |n leal home on that afternoon.^N^ there is sure lo Is* a long list of callers^al ihe homes of those reprcaetiuttivc*^whose wives get into ^*lhe swim.^ ua most^of the ambitious women do as soon oalhcy^arrive here.
Didanybody ever suspect that Carter,^the land commissioner, waa a poet ^ That^he had some imagination waa concluded^w hen he published, during the ill-fat- d^Reed campaign of lsito. the romances^aboe: the taritl which Reed got up with il^^lustrations und scut out lo the countty^through Carter's cotigtvsi-ional commit^^tee^ Hut he is a rhymer, and between^times, at the laud office, be turns hla at^^tention to subjects of contemporaneous^human interest and weavos them into^story in verae. The other day I was show n^a sample of Carter's style in poeay. He^^dashed it olf^ on the impulse of Ihe mo^incut, when he wna thinking how proud a^man can be when he is for the lirst time a^father. The lines tell their own atory^alsnit the inspiration. He wrote:
SliileIt mi tlie elistilr wire.
Si-reamu tlirmigh the lelephntae,^Tlist (irever has iMs-nme a sin*.
IdlaMMatlM) tliciiuth m ik^ snovrn,^That (Ids aew-eatner mav prove ^reat
Allclasses will detroitly prav.^Hat never our ( hlef Magistrate.
Hecaiisc-It li.ti'1 tmllt thai way.'
DidMontana know that the Dialrii t of
Columbiawas ^ rival in mineral re^^sources'.' Probably not. The government^aiilhortxiil the purchase of a tract, in Ihe^northwest set lion, along a ravine, to be^made into Rock Crock park. Some per^^sons who had Isnight laud al less than il'O^an ai-re decired to get $KO a city lot for it.^Seeing that it was improbable tha' they^so should get such prices, they sud^^denly discovered that there were^gold traces of eiiorinous richness in^lb^ lauds. A great deal of testimony was^lakcu to prove that it was really useless tn^go any where out of lliedi-iiiei lo dig for^gold, and yet the courts, after deciding^thai if then- was any gold in the lands it^belonged to tin- government, under the^terms of old grams, awanh-d a nominal^lienelit to the holders of the allcgi-d lllin-^eral lands, and gavc the government the^t ight to take possession at the appraisi d^valuation. The ls**l indications of gold^hereabout ate not much la-tter than ri0^cents a ton.K. (i. D.
TheChattanooga Fire.
CitATTANOOi'.A.Tenn.. Ih-c. 'J7. - Toilay^the ftlM exleiit of lb^ destrui Hon by yes^^terday's lire is apparent. The principal^letail bic.iue-s house., of Chattanooga are^in ruins. In all in store rooms were de^^stroyed, with th#' stories alstve them. Sisin^as the losses are adjusti d the vv hole area^will la- rebuilt with handsome structures.^Mrs. Hurst and Miss Johnstone, who^fttMpcd from the third-story windows, are^doing well. They may recover. A Miss^Stevens, einnl iviil on the third flisir of^I.oveman's building, is n p^i e.t missing.
Killedlly a Negro.
I.KKHitipi.. Flii.. De^'. ft. This MaMUM]^Conductor Parraniore of the Kloi ida Cen^^tral was shot and instantly killiil by a col^^ored liarl si ii.Hin d Thomas Mike, whom^he hud comiM-llcd to go into a car set^.-quirt Tor i'olonil |s-oplc. ,\ thousand^armed men with six bloodhound* m-e^hunting the negro dow n.
\Weallliv Man Vls.inK.
ASBCRVP^RK. \. II.. Dec. IT. Silas F.^Cheney, a large property owner and a^h^av y stockholder in the New York 7Vi-^ftmii-. has Isi-n missing for Mcr a mouth,^ami his relatives nre alarmed, Xbc miss^^ing man is a brother-in-law of Horace^Ore* lay.
Nota Ml ol Mill hie.^Cox-conn.ST. All au'opsy made on
theIsaly of Saw telle tiwl iv MBMMmMv^di- poses of the suicide iheo-si , and has^Mibs'.iiitiat'il the theory of the i n- n^olhcials that death was e.cisiil by a|^o-^ph i v.
