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8:55A. M.-Krnm Putts-l/eare* Unit* 7:S0
am. Silver IViw *:07 a ni: Stuart s.^\ h m.^1 I :SO A. M. From Bull* an 1 liarrlsnn -
leavesllutte 10 4_'a in: Silver How 11 ma m;
Huauii :-'* a in: leave* tiarrlimti 10 0) a is;
Deerl.i'ii:..- io j:i a in. Warm SnrlUK* iii'Vmn.^6:28 P. M. -Uave^ lliilti' .'.:2i |^ in, surer
Bowr. 41 pin. Mi.ai i i: i^^ |^ni.^0:20 P. M.- l-eavo* t;arri*oii : :o r^ m; Deer
Ualge^ ii |i in; Warm Spring* vu p m,
Stuart9 p in.
mmmm)^8:05 A. M. For (iarrisnii Stuart fejn a m:
warmspiitum ^:.v^ a in. Deer l-islge 9:'i! a m,
arrivetiarrtson t^ !^^^ a in.^6:1 OA. M. For Unite Stuart MMMtOrW'
soa^:^^: Sllvrr ltuw 9:54 a m; arrive Itutta
10:17a m.
3:00P.M. For llutte anil Harrison Stuart^S:^l|illl: Stiver Row 9:47 pin; arrive Itutte^4 tip Ml Warm Sprlngn c it*. p in: Dear Lealne^6-aj p in: arrive (larrUna 7:iVj p in.
8:30P. M. For Unite Stuart K:Mp m; Sil^^ver Bow ^:^; arrive Untie ^:4Q p in.
Takeseffect Jan. 1, ISM.
AnAnaconda Bartender Falls Sole Heir^to a Fortune.
W.H. Bradley Notified That His^Aunt's Princely Estate at Peoria.^Illinois. Belongs to Him^What He Says.
BVTTK,Keh. l.V^Of latf then huvn ^^^^many lititt^^ ivoitple unrs|i^otr^ll.v fallen^heirs In iiiilliniiM, that tin' ^i:li)i'rt itM^lf^Iiuk apiiuiteil whiakera,hut here ^ uuotlier.^null Attorney ('. L. Cuiii|)l)rU lius the^dncumeniii to provt* the truth of it. Some^time n^o the ehicf of noliro Bjae|sBji ^^letter from Temple 4 Cnlwvll. atlorneya^nt Cliillieothe. III., asking for information^ii'ltnnling William li. Hnulley, who,^11 ii- letter atuttxl. had fallen heir lo alx.iit^$L^..^^lO.^)Hl as pari of n fortune left by^Ilia aunt, Katherine Hruilley, who iIiimI at^(hiilicsithe. Brail ley was well known in^Hulte, niul hail Imsmi for aoiiie lime play^^ing in had luek. The matter was plared^in the hands of Mr. Campbell, and a eor-^reapondencf with the Chlllieoihe law linn^has his'ii Koing on. Tins morning Mr.^( uniphell reeeivctl another letter, whieh^states that it has developed BMM^the llrst letter was sent that Bradley-^is the sole heir, ami that the^estate is valued nt something over^H.KKI.nm. Temple A Caldwell say ill^their letter lhat if Bradley ean l^c found^In- had Ix-tler at onee go to I'ooria.^where the property is loeated. ami^take aaasj of it. If he r.iniiot BB^founil. Mr. I ainplM-ll was asked tn tell all^aliotit him that he could learn, so as to gel^his attorneys on his traek. The last they^had heard of him win when he left Peoria^for Butte.
Bradleyw a^ In town about a w-okngo,^hut is now believed to lie eilher in Ana-^eondn or Beer Lodge, prohuhiy ai tin- for^^mer plaee. as he was there two weeks ago.^Nlr. t .imptx II was using the telegraph this^evening to loeate him.
Theinformal ion from Illinois did not^give the date of the aunt's death, kM it i*^understood that Bradley has been ex|^eot-^ing a w tnil fall from that source, but he^had no Idas of its extent.
