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Itthsnnlviluilv nfw|m|t-rr *ltli l- lnraph ittv^j\iU^ her In BsSf bMHP - oonU. It i^rtnt^^more tt-l. k^ .^ I'hw in n- tlian an; otatf^Dr^kpa|a-r In Montana.
rormpcnrlon.fand business li-ttcr* ^houlil Im
torniT of Main ami Thlr.l tliwU. Anaconda.^Molilalia.
WmmDAf,i v\i ai:y g, MM,
INTHl DAVIS CASb^fllggg may M) aiiolher I la vis will^tluMf may bf a ^l^^/^-ii of them lying^uioiintl loose. r^'u|il^' who kni'vv An-^ilirvv .1. I^av is would have MM, MM^yrais njro. that Ins nann- would MM^i^^ tonnil atlaclicil in pgMnMMMH^way to all sorts of w ills ami testa-^int tits. Imt t licit' isiloitlit on llial point^now.
Iavis wills lutve Im-^mi talkt-il about^until tlie )^nlilir is sii'k of tlie MM^I liotnas Jefferson Havis declares that^there is in existence a w ill executed^liy the late .liid^'e l^a\is in Mil, and^that it is now in the possession of^John A Davis. That may lie. lint it is^our opinion that the hanker s millions^will lie distributed without any as^instance in the vvav of his signature.^The scene of action has la-en trans^^ferred from Hit* ^silver I low court room^to a parlor in the Holland house in^New York I'ity. and there. M I MM ^ir^two. the n\al contestants intend to^fall on one another's neeks and divide^the swag. ^Andy^ l^avis will^lie there, and so w ill llcnrs Hoot, and^JMgJi OMR, and some of the Omaha^attorneys, anil representatives of sev^^eral of the eastern claimants. M. .1.^t oniicll vv ill be the (fraud central litfiirc^in the hotel parlor, and when, under^one arrangement. Mr. Tullnit steps^down and out. under MMVMMJi^liient plans will he made for the ap^^pointment of Mr. Council to minimis^ter the estate under the terms of .1^compromise.
Allof w hich may lie interrupted by^the proceed in |js instituted b) Thomas^Jefferson Havis: and then. again, the^Holland house conference ui.iy go on^just the same.
Thereis any quantity of gossip in^the latest dispatches from Chili. To^MIM with, a coi respondent studs word^to New York that the new government^has ordered the inm^trr at W ashing^ton to make sincere and HMjMllMd^apologv to the Tinted KttatM fog 'he^iiiiforttiuate all an of last Octolier.^Another Item Is that the I nitrti IttaM*^legation was sun otiliileil by Klin M^^cause the mob threatened to sack the^place. A third story is that the let^MWg vthn have MM) trying to involve^the country 111 trouble with our g^\^^CMMM are fru nds ot MMMMMk A^tourth bit of talk is that the CMfMM^minister w ho waiited to be incdiator^on disown responsibility is a slink up^sort of a diplomat i-t vv Im se. ks in get^tanious on his own honk. Kvnleiitlv^Hie new government in Chili knows^how to edit dispatches.
STARTEDTHfc R GHT .VAt^Yesterday's dispatches fgvg only the^briefest nummary of i.nvernor flow^^er's message to the New York legisla^^ture, but enough was sen! out to show^thai the governor's lirst state paper has^a business end to it. the message^points out tin- fact Ihut the paramount^duty of the legislature is to provide for^an eiiumerat 1011 of the inhabitants ol^the state preparaloiy to the creation^ol 'new senate and assembly districts.
Thisis. in fact, the paramount duty^ol the legislature of Neyy York. The^work ought to ha \e lieen attended toscy^rral years ago. The republicans tailed^at it. because they leah/ed that a pis!^1 eap|Mirtlonineiil yvould pui then leg;-^lativc majority in peril. It will lie^attended to now. and the result means^that hen-alter, under ordinary coudi^t i^i|is. the democrats may reasonably^expect majorities in senate and Ml
Therewnsu'l any muddle alter all^yy hen t he I line came lor trgBHlllllg the^Neyy York legislature republican^bluster ended ill bluster. t he senate^met lor organi'atkM with sixteen MM^Mints. Ion it ecu republicans and one^MMpMMWl Thecniitcst m Hie twi n^If WVCUtJi district was prompt!) set^t led by t he award ot ihe sr.it U^ Walker,^the deniocialic claimant: so that the^democrats now luiVf seventeen MM^In is of the senate i|ns being exactly a^^jiinriuii.
