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8:55A.M. From Butte-I/wtc^ Butte T
*in. Silver Bow t-K a in. smart i.a* a m.
I1 :SO A. M. ^From Butte and i.Hrri-m^Iravn* Itutle 104J^ m: Silver b..^ li ma m^Muart 11 -.lam. leaves Harrison 10:0) am:^I^eer l.o^|ge 10 :v3ani, Warm Springs lo Mam.
:2BP. M.-Lea^e^ BuUe i:2}|^n, Silver^lw.w .-. it p in Stuart k.10 pm.
Q:20P. M. l,raves tianixon 7 :o i^m; Deer^l-odge ^:13 p in, Warm Springs i 4J p in,^Muart 9 p m.
8:OSA.M.-For (iarruon Stuart ffaoam.
Warmspring* s:S0a m; Deer Lodue ^:^; a m,
arriveCarrlson 845 a in.^O: I O A. M.-For Butte-- Stiiart 9 ojm,(.r^ii
MVteVisilver Bow D.Si a in, arrive Butte^10:17 a m.
3:00P. M. For Butts and Harrison Stuart
*V^pm, Silver Bow 147 pm; arrive Butte^4 ^^. p in. Warm Springs SMI p in Deer LoUtfit^^^ so p in; arrive tun won 7 io p ni.
8:30P. M,- For I'.utte Muart ^ SB p in. Nil^ver Bow o arrlvt' Butte 9:40 p m.
lakes effei-t .Ian. 1, ls^_
f..iufv^^r...v^^u{^i ;.^:^^7.i^l^7.-II^7.40^i-.mi^f-tt^9.HT,^li.aS^ln.it.^i^..v^^li.ii.^UJi^11M^V. m.^ims^emi^IM
MiMl^i .^r,
f.tii*.:^..-.^: .if,^!^.:^^^^^Ml
Thedaily roronl nf ilie thermometer in^litis cily for yrstrnlay. as iv|mu^1^iI by^W. Ilrantlnii. dniutfist. mm us follows: 7^n. in.. tlcRitM-s alnivi : 1- 111.. :iti dt'tti'i's^above; 1 p. m.. \\\ tlr^rt^'k nbo\p; 8. p. ni.,^degrees above.
TheBoycott Against the CUdom ti^Anaconda.
theyare leaving town
Two Hundred of the Celestials^Have Con* From Our Midst Al^^ready -How They Look^at It.
akoit Till; i1tv.
Dr.Bacon of Rune is visiting friends in^tint, i-ity.
SirU.1. Bielenliers of l^eer Lodge was in^this city .vcsterUny.
Thereis a good deal of l^ phoitl fevei in^Anarontla at BjgajsgSJt.
\V.T. O'('onnr.||. tlio ImbJM* merrhaii*
ofIliagMsaV if in Ihis city.
TI100Hianiley of Deer l.cm\2^ VSja^among this ciij's risissfl yeaicixlay.
J'ele- Beyle of Fi'iiit street sliowc l his^a|ipreciatio!i of hi:, wife by ntriking her^over the h.-.ul ami breaking the hone over^hei ejc. 'J'Iih woman Bjsjg very |iailifull\^xvoim'lr^l aiitl it is s lid slif w ill lose the^si^lit of lt#-r eve. Boyle was taken iM'fore^iwimt Bm a^JS)U ami tlnerl f.S for (he as-
Thisis pay dj^ at Ilia lower works imd^refiner^ . An ininn nse force of men are^now 1 mployed in those inslitutinns. Next^pa\ tlay there w ill be more HaSJSM] paitl out^in this city than on an;.' previous Bag day^in i he liistor.v of litis city. V large force of^carpt nti 11 are employed on the building^for tin' new additions 10 Has ivlinery.
Thenews in the Siw.muhp yesterday of^the opening ol the upper works was re^^ceived with intense satisfaction on all^Fides in iliiseitv. The work of building^Ilie lircs in the furuaccu vah coiniucm efl^ycsteitlay nun 11111L'. A large g.int; of men^ore already at work in making the prep^^aration*.
HarryF,. I,cwis, San 1'rau'iw o: Mark^Solonian. Chicago: 1,,('. Brown, Si.
