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The Anaconda standard. [volume] (Anaconda, Mont.) 1889-1970, May 04, 1892, Image 7

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the anaconda standard, wednesday morning, may 4, 1892.
C.H. Wins Din hiiddrnlj In Hi* Room^at the f'larrndoii Houm*.
BiTTF..May 3.^To-ni^lit at al^ut 8^o'clock ('. H. Winn ^aa fciund dead in hi*^bed in room No. it in the ( lunudon IikIk-^ing limine. The body was lying diagonally^arrow* the hod. tho fp^-t almoat toiic-liing^the flour. From ilie imHition of the re^^mains it apiieared ili.it Wine hud evi^^dently mado an effort to Brine, ^ hen he^fell haekwanl and expired. The fact that^whero tho head and Hliotildei-H of the hoily^wero rcMing. the sluts of the bed were^broken. permitting tho muttrctts to fall to^the floor, bin net lien* this supposition.^Mrs. Knowlton, w ho conditets the house,^was the first to discover the Imdy and at^first thought Wing was asleep. Noticing^the peculiar |x^sition in which he was lying,^she attempted to awaken him anil found^that he usu* dead und hail probably Iwcn^dead several hours, as the Issly was^already quite cold. She sent for the police^and Judge Kddy was notified who. in the^absence of the coroner, took charge of the^remains and will hold un inimcst to^^morrow.
Thelast time Hint Wing was seen alive^by anybody was at noon w hen Mrs. Knowi-^ton entered his loom and s|s^ke to him.^He answered in an undertone, but she^was nimble to understand him. Death^wus uiid^iubtedly the result of ln-in-^orrage of the lungs, as the fi^k^r^near the head of the 1^-^ I was^MM with n pool of blacl,. clotty^bhssl, although some incline to think it^was a case of suk'idc, as u small Imtlle.^containing something that looked like^morphine, was found in the room. A pint^flask, partly tilled w ith w hiskey, stood on^the table. Wing engaged the room last^night and. as far as now know it, did not^leave it from the time he went to bed.^When ho BMjMjMl 'he MM lie paid for it^in imam as n/M his emtoin w henever^he sh'pt in ilie house, v liii-h. accoithng to^the lainlhuly. was ijuite olten.
WingBBIite to Hutte eight or nine y ears^ago. and during that time was generally^employed as a Imcknian. atid was know n^to almost every one of the older residents^of the city . I..ist ye.ir ho was ill a long^time of pneumonia and narrowly escaped^death. Since then his health has^been poor, mid he fniiueiitly coin-
Iilainedof pains in I lie i-egiou of^^ is lungs. Heceiitly he ap|^cared^to grow w oi^c ,:nil was llilnble to ttol'1;^steadily, only driving an odd shift now^ami then for '^Wiiini|s^g^ in order to^maintain hiiusell. Two or lhr^f^ days ago^lie told a couple of his friends that his^lungs were alsmt gone and spoke as^though he cxpceuil to live only a short^time longer. In view of the existing^doubts a-, to the cause of death. Judge^Kddy announced that he probably would^dared the county physician to | ^ Worm an^autopsy on the remains to-rnorrow. Wing^wus unite a y oitag man. and a sister v. ho-^lives at Helena, is hi^ only known relative^in llie state.
Theremains w eix* reitiox ed to Sherman's^umlcrtakiiig room-w hen' the jaMjlMal v. ill^Mi held to-inoirow . Iletween il and II m^money eoustituuil all the v aluables found^on the Issly.
IN M')!IRI'Hi:t''i IIKBT.
SInm- r^ Hi fore MM Miigii^lratv AnMiir^for Tlieli- OHMMBa
Hii II. May ^1 wish to (iid that I^did not know half as much alsmt tho^thing as I do. All 1 know is that that man^gave me the sack and raid il contained^sonic shirts and pains that he uuir.nl to^sell. I lusilcd ihe i-ack until some one^told me the things were stolen, w hen I^IfsiU il buck to him.^ Such wus the* un-^sw. r John Kelly mr.de Ic-niglit v. lien^asked in Judge McMurphcy**. cciirt lo^plead to a c harge of putt) laii cny. ^ That^man^ referred to by Kelly said his name^w as John LM| and he admit -^UM that he hud stolen the^shirts, about a do/cu in number,^and all wimiI. hui denied having put ihcni^in the sack. He said Kelly li.nl ^mulled^tie sack.^ mid also deelured that be would^MM li.no committed the theft had he been^sober. |.ce MM sent up for 80 day s and^Kelly for 1^^. Hugh lloylo nuil Charles^Johnson w en- arruigued on a charge of^having stolen a pair ot *.h^s^s from a store^in West Hark, lloylo plead.si guilty ami^then asked the discharge of Johnson, say^^ing that he alone had stolen the shoos.^Hoy lo got IVMiay s a ill Jolinsou w ill bo tried^tiKitio: i*ow .
