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byearner at mail at tea dollars a^year, three dnlUrt a quarter or^on* dollar a mouth.
onlydally newspaper with teletraph dli.^In IWr Lodge rntiDty. It prints^telegraphic nc^^than any other^aewipaper to Montana.
Sorrsipondeoceand business letter* should be
fMala m Third streets. Anaconda.
officialfami if m umn oomrr.
AMONGTHF MSS NG^We Mippusr a pimmI MM ran In-^given why I.it'iitPiiant linyi-rimr Kick^arils was not MMMMl liy t In-Silver^How republicans when they iiuineil^ilelefMltes to the Missoula ronvi'lit it hi.^Brother liii'lianls hutl a previous en-^gaffeinc tit llu- month of May will liwl^him at UM general roiiffreiici' of Meth^ndlsm. in ^inialiu. VfcMS the litem I ier^from Montana will iintlniihtcviljr mil^tlie lay ileleuates in Mm ellnrt lore-^form tin' plan of salvation as i' wan^laid down l^y .lolm Wesley.
WeiniiliTstaud. liowi'Vt-r. that I he^lieutenant rjuveriH'r's etipnijeiiiei'ts US^puch ax would BOfSaJI MM to ojfSS a
aisMJsM InUm national rnsvotitlas
atMinim a|^^1 is. I I::i|^s tin- ri | uhli-^i-aiiK w Im tin-i t next MSI m Missoula^will honor I^ iin with tlM SMOtsfJSMS^J^and then, again. WfSSSS I la y vvkh'IiIii^anything of the sort. We do not niter^that Hit' ItoMMSSl gnvi-rnnr li MM of^those republicans whom Cetieral War^ren ilerlarcil. in Um silver MS con^^vention he would lie ashamed to he^found Head with, at the imm time, we^imagine that Mr. I.'.ckjnls hasn't pre^finely ^nt the pull.
Hut what iihout t'apt. Tlimuas^CSSoa^ lie siiri ly isn't working in^the Lord's Mothnilist KpMBOMl vine^yard at Omaha not lie. Lay ripre^M'litatiou and the oiiliuatiiiu of lush^ops aren't ill the ( aplain s line: vet we^d^^ not liud his name annum U*^ elect^for Missoula. HI ii.urn', I lie Captain^doesn't al vv.: v s pull tine. Lut ill a^peace-and harmony HMMStlM vvlitie^President Hall fnrgn\e Muiphy. could^n't Mr. Mantle pronounce alsolutn ii^over ^ aplain t ouch f
TRYiNGIT ON RLtD^Tt ap|^ears thai ipnte a hoom for ex^Speaker Heed has MM started 0) some^of the repuhlicans who cannot PMM^rile themselves to the Itollliliatioil of^Harrison. Last week an effort was^made to draw loin I'latt into this^movement with what siuces* we have^not learned.
Iteeddislikes Harrison as cordially^as any man to the I nited MSMS In^fart, it in hard for him to got along in^a friendly way w ith auyhmlv for st v^oral consecilt ive weeks. l'or years he^has lieen at swo nls points w ith Itlaine.^his (|iiairel with Hie two senators from^Maine is bitter and of lone; statuling.^he hates Harrison above ground, and^he is hlattant in pim lauiat ion of his^hatred.
HeedWould like mii.'lit ily to he Hie^candidate ot Ins party for the presi^dency. Two years ago he petsiiailcd^himself that lie was going Is IS; ami lie^set out in ISTSttl tt SFISSIm* thtSgt^his way. It was lieoil who proposed^that, ill the MStta, ' vve republicans do^our own registral ion. our own count^ing. ourowii certilicatlon.^ 'I lie wind^Mint out ut the RMS' SMM in sur^^prisingly ipnck I line.
Iteedit v\as w ho lull! a meeting of^miners in litanite. one night, thai he^was a loyal friend ol silver, lie is the^same liecilwho. a lew months laid,^when the silver ajUMltM was up m the^housc.assciteiltli.it ^the new slates in^the M est are mNSBmbJmJ altogether^too in inli that is to the del I inicnt of^the Last.
Theattempt of t!u^ ailiiniiistratiou^to capture the I olmailo rspsbliSM^^tate cotiveiitum. last Tlnu ^.;.iv. was^one of the vear's most launuia FotltUroa,^'J he ellort ot Mi. NaxriaOsi'i emissaries
Wasto llllilli e the colli cut Ion t.i HI
dorsethe administration. Phi* was^llatly MfSsed; indeed, in a convention^including more than six hundred lich^^gates, only Hum or Mr mm mtm*
foundwilling to VOlS lor the SMifSd^taSMMMt The la'cM MSMTSlSg^I oloradn is an nili ri u w with Senator^AVolcott w ho sais that n In any chance^Harrison gets | MSjorit} in the M m^MMMtHMSMSttM, he Mill lune to^U'satistieii with tMt, ^We are op-^posi'il to llaiHM'ti lust and laat,^ adds^the senator, and Colorado will never^vote to make it BMSlSinHI
MayorN'antie's inaugural addiess^MSMMd up a gocil ileal of well^founded ::ticisin m saiing that a po^MSMSS cannot discharge Ins duty In^converting himself into a sign post,^hy )rei|iieiit ing aaloOM and by attend^MM) at public entertainments.
