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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, December 31, 1891, Image 3

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ii00 p. in^ii 40 p. m
7:OS A. m. From Stuart lyavet. Mnart * 4j^a in. Mill i Iil..'u a in. ttliiipa 7 at a in.
8:52A.M. from Hnlt^ Leave* Imtto 7 jO^am: Silver Bow ^:W a m; Stuart v!^^m.
II :BO A. M. From Uutte anil i..m - n^leave* Hutte 10 40^ in. Silver llow in j a m^Mluart ii -Ham. k.u'v Harrison in in am.^Deer lyxlg* io :l% a in. Warm Sprlotf* ii n am.
B:30P. M. From Bull.' wl Harrison^(.cavea Uutm Jin in. M1ver llow o I.1 Jim;^Stuart iilO pin, leaves Harrison :. i^i pin,^Dpit Leslie.'41^ in: Warm Spring* 5 il p in.^rntiSH inrmi
6:20A. M. For Stuart simp* 6 a in. Mill^lieek t^ ii:. in. arrive Stuart C m a in.
8:1OA. M. Fin Harrison Stuart a: no a m.^Warm Sprlnps am a in. Ilex r Loeli;e a JO a m.^arrht* Harrison ti:.^4i a in.
OilOA M. For Hull.' Stuart !^ n a in. Sll^ver llenv ^:.^^ a in. arrive Unite in r, a in.
2:44P. M. Fni H'i'le anil Harrison Stuart^'.':.Mipni; silver How ^:^!! pin. arrive Untie^11.44 jiln, Wal in spring* ' p m. Iieei l/nlgn^^ io p iii. arrive Oarrtsoa t:B |i in.
TalkAbout Affairs That Concern Ana^^conda Firemen.^^
AChristmas Trett That Brouaht Joy^to the Hearts of Some of the^Boys- A List of What^They Cot.
THtV\ fc ATHF R.
Tliril.iilv reo.vnl of tho llierinnmeler in^thiseitvfW ^i sii^nla\ . an ii |^ortiil by I'.^W. BitukIoii. was as i.illou*: 7. a. iii.. 7^f lo|f re-e* almvr: I:.* in.. lMle(jree* alsne: 4^|^. in..'*ileuit^rs aUive; I p.m., IK ile'jrreea^above.
.*innr nM 4 ITV.
Alxiut'.^^ ladies anil gentlemen eiije.yet1^themselves skating at Carroll last nislit.
Smith,tlie First street hnlrhrr. will
oectjmiha nrw buiatHnj rseesrHsf scaessal
rvctmvthe nrvv Ml^hy William Welch.
\\v Years w ill In cr-nerally observed hp^n holiday hy i|ir mereliati's in this rily^and ill^' .lore., i\ ill In ^ l-i-i d.
TheMnrma tf the last lew H ivs have^interfered with Hi mail hcmi^. tast^nicht no through eii .tr rn mail arrived in^this city.
EdM'Kire and |^ave Kennedy \v ill'ipen^a saloon ami uaillhlinc house in the aU^Burke i-taml, in the Morgan I v.ino btsttsV^inc. ^n Main miw,
BarneyMefiiuley has m-iiI to Helena^for half a ilo/.rn eoyotes. It is haul the^|ieak.v animal., aiv miiiierous ill the^rleaerleil stre^'l^*of Last f'hanre.
|{ev.Father l^irkin of Siilt Like is in^this city, the guesi at* Rev. Knther Ha^Kietv. ('^ailier l.iirUiu, who is one of ihe^tnaajl gifteil pulpH orators in the Rocky
Mountainrauntiy^wlll dettvsw ^ lectuiv
illSt. I'aul'- ( liuii'li \e\v Year's ^l^y.
F\-('liiefoi J'oliee Hale am) Qajaas) Mi-^(;reaor will SSJSjaj ihe saloon neently iv-^i upieil hy John T. Karh- on First i.tr^'et.^The\'expert to he ready for business to^^night, ttoih gentlemen itiv well-known^here and h ive many friends. They w ill^doubtless ret five a g^xl ^haiv ot patroii-^aae in then- line.
