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1:ic ibr Nrw VMM IBM Antvn. V^. :i^last Broadway. The l elophi ns
numleris Ifft
Advertl*sirtrnt* sill I* ris-eiviM fit the Hutta^olr.ee ef IIitm im^m:ii III' I e'etaak^1^. M. f^r insrillan In Hi^ foi-^^^^ .nk loorniiuj. paper.
TheSi ANPMm It de'lvert I to llutte ^ ;W. ^^fivcarl. urn nioniuu.
dunkm 1 mov.
IlrlruaK^ pres.^Mnntsna I niiiri l-\pie**
AeaeMeaI .peon
AnarniiilaI kmvn
I111011 I'n.-ltl.- V.^^l Mall^I uwn P^c. rastrrn K-
CasesBt.'ore the Judges ol the Two^Departneots.
LeniencyShown Him by the Court^He Will Board at Deer^Lodge Court House^Notes.
aslie found tii.it Iha same gentleman WW^iivimn r ul ll;r poor, the Missoula, mull^could m'ani'l) walk. He nut invited lo^1 .ill again.
1 lit. HtTTI.I ill Lll'fc.
PanSully mill wife are slopping nl the |^Mel'crinoti.
l.u Hitrinoiiil ^if I'im'.iIi ll^i is r^ g stcrctl |^at lln' Windsor.
Aphantom Imll will In* held ,11 Hiiiertua^hall this evening.
MilesritiU'ii lias returned fmin a very^pi. .i-.nit trip iln.iit.il tlie east.
Mrs.J. W.Guilll ami Miss Marx Vogel^have retiirneil from a tkeea months' visit^In the Hilli 1 liiKii valley.
Muiie^V Huston forward'sl lit bars via^American express yesterday of an rsti-^luapsl \alne of |CM*f**l
Frank( onlc* of Deer l.islgr ami HHP^ltiggins brothers of Missoula havecntcrtsl^iheir hounds lor the coming coursing^tllatoh.
A.McMillan, an oM man nho djraj m^Or. \Vitlier^iHK.ii'^ hospital lust I'riday^night, vv ill Is- buried this morning from^HnmhH tt HritrvaM^I inoi-yie.
At the W indsor ure:I*. .Marsh.
harli^ I'oiit 111 \ ille. (.n ut I'alls: Miss^Wanl. Dear hHl^e: \. Hf. nn..11. ( Iiain-
alaaj| .111111111 Haalfiv Dmt Laolaja.^It ^ns NfM ie^i laal avaNWg ilmt I ha
Hlnellinl fonjiam had hniiit up one.^half of Its stamps, mid thai the Moulton^was linlile to do the same in a feu ila^s.
Mrs.(ieonje Haldol n and son. Stewart,^h^\e ri'liirueil from the Cast. Mr. Mat^^iloin araa datalaaaj ni l%nyaa)iw h^ l-^.ii^business, ami will return in a feu days.
Io-d.n a aaMMMNlaa of RfaaBM ^ill aMh
\a-stheelt\lol the s.ile ol i ieKets to the
ilepartnienirahall.^^ lueh will taka plana^on the ni|(iit of WaaMaaTtan'i hinbdai .^Keh. tX
TheMontaiians ni the NlelW'i'inoti are:^A. F. Whiteoinli. S. S. Ilinille\ . Samuel^sehwah. L H. Burnvell, !^'. li. Rrisay,^Helens: .1. I). I inn, Uria^DJtaa, .mil H. P.^Kiheaux.
Mrs..lames Vnlan. frfpl has laBBB seri^^ously ill for some time, uas removed lo
iiwKiel era' hospital la-.i ereaiwa. Her
iimtixIriemU are hopeful thai she will^soon be fouipli tel^ paeovateala
FrankTraini r, of ihehsal slaff of the^Intrr Maaaaatfa,baaaavafiad KianattaaetioM^^ ith that paper to aeeept a nnalliuaj s iih^F'raner A i halmers of Helena. Jm*^Hush, foriiieriv .^f the Ifimtmj Jmurmmt,^ ill^take Mr. Trainer's plai e.
Hesld.the mull whose InaaalMMM Tlere^shot full of holes Friday nitlit. ^as feel-^i tltr 111111 s. 111111 v well yesleliLn. He has
fullypasasrefiad from the MaerlulMM is um^as \et h^ any aavaaa out at aWaapar, )faas^lenlay preliminary sy mpioniK of |a(ritoiii-^tis manifesteil iheuisehi^s, ami from now^on his ease w ill Is. more rriliral than it^has yet Imtii.
^TlieM Ilia.In.^^Hi tti . Feh. U, Keserved seats for^^Tbe Mikado ' w ill he on sale at Calkins'^Kmk store at I a'eka k Tlinmlay niorn-^intf. The priees will he. for regular aaaa^f'Tiiianees. njasavajl seats. $1: gallery, M
rents.Matiii^o price* will is-, paaarvad^seats for adults. T.'i renta, children '^^^eantai aajpary. M esMla: childrea,
Tlierewill ho full rehearsals at the^Btajra ImiM' on Thuts.day, Friilay and^Saiurtlay eienines of this week.
