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letlreredby carrier or mall at ten Italian ^^}ear, three dollar* a qiiaiter or^rue dollar a mouth
Itthe only dally nesspapcr with teletrsph dls-^|^tche* In l^cer laalre county. It prtnll^more tctcgrapliir nca i than any other^nestpaper in Montana
tcrretpondruceand husinevi letters should he^addressed to
Cornerof Main and Third ^treet^. Anaconda,^Montana.
Evensliimlil the Maine |k-o|ile con-^elude not to press his name any fur^liter, the reiiiiiniiiation of Harrison is^)^y no means assured, although with^lilame out of the way lie stands deei^dedly the l^est ehanee. The Harrison^ites are both hitter and aetive. As it^looks now they would |^rohahly take^either Koliert T. Lincoln ortieneral^Alger. It has |Mg Im-i-ii understoiMl that^Thomas C, I'latt. .1. S. ('larkson. M. S.^tjnay and .1. S. l'assett are aureeil that^If lllaine is not nominated Itussell A.^Aljrer is the best man for the republi^ean |^arty in general and for themselves^as manipulators of the republican^party in particular. I'latt. t'larkson^and ^}uay do not represent the Mat^element in the republican party, but^they are a powerful triumvirate and^can make Mr. Harrison a heap of trou^^ble in the Minneapoli:. convention.
Theho|ic of the advocates of free sil^^ver coinage is anchored with (he^democrats in congress. The iinlna^t ions arc that full justice is to Im* done^the white melal in so far as the demo^^crats are able to do it. Mr. Island's^bill is to be reported favorably to the^house by the* committee on coinage,^weights and measures. The friends of^the measure claim that there are fully^two hundred free coinage men in the^present congress. It is worthy of note^that only eleven of these are republi^^cans. In the Fifty-first congress of^the republican majority almost to a^man voted against free coinage. The^democrats voted for it solidly. This year^then-publicans are in the minority,^they are still almost united in their op^position to silver, while the indications^are that the democrats will send a free^coinage bill to the president, yvho will^promptly veto it.
SecretaryItlaine promptly and vigor^ously denies the statement of a CM*^cago new MMM that he is about to ret ire^from the cabinet. The |Hisitivc language^in which he couches his denial, his ref^^erence I^ the statement as ^an infernal^lie^ leave no room for doubt of his sin^eerily tins time. His remarks upon^the subject to the associated press re^porter yesterday have a clear and decin^ive ring to yy hich it is pleasing to listen.^It is possible that the ring would^lie even clearer and more decisive hail^Mr. lilame's original words been pre^served in the published interview.^There ia little doubt that the suggest^ive but eminently reflect able adjective^^infernal^ was substituted by the re^porter for another yvord that really fell^from Mr. Maine's lips, a word some^yy hat synonymous in meaning hill^lather too ^-\plosive to suit the long^and highly sensitive ears of certain^other mem Iters of the cabinet.
TheMassachusetts state board of ar^bitration liuils in its review id' the^year's work that there were no start^ling movements or upheavals in labor^circles. Strikes have been few in mini^her and thot-e that have occurred h.ive^^ leliled readily to the treatment of the^board. In fact it is the opinion of the^board that it has had good elleel upon^the lalmr unions and capitalists. It^s.M'ithat vv itli ^uililt-tl e\|Miieiiee and^greater familiarity mi the pari of the^business world yy ith the methods and^principles by whieh the action of the^board is regulated, the elliciency of the^Mate hoard as a muciliator has in^creased: and on the side of arbitration,^it is a gratify ing laet that iit each case^the aih ice ottered anil the price list^reeoinineiMleil haye been cheerfully ac^^cepts! by all partus, wilh |ki uiaueiit^got Mi result s to t he business concei In il.^^In arbitration is to be found the kc\ to^the solution of the labor problem, and^state boards wisely conducted aie a^power for good,
APOSS RLE REMEDY,^Out of tyyo years of grip epidemic^b;.s groyvn a learned discussion In-^tvvocii men schooled ill I he science of^medicine cnneei mug the proli.ible^cause of thi ^ insidious dlOMM, I p to^dale the lights of the medical profe^noli have been unable lo agree upon^this question. ('em-rally it is co|i-^eeded the malady is contagious. \o\y^that the doctors can't agree upon the^cause, they are lighting over the ipies^lion of the cure. ^ (wing to the prey^alence of this incorrigible malady any^remedy suggested is invested with a |K'^ciiliarand general interest. A v ast cum^liiiinity of sutlerers will therefore read^with cnneerii the report that at IftM^treul. in the enlightened province of^Ouelice. a specific tor throat disease,^which has bam used for general ion-^by the habitant with success, turn.,^out to In- very yaluable in mitigating^111^ s\ niptoins of the grip.