That is true Mgh. vet this has
bevnthe chief oceup'.it'.ou of some of^the men on lliitte's pi lice foTM, and^every ptttaM kMSn it. It the new a;l^jiiinistiation britlfl sboM a U-tter^order of thing-in thia rMpert, 't the
meilllieisof the tune are i ^iiipc!!i'i| In^patrol, if sohr.ell is ilcniaiiih illand ah^aolute ahst lueie i' MSStSi terisg the^hours when a pohceiuaii is on duty,^tlie service will he better than MM it^has been in llutte.
Hackof all this. Iioiveiei. are more^important considerations. The India^putahle fact is that the police serine^lit llutte will never he up to the inaik.^or near it, a- Mf t^*i (MM is inan-
aceilon the present plan, which makes^the tenure of oflleers and privates^subject to the political shifting of a^spring election. The department
oughtto he under tlbarge of one
responsiblechief, whose duties should^be such as to demand all his time,^and whose tenure should he limited^only hy elhcienl service anil satistac^tory behavior.
Tosuch an oflloer it should I* a^matter of no account whalever^whether Hie city government, for a^passing year, is republican or demo^cratic he should lie absolutely inde^pendent of the fate of city and^ward candidates. I iider the Unite^plan, tlie makeup of the police force^changes with neatly every April elec^^tion. The coiiseipience is that the^supervision ol the force i. seldom^good, w hile, as a rule, it is notoriously^MMSapMMti
Thecities w here control and disci^^pline of the police force are of high^excellence are cities whcie a fMS^chief is retained in service from ^ear^toiear and there is not a single ex^cept ion to this rule. i 'nderthe lintle^plan, some man who happens to have a^little political pull is pretty apt to^lie marshal or chief, and Hie result is^sure to he that, during his term. tM^MUtletaM always have the pull with^him.
The police department should be^separated, in point of tenure and man^agenienl. troin the local political in:^clniicry. This can MMMi indeed, it^is done in i BHJmM| of American ' it^ies. And ^oii call put it down for a^SM4 certainty that the city of Untie^w ill never have h well org ini/eil and^well illscipliiieil police (OTMM h'llg as^the city MfSMS in the mistaken policy^of overhauling the service after every^spring elect ion.
TheM \ Mi \i:n's Washington cor^respondent doesn't appear to Im- able^to liud out what Mr. Carter's inteii-^t onsare. It seems that h^ is going to^^ lint, in anticipation of being in Mmi^tana during the summer. Yesterday's^special dispatch sa\s that Mr. Carter^allowed the news of his intended re-^lilMMM I^ be circulated through re^publican ehaunels in the West MfoiS^he let it he aliiioiineeil in I be Last.
W'efancy that, fur reasons not now^given out. the summer will be a MSMS^of political activity for Mr. Carter. He^will nut have to worry over t he delivery^of the Mniitaua di legation to Harrison
thedelegation will have to vote that
wayor holt; and Ih* indications are^lii.il the Montana SMMSt ion will not^have the coinage to walk out.
HutMr. Carter will he Iiiihv in the^post oonv mt inn days lift ing up his voice^in behalf of Harrison's clap trap about^an international conference.
THtYKNOW THEIR MAN^On the fourth page of the llutte I ^U r^IfaMNfitfa), in its edition for Mmulav^evening, we read that the Silver How^county icpiiblicancoiivenlioii demands^that tlie delegates sent from this state^to Minneapolis shall use all ellort to^secure the nomination of a friend ol^flee MiSSSS
Oilthe lit st page of the same issue of^our contciiiporarv. we bint a press dis^^patch announcing t hat. according to^careful estimates prepared in Wash^iligton. SSI delegates already chosen^for the Minneapolis convention have^been Histriicted to vote tor Harrison,^and that this is a minority of one on^the his! ballot. The dispatch adds that^several UUiMMtrilcted delegates are^known to he posi'ively in l.ivorof the^pre .idem.
Wesuppose that our republican^friends in silver llovi county are satis^lied that Mr. Harrison Will be their^party s candidate there is no doubt^on that scoie. W e suppose, loo. t hat^none ol Iheui will soberly say that^silver has a friend in bun. I MtT those^citciiiiist.lin es, it i^- not eitsy to get at^the import of the county convention's^express ion. list ho dc legal ion at M issoula^will lie oieeted ill the full MMTSSM^that it must either vote to make unani^^mous the nomination of a tight ing^enemy or walk out of the national^convent um hall.
