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GREATFALLS NOTES.^^ Tali-Irk M alone U^^^ MM lajurle. Ke-^m.sri-Other Matter-.
M|MS--|alto till- SUIHlMM.
GbkatFalu*. lax-. :^^. Patrick M il.Hir-.^I w In. ^rk liurt a few iliiyailir-i at tin- lliwliiii^* Mfintunu smelter, died in the lio^l^ial^rmriy tlii^ iiioriiiiiir. Muloiic had Iw.-n im-^^k-nniiiiiiff ^ l*^rt nf ^ wall and pr^i^8^liixn of froicii ttirth wHIi a rrowhar,^when suddenly part ^* ^ u^ ^aVP way^aiul a have picc o of rtone or frown eailli^^.truck him in the ^Id'^. I^ i^ thoiwlit tliut^hia liver wa* ruptured. causing severe^lieini.rrli.nte-. wliieh remllisl ill hi*^.lentil. Midline whm alioilt :Ci yearn old^and unmarried. The roroner held an in^^quest over the laxly ihi* afternoon and the^Jury rendered a verdict in aeeonlanee^wllh the fa^ ts as above elated.
Jerry^ 'nlliiis tins Mild hi* iutcriNit in the^(.rent Kali* Trilmnr to u h.viulieate ^if^tiif.it Falls people The Mile iiiehuleH the^newspaper plant. Tribune building uml^^M furniture. R. W. f'.xilc.i of (Jrent^Fails, a well-known newspaper man. will^take editoriul cliutve and management^altout -Ian. 1.
ItDan learned that a bridge gave way at^Malta thiH morning- while a (ireut North-^em freight train was crossing over. No^aci-ioua damage w as done. The traek has^lieen I'l'ixni'cil and very little di lay to^truffle w n* caused. No one injured.
IVtcrSicms, of Shepanl. Siems #^ Co..^la in town to-day on hia way to Sand^Point, on tin- (ireat Northern extension.^It ialeariiedthat on hia arrival there that^*a spin ^^ HI lie limit from Saml Point to a^point on the Northern Pucltlr railroad, a^11 iatance of about a mile and a lialf, and^when the apur is completed, work will lie^begun laying traek from Sand Point west^ami eaat to Kali*|^cl. a distance of 70^miles.
The^oast a:id preiicnt^ aocialile given^1^^ the ladies of the W. ('. T. I^. thi^ cAcn-^htguaswi'll attended, and nsvipt*^^ ere realized.
Alanv !ste*lnshi|i* Aiirhol-ril OA* Nullity^^ look In Danger.
NkwYork. Uee. M. There in no coin-^liiniiication betwi-cn this city and Sandy^Hook, the gale during the past I- hours^having torn down the telegraph Mires. No^new s has yet been received at the quaran^^tine cowcriiiug i t-t-acl* at the hook during^the past 24 hour*, and maritime circle* are^greatly exerciaed as to the ateurcsaMpS^and oilier craft* lying outside the l^.i\^waiting for the wind to abate. The gale^is blowing off shore :tn miles an hour, and^many smaller veaaela an* having a liard^time1 to keep their auchoiiigc.
TheKgyptian Monarch is the only^steamer which arrived at ipiarantine this^^noi uing. but no report has vet Ix-cii re^^ceived ti-om her. the i|iiar:iutine w ires not^item- iii g.axl onlcr.
Iln.Ml.amisI.HiHT. Mu*s.. I^s^. IKl. An^unusually heavy northwest gale prevails^lo-night. blowing ^'^^ uiilea pet hour. Nci-^erul huge *cl nauicr* an* iiiuTioiisI in the^bay and an' in dangerous |^osjtioiis.
Ourof tile New Vessels tor I int. il Stales^^ .111*1 l^cfellsc.
