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loreAbout the Sensational Davis Shoot^^ing Affair.
Friendsof the Parties Interested^Anxious to Have the Matter^Hushed^Said to Be^Very Rotten.
xIk-ii^^^' eseaejea el tUo ciMiut^ jail.^^her ^BttiMMM nHtf HM ^t^ir\ It h us^tluiikfuli) ilitliwil.
Densis still under uiiunl ^f ^^ tlt^|^iity^^In riff ut die mom. Inn tlio slii'riff mi^^ Ik*^will lie rtiiinvtil In j.iil to-iuomm.
KnuikK. Ci^rl^*it Im* Uin i'im.iirtti in^defend Mr*. Davis in tin-rliuinv atruiiim^her for vliootiui; bar liiiglmiitl.
BillIE, lice-. :.'7.^Tin-re li.i.~. Ik-cmi notliiiiK^ill Until- for iiiuny seasons tli.it lias tlr-^v^ lo|M'il into Kinm an minatory anil w.m-^flulfiu^.ly ilirty affair at- 'lici llttvi.-* Hlinotiiin^M'ru|M'. Some of tlir Hlm iri. net afloat arc^ttm uiiNivury even to In- alludc-cl to. It^was ic|iorti-i| tu-uiitlit ili.il half a dozen^aeejeejaj wiuim- MMM heea not vol beea:^mi ntionrtl in connection with the rata',^ami who have- rousoit to fcur berontinji^titivi-(I up in it, aw employing om it^MMM to have tin* affair wttlril out of^rouit. Mrs. Davis is still in jail, or lather^is a (jm^t of tlio sheriff.
Aproposition will lie suhiiiit toil^to her to-morrow w liii h she w ill. or should^Is- i'U(^er to itc-c-ept, and tliut is to ill-op the^^ejetejSeejejeet her for attempted niiinlt-r.^A ii'i^orter visited her m her liamUontc-^^jail^ apartment to-night. Inn she hail^nothing to suy. mid acted more the mis^^tress of half the world thun a felon. Mrs.^Davis is a nest appearing woman, self-^eoinposc^l. and absolutely cold-hliHsliil in^muuiier unci looks. X'liblie synipathv.^however. M-ems to ho w it 11 lier. as it usu^^al!) is with the abused, alleged or other^^wise w ife. She hud many eullci^ to-tlay.^w hom she received graciously m her up-
Uosstered eBertaeeatai Among litem
wereseveral gentleini ti who offered^to go 011 her bond for uny amount^uuilcr i^^i. but she U more than con^^tented ^ ith her home and dec lined leaving^it until she had a prclininury bearing in^court. She lias employed no uttoruev yet,^and appears to lie in no hurry SOOUl it.^Mis. Davis in all right- ill her way . In^altera contnist w ith Mrs. Davis' apari-^inentsat the county jail is the place occu^^pied by Mrs. St. Johns lust night, who was^Inched up in a common cell in the corri^^dor among Chinese uud all characters of^criminals, simply on the aceus.itnut of^another woman. She rcniuined in the^custody of the sheriff from last^night until this evening when her^attorney, (icorgc liuldorti. Hiit-Wi-tlt-d in^gelling her bond iitluc-ecl fnm. 1MB to^$lou. She had that amount of cash and^put it up for her ap|K^unince in court w In n^wanted. The woman spent the night and^^Metel the duy ill weeping over her un^^happy |k^sition.
Nearlyevery case hits two sides to it so^keethe Davis case; and the other side of^it was giv en by Mr. Davis, who was found^in his room at 'In Kunt Quiirtx street this^aftcriiiMin. He is getting along well^enough, considering the two bullet holes^in him. but the doctors sny it w ill lie at^hast a week yet before he will lie^able to leave his bed. In reply to^statements mude by his wife be^first said that the charges against Mrs. St.^lotaeaea absurd and unjust and wholly^unfounded. He denied that be left town^w ith the woman, and that on the contrary^they left Hut to at diflcrojittiiiicH and went^in exactly eaaaafii directions. He re^^turned alone several inouthsugo. and Mrs.^St. Johns MM only lecontly and without^know ing that he was here. She returned^w ith the intention of stalling a Isiardiug^bouse and make all honest effort lo sup^^port her old mother and a small family,^with this intention she rented No. .'Si Kast^1,'iiarti stn-et from William UfMMt fur-^nishitl the house at her own cxjs'iisc, and^Mr. Davis rented u mom from her.
