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VOL.HI. - NO. 118.
Locatedin the most desirable^part of the city of
WinnntyI)ee^ls, payments in^Monthly Installments of^TEN DOLLARS.
Onlvone - fourth mile^from pottofTice and city
hall111 ^ a gentle Incline
bringsone to the center of^the Prospect Hill Addition.^It can he said w ithout e\-^i^rjeration that the location^of these lots commands the
mostmagnificent view of^any residence site in Koze-
man.It offer-, large re^^turns !^^ investors. It has^an abundance of the finest^water. Its scenery is un-^urpassed in Montana or^n the Koi k^ Mountain re^^gion. Of all other places^in Montana it is the most^suitable from its location as
'veilas its advantages for^the permanent capital of^the state. It is the geo^^graphical center of Mon^^tana. It is beautifully lo^^.ated in one ^^l the most
productivevalleys in the
entirecountry. It is a place^'^f permanent e and its^growth will keep pace with^the growth of the state.^The rich men of to-day are^those w ho bought real cs-^fstate and hold on to it. Will^vou follow their example^While there is still a chance^tod purchase lots from first^hands
Remainsof the Noted Discoverer Rest^at San Domingo.
Genuinenessof the Claims of the^San Domingo Authorities Pro^^fessor Adams' Interest-^Inn Paper.
10Down ltd $10 Per Month
famesW. Murphy
^om Nj. f^. Mirrhrssa'j 4 Valliton Block.
Washington,l)rc..1|. At tlir List rlav'*^session of the American Historical m^^rir-i^. Prowltnit Ailiiiiid of Cornell univer^^sity read an interr.tiig paper on ^Reerni^Dihrnveries Concerning folunibu*.^ Vol^^ume* have been wrilten on the Kiihjei t of^the landing place of ('olunilms in the new^world, and the final resting place of Ins^MHka Professor Adam* is of the opin^^ion that these ijuestiont. h^i\o he-en defi^^nitely Hcttled h^ the recent investigation*^of iheOrman explorer. Rudolf Cronen,^who went, about a yi'ar ago. to tltr B..^hatnas to study thene (|ue*tions.
PresidentAdams' |Kiper reviewed the^work of t'ronen and gives the lirM in-^formal.1111 of the refill! of the natal r'^i^labor*, f touch's conclusion is fhut the^tirst landing was on W.itkins' inland, and^at or near BmImm'i h irbor on the west^side of tlie island. Thin conclusion was^arrived at after tht^ most earefnl inspet ^^tion of the authorities, a comparison with^Columbus' journal. Bar. Of r^till more im^^portance are the investigation* in^regard to the resting plare of the re^^mains of Columbus ( ronen is eonvineed^that the Spanish authorities are mistaken^in supposing that the remains of Colum^^bus wen- transferred to Havana from Son^Domingo in 1TW.. On the llihof .liinuin.^last, Croncit. in the presence of the arch^^bishop and a number of eivil officials, as^well as consuls of foreign governments, at^San Domingo, opened the easkel believed^by the local authorities, to contain the re^^mains of Columbus. These had been^sealed up at the tune that the vault eon-^taing them was diseovcrcd in 1877. Crimen^photographed all mseiipiunis with the^greatest eare. They are found to differ^very considerably from the representations^previously published, and, in the opinion^of the explorer, are ineontestably genu^^ine. The situation of the vault indicated^il u.is constructed liefoie that which eon-^taineil tin- n mains taken to Havana. 'I he^remains of Columbus were laken from^Spain to San I ^omingo aboul 1.M1. w liereas^the r.-mauis of his sou and grandson were^not transported lill the beginning of die^17ih century. |t seems improbable that^the leaden Im^\ eontainiug tin- remains ^^f
^iumbus. would have no mark l^^ which^it could Is1 idrnlitied. as was the ease^with the box taken to Havana tu tlif*^The box discovered in the \auh opened in^1^77 contains five inscription*.ami ' run -n^believi's the charge of fraud brought by^the S|uini. h oflii ialv H2nit^si the nuth ^i i-^ncs of S.m lloiiiiugn arc unloiiiidc.). He^sa.vs the inscriptions themselves, when^carefully studied, show they are old ; that^the process of oxidization, which has gone^on since they wen- made, prec ludes the^possibility of their being modern.
Inconclusion he ihinks the proof should^he regarded a-, complete, that the remains^of Columbus ale still at San Domingo.
Kxplostves for the Navy Department^The Mexican Trouble.
Washincton.Dec. HI. Within the past^two ^lay* 45.ftvi |m^iinds of brown ivowder^and 1*2.0011 pounds of gun cotton have Ix'di^forwarded from ihe Fast to San Francisco.^'I he brown powder is intended for the^great naval guns and the cotton for sheila^and tor|*edoes. Beyond these facts there^lias Is'cn nothing learned at BBS depart^^ments this morning concerning w ar prep^^arations.
SecretaryISlainc introduced the new^Fr. neli minister to the president this^morning anil then received the Mexican^ami Chilian ministers al ihe slate depart^^ment .
Theoffl- ials at the war department are^watching ihe situation on the Kio (irande^with deep concern, but areuithout MM^from fiencrul Stanley this morning. Th. v^are apprehensive that Captain Boons**!^force tna.v Is' very much oiitniimlM.red by^the revolutionisls, but they feel ^ ontlilent^thai tin ollieer w ill conduct himself with^all the necessary pnideuce and thai he^will soon Ix. reinforced. Minister Homcro^said this morning that he had heard noth-^illg. exeept from the i|. ^ -|h|m'is about^tin- assassination of (general t.arza ami^the de et tion of his troops 10 ihe revolu^^tionists. He did not credit the i t^^r\. hut^the army oflleers, considering the ^ h.irac-^lerol the Mexican soldiers on the frontier,^are more inclined to accept it as |xm*jhlo.