NWYitKK. Dec. M. Ihisiiis. and alter^^ation.- .in tin- harbor defense vessel. Mian-^tonouioh. have Ims-ii lluislicd. and on New^Year's day the ship starts on a brief cruise^to lest ill*- newly inountisl guns. The test^of the new Itoilcrs and engines la-gnu last^night and w il! la- continued 4* hours. The^test was-aTfcctly satisfactory so far. The^guiia v^c,c v iewed Willi ilie liveliest inter^^est by the naval ex|a-rts uud acicntille^null. Uesidcs the four 10-incli linscli-^loading rilli-s. two :i-|muudei-s. fioteh-^kiss rapid firing guns, and two^.17 millimetre Hotchkiss n-volving^eaillloli. The vessel has the very^newest thing in ordinance, two 0-|KHinder^l^ring*-Schro^lcr rapid tiring camion.^These guns never have la-en tried nu a^I'liitcd States cruiser la-fon-. They throw^six |MHiilda of highly explosive shell, every^jf^ or *_li second*, a distance of ..^* yards^with the greatest accuracy. They cull la-^MiUnWl|M|M4a When the tests^are ovei , it is e\|a-eted the Miantonoiiioh^as a harlair defense vessel, w ith miali-rii^guns and low, water submerged hull, will^la-a match for any but the largest Luro-^peati battle -hips.
Tin- ^.ravr^^ltM rnaliy Case.
Dknvkh.lice. IK).- Judge Macon made^the closing argument for the defense in^the ^^ raves murder trial to-da.v.
liewas very weak from Id* reeenl ill^^ness and he looked pule and kick. ^It has^been my cuslom.^ he said, ^to help a mail^rather than to sink him deeper; it is the^ilut.v of every man to see the law sustained^and it were Is Iter that -m men csca|^cd^thai: one man In- punished illegally. A^man must la- tried by tin* rules of^law. The courts are particular that^juries should try a man In these^rules. It is the duty of the^pni-sccuting attorney loprotect the defend^^ant from illegal conviction. When the^i*opre-entative of the |as^ple suppn-sses^testimony which would aid the prisoner he^violates hia oath, and had he culled his^honor's attention to this he would have iu-^atructisl you that it is not right.
11he is no longer entitled to the protec^^tion of the law this court says this indict^^ment is no evidetu-e of guilt and your Im-^liel that he is guilty must he *o strong and^^o unyielding that you would act ii|k^ii that^r-licf. You must la- convinced of the^ruth Is-yolul a reasonable doubt.
K.of I*. KUH'tloli.
Rii l t . I^e^-. :Kl. At the n-gul.ii- meeting^ol Oswego halgo K. of l\. held this i-ven-^ing. the following ollh-ci-s m-re i-IccIikI for
tlnsiiiug year: C. M. Amh-cvvs, C. C.
ti.K. It. 1-g. r. P.: C. A. Miller. M. of I-^.; ^ .^II. Smith. M. \.: \V. M. Wright. V. C.:^W. K. Wright. M. of K.: Rob-Mi Matheson.^^H.of It. and S.| truat.s-. A. W. Slater, (in^Thiuxlav night.-Jan. 7, and hen-after the^hafge w ill hold its meetings in (naal Tetu-^plurs' hall. West Bioudwuy.
Theymrr Only Itiimor*.
(iAl.vt.si-oN.Dec. :*^.- Notwithstanding^th*- m'iis.itioual rc-airts the dis|aitchea^show in. new devclopmeiils in the (iar/a^tevohitton. 1111itit.iti.^tis that the revolu^^tionist* atn^ Uudosl t^v piotniiieiil Mc-.i-^catis in the Cilv of Mexico lack .-ontlrma-^tion. Kuiiioi-s of desertion from the regu^^lar army of the n-volutioiiists an- not^substantiated.
l-'rani-eand llulgarla.
I.oximix.Hee. ;m. f%m Herlin m^^noiidcni of the Ihiihi .V^-^-^ says: Bulgaria^has resolved to proclaim her lu-le|^emh'lice^slaaild 1 he pnitc yield totla- demands of^rra||B)j in the Chudouim- afluir.
TheJ Hair Neparaleil.
SriviKuRp.Conn.. Ihs-. :^^. Mr^. Nue-^MM i'homas v tsit.sl a lawyer tissl iy to^itistiiutc ilium-' pnasHslings. Her hus^^band watchi-d lor her and when -he tame^out latailj shot her, then auicided.
Hi: WtVTKB T^^ Oil-
Mr. Kill^. I-atrly from liie Keystoar^Male. Tired ot Idle.