JohnAllen and BmVM Wilson, arrest id^yesteiilay for breakiiig into the Catholic^^ bllleli. nle.ided not MjOly to a charge of^burglary in the second degree. They^said liny wanted an attorney and de^^manded it preliminary heating. Their^oxumiiiution was sot for m^\i Kridav.^John Wade and l.d Hurl pleaded not^guilty to a charge of |*-tiy larceny and^MA*G bonds to nii|s..r iif^\i Thursday morn^^ing at in o't Iis-k. They an' licensed of^having stolen iwo newspafiers loft on a^disuslep by a i-airier.
(iiithe cilv's dis-k* !, DiMJMMMjMJMM^w s tiued tw tee, ^.^^ for each case. One^complaint BMilM him with ilistiiibaueo.^and the other w ith attempted a-suull. Ho^was roiiiinittetl on Isith charges.
Mrs.t*riiiiulkin Hitsi was ineui'i-erawil^to serve oiit a line tit si and eosis for get^^ting drunk.
MiUeMoCow aii and Trunk Jones were^committed in default at $^i and costs, each,^fur disturbance.
IIghlio-.- Sieve's llog.
Illi Tt:, May .(. ^righting^ Ste\c Simp^^son is ihe ow nor ol a iMMMl dog that has^cost Silver How inativ a dollar and a niiin-^lier of persons much anuoyaneo, ami he^now threatens to MJMJ (he rotintt MMaMl*^erablc i rouble, l-ist summer Stove sold^(he dog lo a Helena man named McCarthy^and then stole the animal back. Mr.^Mi l 'ui thy at templed to recover the dog and^bad his face hammered out of shuis* by^Simpson and then did not get the dog. (In I^couipl.i iut of Mcl artby. Simpson was ar^^rested on a charge of |ietty larceny and^ass.mil ami Istttery. .miiiiimiii was well ac^^quainted w it h tlie irnerior of tln-'iiuiity jail^Is'birc the t|og business wus finally dis-^posi i| of, but hi' w as proud ill the kliowl-^edge that be still retained the dog w lulc^the many trips that McCarthy was com-^pcllet! to make Mid '-s the range to MMMf^against him almost mined the Helena^man fliiitneiAlly. Judge MfMiirphcy,^MM whom thf casi-s MM tried, was^|iaral^ zcsl ibis evening when Stove rushed^into bU court ami yelled out ^Judge. |'\o^got allot ll^l' dog ease. Yes. the same^dog.^ He then relet id how an uupriiici-
Iilcdhaekiiiait. named John Van Horn^^ad stolon the famous dog and he wanted^him arn'steil. A w arrant w as issued and^Van Horn is now out on his personal recog^^nizance to appear in court lo-morrow^morning.
Itenll:^tHte Trioislrr..
Hitit. May |j The following irans-^fcrs were recorded at ihe otlioc of the^county cli rk MMM our ImI IMJMl :^( li..:! ^^ i '. Haskell mill ^if^ to I rl^ iii^11. Irvine, the surfaceyroa*y1 ul ti^'^H. r. |m|r rlntan$ ; Ml
JohnI!. WIMIitsnti an-1 wife to Krati it
I'.lllits.It l'^ftll.|l of Hie slirti'te
_o or toe Mtm lllil KMto^eMlni..i ,_*.n hi
I'Mt|i it. I'rv.m ii si. to ti.e MoaUna
Ielltisl. right of ^^^ mvm Hie
Hiaiaekakf dnMlot eti
KraakKteatlng et al. In ttie Mmii in^i eiitial. t t^tit of 'vay ;n ie^^ tlic |.i ^^rie K. hsl^ einiiii ..M 141
JolinII. MeK*!!* et al. lo tile Molilalia^l cntrill. light of wic. MJH Hie^Moiirwull hsle ^-lalllt sun
lastyour I a*'gaiiin in teal osi.iie v 't!i^llurgall i^rua' real MlaM loans, IMUIMMM
TheTown is Beautifully Located
Inthe Southwestern part of the fertile FLATHEAD VALLEY.