'lohnAlih.ilom |Ich . Ba^MifS, was plaeed^behind the liars of tin lmle. low log cabin^in the I.mi' 'i iiTilav b\ ^ MaVear w iters.^Mi . I'^^ hail shipped an iiiiu.~iially large^i argo of sjsvaaj dip anil w a-, tinind tr\ ing^to pn k .1 ipiarrel w ith a cigar Mgti on First^street, .lohn 4bsnloni w ill spend tlrst^.-tnilii\r. of 1s*L' in Deer Lmlge, Ihe gueM of^Sheritl Quigley.
Thesidewalk I in the upper portion of^tin- city are in a very bad condition since^ilii- n^'riu storm. Ma nv persons ignore^entirely the city ordinance which re-^quirrs thai the sidewalks he kept^^^lean of snow. Chief Piekel s.ivs those^persons w ho have not sho\ oled Ihe show^from th* siflowalks in front of their^preinisrs should do SO at once, as he^proposes to see that the snow by-law is^enforced in all caws.
Th*social given al hVrd's old stand on^Main strict last night by the ladies of the^I'l'eshvicrian church was largely attended.^It has been decided to continue theS4s4at*^laiumeiil one more night. To-night the^Ii.ilamx of the cargo of the ship w ill lie^dispoM*d of; oysters and other refresh^^ments w ill lie son ed. Persons attending^the liii'inciTs li ill tisniglil are iuvueil to^tiike lunch alongside of the good ship^Young America, which is anchored al
Rood'sold sliilid.
AliarundaFire Oepartinent.
Theiiienibers nfl the Anaconda Fire^depiiitiiiepi will iiieet iit lla ir hose house^this evening al 7 sharp, to lake |uirt in^the firemen's parade.
P.I. M M o%i v. ( luof.
Will I ci i.
Agirl. .11 US \Ve .i Paik ateniic.
CollageHomo, Anaconda. Mont.. '.'17^Park avenue, opposite Catholic 011111*011.^This house has Ix'rn i^-,.1ly and new ly fur^^nished tliroiighoni. Onh wlme help Clu-^iiloyed. Room .mil boaid. S.'ii par Month.^Sli als. is oenta. Open .Ian. I, lb'fj. Will-^lam Hrahiuon, proprietor. .
Theoars on Ihe eloot 1 jc railroad will^leave Cariull Itaa halt hour lieiween ^^and 10 o'd'M k on New Year's evo to oon-^vey passenger to ihe (in men's ball. For^letiirning pii sengn s cats will h ave Ana^^conda at 1n: tn. II :30 and It p. in., and at^1 :^^^'. L':m. :t:nn, (ajt and .S:nr^a. m.
Ifyou want 10 buy a No. I suit of ^ loihoa^of the latesi si^ le ami maki . of entirely^new goods, go 10 ihe Flephant Corner.^ftnt and Chetrv streets, Aiiii' oiid.i. .11^Hatiensleiii A ( olien's. which is the only^one price store in low 11.
Bo1101 f..iget to go Io 'ho Flephant Cor^^ner, lo Kjlr' nsl. in AV Coln ii's to gel some^nice w NitS -hilts, collars and cuffs. Also^ihe latesi siyles of hals. end tl^ l.in -1 i -^signs in neckties.
Theineritsof our -n^ k of wines, liquors^and 1 igars justifies the solicitation of iho^patronage at all pun 1 lasers. The Ken^ni' ky liquor ston . iIMIsM Kh- i ami I Inn\
J.C. Keppler luis jum ce^ei\e.| another^large assortment ^^l souvenir s|ssms, ln-^^ hnling some ver) nrottl aftef dinner^1 ^ fl^' - w :ih cngr iv tug of the suicller.
Fv-rv010 should know tlmi Iv^iue^Has. :^^^^^ First stiis i, have the Is si and^cheapest grtHsrio, in Xiiaoomlo.
Them-phrt of ihe people is thai the^^TAKDARD is Montana's Im-^i newspaper.^Ti^ it for .1 month.
Forfirst-, las- w me*, liquors and cigars,^a'so P.iIh.1 las 1 . go n^ (;, .^ig. It n u ll's,^Park avp|iu^ .
Wsd \^iil*,.i g-ni 11I lioiisiwork.
Appl .11 M ll|| : . cl.
ATiiceK 1 iinisu-o nxun 104 rent at HI^( hell} street.
