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VOL.III.^NO. 24i.
Referredto the People^of Montana on^Nov. 8 Next.
Wesincerely believe that when^il conies to a conservative and^^nparti al hearing, men will con-^Mi t. not only their own interest,^l,u that of posterity; and the^tuffragists of thistuturc great state^will walk forth to the polls and^at the hailot box by their deeds^bhow to coming generations tlicy^had erected to the memory and^name of Hozcman. who paved the^way through danger and hardship^that we, nine-tenths of us, might^fill our coffers Ironi the great^mines and granaries of an eni pire^within itself.
Situatedas BmMMM is almost^in the geographical center oi^Montana, with nothing to hinder^when you have donated to us the^Cipital. through the goodness of^your hearts, of out appreciating a^kmdne-s that we really think we^^Im u'd have.
\nothcrpoint m favor of your^locating the Capital at Bo/oman^is our churches and .chools, as^th^N is not a father or mother^who has spent pMI* in mining^camps who doer-not look forward^to the day that they may choose^a town of churchc- and schools^for the welfare of their children.^We do not even wish to bring^forth a pang of icaloiisy, as we^expect nothing, only that which^leads to legitimate ends.
Inthe future we will present^our claims as they may and w ill^appear.
Thatyou may become more^interested with 11-, we have placed^on sale the We t Side Addition^to Kc/eman, where tlic better^clays of residences will be built.^The g'oand lie^ perfectly level,^with a gentle slope, just enough^for good drainage ( A painting of^this addition on canvass, 9x1 s,^may be MCfl by calling at our of^^fice i, a.id is only four btockl from^the ImsI residence in the state:^six blocks Pom the new sivtccn-^100111 OnU.il School building to^be erected this summer, ^ s44 en^^rolled pupils of s:hoo! age in^Bo'/eman 1. tl rce bU cks from the^City Park; two shor! block-, from^the Electric railway, with side^^walks bttilt to the addition
Thereis sufficient water (a^water light I fo. e\ery lot to irri^^gate shade trcc.^, lawn-and gar-^t len The present owners will^^pare neither pains nor money to^make the West Side Addition a^park almost of itself.
Asan inducement for you to^invert, tiic lots in the West Sid*^Addition have been placed at the^low price of BlOCk one-third ca-h,^(^^ and 12 months! will give vo.i^more time at a low rate of inter^c-t 11 dctifed I.'-ten t*^ our^agents, \ ii ^ an in the field, and^lean1 foe yoursoli that lejcau^is the most 'lid to-vn in the^s'.au. We want no booms: there^^fore we will have no dcpn ssioitS.^Only oftciiiig a goo i p ace tor a^HOME, and the DOS! p ace for
toget THEKt:. Wc beg to refer^you to any btttiMM man in Boze-^man as to the West Side Apdi-^thin.
Callop or addie-s
IKEN. SMITH^GoMml Aprnt.^Rioms ^ and ), New Owsley,^Butte, Montana.
204First SL, Anaconda.
CEO.AUDLEY.^Koom ||Cloify House,GraaitA
HeGot Away With Holmu on the^Helena Post Bill
OutHe Doesn't Say Much About^It In the East-Some Mean-^Looking Features In the^Park Scandal.
Specialto the Stand ird
Washington.May 2.^Ten or ^ down^gentlemen, inrlmline Representative^Dixon, Colonel Broadwater. Major Mn-^ginnia. Kdiior Lyman and some western^corres|x^ndents. sat about a table in the^house restaurant this afternoon and tried^two or three bottles of extra dry. to cele^^brate the passage in the house of the^bill to establish a military post st Hel^^ena. The bill was the house hill ap^^propriating flon.uvrt, and woe rolled up^under the order of suspension of the^rules to avoid delay. The senate bill al^^ready on the speaker's table was not taken^up. as a single objection to an amendment^would have thrown it over. Mr. Holman^ni.ide objection to the bill, hut Mr. Dixon^foiinii everybody fflnd to do something for^him and for Montana. The opposition^was small and it was not organired. There^were only a baker's dozen votes against^the bill, w hirh required a two-thirds ma^^jority. Sanders said he w ill make it fl.Vi,-^l*^' in the conference committee.
ABUI Krst lining the Purchase of Hut-^lion by the I'nlted States Treasnrer.