Ilaying^*^ a mouth for MOM and^toard. She bud just completed^the furnishings and was ready to^advertise for boarders w In n the trouble^urose. Davis could not sufficiently em^^phasize what he terms the ^injustice''^done Mrs. St. Johns. He further stated^that she bud nothing to do with Ilia lea v iug^his wile, and that on the contrary she ad^^vised him to reinuiu with Mrs. Davis, and^excused her alleged hud conduct toward^himself ill that it was the result of her ill^health.
Ileft 1111 w ife Im c.iusc she led me a^parted dog s life.^ said Davis, ^und I had^110 |M-aie while living with her. I had^made up my mind to leave her before 1^knew Mrs. St. Johns.^ Davis bus u mull^nurse employed to attend him now. and^expt-ctx to pay Mrs. St. John's for her^room just the same as he would any other^landlady. He did not cam to SO) anything^against his wife except that she unjustly^and wrongfully drugged Mis. St. Johns^into what he coilsiderud nothing but a do-^luostie trouble.
Inregard to the alleged HTM w Met bis^wife said he borrowed from her sister.^Dav is said that the money, in the (li st^place did not belong to the sister, hut w as^ncN*rowed from another |mrty for which^Davis gave his pcrMMiul note. The sister^claimed some title lo the money and when^the notes were due they s ere by her turned^over to Mis. Davis. Davis says that all of^the money except ^^UU was used up by him^anil his wife, ill living expenses and un^^profitable business ventures, before they^came to Kiltte. When he decided to^leave his wile last spring, lie throiudi Mr.^ttiubrie, his business partnet. gu\c Mrs.^Davis U.000on the notes held by her and^w hen he finally did leave her in June, be^endorsed to her a note for Jl.KKI MOM,^which she afterwards sold to J. I!. Coons^for*ts^t. He further added that when lie^left be had u gii'at deal leu* money than^she had. besides slut had all their house^^hold furniture and a piano. This state^^ment is rather rough on her tale of woe^about him leaving her in deet ittite circum^^stances. Davis concluded bis statement^by saying that his wife had no reason for^shooting bitii und that he regretted the^injustice done Sirs. St. John.
Sirs.Si. Johns was found in the sitting^room of the same house, talking with a^sympathetic lady friend. ^I wunt you to^say.'said Mrs. St. Johns, ^thai I don't^cure a snap of my linger for Mr. Dsvis.^but my i she Meter bus been assailiil anil 1^mean io defend it. Mr. Dav is is no more^to me ihau any other lioardrr and eajra me^(^VI a mouth for his room und bouicl.^nothing more. The idea of a woman of^no standing.^ continued Mrs. St Johns^hetaeee sobs, ^being put into Jail for the^likes of her.^ inciting Mr*. Davis. ^I^have been trying to nuike a decent and^honest liv ing to ^upport my |tonr mother^and a small fumily. 1 inn not a woman to^MMM my own sex. for I know the hard^Mode along which u woman has to tight,^but Mr-. Davis is the last on earth that^lias a right to attack another woman's^ehar.U'lcr. She box done me a sliuiiieful^wrong and I intend to defend myself.
Thechild in tin* case Itching* to Mr-.^Davis is now in the paeaeeelea of a^third sister, who live* in Port hi nil. She^i- ^x|^ected here with the child on W'oduee-^day. anil another chapter, it Is *.titl.^v iil to the curious be unfolded in the nasty^drama, unless u settlement of sonic kind^i^ nacbrsl iM-fore tlien. I' was^^aid tisnight that eiery tiling further^wo'tld. by mutual agii^'inent. Is hltslted^up in a day or two. and that u Milt lor tli-^v rile would follow . to which there would^In^ no defence. Kor the sake of ilrccuoy^and the public morals the hope t- o\-^prreaed thai this will lie the ease.
Avery solicitous |mr*ou. with ii-^ga.d only lor the news columns,^r.irttlshed the reporter with an al-
legtd history of Mrs. Barb from
Iteri.uuii tu iIk- eaeaeeaej eperteaeata
MMMsi the Hountaln \ lew ('hurra lt^^^lev. Mr. Harrow.