Andthus New York, alter all thrif^years, startsoul win democratic'cipnp^IIn lit from top in bottoin in its slate^|MMMMt Bo radically unfair was^t he apport ion 11 lent to yy Inch t he republi^cans clung for sixteen years, that with^the best o| yy ill ami the In si ..i^yyork. the democrats n^ yer gal a slmyv^:n the state senate and alums! nevci in^the lower house. \ sense n| security^made t he republicans armganl. t on^Intent in the opin
tonthat thi* I'*g 1 s]a^'.ore MM then own in any event, the^rival factions became reckless m then^MMttlCMfN t he I'latts and the^Millers and tin' lielih ns and the Mis^cocks and all the petty MtfSM and^MMWMMMI t heir e 1 m i (lies m factiol^lights and failed at li Dgth In keep eyen^so much a- one eye on tne mail'^chance.
Theyielding of tin- Neyy York Isfil^hit lire to ! In deiimi rats is pi - ,ea!|y a^gratuity on the pari ol republicans.^Not that the state is normally republi^can: on the contraiy. it is strongly^democratic half tag time during
twenty-oneyears on MMMM tial I :cki1s^and almost uniformly on stale elect ions^during two decades, lint an unjust^distribution ot districts made the re^^publicans invincible in the legislature^until at length they actually threw the^tiling away. If ever a lot of )ioliticiaus^deserved to sit in sack cloth and ashes^in atonement for their sins, the New^Yorkers who let tlie legislature slip^through their lingers are the men.
111t he rough, one can get sonic idea^of t lie business yv Inch in recent years^has been built up in the I ncur d'Alcue^country by reading the ligures given^in the annual statement n| the I'oor-^^M property. The report shows that,^last year, the company shipis'd nearly^thirteen thousand Ions of concentrates.^I'rohably the I'ooruian Is the second in^importance of the t ocur d' Alcue prop^ert les. t lie Milliv an and Hunker Hill^ranking lirst. lint the Last Chance,^the Mm mug. the ( ustcr ami the lllack^Hear are all prosperous properties, each^having an important output.
Thewonder to that this union can^^not I'liid a prohtahle market at a point^many hundred miles nearer than that^to which the bulk of its pioiluct is^shipped. As we limit:-!.mil it. most o!^the CiK'iir d'Alcue 11111 pit t gUBB tn^Omaha, and 11 the ligures which have^licen given out are correct, the cost ol^transportation is not much less than^shi a ton. There yy as talk ol 'diverting^the ( ocur d' Alcue business to -pokaiie.^and the experience with the building^of a smeller near that city is notorious,^but that untoward venture docs not^preclude the possibility of success ill^other direct ions.
Itis admitted that the conditions^for successlul smelting are not found^in the immediate neighborhood ot the^Incur d'\lene properties, but Imw^does it happen that the idea of putting^a smeller plant al Missoula has not^been seriously taken Hpf I he neyy^line of the Northern I'acitte brings the^I'oormau and its neighbors Within I Si^miles ot Missoula. If common report^is true, near to that city are found^lime, iron and the^essentials for Muxes.^Then, too. close to Missoula are many^pro|m'rlies of account those in the^St. Itegis country, the spring tiiileh^mines which are reported to be slop^ping many thousand dollars worth of^ore a month, the famous Iron Mountain^region and several pfM|MroM pro|ier^t u s w li it'll, like I he ^ unV w . are near at^baud. Coke of a ipialitv not surpassed^is made in the state of Washington,^and it can be brought to Missoula by a^comparatively short haul.
Atthe head of the Hitter Itoot Val^^ley is I he M mcral Hill country which^has been carefully prospeclcd and^which is as inviting a MM Mr devel^^opment as Moiilat'a oilers. |t is | re^^gion which OU(tlt to prove tempting lo^Missoula money. It is tar away front^trauspoi lation. Imt I lie extension of^the Northern I'acilic's Hitter Kool^branch would BgBM it; and many a^million has gone mto railroad con-^siruclioii in Montana where the prom^ise of business was in 110 Ml c^|iial^to yy hat I he upper Hitter Kool reuiou^niters lo day.