W\hinc.ton. May '.. A bill wan intro^^duced in the senate to-day. entitled ^A^lull for the protection of the silver mining^industry.^ providing that the secretary of^the treasury shall purchase such silver^bullion only as is produced from mines^within the I'ni'ed Mates or from ores^melted within the l imed .States.
MSSSAbout J li.it Yellow ston^- I'urk Af^^fair and Witness Waters.
pSaMto the Standard.
Wamiinoton,May The witness.^Waters, who told Saturday about thc^iO.-^^^^ of stock that Russ Harrison was to get^in the Yellowstone pari business, was rr^ported to be ill to-day. but it is suspected^that he is beiug coached to give a better^answer. The transaction begins to have
anugly look.
Reailyto Step Out.^sperm tn the standard.
WsniNr.TON, May 2. Commissioner^farter is going sure enough. He cannot^be expected to do much for Harrison as^he will quit the land office about July I^for some icuson. Ho allow ed tho news to^he circulated through republican channels^in the West, but did not allow it to be^printed in the East.
farterMay design.
Wvshinoton. May 2. Commissioner^farter of the general land office probably^w ill resign about the end of Ihe fiscal voar.
Washington.May The treasury de^^part incut to-day purchased 313,400 ounces^ol silver at $n.s72:-^Af^.S74fi.
Veinsof Almost Pure Silver Found^Lumps of Virginia Cold.
Dfnvff.May 2. Ten inches of mineral,^assaying per rent, silver, is the latest
discoveryat Rico, in the San Juan coun^^try. It was found in the mines of the^Pico-Aspen company. Those who tailed^at Creede are new hound for Rico.
(old by the Ton.^UrNvrp, May 2. -Another tremendous^gold excitement has been created by Rich^discoveries in the Orphan Roy mine at^Cooper Rock, about 50 miles from Denver.^Theiore found assayed from (8,000 to^^7* .000 pet ton. The rush of prospectors^SM begun.
WealthyWyoming Cattlrmeu Trying to^Prevent ltound-1'ps by the Ranchers.
ChivtJtSF. Wyo.. May 2. The big stock^^men formally brought suit for an injunc^^tion to-day. to prohibit ranchmen from^making round-ups. It is thought it will be^granted, though the ranchmen say it is^Useless.
AtSt. Louis Washington. 1^.
AtCleveland 11 Philadelphia, .1.^At Chicago- 4: Boston. I.
AtOmaha \ogaiiio; rain.
USt. Caul ir. Toledo. t.
AtKansas City II Minneapolis, 7.
AtMinneapolis -S. Toledo,*,
(luarrymentjitit Work.
omoobbvor,May The whittles from^the Cape Ann quarries calling the men to^work this morning did not meet w ith I^res|-m^ns,.. as a general strike of granite^cutters has been inaugurated. Notice was^^mm to workmen at Rock Toint and Pigeon^PeeS, They joined the strikers and some^mm MSB ate now idle. The strikers de^^mand 2^, cents an hour and nine hours^instead ol ten. No trouble is feared.
NewYork ^ ai uenleis strike.
Nr.wYnrs. Mav 2. -The l.'nitcri (ierman^and Ltigiish car|^'iiters struck tonlay lie-^cause of the fa.lute of bosses 1o sign an^agreement to fix a schedule of price, for^the ^ear. By noon, however, the bosses^eimo to terms, and all signed the agree.
m*ntbut six.
liuildlngTradesmen strike.
Havaa. May 2. Masons, carpen'crs^painters and stone cutters have struck:^th ^ tw o former for an eight-hour da^ and^the two latter for a reduction in working^hours. Ruilding operations are practicallv^at a stand still. No disturbance is^feared.
B.stTiitfii i. M i\ _^. Carpenters are on^a strike here to enforce tho acceptance of
theirdemand for eight hours. L.glucon^employers have accepted the eight-hour^decree.
The Accused Murderer of Ills several^Wives Found Guilty.
