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l)rllTfriHll^\ rBfltM ^ Mfl ^! M MM^51.1;. IBeBS dollars a i|tiarttT *^t^oim* ^i i MM
Iftli'nntvilailv in'^!^^^^ ^illi ti'li^^rapli ill^imilirs in MM Lisas enuntv. U piluu^inure irk'KrMiihii' iiewslttati am nllicr^Bsar^Mfwi in Mniitana.
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amiImi^iiip^^ lettem ^liniilil Is-
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BHMt^' M.1111 mill Tltinl MM aaaSseBBi
Sl'ni) A y. JWI \i;y :.. MM,
liitMtteipatiM ^1 a jrrcat war if
these^ta^s. imiiltTli inventivc neiiiiis^is euiistantly at work ilex isiny iiiipnue^n-eiits in the .irts ill killing men. The^new nlle tried w Mil sin h ^lea^ll^ etteet^iii Chili, t111' sti rulleil slimkeless |,tivv-^tiers ami the nil vancrH in pMMlrating^BaMMT ^^f ^mill.Hire, are the most INI^|Mi|litnt of the later developments, hilt^in every liraneh ot nnlit.irv and naval^M ienee there is ceaseless aetivil vili the^^^tloit to ^Main some advantage. The^next war of an^ mMJMH is noinjr^to lie an Blllt|Ue and terrihle affair.
\spresiilent of the New York Cell^Iral railroad, the \risatlie and MM^I'lished t hauneev M. hepew is ratch^iBg il again on aeeonnt of the recent^ai e.ih nt on that toad involving tin-^loss ol twelve lives. A s there haslieen^no eveiiM' whatever, unless luisiiuss.^stupiditv tM be aeeepted as an excuse,^lor thi^ failure 1.1 this great corporal Ion^to eipiip its mail w ith a Mock signal^BJTStMU, SO its sudden determination,^the day after the accident, to adopt it^all along its line, gives tin lie to its re^plated declaration that it has lieen^vaitmgall these veins ^in order to^learn w Inch was the most perfect sys^^tem.^ The fatal accident the other day^only proved that a great railroad sys^(Pill ean not he satt'lv operated liJT old^lashioneil met hods.
TheNew York new spa|^crs now coin^|Bg to hand are hurst ing with exhaus^five and graphic accounts of the dehut^nf .lay lioiild's daughter the other^night. Tin preparat ions for I he recep^lion were on a magnificent scale. All^that money could devise to make the^occasion a In illiautly eventful one was^^^liip|o\e^l. with the result tlial nothing^was lacking in (he way of deeorat ion.^music, dress ami people. Miss lioiild's^liersoiiality is descrilied as modest,^generous and rctiued. she is pronounced^a v aliiaMe accession to societ v. words^are said to he hardly aih'ipiate to the^task o| telling her goodness and graces.^All of which mav Ik- strictly true, hut^a good MM) pei pie. that is. mind vuu.^a good many of those who did not at^tend the reception, will rise from a^perusal of eight or ten column-, on the^aftairwith the forceful and significant^rjactilut ion. ^ rain.
A^ alilornia coroner's jury has held^a I In 1st l.ill scielit 1st n spoiisiMe fof I he^death ot a man w Mi she had altciupted^to ^treat^ for hrain fever, and it is pro^posed to punish her to t he full extent^of the law. It is a serious matter in^interim with the leligioiis feints of^people, lull il is si ill more serious for^religious enthusiasts to interfere vv il h^the health and endanger the lives of^their lollovvers. At Httuinwa. Iowa, a^vvoiiiail |l reported to he Iviugat 1 hi-^point of death as a rcsilll of bring^l apti/ed in a creek fro/en so solid that^all axe was used to cut the ice. The^olliciaiiug minister no douM reasoned^that it waslietterto siivi-thr woman's^soul, even it il killed Hie lush, than to^Kavethe body and risk the eternal loss^of the sold. The light of socielv to^pfotei t it - i lie mix i s agS uisl t heuiselves^is generally conceded and the right^uliould he enforced.