Thecasual observer Would assume^that Missoula is ihe right spot lor a^smelting plan! of generous propor^^tions, itl coiiise. men of practical ex^^perience may know of object 1011s^vv hich are equivalent to an nil sit for^the PXgMIM entailed in the long^distance haul: al any rate the oppoi^^ lit y is one which is worth investigat^^ing in hehall of Missoula capital. Why^do not the rich men of that ritj look^1 he matter upt
^ '
Tinscountry never produced a more^famous iockey than Carnsmi Ins e\^ploits have made him king of Ihe rid^^els. W hen I In- season was fairly^advaiiecd. last summer, the hoard of^control suspended Carrison for MMMl^w Inch were never given out in asatis^factor) way. V telegram received in^tins city last night announces that the^board, al yesterday 's MMting, gianted^him a license tiarrison w ill ride for^the Halv stables, having made a con^^tract which insures Ins services |ni two^ve.11 s from the lirst day ot this year.^This arrangement migbl to bf a very^distinct advantage for the Italy thor^^oughbreds this season and next.
Ktoctricnlinventors have Mm work
nigaway at press the button devices^until they have brought them to an^ania/uig slate of perfection, \n In-^^Willis thingumbob called Ihe fatosMM^MS been put upon the market. I^\ the^use ol which a man can sit m Ins room^at u hold and order anything he wanis^from a chambermaid to a cocktail.^The tele -euie has a face yv il h bauds like
,a dock, and after adjusting the hands^over the printed name of tM article^wanted vou give the IhUSg a punch and^the order is 11 ansuiilled to a ^-.m i.^.^pnudilig dial at Ihe ceiiUal ollhw,^wherever Ilia! tnav be. The list of ar-^t icles the tek 1 me records is a I'm inida-^ble one. in a Krst class machine BUM*
Inrnsganwnrdsof four bnusMaL 11 is^mthnr suggestive that mora than om-
thudol the cut ire dial s consumed 111^an eiiumerat mil of various brands Ol^vv ines and liajMora, Motel proprietors^Will nppreciate the value of the teles^eniewlieli II keeps siieh a list constantly^at a guest's elbow. The device iu many^ies|M i |s is an IIbt mils impmvcmclit on^the district MMMttgef Wtt% ice now in^use. and I tar* seems to U'no reason^why it cannot be worked In cities and^low lis nti 1 he same principle.
Withiu a tew hours the country will^lint vv lo w the IdjreMM l'oraker eon-^test turns out. The faMMStt are all in^^^^herman's favor indeed, if the press^dispatches put .( right, he is a . good as^i lected novi.
I'oraker'sbackers are loud in their^complaints about the Interftwwtwn m^Ihe asaVftMB ailiiiinistiation. and thai
isnatural enough, although it was pal^feci I y clear many mouths ago thai the^w hite house would be forShermaii. and^l'oraker must have known as much be-^fore lie I legal 1 the real work of his can^vass. Mr. Harrison will la' H^publican candidate for pMJMMt^next summer ami then the I'ora^ker forces must bottle tlieir wrath or^bolt. It would be eminently liketheiu^to knife the republican ticket in se^^cret ; and that will l^c satislactory to^the democrats.
(hieof the l'oraker managers is re-^portcd to have said yesterday that Ihe^ililertcrciice of the federal adininistra^lion is an outrage and (hat if ^Harrison^hopes to succeed himself and carry^^ lino, he w ill hav e to climb a barb vv ire^leiiee to be friendly with l'oraker ami^his following.^ Climb. BmJMBUb,^climb: New York is a total wreck, and^you can atlord to venture a suit of^clothes and half your hide Ml Ohio^barbed wire, if you may thereafter call^I he stale vour own.