The(Inily reeoiil of ihe thermometer in^this city for yestonlay. as iv|m^i'tcd by C.^W^ Brandon, was as follows: 7 a. 111., -4^degreea alaive: 1- in.. 4H degrees alx^ve;^4 p. in.. iiH degiis's alsne; H p. 111., o4 de^^grees above.
AllotT I MF 4'ITV.
B.F. Mali.in yesterday solil (o (George^Wallace a vacant lot on Chestnut street^for MM
(ieorgoJuequea ^eslenla\ pun-liased^from B. K. Mahan a tioust. and lot on^has! Park avenue forjl.luu.
Cnderthe 111 iiiageiueiit ^^Wells, Ihe student of llie^versify arc pfOgrSSSitM lim ly.
fPMC. K.^stuarl uni-
Theinfant daughter of (NBMT Joseph^Waters w ill Im- buried to-day at 2 o'eloek
P.m. from the pssMstMa, on tlie corner of^ouiih and ^ latter streets.
Thearrival of Miss linim-lord, who has^been s|m-nding some mouths at Mount^Savage. Md.. is I. ^^i . .1 forwanl to with^much pleasure by her young friends ill^Anaconda.
Mrs.Matthews of 430 Birch street has a^beautiful painting of a calla lily. The^flower K represented as having six leaves^Hlid Ix'ing four feet high. Mrs. Matthew s^is thinking of sending it for exhibition al^the workTS fair.
Theo|h^ra house was well filled Inst^night, w hen alsiut list young |h*oplc of^Anaconda, under the direction of Miss^Bosi nlii-ld. BMsesjataJ the pretly little^opelctla. ^llo-IVep.^ The |mm'forinaliee^was an agreeable surprise to the au^^dience. The parts were taken in^a manner that ii-lh-clcd the highest ci-cdit^ii|m^ii ihe young people. Misse; May^J^-ters. (.race \Visner. Dora Siii-pi-enaul,^flail 'lice Rerlnvn I and Ldua Ncal 111-^miMled Ibessseitrei in a uiaumr that^brought Ibssj In arty npplausi'.
The^hr^-etors of the (.i in son Fire^Brick cinii|xiii\ . vv hose works are in this^city near the Montana I'liion round house,^yesterday held a meeting ill Butte and^elected Chauiiery West ueiieial supcrm-^temient of the company's business. Mr.^West has workisl diligently to put the^business of this concern in a satisfaetory^eoudition mid his ellorts have Imm-ii^crow ncd w ith greal success. Large ordcra^for the liti* brick mauufaeiuiisl bv this^companv an' pouring in frOStl all parts of^the state and the plant Is k^ |^l busy.
A(^mil of Thanks.^Mrs. Ketltpf ileslres, ihiMiigh the col^^umns of the Ntamiakii, to express her^sincere platitude to her many kind^friend.-., es|MS'inlly i hose of ('arroll, whoso^gcucrouelv and unex|H'ct^dlv Beaiated her^since the death of her husband, Joseph^Kempf.
YoungBradley was found in Anaconda^yesterday afternoon at the saloon of .1. B.^Chevalier, when* he haa hessj employed as^a Uiilender. When he received word^from Mr. ( ampliell of Butte of the cir^^cumstances that w ill make Inn. iudcpciid-^^tntly rich, he wan of course coiiNiderably^moved. To a STANDARD re|^orter who^talked w ith him last night he expressed^an appropriate degree of sorrow for the^death of Ids aunt, to whom he said he had^Imvmi under the deepest obligations from^his youth 1111. This aunt, he aaid. was^l.yilia Bradley, the widow of Tobias S.^Bradley, a grain dealer and distiller^at Peria, 111., who died in lsrtil, leaving a^fortune which young Bradley aaya was^then estimated nt more than two millions.^Bis uncle made enormous profits out of^the w hiskey business during thewar, real^lug ioOh.llUh ill one day from the effects of^the passage of some internal revenue law .^the precise nature of which ^ouug Bradley^does not know .