Melboi.-fsk.May 2.-The trial of Fred^^erick Bailey Deeming, for the murder of^his wife, was resumed this morning. The^first witness was Dr. Springtborp. who^related Dccniing's explanation of how his^wives disappeared. Deeming said that^while he and his first w ifo were living at^Rain Hill, near Liverpool, a man named^Ben Young told him that his Decming'n^w ife would leave him for SM, He paid^the mone^ and his wife left him. He^supposed Young killej her while he^i Deeming was coining to Melbourne with^his second wife iMiss Matthersi.for w hose^murder he is now on trial. His second^wife. Deeming said, rotifessed she^was already married anil left him in^Melbourne because she was afraid^of being implicated in the murder of his^first wife. The fact is the Rain Hill^murder was known to no one save^Deeming until after it was known he killed^his second wife. It was the discovery^of the latter crime that led the police^here to notify the Liverpool police of their^suspicion thai Dooming murdered his first^w ife ami children al Kain Hill. Therefore^it will be seen that his statement relative^to his second wife leaving him for fear of^being implicated in the Pain Hill murder^is without truth. After sonic further testi^^mony by Dr. Springthrop ihe defense an^^nounced its case closed.
Thejury in the Deeming case returned^a verdict of guilt^ and added that the pris^^oner is not insane.
Thecrow u ^ aun.-^ I contended there was^not a particle of evidence of insanity^about the prisoner. At this point Deeming^iuteirupted the crown counsel. It was^not law. he said, hut ihe press that was^trying him. If lie could bring himself to^believe he committed murder, he would^plead guilty rather than submit to the^ga^eoflhe people in court. The ugliest^of Ihe race ever seen were witnesses^against liitu and deliberately lied. What^^ever he could say would lie disbelieved.^His witnesses had liecn kept out of the^way. People hail sworn to seeing him^whom he never had seen in his life.^No time wits allowed him to com^^municate with his witnesses in Fnglund^and India. It is not pleasant to^confess to a disease, mental or otherwise,^but he had determined to do so in justice to^himself ami tho community. For weeks^together he suffered lapses of memory.^In his own mind he knew he was not^guilty. As long as Fmily Matthcrs hud^been his wife, he dealt w ith her as gently^and affectionatcly as possible for any man^to do.
Theprisoner continued, ^I remember^no incident which would lend to this awful^crime with which I am charged. The^statement that the body found in this^city was that of Emily Matlhers is a lie.^My one comfort is the knowledge that she^is alive. Tho newspapers ruined my life^forever. If I were freed to-night I would^drown myself. I do not fear death' I do^not expect justice from eithei judge, jury^or the public'
Deemingminutely rritirised the evi^^dence and declared a verdict of guilty^would be the greatest relief to him. and^said to use aliases was a tad w ith him.^.After the verdict w as announced Deeming^asked the judge to refruiu from the^usual ^^ vhortation. I he judge complied^and simply announced the senteni-e of^deatit. Deeming responded coni|^osedly,^^Thank you,
Somet.ood Illinois Folk Who Rave No^t'se far the Knreshan Scientist.
Cmicaoo,May 2. - Much interest is taken^lately by the people of the pretty suburb^of Washington Heights in the report that^Dr. Cyrus Teed, ^professor of koreshnn^science.^ and alleged to be the wrecker sj^many homes, was about to remove his^headquarters, known as the ^College of^Life,^ to that suburb. Many threats^have been made as to w hat will be done,^and these threats grew ominous w ben^the story was made public iha*^Teed had left for San Fran^^cisco with a squad of new con^^vert-, young women. designated^as ^angels.^ This was too niut h for^Washington Heights and tar and feathers^was freely indulged in. It was said Teed^would arrive to-day and his coming was^anxiously looked for. He did not come,^howev er, and If he did he kept well se^^cluded. The people are still on the look^^out.
InvotlgatlottvReing Made hy Ihe Vpa^York Legislature.
NrwYork, May 2. - The suh-comtnittco^of the senate and bouse committee on im^^migration continued the Fills tslntid in^^vest igal ion today. Colonel Weber, super*^intendent of immigration, admitted that^some of the emigrants escaped from the^docks liefore landed at F.llis island. It is^impossible with Ihe present fort e to en-^tirel^ prevent this.
O'DonovanRosia sent a note to |Sena-^toi i handler, in which he said : ^England^assoc iated me w ith her convicted thieve^ami burglars. Their destination after i^time in prison was America. England^sent them under the escort of prison^guards from th^ prison to ships sailing^for America.''
