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8:55A. M.- From Butte Iatn Diitt* T:8B
ni:Sllvnr Bow (i:U7 11 m; Stiiart ^ * a m.^1 2 :OB p. M. f'rutn ll'itte uti-l tiarrftoo
leavesi.utte 11:00 Bin: Mlvrr Bow 11:1* Km:
ftimrt11:46 am: leare* ^i^rn^iu loooum;
lw-erI-otlpe io-.'s im. Warm ^|^rme^tOi.Y.aiu.^6:OS P. M,^LrmVM l uttc :. uu \, m. StUer
Bow!i to li 111: Ml ait fi:4;- |^ In.^0:65 P. M. -IJWH ^;ari -Maa * :s i^ n^; Deer
LookoMl p iu, Warm Spring* trao p Bi;
Btiurt9Up m.
8:1OA. M.- r^t r.arrltnn-Stuart ^^^^;
WarmSpring* fcSO a in: Ucer Lodge ^;23 a mi
arrivefiarriton u u a m^SCOO A. M.- For Kiitte- f^tiutrt OlDam.Orar
^^^v.M am; Sliver Bow ti.w a in. arrive Butt*
inm a in.
S:00P. M.-For Butte and Qarrtaoa^Stuart^*:isiun: Stiver IV'wi f; nm. arrive Butte^4 on |i m: Waiin Spring* a Mpm: Doer Lodge^4 00 p ni; an m- Uurrleou 4 S^^ p m.
9:1OP. M.-For Hutte^Miiart 9 50pm; Sil^^ver Bow 10:00; arrive Butte 1010 p in
Theilatly - ruronl of lli^ thermometer in^this oily for ycMciiluy, at* kopl at ' . W.^Brandon's ilrug More1, was: 7 a. in., L*J de^^gree* almve : 1J in., 4_ ik-sre*-* above; 4 p.^ni., H ^lei;rrri( aliove: 8 p. in., 40 ilegreea^above.
Five-centfare mi the street railway.
Then1will be a Rpor-i.il meeting of the^iMiartl of education to-morrow evening at^the Hi^:li *cltuol liniltliiij:. The meeting^will Im- tor Hie purpose of eonaklering mai^^lers in ''onneeiioii with the proposed new^^c hool biiililings.
AldermanKane, the new representative^of the Second ward in the city council,^gives promise to be a very efficient anil^valuable im-inber of tli.-.t hud' . Mayor^Pwyer made him chairman of the judiciary^committee and also placed him on two^other iiniHji taut standing c ommittees.
Themembers of the Anaconda lire de^^partment feel particularly grateful to^Mayor Dwyerand the city council for the^retention of ( hurley Collins an watchman^at the fill- house. Collins is a great favor-^Ite among the memlx rs of the department^and they contend that he hat. been a very^efficient serv ant of the city.
CorinneComing and the City Cornell's^Enactments.
TheyAre a Handsome and Com^^petent Lot of Men-Curb-^atone Gossip About Ana^^conda Matters.
Therewill lie a meeting of the charter^member* of the Anaconda lodye of Kllys^this evening ill I lie parlors of the Mon^^tana hotel. All those who togncd the^membership roll are rc*pleated to lie pres^^ent if iHjssihlc. as otliccrs are to he se^^lected and other important business trans^^acted. The mc'-iitur will ho held at 8^o'clock.
Anumber of young men are considering^the ad visa hill I y of organising a not her hose^company iu connect ion wiih the Anaconda^fire department. The old Alert hose com^^pany is apparently dead and beyond rca-^urreciion. Tin- lire department would he^glad to see another company organised^and a movement in on toot looking to the^accomplishment of that end.
VmMHNat no 'l^ the member* of the |^Doer Lodge county democratic central^commiltcc will unci in the pallor- of the^Montana hotel. It is evpoeied that nr-^rang -incuts will then be mude forth^^holding of a county convention for se^^lection ot delegates !^ the slate conven^^tion, vv hich :^ to select delegates to the^national meeting at Chicago.