AQUEST ON OT RANK^Yi'slerdav s London dispatches nidi^cite that KurO|mM court circles are^violentIv agitated over a question of^court etii|iiette. the rank to In-assigned^to Hie thililni, uf I'i 11^ - \ ietor of^llolieulohe l.angi liliui g. who teiiiitlv^dep.irted t his hie for other s.enesul^activity. It isdilhcult fur Bloat Amer^leans to uiideistaml. appreciate anil^thoroughly get tin hang of tins heiedi^tarv title business. In a country where^rov .d n pre^t ni it ion is limited to^PrllMt l.'ussell .ih.l the I'rillce of ll.u k^Ml,Um people grow up ill igiioraiiee^of the tirst principles of Mobility, aud^nte prom to gel tsHif Used when rank is^incut iomd. .issoci.it iii^ the word with^the afjhtrfa u| anunal and rugl labia^!i^^ in .iii advanced stage o| ia^roni|Mj^Kltion.
Therei- no nr.. nail) for worry over^the title of the WMt of a citi/eu of Hie^l lllted ^^tales e\c^ pt 11i:i 1 concern eu^tailed snmct um s |.\ the deli i iuiiiat loii
Mto whether be is or !^ not a son ol a
pun. Iii Ureal Britain on the contrary^hociety has readied that st.i^e nf My^ffction whi le it- nieinU is are obliged^to devote half their I late ami iieari)^ull their thought to t he st inly of their
niativeaoaitloua, to the cad that the
piiH-essioiimay move mi without any^interrupt ions earned hy the shocking
aarharityol sotnebod) * ig in^front of aoMebod) else a shade higher^III the pt crane. I here is no queatioB^so momentous to the dynasties o|^BufOtpe as tins question of precedence,^anil lei Tilth- have Uen the political^imnv ulsioiis result ing from a disagree^llient as to w hu h of I vv o or more pen^pie was. as a matter of diVUM right. en^titled to go in to dinner first and take^the primary whack at the royal hash
Therewould have bOM no dispute^over the rank of I'rince Victor's cBil-^dm tuit for the grievous offense coin^OiitUMi bv tiie in nice in marry ing a
vouilglady ot correct morals and ad^nutted respectability, named MisnSey-^BJMSV. That is In say the praaM^man led tar heiieatli MM, rW^picking out sotnchmly in Ins o\v n class^lie was severely punished alMSelf. Mai^now. it appears, the sins of Hie lather^are visited upon the chihln n. The^ipieeii. with a nice sense of propriety^and the eternal litness of things, re^^fused to recognize Victor's wile as a^princess, and the two were admitted to^court oniy as plain ^ 'mint and i oiinless^(ileichen. This indignity, it is Is-^la ved, had much to do with hastening^the Victor's early demise, although the^principal causes thereof have generally^mm given as scrofula. MMMMptMl^and intermittent jags.
'I'hereis said to Is- still some hope^left for I 'riiiee \'ictor's ollspnng. A^preis'ileiit has heen dlseovered for ad^^mitting t hem to the rank of princes^and princesses ^with the privilege of^standing in line hchiud the royalties at^S recaption.^ It is sincerely to he Imped^that her majesty in the exercise of her^royal prerogatives will take cognizance^of this precedent and give Victor's^scions a show. And should Ihcytlius^he the recipients of royal favor, it is^sincerely to M hapad that the kids will^not take advantage of their position in^the rear of the royalties at a reception^to lire M and paperwads.il the royal^ties and otherwise disturb Hie exer^cises. I here is nothing like respect for
THEY'VEGOT TO GO.^The police ollicers are kept busy
tmm ^lay s roaadtttg Bpthedisrepadalde
eleuiMita quantity of which is infest^^ing I his cit y al preselil. It is said hy^men who know that never before In^the history of Hie city were there so^many toughs in Anaconda as now. In
spiteot the vigilance of the author!
tiesthis undesirable class of people in^^creases daily. They are coining in^pairs and in do/ens: they arrive in hox^cars, on brake beams ami on foot.^Every nook ami corner in the all night^saloons is preempted hy tin in for^hours each night.