IiuropMUnations are congratul.it ing^themselves and each other i n hav ing^passed May day without hlnndatwf^The extraordinary precautions taken^hy the authorities in the larger cities^seem to have served their purpose.^I loth the populace and the pol.ee seen^to have learned w isd^ in by experience,^tin loriner May days they um into^conflict more through incompetence^and hick of tact on the part ot the otii^cers than through any malicious act of^of violence or llllent to do w rung i n^Um part of the wm kingmen. l ast^Sunday, too. it was noticeable that^while the processions Were as iMSMlM^ill point of magnitude as ever, the^crowds in the streets were sinallcr. a^condition due probably to a prevalent^fear of bomb throwing. The memories^of past disturbances were sufficient to^cause greater caution all around.
w.iiehDug MokMM should Mwrea his
backlarlenderfis'l. Montana's uM-tuia-i-s^Son i seal a smm.iIi.
MaaoMrSrt the msSMmo rioi.nl'l-^phiu rVaHO toiildiBSi oinch was licked^up iii it lartakMng '^ loot nook'a
flea,via. BOatl .n a iMMMOf sirui^^Hue. The Setril vvoalil pixibablt make^Ilia' c..inn , n Is half af -hc.il.
C.lller e.llillol btttO mbmsm too ^^^ mhi.
lbsmi leea .i- a flmea Nmairaf arora never
nc'sleilinoie iiii|H':'atii^*l.v.
tllaaVmaaful orMtlior all tuo atriktag
eOTpeOleeain New York and HalliiiKiie.ue^hittSaj the nail ou the In .nl.
MMof the itark baeaoa .iii* qttilO 00
Mokjoa tin v v\ ara a lew ooeba ooax
TlieIntelligence that l*nifoK^^ir K.^ h ad-^nut - iti.it aii b mph i^ a t.'.imi ladMieact-^aoMga Mom poootte. laa aa^*a. have been^Maoflttod b^ n bat moio tovroogti im tfl
foelon their imagination lhan on their^hints. It looks na if the |irofe^aor waa a^trifle too honest. Ho might havo kept^still bom bHmMI the lymph to operate aaa
AfterCommissioner Carter resigns there^^ ill still Im' an op|n^rtimitv for him to do a^land olllee business in IM way of eon.^cihaling the repiihlicau factions herea^^bouts.
Ifhe has the liest MSMS of his father^nl heart. MM MoaoS should not debiy^starling on u pioloiu.'ed trip to the an-
TheIMS who have stolen a ton of^ilviiauiite from the (ireek goveniinent uro^eviilently pi. panil to defend their action.
TheParisian jurors who let M. Havu-^eholdownso easily have eacaped O Mmn^MS up from the dynamiters. Inn not from^MM MoaajMS
(inter thinks lie might an well resign^MS as wait till March I next.
T'hnnkMV MM MMOMJI IS the^judire, ^tin on Moiidav soiiloneeil him to^death. Tin. rest of llie world will eor-^ib.illv unite with Mr. MMSmIIS Hub ex-^pi-esaioii of gratitude to the court.
Theroad ggMM ^ ho held up a Kansns^City street i-ar ami o'liniinil II cents are^iloiiblless a large hit disgusted.
lineStyle el U u MMS Alailll-
liigiytMM ii-
ll oin tli*' Mm LboObb IMSMa.
ThisMMMMjIof sneeilnmi- i-gelling^i.hi shi.eliiu^ly ntinou. and the next^jil'eil lover w ho MMgOa tn N OSgM to be^-H iiu up to a lamp BOBt. 'I lu-|e OBB man.v^BBOtSoNO, Wrtat sweet, and if one d^s ^^not want to marry a man another ma^.^lb- eau move on, ns the | oliei mi ll say.^King MrOea of S^ oil.mil had toliy MOOB^i bail ouee liefure be uol his thcone. Tin-^rejection of a man is very much MM that^of a in.imisei ipi. it may not imply a lack^of loeril oil the pall of the rejretell. hut^BMffM iioti-.ivailahilit.v or iori-stalliiient.^'ITn re di* man.v BBOOMM why a MM^may not want 1o marry, The MMM are^gottihu * iwT anil more fastidious every^day. T'hev have inile|ien^leu^e and frw-^SOOg Iroiu eai-4*. and they are gMSMj ^^bit BbMoO in w ishing to enjoy them while^they may. Then thei-o is an over-^supply of women, all. nowadavs. i^imkI^|aaw|i inlelliueut. UBMOtSt. prettv well^udapteii lo make any man happy. If one^of them has to reject a suitor, il is reull.v^bun.il and poaiively MgOMMSgSM '^^him loc.-optv his ii'v oh er nl her. Such a^praeiiee must be Kiimiuartl.v diMtiurugisI^or else the .voiitu^ Indies will have to have^a niie liltle BMrotMr and kei |i it haiiilv^while aMoHOMaiM their tin u Irieud-.^TbofO BBlglM lo Is* no sympathy for tln-^lii ules w ho try lo inuriler woiiii u w ho.-c^illtllflioll sill' them feolll in eeplance of^their iilli l^. I.atel\ Ihel-e has been solne-^llllM hke an epidemic of slaughter in^which women art- always the victims. \^*h eil SoM in a mouieat of MoiSon nalght^I e palliateil. bill the deiSkBTBtO BBVBMHMO-^tioii of the mall w ho pun-tiastsl a pistnl^nod ciMilIy aaniMarod Ihi'voungt ninbciilu**^amoaonataataldm rewanbd by the gaaff
fold.It has come to a pretty pass w hen^wooing is done at the muzzle of a pistol.