Yesterdayafternoon aliout *^ :'f0 o'clock \^Mrs. .loseph Mat^hall died at the home of^her brother, J. K. Mallory, on East Third 1^hireet in this city. Mrs. Marshall was^about ^ years of age and has Im-ch ailing j^for some weeks. Nhe was the wife of 1^Joseph Marshall. .1 rancher in the valley,^and a sister of Mrs. Iienis Sho\lin of coi- j^ner of ( i dar and I'irsi Mi-ccit.. The fu-^lieral aervicea will hi- held at the M. K,^church to iu irrovv af eruoon, Thursday,^at '_' o'clock.
Therearc a number of cases of mumps^in this city and considerable scarlet fev er.^The location ol afflicted families ia^scarcely known, however, to many per^^sons, and a- a result children are greatly^exposed to these contagious disease*.^The sentiment is grow ing in Anaconda^that this city should have a medical health^olth er who would give the public some^protection in these important matters.^Almost every other city in Montana has a^medical hcahh officer; bin in this city^absolutely nothing is done to prevent the^spread of contagious diseases.
Lincolnwas aasasinated at Ford's thea^^ter but A. (^. Miller ^ ill aell fifty-eight lota^ISxllS feet each on May the 1J in Boiso^City at prices that will be satisfactory to^all purchasers. Kw-ryhotly w ishing to in^^vest in a growing city in property in which^there can be no loss hut phenomenal^gains should go and see this nplcmlid^property as it is the last offer that will he^made. This is the only chance to choose^from so many valuable lots m ^Boise thn^Beautiful.^.
AScandinavian revival meeting will be^held iu the M. K. Church South, Anaconda,^and begin May theiith at I o'clock p. in.,^and last over Sunday, the Mb Three^preachers have promised to lie present^Rev . V. LindlM-rg from Minneapolis: llev.^H. Limlemaii, Helena: lie v. P. Peterson.^Butte. All mined. I ask nil interest in^the Christian's prayers for (ind's blessing^over the meeting. Rev. O. Morten.
Thenwill he a meeting of the owners of
theCii -i i nt. White- I'ai.n. and National^minesat the olBce of T. O'Leary, in Ana^^conda, at s o'^ lock p. in.. May Pi. |M*V^All owners an- reipiested to attend, as^business of importance is to he trans^^acted.( t At s t M tut vm.R.^Dated this .'nil day of May. MM
Roomsfor lighthoin.eki-epiiig: aUo
singlerooms. St.Jean lodjiug house.^Para a\ en lie.
Buildersand properly ow ners desiring^tar and icll roofs huill or repaired will^save money by figuring w ith the Montana^Roofing. Paring A Supply Co.. |^o*toruco^1k^x BOB, Butts, Mont. Work done in any^part of .Montana. All work guaruuti-cd.
TheI'. S. war department, after testing^all the iv pew riling machines in the mar^^ket, tiuall.v awarded the contract for 1-SO^machines m the smith Premier company.^King A- Kennedy arc* the agents for Peer^Lodge. Missoula and Beaverhead counties.
Anew spring line of children's suits at
M.S. Aschheim'*.
Loave orders for repairing leaky roofs^at B. K. Ma Inn' ..
Calland see our HMi suits. M. S.^Aschheim.
Five-ent fare on the street railway.
Secor.l hand fiiini'uie tor sale hv Kal-^tetihach. IS Mam sneei.
Mrs.Mayhee anil Miss Harris, the^dressmnki : . g'laiantoc all their work.^Call on ifasni at Hi^ C- il.o sln-et, if v oil^want ^ garmeni that will til von.
MerryCorinne. always s favorite, head^^ing the Kimball Opcrn Comique and Bur-^h-sipic company, is booked for appear^^ance at Lynns' opera house to-night. She^will appear as Carmen-eita, the Spanish^dancing beauty, in w hich character she^has made the success nf her life. The^burlesque of ^Carmen^ is entire!) new to^the theatre giwis of Anaconda having^never been seen out of the principal^enstctn cities. The production is one of^great magnitude, the organiiatiou em^^bracing 410 members, and carrying every^piece of scenery nnd pio|iert^ used in the^presentation. It is in the character of^QVUMMtta that Corinne has introduced^the vvunderfill S|iatiish dances w Inch have^been the craze in New York and eastern^cities for the past year.