Bcrrt:.IhN-. :*). The man Kllis. wlai^was nrn-stisl to-night for eanyiug ^Mi-^cealed weanona.eanie to lluttefnuit Peuu-^^ylvauui aome live month* ago. He *akl^Iiv hud cx|a-ricii(ail a deal of trouble with^hia unfaithful ^frail.^ and waa in a very^meUiiiehol.i inond. tlbtainiug work at IIh-^Purnrt sincltcr. he ap|*-arcd to forget hia^eonnubial sorrow s and never ulluiled ill^any way to them. About o'clock this^evening Klli* emend Veagcr'* .'x-ent^Ih-ci hall on Park street. ami^calling the proprietor to the rear^of the place commimicaKsl th - fait^to him that be was about to eotumit sui^^cide. Yeager jokisl w ith him and hiilgbisl^at the idea. Kllis to substantiate iiis in^^tentions took from his pocket a -'U-i-alihre^n-volver and said he had just bougtit it for^this particular occasion. Tlw owner of^the saloon obtained the gun for the pur-^|msm. of examining il. and while do^^ing so. b^- slyly e\ti,ictisl all the^cartridges. Handing the wea|k^n laiek to^its owuer.lh.it individual, bent on self-^destruction, bade Yeager all affectionate^gtaal bye. ami loll I him that this life had^no inoi-i-charms for him sims- his wife^had desertisl him. With a convulsive *oh^and an impressive s4|ih-cec of his friend's^hand. Kllis pn-ssi-d the miuih- of the re^^volver against his temple ami pulled the^trigger. It laded lo have the desiml^pflWt, and although his life was weary of^these worldly gtaals.it was not such an^easy matter to dismiss ilself afti-rall. He^pulhsl th^ trigger several times, hut his^head still rcmainisl on his shoulders,^(ilani ing siispiciouslv at the gun he saw^what was the matter and ciaill.i tva.k all-^other laiv of cartridges from hi-. |aa-ket^ami piiN ci-dcd lo till the chainla-t-s again.^At this juncture Yeager called all ofllccr^and the would-be suiciih- was taken lo jail.
Keep-i uf .- l-'riilt ^-lorr.
BlTTK..'W. Situs-the pawn shops^have la-en lorccd to close lhi^ir shops on^Sunday*and nights, the thieves have had^a hard lime to got their giaals paw nisi.^The |k^lice. however, hav e for some lime^had an idea that the fruit store of Ala^^Harris, in Lower Main sins t. was aervillg^is a fenee for the |a-ttv thieves. Ih-leetive^IthwIlH IIIrtaj found a silver watch that^had In ch stolen at Mrs. Kelly's laiaiiling^house, in a pawn show , and tin* pawn-^lirokcrs said it had la-en pawned by Ala-^Harris. This evening OAtMf Sott ur-^i-csImI Harris on a cluuge of |a-lly lan-eny.^ex|as-tiug by this means to make Harris^stop rccciv ing giaals fn^m doubtless char^^acters, or else |iuy tie- |*-uulty of the thief^himself. Harris put up ^lllll cash us a^Isind for hi* appearance. The watch If^vahusl at M.^^ and $l.r^ was obtained on it.
I*.O. M. of A. Klerlloa.
Hii'l l:. I^^s-. :w. Washington Camp No.^I. P. t^. S. of A., held a semi-annual ehs -^tiou of oHh-crs t.suight which reunited as^follows: President. K. I.. Metcalfe | iiis-^i.n-sidcut. Hi-rt Haw lev : M. of I'.. T. J.^Boohari ns-onling sis'li'tai.i. N. J. Scott :^financial sis-i-ctary. I'.. E. Paxson; tn-a ^^un-r. Thomas Stis-s: conductor. C. C.^(.oiilott: itis|ss tor. ( . I). Mis.ii-: ^^ulcr^gtiai-d. (i. S. ( 1-i-s.ip: tritstis-. S. V. Ixem-^|a-r. Tliouuis Sps-s and N. J. S^-ott wen-^el.s tcd as lich gates to the second annual^stule camp, whii-h ini-ets at Missoula l-'eh.