gSII MUM rill-: A KM Y.^HecrftHry MfeMo* l.lltlr MSOMS MN JOeel-
Sm^ 11,1 SsMooM
rrin tiic IM| MBj
Thev iew s ol Seeix'tary lllkins mi any^BBMgOM MO always inlcrestiiig. whelhcr^they an- to HllggeHt Ibe lllealls w MOOlBJ the^aov erililli-lll may protect I he seals-o that^the prntits nl lus m:iI MSMSM M Ml^I.,- lesscMHsl, oi* ii|niii a ipieston grMM^more s-.i-ietly ap|m-iiaiiis lo the duties of^his ilepnriuieni. He is HOHOjM praetieal.^Ilul his MgMOtMS that the mihtar^ estnb-^MOMl BMmJ Im MBMSMSi while it^may have a practical toici* to him as sec-^ivtniy of wnr. MOi not nppear in NNB |juht^to IOO MMMl public. No MSMM not BBS^i.ohltely bMPOMttVO B*OOjU BBOOitTB till'^sanction ol till' 4MMMM people. The lie-
ee-'-ilyfor such MSOMOMSSM MoaISM^Oklol now. TTit* BMOOMOMM of the^^rie-'ler^ war M WyoBMMji ihi' opening^ot military and Indian rei-ei'valious to^BOttteCBi and an OOCOOMmJ MS vxith the^lliih.it:-. ale the OMJ illeiilents lh.it call^|bV 'he MCVteOB of the I nilcd .^stale- ai ^ I^^^at present. The SMSO to BCSBg tin uiili-^1 la anil ii yulal trisip- into i*l^^s4*r ri-lal ions^is all w ry OOStnu'llilable. bill, if to i Meet^such lelal n-tls. it is ncccs-nry In incii-iisa*
ourpagnloc Coeee. it wmiiii h Mrs r ia let
theohl oi-ih-r of MMjB pti-vail. dm led-^eial troop-, flaough small in iiitmbei-. atx*^M*)M to llnuland's infantiy. (Ml^LoM W'ol-elcy i'liaraetci-i/cil reeeiuly as^boMgO little Is'iter than MllaMgHlOgM^ot all invasion. It is ihitihtless a a i-e^thiiiu to piepare tor war in time ut |^i-aec.^Im; the booolo of this country opfm nuns^no w.irbse SMlMtaMI BB on tliis ountilieM^at pleseul.
imutmai mih,
11'ii.nl^ i.^.,'^in^ tin- aoMoJatoaikio.aod it^ttseaot*bbb iiie soft Matal m aaaaSgltheog^MOOBBOjeot. S*oaolaof^b iw.
NetM omb DeMote UwaMSorSae Ui M
in-ltiicleil in \ ite tm Hai'rjwJQ ut .M ai'i^ .c'uli-,
aotMoooanajeaa in- Mfwoa la vote '^i Mr.^III.iiuc. Id-^^ a s i'^s n^ n liat in-lca I ' : .i.mil
in- MMna MiroM, hurl.
i'letadaS'aadMS. oM Mt Ml atnieH in^Ni w I'saS Mi ii tooMoSM aBMaooesfaMiBt tMt
shewill In* .1 BOMIdOlB lot III*' pi'-M.li'lli-y.^kMOM BITBOOV 00 ca . lv 'MOiBfMM ^ I'll Hell.
MOMS. Malr. rV ^-^ikm not. Ut*.