Hrrri:.Ih-c-. l^7. Key. Mr. Holmes, tiie^new pastor ol the Mountain View M. K.^church, being sick to-day. Rev. l^. I;. Har^^row consented to occupy the pulpit and^preached an exceedingly thoughtful dis-^] course on the subject of ^The llci'isiiin of^; I nbelief.
.lolinxvlll: In ^Sol tin- mull, lnil lUtialiliii^.^j New llaralilsis was a roiilH-r.
Mr.Harrow said that the wicked reji'e-^I t loll of Christ a rose not from the tact of^i the tn111TitiiiI'- being Jew ^. but from their^| being men. The result would have lieeil*^the same bad lloine or Athens been Ms^1 lifted us the theater of the Sav ior's life.^: Had the son of (esl delayed his iuearua-^{ lion to this day . and sek ciisl this laud us^1 the scene of his life, the same e\p^rietivc^| would h ive awaiti*! him. and there would^i have bean the name shout: ^Not this mull,^I but H.itablius.^ The unrogeiieratc to-d.iy^lure still uttering this cry. Tile^(choice must lie one way or the other.^There can lie no passive neutrality.^Jesus demands ail absolute union with^Him. Vim would demur to rejecting^Christ openly. You prefer to In-neutral.^Human depravity is coiidoiisiil into efi^act w hen || Mjpiftl Christ. Tor this sim^^ply you will he rcji-ctisl and cast down to^perojil ion.
Tillsprofereneeis manifested in various^ways. Hue young mail is possessed by a^mania for earthly delights. A young^woman is posseniied by the vanities of^fashion anil folly. The business man^makes the love of gain his Harabtuis. A^toiling aspirant allows his love of worldly^fame to 1m* bis Handlists. Another makes^choice of self-right' outness. The proi*-^|k^iiiu-unil gay all'waiting until the sea^^son of distress shall compel iheni to seek^sheltei under the cross. The youth lisiks^forward to the time when old age shall^come as tin' proper time for attending ro^the wants of the soul.
Whatall* the consci|iifnccs of this^guilt'.' Huruhhas was a rohlicr. You are^rohlicd of the soul's happiness for eter^^nity. You mi' roblwil of the favor of Oep^forever: of tlieeout|sissioiiate interres-^sion of the Redeemer: of the eternal well-^being of your soui.
Thejirouchcr eloquently warned his con^^gregation against the indulgence of this^preference. He would stand in the full^view ol the eternal interests und plead^not to baiter them away, lie would stand^by Cabar.v anil bee not to ivfusc Christ^and choose Hurahlias. He would stand^by the sovereign authority of the living^tiisl and entreat not to dMjMM of the best^iuleiests. lie would stand by the MM^ineiiioit-issues of eternity and l^cg not to^lose the crown of eternal life for any thing^w hich pcrislicth licit* hclnw.
Twotugs Ntesl a Wutcli Fi'iiin timlliar^l*rl*onpr. -^Hi T'lt.. Di*c. L'7. -Two rogue!- were irans-^fct red from the city jail to the county jail^to-day for stealing right in jail. They arc^(ieorge Williams and Put O'lteilley . and^they have been serving a sentence for vu-^gruney. t In Christmas day a young man^know n as John lks^ got drunk anil was^taken into the corridor of the jail to sober^up. While cngagi'd in this occupation,^the two lags Is'i koned in him through the^bars, unci while talking lo him O'lteilley^^dipped his baud in his pocket anil^^MM a silicr watch, valucnl at s_'.^,. Tin*^v agsw eii- allowed to keep the I 'Icistmas^present they had helped themselves to un^^til tcMluy . when they were told to dress^tliemselves and get reudy for release.^When tlii-y weiv in the jail office, they^were ls^th searched mid the watch was^found in the stocking of Williams. The^charge ef petit larceny wus pktced against^them, mid they wei*c tuken to the county^jail. William'- is the man who. lust sum*^iner, wus captured by Portland offirers^and taken to Port kind on suspicion of Is ^^iug all accomplice in a murder. He was^discharged and worked his way hack to^Butte.
frnoil a l(e|iiilillesn.