Ithas over 600.0C0 acres of rich agricultural land to the north and east^^^f it. There are millions of feet of the finest timber in Montana to the south^and wes-t of it. The largest coal fields ami the best quality of COll in the state^are found in the Ftmtkttm Country.
Ithas b'jen thought that the mineral I c't rich in the adjacent Kootenai did^not extend to the Flathead side of the ^Kootenai Divide,^ but recent develop^^ments prove conclusively that rich bodies of
arcfound almost within a stone's throw -of Flathead City. Just west of the citv^^limits two corn r properties are being developed which show splendid bodies of^rich ore. A short distance higher up the divide is located the ^Last Chance^ mine,
AssayingVery High in Gold and Silver,
andpromises to become one of the great producers of the Northwest.
InAddition to These Advantages
Ithas the famous ^Kootenai^ and ^Libby Creek^ Mining districts^lying immediately west of the town, and Flathead City being^the first town reached coming east on the^Great Northern Railroad,
Thismust bt the supply centei, and will receive the support of these district*.
MoreThan 7,000 Tickets
havebeen sold over the Great Northern and Northern Pacific railroads within^the last 3D days the objective point of all being the Flathead country.
ThisPlace is Bound to Boom
thissummer, and parties investing now w ill make a handsome profit on their in^^vestments We are the sole agents for the original towittit ! and will sella lim^^ited number of lots on the following easy terms:
InsideBusiness Lots from $200 to $250; Corners $250 to $300,^One-Third cash, balance in two equal payments^in Three and Six Months.
FivePer Cent. Reduction for Cash.
Special Inducements offered to persons who will Build at once.^Call and see our Maps, Plats, Etc., Etc.
Rooms5 and 6. New Owsley Building, Butte.
At!*frtiitrmrntM under fhu Umi mu rrn^^w*^rd tarn llinrrfion; tptfUM t attm on emttrnrU^for ttr/tnttr Ttrvxlt. Au MMkWM Qcctylti^far urn t/u* ^i mnU.
AURKATBAU Kifn .^iciit Ian in Mm^CHjt, lilnho. JhM) few twh mMalli *^^fgf*4. I MTV. l^liHk. hom BMlhi ttfwil run i if.^I In-*., int* jirr MtiiHidi anil U'.uitifnl. I tifvm^^miclway .iii-i in Hi. i,,,.. ,if r^|il I m ixrth MU mi^j i^\ciiH in^ to oihor mMIIuhi*. Tli' .^ lo^^ ,irn^III* iii,m ^lrsiratiii' fm bMMBM. nr n**Mg|n)^ *^^^M| in i^'t ,1111,1 in iiois*. sik ill begin May^15, Mm, ^t | . ri.e^ ^li.ii |^. an Hia ^ruia^il^.^TiTnii. urn' h.lf i-if,!), I'.'il.iiii-r in K MiHItli. al M^l^r^^mi.Maraat, 4iMri'n a.^^. MUMf. arnu'r,^^^i i^. K. (^^I,', AiictloOMar, Luv'k IViv Si, Muta.^i m. Iilalio.
HMiKHvii. in ..,,,^: ,^ i i, raar. AMrty w^Harry I', i Ink. iir.u.in-. jaaiin i.
Iit .^^
ioRKKNT Pifipniltpflnal! ftirnMieil mmii^I ^\. l^ rVaaw, *^ Wart Broadway.
riw.ir.lot., Only f 1 no Tmrh.