Thereined v. it appears, is due to the^miraculous lotefceMloB of Nt, IJI.nse^t he anniversary of yvbose least .i,n |ms^just la-en celebrated in St. I'eter's^cathedral in the eity mentioned. It is^said that since the good saint's death^prayers for his assi-tai.ee ha.e OMB^answered by the prompt recovery of^)^et it loners afflicted vy it h various t hroat^iiilnients. so that the custom o| m-
ploringhim has been preserved to this^day. It is further slated, accord^^ing to a dispatch in the Toronto^Umpire, that in recognition of such^custom the archbishop of Montreal, at^the recent celebration of the feast of^St. Itlaist, applied to the necks of a^number of sufferers from throat^troubles a candle possessing a peculiar^virtue, a special prayer for their re^^covery being recited at the same time;^whereupon the throat troubles begun^to subside and m a comparatively^short space of time the patient was^cured.
Ifordinary throat troubles can In-^cured by such a devout process, there^would seem to be no reason why a^properly worded petition offered by a^faithful soul should not induce St.^IHint-e to grant a cure in like manner^lor grip iind its kindred maladies. The^afflicted in (jjueliec, and the (Jiti-liec^people have the grip like the rest of^us, should improve (he lirst op|Mir^tunity to make u test. Thousands of^people would willingly take the treat^mi nt if its ellicacy could be established.
^ -,
Theneyvs from W ashington is to the^effect that negotiations have been^opened Let ween representatives of the^I'nited states ami Canadian govern^mcnts looking towards the completion^of a reciprocity treaty that will lie sat^isfactory between both countries in the^matter of trade. The Canadians are^represented in Washington by a emu^mission composed of three men. The^brains of the party are contained in the^head of one man. -^ir John Thompson,^the Canadian minister Of justice,^tieorge l uster and Mi Ken/ic Howell^occupy seats in the Canadian cabinet^as representatives is)' illiberal and liar^,row minded sections of tnc Canadian^people: they are worthy representatives^of such a constituency. Secretary^Maine will Iind in Ministei Thompson^a clever political strategist and a man^well informed upon the i|iicstiiins of^trade ami constitutional usage.
Thepublic is told that ^these MM^tiatiousare intended by the Canadian^supporters as preliminary to an inter^change of views for the purpose of^ascertaining the nature of tin- subjects^each side w ill be w illing to discuss and^what form the discussion shall take.^The results that may be reached^will not therefore be iinal.^ If^the Canadians iind encouragement in^t hese negot nil ions they will report to^the Houiiiiiou parliament and a scheme^lor ill) exchange ^ I the products of the^two countries will probably be formu^^lated during the ppicaching session^at Ottawa.
IntelligentAmericans, irrespective^of politics, hold the view that reciproc^^ity between the two i minifies would^Ik- of immense advantage to the people^of both. As the Ml v\i^vi:i^ has U-i'mv^pointed out. the treaty which formerly^existed ls-t ween Canada anil the L^ luted^States was a jug-handled affair in^which Canada had little share of the^prolits. That was the treaty which^was entered into in MM, Ity it the
Ililted Mates enjoyed very valuable^privileges on I he coasts of Canada in^the matter of taking and curing Ma,^There was no restriction as to shore^distance; our lisbermen bad the right^to laud at any place on llritish soil to^dry their nets and cure their lisli. The^great canals of Canada and her natu^ral water ways were o|m^ii to our vt^sets. Ity that arrangement \iiienea^diverted Canada's foreign trade^from Canadian ports to \merieau^harbors. At a critical |ieriod in^our national history, we found the^WeUaml ami m. Lawrence canals im^^mensely yaluable to us. ^lur manufac^^turers found a larger MM for their^products: our fanners lost nothing by^the free ailmis .ion of Canada's limited^products.
