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VOL.III.-NO. 257.
Desireto Possess One of Our Own In^^nate in Every Heart.
Bozeman Offers Greater Induce^^ments Than Any Othar City In^Montana-West Side Ad^^dition the Bast.
Theholiest instinct of the human heart^Is the lovo of homes; ami within every^man's breast is implanted an innate^sue to at some iimo posses a home of^his own. No matter what his ciieum-^stances may lie. some w here in the deep^recesses of his heart nestles the fond hope^that a pleasant home, together with all^the tender associations which the word^in.pin-* will pel hi' his.
Man'slife may M divided 11110 three^p.-. mis. First, the happy home life of^his boyhood, w lien he is surrounded hy^brothers, MMM and friends, and is^watched over ^ itli tender solieitude which^only a mother's love ever know.-. Next^conies thai vague, iinsatisfactory, dream^^like pornod of existence w hen everything^in in be anil nothing is. It is din inn this^period that vice prekent* itself in its^MMI alluring latins, arid happy li he who^comet* out s^ itMaV from ihe e\'tl in^^fluences \\ lii.-li Lest-1 Ins footstep* w here,^ever he goes. It is the unutterable^longing for something better thai^tak. s possession ot men'b hearts^dining 11 is iieriod whirh is^responsible 101 the iluiilits that arise as to^whetlii-i IHi i- vonii hv ing, anil thu sooner^He* MMM* ends ihe MMM it is fur the in^^dividual and foi the world. I sjt and best^is the t.me u !^i man takes niiln himself^a male and Ihe tr.ie responsibilities ot life^MMM, From thai tmiu on he lias soiin-^thing to Mm ft.i, MMMMM to ^ .ill out his^liost tneru.es and develop the innate no^bility of his soul, it lie has any.
Andit is now, minii than ever before,^thai lie Restl ;li-w.u.i ol a home of his
tmu. He ejejr taste his fair young wit
intoa house bcl.u.ging ;o another and lie^happy there, tin I he eaiinot help hut feel^that they ari mere so journers in the pluee,^and that every dollar MMM |ej tit .undying^their home is a dollar invested for tin^benefit of some future t unam. If ho is^wise, he ^ ill not spend inueh money in ihat^Sjajr. He will apply it to the purehasc of a^home ol'i Ins tm 11, and then every dollar^expended in the way of udoriiment ^ ill^oild to the beamy and \MM of his own1^property.
Inselecting a place of permanent abode,^it is the 1 ..irt of u MMM to choose a hs ulity^combining good business alid residence^qualifications. In this res|ie^t IWeman^stands peerless among Montana cities.^Surrounded by tho lurgesr area of pro-^ductive ugricultuial land between Kust-^ern Dakota and Fugct sound, besides^being in the heart of the great mineral dis^^tricts of the Mate. Itozemau is the princi-.^pal financial and commercial center of^Kastern Montana, and ihe prestige it now^has it can easily retain to the end of time.^Its constant and stead) gniw th during i he^list few years is a safe criterion by which^to gunge lis future progiess. I Inly It^should always he MM in mind th;it with^cell suit ceding year its advance ill eni will^lie grc.itlv in i clloiatcd by the inlusion of^new blots-1 and the incoming ol outside^rapital. The piesent season, for instance,^w ill sec the city taking gr^at strides to-^wai-ds iiietropolitan appointments and M^^PMMMM MM ever MMM In a few^weeks it ^ill h ive a daily paper equal io^nn^ in t he slate : hy the middle of summer^it w ill have an electric car line trat^its principal streets: contracts hav^let lor a esn.no school bouse and for res^^idences that would be a credit^to any city in the Nonhwest;^It will ha.e a Homing mill^of sulDcicnt tapaeit) to grind hall the^grain 1.1 sod ill ilie valley: it ahead) has^a hotel huge enough ltMMMMIM^^dreds of guests and vv Mi ll is first class in^till its appointments | it has a city hall^^MM for beauty of architecture and con^^venience of arrangements is second to^Hone m this state: it has an elegant opera^house w I'h a seating capacity of nearly^LOW: it has a public library toniuiniiig^over l.:KH) volumes: it has seven churches^and an excellent educational institution^aside lroin the public schools. W hat moro^need lie said to pri vc 1 hat BozeMM is a^t ity in ho t as w ell as in name
Asa residence i jit the preeminence ^^f^ImMI is t oiiecdttl by all who have any^knowledge of the facts. Its beauty is so^KlthlM tl .t ^ ii'^^ .e n it fon tcr remains^a psneslna* recollect lost m tM muni, the
Maoriso! lis health clliceisprove it to tie^Ms* MMMll) free fi . in ^F sMM ami death ;^its climate is lielighMul; its vv iter sv^tcm^istl.ehesi 111 lie st..io; its morality is^protcrbial.