InT.'msr-1 \. p. arliiltlnn t^ IW/rman iplattM
Ini^^.i ^'^^ *itInn IiIkIi, *m^Hith anil nraut^iL^Th^-^r ini^ ar.- mi^!^*a\ mhI In (lii^ ilnn of rapid^jtrnwth anil iiiii'ri.vHnK'iin t.i uih^r addltluaa.^Till- -^^^linn 111 now improva raplrlly. only^lliro*, liim k* frmn Imtrl tn l np^ra hnuw. nna^IiIik-;. from new fmindry nii'l ma-lilna ^hop,^\oii will lind tlinf our yrtrr^ nrf '^heap. You^^^ !^^^ '-ii ninthly iiavturn'o If de*lrrd. Will^alsn lumi.h man rial for InilMing on lonij tlnia,^l.iMil ^ \ fc. Smith.^lUi'im, i ami 1. Ilori-mau Blork,^Itorenian. Mont.
fOiWtM v tort) hirat*h^d rnaaa. al^r baajM, if aaairad, at u.. Htm i apy'ai -tr.
L'HI!WVW KwcaiaiMM nmmv (Mj iHiiifl.^I at thr Ailiinn II. u*.-. oiinn-r .Vl.uk
(ranltn Mn-rt*. M
Al.nkaanil NVi'.t^^ toMafly.
Vdll III'IN'I' Tlir linarilltii; Iimiim^ .it the rur-^ii'-rof Kr i;l aad t'rdai itrM^, \na^:..
11a haiiae is paitli fi ratakx^d. Api l^ la \'^ \^ r^UaaaNrdii No. ii indu alrart.
UHIRKXT Hi.- li.'iiia'ln total mi ArtaMMk I^V Mtfart -'ii'l I tali avaiMMI an I IrtraMMMa rt tin-^Ifi r. II. I,, tin* tolMMu i* Btftr,) iini.lieii I^ami a Ul ba Irt I a raa|muaiMa i-ar*v on f:i*.^,r.il. ^^^latma, raaarn m aaonaaaaailathHia i- la bed |
r^^in^. I'ar i, d-Mto] HaaM ,| kitetoii,
*Mhaaarte itwtaga aetmawwda !^^*, Mi t^^1.e.ii e 1.1.in:. ^ v. r:u Main ^tn t t, at MM^I al.an. I^| m !, in ,kiT.
OTMAVRHi .line la an) n*aafe twa nni * we*i^n oi RMra*, UaftaRdM raad la M'hlak^^ ^^I'll. ^ im i' ^. on. ii, i,^ bars* braaMM .1 aa^'eft tMaR H nl hi ioih* btotoMoi ^. W.^Lajaf
\fO\TRAT i^ M (n ulartar liou^'' In^WtnVnRIa, lamrtr. Jato KR^ TraM.
w*^( II | WP Mjpr ' KM lup in me ir. MruRtabi^^aPav^*vofnra bnrttta*a. Kvpefierw*11 una i^-^i^. Addres* IV*4nAoaDa, tn, lln'te. Mont.
aRiiMlbNion a
\%*\ Nl l l^ ii, man an^l v, nr.
alla1 ;il Ka ! I i;hili tree:. Ao-
'p' \Xt loi'tr ii i lo pi' ., abart ttm aaraa^1 nl w^mmI alum: one mile awl on* I*mT; M inff^rerd. Atoraal Hm Melawd. i'^v III, i'lnllps^Imiiu. Montana.
\|Mxtl AMX i'AI.. Mi Hiiaalil k Mnrrtaaa^aiieni', for lloi'ii siiiin.'s mill ( iiaahertaAtl^nnil lllil*^lirr.' I'l.n :,-llll!ll In.'^^'^ ll: ilellvere I at^leas, nali1^ |i| i. iv.. S. I', lo.ii,, a^ Uraet, 1'inl-^Ra torg, Mom.
RRTAKTKIlRaeMaaVtoarl ^^'la fountain, w ith^W i.ii iiei-e^*.ii, ai-eoinpaiilinaata, A4dir^M^I lia*. Williaiiis. (.riinile Moni
Trya ^Cheap AdM^in The Standard.