Dr.Smith said his experience alsmt^surgeons. ^ mplovcs on trans-Atlantic^steamers, was these physicians sere paid^too small SSSsnSS and liable to he tils^missed al any lime at the caprice of the^captains. They should have better sala^^ries and have their |s^sitions made more^secure.
^ain^for tho MSMStSMSi^bnMSJISMI is. Mav 2.^ f barter elections^were held to-da^ in manv Indiana t^mn^.^At II o't lock toe tSaSSneJ has returns from^U towns, w hich show Monipeher. Edm-^burg and Hough wile have gone about at^usual. Diana and West Indianapolis sh Si^republican gains. Democratic gains ar^^shown in Shoalf. Newcastle. Rurkville,^Danv die. Spencer. Cambridge f ity. Brook-^I ville. Wv-namic. Knigh'tovv n. Linton. Sul^^livan and Liberty.
NoOfficial Knowledge.
ottawa,Oktt May I The customs do-^^SrWBMkl know s nothing si the alleg. U^design of a number of British Columbia^sealers to register under foreign flag-in^order to evade the provisions of the mo 1 -^v ivendi.
SilverBof County Securities Sold to^tbe First National.
DissatisfactionOver the Rulings of^the Board of Commissioners^Talk About the Grand^Jury's Report
HrTTr,May ^. The couno commis^^sioners met this morning for the purpose^of opening bids on the Jl.s.nm funding^bonds. Representative' were present^from New York, Chicago, Denver. Helena^and otlssr places. The First National^hank of Butte also wanted to hi.I. but^raised the question of the commissioners'^right to issue that amount of bonds w ith^^out submitting it to a vote of the people.^The law gives them the right to issue^funding bonds in anv amount, but re^^quires a vote on any amount tor a new^indebtedness in ^gessa of ;l^,i^^l. 1 he^bank held that some of the indebtedness^for which the bonds are issued is^a new* debt for which warrants^were issued. The mailer was referred^to the county attorney, who said that there^was no doubt ol the commissioners' right^to it-sue the bonds, and liased his opinion^uu a recent decision of the supreme court.
Accordingto the advertisement all bids^were to have been in by 11 o'clock, but H.^f. B.irroll. tho representative of Blair 4-^Co. of Wall streei, asked for an extension^of time until .' o'clock, so that he could^hear from his house as to the limit to^w hich they would go. All the other rep-^toseritntive* raistd a big objection, i taint^^ing lhat Barroll bad siied up his cm pen^tors and concluded that he had to raise his^bid, which would give him an unfair ad^^vantage. They denounced it as a snap^game and unprincipled, and questioned^the commissioners' right to extend the^time. The board, however, seemed to^favor BurroU's request and decided to es^^tend the time for receiv ing bids until t M^o'clock. Tlici-cuoon nil bids wore with^^drawn and an effort w as made to have all^other competitors withdraw'and have ihe^field to Barroll. and all agn-etl to it with^the exception of the lletiver man. who^said lie pro|^o-ed to slav vv ilh Ihe Wall^street man and see that he^diil mil play some underhanded^work. The commissioners then al-o^adopted a resolution requiring the two^best bidders to put up n certified check for^.^^ |icr cent, of the amount of the Isolds be^^fore the i oiiii.ii i is 1st. Another kick was^made bv the bidders, us iho check had not^lieeu asked for in the advertisement, but^the commissioners said that had in go or^nothing, and further procoedings w-nte^postponed until stteruoon.
Whenthe hoard met again there were^eight bids handed tti.atid w hen opened^were found to be as follow s
LaniprechtBros, of f lev^^land offered^par for the entiru issue, and asked its, 1.1^ss commission for handling the liontls.
l'anson,Leach A- t o., Chicago, par, and^fc'i.otrt commission.
ifBTJohn-ton of Butte offered to take^HHH of the bonds at par and w ithout^commission.
Blair*Co.. New York, par and I2.^l:t.'i^^^commission.
C.H. White i Co.. Chicago, par. and^4 'felon per cent, commission.
SpitierA fo.. Toledo, par and th.OT..^' ommission.
FirstNational bank of Butte, par for^the entire issue, and no commission asked^for handling the bonds.
('.H. Rollins A Sons offered to take the^present form of bonds, payable in Butte,^at par and fcM*T.^n commission, or pro^vide a new isfus payable in New York, at^par and ll.Ml.sn commission.