Iiuis; -I. K. Bratllv, Si. LggaVil #^ M.^Moon-. Bittie: J. I'. Blarkv ootl. Freeiuoni.^Kelt.I lie Cohen. Buite; |). T. Haskntt,^( liiiaeo: Ttsss) Hralille.v. Dsjsg Ixvlge; N.^J. Biclenberg, Deer Ixulge: M. J. Jordon.^Taetuiia: TilOOiai J. Lane. St. Paul; \V.^T. O'f oiiik ii. sllsanula; I^. S. .lohnson.^Si. 1 '.1111: S. 1). Kiillcriicr. San Francisco,^and W. \. Killer. St. LsajM, were ivgts-^leifd ai the Montana .\eslt ixlav.
21'rit^l^r Hichartlsoii's play of ^The^Millionaire,^ which will he seen at Evans^opera hou^e Sttnrday e\ening.gives Dan'l^Sully an opportunity to do *omc excellent^work, and this opportunity Mr. Stilly ini-^provra. The part of ,/omr.- ti'Hrim is^hlioiiglv drawn ami cffecitvely preeeiiteil.^It is a thfft lent type, of Ingliinan from^that usually seen upon the stage, and^show s (he sou of the Fuierald Isle 1 untitled^out b^ a resilience tn this free country,^ami what ii is possible for iuduslrv,^shrewtlness ami stiaighlfonvard 'haling^toacoompliab, Tliadailnnia nr the whole
plavi -vv ell w ril len. and teaches a gotxl.
abosfsomelesson of the nefi'ssity of^honor in business ,1-v eil as in the social^relations of lift), ^The Millionaire^ was^seen here last ye ar and was greatly liked
byour Ibeitler-guni's.
TlieL'piier 11 iirki Mrs Now Itvitmlng; So^nre Fortlcr's Hath Itooiu^.
1wish to iufoiin my numertius custom^^ers ami 1 In public that I have completed^ami opem d tuy bath looms, which are the^neatest in tow 11. My bath tubs ale pon e-^lean: ihe beat that could Ive procured.^Everything \* new and neat. Hot and^cold shower over every tub. Qftsaj me a
calland you w ill see thai I am no d
liar. Ladies ale welr otne.
fallal King * Kcnucdv's for bargain*^in fancy goods, stationery, dolls, cutlery,^piano., typewriter supplies, books, eye^j. It--cs, sj)ectaele.~, vases, cups and
saucers,et^ .
Hawkingand gagging from mucous in^the throat cured by Dr. Bcobe's Catarrh^Cure. Hi.union'-^!: ut; *:orc.
Thebo.veott on the Chinese in this city^is having its effect. Yesterday three of^the Mongolians left in disgust; this week^about jl) more will leave for China.
Oneof the most intelligent of the China^^men in Anaconda said to a Standard re^^porter yesterday : ^This cry against the^Chinamen is pinching us. Huitlly a place^in the city employs Chinamen now . Not^more than three or four Chinamen are^employed in hotels or IxKinling houses^w here formerly IW or Vtl found w01 k. I'co-^pie ale afruid to hire us any more.
Mostof the Chinamen w ill gi t out of^Anaconda in a few weeks. They will go^home lo China if they have money; if^they are poor they will go to other states^where people have nothing against the^Chinese.
Whenasked if be didn't think ihe op^^position to Chinamen would sis,u ilie out^in Montana, be said: ^No, the Chinese^expect then' will he great trouble yet if^they slay 111 this eeimtry. They are afraid^of the w hite people now because there is^so much ham feelings. If the Chinamen^stay here they think they will lie killed.^^It is needless to say there is no ground for^the fear that these |M*ople would he bl'U-^lally treated, but they are taking a wiM-^com si in leaving a place when- then' is no^longer any business for them.
Whenthe crusade again-1 the Chinese^opened in Anaconda there were nearly 4^^^^oi ihcni here: now there are not more^than 150.
Ingeneral the resolutions of the labor^unions imposing the boycott have been re^^garded. The Chinese restaurant* are^doing absolutely 110 business with the^working classes who are members of^unions. Business men, tis^, refuse to^longer support die hasheries 11111 by Mon^^golian.-.. Not more than in Chinamen are^employed in private residences in Ana^^conda at the present: laundry work is^grow ing scarcer each day. There w ill be^almost nothing for them to do in the way^of washing when the new steam laundry^is in runtime order. Altogether the out^^look for John in this city is very gloomy^indeed.