F.\erthing has been done bv Ihe mem^^bers of lias Hre department of the up|,or^and lower works to make their annual^hall to he given to-night hi Kvaus hall a^i grand success. The hall has been liand-^I Homely decorated w ith llag^. banners, tlre-^[ men's paraphernalia, and trophies won in^'. honorable contest h^ the nt-emi'ii of the^' difTi'is'iit depart incut* in thi^ t-ity in (ajsj^! 11 hanl struggli'. The Alice hand, than^I which no better musical orgaiuiation can^I lie found in these legions, lias been cn-^1 gaged to furnish the music for the parade j^I and dance. Refreshment* will ho served j
atli'o'clock at the Palace hotel, and in^I BO part have the arrangements for the silo-^eess of this event lieon slighted or neg^^lected.
Alarge number of lirenien w ill be pres^^ent frvnn the different cities of the state.^It is ejpoeieil that a large delegation of^the Butte lirenien will be present.^The |wirade of all ihe Piemen will^commence about H o'clock. The Ixvys are^expected to sll lurii out in uniform. Al^the head of the proec-sion will lie the^Alice baud. The line of mat' h w ill bp a*^follow s:
FromStandard hnll on Main strrel to^First stiwt. along First toCcdar, up Cedar^to Park avenue, along Purk avenue to^Main, thence to Evans opera house. The^order of the proeonion w ill lie the Alice^band, followed by the Anaconda City Fire^department, visiting firemen from oil a r^rities. Lower Works Fire depaittnciit ami^I'pper Works Fire ilepartineut.
Allmembers of tin I'pper and lower^W'orks Firo departinent will meet in full^uniform at the Standard hall to-night at *.^o'clock p. ui. tharp.
Thefiremen of Anaconda-and Ana^^conda takes in both smelters^deserve^well al the hands of the people of thiscity.^They hav e uniformly done valiant and ef-
lerhve :,erviee when called upon ts^Mfs^^feet pro|iertv fmin fin1: their methods of^conducting their org.uuialions haVelM-ru^! cii'tlitable to (he oily in all res|MHts. The^i lironien recoite small ctiuipensation lor^j their valuable sen iii-s to the city- they^I are entitled to the libe ral patronage of the^ciii/ous on occasions of this kind.
Fire Marshal Maloncy said ypsienl.iy^J that the electric lire alarm system now in^use in this city is not receiving the care^that it should have in onler to keep it in^' good repair. ^The batteries,^ said he,^^are just now in need of attention. For^some time pa^t the electric light company^1 has Is en |iermittiltg its employes to make^, any repairs ihal have been needed in the^I system. For these services Ihe electric
Ilight comisin\ has piesented 01r iwo
Ismall hills to the city council, but Ihe bills^have not been paid. They hate been^passed over from time to time, and now^the manager of the elc trio light oouifianv^has gi\en notice that the employes of that^company '^^m do no more work on the line^of the fire alarm. Tins leaves die matter
IIIpoor *ha|k'. Of liail si' the e\|m'|lse of
ttsBMicpairs i.-. \er^ iriHing. but it isoften^lOsportonl lo have these httle iobs done^laouiptly mill properly.'*
Sometime ago a pclitinu was presented^to die city council praying that a lire hv-^diaut lie put in at the corner of IsWHl^and Thinl street*. The fire marshal ad^^vised the council that this hydrant was^really necessary for the proper protection^of resident* in that part of the city: but^so fur nothing has been dune toward com^^plying w ilh the I'eipiest. In case of tire^in that part of ihe city, the department^would p\|w riencp not a little iHflfcimil) in^turning water upon some of ihe houses in^thai neighborhood, ow ing 10 ihe fact that^there is no hydrant iheic Thai part of^the city is thickly populated ami adequate^lire protection should be furnished tlioin.
Allmember* of I ho Anaconda liic do.^MafttiM'nl are requested lo assemble al the^lire hall this evening a I 7 :.'tfl o'clock in full^dress uniform. By mpiest of ^ Inef Mo^^loney.
Membersof the Anaconda Hook and^I.adder company No. 1 an1 requested lo^meet at the ||p^ hall to-night at 7i.'tn o'clock^in full dress uniform to attrml Ihe fire^^men's hill.