SpeakerCrisp's physician said liwk.v^that thopatiint is making lipid progress^toward recovery and lie thinks he will he^able to preside over the house on Tuesday.^'1 he s|M'iikcr. he said, had no SJ mpioms of^piii'iimonia.
Theii'ciprorit.v arrangement was signed^to-day between KriTi'l.trj lil.ilite.i id ^, ,,,^.^( alveo, the diplomatic tepreseiitative of
'osta Ki.-a at Washington.
Aiiicrl-an TuI.hcco f i-tip.^Wasiiim. nix. D.-c. ;tl.- The ccnsiia^bureau Iteduy issued a bulletin giving^statistics of I he totrtceo prtsltit ion in the^I'lut'stl States. The entire crop in the^..^liitry amotinti-d in 1kxi |o Wf.jhh.vin^pounds. Th^' numbe r of plintters Iwing^yia.st.J. and the an a devoted lo tobacco^^ ultlire. cxelusiveof i'ollllties i illlivating^less than one aci-e. MJM si IBS The^total value of the crop of the pnalucers,^estimated on t he basis of set HfJ - 1 l. s, was^Sil.s41.*4s. an average of 7.| eents per^|^^ and or IMhll KMR\ The .,,. ru-e^|^ r pound raised b^ Ihe producer ill states^pr.idic ing .'..nm.nnu |^^und^ tir upwapl.^i.tugeil troni 4.a cents in Missouri and 4.7^cuts in Mainland to U.s eents in Con-^neetieiti and 14 eents in North Carolina.^The product of Uuiisiana averaged \3^.^^cents |h r pMMi *^ the produrci.
Tw.ilUty llrow uril.^t.pvxp Rveips. Mi.!,.. Dac.st. T\' 111 i^.^McDonald and Walter Dolau of this . ity^wetit skating with companions tins after^^noon. McDonald bt.,1 e tlmiugh the jee^and Dolau also was drowned ^lnle trying^ton s. u^- Inn,.
What tke nemnrraltr^HIionM Try lo Ho.
Ai.bv.ny.X. Y.. Dec. ill. David B. Hill's^teiin as governor evpin-l to-uigh^. and^Ihe even' was marked by a dinner, at^^ Inch Hill ^poke his farewell lo IM per-^sons, iiieludiiig tin* state etllctals, Oov-^eriior-eleci Flower, and many prominent^Male rii-morrats. He said among oilier^thing* that during ihe seven years he had^been in Albany there hail been a constant^succession ^^f victories to deiu.^ ia. v. until^now the entire stale government is ilrm.s^cratie.
Referring10 his election to the senate,^Governor Hill said: ^My first emotion^was that of cverv other democrat. 1 sup^^pose, where and how c.^H %U* in.ssi elll-^eienllv rend away froni IfM enor.nous^iiggregaiion of ^iFoua-tliMil povfers.^iisiirpe^t from slates, usiiinetl fro. ^ Ihe^jK'opIe. a hideous, huge progeu.v ^^t the^war debt anil licentious government part^^nerships with plutocrats of privilege;^nothing to the federal government ^ cpt^it spceiflcd grantisil |s^wets notlen ; .^ It^can Ivc bett.T done by tin' stale govtru-^inenl and more realously watched.
S|wakiligursvii the w isesl eoiirs*^democracy lo pursue at the present^gn-ss. Hill said : ^F.v sty turn of the lulnon^^dollar congress by poniswf uprising arHI^not enable one new line lo bowriiKu hv^the present congress in lite federal iiv^.^Kepabh' alls, though quite as |KJWerlet-as^we tinw 10 |vass new laws, can stt siill do^unthing. yet keep, at lensi till the I- 1 ot^March, 1WW. and all thc\ got by the lie. of^the billion-dollar congress, and arha.icc^ot sav ing thcreaftc: their main *^^!^ . ts^v-^ing their tariff for protection's sake in^place ol tariff for revenue onlv. w it It pro^^tection incidental to saving their bountv^and botMtJ ami subsidv principle, saving^their i-ei-ipriv il.v, a humbug which is btp a^scheme lo extend st ile -ocialism and Sulv^stitute the restrictive K11 gains of diplo^^mats tot worldwide totnmeere of tr-.-
Sinceany demis'ralic legislation pi.s.^posed by the house is sure of defeat in 'he^senate or while house, it is Ihe wi.tr^course that democrats shall hi a send ip^for defeat w hat w ill cost the republi* 11^party final overthrow in the ne\t e. u-^gressioual and presidential sleetstMi*.^Now let us hold fast to the great tart* a.id^piv ot our policy on those. Here is onefn'-i
ademocratic legislation by this^.'.2nd congress, is ^piite im|xissible; s^^^other laet, and the largest fact with w hich^011rgrr.11 leaders in ^fingress have p. ^1.U^^accouiil. is thai Ihe iicnplc's verdl.t iasi^\ear upon the billioiwlollar cougrcs.- .in-l^all its works Im-couich iiiterly a nullii. and^empty w ind, unless the p. .^p|. ol the^I'nitcd Slates an* unfooled. slick lo ^ , ,r^work. and again next November ihu ier^fort h a just v crdict.
Shall the |s'ople's verdict on the d-^hon-doll.il congress have the rxeeutioi. 01^not'.' Shall Ihe democratic pailv, v^keeping Is fote the annss ll^S hlllhaHll '- I^lar congress issues ol IWKi. ueihiact el^and nothing less, keep for the pcopl-*-^r* fjsei* u^ ..J I !^# 1 1. Ir %. i'liit 1 in itfil.. 11s^exu'iition in UH t How can that bs4ass*T
First,pas no tjaa coinage hill; past^onlv lietsltul appiopi i.Hi.hI bills, enforce^economy.