Theburlesque of Cm men Is, of course,^founded on Bizet's o|x-ra. nlthoiigh but^little of the original score remains. It is^magnificently staged, gorgeously cos^^tumed, and int^-rs|HL-rsed with gems se^^lected from all the great operatic suc^^cesses of the day. The chorus is strong^and wonderfully well trained. More than^;2U,OO0 is said to have lieen expended be^^fore the curtain was. raised on the initial^performani-e. It is said that never liofoic^in the history of burlesque has such atten^^tion la-en given to detail. The o|M-ning^scene shows the squall- in Seville. Spam,^^villi the guaid house on the right, the^Seville Straight Cut factory on the left,^and the elevated bridge of Size in the^background. As the close of the act night^comes on. and the city is shown illumi^^nated. The second act pictures a moon^^light view of a rocky gorge across the^it'iiadalqtuver mountain pas*, and tin^third SOStSM show ^ the interior of the Span^^ish circus.
Thenew police officers assumed their^dillles yesterday. Chief Pagan was out^bright and early and hud his men in line.^The chief and Officer Iscman are doing^day duty for the present and Assistant^Chief White will have charge of the night^force. Both Officers Waters and M' .Mall-^niis are on duty ^et, hut it is proliable^some change w ill lie made in a iluy or so,^as there is now more than the usual iniin-^lier of officers on duty. K\-( luef Picket^said yesterday that there is groat need tor^one more |x^liee otflcerth.tti he bail during^his administration. Be says there should^lie four men on night duty instead of^t lil t-e, as has heeii t lie cast for the past^year. Three officers, arc not able, he says,^to properly cover the territory. But it^is not known whether or not the incoming^administration will can* to appoint an^^other officer. If another man is appointed^both MeMannus and Waters will probably^la-kept. But under the present arrange^^ment one of them will have to Ik- let out.^Both men aregixal.competent otliccrs and^their friends are hoping to see them re-^toiued.
Thenew police force is composed of^.leseph Pagan, a* chef of | vol ice. John^White, assistant chief, and Officers Isc^^man and 11'Hi n n. ^ hicf Pagan is a man^well fitted for the ofllie. Be is a man of^good phyaiqtie. cool headed anil judicious.^He has lived eight years in Anaconda ami^he lias worked for the firm of Barrett A^.lackey all those years. He is a good cit-^zen and has many friends and few^enemies. Chief Kagan will give the city-^good, honest service as the head of the^police department.
JohnWhite, assistant chief, is an old^tinier in Anaconda. He is a very |sipu!ar^man mid was formerly on the police force^ill this city. He is one of tile best and^bravest officers who ever wore a star iu^tin se parts. A year ago many of Mr.^While's friends were annoyed at the man^^ner of his discharge from the Anaconda^police force. They were glad to see him^returned to office ami raised iu rank.^Officers lsenian and O'Brien an- excel^^lent men for the force. They will make^efficient officers.
OwenO'Ncil, the new street commis^^sioner, is a popular man and w ill make a^competent and upright official. There is^some talk about Mr. O'Neil's election on^Monday evening having been illegal.^Some maintain that as the office of street^commissioner was ulsslished by the pre^^ceding council, the office docs not exist^anil must Ix-again created heforothe i-h-e.^tiou of a commissioner will lie legal. ^Pis^said the office must be revived by ordi^^nance Others maintain that the office of^street commissioner existed last year uud^does therefore not need to he again cre^^ated by ordinance. In any event this^matter w ill not seriously affect Mr. O N^ il's^apiHiiutnient.
l-astyear the services of the street^commissioner cost Anaconda ^75. Alder^^man Martin was an untiring worker for^the city's host interests and he heart ill^deserved tIn special vote of thanks ten-^dcied him by the city council.
Mirthand Music.