Owinglo Ihe fact thai many of the old^members of the Alert Hose couipaii.v have^removed from this city dining Ihe past^veal , it was cousideicil advisable in have^ihe company reorganised. Accordingly I^meeting was held at ihe Ihe hail lasl night^for thai pui'iioee. The first business of^the meeting was the disband^^ing ol the old Alert com^^pany. A new organuaiion was then^forni^y| and ihe old name of the Alert Hose^ooiiipanx was taken. Toni|*irar.v onieet*^were elected as follows. Frank Poskett,^: foreman: P. I. Sullivan. Hist assistant^I IWMMslI 'times .lohnsnn. second assist^^ant foreman : W. A. Hanes, secretary;^! John W.tlktsO, treasurer. \ committee^was appointed to draft bv-law h anil ion^si it ui ion. A large number of mcmherr.^wen- enrolled and maiiv more sent 111 their^names, but owing lo tin press of business^at till' uiccling, some were not voted^upon.
Theittorgaui/ed Mr 11 will attend the^lireineii's paiade and lull tins evening ill^uniform.
Thebo^at the tin hail had a Christ^^inas tree and a sort of festival ^estei^lay.^The trie was planted in the middle of the^Are hall and ainuud K clustered lln fti^l|H^piulli mini inn villi ihe machine. It had^been the intention lo let the presents^hang on the tree until New Year's eve. but^as several of tin- Inivs wui'iisd to go 10 ihe^hallio-night.il was thought be st to dis^^tribute th ^ nisrktios and sis ks ami frepper-^mint I04M nges and other stuff at once. Fol-^j lowing is a partial li-i ^^| the presents ills-^IrMtftM w ilh the name of die hu kv roi i|^-^lents :
liarle* t'ollms. lis and one d i/en^I h mdkeroliiefs: \. H. Nottl, postage stamp^^ Iki\ I ^!. N. Knox, cake; J, H. Roonev . lie^and whisker comb: F. SiirproMlit, pair^1 glov es. no kids : (',. s. F Wisner. pon and^holder, .on i. iu ; William Slaughter, small^saw . I*. I l.vmaii. ilritgats'V mortar: W.^A. I'oUins, lie and Christmas card: tl. A.^Hash v. gold byeicleuiu ;Doti UNinm, of^haiidkerclih fs: R. M. 1 illms. cigars:^Thomas Richards, ladilerman'i cap; iitis
F.ngli-b.tioaeti penrits: J^s Kulllrasi,
lacros-ebat Hart liiimber, bog of cuff*^and e,.|lai^. Ed MeOovaru, gloves and^cigars . ^,eorg^ l lston. !s.\ ,,f md^^ iin*: Frank Bench, lie and 1 JlO.nne)^chock that was no goad: Ti'. J. Steiment,^pur . f skates -I -Im I*, man. pniniuig of^fliciiieu; H. Sommerholi'1. nickel platewl^hammer: Frank Kium v rulining poataj^Theodore HaUtg, money purse: C,. 01 go^Vdams. rose plant: Frunk Howard, run^^ning shoes, Jim O'.Nt ui, net km-.
fileT'ropo^4^r1 JSO St from N r w Ynrh lo^San Krailf-tscn.
PirTMtm.. Bee. .f^.- Arrangenienis for^the trip of the Internal ionaj Press Club^league to California have been completed.^Assistant General Pas*euger Agent Bo.vrl^of the Pennsylvania railroad will have^charge of theeluh train from New York to^San Francisco. The run will be made^over the Pennsylvania lines.the* bicago*^Northwestern, the I'nion Pacific, the Hoo^^ver A Rio Grande and the Southern Pacific^roads. The train w ill consist of a special^engine, dining car. luiggage and sis; Pull^^mans. From Chicago to Omaha, on the^Northwestern, a special schedule has been^arranged and the run w ill lie the fastest in^the history of iho road.
Firemen Attention!
Allmembers of Ihe l'p|^or and l-ower^Works Fire drpamuent will meet in full^uniform al the Slandard hall al 8 o'ckn k^p. in., sharp. I lee. ill.
Theline of niaich in the |iarnde m ill !^^^fiinii staudanl ball on Mam street, lo^First street. along First t^ Cedar, up ^ edar^to Park iivriitip.along Park avenue to Mam^thenoe 10 Evalls' oiiora house. The pfl^ePKsion w ill lie headed b^ the Alice Kitel^followed hy the Anaconda Cit^ l'lre^deiiartmeiit, v isiting HremtM Iro.n olln r^cilies, l/iwer Works I'iro deparniient and^Vfper Works Firo department. By ortler^of committee of u rangeiiM 111-.
toIhe Wholesale t rails.
OurMr. Hosenlicld has bad an active^experience of id years in the handling of^strnirlit reetiliod distillation*. In view of^this laci, we deal to ^our advantage.