Second,grapple to undo the worst work^ot the hillion-dollur congress demand a^repeal of Ihe Sherman silver law and ihe^iwo McKiuley laws.
Thecharacteristic feature ol the present^poUttasl Juncture is. that by holding fast^to the issues made bv the billion-dollar^congress during ihe canv.i'-. alreadv pn--^|xiriug with great energy throughout the^union, coincidences of lime, of public in^^terest, of senatorial elections, of elections^of representatives and executive are such^that the people's w ill as declared a year^ago. can 111 one vear more- iinmediati Iv^and tlioroughfv prevail.
AAlumni lul I'l csente.l to I'resl.li'lii Itir
Washington.IVc. :tl. Memhetsof the^American Forestry association.which eon-^chided its lnth aiinual session vesteitlav.^rallml by ap|xviutnicut on President Har^^rison to present a memorial adopt.-d b\^the associatIon. asking Ihe executive to^establish the following additional timber^reservations, namely:
TuttleMountain reserve, in North Da^^kota: Crater Luke Reservation, Oregon:^Lost Park reserve, in Colorado, and the^Sierrn Madia reserve, in California. The^most striking passage m the memorial^was : ^If it is at once understood by tho.e^on 1I1. reservations that neither Ixtnia tide^sett lemon! of agricultural lands, nor the^righl to pros|M'Ct for minerals and too|w*n^mines is to lie interfered with, and the^demands f..i vvood 111,1.. rial to l^e satisfied^ill a legal, eiptiiable and simple matin..r,^allls.nlVUwiprsi-iiioti.il is Is-lieved. w ill^ee;,-e. .ind the Isniu w Inch siieh rc-.-rv . s^promise, will Is* welcomed by all isTsnic-^interested in the steady and prosperous
tlevfdoptlienl ot the Western slates.^ The
president cxpi-cssed htMtly e.Mipei.11 ten^with 1 he object* of the asMs-ia!ion.
ACaMs i^^ stowaU.
Svn I'KAXrisito, Dee. at. The T'liited^Stales lishing and siiiveving steamship !^Albatross arrived this morning htssti II..11- ^^olnhi. She has Is cti engaged in survev-^ing a lin^ for a cable from here lo the ;^Hawaiian islands, and ie|s^rts a prai iea-^bh-Piute has btasj found. 'I he itiep.-t^soundings wen* e/OI fathoms, or thr*s:.^miles, and Ihe average depth is J.Vti fath^^oms. The lieal place to land this cud of^the calil^ was found al Monterey hay. and^the oih.-r end w ill Is- landed at a anlstlltj I^ot Honolulu. Waikiki. four miles south of^the iiiciro|m.!is.
Tlislinirrnnr Is Mum.^I vxsvs ( irY. lice. Ha ^ To|^eka special^says that the most s,inguine applicant for^senatorial honors ihis iiiorntug is c\-^( ongiessinati I'erkitis, but Major Morrill^seems to Is- 11 the lead. The Idsl 1 ., 1 n11-^dalc lobe presented is William But h m ill^of Kansas t'itv . Kan. Tlie gova-rnor will^give no information, ox. cpt that he w ill^make the appointment this week.
Irlsmls in Tim*1 of SsMsV
NashvIt t k. Tenn . Dec. H, The resi^di'nce of l.en. T. Kirby ^miih. al Sewano.^Tenn.. burned this mortnug with all its^contents. Friend* have alie.nl^ -^..rted a^movement looking lo raising a sum -nfn-^eient to reinstate the old veterat. and his^fainilv in conifoitable run01111.lings.
ClosingArguments in (be Noted Trial
ofDr. Graves.
Lettersto Mrs. Barnahy Scbeming^to Secure Ihe Mil r do red Worn jn's^Money Nearly Heady lor^the Jury.
BWTMsiPtt, M. -bulge lie i ford lo-day^resinied argiiincni for the |Mtnt1 MlhsU in^Ihe trial of iii. i.raves. ^| will read some^of llr. (ii'.i' es' letters to show ^ou how^corrupt he was, and 10 how utierlv hel|^-^less a condition this w otnan, w Hh her im-^luense foiitllic, had IsSaSJ leilu. . d. Tills
letteris dated Jtilv, l*M.I is addressed
1.1Mis- I lanlev. bin w as for Mrs. Barnahv .^It is regisleitsl to Miss Hanl. v. Was there^some sggfai instruction 111 n .' \\'U\ rcut-^ier this letter t The vv hole cotvluci of this^man seems snake-like. |t i.gistei.,1^to Miss H.nilev 10 t.ive you the^trouble of postofurc receipts, he sav-.^W'hv if he did not w i-h to bother her with^postofnee receipt* did h^ register 1 he let^^ter'.' H^' savs he should ptefoi tier to pa^^Benneit as little as possible in order Ihnt^he might pi^ him by check. Do^ou re^^member the rhikl-like ipiestion Mis.^Daniabv a.-ked Worrell, p.. when he sat^driving hrr aliout the ^itv. when she was^thinking ot investing here: Caul have^the |vowcr of aitnruev 10 sign inv own^i heck ^' Think of this, gentlemen; they^fmint out Harnabv SS .1 w retch b*#o*AS die |^dew wa - eo|.| on hi- brow . and loaves and^Ballot plotting to divide y.C^,^^| Is tween^llicm!