YoungBradley was horn Ltt years ago at^Beebe, luil. Bia father. C. S. Bradley, was^Tobias' brother. He went to live with hia^Aunt 1.villa when he was two \ ears old,^and she brought him up ill her luxurious^Peoria homo, giving him every eonifort^snd advantage. Through influential^friends a berth was procured for^him as a naval cadet, but^hi tore he graduated into a midshipman^In- w as coutin 111 rlialed for hazing and dis^^charged from ihe service. Ilia aunt af^^terwards sent him 10 the college of Notre^Dame, at Siuth Bend, Ind.. where he put^in two or three years studying with the^ultimate intention of going into the law.^He stalled for the wesl about four years^ago and has since If si a rather wild and^wandering life. He la'gan to study law in^the office of Lawyer Campbell in Butte,^but gave it up and drifted toward the bad.
YoungBradley says he propiajes to 11-^BJSSMJSBS hia evil associations utterly and^forever and he ^ rcH|MS'tahle citizen, lie^cays he shall go into some business of^miiiic kind, and pot-slhlv may come Iktck^to Butte to invest some of his pi-opertv.^He says lie is Ihe only surviving sesMtzaf^of his family heal ing the name of Bradley^and he walita to make the iinme an^honon-d one. He cxprcaaed many goix!^resolutions of similar import and seeunsl^to Is- in earnest. Aa to the extent and^nature of the property to which he had^fallen heir he knew nothing definitely,^ex^s.pt that it included a house and^grounds in Peoria valued at |l.ah.OUO.
Ol11 FARMKItV IXTlHtaTk.^Au Appeal far a Worthy Kihll.it at the I
MMMb^Hon. W. M. Biekfonl. Montana's world's 1^fair commissioner, lias issued the follow^^ing circular lo the farmers of the stsie.^The sppeal for a creditable exhibit of the^agricultural produrta of Montana should^meet with a beany response. It is of^prime importance that we demonstrate 10^the world that the prevailing impression^about Montana licing a sea al ruck is erne^neons.
Drvn Sik It It thnuiiht of importance thai^the attentiou of farmers shou[.I Im^ at Ibis tino-^railed to the matter ef an agrl.'ultiirsl exhibit al^the World's I olumlilaii ex|^..ltton. ant! II^'^iHianl of manager* for Montana would most^efMSStfutljr ask that In plant.ng crops for II1^ensuing year tome csre lit given and attentl .^Is-ftowiit with direct refereiicr lo the produ.^Hon of something worthy of exhlhltlon.
Ifyou wish to make r.n exhibit, write to the^iinderslgnevl, and make spplleatlnn for apsci^Full iiiul explicit Informallon will ir given tip^1'^sptdl.'atlon.
ItIs Ihe with of the hoard of managers th. t^the department of agrl^-ultvre ^li..uld have a full^and complete exhibit of every product In the^Hate, l-rl/en will he awarde.l for the nest^exhibit*.
let u^ make an agrl -ultural Mall which will^he a credit lo the state, show I lie fa rater* of^the world that we me not Is lund the time-
therlu Ihe maimer uf production or ipisllty of^the product.
Inder the dlris-tlon of W, I. I' li-lianan. chief^deparlnieut of agriculture, you are luforme.l^thai in exhibiting cereals and utsst farm pre^huts, all exhlhlU luusl be a.. uupauled with^the following Information
First Name of article
Sis-ond- Name of producer.
Third ITaie where grow 11.
Fourth The character ol soil
Iifo Dale of planting.
sixthijuntttv of seed planted per acre.
Seventh Brle'Ry the inetlnsl of i iilllvallon.
Fighth Date of harvesting.
Klath Yield per acre.
Kleventllalaiket pine of pr.Mlurt at I ha^nearest home market.
TwelfthAverage teniiverattire, hv month*,^for the time Intervening between tin-harvesting^and planting.
Thirteenth-Average lalnfall for the time In^^tel veniiiL- betvvri ii the planting ami i.,11 vesting.
FourteenthW'satlie product priahiced hy lr-^ligation'.'
Itl^ desirable lhat all who Intend to make ex^^hibits should as asoS as sasslhls send their^names fa the undersigned, giving the kind of^prislurt intended for exhibition, the |x^stofnre^aildress of the pitHlucer and stale Hie place at^which Ihe product will he delivered to the board^of manager*.