Itepie-ellllll'Vctl'Kl rrati'l i-luiiactrl )/.ill,.|i of
lb!!m ^ rev anil' MeMd 11s a lien obiImb ii all^ilie imnc in'pi'ipi niie t^ i .ill tli.ii Xt.^\ BOtthefSaj
nliletitei ruts iii OBTaeOBB IM SMS) In ' ^ ^MVell-^llBO. CIii.i Hfrohf, ii r
vvi .nc inn I'liii'ie'.n i^^l\ BfaMaea' ivm-lu^^M sUiftlt in ^s* ut Ii. reoMvtlNB a Ot tin i n p vie*^Mi la orSM or Mora. IIMoroM lo IMiMaa.^rratleataieol MIbbIbbImI IMS eqiatHyarraaj^in tic ii i aMleaa -late of ufclo Mali i lion rata
M.K ml* v .-^ ft ri/ioin* Pnn'ii fVcltrl. rfi m,
taoMa bbo sever be ^nytnSBj but a mibtMo
till^ iflare iSbo.ii^ taneidare. furM-aia*
aMOMsle.lh'i' npply Inr anoeaaftkia nl -eml
innMa BBmle lattaaraaM att itaiiuuis'ntan
|; .'-In |m | i^W t.iil, fur win. Il tin, BVfB
BteoSati JTrw I'm.'. tMaOparcM A4rrrUm^i
Befar m im aeoerol arum UBnr* nt the ai-^Mj i-eiivi uiii'ii aioeaoBfooM ii.ev tmU far IS^He eeaaBaent. VM BsnrentlMa eemptinM*n^Ml^ileueral ii.u i-.m * admlaiktratii m. inii mi -Hen^Mowaa MOMaMt loot the BoMSgatratMl S^^ Ineftv itBaBaaroSaMe liwaOM Barretari Klalae^la a tin inlx r of tl^ eablin-l. /Icn' oei/
Tin*SSm MflSj MM of MjM i ajeSM^claim that i eats will MOmM wlieieln at least^MM iopi.l^!a ati^ will rata the ||i|rtl | utv^laMI. ana tool ftxaai o\Ma le t*.uo atllaarre^SrMBaMaoMMMooMOBUSMBO fin ai MB^rMSarMroSotS eaoteroBg. nn naMer oMi
lie ll'-Ult lit tile -t.lte llclllin ratli i ..|.\, m inn
nlBMOM gM| Mfc
IiI* MSMa in MkMj ever a BBekan*1 af aa^^bMsmo Mat win iievi r mo Ma * Bant t that t^^aartMSarll OMM mmi aooeagtaa n.m, ,.^m-^:xi' ^I -iv.i . MM Md ' lie 11 tat itn iuh i.u.irs
the li'll' I I'll.It.^ii Wt Pii'-lilelll ii. i i...n |sg
BaaagMtMlMgroOBalia BUstaMtMcMr
MMaaotlitis tact ' lli Ii ai tfaejMj
AflarIMMmMJ NmM Fuwea. Ha Buna^a Hnlfa Throuch Hla Taafar.
Anaeieount of the iierformances of the^Indian fokar, S,diman ben Aiasa, is given^hv the ^ ii'iina cnrres|Miiident of the Onicrl.
1MMM has very pro|^crl^ MS foi-
hnldeiiin puhlic plac s in Vienna, hut a^series of pm ate entertainments has Iwen^arrangisl. An arisUKTutic audience ^iin^pn-scnt at the first of these. The fakir^commenced his porforinonoea by inhaling^the fumes of burnt powder MMMl from^extracts of snake anil scorpion poisons,^and by MMM ^|iliek movements of^the head he prxMluccd a fouiiiiug at^the mouth. After these prelimina^^ries needles and other almrp instru^^ments wciii MS through various parts^of his Issly. MOMOMM a mmMMSMI^lone and half an inch bnsid. which w as^thrust through his tongue. Another feat^w hich ia saiil |^i hav e rauseil great HM^MBSMmSmS] to pulling forward the eyo-^ball and presenting it outside the orbit to^Not view of the audience 1st ween two^tini/em.
Hewas ^invulnerable^ also lo the hent^produced hy a Mauling torch held for a^minute and a half against the under sur^^face of hi* foivanii. Chewing glass and^playing with MMM snakes were^among his other tricks. The RMObI re-^cajls the agpMMMM of the celebrated^^Kiii' Rtap^ o4jO many years ago) created^a sensation in London by advertising his^MMSSM p.russie acid without iiijury^to himself. The history of Ids ex|xisiiro,^sudden downfall and subsispient innlig-^M challenge lo Mr. Wnl'.ley lo |gM '^^duel foi ui one of the iiiokI illicit stitu;^{ chapters in the older volumes of the^I Ltiiivrt. The MOOat ile|irieates MbSmOjI^M MOMMg tbeii MMMmH in any
MM'^ such mmmI OMMM
MMMIits oxvn SWOWML^^mmHMmm MmmmSmo Ommm] t^o
li-ltii - lli.il Went to Sea.
Anionicthe stories of extraordinary co^^incidences, writi's the Loudon eorres|NMul-^ent of ihe Leeds .l/cceio'i/, not the least^ISM is the history of a letter, for the^accuracy of which he call vouch. A short^lime ago a lady in Ijoudoii w isln il to write^ton triced in America, whost* address she^did not know . '1 be only means she had of^MMSSMJ Ihi' address was to write lo a^mulilul friend, who also lived in America.^This shi' accordingly did.and the letter w as^duly d^pateheil Tlie ship which carried^tlie letter was vv reekeil, and the mails fi r^a lime lost. They MM eventually MOOT^^civil and brought back lo llimlnml. the loi^^ters, now much damaged by sea wnt^*i-. M^lag n tm in il through the dead letter olllee^to ihi' OMMM
Theletter in i|i;estii.n was sent back^lothe lady, who naturally examined it^minutely. To her surprise she found^thai another MMT had MMOMO OMBOty^stuck to n. Hoiiling up Ibe iwolold^missive lo the light, she iteeiphered the^mmoosb on the one w Inch was MOotl to Mr^own. It was a letter addressed to the^friend to whom she bail w ished to write,^and to discover whose wheis-alsmts her^own letter bad been ile|iatehed. KmV^letter thus literally brought bach its o.v n^Ml or.