OleOlson,^ the wonderfully successful^Swedish dialect piny which comes to^Kvans opera house Saturday evening next,^is full of music and mirth. Ben Hendricks^is one of thomost laugh provoking come^^dians on the staze and his Olr, while^^ 11in1111 and droll, is at the same tunc^hilariously funny. Miss St. tSeorge Hussey.^the w ell-known character act less, has a^yell-compelling Irish part ami will sing^ami dance on Irish jig. Miss Anna Bur^^ton, the heroine of the phi', is a notably^handsome minitn and a most intelligent^actress. Bewitching little Alice plans is^the soiibrctte of tba plav. and she w ill do^a song and dance and sing ^Mary anil^John.' Mr. Stinn is a remarkable bari^^tone, and will Is- heard in several solo-.^0|a 4 sisters w ill also he a feature of the^entertainment, and our thc.ttcr-goors may^look forward lo a delightful n ening w hen^^(He I Hson^ comes.
fi.V10will huy a twenty-two room fur^^nished hoarding house on Front street.^The place now rents for il ^5 per mondi.^For terms and other information apply to^J. T. Qtrioter,^Deer Lodge.
Fne-cen'fare on the street railway.
Fin-Tent fan- on l!ir street Hallway.
Fiverents is now the fare on the street^railwav. Tickets will ho redeemed at the^office of the coinpan.v iu the st*^ hard^building.
Present*Beeelvyed by a Popular Vasal^Lady at Her Wedding,
Thewedding of Patrick ( orrigan and^Miss Bridget Cufte.which event wa*briefly^mentioned hi the S r^.xn.vRl^'^ local^columns a few da.vs ago u.n a social evenf^that pleased maiiy people in Anaconda^and Carroll. Miss Mary Cuffe, sister of^the bride, was bridesmaid ; Kdward f'orri^^gan. brother of the groom, was liest man.^Immediately after the marriageccrcmouy^at St. Paul's church. Mr. and Mrs. Corri-^gan drove lo their homp at Carroll where^thoy were greeted by a crowd of their^friends. The evening was spent in danc^^ing, delicious refreshments being served.
Amongthe presents received by the^bride from her host of friends were the^following:
Mrand Mr*. Michael I 'orrigan. hand^^some marble eight-day clock : Edward Cor-^rigun, plush rocker; Mr. and Mrs. William^i. Gallagher, la-d room set and two pairs^of lace curtains; Miss Mary Cuffe. swter^of the bride, pink china set of ihshe*, NO^pieces, and a parlor table: Miss Ltztie^Cuffr. also asistcrof the bride, a plush^album and a dozen stiver tea sixains:^Thomas Smith, ml plush rocker; Mr. and^Mrs. J. R. Toole, plush rocker; Thomas J.^Macron. Kd McMahon and P. W.^Daly, handsome blue plnsb lonnge;^Thomas Matron, Ijfwrence Keenan,^Patrick IdWBil ami Peter Mac^^ron, a handsome lied room set;^Mrs. Martin, John Me Kit trick. Barnoy^Mclxittrirk.a dining room extension table;^P. I^. Baly. .latin s MeOuade. a parlor^hanging lamp; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas^Larkin.a parlor table lamp; Barney Riley,^a handsome picture with easel stand;^Hugh Daly, a h inomidc set: Miss Minnie^llevinc. w ine set w ith a stand : Miss Ko^ey^CninplM-U. water set; Miss Katie Flalllll-^gati. luirlor lamp: Miss Katie nnd Miss^Maggie Burke, table linen: Misses Bee^and (itissio Dorian, lace pillow shams:^Miss Bridget Riley, handsomepairof va^c^^nnd hs-ikiiig glass with brush holder; Miss^Tracy Burns, cut glass berry set: Mrs.^Ilofeudltz. Japanese tea set; Jos. Pi ters,^parlor rug liarr.v McMaims. John Riley .^wash stand set : Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Ran^^kin of New Jersey, hand painted pictures;^Miss F.llcu Corrigan of Ctioa. N*. S'.. set of^silver: Miss Bridget I orrigan. siber tea^sisioiis and knives and forks: Mrs. W. F..^Harrop of New Jersey, toilet set.
Irank Daniels t urning.