MiningBaaMaaaMaai I iie^t.
HiHI . I'eh. la. Th^ following BakHBg^aWtaVMI were llad lor Haaafd t^-^lay :
Loe.it|. ill not ice. Ii:;^iler. i|ii.it t^ lisle.^Twin M.inil.mi distiiet. hy l.its.l. Kohl^..ml l\ rn II. Ileal: Ruraka. quarts Jade,^Twin Mountain district. In IVatl P, Bead^Venus, quarti bide. Twin Miuuitain dis-^Irict. by (ins J. Kohl: Nellie, nn.irtz lade,^naiaaawliiil di- triei. la IV. .1. Haiullinn
nndV. I . Sfot;;.hi : Taniuby, MMrtl ksle.^KaaaajM Vallev ilUtrb't, hy W illiam Bur-
Notieeis lierohy uiyeti Ihal 'he i-ojHirt-^Iirislltp heielofore ailallag Is'tweetl the
iiiidersiiiiiedi|i r the Mi ni aaaM ami
style of Mike Murra) ^ t o., has tin. dai^hfs'ii ilissoh e,l b) mutual i.msent. \j|^ilrhts due to aaid RrM are to ho imid i,i^X. ('. Oaaaid) ami \V. f\ Caaaldy,aae-
,essors of the umlei signed and h^ whom^all dehia fi^ Hie In said Hi hi ill |M- n.uil.
w.it kaaioY,
iMa,Feh. Li. MBS.
Theureal Hotel I .astiiMit. Hot Sprina-,
Atk..the aalatlal house or iha H'eat,^aaaaaaj i^r its thiol asaaoa ou.i.ut. II, aa
derthe inunuifeini tit of Henry W. W'dley,^for in, t ly man:ii;er of Hie Helena Hotel.^Helena. Mnntana^ may feel sine nfa^Warm welionie at i he Last mall. Thellol^HpriMM of Atk;,i,saw an'wot Id renowned.
eont.tinem ,- ior ibeurualiaaa,eottt, neueab^km and kindrisl or baraditao illiaaaia.
foraato i tiesp.
tineiw^s!,orse Mirmi BraflBM, BUNalda^f'U dellvao ^aa)p||. Apply at I'liton Pa-^e.tieofli, , , eot in r of Main and Broad'^via...
'I'uMiner*.^We are formm:; a luitn-ts'wal. h . Inh.^-| wo iioli.it . pee Mreelt w ill ^et paualaaj^NaVar CUB valch, aad pan aren't ad^ the
money.I,, , ., i|,e Jewele .
^v lie) Mark.
Prof.1. w. Bullard, M. H.. is a^atad^with I irs. Tain 4 'lam. Butte, Car tin eun^a| Ins aparlaltbM ami dlaaaaaaai apaa,^atpaaasraaa, or eross tytem straightened,^alxi in.ikes ,i aperiall) ,.r dlanaars ul^soineii. Thia la a gulden u|^uartunit) lot
those fleet,s| lo ^aCUej his s, f \ .it ..
K,It. IS.it nli.mh. teaeher of \ ioliit
Baalt.r.llllte .tree:.
Paralysis cured bj eUKirk'it). Hi~.^'J am it I am.
1ha\e In fi*-sh tttllok eows f.,t silu. ^',^1^ la-all. 17 An.n olid.i i,..ol. INtte.
BtI 11 . Feh. tta The i ase against I lav ill^H. CnirH march, charged w ith passing a^forgisl i lieek fur flu en Steinhiis'iiner *V^Xirkel. with tl^^ name nl Mux Kiiuze to it,^was set lor trial Ibis AarBfJal I efore^^lii'li:,' I'eiiilioiimi. I oiiriemaii h iippe.iieil^ill eoiirl hiss nip.inii d hy his wile aiul^tbrcc small cbiblrcn, with the ev idcni Ha.^lenlionof ^^^i king die ^v inpathy rg^ Let on^the |a11 \. The defendant'^ aliortiey, Imv -^ever, lisil, liti:i to one sule and had a talk^with him. lite testilt el whieh was that^^ ouneitiareh asked Icaic of the court to^withdraw htsfniiuer pit a of not guilty,^which was matited. He then nleadt d^guilty ami his attorney a^k^d the court for^leniency. The ^ utility attorney had no oh*^keaiaMH in oiler to a plea tor^^ leniency, and was willing, owing to^thi' man a family and the lad thai lie^pleaded paUt)', that the cut I make , he^sentence .is low ns |sts*:h!e. He saw no^reason why a very sovclo a lllfflM M HhtftlM^Is- passi d. 'tin* 11 unity lor ioigeiv is^frani ana ta ll years. Judae [HsuawrtcMt^^aid the ^ ase vas a v cry pjt.ihle one. and^he aaaauted ihat a young man should^hricg displace ii|miii his w ile and ehiltheu^hy cemmitl nig a et ime. With a bona lli.it^he miclit he a bat tor man in die future,^lite conn 1,-t the lor^er oil with cue year^in die |m'itito|.|inry . which, wnli poaaj Is*^hftrior, w ill let him out in nine motitbs.