Coalinning his argument Judge Be I ford^. aid the lirsi w ill made l.\ Mis. Ilarnahv^was drawn up hv Colonel K1II011 two^weeks before a compromise vv.is effe^-ted
^it Harnahy's will. In this i|.^ nm Hr.
tiravesvv ,e hetpieatias;! j:.,^..nnn, and .ludgc^Hclford said he Is beved Hall .11 and^ft raves fori ei I Mrs. Ii,irtiab^ 1.. make ihis^will before ihev would attcinpi to break^Barp ib^'s will.
.bulgeFitrm 111. eounsel for l|sl defence,^then I.e.; in a s|MM'ch. He mad. ,( brilliant^argument, but fulled lo reach manv |s^ints^made hv the prosi^-i|lion ai'altl-t Craves.^Ill conclusion of the s|s--ei ||. the eol||1 BsV
|4HMMitill Sa'unlay. when Disiiiei At-^lorney Stevens will make the I.e.t argu^^ment for the prosecution, and it is the in^^tention of Isith Sides to allow the jlliy iii^retire Saturdav lliglil.
tlil*m irans in C'ltlns I'.ioiIv I'i.iIc. teil hv^'I heii- limrrnmrnl.^Sav FnvM iseo, Ho,..II Fdwaid IVd
I.s-. I iiiii'd States consul it Vinov. i hiti.i.^arrived here vestcrdav bv the r-tc.inter
Ilecauie, o|i a leave ol absence ii
Iuelatest repore. ate there an' fresh dis-^^ inbaiiecs ill North China and serious^trouble is espcciid. Trouble 1. also |.s^kc^l^b'l al Foo Choo. where then' is a large ar-^senaI and several forts. If the icls-ls g. t^I'm-session o| tho..e lorts, Ihe I 'luted .^state-^tins 110 war Vf s.si-ls III the X s la tie s.p |,|| Iron
thatcould approach Foci I h.si. Mi. Ii. .it,-,^iv ^ the American', over then1 an'alarmed^Iseatise ^l lite defenseh's.. condition ,,f^llieirvvivesalKl.liildt. il. so much ^^ in^deed, lh.it ihcy think of expatriating^themselves and 1 ailing upon -omo goveru-^pieiil that will guarantee thetn safetv.^\ icerov l.i Hung Chang has l^-oi told that^Kngllsh officers reason tint we had lei^sutlicient vesst Is there Is-, au-c \111ctira^leallv- ilifln'l have officers lo command^them, f ontoundmg our s* ar*'iiv of sailors^with the alleged scarcity of eoui|Ms|enl^^.lllcers. Consul |k.Ids' -av - the ' llillesc^government jM very much anuovrsl b^ the^burning and I.Kiting of missions. There^arc Unci imetiean inissiouarics m the inte^^rior and ihev ate in dangi 1.
^ - a 1
If.*U.11 Not t^t.^Mi^l, ^ li.dlv I'jpfi In
IM' aKfl.
PumuiO^ DM.Stt K riwft inn** .iu'o tii*
thi* i :^^ \\^^rl^l ^ oniinin . with .1 ^.i|^n.il^m^m k of w4^^.'4^'. irii in^ or|x.t,(tf^l hmiI*-
tlll'I.IWKrif finis ttfttea- h.f m.ift ./i.i-f
milm\s Ai it-oph f ul it/it. |tr*i|tt i^ u 11 ^ A i (^^
N*^ \^ yU \\'i^rl't. r. but k ^f 'Iiii' i 1 ni l'.
atiI .tiliU llif fn)|^m ihe : ^I'ulHafi ia(Mll
ii.t v ^' l*n !| Ml 1 111' I ^|\ t*T\ fl^.*,! M ^^ftx* . Ilfyir-
llatiaglor tlx- piMvliaAlnf ^^t ^ wto^belli*
IIv 1 jsj tMi bMMl un.ii natrspspn \ * nimi,
MM ill** .11 in'MHIlt of l||t^ MtMIIMlf
ll.iut. K#V-4lMMMMi MVS ofsMMst! ^ t * I ^ ilif^psfQpriHoi **f .1 i|i hum 1,11 !^^ *lail\. I mi 1 ^ Bfa^n^^l f I^m il. ov iiit; l*i tin* fii* i In |h i-s|si
#'1111^ wtaffl ih^' fii' ** |yj0l \s Im 11 id* ii^ .j
.iloiitlo Im- i |o-si^|. .X;. ,1 11.^111 r-jtI i *m-
Sti , i. I m ^^^ .ill 11 * al* ^' t^ll I 11 M* !^' lilt i|^|^ t|,
MmIil^* rsMill utll hv Pulitv i will ho| m*^*h\ 111 ( iiit .i^ repetition *^i hi* miwwi
inNrw YttrU ii* ^A.-|ni|M-r Im-iin --.*'
Ihmm^I l*^ l'l*'lt BflM k**l^.
('iiha'io, Dm, m^ pstiwliig pMMn
iiiI^h| 1 ho fHfi tlnii i\w^ Rt^ -it ri-tii* fiti-^tsi.it 1- u* rf Mnpimik at oil* n| ih* hot* U.
nci-*i* i,*^i -*ii:i|^i^ .^^^ ^N.i* 'ii'*\t^ Hud
Kl.nltn ThfV B^n|l*d lhW||^H^ N to ,ni
itiut \ i* w ^t. .mil 111.11 ^litnUlm patiof
man|^ro*'ooil^il to ha/. ril \.tn*m*^ BM^^jfM'liitt-r.. fiiiiill' that tin \ wit^ fil|i*^r 111-^hih-tif pl^iti^ rt. vi ho Ind * - ,i|w i| t|j^' Ktm-^siati eW-^ r* i |n^h' \. 1'i * Imp inetntM im of ||t#
Uitt i BOsty In i-vh ^^f piotti' 1 '
siinni-t* h.*tl 1 In^ ^li ^i ^ Pi - ' ^f lin' ik-^ill*; the ii^*pr\f of thf |f*'i|i|' iii' ^i t^ aflfaj .
tin'f i*ior o*f wrtwmi prtWtoi to I*** VIm
\ilnnral!^^^ Na/mit^tT^^f itM nil ^t.^it t..i\.\.