'/'it/if Kditnrt^t Hit Slandartl;
t'luUriusnClurksoirs statement tlist **tlis re-^publleun w ho reuils ur utlierwise helps to sup-^|Mirl a deiiiiH'iatle jimrual tn tliesxrliisluii nf In-
MM}aMMMpOM is mil to the re|iulillrau
esile,^ limy Is* ;t fair ex|iresslou nf his fultli ami^practice, lujl it N lint |MtMt In Aiiii'riean ritl-^/.liishlp. It denies eoiuiNtrstlve InerM of tM^^papers; denies tin* ri-zht nf the lender, If lie he^reptihlk'Uii. tn make any comparison or cleter-^iiiini'the merit; ami denies the i l-dit of liullvld-^nal MMetlou. It eoni|s'ls liliuil purtlsunsliiii.^shk'li Is a iitoiioniaiiist or dlst*sse. With this^disrase att one may MMrea tit. I larksou N af-^llii-ti'il. hut no one can contend that he uoiilil not^infill I il on the mas- ul ri'iiiilillean renders. Ills'
IttateMMla---ililies t Ml the Mpettsal Hi the Hi
ptihtk'aamuse^ by a aeesaapst N the i-i liennii^uf Us iiiitH to the reailei. 'I'he ^!! I'ssil reader^must MtM'lIliSlM* w ith hhnil |iartltniiiHfilp befoM^M ^aa sSTtUow this. Its Mtesl pluiiih. 'Ihcicry^selr-luteri st tlmt promised Mr. ^ Inrksnn tn thn^must taili'-nl anil iiisiiltuit: stntemi'iit h. the very^tlilnu that should prompt us all in ttie selestMj^of our len'hui' mailer, the ili-tiilmtiuu of oar^patronage ami even the easting nf nur votes.^Were in* lint nourishing liuuselt tin party pup^nnd hoping ami e\|Hs*tlnu tn continue to do sit,^an stiefi lilt enters uottkl have hail reaoMtlea et^itgpMMeM ejr aha. Merit in u aetnpeaeras ^^news Merer eaat OMertttieci Its pstrueaer. aini^this, regardless of its |Hillti'-al eitniplevlisi; ami^htdeMMt la the reader must iletrmilne Utese^lection nf .eaillug lastter und w list |tress he will^|tHtroul/e. And lie ulitne is worthy ol Vineriruu^i'ilt/elisiup wlm keeps Ins nwu liill'-mlutletluess^allele the line met rry nf deslgniiig IHilltk'lans,^and almie tlie |Hilitli'itl lutrUtue* and ronspiia-^eles nf these ami om eieil atojaeaeejrs.
Unite.1 Wt.A III ci lll.li AN.
Pa*tilt* Tug nf War.
BillIlk. Dee. ^'7. Fred Ritchie reports^matters progressing very favorably foi the^great lap of War which be is getting up.^IJy to-morrow it is expected that ut least^four teams w ill Is in practice. A practice^hall is Is ing litteil up under Cisunls cV^Tonkin's saloon m Kast lirnuttwuy and^several teams will practice there. The^Scotch team ha-his'ii organised and will^practice at Culcdotlln hall. Ltttwc*; Main^street. The tut in.ins will praetiee at^Chris Weiilmmi's hall in Mont.nut street.^The Scandinavian ami Swiss teams an'^alsobefaaporganized. It is Ottendea that^10 teams will contest. Those thai organise^tli-st will, of eouse. have the most practice^and Is* in the best coiitlition. The prutes^w ill lw MUD for the first. $lUtl for the aecoutl^and Is'tO for the third.
MilesI'inIt ii is also pris-erding well in^getting up bis tcninimiicnl and both bis^frish and Cornish teams an' well under^way. He ex|ss'ts to stall the toi;rnainent^a Ih mi Jan. Il or 'JO.
Cutflowci-s: outside orders given prompt^attention. A. W. Noble. 0.1 West Broad*
Whenyou waul retail oil wagon, tele^^phone BIT, Hulte nil i miipuny.
Cutflo icr . fresh eiery d.iy. Tehfdione
btt|ii.; We-t Maadarap,
HMlhtpTcni:ce suit sit b us glass a* tlio^Polo ice rink to-uiglu.
Plolist: natural undartitiirial floweis.lv.^West Droudwuy.
Then-is no bit cigar to Is- compared^w ith the |ra in.