ASTO REC PROCiTV.^The Minneapolis IWMNM is in error^when it asserts that Ihe treaty of ls.it^between Canada and the I'nitcii states^was a jug handled afbiu iu which only^Canada pmlitc d. Iswh an assertion is
notsustained hy tha svidastos af his
tory.Hy that treaty, which was one^of simple reciprocity between the two^countries, the inhabitants of the^In it id s|,,|es had I he right to take lish^of any kind on the sea coasts of any^of the Brittoh provinces in \merica.^without restriction as to the distance^(MM shore: they could land on Hritisli^soil to dry their nets and cure their^lish; 1 lie right to navigate the river St.^Lawrence and the canals of Canada^was accorded I nited States vessels.
Inpoint of tact the advantages of^this treaty lay chiefly with the I nited^^states. It was not long iu operation^Itfforcthc Canadians recognized that^fact. I'nder this treaty the I nitcd^Mates diverted Canada's foreign trade^IMM Canadian BMM to American^waters: the I nited Mates enjoyed^valuable fishery rights which havclieen^coveted ever since the abrogation of^this treaty in ls^Ui; the commerce of the^Noil hwestern states found a con^^venient outlet through the Wcllaiul^canal and the ^i. Lawrence canal. Dur^ing Ihe civil war the country found the^treaty valuable in that MMMl food^supplies could be imported from the^country to Ihe North w ithout the pay^^ment of dutu s. As was said by Mr.^Male, who was a MMMV of the house^of representatives at the time the^proposition came up for the abrogation^nf the treaty : ^It had MM a wise and^salutary measure: under it the coin^iiiercc of the I nited Males had '.tow n
Itis true that the treaty was terini^iiatcd at thf MMMM of the I'liiled^Mates: it is a fact in bistor) that ita^^lic,ia! prejudice had much Mora^ to do^vv ith the ahrogat ion than the needs of^Hie commerce of this country. What^ever may be urged against a reciprocity^treat) with Canada at thistiine.it cer^tainl) is not wisdom to point to the^fact that the former treaty was luoken^at the instance of our own government
1gssssMis sod * saM 1'ntes.
Inun MM ^l IjMlis NsMOajsMlL^Titers awes ^MUMUM elgseattes uscii
intineiica ihirhiK the last Rscul Mti^\ lid ^ el paigBB al-i' at a BSBB to MfUOOt for^the epidemic of eiaek psMs which is c l^ ^^y sstatlOg ihe eoiiiilr.y.
HaOsosgsrsssseMjl MMH,^Krsni tM UnMO MM Jsaraal.
Ni'liraskayy an ioi s do tint gasOSM !^^ Ih'^left ill Ihe shultte ill case nf a rumpus M |Mj^die SHJgN} Chilians. Senator I'addoi K^SSM lllisl away several a|iotical'oils for
IBMOshsOBM to nUSO BOUSJSSsdOS and 11 u1-
iimilts for the bngendtog oar yy ^th chili.
Ill III vis lilt V| til.
11i^ (Mss ^^^ gjasl rjBgHM inn .^ Maaat
MMslaa.Pniiii 1 li.- Wasliinuiiin l'o^t. ma.
'I'beNew Varh Mesftdsr iresvecentl) n^*^tons in Btovld Monett tfill tm the **prtsw.*g
Bjfgeonnt SsdtHcs.*1 This is nui Mh
naveeeMtloa 9BsoJsnsM who Is MthMv*
eruot-ami seuatni. but it is .1 lsstgwa^a
Rsmiihe npuns. Bararnor Hill's sosklea is
1101of the |M'iiiiiil y.oiel.y I but as s |sdl~^llelan In' doiibl^ dist omits any of his isss*
Iciii|mi ario* 1 if ^'ilher aartl in 1 lu- praei n-.il^liusiio ss n| imlitics. lb* is bM oulv a HAM
afhshnisaraasMBM* Ma of UftdBsa4toohla^MgaosshraMas and iiuexampbsi aossa it^*.^It is nine 11 to 1mm|iics| jnneil it an.y oilier in.01^bv hit: could hav pilot.sl a di'inoi-ratie ma-^jnrity into tlie Neyy Yolk senate as lie |. is^ilnoe in the fai-e of HSsJarStSBS USecither^ysav. eyen if In* hail oeetiphsl HstsaOM^iiltii 1.1I poMitkOI. for nSseS is m other insu
Mvinarwho saosi so ooM sho eaoablliiiiia
ofsin li ,1 |HisiiiiMi. atltl who eiMild uiasier
aonrtsandcany asscis s.^ iitisnititeiy iniiiM
sill, lb- niav not BO a Mm MMW of in.11,^lior a ni.iiiiii-l lo svmiv 1 he multitude, imr a^Mlatesinall able to SSSeS III.Ill BtlSMldla
realimbiie iiueauona. but Masolters*!^pins iu ins m u MMoat, andgsMrol disa^lurber id Hw aaaas id the resaddiean^btiiinV, he bonis om all.