110 i- hi 'irn iti/ hotlM .il'*r .1 I \ I* *^ ^f^tlirr**)' yoiin* in tlio l\o it* ^ s^j im|foti^ ^^eoinpon-^l h^ hi. -tafT nflhwf. 1'-'in' I ^^Klnior. H^ ki.'I hi* i^t.^^^ * 11*I^stoiiK-wh i* t't^t|*maf^l. t- -i n:* t-t^^nk 1 I1-1^muht n il* red l^im ol hi* MlOT *^^^'! bM Mi^\ahuiht* 11 Im M m 1 klinf * t i'ttwil'^l^tin-at* r IoWbJ . ^^T,,I I'*' itui ^ rier^M
,ivi ;i it 1 nor** fuii'l* ^ti^l 1 h** .i' 1 i^^ii *^t * I *^' |^o-
. - - - ~ . ^ - ^ -^ - -
Mrp^jM |JU Hill.
\,wi-v it 11. K\. I**- . M. M.I TftlMV
*.npi*^ otl to Iw tin* i]t fa tilt'ti::.ill f * * '
twokii. h.. - h*' 11 r^'(rn^t* r^Ml atth^- Nf *l
dleshorohotel liwrt l*^f. .v. P%m 1M1
mttrtmicUv i^'n^l th** npafftfl ^i ^^^tvifttt) *^pMOtn IImUtptiiinoMi i-t if ihoii
inhi* .it * t-ijfits, h^ p. 1 nl hi- I^H -in*I l' t-
||l^t MM* I^ hfe-ll M**^H.
IrrUniTft ^rii^ -ir^l ^i^r* *^'* Pai tv ^^ij* |^poftrtrt tn ll^\*^ ll^m Rrvlvnl.
Hibi.in. IV*-. 'M. A i|oriHf^| nonunion |^^ a;* ratiRffl in ihisrit^ to-^lav hv thf rumor^thai th*^ ^plixsn-al 1t^rf**^ purtv h.i'l r* -^Kiitiif^| ration* hor*' aii^l llial th^ir tir*^^nttfinpt v ^ il.l !^*^ niailn iiQ.nti*t thn fltihlm^raKtlf. Ihr oflli i ll ri'Mth tin* .if thf K o.-'f
Mlt! . ii*1. \ iff r^^\ nf In^I. I' l.a* iraiis-^putnl that a niun.HTof w-ukiuni wr*. 1 m-^ployo^| 111 makirti; ai rra*:'^ti* lati*|\ in aii^i^'il^*iit tho fa*tl*'. I In*' *^f HM p! i^ ^ ^^v hii^ h v as hrin-j ox 1 rtlillled w a* tho o!'.'*^^rlitiTtlx nnOor iho room m ^ hic-h iho pm x^holil* it* piffling-. Win!* ih**^worknio 11 tufr* pMIMltag tlit-ir ^^^ 1 ii)vitn^n^^^i'irir w.n MiililtMily .1 trrniriMtom r^*|^ori^111 tlif ollifo u!k^\ *^ rf Ir mil in hi* h : hook^ihf Hilihlifihf. NoIhhI;. was lull i.
Thf[voliff w# ro inniifihat* |^ notiHffl^.111*1 tw'^ati an litx f *t ig.it 1*^ii 111T^^ thf affair.^Th*' ilamagf to Iho rar*tle w at* x f rx hoax x .^Th^' ff ilittgs of tlif 1 x\*s f1o*^r* alvxxf thr^foliar wfiv Mux*, ti in pioffTh*' hfax x^htj-ain.* in 111 iho sanjo phiff xxfn* lorn into^txtnall pi^i *^. Tito furniture ia th** offiro^lM'ii*^atli the prix *.- ft tu tn 11 fhainlN r MM^1 oiiipli tt l\ stn it^|ifi| ami i|^'**iroxfi|.
ThoiilTair fir a iti I rt^n %u* rn iiioti a 1 none^thf |M^op|o Iix til'; in ami *'iiiplo\'vl about^tin- t aittlo. All ih** tlx nainito oiitr icf^^pfrpftpitftl m U^~^iMlt.n ami *nh* r pl.t*in^ltlt.it Hntaill xxfff hitMjjjhl to nmi'l^an*l 11 l.i ra** unnil^f r *^f pfopl** h ^\ *^^no ' *t I^ 1 opinion th.in thai Iho^*ph\ pica I fon ^^^ (*artv 1* aciiin put line^thoir ftolit-y of iorr*^rtrim into offici.
Iho Irifxh auihtxrilie* miniodialely to|f-^gr ipht ^l 10 Ix^)kU^ii diiiiiinoiiins their assisi-^anrt*. Tho in*|^^n ior of MpftatiMt uiihir.^rit^ t^a^* tho r\p|^v*ion ^*m^ faiir-trnl h^ a^ipiantitx of gun i ^#fion. \ mooting of tho^pi ix ^ \xa* to havf l^ff'ii hf|*l to-mgM anil^it ir. Kiip|toM^i| thf mum ro.int*. n^ i^|o *opif^niist-alrillation 111 lln ir arringfnn lit* h^r
ilntafliWt t xpioMoti-
later ii 1-- aiiinxuni **t| that ope of iho^print 1 pa I tleiks in thf ^tl1i^*oof lh*^ ihi*f^s*^* ivtary for Irel iutl had .1 xery narroxn^ewafM^ from death by ilie f\plo*ion.