Huyyour iu:;*utod cigars si Alex^Cohen's.
TheAnnual Swearing Off Time Close^at H.nd.
GoodResolutions Made But to be^Broken Holiday Scenes^The Messenger Boy^^B^er SMnpTers.
Hiri K, IKv. L'7. Ttiin in ill*' iimh of^y*uit n Ih ii prepMrutkMia art Iwinrr m ^'l''^fnrtlto animal m\rar-^^ff. ^m^ih^' of tli^'^-^^ ho MV in tin* li.ilui of l^h^KiiiuI he
Ifji v Ii-mi ii i^- rBala .ut* fJBlM| tniiunii:^m^ to *|m hK to Im* better ul^.^* t^^ ti^^l^l oeM^auaiuM tempt.iti^ii aftrr tin1 arrival i^f lbs
lll'WM'.H. Otlll'IS an' MMatlhafj tin* l^
mNMaM^hi^ | of Itw ohl ^4-.ii- to Itllinv Wf^mi tlirii f.ixt't'iti' berefAgfee, Tlhwo in^li-^\ i.lual-iluak at lla* limtu*r in a |^tiilo-^|'l -^it .il iiiiU'iiri ami inof tin faft llmT
tlwaWfJ **f lh^ ir ^prfMlel) MM 's^i'lo-i iH lutiMl an-inakiii': th^- beefl ^^f 'I'*^^i^li4^il intor\ al. Tin' tmie *IbmI in tfce^in it u i of i lit* m Mp man ^ ho iNu-riniiM-^tnswTiir oil o.i tin-of JMIMn i-
nt*u.ill\MM^VaWbeVBic *sir^''ch i^f
virtueInn '-i'Moi't if^'oiiinli^lM'^l DQ MM^Iheu'i'iiK l-olU^wn*M of lljcchiis* train. I*^t-^li.m*^ for ^ w^'fU off |h:ssii|i|\ ,i Month the^court*- ^.f 11-fnmi Iff ri^iill^ kept atut ffjl^imitaiioiiH to DAfftaJM mv iwbffMlt the^tlark rod lii|ui^l is NhuiiiMil ami iiu^ImnI la^mn1 side, tlt -1 in a drtrrmim*! inalii.cr hut^morv and more reluciantly :im the^first dav of the year fades^fjt^in view under t he liormm.^Tlie ^.|^irit ih w illiuu. Imt the tli sh wnik.^and Mr. Ahstainer in iMi'omiui; dceidedh^Mirk of ealliliaT lor seltzer w ater or leinoii-^adee\ei*^ time lie aeefpts an imitation to^drink- He not ires the fart that he isalMiui^theonl^ man who^|iM*n not drink the ar^^dent in lite eiivleof a^*i|iiuiiitaneeM. anal 1*-^btj iinprexiu'd with the id^ a that ilrink ami^the w orld drinks ^ iih you. swear off and^Mpl swear tiff alone, he ii-tut ;is ijf tin to^his lolly.
Theerowd Ml the sti*erls ol liutte ^luriiiLr^Hie |KiNt week has lieon siuiplv etMirtuous^and is an honest criterion of (feneral pn^s-^perit^ herealHiuls. The si ones on the hie-^iuehs ^tr^'ets were unique and ul)filiated.^Kivers of |^eople of all grades and iMMldi-^I ion it MowimI a hni if the sidewalks in a tin-^Indent HimmI. The stoi^e w indows wiw uh\^with holida.x decoration--, ffMUffff of which^wen* decidedl^ pi*ett\ and intercut inn.^Kactt Itolidax Hloav do^rt* w an an outlet and^influx for the Ktrrutli of Inmuiiiity. as tli^-^puivhaKcrs ff/etjt in to make and h f'i aftei^making their |MffMMffMb
Theslowness of III'* average messenger^ho\ isproverhial and the spt eil lie e\-^hihits while on eirands has lieeu often^com pa lis I to the y.ni of a lame tortoise.^Tip liutte m^*tiHeuger Ik^,v. Ixmevrr, ImMes^this impresHion in the popular mind, foe^he travels hImmiI the cit\ with the swift-^liens of a IVftaKiiK. Strangers visitiitu^Uutte art* tUletl with wonder and surprise^as they M*e for the first tin.e soum-^uniftirnietl lad teBffiffM ilmniyli the^tlloroilfflifareH like a small sizetl eyt*loue.^And to siu'h straUK**i*s visions of the^inflleniuiil must arise: tot in their luinoV^one of this class ^if piihlie s^*r\ati1s piti-^cistlinir faster than a slow walk is as in-^counistcnt as the lion ami tin* lamb l^ iilt!^down together Df the ac^-omplis|nucnt of^any tMlier feats of hi)|^ot*sjhiht,*^ whieh;^rc^sup)mis^mI to In- bffMMht alwuil in soiih^miraculous inatim-r when the ipn^-k and^the dead arc hrouuht to the judgment^neat.