\V.A. McKiiinon ami li. A. Kohl*^were sch-ctcd as alternates. All ofllei-rs^elii u-d tistiiglit will serve six months, ex^^cept the soon-tal ics and treasurer, who^arc elci-iisl for one year.
Ili-atyOeatli Kale.^Ni w Vhi:k. lae. .^i. (Ine huudiisl and^sixty-sine ili'aths huve la-en ix^|*^rted dur^^ing the l'4 hours ending at noon to-day. U^of which wen- from grippe.
.tdri'l/iwin. itt* umlrr thi* html tint rt lit /^r^unfit ttu-lt ivitrrfitm: tftccuil rtttr* tm ctmtrart*^for dejlnilt pri-aaia. -V^ ndixitlarim at aetXiJicti^)ur lrw^ tlntn j:, cent*.
\t'AN'l'i:i^. i.imsI lively agents; gisal |^iv.^^ ^ lll-llitl'.- nt ii. I.iv mushm. . tiiHiille. Mont.
ANTRIi^Two white rn^s at Orange. Au-
plvtit liraiul restattraiit. i'hilipsliurg.
%\'AN'IK|t iHCIltV VVUIMl e||llp|H-|'S
T In K. I.. Itiillll.-t . |Si-i Ustge.
f WOttlHtl til CIM.k^Mis. I II. IhlWltl.
gissl girl ol luitlille ageii^Impure at N. I^. ilepot.
IjMMtHALK Mrs. Kvaos' laianllng hc.u*e In^Meailen ille; tloiug a gisal hllslueak; lot sale^i-heau.
IJtftflSM I: \ lii-ilriMiiii set, p.uI-a set, i-ar-^l**ts (or two large namis and ntlii-r -j'mmI^bnusetMakl fimutun^ ebeaa. laajaAni at r-u Ka*t^Itriiailwav. Itittte.
lj*OKSAI.Klliiarilillg house tlvtities In ar^r iiiniiiiialate .^ luianli t s. anil W illi two v cars'^tease mi Imildlim in giusl liu allti: ail laialileisat^presi-ul. Iiiqulri' Stanilaril for adiln-ss.
I/*!*!!SAI.K A general store, ilolug a gis.il^^ Imsincss. in a good lis-atioti; will sell ou ac^^count ul sicklies*; stia-s consists of gliaterles,^l|i|itors. Iianlwari-, tinwaru and clotllliig, Ail-^ilress Ikiv It. ^llunite.
'I'llLIT Itv the dav. wis'^1 gantlv liirnlslied rooms, with electric lights
water;i-ltlicr slngiv^prices, at 17 West^Itululleu. Mi . L.
hotair haths. hut and nil^or en suite, at moderate^^.^n .11/ street, lame. Tin
iamniack, l^ro|irletiess.^^JtOHMINT Kurnlsbed room*, wHk m with-
rout hn.il d. lit till- Alhinn llell.-w . rot tier Ml|s-^ku anil West ^d unite si nits. Misses Itallertv.
|so|[HI NT. Seven risini plasten-d house on^I West i/iiiutz street. Key at No. til West
OllalVstreet. Itenl. |ML
-^Mil! IIKN1 rinnos. organs. m-wltig machine*^I ami tyia-wrilers. ai L. II. Slierinau's, IJ5 K.^Park stn-et. Itnttc.
MPsi. ItllMIIKIlillT Indies' hah'lltesser^ami taaaleure, Path moms fur ladlM bimI^nattanea ui e-intie- tion. No. 40, ^s-ntt i.ii*-;..^West liranite stri-,-t.
V'TK'Liii l llliWM I, Wll'iatul . I'. ltnll^tro* an- hereliv 111.11 lie.I that tin- aailrr^signed, lour '--i-arli-.-r. has ei|a-i^il*4l one linn-^die.I .lufiat's still 111 lata*; and liuprovein^-uis^111 rei.ir*cuthm the Idta i|it.*ii1/ i-Uttm in Kevcn-
I'lsPVtemuuiu illKtrtrt. I^rei lodaaotv.