^ --
saanlan'sMinri U'reckeil.^I|Bw Youk. Dae, S. Tie- e,,minion of^W. .1, Scanlnn is practically uuchangi'd^t'snigtit. Mis manager. August PINM/bm^lie\i-s his mind Iio|m|,--1v wnekcl.
VMMadaf Mm t ri. g..
Pirrsium,.Dis-. 77. Negotiations ar^' in^progress for the purchase of llie flostetter^( oke i i,ii,|,.,uv s plant by the i'rii k Coke^i ompain : price, J1.Vii.kh
artwiivhl Win. MM Mslrli.
St.Locis. Dii-. J7. Cartw right w in- tie-^six itay gieus-.v m-plcase vv iili i score of IsJ.'^miles and J^^ laps.
MexicanTroops leet One of Garcia's^Bands of Outlaws.
OrdersFrom tha War Department^at Washington to End tha^Troubles on the
NrwOl.LtANS, IHk-. 17. The Timf^Drmotraft San Antonio. Texas, spaMtkl^aays: Dr. Plutarco Orualos. Mevicancon^^sul here, to-day received a di-i-ii. h from^Ion-cdo. whh-h states an engagement look^place last night between (iarcia's follow^^ers and Mexican troops at Sinluiiacioa^ranch, this side of the Is in lei. MMM^Carriio and 1-aredo. The revoluiloiiista^assembled in large font s on tin- Texas
bankand o|^eiici|a steady Ureal ilnup.
acrossthe river, which was i-i'turned.^The battle reunited in one Mexican^soldier tiaing killed and a number^on each side wounded. The f.n t thai n^force of Garcia has be^nin that l,^ ahty.^is ev ideiice that the niovcment is spread^^ing rapidly, and the neeessity nf better^milit.il^ prol.slion of the Texas frontier^is made appaient. Then- is a larg^ ton-*'^of tliNipe at tie* |m.si here, but they will^not la^ ordered out unless absolutely^lincissary. There has been no wonl of^any kind received from Captain ltoiuke of^tlieThiixlcavalry.it military liiNidiiuarterK^hi'ix^ for the p.e i 4- hours. He is in com^^mand of Fort Ringgold, which Caiciu^has tlux*ateueil to capture, it I ic^^ing nii'cssary for bis men In secui-'^supplies. It ia the Is liof of (oneral Man-^ley ili.it the win's an' down hetwe, n Fort^Ringgold and Bum u.-v die, or else Cap^^tain Bourke is absent in pursuit of the^re voliitimiists.
Atelegram from the secretary of w ar,^ordering thai evcrv effort l^e made to^bring the IkhxIci dinicullies to .m end as^^ luickly as |H^saihlc. and the bsh ial Hoops^lo make as many captures of iwolutioii-^ists as (sMsihle, was ns cimsI by General^Stanley to-day. The general imnesliatelv^telegi'a|ihed the ditleixut ^ oinmauders^along the Itorder to secure Ihe names of as^many offenders as )iossil^lc ami have war^^rant* issued for (heir arrest.
Indin-ctwonl concerning the move^^ments of Captain Hanlie, of llie Third^cavalry , was receivislat headquarters here^this morning and relieved tie* anxiety as^to hi* safety. He is pushing hanl after a^| detachment of a hundred of (iarcia's men.^iaiid will either have them chased across^| the river into Mexico or bmiiglu lo a more^critical situation within the next 4s hours.
riveMen Snppoaeil M Hate Perl.heil In^Nevada.
CarsonCitv. Nev., Dec. ^J7. Joseph^Klein and George Hosworlh left Pljcer-^villi* two vvci-ks ago to walk to ('imou ov cr^the mountain. Henry Hartou met them^andadvisml them lo turn hack, but they^decided to push on to the next station. II^miles north. Since then nothing has In ch^heard of them, 'l im e other men started^over the summit the Sunday MM ions,^dm'of them was found dead u mSm^l i om Lake Tahoe. Furt her search show ^ d^not lung ot the others All stations have^liecn visited, but none of I|MMMM\mM^^were found. Ihe stoinis in the MM^tains for the Inst week have Iveen terrible.^It seems ceitam that all have petisheil.^Another searching party is about lo start^out.
tineMore Xallnu lo ICciognUe tin* Bras.