Thistreaty was abrogated at the in^^stance of this iiiiintry. The procied^ing was injudicious mid unwise: it was^dictated by miliona' prejudice and not^h) commercial nriftfl un. It is not prob^^able that another treaty so conspicu^^ous in its advantages to the Tinted^states can Is- arranged. I uless the^lils-rals attain power at Ottawa, we do^not lielleve that any arrangement in^the way of reciprocity can be made:^the lories are bitterly opposed to the^idea. We anticipate that the report of^Canada's commissioners will be that^dilutable terms cannot be obtained^from Washington. This will serve to^discredit the liberals in their policy^and to set the lories straight in the^eyes of t he elect I dale.
aptain lluggins, of the I'nited^Mates aitny. who has been investi^^gating the Indians with a view of de^^termining how much ghost dancing^or other monkey work is going on.or^is likely lo Is-going on before spring,^has made a report that contain I some^observations exclusive of those re^S|Miling the object of his mis^MM. The captain says that he^witnessed the distribution of cattle^for toe id in the Indian Territory, ami^found that all t he poor and won bless^stock was given to the redskins while^the lat cattle weie shippd to the^market and sold. The government^i gents in that legion seem to have^|ieculiarly fat jobs.
TheForakerites of Ohm. like the^IlitUtea ot New York, arc a bold^and enterprising set of fellows and^they don t care who knows it. The)^continue their assaults upon the Slier,^man factu u i peuly and with malice^aforethought. The me active in the
Iifleloture ind mi many i|'iestioiisthey^^,otc so solidly against the Miermaii^men as to show that the rr|:ttbliuin^party it Ohio is MtMwnly divided^against itself. Ml the icrrytusndering
billsIntroduced bear evidence of being^Iratced in the inteiest either of Font-^Mr MM exclusively or Hitman men
exclusively. I: ,s said that if the i*,t-
Irktian- not in d,. smt ti.e j-V raki r
patriotsin the legisla'ure who wish to^go to congress the Forakerites will^vote with the democrats to pre^^vent the proposed gerrymander. Some^of Mr. Sherman's votes were got. it^is said, by promises of gerrymander^favors, and a delivery of goods is^wanted. The linest varieties of peanut^politics are kept constantly in stock at^Columbus fJL this winter.
TheHuston 0MM reiterates Its^opinion that Coventor Itussell of Mas^^sachusetts is Die best man for the dem^^ocrats to nominate for president. It^says Itussell is the only democrat who^can carry Massachusetts and avers that^he would also curry Connecticut. Ithode^Island and New Hampshire. It adds:^^The duly of the New Kiigland demo^^cracy in the premises is clear. In the^democratic national convention New^Flight ml w ill have seventy-eight dele^^gates, a larger number than New York^herself. A united and enthusiastic^New Fuglanddelegation.seventy-eight^strong, urging with all their might the^name of William laistis Itussell. with^the practical and. we believe, unan^^swerable arguments above set forth,^will compel attention and. as we hope.^aci|iiiesccnee.
khi:no it MKir.
An InU-rratliia; Incident III ^ mill,! l Inn^With the Ileal li ^r Mmming.