Kemiikv l.ioi on 8Tonr.^Cor. First ami Cherry Sts.
.^..on Reward.^For the return of a red and white cow.^w ith w hile streak dow n the back and the^letter ^H^ on the forehead. Stravod 01^stolen frorii Mrs. Ken. at tlie brioW^ard.
Beforepurchasing don't fall take a^look al our elegant line of l.olidav good^Fiuctt line of albums, books, l^ooklet.-^ilolls. to^.i.ttce oi-namcnts. Cathola Bibles^ami praver hooks, etc.. ever seen in thi-^city. ^Low prices aiul quii k sale*^ 1* cair^motto. A beautiful I nonl children , holi^^day book*, lying * hcnnrvly.
TlieWhite I-ibor Restaurant. M PttM^street, is now open. If you wan' a good^meal for 25 cents, or comfortable and^choan lodging, this is the place that will^suit \ou. James Mellugh. proprietor.
Thelatest novoll.v If. a solid silver^souvenir |^eii holder and Mai il ml*, found^at 4. f.'. Reppler's, a suitable present lor^either lady or gentleman.
Franklatpicr is (he Anaconda agi til for^Rooky Fork coal. If \ou want a g.vsl and^cheap fuel call on him al Paeillo F.xp'i-ss^ollice.
Forthe be st wines, liquors and 1 igars^oall at John Harkovich's, MS Chesiuui^stiw't. Milwaukee Ihs^i a s|m-e*ialt^.
Informationas lo the pre.ent whore-^abcaits of Frank Harper, who was last^heard from at Missoula in DeH ember. 1Mb,^Any information w ill be most ihaukfull.v^reretveil by his brother,
S.A. H Mirrii.^Livingston. Mont.
tmoimUWei hintt'nlnn^Meets at Mattie building hall every 1'ues-^tlay at 7 :S0. Members are n-q*iesie*l lo^attend. Those desiring membership^should 1 oine at * p. in. All ill' ited.
P.SoBr.M-.nN. I'residenl. ,^M. B. Spun, R^-^ oi'ilmg .**^ creiarv.
Inforination wauteil concerning a reel^cow, with white sireak down the liaek and !^ihe loiter ^H^ brandistl on the fotehea.l.^I Strayeil or stolen from Mr*. Kerr, at the^brick van I.
Snipslo stockholder*.
VoilesIs herein clven MM there sill Is* a^ine-eim-- of the *te. sli.vlilei * of lis* slwerVaa^Knleh Hlntaf 1 oMpaay, held ..t ilItif me
sseretarY,-^ B. Wloston. In 1 uShi te.sk. tna^isnnifa. Meat , on Moml.i). the nth .11^ of Jan^iiarv. latrj, at 7 m n einek p. m . tor tin- pnri***.-^of IvVetaal a iNtaril of ii u*te,'s .mil other oftl. 1^for the ^*ai |^.'.'.U.K. ^iv,i
AMerry Christmas !
Ournew stork is replete vsitli all the latest novelties for^ilie Holiday tratle, eom,^i isinpj
Mmklinldors' Me-elluc.^The annual ineelllii of the *t.s sliol-ter- of Mis^First Nalionai hank of vu i. on.la. Mem., sill !^^^^Mi at sanl hank on fnes.Uv. ihe r*th ilay of^January. Is^j, taMwe-ui th.- li.*iu*of lainlnp. m^W M I llottN Ins, I 'ashler.
Boys',childre n's ami youth*' clothing.^Jn*t received, a large assortment. Fle^^phant c.inter, at Rat/ensu-m et f'ohen's.^First and I lici ^ \ i.tie c ts. \11acoml 1.
Youcan have the .sumhrh al ^our^d.Msr o.irlx cv cry mornuu:. It is the |topu-^lar favorite, die iveople.'s piper. SeMd 111^your 11.11111'.
Mr.Si. Jean. ^I.^ West Park avenue.^Hospital hours ^ to 10 a. m.
Two sris of lurtiiiiire b^r sale cheap at^Harrv s loin nffrf.
Nicecool btsj-r at 1 illali.en .t Mie'rn's at^stamlalel priee.
TheComnu'ivial Hotel
\\iii In Op. ii. ,| H
IFriday Aftornoon,
NowYear's Day. 1892.
Al4 o'clock.