.el.Slave t'onv eul Ion.
WvsHlM.io.n.Di-c. 17. Mr. la- ( hart.
Helgiau minister, has n-ccivcd a cable
giamalilioiincing that the Brussels and
slavetrade convention was ratified h.v ihe
Frenchsenate yesterday. Th^- chamls-r
ofdeputies took siiuilui action on tin- .'lib
instant. Fightei-u powers were i-epre-
seuteilin the liruascls' conference, and
tin*adhesion of all is requisite to lender
this^aetn generale^ effective. Fiance
make-the seventeenth nation tint has
ratifiedthe couvi-utiou, leaving onl^ the
1'nitixl Slates to determine whether it
shallhccoiii^ operative.
HeTalks About ( IsvpIiihI'i 0MMMM IMl^t're.hlantlal Nninltiatloii.
Pmsiti Fi., Dec. 77. (iovemorl aiupla M^of (Ihio is in the city to-night. S|^eaking^of the outlook of thi- dcmis-rutie pte-iden-
tialliominalloii. he I he did Ml think
ClevelandWould get the necessary two-^thlt'ls iiiajniity. and if he waa not iiomi-^nati-d on the lust Isillot he would Is- de-^i fcated. Ill the event of Cleveland's de^^feat . lie was of the opinion a western man.^|a^ssibly Palmer of Illinois, would la-^chosen.
AlterIlia klltlites.
New(^RL*.^^s. Di^. IT. The HmMi^/Vfnoeru/'s Slaibuta. Mis-.. s|a-cial says:^I.viiebiug ia still going on. -lohn Sims,^brother of Bull and Moselv. i iiephew of^hob, were Isitli bunged lii-t night and the^avengers .tie holly pursuing (In-negro who^was w itU i'ic gang on the night of the mas-^sacre. Tliey burniil all lie* housi's and^killeil i'very In nig Ihiug on Isith pUces.^A family who escaped to a ncghtior'i say^they are going io leave th*- 'oiituiy. A^cmwd lullv irong is hunting for Neal^Sims who. It ii report is I, his about 4n^men and intends to burn Woma- k Hill^to-day.
TroilHIesiniii-HaMa llileve*.^Hrt.t N v. llec. .'7. H a-., thieves hav e^Iss u o|m'raling in the Yell ov, -ton i oiu.ii \^on a gigantic stale lb- p.i-i nriiiib.^R.iiii-ln i.-^ ind rang1 rs along ihe Wyoming^bin-estllll.in-then I..^-.^.,,i ill |:, ,,|. \^revianl of Il.'.50U is otfen-d for lie- arret^and com ictioii of 'he ihiev ^^. Ii is 11^ - ,ukl,t^Ihe rustlers are part of tin- gang thai i-^caitsiiig so iimch trouble in Wyoming.
HowHe Made tlMM Pray.
KansasCitv. !^.^^^. S7. Thomas Kd-^wanls. a nurse ni eutly diw barged fmui^the city hospital, Isx-aiuc del.illgisl thin^afternoon, mid nmiiing out on the stresyt.^.it the (siini of a revolver, math' evi-iv-^la^h be met knwl and pray. He was^liually artx-sled.
Whata I r. ii. li MMHMMfl llmut Ihe^NiKluley Hill.
PntS, Dec. 'JT. -The Krlnir* stales De^Bram.i. at the head of an expedition of^I.J^^ persons.being Senegal tnatps
andii) Furo|m-ans. w ilh plentv of provis^^ions and fin- arm-, h ft l.ibrcville. the^Fix'tich Congo colotiv. Nov . .^. for the pur^^pose of man I me lo I ov Tar had.