Theoverage female lieor sMiifer Is mieli^a hardened creature, wlutse ^timaiil^^sennihilities have l^een hu hluntcd h^ a^contact with \ ice, that one almost won^^ders if she w as ever pure ami uudetiletl.^Site laiiidis at any sii^Kt*stiou of le.iilinu a^Im-tier life, ami apparently is satisfletl^with the heer hall tu* dive. She does not^look regretful!.. Uickwanl tixera Mo^peM^life, nortfiXKiii in the luttcrnesrs of spirit^when she n*colleeis the lime she first^stooped to folly. And \^*t there are ocea-^shmal and dei'idetlly exceptional eo^M^where these soiled Itches are met with^who have a soft spot in their callous na^^ture* and who are not tolall\ lost to a^sense of their degradation. Such an om^is at present einplo.xed in a Park street^lieer hall, and the story of her fall from^grace is l^oth interesting ami pitiable. She^inn tiled Millie worthless fellow at^her home in Washington. Iowa,^^arl.v last spring and short I^ afterw anN^aceomikiiiicil him lo llultc w bCM he was^iuteinlinu (o go into btfotaooOt The new |\^wcililed pair had boon in town hut a short^time w hen the hunhand fell a \ ictitu to^the wiles of another w timaii and ciuell.x^tleseiietl his hridc of Util a few moulhs.^The girl was a stranger in a straiiuc I.mil^ami wus ohliged to do something lOOOffM^her living. Heer sluicing was ihc onlv^ateuiie o|^en to her and she rductanth^tiHik a tM^sition in one ol (he notorious^dfvee w here she is lo-day.
Hl.itkrvm Mpeelaltjr.
Twi^ arloikds of tilient ^ hi-*key (OOf R^^ccivetl at Met'ormlek A Hughes' IffOM^Louisville. Kv. AM |^erMiiis desiring the^f*est of liipmrs of all sorts ^\v demi}^^hn or^harrel for the holidays, can find no goods^etfWoJ to thosi- at MM'onniek A Hughes^,^nottth tif the |WH^tofTlee.
Thesilk pillow and pin eiishion w hit h^was r.eflhtl at the Anney oalofM* Ho* t-1^lutst Hroa^lwa^. wen* ^^^n h^ tickets No.^17 and 'J!I. Holders of these number* will^ph ase call for the articles.
fhir price - heal the world for che.ipnesM.^and our heater* and etioks beat the world^ha* finality. ^ 'all and be roiivimttl. M.^Bhinie. 7s West Park otffoi t.
Weare felling off boVJOSffO and eookiit-;^stoves ut astonishing Ion price^, to make^iikun for two cars now on the w a^. H. J.^Illume. 7s Weft Park street.
Furnishedrooms,with or without boanl.^at the \lbioti house eornci Alaska and^West (iraiute streets. Misses KafTcrty.
HotctM-ua and chtx-olate at Ale\^( ola n's.
(Mffschool slitter, are the flues! to lie had^in Butte. BlMMJ^ 4% Co.. M Wool Park.
NA. S. E.
SecondAnnual Ball
NATWNAlvssnri \ l lti\ i!K
Iin Hit' llftirflt .if
TheLibrary Fund.
ittintiiittee nf Arrsn^i'iiii'iits i'. .1. stt^\imisimi.^M. ^ . Maltfsmi. MMM Ii.ii lnistnii.