WILLVISIT CHICAGO.^Members of Congress Will View the tirest^World's Fair HuiUlinirs.
WvsiMNiiTON. Feb. Id. Arrangements^for the visit of the members of the Kifty-^secnntl congress to Chicago on Washing^^ton's birthday, for the purpose of inspect^^ing the world's fair building* in course of^construction, are now complete, and a^formal invitation was issued to-day by^Chairman Durborow of the committee on^the World's Columbian exposition. The^visitors w ill leave Washington by special^train Feb. 1^, over the Halt 1 more A Illiio^railway, and arrive at Chicago Saturday^afternoon about M o'clock. The return^trip w ill lie made over the Pennsylvania^road. Chairman Kw ing slated this even-^iiiK that the idea of inviting congress orig^^inated at an after-dinner talk at the house^of one of the principal citizens of Chicago,^and this has grow n into a great citisens'^movement. Particularly is it denirrtl by^the citizens of Chicago lo remove Ihe im^^pression that the coming event has any^connection whatever with the pro|s^sed^appropriation for the World's Columbian^evpositio'i. The world's fairdirectory and^officials hav e no connection whatever w ith^the present affair, which is being con^^ducted exclusively h.v the public minded^citizens of the city of Chicago.
Mr.Ilrown Has a Kick.
ToIhr p.ditor i,f Ihr MgasjHSjs
Iant sorry to have to ask yon to mrrcrt the^^.'.1i1 im lit |iul'll.-ln-it in tin^ m vmi nil^ to the^elici t that I via* c.|ie||e^1 from tile t'isiks aurt^Waiti'i- ' iiineii of Hutte. 1 was not e\|ielled.^hut was siisiicmleil. I think the mt'tnliei* of^tin- union should have pulilisheil the fai-t* as^thi'v wi'ie. I challenge niiy of them to say thai^I mm not si ted like a SSsBjsMfl always. I am^a irentleniaii nf good standluii and he parlor.^With the union I am haml in hand and I still^stand mi in^ principles.
CHAhl.KSK. Itgow v.
ANv. oM^4. Fell. 10.
Atihe regular monthly meeting of Ana^^conda Typographical union. No. 2S.S, held^in Standard hall on Sunday. Feb. 7, the^following resolutions were adopted :
fhsoirrif.That this union endorses the action^ef Die Deer Lodge County Trade*, and I .;!^ot as^si mhly in regard lo the Chinese: and l^e it^furtaer
Hessfivtf.That anv member of tln^ union who^-lull vol 11 lit a tlly of kiiowin;:lv patron las i 'lilticv,^^ ^i persons i iiuilovlng Chinese, either tiliertly or^indirectly, shall lie fined Si.
M.\V. Mi i s, rreslrtVut.
W.1. 1,1 nnv. Sei-rctKry.
Ililted llrotlierhood of Carpenters and^.folaers of AniTlca.^All members of tin* union found patron^^izing Chinese restaurant or boarding^houses VMM Chinese help is employed on^and after Feb. Id. lfr'rj. will be lined not^less than is nor more than j!0 for the Hi .-I^offense and not less than US or expulsion^lor the second offense, liy order.
C.H. Johnson. Ree. Sec.
Hid*will he received by the undersigned^at his residence on West Park avenue nu^^ll I |^. 111. Saturday. Feb. b-t. IwrJ. f^r [4m^construction of .1 s^ Insil bouse in accord^^ance with ihe plans anil specifications^whi 'b may !^^ seen on application to
Anaconda.Mont.. Feb. R. IW.'.
AnucondsW 01 kingmcn's L'aioa^Meets at Manic building hall every Tues^^day at 7 . V'. Memliers are n-mi'-susl to^attend. Those dcsiriuc mcmlMtrship^should come at - p. 111. All invited.
P.SoKfcNsON. President.^M. B. SrriR. Recording Secretary.
i.oooMM I s (irlppe
Cureddaily by the 11-e of the Wi^,r,|^cough syrup and Little WlMMsl liniment.^For sale bv the Smith Drug Co., Anaconda.^Mont.