Theworld love* to laugh, and it cer^^tainly would BgtgMgJf that prank Daniels^was put ii|K^n this sphere to s.itislx this^inclination of the human race. All theater^goers will Is- glad to know that this quaint^and -boll comedian is coming to Ana^^conda with his really bright and interest^^ing comedj . ^Little puck,^ and his clever^company of eccentric comedians and^pretty girls, iip|iearing next Thursday^night. The comedy has lieen roplonishi^d^this season with a hundred new fciiturcs^new music and songs from the latest new^comic operas, new dunces from III*- new^burlesques, uud new ami ludicrous scenes,^situations and sayings, conceived by Mr.^Daniels himself. No comedian of these^times is as clever at this sort of work as^Frunk Daniels. Iu the construction of^farcical incidents and the introduction of^original and catchy sayings, he hardly has^a coui|ietitor.
Mr.Daniels has again this season the^valuable aid of that bright little comedy^actress. Miss Bessie Sanson, who has lie* n^identified with ^Little Puck'- from the^first, and whose well-directed efforts have*^always heeii so satisfactory . The Italancc^of tlie supporting company, however, is^nearly new . Mr. Bert Casta, who was last^season hading comedian with Jarbeau,^this season plays Hilly, the wayward son,^and Toii.v Williams, one of the best of^singers and dancers, ihh, year play s S'lee^tiers. the butler. Robert I-vans, K. K. lw-ll-^D. L. Don, (ieorge CainptH-ll. John ( an.^field, W. S. Belknap and the Clipper quar^^tette have been retained, and that beauti^^ful singer and good actress. Hilda Thomas,^has Is-cn engaged for her original charac^^ter of t '-no, and the other ladies in the^company lire Aniietia Zeina. Ilattie
Waters,Julio Una ale jr. Nellie Buikley.^Minnie Miller and Ltlln- Fording.
Keportof the Marshal for the Month nf^April Other Matter*.
BciTI-.May'I. The regular meeting of^the Butte fire department was held this^evening, hut owing to the absence of the^president, little business was transacted.^A coinmitti-o fousisiiug of Lou j\ Smith,^F. L. (trandey. C. J. Parrott. S. W. Oravcs^ami Thomas Bordeaux was ap|Miintcd lo^make arrangements for the coining state^liroinen'-. tournament to be held at Butte^some time during next July or Augiu,!.^and was given power to appoint othereom-^mittees to assist Vlicm in the work. The^finance committee was instruct**!^to look over the treasurer's^hooks some tune Ix-fore the next^meeting. The president delivered a shoii^address, recommending that efforts la-^made to induce all lire departments of^the leading eitu-s of the state, w hich are^not members, to join the state associ-i.^tiou. Che meeting then adjourned until^next Thursday evening. All meetings^from now till after the tournament will he^adjourned meeting*.
Thefire marshal's report for April m^presented, but w ill not be read until^Thursday evening. It shows that during^the past month the department responded^to 11 alarms, seven of w hich were by tele^^phone, one by messenger, one by pistol^shot, one by whistle blowing and one still^alarm. The most disastrous flrea of tin-^month were those which destroyed tin'^Butte A- Boston smeller and the Colusa-^Parrot shaft house. The total loss hy tin-^diiriug the mouth was $I1I..'U.^. anil 1111.111-^atiec $^'^l.i*ri. In his n-|a^rt Fire Marshal^Murray spoke of the new council having^rat ogniz-sl tba lire department as one of^the leading institutions of the city.
Pr.Thendoi* HatzopoliiK.
Specialto the standaid.
sroKvM,May Greek George, the^famous wrestler, vvas arrested here past^tcrday on a charge of baud. George ; s^eently ofiencd a ihs-tor's office m the. city^and hung mil a shingle. ^Ilr. Theodore^llatzo|K^hii).^ Yesterday a citizen calk .I^on him for treat MM for deafness. whi^l^^the den-tor agreed tocure for-*1. Thociti-^zen gave lam n $tMM and be refused la^give Isiek the change or to render any --cr-^viee. He was aiiehtei| and released on^bonds.
Thelargest line that was ever show n in^the city of children's suits at M. S. Asch-^heim's.
Comforttakes the finest photo*.^Fivc-ccnt fare on the street railway.
Doesyour roof leak^ If so, call and see^B. F. Mahan.
Fne.eentfare on the street railway.
Forsale.--An open buggv. slightly worn,^inquire at atation. Mill Cieek.