A9ft v\nv 1:11 reporter counted tbii t y^six men sleeping in eh.ins. on tables^and on Hie lloor in the COM hi nation^gambling house early yesterday morn^ing. Some of these men were douM^less laborers, some sleeping oil Hie
effectsof a spree, others the victims of
temporaryhard luck. It is safe to say.^how ever, that I wo out of every three^of them had not done .I day's work in^months. They were of the uniegeiicrati^class of boboM and sneak thieves who^wouldn't work if they could get .lay^^ iould's income for vv ages. The police^say it is a fact that never before were^so many disreputable aroOMH in this^eitv as at present. Many of the worst^ol the idle men in Hie city are pension-^i rs upon these Women. Only the other^day ten of these fellows were arrested^and lined, hut that didn't include one-^quarter of t he w hole.
Anacondahas no use for these peo-^pie. They have got lo go. and tile
soonerthey understand that fact the
Ih'Hitit w ill he for t hem.
GARJAS TOUGH GANG.^I'here seems to be quite a little ex^^citement and alarm on our Texan^frontier. The Mexican guerillas under
thaleadership of t 'atarino Qareaara a
dashingbody of troops, apparently^having no fear of Hod. man or^devil, liana's hand has been keeping
llpMexciting racket on both sides of^the front icr foi some time past. The)^claim to he revolutionists with a^worthy object in view, the establish^^ment of a better government in^Mexico, but they arc animated chictly^by the love of war itself and an ignoble^spirit of conquest. They w mild rat her^light than eat.
\sto the merits of the revolution, if^that is lhe coireel name for it. people^in the I 'lilted ^dates know Very little.
I'mmall spsMrasMMstheaduiinistrs
Iionof Ilia/ has seen a vv Isa ami good^one. but the Mexicans are u restless^people and possibl] Har/a has t he sv in^pat by ot more of them than the re^^tains so far indicate, although il is^any t Iii lit; hut likely that his following^is large enough1 seriously to threaten^the government's overthrow.
TheI luted Mates proposes to^stop llar/a's fun on this side^of the line. if It possesses^the alubly. and it thinks it does.^When detachments uf his men in that^lu ll of the Mexican territory adjacent^to the Rio ItrSade, known as the I'ree^/one. have been surprised al their^plundering SpaCBtiOM by Mexican^troops, they have bcCH accustomed In^seek safety over the river, which in^many puts is fordable, and pursued^their depredations in lex.is. slaughter^ing cattle, plundering ranches and keep^ing the binder population in a state of^terror. Heneral Stanley, the Palled^^Mates commander in that military de^partsaent, has sent out troops In.in
tin different posts mi the (tin^i,i.nidi against these outlyiug bauds,^to drive them over to the Mix^lean side o| t he I i v ei. There^have been Iwa SC three sharp
skirmishesw uh a number of killed ami
vvoiimled.and one of theSS days unless^Har/a shall skedaddle tin re is going to^is- a Mat p. decisive light.
There are so in.my points widely
eparatedfroai aarh other al winch
theycan eioss that thev are capable of
seeping the Mexican lovisnascal
troopsmi the one hand and t he I tilled
Ntoteetroopaon the ether constantly^on the alert, ami from the Increasing^BUMhsrs of (tanas band Ihsy are bo
comingStore and more dangerous to^the |ieace ..t the horder.
issataa^i MsuMola
Ii ^iii Hie l.iui-ii.lri U|^ lii'iien.