I'lIII.II oi l M ion.
pti'sia.'ii:1 sisetauat strssaIsassaethe i-ew^also n-i '^ ^n ^' souse In Hst ssIrM In sral .1 II^u.is first eatsltUalied. Tto sessfnl sUsiUilMrs*
111.11lias Baste ii a M BBfi anil iii the alstll of^lit.. |.i 1 ^ii|i- 11 1- su Mw ilea man's ersdH lo 1 o-^.11veaiM i1sa.il I nan ihe gSSSfaaSMBk 4^Msg^.1 ^i/*^. 'I. O.
ihe smm*i les|..'.-t;il^le. iM'e.lllse I lie niest SB1
Irtsllr.aHtI'-'t Mi. Nafrtssa has setfnrstsa^siin- sseaoui preMOst yy..s IBs sssisnrint
^i isNa deasMrata Is 1 n.* elreug hsBgi*slii|w, .ant
iiiseBUWealtl etiani'lei isiit 0! Ma part! s IrssV^erstksl Has l- the one sjef thai I tn v |s^im..||)^ssnOsSUi. St. faasO hV|ia ifle, Oaet,
ItOS NBJaei BtSStOlansS] rstptteMUuS tlual a'.l^tin* its sns^ iiiatiafHeiiners in r^ Basytvsala ss*^sell cr tiMlstl tin 1 milni^^!ion ol sasuall hNiSOg^|ilalo lo emer h single liuililuc: al Ihe *yItl's.
1.ill^^^^ 1h tor HMS. Ami ^'^; root.n sals
klite eaM. sT not the sob) peaoosl st lhess
ailed tla |HSte mills ot 4se rtna lla^ it.. i\m
.!.(.ill ik.
Thel|ess*ssi saHoo, usrss. sbms expsnai
are Ihe siiltjei l ol SSlI) 'tls|^:iti lies, in n| |m
smbssI in a hiuh rsas saaasa tse sss*itta of^S|ianish Aineiiea. lie has BeMtoatBe ramnssO^r.n e\i-i ttuee sssstOa, bsbsbbj seaaacr in 1 lie^hsMbo MassWasdi Heslss una tin- 1 aitc^i
slid.s. i'llstilnu flout olio clMIUtl*) to t'-' iSMff
siins stsasare. BlsaasrMitBe IsasfcM y uissstst^satUMl tin* MesliM IrseBa mni ns)o^Ina al^least MM MMSgea S ilh MMH deUs hue ills of
wsrssraSBsasrr.gfs I'srttMOb
\Ml.1 OMM u a in:.
Til* VV.irl.l'. Ihii I'..em Mtuuld h^1 oni|M.sitr. Aiurrlcan ABSIr.
Iloin 11m MMMg MmMIb
W'Ii.,1stMMII Thomas Itailey Aklri^-li.
SOeaaaWhHOaeab Itiley, Rletiaeil W'uttwui^Glider and two or three other yentleinen^wilh or without shluaahorMhuJ liamei..^ ho^lotv c liis'ii aectlMol of wriliua poetr.v '.' Are^they nil 100 liuht eitiii|M^iisl with tlM Htockv^llrilislier who turned Ihe buhl on Asia '.' It^would -as-ill ih,11 the world's fair |ieople^think s,^.
Theploeess hy which lite st'lit titiii nf^Arnold was ariiyisl al has not Ins-it n-^venle.I. but it is not unlikely thai Ihe
choieeof a faeasgosr a aa Mosd ^^^ fetus
ofllM' jealousy nl his lirellilen if one of^our native latnls were taken. What^s|M^eial Illness Mr. Arnold has for the |m-i^is not very clear, but it is at lea.I certain^that his apiKiiiilnienl w ill not sow tliseortl^aOsBllg Ilia Brftiall |^^ Is. TeliltJwHI and^HwhSbOrMOrH SSgOSd Sir Ktlwin'it eleva^^tion with (sniiplaeeiH'V at all events.