Tbebid of tbe First National baak of^Butte being the high. -t was accepted, the^successful indder nc-ing given '! hours to^file a certified check for ^^^ per cent, of the^amount of the bonds before the contract^will be awarded. The rommiseioners^were disappointed with the general low^bids, as they expected to get a small pre^mium. but were glad that a local Orm^w as able to make the best bid. 'J he bonds^run for M or 30 years at ^ per cent . and^to be delivered and draw Interest from^luly L
Amongother nutters before the rommis-^siooers wss a criticism of the grand jury^report. In speaking of tits report which^refers to alleged excessive allowance for^road w ork. the commissioners expressed^the belief that the jurv was afraid to an^^tagonise the labor unions when it held^that only the legal wages should be allowed^and then placed that rate at M ada.v w htn^it knew that the law put the rate al onlv^f.'.'i'i a day. Tho commissioners said thai^if they had to follow the stnet letter of the^law they would have to stop all road work^and other improvements in thecountv.^They also sortisad the jurv of partisan an*^fairness and ^owardt' ^-. in that w hen thev^-larted to investigate the justices and^found that the expcu^e* of a certain rc-^liilblie.ni ju-tice for witness fees was^double that of all others the invi -ligation^wnastopped. Mr. Caplue. for the hoard,^said lhat as the question had BSSS raised^by the grand jury the commissioners^would demand another jury to thoroughlv^investigate the oouotv affair-, acd either^indict the accused violators of the law or^exhonorau* them.
Apetition fiom the re.-identsof Mead^ervifio, with ~2 signers, wa- received ask^^ing; that the village he organized into a^township, ariil a Ju-ln e and i on-table ap^pointed lor theni. Th^ |^ctttion is based^on the allegation that it would proves^ereut savri, to litigant, anil the eouutv .^W. F. Kirkuood is leeommended for ap-^Itointmenl as justice and I hsrle^ Wed^^lock for ^unstable. Ai t ion on the petition^was deferred for the present, hut will^probably lie grouted tn fore th^ boaid ad^^journs.
Amongthe hills sllowcd to-dav were Ihe^following for the maintenance of the^county poor lor April: A. A. LisfcnV, for^the poor house. ^l.aZe.lT ; Si. laim ^ hospi^^tal, care of sick. $l'l7.s.',: Butie f ash Gro^^cery, prov isions. $1.'^: I'. J. Brophy A Co.,^groceries, s Keliey m fouriney. grocet-^ies. US. O. Men.hrss.tu. wood.^*. R. P.^WajBjpvlar, rent. ^^.^^^: K. V ^ehetjer. gr.s^~erse*, $3n. Grandv ^ Murray, sread.^MUtl K. (. W. FsttSS, rent. i'*'. A num^^ber more of poor bilb have not vet been^audited. Tne poor hou^e report show -^tlist during April 3 new paupers were i^^reived and MSMntsSrsvsd.
linesfStnvsyasSV^MiN.vr secii is. May ;. Bv the capsizing^of a boat on L^ighton lake to-^Uv. near^Grand Rapids. Minn.. H of Backus' driv^^ing crew were upset and three drowned.
AOmru Mill llurnrd.
C\rmn,May .'. Tho Eureka
quartimill, on I arson riv cr. v\ a- de.-tr^'^^^ I^bv tire this morning . lo^^. ilm.'inu.
Vale*| arrliigtuti Head.
I/1mm1n,Mav .'. Yale- t irtingtori. the^^ell-kiitjwn animal painter, is amml
IFv-M-nator ^I^ t ounell or Idaho Inter^vlewatl hy a Keporter.
r-pe'lalto the Strmdaril
B'tlst.Idaho. Mav 1 T\ t'nited States^Senator W. .1. Mc^ onnell .if Moscow ar-^rtve^| here this evening enroute to Ihe^stnto republican convention to be held .it^Poeatello May a. To the ^TASUA^*S^correspondent ther\-tenatttr said : ^I am^not s csndidate for go.ernor of Idaho nor^w ill I under any menu.-tam es nicept a^dnlegateshipto Minneapolis. As to silver^I am in favor of the fp-e coinage of the^entire A mem an product. I am in favor^of a bill that will provide for the free^coinage of the product s| American mine,,^and providing a mintage ehatge for coin^^age tvf foreign silver ^utlictcnilv large to^equalize the values between the price of^silver bullion m London anil the coined^v alue of silver at home. I am entirely^willing te lake the chance- of silver driv^^ing gold out of the market.