UaarpaBraaherton and I . I'. Butterfiebl
Wi-l-eexcused ftotii further serv ii-c as jll-^iiira. and T. F. I 'oitrlney . .1. -lah.tries and^James.I. BrOUghtOa wci'.' allied lo tie
laatd.This eoucliuleil the btialaeal in^lie|Mirtment II. fat* this Morning ami the^court adjourned until tisnmrrow. t'os-^gtoyc and S|Mtrka aic to he tried 1o.tnor.^rear, ant the phy sician at let.ding t tllicet^Ha mill ) . one of the piintipal witnesses^far file stale, .-tilted this uioiniiigth.il lie^could not he out. ami th** case will p.ioh.t^^hl.v Is' continued again on that account.
InDeaatrtananl I. Jmlje tferlattoa held
ashort session of court tins morning and^heard arguments ami demurrers in the^raereef the Silver U. ^ Na1if.ii.il liank ami^Marchess .an A Vahtonagainst II. II. (onli^^ne A- I n. The dclntiri oi s vv etc o\erru leil.
Inthe case of the Battle Mnrda are ratatr
patiyagainst the Silver Leail Mining ruin-
pany,tbeaefaaHof defendant was en*
teredand jiulcmenl nivcii ler ptBJ and^cost s.
InIhaeaaeaf M. Wla Lni aaafnal L. I).
WilliamslOdaya w ere giant nl in w huh lo^plea,I in the .intended i oinplatnt.
MaVoMcltatton w ill hold a BandaB nl^court lo*niorrnw iiioriiing again.
I.etcallloeiiineiils l*ite,l.
Atiorm-yw. (t. Bpaar, lap Doewink*k
Ma.'/ti.tisday coiniitcnecd a st:it aankaal^A. Itclnio to icci'vcr ^rl'7a. together with^inl^'rcsi at In per cent, from .January *j:i.^Is^1.', the amount Leiiigan alleged l al.mi e^line on a promissory note dated Aug. 1.^Is'n. The saint^ plaintiff al to eiiiiiinems il^a suit against Maiiuel sto//i ami A. pafana^tor *7im due on another note of t he date of
MaySt, ItBl, loajether with laloieal at to^pareent, fratinIseajt,t, Aiiaehnieuisueie
issuediii Isith cases.
Allanswer was filed tisslay in the case^of the slate V'.. William i tw sley , et. al.^'I his case w as instituted hy the county as^^sessor, who in ciisrd the dclcnilaiits of^ivfiismg to aievvcr tiiieslintis in regaiil to^the numls'i- of men in the employ of the^defendants.
It.I'. ( otler. laranril Lis .Utorncy. M.^L. Wines, lo day muile an answer to his^w ife's itctil ion for divorci' lih-d it lew da* I^ago. lie admits that ihcy vvcie Married^in New York on April ^1. |si.i.. hut denies^every thing else. He say s he did not, on^I'eh. BL IHMI.or at any other time have a^pistol in his piMHiiiilid tluealeit to hlow his
wire'sbjraineont bafara she knew arhere
shewas stamliui:. He denies that on Feh.^.'I. IBM. be threatened lo kill Ih,iIi her and^himself, or said that he would Lick her. a^few days Inter, and he says that it is false^that he list il vile ami ahllsivc lali^ilage^Ittwnril her. Loiter says his wife is oil^wlielislicsaysth.it he told her she hail^only a few fenatra more to hyennd thai lie^struck Iter with his IL.t. He is not a^hahiliinl drunk.ml. and contrary to Iter al^^ligation, la- has not hoon for iimrc than^four years pa at. She accused Mm^of failing to pi,iv idc. bat I Ml^ausvvei-s that lie did provide tor his fatnil;.^as tarns health vvoulil |vcrtuit. i III the^other hatiil. ( otter says, that for a long^tune past his w ife has treaii d him ill a^cruel and inlni'iiaii iiiaunet. la'ating and^cursing hint ami refusing him her society^as n wife nnd heaping indignities ItnOM^him. all lo Ins ureal inculal MlBktriM] and
diatreaaof mind, Tka wife has now m
herpoMscssiiiu all the prtiia'rly aeeuuiii-^l.ttidhy herselt and hiishand iluritig their^marriage as cotiiiuon pio|m.*rty . and al the^present lime he is wholly without means^or ahility to pay ihe costs ol tin. ai tion.^For Uu years anal he has Ims*u lee ill and^physically weak to pcrtorm Manual lalsir^at all limes ami for many day-, during^that |a^ri^al was wiiltoui nicaiis of suji|sirt^ami his i.ite rclumsl lo assist him to even^lite |i^s-essaries of life. lit* asks that lie
Is.eMM-jeand w it boat aaata in the suit
htsfiiglilhy his wile and that the honds af^ajntriMOMy he dissolved.