NOTirnMP PntOmtVnU Anarond-,^h-T Ul;^ (Htunt-,, M-tnUiiA. I^i^ , stt^^1 '^. tor ||.^ .'i*t'Tin in :in^l M. I ^ n-fk Mid-^It .' ^ mpnny ^ a ^m^ri*^rjUon ^^f st. Minnow
mc r^pi^tM ^wwh. Yom h*Tt i^y ni^ti.i*Hl^Utal wm, Um iri^)^T^.i|tn*^i| idmWmii. 9mm #^x-^|M'|i*|im1 two I Mi.ilrM d'ltlari in lat-.r ari'l lnv^,^ro^rm#^t:^* in n t;n^ ^Ma^ mining ^ ^un ,m thu^smut* ftpp^^ri ^f r^--(.r^1 1^ tl.f *.f1\*:u of tti^^rounty r^-^-^^r W In aim. for tli* county of l^*+^r^L^ ^i,i- .^:.^! Hi^-tatA ,,f M.i|)'i;;^i, on \.:tt^ r * iq^Imuk 3 ^f qu.ii r/ r^*^'.itM-*. in r-t ^l.-r t'i l,o|ii^mM yt+vnl**% uod^r th^ iirmi^*.^*n^ of ^^-ti^tn^^KM, U \ ^ .t ^t t\of tlio rf^it^*d ^tat^-^^; ii.** anionnr r. ^^..r^-'l to i^ol^l tii^* *aih~ for^tlt^- \. ai s PtHlMM l**1* 'I .r. iw'jn MM^.wm . an.l if w ittiln n.ntvfrom th^* wrvi 3
Oftllt*n^ttt'r^ t^V IHlhlrTSttOa UUOfl ^ot|. C. H.
Ilo%t**ttiioti ar.J Mai ( r^k MiuinL, ornpanv,^mHitH am, Md .^n ot^'-r p*rut^ to wh'ini^U m l) cofmerw, ^^^ti fail or p-f'^*f^ to ronfrtimt^j^vnnr tH-rtt-in- of -m n px^'ntlit'ir^ a^ ^*o- iirn^r*,^^o ir MtPrm hi -al'l ^^Ui.m niil Irrronw ttW prop*^rrt\ nf cb^ Mibftrtiben i n^'*T mIH ^-^^'^Tion ^Jifcial^tli^* R^^i ^ratut^*s ..r tit^ I'm'' -l ^:aty^.^NM pubJeallou, March i. UR.
1a* -1 i im xru^^ BAM 11 Jak^ kei*
NOTlrFTO ^ O OWA KI'S -Trt ti+^^rc^ W
lafk*.kutWTWM iMmJurt, l u^ mm, your itc:r#^r*.*h*ular, aumlnt^tratr.r^. .-r .i-^:,,'n*.
Von***^ lior^*l^^ MuCMfsl tnat C^im ')lill.ai^*^r,^^nur ^-.i-own*T. kuuv in rd iam ***it!^ tii- pro*^%1^ion^of Metias _^,.^-^^ ^-i numii i^f tut^I n,i^*t| Male*.. \' v|^' ii'.i''i u ;al^ir an I hnprov**.^in* lis iipiia tttA ^^^^^^^n1. 1'iart/ loda im.^riwli. I- ^ at.^ I at ll.4^ nr-a.l of tit- Wmt tori m^(^t^OO* U' ^^'^. a'Nint 1^ iiofrom Anaron.la. ^u^Jhf-r l^-II:* ^^..unry. M^ ut.. for 11^^ ^t^ar K*l,^oni* biimlrwHl iiui iinMan, rwpi ^ ^^^at:n*j ^ -r-:,^;tu^\ itn.. ^i''iii. ^^ W .'* nn. ralwivr i s. |vno. .loaa^**Ut^'^aiii;ii. J. U. l-iki*. Kttwla iKiokie. ^-^ITumuM. n*i'i:t^.| owners, an*! all rtlhur pTsnnt^wi-.'iii it mai ' oii -'mi. an* li*^r*M^) n rttAH ti:.bj^ii ^ it run :^t liavs allaf tbl^i^^ aaMaajMal
jonfan to | a^ to t '*' I Btiffkisnc^l jr^^nr r' sjw^-t.^|v |*fHt!^^ns of a,t|i| sum a-'^ oni.iu U^ your r*':U^iniMi st. it ^ny. \*^ir sai I tiit*-rc.t. if an/, tn *anl^rlann ^ il! In i iinio in-- j rn|i'-i';^ of la-: ^.ij^i^ ^r-^ttpLW U iMinnmnt tu Lav.