I'n-inMm Athion Aimi*..
itf all the items of news that v ill be put^before the ii-ndi'lm of American daily jour^^nals this iiioi niuu the one fullest of inter-^^^si and most aurnilleuiit to humanity ia^the brief diK|iu1ch that upon his di-aih the^^ hole estate ^^f the Into ^ 'aidiual Maiming^has been found to amount lo less than^s.^^^^^. I he inftii, nee of this prince of the^chinch has liecn iitimcuMircabl) stronger^in all eitiTi K of llhtlsb liTo than that of^any othct man that could In-iiumi d and^loci line- could have been his without even^the ashing. Yet our uiialerii day a do not^record one w ho has so closely followed the^injunction to the a|MMi1leH to carry neither^purse nor scrip. It is the custom of our^rich men at death to leave a big mass^of money to institutions that shall^commemorate their miinca. vanity being^the rulilitf passion even in thehoitrof^death. This un at prelate, let;ilie not Ilia^rillht hand know v\ hat his left hand hail^done, by his (Miverty at d'uth has raised^ii monument to his memory more endur^^ing i hall stone or brass.
Whenlliiiiclnq; Is IVdifiiis anil MkMMMa
I'tainHa- New Vork Adverti-er.
Wi-aie able to state.on the liiuh author^^ity of Kditor William M. Siiigei ly of I'hil-^ailelplua. that ^il.meuiy; men yrow fewer.^^If this is true and POMfag from Mr. Sing-^i-i'ly. who is a il.incite; mall and a keen^obsi-rver. it cannot well Is- otherwise^then we leel at lila-rt.v lo say that die^dani-inu 1:111 w ill al-o piiMii-d to ^grow^li-\ei^ and iMaiitifully less fiei|item.^Where dancing; nu n are not. ihi-liaueiug^girl is i-f few' days and a'sjuamti d with^soi row . \'.Tier*- there is a |HOieii^ of men^w ho ,lance, die dancing girN sometimes^combine n, chase the hours wilh ftyiog^fiftianil whiiethev loot, pretty and appear^to enjoy it. their own testimony BM be^piia ureil to tin-effect MM u Is a mean^^ingless and melancholy perfoi-maiiee.^Though tint ,ic and its \ ohiptuous swell is^then-, the dear girls sigh for the touch of^a iMMri I.anil and other Terpsichoivan^11 ii iimuigs. without w hii-h a MM is a hol^^low and harrowing mnchciv. We an* -ur-^prisi-il that Mr. Siugerly *s ihi-p philosophy^and |m-rsonal observation a lac I not le.ieir^him 11 nt 1 die dancing ii ten and ModOMMj^girl go haml in hand, not only bierally.^Inn in point of fact : and that w here one^goes ihc other will follow .
i*io.11ni r,-t i^'' n,i Motion.
Twmtiie MMH vv, iht.
\motor is rutin.ug at thi- patcm olfice^in W ashiugti n w Im h seems in lullill the^comlitious of |*cipctiial motion. Per-^p-dual mi.lion is said to exist in a ma-^ihilielhal *'w hr It cnee MMM sM con-^fiauetorun IMtM vvotu out.^ Thi- ma-^cliilte opeiatcs by the iiowcr ifiven out in^dillcii tit c\panstcp ot MlH under vnty-^ing i-otiil.t'oiis, and is s^i small and eap-^tully constructed that tf there was iiIsms^hllely uofhalt|.e in ti in | m-i at lire of |M^mm it would i it n. win ti once stalled. M^days b,^fo|-e sloppipfj. iritweie poMMe^to put il in mm place for this length of^til,i*', as the celllel' of the earth, v heic lh,^^Ii oipcraimi' would M coiistitut.it voultl^stop, so il llees not lullill the comlitious of^perpetual motion: hut that cetinot be^MM whcie the machine MM is. so it has^run for u great many ycais without slop^^ping, ami piohahly will continue to nut
lllllllil Wi lli's out.
MhltulalClllllvate lis I^ i if-ixlsll I
I-rein the ^ MM TSMnO,
Chiliis a plucky little nation. In a^g....d MM it would la- on invincible little^nation. I'liele Nam should cultivate its^friendship now.
KlnnlrMMM Only Vlloac.l.
I'Hiiiitlte Washington hM,
tilthsingle shot- will la- |M^rmitled at^Mm MeKinlcy target, ami Mr. Springer is
10boss the shiNitmg gallery.