Themember for v our countv I* the proper |h^r^s^u to have charge'of ihe same, and he w ill ar^range for storing the same until forwarded.
Arrangement*have lieen made hv the Isvaird^of reference and control so that all exhibit*, ex^^cept those of a isTisbable nature, must be 111^iMisitloii 011 or before April Jo, ikk*.
Vegetablesami other perishable product* will^Is* aiuiiltteil during their season slid may bs re-^nlaeed hy fresh s|KsMmens when found neces^^sary.
As|mh-I;iI di*plav of sugar Issets will Im. made^In the two week, beginning Monday, Oct. 9.^lain.
Aspecial display of potatis's and other tills.rs^will he made during the two weeks hi ginning^Sept II. 1s;m. Yours very res|^ertfully.
'.M. Bp KKonn.^Fxecutlve t'oinnitasloner,^Missoula, Moutaim.^.1 ami s 1;. Ramsav , Secretary,^Helena, Montana.
FREDGOT HIS BIG GUN We ask the Special Attention
ofClose Buyers.
Wildand Woolly Time^Quinn's Saloon.
FredEbenhack Demonstrates the^Fact That Ho Is a Fighter.^But a Poor Marks^^man.
BMlMto Kiiighl* of Labor.
AllylucniU-r found MttMtJatag hotels,^restaurants, hoarding houses or laundries^that employ Chinese w ill be lined live dol^^lars '^'^i and su-petidcd until hue is |xaid.
Byorder of I.. A. No. ttll.^Joshi'ii WKn.it 1. John Bxkkv.
II.S.M. W.
Proposal*Wanted.^Bids w ill Ik- received by the undersigned^at his residence on West Park avenue un^^til I p. in. Saturday, Feb. Id, INI.', for the^construction of a solnsil house 111 accoitl-^aucc with the plans and s|icci!!calious^which may I*'seen on application 10
I)xxDvvvt.it.^Anaconda. Mont.. Feb. s. I ML.
Fornut. two nicely furnished^over Smith Drug romp ill) .
tilve* l.andry Some Ciin-^sldaratlnn.
As|as-ial mis-ting of the city council^was held last night to receive and take^action upon the ti port of the s|Mjcial MB*S.^initto( appointed at the last meeting to^lnt|Uire into the manner in which Sam^I.-mdry coudiK-ts his saloon business on^the row. Ml ihe members of the council^were present except Alderman Johnson.^Mayor Kcdiuoud was in the chair.
Thecommittee 11 isirteil that it had ex^^amined into ihe matter referred to it and^found that l^tndry sua guilty of the^charges made against him of selling^liipior through the agency of tlie disrepu-^lable houses 111 the had lands. His iiietb-^ate were MMajbjT condemned by Ihe com^^mittee.
Aftera lengthy diseussiou it was de^^cided that the city council had no power^under the existing oitlinaneea to revoke^(lie license of Landry. The city nttornoy^was therefore instructed tf^ draw- up an^onliliance w hit h would enable the council^to deal in an effective manner with cases^of tins kind.
Doubtlessby the time the city finds^itself in a position in piss-ecil under the^I....... i-e.I ordinance the cause for com^^plaint will have been removed. In any^case Ihe ordinate ^' w ill be found useful to^prevent a rapStltioB of such practices in^the future.
AddedHonors to the Hay.
Fromthe New York lie-order.
Washington'sbirthday will become^memorable for a year or so ss the anni^^versary of the death of Mr. Hill'u presi^^dents! biHUii.
Clerk*Organize for protection^posed Kaltroad.
S|crlal to the Standard. .
0BBMl'vlis. Feb. It, A large number^of elerksaml MMMMB of tluscitv met last^evening and organized the Great Kails^Clerks' Protective association. Another^meeting w ill be belli sis.n to complete the^organization and elect ollieerv.