IIis ton late now. Iml a uo^d pkill won III
IlitSebeen 1. ^ i I it I'll sit t he |toet il tlcsl illic-of
thelair lo an saMMMMBOd association of^gOOlS. as il yyere. |in feiablv all native^MM. Then the work could have been^MTreled out eonifnrtabl^' anions them.^Tims Ihv metaphysical side of the e\|ne^sitimi miiilit lis IS been |MsB to Mr.^(Oilier: Mr. Aldlleb enlllll have gSMHd^SSSUSSla on the lake pier anil the Venetian^canals: Mr. Kiley tuiitbt have found il|s|ii-^ratiou for new tlialcet ittatler iiiimhui the^live -.lock ami a^rieulliiral exhibits, ami
passttdiamang Ma rlsMaa while r. c.^Mednuuioosla half a boom ssBor pasas
couldhave been turiusl Iimmm* on the vari-^nus ih nartnieiti-. The inialuet af MHOOt^if noi gaatoga WOUBg hOVO MOO mitiht.v in-^laeeaSMj BBodHSg. and would nol have^Medetl uiiytbinu like Ihe irlossar.v and^MUOONO Sir t dw ill's lucubrations arc^sure to require.
Ioilinal BMBBM is wa fond ol ^ hil-^^ It. B.
l. MM *)^ shsJB of ChtooM i^ now oil! of
Mis.r.li/alvelh Stuart I'helps W'attl i^^seriously ill ytith influenza.
Kertatat}l.lkins has six of his ehilihi u^w lib him all tin* lime. His eldesi daughter^in BBBIfMB.
I'rinee(.isajje of W ales has reixivpred
fiiniitin* tygsUdd lever, sod hasganass
Nortolkshirc.w heic the Prince of Wales^w ill reside OWrtog BBS w inter.
MllccHenry of (trleana. Ihe eldest son^of Ihe DOhs of t h.iriii s. who has ihead^^rci|uiretl sonic reputation as an explorer,^has none on BSUdMO BUpodBtSM to Asia.
Mis.faIImo. srlfBSa of the late GoSOMM^Thomas l .ilisii ot Massachiisclls. has pit-^SlMed lo the Lowell city hospital an en-^dm. incut of s-'i.ou^ in ineinoi y of her hus-^Unid.
VIinc.Tatciio. w ife or the .Japanese mile^islet* al MfashMgMBa can talk Kuiihsh well^enough lo t^o riatoPMgt and she s|h-iii1s^ju-i as nun h UOBS over it as her Ann rieaii^ae^|iiaiulaiiees.
WillCarleton iIin s ma look like the con-^y iiitioiial idea af a gOOS. Ha is tall. Iiroiid-^^UsuMsesd and ruddy-faced. ftghM^^. i ks for in.no ,. w ith fame as a second-^aiv consideration.
vinut isU, nsnMgjti
11^iu me ^v;iii^* of igje iwuwM Mtrsts'd
/rinii the i Ih-|m.r tin* kiiitt.il lo ks. ti 11111 ihe^keegsl ihe wi-11-.-ioseti gssra.
1.1*1me Is* yyafleil.
LUtin* uli'ti* noist less|\ forth.
WithIhe key of soilness sOBsefc IBS Iseka ^itli
a'i Bhvser.^s^'i sgs ihe assrs, ii asat
T.-ioli-il\ in* mil BMIiSlBISl.
-siioim is ymir holil n inoiliil Itesh.
s-froiuis vonr hold, li love ^.
li,e/ gfMssan.
VI....ilrii MlgB still In I a ,^t*.
Pramtas gsrOsa toKarMBr.