Asto the tsriff Iain fullv in accord^with the Mckinley bill. It is a piece ^.|^Ihe wisest legislation ever enacted bv con^^gress.
Canyou be induced to accept the nom^^ination for governorship at the hands of^the republican party ^^'
Conditionsmav |K^ssiblv ari.-e that sill^change my mind, hut ^ou can say 1 am^certainly not a candidal*.
Tlie supreme Court's rinding* In lite
Fournlert BjSS,^Sserial to the standard
Hklfnv. May I - Among the dc^ ismtis^handed down in ihe siipnvie court to-dav^is a IVer l-tslge case, cntnlisl .-.late of^Moinana. appellant. v^ Henrv Foiirniet.^res|voiident. The liilot tu ition . harge-^thal Kournier einhei^le^l money to the^value of f.V^i from bis emplover. Prank^Bouehier. To this information Koiiiiii- r^'feinurrerl on the ground that the saiifdi'l^not stale facts siilllcicnt to coii-titnle .,^public offense, and the demurrer w as sti--^talned by the court. The supreme court^hold, lhat if ih^ contenti..ti of respondent^he correct, the intention of the legislature^will lie defeated. Iinlorcd that the iii.lg-^ment be revetsetl. Opinion by Blake,^chief justice.
AFTER THE STUFF.^Millie t rl.e Dos. aTMl of t lareme tlnvt^ol llfiiver.
DlNvrF,MavMillie I'm^^^ lw^w.
theacti-ess who a yeat ago treated^a sensation here by manying ^ laiiuice^Dow, a son of 'he president of the Com^^mercial National bank, after an acquaint^^ance of one day. lo-dav tiled a suit for a^divorce on the grounds of desertion anil^lion-sti|iport. .-he asks consideiable ali^^mony. This is the first of several suits^she will bring against him.
DEAD IN HIS CABIN.^An Old Mm Dies While Vrr|.^rln( Hla^Mesl.
hrrria!to ihe Standard
IpaHOCiti. Idaho. Mav .'. A man^name,! Hui ii- was found da-ad in In - cabin^st (trah.im three of foul da.va ago- II^ was^found b^ Teier Bandwell ind Henry^Stevens. He hatl htv ii alone, ainl it up-^pcar* that he was cooking Ins meal, w lieu^he fell and suddenlv expired. He was^well known at Rockv Hat and Atlanta,^having resided at ihe latter place for sev^^eral years.
TheMissoula ^vflaistte^ to lie Fuhllahe*^as a Morning Paper.
Speilal to the Standard.
Miskoi-l*.May 2. In lieu of the regu^^lar pa pet, the Go reds tWsafMVSJjsSSI i-sutd
ananilount Cllienl thai Ihe paper w ould^app. ai to-morrow as a MSJJSJJM piper.^Tho publishers expect to hav e the osso-^ciated press night re|^ort as -twin as details^can be arranged, and meanwhile will use^the report of other new s association-.
Afar Jumps the Tr*. u on a Ssa Fran^^cisco Klertrlt I.Inc.^S^w Pf an' is' o. May I. A car on the^San Francisi o * San Mateo railroad, a^new electrk motor line, i inqied the track^in the outskirts of the t itv this afternoon^and was overturned. The ears as MM^w ith parsencers ami 1 \ more ,tr less, were^iniurrd. The niotoiman and two of the^passengers ^ill the.
specialto the standard.
Btitr-t.MsftSi Maj .'. Vesterdiv. two^miles Im'Iow I ililwi II. Inn l ulli-. a team^^ster, in the employ of the Rock. Mount^^ain Bell Telephone company, had tn- leg^i broken liehtw the ktui- bv In- team ruie^! nmgawav. He ^ as renntv ed to hi-home^her^-. He is resting well.
Yeslenluy,IS miles fi.un B-use, the^slaughter house of John Jones Smith was^destroyed b^ tlie. Loss. II
Iii.ii at Ureal Kalis.
IS|^vial to the stantlard.