losephiii,.Tlioritc, plaint iff in the di-^voiee eas,. against Alex Thoriie. nwlav^Kanlan ailldavii m Jtadnt Pindwilim a^nonet veiling forth that aha is w imllv w iih-^out means ^ir pro|N-rty w hei-chy lo support^herx'lf anal children, and prays Tor an^, rder lo show c.llsc why the llefemlant^should not |my kef alimony during Ihe^pending suit.
('mil.'linn*t* NoteM.
Thelioaltl of leal estate 11 p] it aiset I eolll-^meui eil its si ssion the. aftcriKMiti in ihe^^ ^ nlily i oiniui.s . i^ i s MOM this aftet-^aaaak F. F. Irvii.e praa ^bnai u a* Ike^Ikird Moaahar of the insud. tint otlaara
11iug ( oiinui.sjnncr Mci/iicency and As-^sess-or Holland. Very little wasdout' and^ihe banid will (^^ in session again iismoi-
ii.ii.A miiiii'ei ,.t rhaeejea In values will^I:,- tiinde on ciiy property
taroliua Rotb.a wmitan who aayaaba^is ntycais old, btimelesH .mil luillgry . iu^^terv iew ed A in hi. m 11t'onnor this imiriiiui;.^she eanie lixuu IfbaMOlla alsiiil a Week^ago. ami as mmiiiiissIic it acbtsl town aha^ttartetl imi a hunt lor ihe (oerseer ol ihe^|*toor,rNit aha was pat abealoIneate Ilim^until thbt inoiuiiig. Khr *at^s she la Ike^widow of a sold.cr killed at Pitt*hntg^LalabneT. and 1 hat sin- hail a sum and set -
realmplaws also killed iii therehrillun.
Thewiiugiii i-. a chronic ease and vv as^doubtleati slnpp, d Leie h-tnii Mis*otila. A^wi-ek ago i.he hdinnj the Maivaliea
army.hut that orgi.iii/atioll was a- |snm-^M she and eonld not keep her long, so she^fell Lad, ,,n the county. Not hav liuj la an^ni tow ii leeyeeiaouah in ha arlnaaje uh Ike^eaunt} ihe i'M woitaiii was turned adrift,
andput ill the reinalllller of the d,n Ikf^gllig ^it tin' s'leet ..
tuotiierMiss,,m .i |..,111m t. a mining
mall,also asfc,I lor help this MorMillg,^complaining of a sote leg. He passisl ihe^audnor in the eenrt lionea e.itridor and^akearad uu ligna ol 11nictieM. hut at Been
As|,|,.,t,||,| In line llellvrriri by^llr. Itritl ur lleer l.mlgtt.^Bl I II. Feh. la. A splendid lecture was^delivered by President Itebl of tlie Moil,^tatiu ^ olleec at the Pifshyterian church^this evening. The lecture wna hefore tlie^( hautumpia Literary ami Seicniifle circle^cnnmelisl with the church, hill the gen^^eral puhhe was iuv iled and every scat in^lla^ church was occupied. The subject of^the orator's lecture vv-is ^^'I he Battle of^Life,^ which was himdbtl in a fercihlo,^chspn tit and convincing inaiincr. Tbe^s|s-aker anukv in very strung terms of Ilia^ohsiaclc lo BaMUM in lib'. Hauling the^three principal ones us ilriuk. gaiiililing^and liceniioiisnchs. Ht* aaajnl of ihe ev il^of di ink ..ml ihe failures that had re.
uHrdfium a brain iinuSdlctl hy the
whiskey . He advised the iiiimari ietj
reaaaapeeeani d they oeejdnS marry
men\, ith clear brains to remain old^in.lids. He atirilamtl inaliy a hiisiuesa^failure to one or more of the tints* vices^incntioiied alsiv e. ,^'^True sueifss,^ ilctiuetl the s|ieaker, ^ia^to Mjata master of your nhilities and dt^^vclo|s- I hem to the full extent. Il is out of^the ea)eal|au for everyIsalv to Is-'nine^wealthy, ami everyone who docs not ht^^come wealthy is not successful. Hut^t-verylsaly call ls-eoiuc siast'ssfiil hy gi\*^iug lo Ihe world the Is si that is in them.^The w heel of fortune i * liirnctl Ic com*^Illoll sense applied to common eM'Uttf,^that is, hy UuUmJ advantage of eiicilm.^sta llees,
Theht-itu*e was warmly apiilauded am|^ihe lectuit*!* w ill la* warmly it-ceiv.si w beli^^ever he tlllds il |*ossihlo to s|s'^ik ill Hlltte,^'I'lie lecture was followed by a violin solo,^^'When t he Sw allow s lloiuew aid Flv.^ hy^Mi-s Ethel Dillon, a nWtte young lady,^who to,oh her dehut this evening. She^handled the v ioliu Or Ml tare skill ami was^warmly gristed. She res|M*ndcd to an^encore w ith. ^The Ijist Hose of Suniitier.''