\tails i i i niie i Miaou .,t H^v|uIh, i -m.ill^kesra ui (Veslrm l ^ a.i- aaseSBFted iusi-^!^ i ..t i|,i p. .,, ^ . il,, ,^,h |KH,i |^.^bad ^ns I Hatting'^ Manual. The tlr-l
eastbefaeeIds*wan Msstol aaoahsf for
Mealhsj .i SSSVI. Whin the ia^e was
calledthe leading law.verof the low II. the^Hon. ^lolm I refold li\ iiaine. was iliere to^ili'feud ill*- prisoner. ^As tlM're in SaSSMS)^^sel for the oiher ^kk^.^ he kaiil. ^| make a^motion that llie case lie ilisiiiisMil.^ The^justice liMikisI over his manual. ^A ulo^^tion has lo In KfS'onil'll.^ he Haiti. ^I^Saaaad the uiotioii.^ pinmptl.v n^|Mim|, ,1^the lirisiiner. ^The motion has Iwi-n ^s-^fiiidislth.il the case lie iliHinisMsl.^ Kaiil^the court: ^all in favor will please SB|^^nye.^ The pi isoner ami bis atloniev^volisl ^'avi'.^ ^All opjMisetl Mill say ^on.*^^VoImmIv voted. ^The motion is can-usl^anil the case is ilismissiil.^ rc|M-at^sl ihe^court. ^ A motion lo adjourn is now in^apdsr.^ The prisoner maili' the moiion^and llie court adjourned in a saloon in Ihe^v ieiuit v.
iiis sdvsoataa x\ mi uisal MMm Mga
Hi. s.i-c of i I.ill.^from the Mill l-lke TritMiiie.
Montanais the foremost milling state^SB the repiihlic. lixcept for the louu shut^down on the Auacniida. Ho other state^could have saasMMsl wilh h^*r in ihi'oul-^Init of minerals this year. Then clliMigli^havahaM exploreil to show that ill the^next four or live vears her aggregate iff^(^old and silver. saMRM and other minerals^w ill lead all others in the union. Within^the year n district euveml ^ith prseaMS
sMaaaMathaM saasavassdi bow aMare
sive.as.vetno one call I ^ -11: lull cHoll}^li al^least has In en revealed lo iiuluee a heavy^s\ nili, ale ul taiglish ^a|iitalists to invest
hssjssums for saeshasasji ami sssssMs*
IIf course, iii llie ssatier of cattle a nil^sliecp ranges, no stale i-xei'pt 'fexas can^f final laasilaiia: ami the |Mi^4sibilitii*M of^the stale as an auricultnr.il stale call M^imagined liv the remark made hy Mr.^^ lark at the urination convention here^last .nil,inin. ^In n he said: ^Molilalia^has moie land susceptible of irrigation,^anil i^ lore sraMf a it h vv Inch to irrigate thai^laud than any other state ill the arid
Jlis ailvaneiliL' with giant strides: the^iiioiic.v Is-iuu taken froiii the mines is hc-^ISSJ invested on the surface, and the result^is thai thecitie- and MtMS are thriv ing,^sad that the desert is Isiui: ill run dirt i'^^ll ^u transformed into fruitful liclds. A^sti-oni; and hravc |m^ople aif'tlu-.v up there.^I he future of Molilalia is just as certain^to lie i/reat anil splendid as that flin t fol^^lows cause. The fVdSSSS sends welcome^and all hails In Molilalia oil one more^New Year's morning.
iinr. nsatMaasMS,
TfVia^.Hie nsaVSff New-.
Vialmm what will those frantic news-^pa|m-i^^ that toVohsM hounding Imvcrnor^11.11 a~ a Hsarpar, S l^ rain, a IM'ltiffimrer. a^Bolniaeeds and a I'onseea. havi' hi sa.v for^ihcuiselv es'.' \ew York's great and fi-ar-^| less uovcriior has qsadMMI aliuost siuule
hsasasdtheossahassd hast of niiiuwump-
|i'iv and faualic.il repiihlieanisiu lo secure^Ihe legislature of his stale where the
|honest v oters placed il. anil the conn of^apiieals after the most painstaking search^and fullest argument holds w ith MM ami^penaras bis work as gOf/erSSW with a*ss^liriuhtest aresalh ever placed iqsill the
headSf SMI of New fflrh'scMsf exec Utiles.
Xuiiinsi ItunK XV i-ff-k*rs.
PlSSlI lie 'I If ^v Tillies.