Themachinery of ihe Boston A Montana^concentrator was started up Saturday for^a trial. Kverything workisl well ami the^machinery ran very satisfactory . Work of^concentrating ore w ill Is- commenced as^soon its the ore can Is* MaJpM from^Butte. Philip Tucker will la- ^MWM*^tendent of the concentrator, assisted by^A. Winston and W. O. Taylor.
Aparty of gentlemen from this ciiv^have just returned from a visit to Castle^in the interest of ihe proposed exteutioti^of the Belt Mountain branch of the^Montana Central railroad from Veihart to^Castle. People along the route are very^enthusiastic and they and the majority of^Castle people sav that they would much^rather have connection with (treat Kails^then Helena, as it would give lliciu la'ttcr^facilities for reaching tlie smelters.^Surveyors w ill be started over the route^immediately.
AboutU::^T o'clock last night Fred^F.henhack, a young man who is employed^in the |m^ser bouse, went into Ike (Jimm's^s il.sui and asked for a drink. Ixs^ Itesa-^ing. a stout young (irmiaii w ho plays the^piano ill one of the houses of ill fume oil^Ihe row, was standing in front of the^bar at the time. He and F.ls nhackengaged^in a convcrsaiioii, and in a few aMMtM^l U'iihack U-guii to talk tight. (,^uinn told^him to keep ipiiel or go out of the house.^Fbenhacktli. il began topay his respect*^10 liiiiuil in very fon ible language, lu a^few moments he left the suhsm. saying lie^would Im- I sick mid give them all die light
Illabout ten minutes F.henhack returned^mid renewed the quarrel with IVssiug.^The latter was standing behind the end^of the l^ir when Lls tihack entered. Dos^^sing stepped ,mi1 lu frolll of the bar and^IhonhaeU pulled a great big gun^and |M^iiiting it fairly at Iks-^sing's fais- Matt ^I'll just put^you to sleep.^ Dessing replicl. ^You^will kill me if you slusvl. a* I have no^gun.^ and as he s|s^kc he slepis^l Kick to^Ihe cud of the Kir. F.henhack followed^him up and all the tunc kept Ins hund on^^ he trigger of Ins gun.
Whenibe MBMBi ^f 'be MbBM vvaa^almost tfiuching Dessing's head it Iterative^11 carent that Fbeiihack intended to Kill^his man. (Jilinn was |s-.werless to pn^-^vent the |af*llding iniinler. as be wn*^uti.irined and behind the bar. Sudd' iily^as Dessing saw the linger pr-'ssing Ihe^faial spring, he struck his adversary a^terrific blow in the stomach and ilouob'il^him up. At the same moment Khetibard^shot and the ball passed between Dessing *^less and through ihe H^*^rnt the cud of the^bar.
The blow in the stomach delivered by^the German undoubtedly saved his life;as^it w as the I i.i II did not miss lus Issly hy an
Assoon 11a the shot was fired Lls'idiack^; recovered himself and began b. la I si mg^i hi* victim over Ihe head w ith the big pis^^tol, line blow hit the musician m the eye^anil closed it: several oilier small wounds
woreiuMictisI also.
Illtlie meantime 1,1 aim bad left ihe^saloon by tin- back disar in search of a^is.iieciuan. A SivMixisn re|h^rtrr who^was present during the shooting also left^hy tile rear door, (in Park avenue the re^^porter was vsiiifronted by Kbcnbuck and^In-lug gun. ^Do you know whore Qtiiuii^is .^' asked Ihe fellow vv ith the gun.
No.^timidly replied the scribe as he^l...e'^o^| into ihe stnsM.
F.heulinckthen ran down Fast Park^and has not Ims-ii seen since. The officers^arrived a few moments after the shooting^audat once slat-led to hunt the fellow, but^up Is the hour of going to press be had^not l ien catlgbi.
1Klentiaek l^c^r^ a bard reputation. It^is said he has killed bin man before and^glories in the title of ^a lighter and a dead^hard game.
AnacondaWnrklngmen'* I 11 Ion^Meetaat Mattie building hall every Tuetv^day at fMk MemU is are rcipi.-sted to^attend. Those desiring membership^should come at ^ p. m. All invited.
P.Sow-XisoN, President.^M. B. IBM) liecordiug Jsocrriary.