Fiie-centfare on the s;roct railway.
Hiu-iji iKirn- PurABTMrsT of Pakot*, I
i^*^e i hlef Commissary of MnsMraee, ^^Four Mm ISO. Minn . April it. ls*J. \
Mn.i R. (iaorr. :^t. I'juI. Minn
MmOn your proposal of the tntti ln^t. I^will aceept front von |^,7TI lbs. of Snow^Flake Puking Powder t inter the prnlvl.m*^of mi advertiMUiient tie- amount has Isvn tn^cri-a^sd lo the above. Please advise nie prompt^^ly of tlie receipt of Hits award.
Respectfullyyour obedient servant.
Ml(. Mi^lttiAN.^Ma|. and t^. S., I MM r. K.
Pleaseask your cook^if she uses
UncleSam uses tin- BFSTonly.
Wehave lately received an invoice of
TheLeading Watchmaker
ANDjVVASI'FAnTRIM. JeWF.LEB.^Mala Street, Anaconda.
Onlyplace for the
andwill continue to place them as before^while the goods last.
Partiesholding tiikrts will have^them taken upon presentation until further^notice.
johnMAOuiar MASAora
Saturday,May 7.
N\r|t\ ln V^Mla
Wiiban Entire N^w Cist, S.nft., Sp cl I in,^Elc, F-tf.,
NationalSwedisii ladv ()nartdte
FromStockholm.^Pi ices 50cent-, and fl.oo.^Reserved -e,it^ . n sale Thursday mornlnx at
TheSmiih Drag Co.'s Stor.
u Main street
OAleeoyer i ep|ier t'Tty f omin**rcial ininpani.
Hi1 1 I Mot Ks
9lo 11 am .'to 5 p. 111. 7 to ^^ p. m.
Masiust rcct-ivc 1 .1 now lut ni
W'rnffcr them at DficCl lofgr thu cmt befofC C ill rtntl scp ouf
1t ut Sailors and Sttn SlMdes.^2 1 B Fast Kirst Stre)^-t.MRS. B. A. JEIMNE,
Nextto Anaconda Restaurant-
Inthe World.
Pahst,Milwaukee,Sales 1891, 790.290 Ranch
AnliciiMT-ltiHh Si. LouK Sales 1801,
abstLeads with
JohnV. I^etr^it^,
Mfhtra!U a^^were.| at office.
VttClMMM Bttn on I0I0AT8^frrm 1 _ to until ^ v^ p m ' p n^lyerv IWMasf until iu n'rlork
Hasoprncfi a |.Ia^'it^m th ^!i ^p ^*ti Fm *t -^lr'-^t
pmniio ^i^^^ALL KIM'S OF ^0tt SATISFV RWILT.^Call M turn if von w.int a go.Ml 10b.
omnktaoutai vasar.ta.
.omnm^gl at Masar.ta.
Fnicetn larton tb^ street railway.
Youshould have a Car\ing Set. Do^you know that our -i-sortment is complete^and very cheap
Signof the Big Cold Watch.
ThursdayNi.Lrht, May
Screams! Shouts '.
Yells! Roars !
Tin-^ 1 aaattiaa.
OaeNulf Onlv I
Kitsliiem-nt of
Mi|-p^rteit l^y th-
tn-lrr th** MM ruanagvin^ut au*J pcr-^i) i.tl .!'[^^( t;ou Mr*. -u ** Kim-^h ill. BfMMtfMfl l-oudoo^ liteatrat
AtulMil l+'a * ^m'h-'I\ r^MRM|f(
^^a(^00 ^^^.!* T,-- ! ^\ nmjt at th^ ^m ;h^l^t IV
Sp'ta^u'.ar^* 0111U' Op^r^^imrLrs-i'i*^.
60PB^nPKR 6C
\inat ^-.^^'. iiKlcdinB Mr Bercara fiyll^a.^,.n l a So|^cib ^^!^orit^ of ^.^arefully^^elected TO-.ce*.^I 1II.JtyM 1B*I '^^^ -lie af teat* ml
ntein-e*M -ad. v. M.^v at the ^in.tli lirufCol^ii^ Mala -1 ret.

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