Withall these point, in its favor, Bore-^liiauoftct- Mrnici intliiecmt tits to those^w ho desiri to purchase resident e property^MM Mil MMf 'it) in Montana. Lots in^MMMMI I' ' .Hi' iis i.. n u' ^ III price limn^up^ ..id-. n'ld the linns ai^ so easy thai^llll^ vvorl.il]c,l'i..n can s,tinea home vvnh-^out taking jm chances, or m an^ waj dis-^MMM| himself
TheWest side addition MMMMBfMBs*^ImTmImMMJI - and in mTMmJ lots for^Ma9 In that addition we feel ussIiithJ that^we are 1 unii.-luiig pMpst witlijustwli.it^the) want 111 Mi w.i, o| MMM prop^^erty. lt)MW MaM ISMimi fta-ate) blork,^,^e hate an BMMM Osl piiintin::. ^^^:xII^te.'. showing this addition. bmI^the public 's respect fully iorrted^to call and examine ii. iiur^pro|MTty is iMMMl just west of th' city^pai 1.. and is Bfxfcj two blot k^ troin tie elec^^tric street railwa^ line to he coni|^letud^this MM TM s^il is of i m i II nt^quali11. ..ml w ith t ach lot w c deed w .iter^tight, the water MMJ alnad;, oil the^fJMMMti ^^*^ MM guarantee a UvtojtfM^on rat 111 01 uer of even lot. and we pro^^pose MMMf 'he W c^i Side addition s^park in itselt.
tlur terms are one-third cash, the bal^^ance iti s:\ ttui mi ; 1 aiMlai srllbesrl in-
teri'st;or f^l down ami 11^ pel month^until lots Mi paid for.
IkeK. MMtaVj MMMl agent, rwms ^^SOwslc. blis k. Jl.itte. Mont.
UeoigeAudit), t Icar) house, Orauita.
NoCbaoge in the Situation in the^Coeor d'Alenes.
TheArrival of a Number of Aliened^Miners From Portland Causes^Some Little Rtpple of^Excitement.
(SpecialDispatch to th* Standai^l.
Wallaci.,May 1^. -The ball of excite^^ment was again set rolling in the C'oeur^d'Alenes this afternoon by the arrival of^nine alleged miners from Portland over^the LTmM Pacific. Immediately on the^arrival of the regular east bound train the^men stepped oil the cars and proceeded^leisurely up the track in the direction of^Gem. They were followed by a number^of union men. who endeavored to induce^them not to go to work, but all of the men^but two positively refused to have^anything to do with the miners here. One^of the men who n ln-nl to aucoinpany the^other seven men, was escorted to the^union's beadrpiarters. He was seen by the^PtATOaMi'l correspondent.ami in tho in^^terview ihat followed he said: ^My^MM* is Joseph H. Ounn. Three or^foul days ago 1 saw an advertisement^at Kincaid's employment agency on First^stret t in Portland tor Ml men to go to^Idaho. Shortl) aftcrwatd I met a man^named Hrewstet.who said that he wanted^HI miner) to work in a mine in Idaho. I^^ oinmenccd talking with bun at the St.^Charles hotel, l asked him it he had .tti)^thing totlo wiili the advertisement 1 bad^been and he told me he did not. 1 then^asked him if there was any trouble inhere^his mine was, as* I did not want to go^where th, re was any trouble. He said^MM there was no trouble Ml his mine,^and thai he did not expert there would be^any. I then told him thai 1 did not have^Ml MMM) to pay my fare, so he told me^he would bii) MSI ticket. 1 started from^Portland with eight other men. 1 did not^know there was any trouble here until I^left Spokane, when I found a dnil) |iapcr.^We stopper off at Tekoa last night w here^1 MSl met a gentleman w ho explained the^situation to me. 1 then told Urewster 1^did not wunt to work under MM circum^^stances When 1 arrived here to-duv 1^Mstl him for my trunk check which 1^gave to Mai on th^ train. He asked^Ml MM I intended to pay him what^I owed him. At hist I intended^to go up to the mine sml wot li out the^money I aw. 1 him. as I roul^! then quit^feeling that I was under obligations to^him, but I changed m^ mind and tolt' him^that be had misrepresented mutters and^that I did not intend to (to up there to^work at all. When I asked him for my^ti'unl. ( heck he said he wouli. see nie to^nigh' 1 told him that 1 did not have tho^money io |iay him, but would get it before^I left the country. Tho union men 1 met^did not make any threats.''