Montaaa.no the yeai eadlM laM, ami If vnthiu
ninetydavs aitci servi.I this notice l.y ]*i!.ll-
ei-.tiuiiwan full or r.-r-ise to |mv 10111 part of MBld^amount One me for representing lour part, with^liitetest and cost of adverttsiiivt lour on--
llltete-tand cost of advelit-ilivc lour on-- -'i|ll,th^int--| esl ill tin- slid elallli w llMsHsimi- the M*
rftyof four eopartiier, under M-etion .-..r.-i ra-
llseilstatutes ef the l tilted slate-.^First ptiMI.-atiuii lie
IsMPUIVK* of lit^^ Hoslnii ^ Montaii.i.
OfUnite anil lks.1011. AUee.atnl
IHlots left al cent; d
additionto HOKemaa.^lis for five adjoining one corner.^IM for s|v ail}niiiing aae wwruar.^for two.
Hpei-iidolar for helnla-s I* lots In \. I' ad.ll-^tlaM torV*'*rrant^sl level and itrv ami
t-latt.ilIn si. own. ats.i lliaatMn (ei lin in^I.oit.iio.0 addition. iVaiiaut;. uecrls. .1. W.^line*. Iloreman. Alont.
Keat.Newly rurnl-licd ami f 'uimuolinti*
llisails. null W hite ^ ^^^!(^ I Ml;'i
-i Utile .111 I Well Vent-Intel Iu L-s.tn
J.1. rtlllt. PelMt
I and r
DoNot Fail to Call and Get Prices^and Terms.
Ifvni. think of piiri'lui-lnu- a Piano or Organ,^1 sell nothing Inn strictly llrst ruu^^gooils, of which the f..11-.w ills^is a paitlat ISt:
TheNatrbless^ Steinvay^George Sterk ft Sou,^Estey,^Weber,^Albrecht,
Masoo4 Hamlin
MasonSi Hamlin.^Packard and
Mllifclro,u.iits WarwHtf4.
Siitii'.d'ti' to i^lmvY ^ihhU and nwe \nt
PlttOI!^! OlfMH t^i Kent.
I25 East Park Street.
WholesaleDealers In
Lumber,Lath, Shingles,^Windows, Doors, Mouldings.
Wholesaleami Retail Deafen in Hay. Grain. lVei ami Hard and Soft Coal.^We can y in sUk.iv a lull line of
PfMQuartz Gears to Lifll ScCaflff WafOM Also Clark, Perry,^Stmlehaker and Standard
AFull Line of Road Carts^Of the Best Makes. . . .
AFull Line of Peters' and Mort-^ley Bros.' Concord Harness. .
GardenCity. Clipper Mtd CMltd I'loivs. Smitli. Woithin^ton ^ Co.'s C.irriase, Uu^tjy^and Tnck Harness. Saddles, Whips. Kobcs and Dusters, and evcry-^tfciag pertaining to this bianeh ot ttavle.
talland Look through our st.uk. It is complete iii all the ditfeteiit lines and ue defy competition.
Tb Celebrated French Cure,
Warranted^APHRODITINE ' ~l
Iflfoi.O OS A
1ii ^ir^^uT form^of nerviM!-. ut*^'ai,-^^^vr uuy dnoitier ^^f^K^n'Tmtivrjor-^Ft'1-.of eithiT*!-!,^v bettor ^r.ftiiiK'
Ti.hai-TOorOpittm.orthroi'Kh ^u.iilit ..l IMIsfta.^ttou.cvcr inc^:lk:^ ticf,,an.-li r, L-,s. nf prain^Vnwcr. WaUcftilaciis, Itrar -iiedo.vn I'aiti. In tl ^^b*'^k. scmitinl\v--iiL'I---ll;.st -t.a. Kanouj Ttnf^ttaticn. v.* 1 urttal KmlMloas, I:ctirrli.r^. IM.^ItaSBtj Weak Mcinorv, t osifjf jliasf is*1 ltu|s^.^tcrviv. which If 111sj.lect.su n ten 1. a.lto |^rem*tu-n^(I'd ut.il lusanltr. pr!i-o $i.im * U.\, ttbui.-s^fwr }.-t^i. s^nt hf mall on iis-eli.t o( |.ilisj'
AWHlTi*KN OI'ABANTF.K l^ irlren for^i^ cry I ^ ulcr-l.-r receiv-sl, t in-f'-ti'l fat inntn-v 11^a r.-rtiianeut IHlsa Is Put asVs'llsf. We ha. 9^I i0tt*SBt1sof t*StlsjM*Hs1s In.,11 nil nn.l NSHJNL
i.'sola stiisa.wlialiai^ is-^-n apfsaaaaailfl cur.^i^wf P*^taw^alAaarnaltlsys. CnvalafflMa, Aaar.-u
aatctu I ; j.. :..liux 17.1'oaiUJM/. UL
H.A. Ii Vi III I
, IrbM HI I I k. MUWT.