NapossaalFaesMehatssj has had .mother
W'aierlfmi.The fl-'cisitui of the supreme^esMt at Washington yesteiilay siisiailutig
Iheselltellf e of Kami Wlff kelsf SiuilOfflls
andI Taaswii of New York, is a plain noli-^lieation that the ilielt of millions is no^lossjse a BaSJMSt sf unjust simpathv.^'fhese men are ill Hillg Sing, and it is just^the place iii srhirh thai should Slav.
I'i.^iii llie M il w au!MktMlf
ITMbSAiiieriean woiueiiwho ran afTnifl^il have their dresses made in Paris gas^most BMMaM anil artistic I'arisieniie.^Mm. Iternhaiilt. has her BMSBM made in^America and gets them more to Uer taste^than if made in I'aris.
AlatHM.1 Itlea.
rriiSIthe ^ liicautt Mail.
\lislf fftllSI S New York mill,,.ii.,in^^hale ei mi rihulisl to the press an article on^boo Iff invesi the Hist slif. Will lllf.v^please I,, go nllf step furl l|f ^^' ii ow ami tell
anMsJoUS pilhlic how tfi gel the ^I^1.
ii,,i-iasevoasi aTsoe *im.
ihum in,' nsMsayaas ^ah,
Theatlellipl of a Itoslou seiculisl lo iret^rill ol the BSJ hat al Ihe theater liy ih elal-^iiiulli.it all f^f the aforesaid liiu hats a|s^^worn liv sen,mi uirls |a coiumeiiflaldet bai
iiwon't work.
.fulfills .iikI Hie l.aillfs.
imm the Map ssri MaasnL
TheHaensad iMHss'fVeai sMhgavaa^^ifinou squff/f^ aaeti ihe othaeeveninai^Thsee see Mae iiunus svaaase than lea*
Oils111 SfpilS /c.
iii i
Iveil vi
lllllellelllellaillsslli-h UlllltltiiMIs i|^ s|
MlsrsTIfffiiieiiiitseir kiiii ihe stale sansal
sihiMil.Willi Mils eiiil In v lew we w ill put Iiii Hi^el,l 1,,-sl fill,lis iii Ihe MB iN llefthat lllllell s
i.ug| apliie.il SMSfthHI, MUVMOSMM mill Mpsttf^saee MM MBS - il ts Unit hsasr, WW^ n / .
vhen iff rspasl qosMM bmmi up sesl r*sr
thessms will lll|.|Hifs| InliahlV lie MMM iM-lweeli^II. 1,1,., ami Itlis) MMMS SI HU\ nf Ihe
smallissfss ssasaaj '^^ MuoMlaalibsm
ahxleeitlli'l of Xlatltalliri two M| MM I- Mi^^llI ii-imile. fhev SHU sav thai Ihitte is n,,t |
Mplace ell aii,iii ill the MBStei hut when SSf
pMMS to t*ae |MM we will M MM S Sla ina-
ysrtt) H'in win have ray piuie sosoM to
luteIINT then null lawn. rhilttlMt.iH[l .!/^^/.^Ihe FYMftMM has lie BBUMBalM S'SMi l^l'
peeli sapef atoa the rotessie rssatoS
||,M\nvellll,fl the Ileal I It I If - \ III.If W ill learil
dialit i^ nut iii ii. i.real lulls luo. mil in al ail^v.ml.e es |,,i ihe capital which are Is ina rrtsuy.^lii/eil to tin |^'fiplf ol .Muiilaiia sad which ate^aSM) in-i Is il iv til, mis tor ||. |i,4il Mm la^ciiiinl iHeat I alls as ii wliini'i iu llie ssmm,
i.,.hassrt hush .