Forthe best w inos. liipiora and ^ i^.-jts^call at John Bai kov u h's, '1V1 Chestnil(^stu^et. Milwaukis- beet a sfKH-ialty.
Wanteil A ranch in exchange forgoes!^city propertv in Missoula. Address box 4''.^Demcrsv :l!e. Mont.
Wantel--A good (rermsn girl.^21i. Fourth street. Anaconda.
TwoHeads, lint 4^nly One Fare.
FromIhe llnsiMvn Ka^ie.
Thefamous two-headed hoy. now on ex^^hibition in Boston, hasciirloAis experiences^outside the museum as well as in it
WTienhe was traveling from Philadel^^phia to Chicago with his father and man^^ager, the conductor, seeing two head- and^receiving but one ticket, asked for an^^other. The father, who does not s|^eak^English well, said:
No.- one!
Theconductor insistrd, and linally^threaten.si lo put one of the boys off un^^less he received another fare.
Thereuponthe manager, who was in Ihe^next seat enjoying the Joke, stepped back^and unbuttoned the little fellow a eoat. re^^marking : ^All right, put him off. w Inch^one shall it be'.''
Theconductor passed on.
ANoted Professor Dead.
WoosTF.lt.Ohio. Kcb. 10. -Dr. O. N.^Stoddard, professor of natural science at^Woosler university, died to-day aged no.^He was for a long time professor of nat^^ural science at Miami university, Oxford.^Ohio, where among bis pupils were differ^Ml prominent |^ersoiis, including Sex rr-^lary Noble and Wllllelaw Held.
ForSale -One throe-mom house and lot,^in desirable local ion. Price. foUl.
B.F. Mah vx
Thecheapest and most reliable place in^town lo have watches rcixatred. W. J.^Matthews St Co.. opjxsute the Bee Hive.
Dr.Beehe's Medieatcil Air Inhalation
reachesall the air passages and cures ca-^tarrb. Brandon's drug store.
ForSale An eigln-ixKinietl hoarding^house on Alder street, on easy terms. K11-^ipiire of ('has. Houck.
Headquartersfor musical instrument*^and docks. W. J. Matthew * * Co.. o|v-^|sisito the Bee Hive.
Ifyou want a gissl cigar try the I'nion^Labor cigar at Devine Bnxs., ;in9 First^street. Anaconda.
Forrent, two niccdy furnished rooms^over Smith Drug ^ ompaiiy.
ForRent-Furnished rooms at ^11^Front street.
Cigarsand tobaccos at W. J. Matthews^It Co.'..
TaksNell. e.
Iw ill not be responsible for any debt*^incurred in the wois 1. ^f the (,^v
mineon LoBt creek.^'^ B. Keitk.
Itefot*.buying wa'.l'i- or ckx^prn e* from \V. f. Man In w sA Co., 0^the Bee Hive.
I^r Sale-tine KketsMn lodging h.^iae^Price. MawB. F. Mahan.
Impureor vitiated blood is niaa^timet out of Uu caused by soma^form of constipation or indiges^^tion that clogs op the tystem,^when the blood naturally be^^comes Impregnated with the ef^^fete matter. TbsoldSarsaparillas^attempt tn reach tbit condition^by attacking the blood with the^drastic mineral ^potash ^ The potash theory is^old anil obsolete. Joy's Vegetable6arsaparllla ll^modern. It goes to the sest of the trouble. It^arouses the liver, kidneys and bowels to health^^ful action, and Invigorates the circulation, and^too Impurities are quickly carried oft* through^lbs natural channel*
TryIt snd note Its drligbtfnl^action. ^ has. lee, at Beamish'!^Third and Market Strcett. 8. F.,^write* ' I took it tor vltia'cd^blood and while on the flr^t bot^^tle became rouvlnrcd of Its mer^^its, for 1 coold feel it was work^^ing a change It cleansed, purl-^Bed and braced me up generally,^and everything U now working toll and regular.'*
FobSale bv Nrwano Dm.) Co., Ri irg.