a^|as'Uilt^. Also nf nose, tin,,.a anil lung*^allil lieiv.iiis a*sfe**a
orrur. MHi tc:^i a. m. to 7 r. it.
No.r.f. N. Main St.. n.-ar Wiailiiiaii, Unite. M-.tif.
Iimrj ITS.RTAtJOi Nn. s. M \IN' HBUI,^ul'llisl TL AS! IIIIII.\1 ^.
Kolilencenu Oak street.
NearHI. Ann'^ Hns|.ital.^(ittli-e limits ^i :ti ^. ni. In l.' -.t) p. in., fnnu 1 s^^to 3 |i. 111., auu rn.lD li:atl |i. 111. lo -J |^. 111.
Oftice,l'ii.t stns-t. Mm M.iiu awl Oak.^AUaenii.lii. Mmitaini.
liva new pMBB, Ml nasssi ^.f lietit.a^\\nrk ei.-ciit.-it 111 llrsts-Usa iiianuer.^Artificial Terfti With-.u; c ..1 .
1'liji.ki.in ati l HurKeon nf St. ABD'i llnipital-^Ui Uuutau.i I ulasj Kaliiuad.
Cor.XL iii ami Tlilnl streets
f'AICI'KNTKKvnh BCftaMEB.^Lhtiinal. s I-111 iilstnsl en All Klialsnf Hiii'.tliiii;*.^Itcfereois's in ill-- t it).
UK1 sr m . MR MOOXD anii ntUTA
asi- ^mia,M-.s i iv l
Iftrrtfrwff 1; 1.vi. I * 1 -1 ^ imi M;viv., Mm k
-svelii.as|er'^ Bl.s k^IMI ITKI KTi^ AN At l^Mi\
\1|hmiv, i'ari^^. rn -' ii|t(n^ii r.nt \s ^**u\ ou
IHMMTIVSOl Mi w 11 ^.!^'( 1 1:1^Any foi m of
Overthu Ht^t1 Bout ami Sho#^ Storn, No. North Main Street, Butte. Bo-^twfun Park anil Broadway.
M AKItil tin.Ml. hHilt tn.l ItltwMl r1lM^n*r4. wlii^*h.ir^^ ^|wMNlllr^on-1 |wimMii*-iill\ ^ ur^il !^^ ni^ lit-.. ^)*ti*iii ^T ^ iiiiialiittou^ of t^uu-^|miUImI lU^d^Mlt*!! i;ilM^r^.
\-sr.ii.tt 111 t-. Kit* f^.tiM miliar 1 if ilfiifiH*-.!. .1 fHi ^ 'iiMiini'tinn, ^*j^:U^^huuM Iw i-i. iin^(iv atti m^nl lo brfora it ^^ Umi \ui*\^1 ^ ii-.iii.n ^ii frr^r ^^f rh it m
1'MMM^^( tifr%ili'lulin, jiilslnu fnmi ^^^*ifhf'it linll'm'r#,tl^^n.^f xi 11 n .visttiirv* frmn * 11.* r nsuarm pnMltiriti^c ikwmMi
MilII .1- ^^'ll ;.ltli*i'. M IIHIMl KrilklftTM, iMUllt l^^*M'*.. M'XIUll ^lf^l^ltltv,
|0Mf ^p\n,ii |n1 uuhm| iiUonl**r^ iiiul aiiil^uu^n. ^*^*r*W^n l*^*n
rHy,m#^4sUi'*h4^l). in^lii;^ ^.tii.n. if^ii-iitNiti*^n. I-M. h*^*. mipMlini. ul-*^1.. auMTiact*, H*.. k^dUMj !^^ s,.r*i niiu ^f tin* bruin .m.i IdbmUCi *.i^mraMf* 1 bm*^ ^.^i rautt^lto ^ ur^* in .1 *^m n *h^^rt tlim*. IttMfiii ^^*^^^*^Hi .1 iVw iliiv^. ^ li.irv^'^ f-t^ '-i^llv l^^ th- inmif,
Noin.ill' i ^ImM \^ii Ii:i\''tiik' ii -1 ^ h^^ h:^^ falU**! to r^n^ ^mi.