MAC DOUC ALL'S DOCS.^BtojajajaaejMBel Mff a Mateh With the
swift II 'Ml 11^ I * at I'atil liaise.
F.II II. I'eh. I.i. (ieorge H. Mae I loiiga 11^has ni eived a Idler I nun Paul Hackc rel^^ative it* bis ait'eplance of Hacke's chal^^lenge lo mutch one of his Hiir/ois aguiiist^any deer lioiuid in 1 he I'nited States inn^wolf chase. Hacke fkaea not nppeur to ho^^|iiilcas eattnanMd as when he puhlialasl^his challenge in the .lain ice.i /^V.7d. anil^insists ii[m*u a match decidedly one-sided,^ami that onc-sidediifss in disfavor. Bill^in spite of this Marllougall |,ro|sMtea to^make 1 ie match and has so informed^Hacke. and lisday telegraphed to.lackunti.^Mich., for Alan Hitt k and Yomler-Hc-^(i,H-s. Isith Is'lug Ihere on exliihition ni the^bench ahoa now going on in dial city.^Hacke insists thai the match shall take
placeat a date net laler than April in. As
thisvv ill give only a short time tor a train^^ing, Mr. Mm lloiigall Itnds il iuipossihle to^pel ink his iIoks to Is* shown at any of the^other cities comprising the circuit at which^Is'iich shows will he given. If the track^pt*0*t M to Is' ill gtssl, omlitioli. Vomlcr-He-
bonowill he entered in llMeonreMgMMeh^w hich is io take place at the race track.^Match i*.
Ht ( It 11 I. N A II It KM K l^.
Rev.Dr. Kelsey's Able Lecture at the^Congregational Chorcb.
^America.Whose Shall It Be^^ the^Subject of Hla Speech-Strug^^gling With Creat Ob^stacles.
tho|| all In tmmply V* HI* ihe llrgula-^lloli* *.f the f'lty.^Hi in. Feh. Li. Ti*-niglil the najkja^eoueluded to make an examination of the^hacks to MO hen many of Ihe driverscom-^phfld with tka ordinance ManorheJ them^to keep their sid^- lamps lighled aid to^display priuletl copies of the ordinanteeili^their vchieli s for the information of the^pllhlle. As a result of the investlgal'oll.^liv e hackitteti vv cie found guilty of viol.it-^ini* the ordinance and were arrestiil.^They are Joe Parley. John O'OoUnelt,^Lake Arlington. Ld -lorgans ami H. A.^Hlggina. All gave k*aUUa for their aae^aeaejUeM in die tadiee court to-inoii-ow .
An i nM * Ii New s|in|,er Vie**- ^in the^tterlil's rolumblaa IA|iosliton.
I.HMM1X.Feb. l.^^. The flenW ttwlny snys^the pr,,s|ws-ts of foifign cisiiwratioii in^the ( htcago ('tiluuihiaii exliihition do net^MJMf lo Is'\pry hright. In the case of^l.nglaml. the flMM adds, that the Mf|^Kiave feeling against the Melxinley hill^has not yet siihsided. hut it is to he ho|ssl^that ntaiiiifnci in i t * vv ill not let their feel^^ings overcome their pit'srtit judgment.^I'uriheimore, such an attempt at retalia^^tion is moif likely to hurl themselves than^anyone else. The American and (icr*^uiaus alt- strenuously living to take away^our reanapjarea, and. ill the absence ,,r^Hritish competitors al the fair, would^therefore Is* rcgaithtl as a hem lit rather^than otherwi*e ami hence would Ik* re^^garded as an admittance of defeat.^^ ^ a 1^Heel priM't I v N egot 1st Inns.
WasHinin^\. I'eh. la. The Canadian^ttN-ipr,s'ity negotiations came to tin end^tiwkiy at the conclusion of a two hours'^session, and die delegates will leave for^home to-night. Vlthoitg no official Me^noiincfincut of the ifsitlt is vft ohtaimd^it is said tiltiiunissionels wen- not ah
I'liela'st luigacie stis-k ranch in the^coiiutty. W ill exchange far i ily pro|s'rty^or sell on v ery lils't-al tct ius.