Mmoil Me capital QBSMM this MM mm M^sai.l t nlf-s the stale nniles n|i Mime one place^tin .apilalwill icmalu at Helena fur tin u. \t^in.,\ea|s attei the next flection, antl niilil the^toUus iiii: HatSS SSShM smhsm it ami ^ liat-
evelplace Is |b Ihe lace with ii, Ihe NNSSH at no^chnice havue. heen IIIMfte. MUmmln HttZittt .
gSSMSMfSeII BBetoHasBtti illstlm-ilv. PS^^phalicallv ami NBaMBBMj in the race in n an^ii - .ui i BHMr ami BHBdMI StoMs, w IMM Ml ter,^bursals ^^^ sale ami ^will i._ir it mil ,m that line^il iita1-es all snmnier.^ fSarmnii .trmti-f '..hi-^n i,
Vli,r a Irlp m Helena ubs week ami a anM^ nf^f ast w unls. fuavet mii^I SSSl, ami a BHM at MfVJSS
ef hcl hlflnlefl penplc's selfishness. h, a|e
fom'i in M^^ ^ idi sat snNMM MS M piaas^Ban ssaasM Mattr ssM assM n^ is- a^privM
I Ihe capital a- MSB the vnlcrs can \ ate
n.MiestBer. oai ssyhaM iia^s a*ere Rfaual
iHere, ami irlSMSslsis sM Uul what a ihih tent^class now evists there, raasjasM oM thafie
tiutnIMS ta ims, IbsMhI M Ihe aMsl la^ nf^the SBt las; i ham *- MMSBB IScti ami I iclr^^ ipeii he.irteil clnlflreu. a ,-!ass li. trytim In ^ \|t4^i hen thai alt Uvaml nlll |tnwei In pl^|-ll)^Bator. Ui isSi Musi Eat i sWar,
'Ninety-finecmwiieil I In* */iieeu I'll) nf the^MiNintslus wilh u ilUHleiii ttf sapphires. Hi I, no^^MM
'flic1,'pnrlfsl eanilitiifll nf altan ^ Im-Iiiw llillini-s^ami alalia the Wytiinins Hue Imlli ate thai the^rustlers there are cnurlnii* a re|irtitlnu ftf their^nif-nnirahlf Interview with the vlixllantes, wiiich^lirnnalit them ileinl hi rljihls a few years agu.^PaH tk Ms Msh* Prsac
Aman. nr a set nf iwen who. when a mine has.^nr Is, ahinit to prtive valuahle. pria'ceil In jump^it nr try ami nhlaiii |si*sessinn fit Ihe fruits fit
BaBtaasrni sfasas stttMss i^.c. ma gaaaasTf
sin,nl,Il-e flnalt with as aie hlghwa) rohliers.^There is mi illtlfit'iiec In Ihe incthisl nf their^prtiffihiif. Iti^i Tiwltrr l*itmti r.
Mfintana|frfsenls an evcellenl halaiice shisf-i^al Hie einse nf M year MM, l i' st in the wealth^f*r lis mineral tmtpul. Ill's! in the class nf pins^Ifcrnns slates anil Hrst In all that a,I,I In the isiii-^teiitmciit. happiness ami |ims|fcrit^ nf a BSBBtSf
iihas mi aaass M sssaassati M sasdl Is as
thanl.fnlfur. Tiie state is rapiilly untwlllg in^taxahle mallli anil BBBflMMSi while its vast^iiilnerat. .lurlciiltiiral ami ura/ina resniin-rs.
which arilv in llie early stages nf ilcn lnp
incut,insure a larve annual Increase in ImSII.^Truly Hie lines nf lis |Hsiple are eaa( in pleasant^places, limit h'ntlit Triliunf.
Thevcar nf l-tf| has tiiiuc wniiflcrs Inwarils re-^nlllna Mnntaiia's ctuptv treasuries ami Ihe SM^Sf the \ear Minis her |m'iiple mi a gsM SSSOlM
fnotluganil (hi- signs nf Hie times iI In a ycat
nfhrisk investment ami Iraile in Is'. .. II Is a^mat v, | thai -n Hindi Simula have MM BS8SM^pMMd in SMfeST, thai such a feeling nf se-^SSjrtt] ami |M shnitlil SOSM Bat ft a year nf^such s MMM/ BSghMBM atM such a few ens^imlties ef a sei iniis UBMto In B preat state llke^Mnntana ami il rertalnly ^|^ aks vnliinies fur the^^MMirresof Ihe stale Itmhu .tfiiHii/fiiN !/^^-^MmfsNfs.