0MA1I'vii .. Mav - Dr Thomas I,^ftlild. tuie of the pioiitM-r pbv sici ills of^I,real Falls, died this mot tling alsmt I^o'clts-k. after a brief illii'-ss. He leaves a^vvitlow ami two tmv-. now -.join lung m^Washington. D. ^'. in lotnpllallcc with^teh graphic Instructions received I his al-^lertioon from Wa-luiigtoti. the i emaiii-^w II SS shippetl bj that i it^ lor burial.
iInk . I'rnhaltle ISjaSHMMglj^ST. Lni |^, May It has been given^out that lieorge I . .smith, asaisl.int gen-^I oral manager of the Missouri Dai iti. rail-^i road. ^ ill suci red ^. II If ' ark ^a first^I vice president and general manager when^the latter leslgns. w Inch he will do m a^few dav (.. to take charge of the I'uion Pa^cine system as its prrsid'-n*.
Membersof the 01*1 Garden City Council^Step Out of Office.
Statementof the Retiring Head of^the Municipal Government^Promises of the Present
eperiaito the standard.
Mi.-.-otI v. Mav _' The old ritv council^met to-night atul at the close of routine^business. M.i.vor Keith made a statement^of the finances of tin t itv at the opening^and close of his administration, and re-^v lew kjsjj the principal work of the council.^Mi' 111^1111_r tlie sale of the bonds, and stat^^ing his ground- fot his action, and refer^^ring uufavorahlv to the mtionsof Mr.^NLsjjtaSvs. 1 he fo im t| th.-n ad|otirne^l and^tic new oiiitii il went into session with^Mavor Hi_';,us in the chair. All aldermen^MTS present ever pt Mr. flogart. whom^sick.
Inbis message Mavor Higjms pointed^out that there had been slackness in col-^Ict luiu In en-. f in.|t.iv and advised
theinmost watchlulnc-s in public work^tins siit'imei . He recommended the build^^ing..) .;^]^.^ alk.-on street, leading M th^^^SlkSOl addition, the nfMSnSa* of ^tr^-e:s^MSSSS the railroad t-a Hm l.-ni li' of^chlldleii atletehln, ihe nj i th tide si lltol-^and itnprov eni.-nt s for the sflbosv] a'lditiou |^advi-t^l the making of lnipriv-^nSSMl w. -t of t!^- Ka'th-nake and tho^eHtahlislimi'iit of a lose lions,, tilers', lb-^urged iinitv. but free and independent^j action l.v the count d. Me urged that the^citv show -the n'moii h')-pit..lny to dele^^gates to the repuMii an stale and f.rand^Xrinv ^ invention.-, and in vi-mng ment-^bci-.tftlte kOiCiW, HSSSSS revievverl^tbe botitl iniestion. -taring his -ide of tt.^Tin- was not in In- vvtifteii message, but^vv a-t ailed out l.y Mavor Keith'- remark-.^Heel ^-ed hv plei|o)t)g Into veil to do i I -
aSasssSPavth ^ goml of MS ^ ir^. Tti
Ill' ll ad |.nil 11, d [o te-et mot Moll.lav
nightwhen coniinittees w ill Is. announced
andSsSSM - ssi i ted.
Pruter.lings ot the tteueral t onflSStH e of^the vtrthodUl Ipist-opvrl v liurt-h
iivivm.m,i\ fkatSjfcj ih^ djMaMSvsSMi
otIhe resolution., t^ .oat 11 . tlelegate-.^Ih. lohn 1 ana hail said he believed lav men^would have more influence and |viwcr in^the route rent e hv Isung seated s'-paratelv .^Mr. Sinkle of Ki nun kv v ^gorou-ly^^ oinliatieil ihe idt i. lie wanted the^advice of tlie SJanMSnSfSJ, ami wante,|^the ministers m-i a-ioti illv to get advice^from the lavint'ii. lb- s.,ntet. SSJajajjaJ rcp-^re-eniatinn but opposed sefi.iration. Mr.^Xfurr.'iv' of Pennsylvania said ttie laymen^merely wr-hed h^ Is* pl.-i- ed on an eijuahtv^wttlithe ministers. Heretofore they hail^lost their tudiv idttahtv .