WeItavi-alddlie.'faith tlnil l.level Cleveland^|i ll^t tM MOO !^ i elite KM tM Held when n^intieli de|m'int- ti|Miii his reiu.iiiiiti:; hrttilv In II,^,i Htrmld, bat,
totiuni^Inner Itiiutii vvants si i^;.rvai.iaai tor^MMaMaloMM ssime folk-ni.iv MMMri ha^MjM M well liave si-i,| an even SI47.iaii.imii, hut^iIh-i oiiH'ti-titsms liiitnn would not la* gintly of an^evti'iiviuauiis*. even lor the sake of symmetry.^.\^ ir I'aeA Kri aMj MM, i'i hi.
Ihe MOMI I'avid BMMM lllll Wllllls il lltid-^w Infer stale eon vent ion tor a ehaiiiti'. mid ge: -^It. shotild not la-overliHikisI l-v tho-i- |m-|'soiis^oMMMM* Mi . lllll Is not In the MM M the^presldenev. He Is there.and moving with more^ot less |iieel-toii. Ai if Vitrh A*l*'rtt*nn , ^/.
Iiavid11. lllll lias Kot the New Votk MM^liiey Into a pteltv lltess hy Its lit kless use of^Ml Mltl MMfMorfl to fiuther Ins own oM^ends, such , en,iit.-i w III not w in for hint eitl-er^the MOOObi m the MWJOM of dchliMTal* who lie^lieve lit fair mid honorable methods. .It/,tele
.hill mil. ill ill.
'II'c I tilted siitics MJMH - oert It.is ,!^^^ i^-^:-^laat the inn id let v get Is eottstitntiiiual. and^thill the new,| it|* l* eolltiiilltlllf adv^*ltlM-lnr^||
11r the |o|t11^ inav |M iodised the WttMjP
Itie mil its. 'I'feti- iite precis lei it - fnc t Ills decision,^hot the tiaillttoit- ni Hie OMMn MO agatttsi rI^.^^rataWlaliOWM of a |mstnl esMMOMJS A'rM-^I'm I. HTafW, id m,^It Is ip lie pie'nalde that Piesiih ut mfltno
v.ill ii, ctve llie -cppelt of llie siilitt ei ll itele-^: atM lit tile lllll iclta I cell V cut loll Iii ttl^ -c -1.1:
theii'|ii.htlcali pally lias 110 real popular e\UI-^MM, The efliee holi'els are llie MM mid -iuev^of It: lin y liohl H e aMoM* ccnlrid ot the |^utv^iii.ii-h.iierv; mid lhe^ make mid MMMm dee^rates. N'atoraHr ti.^ ^. r^|itao^ with Hh^ nresl^1'cut, if 1 - to i- rot In r n 1111. Mai they w in MtOMH I
theplesidcllt loth, end I Kit gialltllde let the
-eiv 1. ^^ 11 oMeai ^ ill loot rs him to rein in HMJO,^.if .01, h nl' 1 I'Ma O^ 01.
He Thlaka I MMMj la an Iaalinrt of^Human Mature.
Kmlle/. In in tin- Mitt Kranelseo Kxam'.ner.
VietocHugo wrote that only kings di-^airexl war: that nations deaired only toex-^ehiingc marks of affection. Alas! that was^ImiI a |aa-tic aapiration. The |^a t lias Isjen^the high prieat of that ^lreani-|ieac^- of^which I spoke: he celebrated llie I'nited^States of Kuro|se. lie put forward the^brothci la^^I of nations and prophesied the^new golden age. Nothing could be sweeter^or larger. Hut In Is- brothers ia a trifle:^tlie first thing ia to love one another, and^the nations do not love one another at all.^A fal-clMsaJ ia had. merely in that it ia a^falsehood. t'nd^Mibtedl^ a sovereign, when^lie sees himself iii danger, may try' the^fortune of war again^t a neighls-i.^in the hone of consolidating bis^MM by vicliMV. Hut after the Unit^vielory or the llrat defeat the nation^makes the war its own. and lights for it^^self. If it were not righting for itself it^would not go on lighting. And vv hat shall^we say of really national wars'.' L*t us^supiame that I^ranee and Germany some^day again find themselves fact- to face.^Republic, empire or kingdom, the irovern-^incnl will count fnl nothing: it will be the^whole nation which will rise. A great^thrill will run from end to end of the^land. The bugles will sound of themselves^to call the people- together. There baa^Ih-cii w ar germinating in our midst, in^spite of ourselves, these JO years, and if^ever the hour strikes it w ill rise, an ov er^^flowing harvest, in every furrow.