Si.iytoxs ,t t.a xii it.^il liast Hitsidway. Hittie l ily.
p..m^ peeAng,
1'av e niders for W. t. Sniitli at F. H.^Sherman's, or w it Ii Van Ortou ^ iiciu- i
bun.. |
Bidswill Is. receive! until Monti.iv |^M in h .^. IK**.', for the side of the pro|s*rty^known as the Central schisil ptt*|H'i-ty.^Terms, oue-thiitl cash, the haiaiicc in^tints- and six months. Plat can Is- seen^al the office of Messrs. Wilson A tiillie.^'Flic richl is it'scrvitl io it*jeel any or all^hids. Hv otticr ol the Itsiltl ot trustees of^s, lasil district No. 1. F.. M. Flask, chair^^man : S. H. IJice, clerk. Hullc. Jan. 7. UBS,
Washingtoncamp. No. IS. P. O. S. of V..^w ill rclcln ale Washiugiou's hil lhdav . Feh.
hygiv ing a gland Isdl al Itctlshaw hall,^and to w hieii all i cspectahlc pBBOJBI ait* |n^^vitid. 'Flic gMnla will he furuislnsl hv^V.i n i i'-ton's oit-licsir.i. il guaraiilts* that ii
aIII ha flnt rloea Th'haia are on eelo el
theusual places and call Im^ ohtuitltsl fttitn^nicinheis.
Coto the Acme, No. 7 Fast CranUe, for
aaadaayk LeMak bMM l:.' io ^^ p. m.^Dinner frorn .'* to s a^ m. aheat aanara.
UMMtluy and night. Strictly uuti-^( hllicsc.
Catarrheiutsl hy elcclricily. I'm. l ain^A I'iiiii.
HIetaiiatisin cured hy electricity , lire,^l am ,t Fain.
Ifyo; wullla llixvl class cigar, ask for
YOTJcan keen the m*m^mu^ at penr^door tatly eveiy moining. It is the^poaNJBrer favorite, tlie |st*|ile^^ aaaajr,^scud in ^our tiutiie.
Bti l l.. Feh. 171.- Dr. K. I). Kelaey tc-^nlaht delivered bis lecture on ^America.^Whose Shall It BeV^ at the Congrcgn-^lloii.il ebiiich lo a very sn ail audience.^He spoke of the destiny ol ihe nation and^its greatness as ^ oinpal' d w ith the git'at-^Maa of aaeMM Catenae, the one Is-ing like^a niountaiii MMaeJ with a mole hill.^Greece with all its islands could Is* plated^w ithin Moniaiia seven timet , and even^our own New Faiglaml. which was looked^Been as the ccnicr i f America';* great^^ness a few yea is ugo. could he placed^within Montana two and a halt^times, ami yet Montana is only the^twenty-fourth |^art of the I liilttl^staits. wit Inn which Cieeoee could Is*^placed 1711 limes, l.ihertv has made till.
eLMintry,aanl the aMnher, and then he
followi-^l ('olutuhiis on his voyage of dis^^covery. What is lils'i t)'.' In the name of^lil^ rt^ some most hoirihle ami atrts lous
iiutigshave lat'ii dene, Laharty ran safely
hedclincd as tin- |sivver and |s-ruussiou to^inaeh one's ^Bgtlnad end. 'Flic lils-rly of^a leihitisoti ITitsts* is one thing, hut the^lils-rly of a civilised and enlight^^ened |H-ople is quite auoth'*r.^Xmtrica it an aissttlc of lils-rty^to tlie wtirltl. We have licit' all thai^la ttl lils-rly. hut we have not a license.^V. ill America always it-main -^. is a burn-^iug question, (ilatl-tone thinks imt. and^many in our coiuitly Ihiuk not. and^numerous diplomats in IhutPUn believe^that oar crash afdJaMH will ^ oiue. hug-^laud, which has nothing higher to hsik to^then lis chief gauihlcr and dehauehee,^Ikhtka Aineiica Banal tall, l.nglaml ttt-ui-^hles al the thought of such an immoral^head. How long would America |m-rtuit^such an ohjtt'l ill the executive chair'.'^(^lists' ami Keltic fell. Shall America^tall, too'.'
Thespeaker then tan his lecture into a^leiuperams* s|K'fck, am! said America^must llutittle the rum newer within the^next general ion or he throttlitl hy it. He^said he would Mlhar sis* histwn sons dead^than drunk once. He held liquor ins^sponsible for the existence of |ssir houses,^lunatic asy lunis. idiot iisyl'iuis. jails, lire^ami hunger. Whose shall America Im*'.'^tlie laud of the noble free or the laud of^the drunkards*.'