Tiranl,formerly French minister of^BMMtre, in an interview mi the subject of^negotiations for a commercial treaty tie-^tween France and the I'liited States,^said: Treaties of this kind an- useful as^a modus vivcndi between countries where^tariffs are so high they pamlvie trade. A^trealv with the Knifed States w ill be ex^^tremely opportune mid go a long way to^| ensure an eiiiliunia.tic participation in^the Chicago fair. The MeKuilt v law has^so much harmed our trad*-. I would favor^going to the l ulled Mates for stap.es onlv^when il is impossible to obtain w hat we^mail elsewhere. The McKinlcy bill is a^Ivarlmiotis piis-e of MjMMtfcM and MM^cause4| gieat ill feeling in France. The^whole law is due lo ettor of^judgment. American. argued tha'^as their ex|Ktrts an* tiaiui.il pitsluci* th it^other nations must have, tle-y woultl la^^sun' to tin I buyers and so could -hip^|siiis. le foreign maiiiif iclurers. Thisn a-^somiig is fallacious. Isnik how l.ngl ind^has i|evclo|ieil sun e site atloptcil flii'^trade. If thi' I ntl. .I Mates woultl adopt^a like iHilicy, America would govern the^m irkcts of the vv oi Id. In Fiaiu e, where^i il is impossible to develop resoiii-ccs fui-^i ther. there is some ^ xeii-o for protection,^but not in America, win re |esvsihilitica of^devetopineiil a re tiiilsiinnlcil.
Haiti^ii^^l^ ri^M-li^ilril tn ^ninr r^r|^ ol
MbJmisp.n-,;^l in iho Nti*ri^lar.l.
iY\\ k. Jilalio. U^ ^ . .7. \ \ %^NtiDW storm vtsittnl ihr \V^^m| ltivrr^iMin^try lam iittfht. ami in n f^*w Im*ui*k s^m*^t
H.1m e^ttt|**4l to th*' .llo .ItU m MUt'l etnf'
liticni \ of f^^^^). ami io-^l,i\ ^ tnHli v. imt^drifted full ^ \ rt v a\i iim^ of i oiiiinuiih a-^tion l^y bytas** b**t^ri*n tli** tliixt' ri\^T^towns, iind tlicrt' tiring no Suml i^ train^the *otititr^ prpst'iitr- a vi m uiiiisiiaI ns-^pri't. Th(* n#*o|^l*'( lifmr\*t, h^v^- Inmii^l^^ih\ all n*ino\inu tin- larv**A'imjiiiiiI.i-^tions of ^sjsjsj tfoui th*' n^ofH of (Im lliuu-^uml lm^itm-aii |kmi^m**^, i . nvoul iIhdH'ih'-^r* hiilis u|ii^ li would |m-t h^i|*t* otltt'i^i'^*'^follow. Tin* (|uuntit^ of Mi^m in^thf luounlaiiis \* siiii|d^ (Mi^*rino*is, and^us tlit'rr a it in:in^ |^**o|)|o out uotking in^thr iniTK w iih w Ii ifli com muti ion t inn r.^iin|Mtrx^ih|t* ni tlnn turn , ami fatpfl an* Ms^^teriiimttl f^^r thrir safolx Iroin th**^d^^adly nlido** w ln^ h inx at i.iMv follow^ttK*M*'Mortuii, t^ui *11^ to \\\^- |^n h4^tit tunc^no fatalitit** ha\'' In^^mi rt |v^riod. k.\rr^'^rut oil tlit* V.-^ ^1 Kiit-r Irram'li itsdriltid^full uiid |tk|M^riM Irotti SlnM^hoiio imlicat*'^that tlio Wood rut r Mtsplv will not psji^mint her mail l^*^for^* Tu^ ^m|i\. an it will^kt*Tp thf f.nh i. fl ppsjssjt INBJ to r|r;ir th^^^ii.' U of hiioa h^-iiit^rrow, pro* \*\*h\ Iho^w t atlmr i*^ la i or.ihltv Siifh w uitrr-* ;is^thm ninkf th*' nm^ h*-t^- of tho\alU\v ^imh ,^a- ,i |it^Hv\ tall tif taiiow in the mountain*!^ir. abmilut^al^ i'.s.a uti il to iiii-utf ,itiuu^laii^^*'^of wa^^ i ft^r irrigation tin* ft^llowing siim-^liirr.