Threelimes in my life. I regret. I have^fell t In- pa-sage of war ov er Kratiee: and^never shall I forget the particular sound^lliadeby her m inus. First of all conies a^fa 1-oil MJWMMj heralding the apptiaich of^a great wind. The murmur grows, the tu^^mult hursts, every heart heats, a du^^ en^^thusiasm, a ik-ciI of hilling ami col|i|tlei-^ing. takes hold of die nation. Then, when^the men an- gone and the noise lias sunk,^an anxious silence reigns and every ear is^on die stretch for the first ci v bom the^army. Will it Is- a cry of triumph or of de^^feat .' Il is a terrible moment. Contra^^dictory news t*otues: every tiniest indica-^^ ton is seised, every word is |m^utlensl^and discussed until the hour when^lit,' until is known. And what an^hour that ia of delirious joy or horrible^de-pair!
What are you doing in Pat is. I^r. Tcr-^| kins'.
^Siinly ing cyrs. Miss daisy.
^(Ih.how MMMjl Wl.it color do^you prefer'.'^ MlM^I MMMN^II Is Ii up yuir. old hoy. at.il just mil ody know s^How m i 11 si me Uesr girl inav lake In alt to pus
Soleave 1 III i ll M, I tf, il Ml ^ ill MM I^I lie lol ef II I if eMltt to ji.mp ut 11 Mm
Am r^Ta Hi mill.
ProfessorIn estimating lie- MsMMfM^that l..tc iMMMMj the earth we are^1 bligcd to tcMM\ ^^f MMl both the^i,il:cl, and the dead.
SmiledThat ciessifii alien would Icav-^MM the messenger boys ahogclhci.
wouiduTit v MMh OMeMvi^OM KirkOTTeMM (M ln^ mm wife
MyMot vv tie Ml MI01 s i old MM distant.^I I he the svvi c-. 1 oi llding way you nestle^un to me.
HisYcitiig \\ \'i Ok, I don't mind it: I^used MVon in a w hacco factciy. Pork^I MMjM t cel.Id Is- MMjfi
if-t e d eooseoJ t'i Mornonet
II t i'cvv site eill's me ^'I'll |i|.V .''
Miiki- 11 e leg the hah) rairiuge.^11n te s a 11 on i !o litis ^i.il.
M-itt11 est lis 1 kvla ;o sfl:
mPut I III Veil t llllte III w rite K,
KMI Real tin- koMj squall.
MlM,Hi ^Il -t CW.*! Miml'ihi.^He Mi - . Itisld-Clay . ,-llovv ine to p: esent^to you my It tend, lb gmalil liohinsoo.
Sheiw ho alway s 11 ies to stty something^pleasanti Wliat an at istiiiatic lit si MM^yoiilw-ar. Mr. Ivobiusoii.-Jt'tl'tc.
'What|iu|l|M tied t(^t y^:i|s^ ago this^^ear^.'^ asked I'll ddie's teacher.
'I)in't know .^ aiisweicd ITiiidte: --I'm^only 7 y eat s old.^- MMf*l lAwOsJ MmMj^^I i n mil like l|:i.l row 11.^ lie -iii.l.
^Those-li^vc! Why. MOfffM lost.^^'Till. dear.^ M Utile vvlfi- lepll'd.^^'.test H'ink how niticli it cost.