MAY vi AtiMlss.
Tin'man vv ho is -hallow ed is nci'cssurily^itiuler a cloud. l^aiaStwoMl MMSj
AOMM ohl gggl is all right. It is the^green young ago that is duuifcrous. O'u/-^MBMH Hi OOi
TakeiNianler- if you think it will pay.^only don't try to board a aiov ing train,^/anre// I mcmc*
Amodel of the vv bite MUM is to be^showtial the Columblall i'\|Mi-ilioii. Ca|ii-^tal idea. 1'hilmh l/ilmi Ij-mlfi:
Voti'isvvillcontinue to come up to '.he^scratch while there are name* on the^tickets that need scratching. AVic Urlran .
Itis eiirioas how a woman who screams^at a mouse is not startled h.v a millmciy^lull that makes a mall tremble. mMJOOM*^Ml y.V/n'li/icoii.
Allostou paper prints an essay emit led^^What Shall We Hat fur IliiinerV^ Thai^MBCOlMS has MUMNBl millions of poor^ih'V ils for agi's. ( uhnuhtis fu*!.
Yv'bata-tirllelle and her .voting man^BOB MMMi down stairs.^ said Mrs.^MMM tin* sounds of laughter came^floating up from MOBOt at a late hour. ^A^stir'.'^ saiil Mr. llrov.it. ^That's very nat^^ural. 1 In y're hav tun a s|kjoii.^ MM t'erS
llatmlilis- Mt| IHmJNMM with ytMi,^M.:iit|. W hat lia\f ^^^u tlotit' to himV^^^^ N'rlhiMf ili.u I know ol i'Vi'in that,^w In n Im t^^t^ 1 mi' UuM iiitflil ho inner lUhtHl^r^^r itunpliitH'Ht^a i to!t| him lit' w aH\\ii^f.^iHt-aiiKc h^' ilitln't ha\f tin* rinlil Uiiul of^hait.' fhtrjH'r's iin.fti .
'Ami yiiii ^a ut a |m^iimo.i V^ uTli.n^^^what ^Ht.w lot it;I on in tlirwar'.^'
Wi'll. mi*. I u iir mai l it tl 'lolly in '^^^^. an^^|m-acf .iiu'i Im-i-ii tic lantl ^it : mi. von kill^^ i-.' rttlMhlTT ft r ^oi^olr!^ .\tla.itn ^ \m^U-^trttttiii.
M'tSIM; ( I I AMNti.
ISMIMpVv ^^: h L ^i.itin ^ hoiisr. is mmVmI^awn.
Itiiliii^ I o iM-lioltt N a liM'ih'l to iliitvt Hi*'^|i'i.iiift h\,
I\. cpiitr; in ia|iiiii^^ i-IranIiiei tlnif1 my honu* U
11ts-liilrsin u i|^l is iiimlt a i'l iiiial t liunh tlH'ti, nlilni.it a form
ill'l Voltt.
'Tl*toihiM lit tin Hit' i;ift*'r to tli*- ho'.lom HttM^ktair:
AndI. I MVS ht'lilml iM MMI ^ MW I t ntt'i^tttctv
Tn*tin* w.)-^ii i^rii^li. liki* a w hli i ^ !iM, ilr\;i*-
tal'^ tli*- iM'.n'i'ful M'riif.^I or MalmI.i i- I In* rW'tilU'tt of tlH' tli'iillt'st of tilt*
CutWitlMolIt like Nature. fi^r oarly evory
|im's Siitme not hoi M'rnh-hrush out, hor ihi^t^*i
inn:ttff Wm$;^\\ it'i I t , iitiatlity MaunHiul htickPt iloe* slit*travrl
.illftbout, *
AutlHWoMhn throu;:li tlx' ImMWIM MsdNII
MM'DM iMMg Mtta
Andilio |Mil*a up u*^w la^r i iitlain* In tin- w imlov*.^id far ^^k\.
M.ulc.tfv lul. mi ini\^d with s: i iishnic. float
Mm.Niim. i -ir^.^\\ In ti1 lie t.oruoou^ Min at hiiiimM tUitl* I ho rloiuh
ahml nim 'inled.^And Im* Mlt k^a in- Jowritsl liait|^Ui throitich tin*
harkhail of li t* wm Id.
AndIMI UtkM h't' did! Inown MffMJl Mm! si^'
iMm ^t Com tho hill-.^\ud Mm uprnyri h^*i %%mtu with slMMtri till tfetf
totMttihrouuh totlf Mils.^Iht'ii lo rtUll) M.'i iitKlt d cai |h-t. w it'i U- h:^^'U-
KTnttMl^'f l*ftKM '.'H-oii^Kite .hi- llrll a^* Il o Hoof mat 'm-alh IM
Mgil l a oho of a MJMm
MiMatiltl.i. w||.^k MfJV WMmMMm it ^^ KfJl^ttt mi o:tr*.