I't ^^ pn*r.| A niriitlmrnt tt^ Him I ^^n*^tilti^HH ^^! Hir I nlo.l s|*it^
NrwYt^KK. I^#f. IT^ The ii inoii,.!^le.isuo foi the prottt tutu of tmerit'utt 111-^Mtilutioii^ ha - |^i* i^iit-d an amendment to^ihe t osjsjtHuteOn ^ ^t llie I'liftt-d Matt m^w hit h w ill Ii*' Mlhlliitfed I ^ hoth honfte* of^fJISMMSji bh'^lil\ After th^-. iriutnr tht ii^MennioiiH. The tun' i,dm*'iil i^ a*^ follow*:^\o ntnie shall pii^^ att\ law r^*i*petrllnf the^eistahh^hmoiii of aii^ religMHi ^*r pmhlhit-^|saj lull ^ \fn im thert tif: or u*e ]^^ pgsj(S^^ert^ oi ^ rttlH. Bf nii^ MsvBBJ isimiI l.\^taxation or adthoii/** t ith* i lo n^i*ue IhumIs^for llie pur|mj.e of fotiiuliiit'. iiiuiulaisslfaj^or aiduui l^v *i|'nu^|^rMiit^ii, |^.t\iiient ft^r^..t rvi^ * ^ \|hiiirt*'M i^i othirwiM1. .my^i*fiuit'h. religioiih ^ lentunmat ion or religion*^Mo iety or any in*^titutn^u. f^ofit'ivoruiit:lrr-^takmg w hit h n* ^^holK f^r in |w*rt uud* r^mi t.tiiau (il tHt'lcNiahtii .il routrol.
lii.ti Natl*^iiNll*l^.
NrwYtirtlt, De*-. 27. A largely atlemlrtl^ati'l enthutsi ihti^- iii^iiih; of Irish nation^^al 1st^ w.im ht'kl to-liiu'ht ill l^edwith hall,^thin Hty, lo tak^^ %cth^n nti llie reeetil^raruellite \ i^'trir^ at Watorfonl. S|^^^^ h**h^weir mad*' lo proimiM ui lrn*tiim ii .md^iv^t^lulioii^ a^Jti|H^il ftaliug th*- rojt^*-tioii^of Mh I it*l l)a\ lit by lh^ t Uh fori* o| Water^ford, and a ilw imm* inajorit^ giw u Kttl-^inoiid on the |^l.i*foi in ^.' gsjsjsj|sjs^Ii imp^I rule and md* |m mhiK ^ of t'riglihh |oln ,|^I |k.irtieii. inraUMiug nit*n-^. Ksitinfitetion to^1 hit-ili ii.itiotiali^ts of New York, who fjsj^! long uufuainr*^i the |^*^.p|.- of ||^ Und in^I theii efforts to olit.tin M'lf go\ernn^eut.
\Tatir ni 111 \ ^ 11 ^ o i. i.^N'f.W YOU. l^er. J7. Paul Ofv liaudof^Paris arrtve^l lo-da*, on the *teaitiNhip I.a^fTssimpllsjII^ Mr* has been ap|m^inted h^^the Kn'nell f***\ erimierit to in\e*tu;ate do-^t ial qismtUstU and the eonditltHi of (he^w orkiuguit'ii of thi-eotmto . 11 ^ - will nm i^l'owderl^ ami oilier laln^r Iftulem, ^u^l^lUit all laign Ann ikmi t it m^ hiding^PhiUt|el|rhia, Ikmtoii. t hu ago. New I lt^^bmsji ^an Fraueiairo.
-titlft In- In M*-^l^ n.
Cmov Mi V^ rfcei-. it, Tto^tssaww
ofUuniligo telegruphs thai in th .i it.^|m*op(e are ^1^ itig of tlar \ al io|i. corn heing^f-o|d at ru^l to the pttWn MMl mom ^ or^onleih fttf- the |^ureha^4i of mrn Iwiug di -
lllhiltt d t)^ ^Igalll/etl HMsHU ^ Tin- pnsjji
d-iit ha ^ oi ^|. i ed the |*ro(^er f*^*I*^ i **I oftsV
.i.ils to aid the |H^or in Ihu.i jgo iml *^tltt i
pjtsstsjsywhere there U ..ufT' img iM^ ause of
the ^ areiiy of prox .-itiiin.
flit-i'.(^. Dee. 'IT. \o i iding . haw t n
'ro^ .-uetl liy Nfr^. Van Sehoul of IKm;i Van
Hihoul and \h^ ^ I'arkt r. who wtnt to
Kmfaril .Momlay inght. \. I', i'.uk.r.