KltstriMreetnrs |)an |{e.s. .lis* l.nieii/e. I'.^II Metrair. II P. Kellev. Ktiberl llciliii.'in. .lames
Itet'i|i1inli I'titniiilttet' Kntiert Turner, i.eni u^^^Itllllll. lieorgr OswmIcI. I'liomss tlnl^. I I Ilea^tel. William s. I'arkett. I'r.ink *ejaas,
Musicli^ \ all Ultra's i Heliesiia,^All Mi eet I an ^ III l nil as Mi a, :l n , |i^ k.
Cloaksand Jackets,
DressGoods and Trimmings.
lmranclon park st.
OM.V A I AMII.Y Nf,^^lot* lit mm ^.^'t^ Into Tr*ul^lf Tliiniia'h
l.l^t* Mllll VkMlffi
Birn . Dec*. '27. Then- v\.is u row ol a !^doiucstic eh.iractcr in (^|i|M'r Wvomiu^^-tied this aftcrntton. It tooU |rfOj0OOl the^residence of Ge^ ^rve |lo^ |c. Ii M-eins tliut^^Joseph H^au. who ImmmI- .it the Sj|\er^I^ike I'MiiM'. has for several weeks lieeu^|M^^itiK markinl atteniion to Miss Hofks^The rest of the fumily. In meter, did not^look on lit au's at lent i* ^us with t^^^ or. |i.n-^ticularl^ Mrs. Doyle and tin-mil - hintln i .^K^au was forhidden the bouor. Rfon^made up naind this oftOffffMOO] that M^oad just as imieh riaaht to court the uii l as^antlsslv hiuf ami c.illcd thcii . Imt 0'0M^afi'iill re I used admittance. Ityali h.id .1^hu drinks in him. which atldeif to^his intense love for the acirl rcn-^deitil him vety desp*-ralc. !)^^^forced In- w .iy into the house, and^Im'ieuii lookuiki .ill oxer for his hoed one.^hut could not find her. He fbuiad out^^door locked. Illto w hich iTQIOg Doff/to hod
run.Nol Im-imu .ihle to bffCO an entrant e^MM tit her w a\. he ttsik a flat iron from ihc^kitcheii and burlod it au.iinst lltedooffi^ami btMM o in. NoImnI.v was tbotv hut^Doyle. Hliil In* was oirlv hall t|it*sset|, .!^^^^lie had HM| sleepily w lieu the OffMlOMtflM
onthe Ikiiisc w.i- made. When tin door^washrt^koii in Do| le raisctl it w imlow a:id^matle a Hyinu leap into the street, lie ran^Hi hiit Kliirl. OOAtfl and OtaokftMHi doo 11 le^Main OtMMt. when- he found ^ Mfh ^ 1 KJlMJi^^and the officer went w ith him and placed^K^un under arrest. The laH^tlhnni sa\^ihex heard three shftts H|w^P ftllrilltff tk*^dinturlKtiH**'. hut no yiin O'ii* found on^either K\ain or Dot le. and MNK1 rmild Is-^found iii the house, a ml there were 110 htoV^tti huleti ffjhoOffl obtff ali^ w OOIV ill t he house.
Thellozeinau new ^^^.(!^ nn is a lii-t^cI.iks Isiurilintf school. The rules arc an
exeelieiitffJOffjff of uiatiU' l^. Vis al a'Hl^ilistruiiieiital music, thaw in*; and noillt*^Mg M^0 taufcjh' without 1 xtra i-li.trai*--. I or^full (Mtflietil.os call to-^|,i\ .it room 1:.^llofTuuiu Ihhinc, h.ast |*ark street.
\otldnu1110hoi n nw-er pffCOffttl thun a^de'-opiated tea .^!^ etifft e 1 ^i. I ill and sec^them. If -1. Illume. 7s West Park -trooti
Prof.f. Je(Treys, rhlffopodlol and 0MM0V^( lire. Rtsilll over retl ifjul allot. ^tt^r^\^Jl- M-in ativt'i, Uutlo.
KnowAll Men^By These Presents
Duringtfc*rpinaininp; cl.iys of^old iScji we will iMMgWOl
M.tkeSome One Happy.
W'rhave .1 lm^c- Wiatet Mod .mil to^^avc handling the mom during mir^annual inventory we arfll naka tha^price so it will ft nable you to
with.^ pre at at from our elegant aoliday itock.
MakeSome 0^e Happjr,
41 KAST PA 11 K ST.,
^w tley Building.

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