Mr.Ixelsey referred lo the ev il of con^^centrated wealth, and said that during^ike Bret AO yours of America's existence
thewealth of the world had Iu doulile
lltutof nil prev ious tunc. |M litTO it w as^again d,milled, and alter thai il doitlilcd^once in every seven years. He spoke of^tie- influence of wealth ill politics and die^c,aists|tif nt concentration of pewee,^livery thing is lor money. There is not a^Insist' of pitistitution or ri11ii shop in Butte^that dis's not exist for the uiour-y^there is in it. They know that the^world how* to gold no matter from what
souieederived. When Greece and naena
Is'i-anieion rich they tell. Will America^go likewise'.' Another danger tn America^,times fitiui that class which considers it-
self oppressed. ^I Is'licvc.^ said the
s|*aker. ^some of tin* teachings of^socialism is part of the doctrine ot anar^^chists ami communism, hut they are all^represented by a low. di*coulcii*isl set. It^is tbe grow ling of a hungry lion. We^mist ui***t it fairly, or nejg to us^when the volcano Im-IiIc-s forth^or the earthquake comes. Tlie danger^in this lies in emigration. \t the poiul^where the waters of the clear Mississippi^ami the muddy Missouri meet, they How^together for a long distant .* Is-forc they^mingle. The muddy, dirty volumes of^emigration from Austria. Hungary'.^Russia. Italy, etc.. arc flowing into Un^^clear, hright waters of American llbcrtj^nnd Ihcy don't mix well. Will the in^^fluence of America purify these muddy^streams, or will they overrun us with^Ha ir impurity'.^'
Fivehundred miners ami members for^our new watch ami diamond chili.
Livs. the Jeweler.
JoinLey s^, the jeweler, watch and dia^^mond chili.
We'dLike In U in hw w.
'Weoawn'tdoit.you know.^^We sell our drugs ntn cheap.
AllVuselines ut F'.istcrii marked^prices.
4711Stsip al .^in cents a lsi\.
WhiteCastile Knap to ecui-a bar,^Schmidt's Floating Hath Soap .^i^cents a Ui!'.^See it this week in our w indovv.^( hainois ( hesl Protectors at rent.^It will pay you to buy for next^w inter.
We'dHive $10,000 Store Fixtures
ifw e didn't sell drills so low .^We Islieve customer* will pay for^IhjBM in the cud.^'^We cawn'l do il. you know.^^We've Isseit selling pint Isitiles of^Ammonia for two veal's ut L'-'i^cents a Isitth*.^This week only, pint kettkM of^Hay Ktiiu for ^ t ents.^We vv ant mull orders from any vv here^for any kind of drugs.
R.H. PAXSON. Beeejpjr,
I'JKWest Pars *'..(MM, I eu'lai Srhniil
pi11 r. Mob tkt i.
Hi'-'i!/'^^ oei/ar's ^^^^ !^ paarBndi anee^aaatntanee^w* fee/ ajrerfl nl^arltrlr Bneata as
Pleasantlo use. for a fragrant^order, icnutli.il in its character, it not
oitivha* MMVelnnl vwtue.but Bndo^favor is'causc of its Bnltetiing ef/eeii^on the skill, curing ehanpnn bands,^face ami h|^s. and any i-ouglmcss bt^aheaahM of the skill a* it hv magic.^For nuiity y inrail ha* lu en t h^ favor^^ite article in mail) households. \^new st/ '. largest in the market, p-ritf^a) rente. Ask vour druggist for it^and lake no other. Trial Isutles titt*^hv mail.
R.H. PUXSON, M.i--ftrr.^1:^ Wmt rV^ S:..o t*. Central Sdisr-
==Pianos and Organs,
Andwill be displayed in our Xcw Store, 223^North Main Street, whieh will be open^for lmsii-e vs on TUESDAY NEXT.
i Gents' Furnishing Goods
Tobetter advantage anywhere in Butte^than at the etOCB ot
Alsoa full line of
\*n run save fnun la tn :fi per rent. I^*. huy|n*|^yniir gnseries of I-'. Moon IL I n. Li's.U over^MBaeef theirjntoreand rrrethsej a trial order,^ami yen will litnl that r\MI^ill luiv liter.^ at^tlniii lltr.n utiv ln.u*i* in low n vv,-t4111san.l ijual-^ity toowhlrrea.
ArhuekU'nf Lion ( nftes -.';^: per |s^unil, .1^paanMH I.'-. He pnuUdl.. .'.'on
If iithna 1 an faaaitM rtoa lei^^.^a PeiUBla Navv Lima or HByaa RaM SI M
inKbubii litie.i lireea rant 1 m
.11Paaadi a ana I 1 mis1 111
f.ireand Paaaaaja Uaai i
XIliars snapi ^l
3I'miiiils Mnehii .m.i -lava 1 ^tlee1 uu
innhaeeoi Pest liakota Klanr:i ot
innrenada nntry l iuur j 10
'.'*.-Piniliils.-u-k 1 1*111 Meal 05
.'^-I'oiiinlSa'-k 1 irahaai. Va
Pnniiils.u k PnckwueatI 111
.'.Pound Pail .le iv Ill
inPbmmh I eil t- r l. I i.i
VPnutiiitail Pte.etve*T.I
tePaUodltUUMPull Piesetvo*I 10
:Miali,illhe ; M^ ei t Pickles I ;.'i
Pt-tiaileaKegBwael rkilkwI H
IIPena*. tiaarler Aanhnt in
sI'liiiiiu* Ihlrn A|'pl* *jt 110
sI'tiun.ls Prnties1 01
kPntiii'ls haMM 1 i
.*.P.ituiil Pnt I: is-ns7.^.