LeviStrauss ^ Co's
Theonly kind made by white labor
rnoxiiNtNrPMapUb^TMaMaajdsof aadashaajra aawesapaf
wiijsj o.tts has cost him his famous aaMto^llaaTaf livi'isiks known as Sav ernake ftir-^esl. which he has sold for the Is u, lit of^his ei'iiliioi-s,
I,Idle QaaM is Ihe tallest af all the
(iolllllfalllilv. He is tif slender pllVsiqilc
amifonder fif the onjo.v ments of life than^BenesaBS, MoSSril ^fit uiven toilissipatkHI.^lie is the MM Itopular melulH'r of the^fauiilv.
SirArthur Sullivan, ihe I'lidi-h cfiin-^|Niser. who has Iffcii ill for sonie time, is^asa alniftsi NSSMpM to his usual health,^and U la BMUaMMOd that a n'f'ftnciliatifili
hasMm , ir,i n il hsaaoaa aha ami his old^adv. \v. s. Biasstt.
WilliamMoiris. the lau/lish saat and^a|sistle fif the aesthetic, vv ho has las'ii^a|Miken of as a pnihable successor to Teu-^nv son ill the laiiri'aleship. is a wall pa|^cr^maker ill lurgi' business and a dabbler in^Boianasj and pictures.
NM11.KM I'llrt sIMI.IV.
Hill^ hy all- you so very anxious to see^a w hale. Mrs. Trotter^^ asked I lie captain,^after the latfv hail askitl tor the IMth time^if oM was ju siijht.
Iwant so iniich lo see tine bltililM'i'.ca|e^lain. Il must Is'very impressive to sec^such a baajB SMaMM cry.^ ffoisur*i^Mssr.
lie'sBjuaaiMj Mmi the BSfnMsn sf MM^^Mas cchis's rfag his fiHii^te|is i,i isasati
IMSahftrilllt In Ml, In' walks a MM lame
fMsBajBsaaaj ins asaMI aantV feet.
v ii rarl HtovtSSt,
farmer'sDBUBBMer I'a.ihetf's a couple^of I,unco melt in the front parlor.
I.nnut Well, hetf's the Isillk IshiIi.^fell 'in lo help 'inselccs. I'm busy tisslay.
Whatarc von ;;oitic in do w ith ^our uevv^sf.iles. aOSMM ^ asked the caller.
Ihaven't made up my muni yet.^ was^the reply, ^but I think I'll ltd sifter to tie^rihlnius mi 'cm and tlx 'em vv ith t^nld paini^to hall): in the parlor.^ IPasMafBM Mi^fhere is mi ilis-cit in a wiHiian's eyes
VIhen the hear! is ^,,una anil Ihe OStM l^ fail.^They ai'e pare as ihcelintilless siinmier aklen,
Amiinms'i'iice uiily la silTmreil tbaes,
Hutwhen vaiilh's htiaht visions have taken
AllflHie BHUM Is ffllttlfl In Is. full nf lies,^line learns In knnw that there s mattv a Ihinu^That ISltM in it wninan's eyes.
MMi ^i'. fMsa
Hunker,after his charmer has said^^yes^i Now I suppose I'll have to ask^\,.nr faiherV
MissSc.iilds Of course. Shall I sisti if^he's al home'.'
Hunkeriiiervoiislv i No er I think^I'll call him up hv telephone. Iietuorrow.
Sols'ilv I baasd MM wife say lasl^fvftiiimlh.it she foiihln't (to to MS maytir's^IIS ISM htol she saitl she hail BOtMaj] '^I^wear.
Mtils'ilv All, Ihal was a I si re conceit on^her p.u t. but it ilis'sn't worry me: she'll 1^recover. MsSM I 'mo'n'f.
-sheilnlu't eiilne frnlll Ikistfin.
Vlllniuahher ways werIleny.
Hutshe alwavs Mfl ^rcliamn^^Where she aaBN have saat MMBBT.