#'i'^i/. /.'- rii IT.^Wealthy Parishioner Ilia-tor. that^tin 11 of vouts List Sunday MM the tevt.^^A rich iiiiiii shall hardly enter into lite^kingdom of heaven.^ was a little tough on^us letlows that pay oMM *j.^^ for evi-i^ ser^^mon we hear you preach.^The Itev. Ilr. fourthly Yes. but tbiiilv.^i my dear sir. of the immense conduct^there i- 111 that li st for the fellows that^can't afford to MJ M cents. UlMMJ^fi sVeae.
TonLively i or MMi
fromHie Waahltinton I'osi.
Mr.Matter is still chasing the silver cat.^OttOMM in hand. Mr. MM MMI^the li itst bit fatigmsl. but tie Ml is as^fresh as a daisy.
Willsoon lie an MM MmMMj^from M IMMI MkHtMst
Thesltei t ear horse bids lair lo join the^bultalo as all cvliucl MMMa
Mai nt MMtlBU
I'v'i 1 M w 'en hOI m's did.
1aie tiiK-ilie iiegtus.^Pa lakes iciii 1:1 .loshitn .iti-l I Ml,
Vie.Thomas Mat the I ^ M,
in-piles us on the aoMM Ills It
Vs deep 1/ he call pile 11-.
Till111.11111 heglns to toss iind an' cry.
ISsIiiiiii' lie will spile 11-.^He nuns one Ores nil' eliuns one there.
He'snet ill all |^lll t Ic Lit !
Andsome is criss-crossed, -ome Is eurVCO.
An'some is |m-r|m-iivlkcTar.^An' then we start ntsni cut iu'lit.
Kress1,1 in our rrlll- mid lliimnii r^.^To v isii our Ml, MMl ^I an t
litevvitjeii creaks ifur thirteen weeks
Inour of sheil It - rusted 1^So vv 'en It Jolts ilia- ll 1 li the e\
We'ret111i1i llie Hung lav Inisled.^We ^nhl.le here, v.e aoltMs M'W.
Itlnieh)then- i . nie 11 shout:^-We've spilt the Ivvitis! wo ve -pill Hie Iw ins'
Hav.dad. hoi' 011. voti ve split the Iw in-!^The I VMS lie/ tumbled out!'
Wegtllhet up Hie sc.iltered tvv M
1An* It iss,|iiallv weather1.^TIm-ii 11110in.^he i'iiki-s two safi tv pins^.lens 'etn together,^lives, kisses 'em. an'eahus
sci'iovs w ltd a aaaole,^^ ^ii we sti ike sore- thiiiikoe-m.irmi^I Ml fall- ^iut. hv HiNikev:
TholtAn' It
Tinii I |Os( yell, nil' JoaOM shouts.^An' 'Cow a'Kto t'-v is a'tmttll'.
Thers in- thev ittDtte tin feat^Thai ilu v w ill hast w it 1 (StgHHO*.
An w en we reach \tint Millie's Msf
Weraise a seral dm.^An' she conies out. -111 rounds i:s nil.
An'gathers us all in.^All' -lie Iiiils |iii. kisses ma.
All'enekh s. cite- un' ul llis.
An*ssjoeeses sM |m rims, tasostJT.^iCaoei i.illv tin- twins.
Sheleeil- e- .HI on Mr SO* MO,
I'nrseive-aM i-'ib rake,
Wee.tt all day, go hi-liie at OlgMa^An' liev the stetna- li lo ho.
y.onHe' I I
110 Main Street,
Wherecut prices are the rajo.
Don'toverlook the fact tint
WeArc Strictly la It.
Thisis the month we invoice^and in order to reduce our stock w ill offer
forThirty Day* in
Ladies'and Gents' Under^^wear,
Ladies',Mioses' and Child^^ren's Wool 1 lose,
Ladies',Gents' and Child^^ren's Shoes,
Afew Wraps,
tl-idies*and Mi^se^'i to close, at a reduc^^tion of nearly one-half.
Wew ill meet all rut prices in every il^-^partiueni, and ^avu -uu money by a com-^MMMj
ll'iMain Street.