Andt Im ,u- in |MMlot t i livthin to KM MMk of^tho s|'hi it
BMM'llytMII kNM t'in-ll for llh^^^ ^^*,
It'ovt-ihl-;iif| and Indict.^4 halt i! that It iit-tho no aviuf fur tho KtlfiK)
I^^m'f t ho r.
I'MJUf MMMhMJ hoi -^^ with \a!uro. MJH IM
do|'|t!in:Ui tivf Mil h^To wit h tin |*tati*(ttrail a'!^*- tho
MMT)atol1.^I inc. Ji tl'c IMiM - on tM MJMM and |M w MM
hitMai ihn's iii^t |^NMIS^I wdl out t.i^ ^oi|i|n*r gkaiolln^. l.ifi^-il m uiii-
-^.ifn n\i/h r i o \
Aipeclalty. AIM or dam, throtA m^and nervous gyttem.
emcnnouns: t.^ a. k. to r p. k
Ko.r.r. N. Main St.. n^ar AVoolman. n^-ttf. Mont
UOlca,FlrU strr-ot. tiPtwi'rB Main and Oak,^Anaconda, Muutaux
Sya M pror^M. All Classes of Imtal^WorU MUMOMa to lii'-'. -'liiv . manner.^ArtllicUl Ipotli \\ il hunt I'UMi.
riijalclan aod Surseon of St Ann'a Boipttal^^and Montana L'oUO SaTmail
Cor.Mala and Third street*.
officbOvek Rranikin'b Storb, Ektbaboo
ojiIrUMI m Hi-.tr.
IteildanoBon Oak Ureat.
Nearst Ann'a HnapttaL
llfflcnhours *:^.v in. to 11:50 p. m.. from l:AI^to ft p. m., and from Ml p. m. to I u. Ba
liealeuIX l'.EAL MM and Ml.MXO STOCK
Scliroeder'a Block
MlulUjiSiockH of all klmU Imnclit and tiold on^reatouauto coiiiiuiik^ioti.
Oftlcpu ^ur Nga) Nutlonat llauit,
Braadwar. - ^ rhUlpaburf, Mont.
EtttmaleaFumlshMl on All Kin.Is of Uulldlnga
RpfcrvncoIn tlia City.
Shopon Oak ttr*et, tMittraen Park avocua^and Tlilid ktrci l,^A.nacomia.- Montana.
^^*.t. MMMi ^i. ^t. gSSOTSMSk it. c i liAB-
OEltS,M a iii 1 S HA1.V. I K. fcAUUEANX.
6utteCITY, MONT.
Transarta crnrral banklnt butlneM. Ft-^rliauk^ i.i - i u uu aU Ilia luiidui; citie. ot
CSfOHBOadnts: Wells. Farirn A; Co.. N^t^^YorU: Watta, Fargn li ^'^.. Halt Ijvke: WvIK^1 aruo It Co.. Hmi Kir'ncisco; i iinaliu Nailnual^IUiiik. oaiaua; Firat National Rank, uuiojix
Wnolasalcand Retail Dealer* la
MainStreet Anaconda
Asa matter of ronrse yon do. If you^want to mo kSSt uud at a modeialB
prionput up at tlin
SThOlin SToSOOt, ImSb. Nicely fur-^ii sh. il rooms. Evci'lleiit table. m | wtta^nil tin- market afford.. In fact, a first^eia*.* liolel. lion't overt.Mik I ur lliAMS^Meals, a^i rents. Board, }.'..0o |M'r week.^hmmw aci'ouiinoilatlons for OMMMMmI^men.mau'lr II 10NES, Propr.otori.
V.G. BUOWNELU Proprietor.
Boggles,Saddles and Horses (or Hira.
Alsopropneior of PafsenKer. Hapsase I^prc;^ Line i onnoi'tiou uuda^Willi all trams.
Otacaand btable. Flnl street. Anaconda.
Inrown^ MMl^and M^R EMOVED
WithoutPain^or IUoihI Drawn.
Prof.I. Jeffreys
CHIROPODIST,MANICURE a-d DERMATOIOGISI^Uoolii i. ai Mam Hlri-et, llutte. Mont.
OverRest Boot ud Shoe Store,
BetwcmPark and Broadway Street..
Wherehe ran he COB-^suited FRKK OF^CllAKciK^on all^Prlvato and^Chronlo Dis^^eases of Both^Sexes - Perfect
CuresWar^^ranted No In^^curable Cases^Undertaken^No^Injurious^Drugs.
CATARRH.Throat. I.unn and Blood Diaeasaa,^apeedlly and perms, nently cured by my^new system of Inhalation of com^^pound medicated Tupora.