Mr.Hunn is an intelligent man and well^dressed. He is now at the union's head-^MmTMMsV The other men went well^drcsssetl. and from their appearance^would not M taken for miners,^although they were packing their^blaukvts up the track. Their hands mote^cloeel) r^ '-milled those of pencil sharpen^ers than horny handed sons of toil. Thcv^^^ay that they knew all about the trouble^here tor some time past, but they were^bound for the Gem mine and intended to^go to work. The miners here believe that^they are a gang of Sullivan's detectives^sent MM as citizens in disguise to act as^in mod guards over a large force of men^w ho .nt-now being gathered throughout the^eoiiiitM. Tho miners say that the\ know^an agent ot the Mine Owners' association^is luring a number of turn in Portland,^and that a train load of ^sralis^ are^expected It, leave for tho t'ocur^d'Alenes in a day or two. 'Ihe miners^MB MMM Ml the new airivals are^SutMvael MM, from the MM that ihey^should start to walk to Grm. a distance of^MM^ when a regular train would^leave for Gem and Burke over the North^^ern Pacific a few minutes af ter their am^v.iI here. It is also saitl that this small^MMVtl men were imported anil in^^structed to walk upthroiigli lien i to induce^the union MM to use v MMi so thai^the Mine t Iwniers' association ^ ould^issue a petition falling for protect^^ion from the government by armed^troops composed of the regular nulitta^The truth of Mat statement is denied. A^part) of prominent union men were dis^^patched to watch the movements of tl,esr.^MM, but nothing definite has since been^learned as to their whereabouts. Actions^of this tiattue have a significance vv hatev er^ihe result may be.
TheMbaar printed an extra this MMM^MJ w Inch received ^ ide circulation and^MMM*] much comment. It contained a^fat simile of four telegrams which wcro^signed b) foui men now acting as bosses^at the ^ ii.on mine, who arrived^MM last Saliitd.iv from Iron^Mountain. Michigan. These tele-^grains wore sent to the associated^press last night and the make up of each^one closely resembles that of the other.^I'll^) are to the effeet that the non-union^men now at the I'mon mine ate well^plc.'scl with their jobs, well fed and eom-^lortablc. The) say that the men are paid^MM* and M p* r 'lav . and thai MfMMMM^has livi d up t^ its promise^, t apt. Viv ian^Pi inei also send- i telegram in which^he adds that his in.ii are^working and have MMMMMl with the^t .m iii'd'Ah ne Mine Owners' association^io pa) all miners |.;..vi .,nd trammels J.i^per da) ^ 'he same |iay to continue in force^for one year. The) are all well fed oml^seem comfortable noiw ithsianduig all re-^l^oris to the contrar) .
Th non union nun who have MMM*)^rjnit the I'nion mine do not ajrec with^^ S' statements, how ev ei. and ^ is v *^^diawnup and MMMMMl the following^latagMM to-night:
MatXACB.IMtse, May M fa Mi^ 4MM,^flsaiaM. MieMJMs, n.| f.. W. t. Kity f.^f^MM, OrMTM Ml; .'/'etc
VA th^ MMM MM r^ rmrMsit kfCMN.^\ iv.su Prtsva in MtctslM* ^a^ue tn ^tsts that^M were iioeigle'l tut., .. nung out hers^hy MMMMMl Mi frsul. ^n^^statement that i .iptaiti I'nties makes
t.. tootrarv aaMMHtaaMja. Wr
MMail h'tl tuo Luiali nigir. MMM M Hie
nanoerIn whlcn wrutti' trr. Ml M Ms^thugs and ilstert|v^^. The MMfMf bsl all of^nnr tisggsfs ^U^1 r^fntss to plre It up. Oaly ^it^ef th* nrn who c^mi^ here sis working la^trlD*. atirl the nthrts who are still st the Voles^mi tie waai to leave, hut rantiot ^rt their rtothv^CMMMMM4 MMSa, kiepswjv film b^te if^ynii know when ^ou are well off.
Thiswas signed by Josef P.xllaw ski. Jan^W'ojannr. Audio Tkaccik, Majk Kktinko.^Audio Kiriuko. 'an Kaciuko. Jan Frajtly,^Alex Fratu). Styun Boroae. Jan Jan, Jan^Superaek. Frak Cierep. Jacob Grits and^John Drenig. The miners are saining^hosts of friends by the manner In w*airti^they have controlled themselves from all^acts of unlawfulness. Much credit is due^for this state of affairs to the leaders of^the organisation. These men are con^^tinually counselling the miners to have^patience and in all cases give due respect^to the laws of the country. Contri^^butions are coming M daily from man)^unexpected sources. The miners have all^returned to their homes, being satisfied^that they must win this fight upon fair^grounds or lose it and be compelled to^leave the country. There is every' reoaon^to believe that the fight will be a long and^bitter one. It is highly improbable that a^compromise will at this late date be ef^^fected, as both sides have spent large^sums of money and gone Ma far into the^struggle to make any concessions. Should^the trouble continue mail) months longer^the business men and citizens will be^forced to endure untold hardships.