Biwan^ Gettw Hal
'^mmlftes on Arr.ina^ment^- .Ierrv rUPucn^fo in W^gcu^r. rii'tiles Tnvior. H T. Tempi'^loi. W M. Klaieu F. C. Kinney.
tomm.ttee on Music -Jerry Olumo, Mai^Wegener. Charles Taylor.
Comtntt^^ on l'rliitln|- John Wegener.
fomnii't^e on DecorationF^.lohn I.alrd, Wll^Hum dreen. H H. I.ogsn. Jam.* Wilson. .lohn^l/'umngton. Fred Ta' .or.
R|-cs|itionCommittee-i on Winters. Jam^^A lison. FT. Klauey. W II. Voung.
FloorHgSMMW^ lleurg^ Ball. H H T/ig^d.^I!. 1. MpM
Kefrethm*nti-Jerry Olbsoa. r. H JohBHou^geberl l^iinlngtnn CMrM Mxtnlltoo.
DoorVsiag.r Plercs.
Auooit tlnie may tv evpccteil,^ri.'kets fur sale at Martin ^ Fox's.
Allperson, mdehi.il lo me will please^settle their acc.Mints l^y lite ISNh of this^month. All accounts not settled on that^date will be given for collection. Hes|ii-t-^fully,if. S. Asc Hiiust.
Salnrdav.February \X 1802.
TheClever lri^h Actor.
AndHtf Excellent Cnmpanv,
InI cinder lllcliardson s^CliorniiiiK Conte.lv,
AdmirablyStMtA and Hayed.
Prlre jnc and H.no. seals on ^alc it
-OSF.MrtllT OM.V
ay,Feb. 15,
Theciiarmiuii ^ ipsrette.
Tobe given under the snperv isloo of the^ftoseiilield Mstet^.
100Anaconda Juveniles
LetNone Miss Hip rpiforownef,
Whichprnmli.es to lw
tnall * ho ai** int*ri*r^t^ ^1 In our tlsluc
Ti'-krtsnow on **\* at
TheSmith Drag G^'l Stofft
I's.ialI'rlceiv.^I'.irtle^ MlMJ Hi Kct^ twty revi ve their MMa
Grand-^Calico Ball
TrieSriridinavMn Walhalll fvrrlely
orAbacI., will give a OMM) Fall St
BREXXAN^ GETTINGS' HALL^TtiMiliy CTtsofnit, February 16, 1892,
10w hieh all dance going people ars r^^pect^lly^luviird. Ttie inl.e of admixlon will belt.*.,^ami BrenQaii a i,ettlug^' I ami has been en^caie*d for the occasion. ^Wpa goes to say all^thn-c who may attend will lure an sicelicni^time
Surprenant^ Kaiser.
ARTISTICSIGN | ,:^r^K.nro,hM^AND FRESCO - M(rirr o^c,r^,B^.
PAINTERS.\ ll'sjirl C^* ''^7*. ftr*.
t^^o^Ja, M^iitaiu.
Weask the Special Attention^of Cios^ Buyers.
mosuits ti ^ ^^^-icrihcc and special^reduction of from 05 to $7.50 each.
AllCalico, Dress Prints.
ApronChecks, Shirting Prints,
Ladies'Fine Kid Sailor Ties
$1.00A PAIR.
Onepood, square crack at your trader^and you will stick to us.
Becausewe will save you many hard^earned dollars.
t . si.~-
Whatis the Meaning of
c.c. c. c
Don'tyou know^ It's the Cnvrrn Citv Commercial Com-^r.\.sv. that suri rrds thr I). I Hennery Mercantile Company^at the ol^l stand on Pint street.
OnF'rbruarj' I; the new company will be ready to open up^its new establishment, whieh will include, in addition to the^Dry Goods, Clothing and Carpet Departments, a
withthe finest stock of groceries :n this section. Until that^dan . FEBRUARY 15, wc will continue to sell Dry Goods and^Clothing at
Thestock must be reduced still further, and we have but^one week in which t.^ do it.
TheGoods Must Go and the Prices Are^No Obstacle to the Poorest Man,
solow have we made them Come and examine.
Comeand br made h.tppv Von can save enough money to^piv^- \ ^^ r rife .1 V ^ .^^! Trip this Summer, and oar goods^arc better than the b--t
Thisis our valediVtui y MMUIMMMnl and it means business.

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