riAfS OLDHABSft^l^atf.i ittaiMTrtida, v. at., . ^. i, MM^I u^i i'i:t^iu ...t.tn. I ,^.^, laM.
iDfr/'T. W.uiaaj ll*^^dWke, Daaie* !^^^.^: *^* rty ..;^*! Juut) Mul ^^^^., tti*-i.' 1 ^*lr^^ or ^*si^i ^:^I imi am I m ^-l^y UOtitt-' * Ihal \ l'..l\^ r\p*-n
Bjabua4ra.t ^l ^ la kali i . *m laaMofiaai au
;iir*Iim- l. i',..* i|iuirl* ^idt^MlatM *tat;n
i-at-tllolilru I^ii^ar;^ 1 ^^* ^ * in lit*^Vllnt lYaatt m.nnit; ili-tr *, !n !t ^^- ^ ..ty of^Mnaf lamtft*, r:..io of Montwaa. and Ufdl f ^r^ri^M-rti in UM afltea of ttiaeotMty i^uc4af at^laid I Met laoduta iSMioty. -i it'- ut Ifttial raa, a i ..^1. latf, ..n 1 :^^ ^ -r I' ll la Ho ^ 'J of I I. i^I.imi*. * u j^a'V'r'. r**i' ri'-* ^.' I^n*^r Ijndfta MMMtjr,^Maul.in t. t i n hi ^!. rBjor ' u^flnitii (^s.*rut^iiott ifn i^Ti^*o tt* Itoftirt iiiao.'.. in ^ rvlaf t^^ how^saUl f^i^**ii:i*w** tMNtaf liia pravt^ina* ol ^vh^ioq^901, ini ^*r.l t-tati.lt** ui tti^ l iiit^M Mat'*. Nmi
ihoiin-.'tit raqulrad t^ iio'.i uaanairforttm^yaaff rmdmt I* ^^*. U. Iflai, Aad ir * uni t nm**' /^rlafra fraM tin* st-ivi-^* m tin* notif* ior^ithia^aaiat) ^l.n* a t-1 ltd* aoiioa I.', aulittffhia] ftroi^fan oi rt'lusc r^i ^^ Kid :i^utf \ mr Bfaa^ofUaaj a]^stu-li e\;wi|.|;*ii|.^ a . .. -.oviior. lour miffs; tn^^m^; 1 ^I. tin wiM In-(iim* Him |,^r^ |M'r!^of the ^uU^Kfibvr, un t'-i takl ion . i
JOHMUKVWVi^a: aoda. Mont.. Jan. .;^. i
Iriiwtp i .!. ^^; mi Kab. i. |M| |
Arehard to contest, especially ^ stubborn
Thefact that we pUce before you t ^ have contested Li tint we^cm aell yom ^ better Hino or Oyaa, aad eej easier tersM Uua aajf
otlic-rbOUSC in Muntatu. .S ^^ our it:
Steinway,Weber, Estey, Ivers ^ Pond,^Pease, Camp ^ Co.
Estey,Chicago Cottage, Western Cottage.
Wehave everything in the Music line.
TheSherman Music Co.,
223North Main Street. Bjtt^^. Montana.
ThePhoenix Nursery Co..
Wcctrry a lir t J..-i s:^ c'^ ^t
ShadeTrees, Fruit Trees,
Shrubs,Flowers, Etc.,
Weavite out pitront t i exam ne our freigh bills an '. latisfo^the*ti*elve* th it our g hi :-^ .if.- (hipped trom Wisc-msui a id are cut*^tivsted ther
Wearc making preparation* to tttablUh
wW%the intention ol putting in i Green Hou t an J packing graunda.^Or oict in doing tins U tu en ibis ut to ltuld our Britith Colum-^a t:a !c
L.G. BARRETT. Missoula,
Mr'l.cr lor thr Northwest
Ccr.Colorado ind Calana 3f
Th: hotel will be run on the KuiopeaS p'an, in a^itnctly Knt-clast manner. Room* !;:it. nowiy
papert-il.painted and furnished throughout Every
convenience-tor the comtort ot j;ucsti. Katci liberal
Nowopen unJer the BMnagesacat ot
AnExcellent Restaurant^| hun m Coniicc.ion.

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