Disease*of tlie N'ervoin System, aueh a. SaB^Abuse, M-iimial W r-aklies*. NllXllt Uisses. l.os.or^^e\ual Power. lltiMHl KtMBTOMB unit I^iSS of
Ambition.Aversion to Society. Melancholy, In^^digestion, etc.. leadtnE lo SoltentllK of Ilia^1 Irani ami iusault v. all eiirnbla cases, warratite.i^to cure In h very short time. No mailer what^you hare taken or who has falle.1 lo cure you.^Iir. Si'hulta warrants a cure of every ease ho^undertakes. liis w uiuierfiit new remerty is ttm^only ccriain and pciiuau^ v.i euro in tuck dis^^eases.
Imnot trust your case to any OJMSSSJ^who has not inade a iier^onai rIaiaaBafIlia of^vonr system, oiiierwlse ynu will lie disappointed^by falluro of treatment, if it uoo^ not iiiuku yon^MM
Varicocele.Ilviiroeele. Kidney and Bladder^tronblea. Cyottta. CyBtottthliMla. ralenH, Vesl-^call*, fystoplillinda, i vstospasiiius. I'ystoplecla,^Knuresls Xocturola, Diseases of the Ulnod aint^Mklu, i.onorroea. loc i. Mneture I.ioikI Pop^eons, syphilitic and otherwise. Tetter, and all^impurities of the bioo.1 caiisnn; o-uptinus, pim^^ples, tiioti'hes, falling out of tae hair, etc.,^promptty eradicated.
specialIirpnrtmrnt for Dlaeaaea I'e-^cullar lo Women, such as Prolapse. Ami^lie -;m i Iterrnriectlon. la-ucorrliea, and all dit-^e.'iarires, i hroiilc liillannnation. all lrre.-ulau-^lles, etc.. kpoejily cured by my new renieily.
Manyhundred case, cured In Montana and^adjoining .tales.
Beferenresran be given by examination of^scores of testimonial..
Innnt be Influenced by tbe Jealous or prsjir^sliced but come and soo him.
bprculuttcutiou to corretpondnacB.
ThinElastic Rubber Plate
Isthe Mot Beautiful ami Ter*^feet Fittinor Artificial^Teeth Made,
VTIIicot break or drop down la tbe moults
TeethExtracted Absolutely Without Polo,
andwithout lite of anaesthetic If you will^take tlie trouble to Investigate this method you^will uol dread again lo have tenth extracted.
Calland in ve.tlirato and be convinced.
IncorporatedOnder the Lin of HontLU
(louthwestCorner Main and Park Streets^PAIH IN I'APITAU - SIOO.OOO.^Five per cent. Interest rntd on Savings lie|ioii|ts
andi'.iniiHHindeii Scnil-Alintially. Itecelve.
IienositsSulijeirt lo Cheek. Illscoitnts i'otn-
Dierrlal)'a|iera and Lo ins ou Ileal I .suto.
Lirawsl-'oruijfn and tVonieslic Kicliau^o.
Ofticehours From 10 a. m. to a p. ni. and oa^Saturilay evenincii from 7 p. in. tu , p. in.^P. A. Larukv . Piesnleii
C.II. 1'alsik!'.. \ leo Preslitent.
1'.M. II um.i ns. Cashier.
DirectorsP. A. Larsey.Clias. II. Palmer. Geo.^W. Stapleti.n. S. V . Kemiiei. T. M. Hmtsem, A.^II. IMHOl. WOt U.vell. U i-. liuoth. t. JA
Putt*fitv Triit .mil .\wniim Ca
Hmmzr Heme MOsOswT, tht only practical
mvoomMM in MOMMMi
Leaveorders at 133 South Main street.
Eiiu! ^. Hoopor, Proprietors
sfatCigars. Tubaco anJ Coafectioiier|f
Sboirwle and rcuu. mSM ^b v-OAJ. vMia
jt J. MiCJNNt'.L Si CO .
SlIUS OSMOSOl* ami liFI inv.
l.raveall communication*, onlers tor puitts .ui.l^mooH oatkMB. ^ ,th atan ai Hoomm ll^. 'l.
IDBIv^ ..l t'Tili' I'toinp: BOMBtMB.
Omnibusto all trains.
Tli'i'nly SMmO and i row.led 11 i ^^ 3^lliet itv. *lvvo rntraniT . ftoul \V^uuuiJ^fclrett for l^rivato naftksa.
Vocaland MOlTIUOBOtOl Conee-t KverT^Fventnc. BtTBIlBera rlsitlaa this re- irt^Bte arwavv trtsatad csiiiteoHaly. iiie^I il| |^er sliades I .,s tlie kit test transient^bh l icit! tra*la of any Louse m iub^\v csti ru Country.
J.K tn'.tiK H. C C.-.rn^^ C. H HnJ
(tairple^nt ban fiver. QoU. Csaooi sal^I.e.,il i'res. P. fI. Be* Ra. IWBee. aeot:^mdldk.it. enrnar I'tali aadOffaotta ittiJBta^an 1.1 OOMOi mbSo Sotta
J.K. EVELETH, Manairor

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