ThinfXfiniiK the * ant If otli* la U Mate^a I if r tho lii-csl |hHM] ^^f alarm pa-***!^axxax . ih*' ( onstrfpif n^-f s of th** explosion^^ai re Ifhs m*riotl*4 than ih*-^ hail ffar*'*l.^The o\|*f mlittin* of a f*^xx pout 11 In, tin \^sax. xx ill n*pair tho ^l imac*'. Th*^ prix x^foilm il nifl as usual aft* 1 Ih** f\plo*i*ai.^thiol *^l Pol iff Mallou *a\s thf for*** of^ihf ^ xploshin wan * \fri*il * hn fix in the^out xx anl *ln ^ * 1 it ^n, a ml 110\\ as \* tssihly ah^f\p|os|on t^f pa*.
ITIS SKTTI.fcO.^TrloQ 1 aplin *. U ill Rf*t*iime \^nik in i Im*
lltlirftsi^fl lilt- Smith. 111 Put If.* .
SAWKi^xN* i*'* DWi 'M. \naar^*rnifni^figm-d l*etwffn *\rtin8 firntHi i luef Itam^.1 \ ot tin' Or* |f 1 ot Kailxx.ix I *^ tfifiaphfi *^ami A. N. Tow in-. Mf ^^ihI \ i^*e prenwleni^^ mil il* im 1,11 ma 11.11;*T4*1 th* Norih^*rii Pa-^riflf, will 1 ml the Mrikf *^| ihf rulwax^t#'|fpraphf 1 ^. xx hifh Iwyaii on ihf S*iuthfin^I'a* ihf stun*' (lay* ago. The Southern Pa^^ri. t^- xv it Intra* h its ohjf^-i louahlf a If Max it
midxx ill hen* ff*^oh permit 11* *^|M iator*s to^In* iiioiiiIk'rs ^^f ihoonlfr.
ThfMini* ni r* uulaii^tii* nf iho riiual ^^f^tin* tflfuiaph* rs^ ^m|* r hax** In-4j*ii i-otisifl^era My moilifh rd. When rail a a^ ofTi. ills
pla**^ stinl* nts ill o|li* 1 xxh^ |f in**mlm is^an- * uiploxi-fl, th*- latter must give poll* c^ami informal ion thf r-fof to thf ottt* i.il* of^ihf t^ri|fr. \ffor*liii^ i*^ th^* ^fPM'JM 111^Ifanist y x* ill uw hi * *^ ffoiis to k*H p in this^tli*irii 1 ollh ial* *if saat onh-r. ^h*^tn-ix^pot Im* ohlioxioiii. lo 1 ill n vim I olfitiaU.^ami w h*^ will us#* their Itost^^ (Torts to w ^ 1 k in harmony xxnh^tailw.ix ottlfial-- The inilr*Mi*l m^ agrrts^to rffinplox striking i^ lt graphor** it*^m-ailx as pia* lifabh* in tlifii f*^rii|fr p** 1-^tiolis. As ,igr*'o*l M^uto ^ro to rosume^xx*^rk at onre, olher^ t*^ r* .*umo w ttlnn thf^Im*M la i^r 'J0d^^n, f\( i pt at |Ht|||ts wh**rf^if I* giaph ofYh fs al** not lo I - ristpfiii 'I.^In at hilt ion to n * ailing ihf olij*^tional^almlax it tin 1 fiupauv agtffs thai n*t oh-^j^ i lion shall rai**}*'! to H* prosriil opora-^tors bet (lining ntetubefs of Ihe onler, n*^r^xx ill it ilisrritmnaie against anx *f**king^f iiipl^i\ meiit w\ ^^ nny |w^ a MHMMt ^f ihe^^^r*i*r.
sh#I'lto Idoa fnr Krlatlvor* ami V n*l**^^ *^I Ho-|iH*l .out a la*ll**gt*.
SxsKt x\*i ^it. Dae* H. Tho *|^ fMl of^mist and ih*- ^ ill rif th** late Ntr*. ^ aili-^^^ rip*' fiiii* * Ion of fiakl.iii'1. xx ho du -I 11.1^w 1*rk from hrom-liitis, w as mail** ptihh*-^i^i-*l *x Mrs. (iarrolon ^a.^s thf onl\ '-i^n r^of ihf lai*- Pr. Niiihh'I .Nfi rriil.a prom^^inent r*-M'l' in of * 'ak I hmI. I r'ttii xx hi an sh*^^11111#nt***l an Mtsftte retiftiaftted t^^ 1*0 ^^.;.'*ii,-^She xx as Imh'II in Marpnx ille. Main**,^\ iig'i*t IM 1. ami w 1 ^ m 1111' * I l*i 11.11*^Ion .il tin* agf of 1'*. II* 1 IiusImihI ilioi) |gj^1*77. Thexxiilow haxmg im * hilflri-n he^Mi .1 - he hh 1 xx o nf phi'w m, Kn**ierk k^ami lam*** M^ ri Ht. Tin* w ill inak*** a^tinnilier of I m *^ p 1 i^m ih* t^^ 7'^ pfison**, most I x
r*laii\ 1 ^ in Main*'. Ihf n -1* hi' of 11
1,Hi1' tneolistituti' trust futi*U lo e||il**u^Ihe Iiospital -h llaLIatiil iimI lo MMt^M^litMjiioin ti-lligf. Mfillte. Il M fstimiliit^th*- hospital ^^ ill r*t*i\f ** a i^ (.1 ^ a 1 ,,|M| ||.^.