Forthe heat w inea, inpiora and cigars^call nt John Burkovich's, 312 ( lusjtnul^street. Milwaukee Is-er a sp^s laity.
Haveyou read Judge tosalwin's new^hook. ^The Comstis k Cbih'.'^ I'or s.^le^by King A Kennedy, Anaconda agents.
Visitor What community of interests is^there among ihe ladies of your village'.'^Ibsvtess The IMWMM of the cnllie
eetnasunity. .4rf m Admitting.
100suits at a sacrifice and special^reduction of from $5 to $7.50 each.
AllCalico, Dress Prints,
ApronChecks, Shirting Prints,
Ladies'FineKid Sailor Ties
Onepood, square crack at your trade^and you will stick to us.
Becausewe will save you many hard^earned dollars.
Afflictshalf the American people ret thsre H^only one prepsratlon of SaraspsrlUs thst s^ t* on^tho boweli sti.1 'caches this Importsut MMte^snd thst Is Joy'* Yrgetshlc Esrupsrllla It r*^Hctss It In ^! i. irs, snd au orcssinnsl do^^prevents retnrn Wi refer by |^^rni!ssloii toe K^Klklngton, M Girost Avenue, Fan I'raiirlieo^J. II. Brown, I'etilums: II. H. Winn, nearr ^'ourt^fan Prsnclsrn, au.l Lundred* i I others who b*r,^used It In ronatipatlou. OM letter Is s ssmplsof^Lundred*. Elklngton, write- ^I here been Ik^years subject lo bilious inrsdarhes and eou,ti|s^lion. Ils.e been so bad lor s year bark bare^bad to take s phyiic every other right or cIm I^w.isld have s headache After taking nnetxttla^cf J. VP.! out in splendid sbape. It bs, don,^wnnderltil thliifs lor me People similarly^troubled thouM try It snd be eourinced.
i.ooo^ uses La t.rippe
Cureddaily bv the use of the Wiznanl^coiigli syrupatal Little Wi/.z.ird liniiueni.^for sab by the Smith Drug Co., Anaconda.^Mi nt.
4u-rMiiu hslging Imuaa^B. F. Mahan.
Lot.'^'.II^ on |..,,t Tl,ml street.with two^buildings. Price toW. B. W. Mahan.
Porcelainbaths at^stixs-i, old} Jj MB
A.Furtier's. Fir*t
Theladies of the Christian rliurch will^give a sociable in the church building on^Park avenue on Monday evening, Feb. 15.^Kefn ahmeiit* will be served from H lo ||^p. hi. Parties attending the theatre on^Monday evening ^aii get sup|s^r there.^All are Invited. _
AHpersons Indebted to me will ph axc^^ ettle their ac^lount* bv the'JTshfvf ajsjg^month. All ms'oiints not m-itled on that^date will be giv en lot ^ I .llcetion. Kespect.^fully,M. S. Asa iihmm.
If^ou rant the b ' k l^l fuel go to
theRates tt Council 1. .mU t company,and^get K.a k SpringsI-
9mSa|e-.\^ ,,ght.i^house ^^ \|f|er street, ..i^quire of (diss. Houck.
.-unedboarriing^easy terms. ^^.
Mosimoilern, most enV-tles, largest bona,^same price, 41 00, sis fur fAUU.
Fu Sat r. BV Nsw-into DRi-rj t o..
T.D. Fitzgerald,
Alwaysht'cds go^ni advice. He is always lookinej out^for a chance tn save money, lor he knows that ^A penny^saved is two pence earned.^ To the wise people ot Ana^^conda we send ^.reclin-;. On
MJwill open our new store complete, and opportunities for^saviiiej money will he afforded in every department. In
wewill continue the policy established by the U. J. Hen-^nc-sy Mercantile Company, and
TheLowest Prices Consistent With First^Class Goods Will be the Rule.
ourpatrons will find a new, fresh and complete stock of high^class ^ioceries. An examination will convince you of the^tiutli of our statement-. Don't buy your stock of family^groceries until y^ u have visited our new store.
Thenwait till Saturdav,

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