I^^^ not Ii usl \ t^tu HMPtOaWI KIM^HalM WlW MM AOl lu.ul'' :\ \^*T-
pmialrmwlaatfain ul ^owr ttuMiM fcyilfi. otMrwtM ^^u wul m IU*^u|t|MituliHl l^^ futtiiif i^r tti-atiiM'iit. ir it d^^*h ii^^t make jou ^^rv^.
IMt.tU 111 1 1 / warrant* n ruir of r\rr) cav lir uni^nakr*. Ill* ^ natlrrfiil ii'*w rrtruvh N tli^j^ot)l\ ^a^^rt:iiii awl 1 ^ 1 in.on ui 1 in*- m hiM-li ^ti^^t*a^M'^^ l;. 11 . iiiIm i . o j.IiiIin au.l bi^*^l iU***^*^*-^ run*I^*HimmJ ihf atv of nu i. ni \. bjmI **t;^i aawai paattM'^^I a) aia m-^ 1 ^ :n*-*t\.
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Ladies Cabinet Dresner ever^out at Chauvin's.
SiiKCll-'is s \il Kbarkm ^aaerasa, siala^till. is. lassins 11.1 i.s|m'r, .l.ilni I . I... I. I sad^JBS1S I . t Mill*', itcf.-llil.nits, I 11.Ic1 anil l-v vi.
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-J ill KM I. ifl IIJLKY, MhstM^llv TMOS. I'. \\ llin. t inlei sln iilf.^T. O'laV.AKV. Attarae) fm I'lalniill^llat.sl MM lysine. UMSJMfeW I^. MM.
Our11ot'uiay Goods Ai riving in New Designs
$jo.ooo.noWorth of thtic goods^arriving. Sam- already on tht^floor. Cktffonuri and Sulit'o.irtL.^MaktftU Wetf^ tor foy. All uiiv^,/. .. 'tit i tistorti l:a^ lory Pru\i an,t^frtiglit. AV;vr stult a display seen^in Butte.
ParlorHackers, Divans,
(\sni FttatS,/ or/or /til'.' ,,
Ittilies'I oo\- ( tin *
Stt if'tart, s,,ui,l DtSm$,
I\irlor Shi's,I-an,y I'.amft,
I'a; 11 tinWater C ol,m
amiitch ngt.
TtaMiftl}so.h.4**- an-! ^ roM^M iif^ i^* ai
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tIll-is*! MlMts* ajM tl.-- I.11 -. s| tiansi.-r;'^. nil lc..- tia.ii of ail) lions.- 111 ih.^^\..^ -' 11 :i I ouiltrv .
Cor.Colorado and Catena Sts.
ThiI liotol will be mil on tin- EuropcU pl.m, in .1^Mriitly lttst ii.iss annnrr Rooms lighta newly^ptprrrd. paintod Md furnished throughout. Every^convenience fur theconfortol gucsti K ites hhcr.il.^Now open under the manacctnenl
AnExf.ollent Restaurant^Run 111 Coitnot.tion.
KIN\i:vI HANSON. Propn
.11suck of TltL I T v :
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-nu 1: Smb. viiw vv.
terntains' 1 tMifurtauls ami Hossenke, aa.1 at^Leas.inali|.' Ii.it--. H.mmI I an|e, ati-l i leau.^Well V eutlUtlsl IhMMS.
MKs.|| lhNKs.
Llfst t i... A'ecmit'iMtatiulls Meal-. '. .s-uts
Uooin.mil Hoard, -aj |^- Miiaiti^v. ini-- i -H.k 1 nii^i.-^^^i.
1'lItKs.iNi c^L5*.n. r^kfrM .; I.
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