,..11* |ioo/nn. Th* *m$m ^i^-
1* a** ^I xx .tm.1 u i-i*i 1 sal* rm h^ r Ueplll XX s^werre atoplx proxiih 'l for. in thai lhe^ n-^n ixnl MHtielliiiia like hall a million fktl-^lar*. ami not I** 1 *tni* *i the xx ill .if Mr.
Met1 It i . vi III* 11 Jf.lX ** 'h'* (^ilU of i h'* *' * 1. 11 *
I'a*ilii- C it.i*t Momii*.
poiMixmi. Ore.. Pee. M^ It wan rn-^m*^r**il :n San l iaini-'i^ to-ilax that the^I'tiiou I'.i'lfle stiaUlflllp tllfgoll. wtii^h
Iti ^ ltn* I'oril.nttl Tu*s*lax. hail been
IHhjul^ft* th** Oifg. n comIi Th*-^*l*'.! 111* 1 x\a* M^i '!^.*^ hfr^* till tin* aftfr-^IMsoti. ami as the ueathor has htfti^stiiimy, M if hk**l^ ^^lie ha^ !*^*^ Il ilolayeil.^\ll w ir* s at*-iloxx ti l^**infi ll h*-rf ami ihe^monlli of the (''tluiiihiu ru* r. anil I nioti^Pa*-ill*- ofti**i*|r* Honk I Im* Or* it op 1- proli-^ahlv lying ouisi^|o ih^* Un *^t at AM*^na.^NiMH' allM* ix |s f#*|t U*r Mm QMpM Im*^proxemeiit 1 oinpanv fl^'.im^*r M 1* I ^1^^ huh If ft N attle the Jl^th. for Portlaii-I^Shf w.ic. ilii*- hritp ^eater*lay. hut h i* not^xi*t arrixftl. The agent think- ^he put^mi** mint 1 ^^asl port to aw.tit atkateim ti*^nf th** Morut.
KviIimf*i tho Tailtf.
P*iats.|i^^f. 111. Th** fluimlter lo-^|.iy re-^)ft *f.| tlif tint*, of il frail*-h pla* ^-^l p**-^trolcuti* by the ^^eiiate, .hmI BflBBV t*^atlu^ v^of IS fram * ^*u n'flnetl. ami 7 frai.rii on^^ ^ m h^ |.f || ^ Mm. The lai iff hill \x a* t hen^tinall^ l a***' 1.
Dae Sheffield of Deer Lo4n^ Backs^the Tiger at Phllipsharg.
FAIII I ^ TO HKl.Ak 1 fili RANKS
Didn't Stack His Chips Very^Hitfh. But Surnrlaeti th*^Kponors of CamblinB^House*.
.perul to the -hioil inl.
I'lilIii'M'i la., lie* . .U . About 1 w onoekB^ago Haxe ^hffTifltl of fV^rr I,o*lgo ram*^li* rt . ut iit to Hla* k Pun* ami 'odiiito.aii'l^although not much of a gaiuhlrr he *aa^m*en to t.it kle th** tigfr on more than on^s^01*1 as ion. ami hf played against all of th*^ih (Tore nt Kink*. His lurk HI rather in*^iliffoii^pr ami I ^ *!i^l not Mi-ree^i \n mak^^ing an^ of iho dfalers turn over the bo\.^After sptpniliptf a ronple of Ha- * in ihta^\ i* mux. he shook hamts ^ith friend*.^Ki*!o them a I*^n^l **-fo^^**1 -r*xe^ and re-^turiutl hoin* . \o|m^|^ ipp*aif^l to kpoxv^the objei't ot ht'. Irifti*ll\ via it and tiohodv^rar*^*l. Tit**la^ * tr im hrotight Mr. Shef-^fteld'- nianlx form t*^ ihtn ^*e* tion aiihi,^and this titno ho 1% a x or\ htjsv m in. H^^brought warrant* of arrent f*^r the pr^^-^prietora of noarlx e\**n camhling house in^IMiilipsbure ^^ml drantte on thn^rharae of gambling w ithout a h*^en*o.^Hi* first \ i*it ^as for the^p'i 1 |^'^ ^'^ of seeiiiff ^ ho * or**^running ffames, and upon giwng tin* 111-^foruialton, ho rotun d lo the rotintv r*eat,^ami report has it, that ho found from ^he*^forords in tho loitiity trea*uror*fc ofti* ^^lhat no *^no x*. a* |\ax ing lioen^f. henre th*a^atrf M* ami x\ il*| rumors are fl\ ing around.^th.it there .ire MCI arrr sta to follow. Th*^IraM pcnaltv It a line of f .-\ half of^xx hi* h go* * t^^ thf mf*irmor. If the raaea^are MVNi MMl ihe ftnoa imp..*, .|, Shef-^IW is 111 a fair xxax to make a ni* e littl*^^killing:.^ It max Im* that there ia some^mistakf about the x* hole affair, and^Thorn.!^* I . Pfiir****e, the doputx rollertor^of this distriet. max b** able to *traijrhteu^oul and explain matters, hut the ^r \s'^-^M.'ti'.*, reporter wa* unable t*i ^oe Mr. Peu-^r*^*f u'-mght. and ^ \ ^ 1 \body e|*e ron-^ne*tf*| with ih** iisc in x or\ ^ |o^^*i|^in* *iit 11^ *l. I h-^ i- .111 *-i* d st 1 f.n will give^sWWi
l-.tpt*latl'hm* ff a Hot Katllo in I he^Itu* kt*x*^ ^latr.