Alitf'rtfathei. left for that r||| la*i uig'ii
tohmig the gul-^ h.u U. I' now ^. , m* t!,^
. . o nh' llHtl heell plaillietl sotiie film ,
amithe ulrU made all preparation* tor it.^Saw lev ami Curti* an* -till loeked up.
Vsja rittio-f r.^I MM a.* iMLMr, Ind., !^^^*-^. '17. ('hail* ^^^1 || i^or. a pi 'ii' ^ r of Indiana, and a mil-^' floiiain* w hoU -alv nieix liaut, died to-tLo ,^| aged 70,
laoyPersons Injured by an Accident^on tbe Santa Pe.
Some of the Unfortunate Maa-
aengers fatally Hurt- Causa^of the Wreck Not^Known.
Kvv'Asfn-v.IVr-c. 77. Tlie Santa Fa^vest I hu led limitMl which left riiicaco Sat-^urilay evenmg was der itlealat Bear Cre*k,^neur Newroinhe. 7.', mil^n cast of here, this^iicaTnmr. No one s.is U.n- I thoug-h aev-^eialsere injured. The engine, huffE*8e^Mild i-\|iii-sh mm |isss*-^l mer a small^tiiitlge s,ifclv. Itut iviii i li.ur cars, two^Pullman ^ |^ i . and tlif dining car^were derail.il, K 'tng down a steep em-^Kinkmeni.
Theiujiireil are: f'onditrtor Wood-^worth. William Kaston. Chicago: Tharle-i^l^em|vsey. M.tn^ti^ld, 0W^| Mrs. Bhl^Tooincv. M.ii-ri'ii, Kan.: W.S itt.Chicago;^I K. Uliit.-r.iril. To|ieka. Kas.: William^I' . t, . wife ami iwn children. Topek.i:^W. J. ( n-^. Mrs. X. lhe A. Watson. To-^|ieU.i; I). II. Smith, f'liic.igo. Some of th^^atsivc arc Ihoiiirlit lobe fatally ui)iirrd.^The cause of the accident is unknown.^The track seemed to tie in good condition,^alic.iv' frcit;lii tram tiaving |vns^il safely^over a short lime hefore. Il is thought^the draw- liar of the front chair car may^hate full.-u and cauglil the truck of th*^same car. thus ^'.inning Ihe derailment.
VANDKHBILT'SBRAINS.^N hat tVas Waete.la loaag Msw
tmtkMaa.^N'r.w TOW, Dae.Late last night
while Cornelius Vanderhili was enter-
Itaiiiuu: i niimlier of friends at his Fif'li^aveniif resilience, a ctmi.1 looking, w. il-
|ihessiil v'Miiig man. apiiarently fiermaii.
|tang the door bell. To the page alio^aii.w n-tl the suinmoiis the visitor said hn^callcil to see Vauilerhill i^'rsouallv, to get^his liiaius. uluch bi^ proposed to ha- e^^ iltjct nil lo an c\|^'il analysis in order lo^e)i'ter:niiie vvhv V.iin|cr|i|li ,vas *hle to^amiss a fortune alula the caller was^penniless. The |ui;e summoned an ofBr. r^who took the man to ihe station. In the^^nun's |n^-ket was I en ml a card bearing^the name of John J. langinau. ^^^ Ea^t^I .|e\etiiti ntrii'1. ulso a uiemberiihip card^of the Young Men's I'hri.tlau assuriation.^The pristiucr waa taken to tie- Yorki'illo^I hi] ice court this morning and committed,^pending r\amiii.it|tiii as to Ins mental con^^dition.
Till'I'.llltlsi file.
(..v\ti Haiiiis. Mm-Ii.. Dee. 77. -The^PMMWvA I'oiitiac sjwial say^. The^siiuntioti.il ihe burned insane asylum is^improved In-day. The inmates have found^I t|il^iters in a tiriyliboriug a-ylum. cot-^| lagi's. ami in houses whu h eiiuens have^1 placed al the ili-imsal of the asylum au^^thorities. The injured are greatly im-^proved and a search reveahd Iml one in-^ni.^ie missing, a man naimil Steele, from^Detroit. The tiii,tif- will begin rebuild^^ing al once.