MissAnsie Nile Ihi .Vffti kimw. Mr.^II..1,1,,11. why ibis ehampanlie dis s not Sto^BShaf me of MM T
Mr.Hohloir \ff. M allv.
MissAnnie Nile llfs aiiso il |nips.-^BMSfStoS Htvjlr.
linksHow flff miii know that Von^I'tf laltfwski has maMtad a symphony ill^A Ksl '
filktiis Hecaiise his Hal is next to lilim^.
N'eic1 'sell BSMUSal
Wewalk wnh MB M^ o vcrent Ireml^I he eniinlless paths ni aiaveyanlr,
Thevate mil aiusbered sitslueseas^i iii life is life fuferet ssire.
Iflife l^' life. I iii- llinlnr |Kiwel
Iiisccu hv in.ui. iinearlhefl hy lasl.^Itv hnth uulfMa'hed. uiniiuts hiah the lower,
Im level like SSaStS the tail.
thai nhl illisei'll. that Imni-s tin' OOtU^Vini I,,,1,1- Hie issaeta in tIn 11 nun.
Ian ihal hath wnMsrht. sad a-eS unrniii'il^lbs In aM iilv -imil. IBS s* BSMJ h ain
furIIM I- ItofJi Mis nualit tin Inn e.
Iiilalhntneil hv ken nf human nun,I.^I hat hurls mi -pa. e the universe
viniraoeta tin- isnMiMsas st M s ml.
UMi- I^ i's nf all a BM
Ih.ll iii.ikes hie hlesseil . Ills tile I ^.^.lilts
Ihat make Hie .lailncss nl the heart.^Ami mills tut us all nl life's ilrennis.
fheiiwhalisiiml^ lliswnrks sesMM
Ihal Itod is life. IbruusiimS all space.
Iflaul he lite, ami lite he lasl.
Hi,it we. Ills wntRs. BS shaie Hi~ nainc.
Apail sfUM Ms licit the claim'^fwcie Iii Uer tor than mines nt piSs:
WeUtile nllcs. wlm heal His name.
II^ la I ilIs ami lilies yel lililnlil,
PHsMht l'i-|^iMi.
Ntit lee nl llfssalnllioi.
Noticeis herebv uivcti ihal the isiilnci-^slup latclv cxislinu between lis. Ihe lill-
dciaunsrnUona.1 Dors to. Mpuoase M.^Puaauull ami An line Mal'i earrylaa OP^business aa gram* and peats' furaaasers
atHiitte ^ Hv. Mont., titiih'r tin - tit in nainc^anil six le fif Dnrais. Dassault A Mav.is^ibis dav dlaaolved b^ mutual consent, and^lh.it the business in future will be carried^on bv said Hotl.it llffl.lt- alffllc. w ho w ill^pav ami dtortssiae all debts and liabilities^aiul receive all moneys payable lo the late^linn of Hoi.iis. Hussaidt A Ma^. Dated^this list flav ol He. . inU i. A. D. WW. U.^I Ik.r.us. A. lit. PuaasMf Arthur May.
Weltavc just received the largest and most .select stock of
Thathas ev er been brousht into Anacontla.
Nothingold or out of date.
EveryMM of our hats from the latest blocks.
Ifyou want a hat we can suit you.
stlo llie Ladies.
aa v e e
Wehave a complete stock of Silk Hand^^kerchiefs anil Scan's in all colors, shades and sizes.
Ifyou Uriah t^^ make your husband, your brother,
orsome other girl's brother a present, here is your^opportunity.
Everykind, stylo and price of Suspenders.
SOCKS,SUk, Natural Wool, Merino, etc.
Allof the very best qujaJity, at prices that will^surely meet with your approbation.
Katzenstein^ Cohen,
Gents'I-'urnishinp; Goods,^Hats, Caps, Cloth ing) Hoots and Shoes.
Cornerot First and Cherry Streets, Anaconda.
Havejust received an elegant line oi the
CoiMiatiajflol t apes. Jackets. Fur Trimmed Coa^ami Misses' and Children's LoaTg Coats. . .

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