T.I). Fitzgerald
(HITt K. -K1AM^.M!I^ MIMsvMM
Una1 i^tt- i.intH- * ^^^.. Mi
\A l_ l\ ..i Ml sod ntosi reliant*^VI r I \l KiM-claiWta en th^ l-.etit,'^J I 1 L.v i 1 iiswf rr^**nr) street.Oas^1 mat i-' o. coMlooa tosaeedllv sad i^ t iu..n. ntiv^i-ineall i'liivMiie. -i^h il. iirtvale an t wiistnia^^ isean-s no Blatter I^1^ ^^^^midn at'-.l or who ha ^^lalM |i|,^Ht and Md'i I'lseiise.. i. ,,f Vianr^sinl MunhntMl, |-r--st iioi rti-.i. Ktil.-tiire. et,-.^Mi l f,.| ^onil-leiiitiit l'^^k e\|ii'cnlti': win
III .-.in.1- l-al set elllisl or ^ ^, diseases
..tin^ ..i,.i,iieations.
in-.1 1. tug's Woinl-rliil ^-erioan ln,|^.^oialoi. ^ SotO OMMM lor omm con-
|I.IIOt^.. .. Si ,
Iall ,.r acldn^ * b- H'oaitw.,,. |luit,.
aspaeUKy. a hav of nose, throat sad hum^ami osrTous systMo.
orriCKnor m: ttM a. m. to T r. a.
No.^.15 N*. Main Ms- Bear Woolmaa. Butts. Mont,
Office,Starr Illock, E^%t First Street, Ana^on-la, Mont.
Officehours. in^. m. to 11 m.. from t in | so p.^m .iiio to 9 p. si. St. Jesu Hospital hours,*^to 10 a m.
OOlea,First (Street, between Mala and Oak,^Anaconda, Montana
Bv^ new proreta. All Classss of Dental
Workexecuted In (lntt-cla^s msnosr.^Artlltclal Teeth Without 1'latei.
iU-niK.Ovr.il MAa*OM*l SToitt, ExTBAXn^os Ft as i STKs.e r.
Resldencaon Oak nicer.
NearSt Ann's Hospital.
officehmm rem a. ni. to t^ jo p. m.. from 1 Ju^to b p. in., and I runt li -.si p. ni. to 3 p. to.
-Thyttclanand Siirgeon of St. Ann'i Hospital^^and Montana Union liadroad.
Tor.Main .ind Third Streets
JUSTICEOF THE rE.\C^\^Notary Tubtla CoUcclious Attcnled Tu^
Tri.rrHoxaXo. trv^Ofllce, ice MM St, - - Butte. Montans
EstltnaleaKurnlsheil on All hunts of Kulldinis,^Itefereuce* m th^ t'lty.^Shop on Ihtk slreei. hetween Park MJOMJ^and Thud street.
Maimm Rbm tan um Mm sioc*
Sehroedcr'i Itlook
rtWIRBsOtt ^ ^ ANAt i)NI^\
anaconda,mosta-ia^Olieuud July I, liJJ.l.c-oprncd tx-i. I, ujj
Oneof rttshsmlRonies' and most eieeantlT sn-^pnintc l hoten In the I'nited State*. Thoroughly^fireproof, and provided with elerstors. elc-trla^hel!-, ftre alarms, runnlnc water, haths. steam^he.it. open lira places ami atl modern conven^^iences. RoaOMM^oMoaiMMM t'iiUlueanJ^terrlce strictly first claiv. liatei from
Accordingto ^u-e ari l character of roor.n^MMJBM,
C.W. LOOMIS. Proo.
Omnlbii3to all train*
TelephoneNo. 23.
V.U. MMMnUBsta I roprlrtor.
Buggies,Saddles and Horss; (or Hin
Alsoptoprleior of Passenu'er. Racence anJ Kir-^pre^ Line ^ onuectloti uiavl*^with all u .nio.
Officeand t'tsble, I ir^l etn-et. An.-tc-n U
-rrrr.n Bfhauvvav.
FrervUdngCointortai-le an I Bassetlke. sod St^Krasooabla Hates, tieoU ftoia, aasl LTaaa,^RM Vtiitualed MB
vf. a. mu
Finen^ar;. Titlisiro and Confociioncrv

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