MMsuililea t all.
(Hit M.i^. l^ii-. 77. Frederick G. Applc-^i ni diiil suildenl) I hi^ morning of caneer^of the stotnai h in this city. He aas a^^wealthy ram Inn.in at ' amp Sansaba.^Texas, ami came here Nov ember M. for^iiicdH'ttl treatment. Heaasa hrother of^Ktlvy.itd a ti* I Samuel Appleiou of Phila^^delphia, prominent K.pisi o|^al clergymen.^^ n i^Nut So Hail ms Tlnoighl.
KtvtuMt.. Pa., lli-c. '.'7. The ruins of the^f'arpenter steel work^ bnrncl until early^this morning. Two of the buildings.be-^sidi h the oltlt es.wi're saved, acl li'it a ^^' unit h m ichim-rv was damaged at first^| supisised. The work of rebuilding on ^^| iMiger si ale w ill lie commenced al once.^Tie- total loss is c-timaiiil at *;'^'.'^^i.
Htiwunet ^*il^hiias.
SiwflmntK,H.N-. 77. A glove contest^between Amlv Hteven of this citv and^\usiiii tiihtsms, the Jersey l ilj boy. haa^lieen ^ri ingcd Itv th- Metnasilitan club^ha lit- . It is Imih (iililious ami K*wv-^en's llrsi i ' sin. e their uusatisfai tory^got o Willi MoAuhfTe and Myers.
Knivr vs. films.^I.var I iMin v. Mm Ii.. I^ec 77. Two Flu-^lamlt is. hr.imlishiug knives in the ^ireet,^were ojalenal to tlesist by Marslul May-^ii.ml ,4 in I In.i e e Iti-iilc 1 he Kins staltls .|^llie (iffU-er* ami ihe latti-r tired at them,^instantly killing Alexander I'erolla and^futall^ shtsiting Mtch.it'l Koiila.
ill la the !^ rave.
\r.wrYmiK. l^ec. 77. The funerals of Dr.^.-Stephen Best. Mrs. A. M. Baldwin, Mrs.^Ijl^h^ Van Vin-tl.ile an.I Mahel Sloeiim,
viciim.v of tin' Yonkers w ni-k. Usik place^lieda), the otmctpie-s being largely^aiteiidiil aittl tiuttscallv |i*ittieiic,
YoJiKiK..V. Y.. IVc 77. Lawyer^Mm phy . one of the v it 'itiis of ihe wreck,^thctl List night. Dp to a Ute hour li^-^uight uothitti' has Itccn heard tif Brake-^i,, in Hen it k. w It. tso inull i t, it is i liarged,^e uiKed the w n-ek.
11Hay llnl.v Be a llamnr.
ItiNntiN. lice. 77. The i ' otsic/r'. Rome^e*H-res|si'ide,it s.iv.*: The I'uiieil Siatea^goveriii.lent ha-.i.-ret il to |ia^ the iiuleni-^\ inly Italy d^in.iu^ls tin aceuiint of the New^(irleans afTair. in onlcr to m-ttle the dis^^pute. _
Iail.It'tl .il New \olk.
Nvv fOWL DsWt -'. Palciiolre. French^miulster to the I niteil States, arrived to^il.iv en ihe ~te.un if Ia^ I hatupagne.
*.rlp|-.il liv I a l^rt|^|ie.
Niw ^iikk. Iki-. 77. f lev fii rases of^de.t'h Ironi uri|i|ie were reisa-till al th*
Inallli Isunl ot ii.i- city losjl |.
rtaMtirliiks Whiskey.^N. vv YORK. Pec. 77. E. M. Kn ld still^IM'rslsts in refusing to eat^ He drank^lime glasses nf whiskey toilay.
rl-|t ^ t itiuliliun.
tTtmil on. Dac. IT. Sp^'uker Crisp ia^ii'l^.^itevl slightly iiiiproyeil to-night.

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