Thearrival of two welhhnilt eJaMBB^ships in New York, after a ra^*e from San^I'ralo is..i. i alls attention to the fact that^wooden ships are no longer in disfav or M^has! vo^aj^cs. bill havB in sonic instances^BBSphn '*d their iron rivals, 'I'lli^ is an cn-^euueagtag oilthsik for Ihe I'liitcd States.^McMBM in Ihe past the fastenl clippcra^hav e BOM buHt in Ibis CMOtJ) . and a gen^^eral rfkluru to wimmIi ii ships for Imiu ocean
ragogeaaright naorit in a hssui to Usa
shiplaiihlina business in New I'.llulltlul and^elsevv belt'.
ttM*Mlll'l 's lll.sT .IIIKI s.
Whydo IIhmm* iwo youttt; l.ulies I.hiU so^sad. papa'.'
Ihiailsi* eaehone has a BOO BMUBBtt^my sou. and each SBSgBMSS Ih. t the other^ha* ihe prettiesl.
Iiis well lo know iii-i Mi when Ma Year^MMg
Iswiih us soseagslB sM all Ba ^MMm^^Thol u hi MsMj drtota ess an' pMUsaisr
\eo'll vei v selilotn lose your gsrgSOdlsaBBri
Till Hid von u^^ ealliiiK in a cab'.'^Ned No: I MUM home iu one.
Howlavish ^lil Sol is vvilh In/lit.^ said^Ihe cMtls'iailt lover one happy. MMhM)^day.
^Yes.^MMWsd tho toead one toess
iiotisly . ^I think Sol must Ik' a soil of g
iit. rUAII in vi v s \ y 11 i:e.
Hesweie on from fioker anil aaadMg ami wine.
Amii vei yllihiu Ms he ^Msred imlhiilon.
Ianhe rSSSsi lo live sg lo his pmmMj lib llie.^I or the III si tolag he BrsM ^ as his s.mk| SSS^In'ion.
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w.-ii'pi.llv full w hen they ibov c into ihe
poedtool nik'ht.
HVoaiit was all the lOaUM of a MOMfeU*^lalioli.
^Howwas nasi.
^Weil.BagMg told me 11 lev grutuwd
Munldsupplies I'm- III miles and aftrrwanl^MSOd the dill I was only seven.
Koiir linn's in M Lb' I have been gtbsj^thai I livisl.^^^Only four'.'
^Yes: i mis' w In n I wa- BHUTftod and if^^oiher thus llaSSS w ben I gal ntv 'livon e.'
reollnnncal.M.lble Vie urn unilic to^keep a OSsei ibisveMI'. AlllvV
AmyNo: it isn't BOBasaaiy, I bavelasi^year'^ vet. as jpmmI as new .
Well- BSBS hhie BBSSl tOS |.ills,
lot now ms man of call^\v ill till his gsitrla 'all ot hills
Mi.Imake his N. vv v. ear ML
Meiotkic tueearaaT. MeXVaehtof
HAl.ickle Yes.
M.torkl IkMhlug
M.fi..i kle So: sweai Bg ofT,
MacCallum^ Cloutier,
Tliccheapest in tltc city.
NewStock, Reasonable Prices.
Teasand Coffees
Ofthe finest quality.
Liquorsand Cigars,
TheChoicest Brands.
OlIT-stock is almost entirely new.
Vouwant our yoods and we want^your trade.
MacCALLUM^ CLOUTIER. 501 Pmr^2r6l
Wchave just received the IggVgjgf and most select stock of
Thathas ever been brought into Anaconda.
derbyhats, In All the Litest Styles.
Nothingold ot out of date.
Everyone of our hats 'front the latest blockg.
Ifyou want a hat wc can suit you.
Wehave a complete stock of Silk Hand^^kerchiefs and Scarfs in all colors, shades and si/.cs.^If you wish to make your husband, your brother,^or some other girl't brother a present, here is your
silksuspenders,^patent suspenders.
Everykind, style and price of Suspenders.
socks,-MM, Natural Wool. Merino, etc
Allof the very best quality-, at prices that will^ggjreJy meet with your approbation.
Katzenstein^ Cohen,
Gents'Furnishing Goods,^II.its. Caps, Clothing, Hoots and Shoes.
Cornerof First and Cherry Streets. Anaconda.
Havejust received an elegant line ol the
Consinting0^ Cnpea, Jacket *. Pur Trimmed L'oati^ami Misses' and Children s Long Coats . . .

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