II'miiiils l!a*|ilieri l^*s. I i.i
IPatauM pnteO therrhw1 ^*
pjraueil. MtacklierrleiIB
sPannei Pear has1 M
Iraiatlsl eeieii Pearbe*.1 no
7rnands I arteotii1 i^i
niPeuadi 1 urraata
.Iu*treeelvsil in hxrrelt tin I I^, lh ptnl*.^\\ ^ have n) eiveil a lat^s ^ti^-k or
nwiWrii4 BTWIWI roiFi:i;s
In'.' |snutnt I'aut.
IV.^I nil^1 tfl
io'.ilen .lava Pii l Nhs-h 1. j lb e.u^.^Wktte Hona* Java aad Mocha, .' in^susur. traMdatad. t^ 1 IM in.
euttear ^^ 11 in*
i SlI^HI |s^r Is Ills.
JOIha dried green i^aa
-.i in laatkes nf jelly
anil, ^^ ^
i.in* j Bnnd elierries
111It** inmnrti'il is'aelu's
WeIcivs a nsn ami knee anantaeiat nf all^line, nf tro' erh ^^ v lileli ate sum.Hit e I tu civt*^satisf.iet nut.
We are still sellin;:
Iln|ill^ eoro. |verease$2 .0
ja cans1 in
! . ran, lltlile ft nil I OH
1ta inn pie fruit, aair variety II
Atnerii-aiisugar rnrett liaiiis. Itest in tin*
tnai'ki'i I-
PNaanltlHe|,we||'h ehnw elmvv anil Bktkhe^nuart huttle do
Weare nl.n nn-tits f. 1 the At llimiy Wnviie! We ^.^tiaraiitia tn save vni jn |wi cent, over all
tiraakft. alaVa is not .1 nlekel plale.l at ramie-f'lni ct.tui ^. We arc
tiienl.big Hie hesl practical Itlaelitut* mi His1^Biarket aklctt we wll at-meaak, .
Allserlest'HKAP POBt-'Artll.\\ 1(1 Csd K' lllllor H(^ 'l(Ts
ChUami see ut um.I vve ean save vouaanuw.mmmMmn i.i'|U^i i'ls.lvt ,
F.HOOO ^ CO.I,., , ,
F M'ssl, M. I^. Ilntehla**. nil .liel tin West All*l lire *elllir: I l i'lnrs atnl Itlhaeiti* nil 11 STO-
ilraakaWmrt. Tt Irpkone ai. P.O mix a:;.^er'^ nisrglii. Ki 111*111 tier, we pay freight
Mailorder, reeatva proaud altiatpitn Ananuadi ami ad,joint, oa th-
MiHI'.tlllilI lll 'll 1! ll raail.
M a riiilo a ^m\\\.
AllDKtal Work Dime^In Good Style
OfficeOpen Day and Night.^FOOMS 16 AND 17 LIZZIE BLOCK,
iutteM Gmen k,
A.F. BRAY. Manager.
i I'.'.rk Street,
1gtte, Moot
*\ta UBABfTI MM i i^Ind ^ ^iii]ili tea kiinsn a* H*
PMIanKlrgallt limn** fur rent, stei n heat,^enter, eie.-trk- uti*l t:a^ lig'it^- Aim'..* m^W. J- McNAMAHA.
ThinMvt llnMier Plate
iK. IbBbB H. C C^'^V f M H.isl
Kmriiv U3KSM woitKS.
Mjaaeiami fcM mi ver. Oakt i Md
ip. ii. I*^^* ^,'\St' ^tt
.act I mil aB^lOraul.ii -;.,',*^..
sua.it saik*. Beafi I'anto.
J.K. EVELETH. IV,an.v-;er.
Isthe Holt Beautiful and Per^^fect Fitting Artificial^Teeth Made.
WTI tint hreak or drop tl^wn lu ths tnnttth.
TeelbExlr:rteJ Absolutely Without Pula,
ndsitlient Bat nf ^M^^lkBt'ri If raa ^-i!t^lake tka tree be* to laveatkrata this met ana yoa^si!', imt dre.ut i|,aiu lo have leein rxlr.ic:ed.
CullMd inv^^t;j;-te n.'ul he mnv.ni sl.
Ut**CVS'SLtv.OPCS ivemn0*.
BjahMdMi ltie n lit* t.ti.'iari-s at MM .'M
amiledtnid and f jraBihed it tkraugboul, Bnanl^In tn.-day, neea et nyaatli al raaaiai.bis ia*'**.^The hotel et|| kereaftei be keeun a* tit vi^Kreeu riou-i*. Loan) aad nn me. Nu t luneaa^ciiailayiti.

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