CintwM.iiIiim, P*** . ..I. The senatrv^rial light ha* now rea*h#^l its |.t^tt'-,t de^^gree ami Hi*- next few dax s w ill w lines*
0110ol ihf mo^t ^*getting * *Ul*lM t^ that *hi4^slat** has oxer * \pei h m * *l. HMJMMV ^her^^nia u arrix ***l 1 hi* moruuig and pi*x ^^*^*!*^*I^at otiee to his h*.'ii|ipi.utors in ihf V-tl^hoiisi*. w here the da^ x\ 1 - n|*ent m gi-*^ot-^ing lie* ,-sioppt to Ins rutikt I* i** now^evident that there' will b** a split 1.1 th*a^Nn x hog a d* )**gation, wlmh wa* rouilteil^solid ftir MMVMMi II II asserted 1h.1t^r^.r.ik* 1 will u* 1 txxo xoii . an*l pioKubly
\^ \ n a 1 * Id si I loin hu i'i| * thr t-atli^fc^Hoilno ol 1 unittinii*.
I,oxMM .!^*^^^. M. A man niuiod Ror-^\h 1 giaduai** of Oytonl utiixfr*ity. wa*^firresfe*! to-dax xx hi If he \% aa amu^ing him^^self bx Ivouilmrding the house of eommoti^t^w uh a rexolxer. In * ouit. Hor las declared^he wa* an anan hisi. and he waute*| to^r*hoxx lu* * onteinpt fur iho house of eom-^llion-. Hf decided *ho*^imc at the hou*e^would I^* 11 pM^per itairae to show hi^ roti-^^ompt 'I h'* prisoner wa* retiiatnled for^further he 11 ing. The ^ipinion Ifl I hat tho^man 1- 111 *^ 111^ 11 V\ uubaUinffd.
lltoin*lIer Washington,
,spr**iiiln^ iho Mandai'l.
|O|0|( it v. Mil *. Per. ,1 Hon.Willi*^Sweft left IIoim* this evening t*^r W ash^^ington ^^ity. 4u*^t before he left he *tafo*|,^in answ f r 10 ipiestioiis. that a tr**e t ^^mage^bill without any reatrirtioiia on foifign^ullxer would v^-rv likelv !^^^ pas*e*l *^ irlx m^the preftoiit seaKWtfi of eongresa. *'[ txhall^favor a bill to hax e the gox n uni' ii' gix o^all th*1 public lands of the arid region to^the *:.ites. lainxirx nint h lutrreste*! m^the mbjei 1 of irrrgiitioti ami I want the^vrrx Im-si thing |s^**ibl#' in that lino. | am^-.oh*-it*^'* lo h ix*- Ihf ipj* st|o|i of the right^of (he 1.ulroad*, to eert.no mmneral land*^Ix ing nl'Mig the bin s in iho north settled
b thl* session.
Ivottertl'urgf s.m. .in old IMMnM ^f^|s*ii^a^. Itftj-ame di//x x*-*tenl iv while walk^^ing in Kighth **ir*ei .*^^^! f* ll. *-utting hi*^face terribly. P was 1 w^^ hours afi* r the^U rriblf fall bsioM he r^*g.iitif^l 1 ^list ;.^u*^^m -s.
'IhoI .tiitl ol th^* |'\ r.itniiN,
CxtKH.\Ui-. .'I. r'atlwr ohrwalder, ^lin^t^-it iit|\ ^a|M*.| Irom Omthirtuau. in^-trough 111 l,i\^i' of r* * tui*pit ring .ssjnntan.
111an Interview ll^ d^) I'*' d*clare^l^Mah*11 sin Iran !^*^**:i ^ -xpirmir evef *in^ ^* ihe^df iih-il th. mi * allt.l M ih.li Khalifa, who^is tiow 4.1 ^fars ^iM. is |o^^tiig his em rgy ,^IIf I. i.|- a lu \un^^i* lit* , |m i**rs.-^mg %^bstll tn ^ |th I Ml ho 11.11* *. He li.i.* .i ham lone* I^ill ^ I or* if tin i^ *xt. ml ht^ |s^xxer norlliward.^Muhdi means 1.1 itta. k th** Italians at^Ih*!.... hut is iirst orgam/mg a * xiKiiition^ol 1. tittop* to lake Ka**ala.
\Nf^ i tonpany.
lerial lo th^^ ^lanil^r^|.
Mlseot1 ^. Dee. 11. BslwtMfl tin* time
amiTeh. I th^ Mi**tm!.. Mrreitiltl* etxm-^patl\ will g-^ Ot|t ttf the \x h^i]evile liijiinr^hu*uie*s. V m*w eomimlix \x ill be ittfor*^I M.^t**l. of wlueh \V. \. Mi'iitrum. At^pn ..pi niAiueef ot Mm li* M* ^'^^.'^ xx hole-^^al^ bi|U'H .m*l 1 igar departments will b*^^ni.in.ig* 1- 1 h. ti* xx i timpatix will .iix**u a^^hut thug nrorttti Mi fonu*s*ti^m with the M.^M. I .'. tie** cold storagx* xx arvhoiise,^I -if ih*x will Isttlle Ix*** *^ and other^Illinois. Thex will al*** go 11110 tho bu^i-^n* * * of soiling kfg beer.
ut. 1,01% Dm.tt|^ ( on*^ 1 nitig the plan^if Kt ink Shaxx to *e|l |^4^ols bx telegraph^ti.'i-i ^ ^ 1.^ - . '^^^u-* mi Mmne-^apohs and St. Paul, ^ lanmug protection^,1 oribed to in t ft ale rinMMirnt. Asai*t.^nt^1 (^rrs*ration l ixiusel 1 hetlain of this eity^ass^*ris xx ill b*^ ju^t as illegal and as nineh^1 \ olntion of the ett\ ^^nhnances aa if the^ptxoU wete M^ld rtgln liere.

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