Ir. Hut kly. editor of the CSHSjatM A^t-^MaMSS, Ihvtiight the lav men hail not been^given a fair chance to exercise equal^l*i'.ver with the initiisteiNiue-teiitha^of the lav men. -aid lie. attended but one^general confett i^ e, but the ministerial^delegate- j.,, to conference after confer^^ence, and bishop- vv ho preside know them.^The bishop- are not acnu tinted w ith lav-^nieti anil w hen thev arise on the Moor w ith^hall a doien ministers the result is^u-ually that the presiding officer recog-^tures some iiiiin-t^ rial delegate anil the^lav man sits dow n.
\ftcra IsSnS wi inir).' the eonfereinte dt--^t iileil lo allow lav delegates whosoilestred^to select seat- ,c| a rate ttoin flit* ciini--^ter- The draw mg ot seats bv lot then^I ^ g.in ami coiiiinuctl until 7 :.^^ o'clm'k^this evening wnen th^ conference ad-^jotirne^l until ti i-morrow.
lrrtti,of tlie Chinese Escluklon BUI as^Finally Agreed I pan.^\VvsHiNt.Tos-, May ^. The conferees^on the Chinese fi'dii-Min hill reached an
,11'i'inl'lll on a In-h .f ii.^ b.il as It^p.issetl tin- a tiatt*. t'Ui wpii ceil,mi ini-^' iMitt.illt addition.- in.-isli'd li|mill b,^tho bouse conferees. As agreed^upon ihe bill is practicallv a^tl ii k linen' for ten veals ol the existing^law. w ith the follow ing additional prov i-
-toll- \o I lllliea- pet -on i - to l.f reieai-cd
onbad |ieudiiig action on a srit of habeas^rorpus : all I linn -e laKin-r- now in the^t'nited Slate- to I*,1 citni|M-lled lii obtain^PSBftstratlon certithates atnl all |tei-^sotis other than laborers mav^upplv |or sin h rertiQi ate- for^whn-li no i liarge is to Im made. This^leature of the law is to Is* carried out un^^der the direction of the iiticrtiai bureau of^mm treasurx ^Ie|taitnieut. Forging cer^^tificates will h^. putu-hable by imprison^^ment for five \^^ar^. All I'lunese person-^who attempt to rmis into the couutrv^unlawfully will he imprisoned for one^vi ar and t lien SSSSSaMaaJ to I hi lis.
.senatorsherinati and Kepreseutative^Hiitthil nut -igu the runference report,^but it is understood thev agreitl not to^tu.ike a light igaiu-t 't-adoption, (.imp.^who has the hill in tharge on the part of^the house conferee-, -aid to ti ght he ex-^|m*cts the rejiort will be adopted bv tsitti^m'nate and house tisuiorniw. and the bill^will go to the presidem foi -ignature lo-^inoiTtiw night.
Ihelni in- to Trieihls.
Los'riON.Mav t. in tiie commons to-^dsy.Lowther. parliamcntarv secretarv af
|the foreign office stated that the govern^^ment has received no ofTii ial new- of an^outbreak in Yerifmela. Two British war^-hips, however, hav e heen ordered to L*
-i .^a . ^^I v plino if, Sliilrn.^BlKIIN. May ft Repvris have reached^here that more than a ion of dyivainile^and gun |s^wder has ht'en stolen from the^i.reek magazines on the islands of foifn.^It is thought the explosives were taken in^am ill ajtiaptHisa at a time.
ItankPiiiiels 1* l.reat.
B Tl r. Mav ^Little Furk^ opened ^^three nights'engagement at Maguire'a to^^night to a large and dclightetl audience.^Frank Daniels is as funny a^ever. in fact^a little more so. if such a thing is ptssible,^and provoked toars of laughter w ith his^original n centru-ities. The company is^the strongest and nioet ev etily balanced^Daniels has ever hail. ami there |g not a^weak part tn it.
-a - a ^ i
OerntanBapasSSf tail,^jl ^vti,i s... M ,v ; I he So. .. la.i-'fe ssvs^that the export llrni of SclufTmann A^Maver hi- fsiled. with liabilmee about^l.mi.uin marks. Tf.e firm has a branch^houseat Kin de .laueiro.
ttjiigeilliy a Vloli.
Ki v'Miii.iws. \. ('., May ^. I.a^t
nightnia-k.-lu took Ivtiiin I'urdie. a
nigro muotcrer, from the couiii) jail and^hanged him.

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