Tin's.Dolls, \Uuinis,^Matnicure St t *.^Int.int * Set--.^Vutomatk Toy*, etc , etc.,
Alprk i^* to suit the purse., of all.
NewRuchings, I..^cc^ anil^l;nihroitlcncs.
NewRibbons, Gloves .^m^I
Tiinunings,New I landken hiefs, in
c,hiffon, Silk .ind I .men. 1^New Plush Cloaks and
(.ip* for the babies.
NewCloaks and Wraps
forihe ladies.^New Suits and Overcoats
forthe boys.^New Shoe *, Slippers.! [and
kerchiefsan^l Mutrlcrs
fortin men.^Trunks and ^inp* for the
travelersand new goods
^ur holiday displiy qmmmKI be coimIIikI We invito you
allto pay our store a vi.tt r iriy ami make- yuii ^elections.
UntilJimmy i wt will offer
OnLadies' and Children's
Dr.Endria, 210 West Park avenue,^stairs.
j.b. Reynolds. Proprietor,
Ownersof Horses.
H).md aftT Sr^pi^jnii^f.r i. u:^l. ^iir patrcnt^will flu.l iih io. u ^: tin* Merriii) *4r^H. l-rtwo^ n^VI.*In and Moiil^u.i. lit .ii Moiitaitji. * li-m- w^will |.|#^ased lom^t tli-m Willi lln- !^^^^^fi|Mip|i^^^iin i\\f *i.\t**. w#^ will I *^ ln^tt^*r
rrj'^fi-d th m MM do ^ ..il, m rilMl ii^t|i**^VAfWlll ^*iidP.4vor h^ in.ikr liny Hit* up' ^ i.i^-
s..itlf*H14 ihll|m^r tl^t* ^*lt ^ . ^ li'-lfWill |f
14.41*.iwr i*'!v^ual**tt^ mum at .iii inn*'-.
IncorporatedL'Dder Hi^ Law, of Montau.
Shoesand Underwear, ami on
Men'sSuits, Overcoats, Fm Caps and Heavy
Buyyour best girl a present and be happy.
SoulIm est i .1111*1 Mill, ail' I Par, '.Heel t.
Pirkheadarhes arc tbenatward Indicatinr. el
:vz:^^:^.z^^ savings bank
rerulatiufpreparation li -ot.a.iar tl it aseu ,^sh) it It tbe cnlv appropriate sar^.'ipiirilla la 1^^lck-besilarhei.. It It. tie* only npproprlat*; It It '^an absolute cure. After a course of It an evert- ^^^tonal dose at iutei.als will I. rrrcr aPrt prevs: I^return. ,
Jno.M. for. ef T.'ATiirt Street. San rraurl.cn,^write.: ^f Stars been irniihled vltfl tttackt .'f ^^alik h. tils'L' forlu ^ laht ilir..- ^ear^ (torn euetn^three lime, n vv*. k somo time aso I !.^iirrlit iso 1^bottlenof l..y'^ Ve^s.r^i,!r Sarsspariila a:nl keajrg .^onlv bs 1 ^ ie atiark steal an'l tliat was n:i tha^secoad dsy after I began .^^ . ^ It.
IVII' 1\ i \ i I I \ | .
*i nn.nnn,
I'lte|iei .-ent lliteiest istl.l on .*mviii^s llcpn*l!^^^M l'nni|*Mine|se| Keml Annn illy. Ilc etven
HepoMIs Mll.|eet to i lie^ l.. I ilint. i mil
meni.il r..t .-^^ u..i Omit* on Ileal l^i.u*^Inns. Koreiifii uii'1 IN.iiir-vte- K\. Ii.iiii:*.
iiflieehours Kr.mi in a. in. In .1 p. in. and on^tsattirtlu) evenings finm v p. in. to ^ p. in.
KlIRh\l r. B% N^^ RIM PKI ii I'll , Rt iir
I'.A. I.vi1..sv . Ple.l.lriif
I. II. FAUIBjr \ les l-re-i.|*iit
T.M. II..I*.I ^s. I'asliler.
Ilre^ier^ P .4 largey.! |ia^ II Palmer.lis...^WT. Stapleton. M. V. Keinjier. I' M HoeJtc*tM, A.^II Burr.-i, i.enf. l*M4hl, t . K taMs, E l^^Isavi It
106first street
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BeefMutton Pork
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SouthernSample Rooms
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Estes^ Connell

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