Th*Itnt hester Wife Murderer Kteraally
Knutkt'ttnut by Rleetrlelty.
AnjMJM,X. Y.. May 1*. Joseph L. Ttcc.^the Rochester wife murderer, w as electro^^cuted at tt:80 this morning. The execution^If MMMMfM* a gient success The wit^^nesses saw no burning of flesh, no exhala^^tion of air from the lungs and no snuggle^of the victim. The murderer met his fate^calmlv. The electric current was turned^into the hotly four nines, and each contact^urns brief. The physicians in charge be^^lieved better results would he obtained^in this way than with two long contacts.^The complete time of each contact was H^seconds. The condemned man MM very^nervous early in ihe night, but when told^at midnight thai he would he executed^this morning he s.iid li^ was ready and^would die hko a soldier. He joined fer^^vent I) in prayer, slept a little after mid-
PersonsDroned^City, Iowa
UntoldDamage Wrought and the^Number of Llvea Lost Un^known -Awful Reports^of Ruin.
RtorxCtTV. May 1*- Earlv this morn^^ing a great wave came down Floyd river.^The water spread over the hank* to a^depth of three feet, and In a few moments^had risen to about the first floor of the^houses and several people fled to higher^ground. Warning was given hut a short^time before the flood came, and only a few^of those in the low lands received any^intimation. The flood rose four feet in^an hour and continued to rise, but not so^rapidly. Fully l.'k'o people live in the^overflowed district. The rise was so rapid^some were unable to escape, and the w ork^of rescue w as busily carried on.
At12 o'clock, 11 persons were reported^drow ned and there must l^e many others.^The only names obtained so far are: Nel^^lie West, Lomse Boerner and fourarlul-^dren.
Allthe boats from boat houses on the^Sioux river are living used to sav e life and^property. The stock yards and packing^houses situated at the confluence of the^Missouri and Floyd rivers are complete!)^inundated. About 2,000 head of live stock^was drowned. Many raicasses are also^floating down the Floyd. The railroad^yards and switching trai ks are under^water. The roundhouse and property is^enormously damaged. Xu Mains left Sioux^City to-day.
TheHotel Famle and ihe Liotton Invest-^meiit coinpau.v's building is surtoundetl^| by water. The union depot was cut off at^| 0 o'clock. It Is MMM thai '^^^people^' MM been driven from home. The cham^^ber of commerce organircl relief work^I this morning, and by noon the ladies had^I several soup and lunch houses for the siif-^| ferers. The loss is large but as vet cannot^lie estimated. The loss to the ,s|OIIX City
ASPOOK DID THE WORK.^Two rrlseasrs Escape from a ^ olorsitn^^fall la a Mysterious Manner.
speruinitpetch to the staadant
Gf!CMsON.May li. -The prisoners eon^fined in the county jail escaped this after^^noon while tho sheriff and Ins deputy were^attending a cirrus. There were three^prisoners in the jail. Tom Burns, w ho^killed a man at Lake City a month ago. a^man named Askley. who vy arrested at^Creede for forgery, and an insane prisoner^from Baldwin. The first two are prison^^ers of Hinsdale count). and were brought^to Gunnison and lodged in jail here for^safe keeping. A mysterv surrounds th-^jail break which the MM iff and his party^are unable to unravel
Abouta week ago w hen Sheriff lleering^came into the corridor of the jail, he found^the tw o huge iron holts on the cell in w hirh^Burns, the I ike ( ity murderer, was con^^fined, thrown back and there was nothing^to prevent the prisoner from going into the^corridor. The sheriff knew |s snivel)-that^he I, ul slipped the Ivolis into the mMMM^the night before, as was his usual eiiaMMi^and he questioned Burns concerning the^matter. He said that during the night a^phantom appeared who hail his MMM^cut from ear to ear, stalked about the tell^and disappeared through the door.^The prisoner could not have done^it as he could not reach MMI^from the inside of his cell
FourWomen Murdered by a Demon^Down in Texas.
Hundred of Armed Men W th^Bloodhounds Searching for^a Villain Who Is a^Crack Shot.
nightand pucetl the cell, but became calm j * Northern is fci^^.ouO.
ath o'clock and remained so to the end.
Ticew as t'^3 years of age and served as a^soldier during the w ar. Ho was married^-1 years ago and has been a drunkard^ever since In a drunken fit in July last^be stabbed and killed his wife and paid^the penalty to-day.
JoePoint Throws Hs-nny^Times.
SneelalDttpat' h to the stanil.it I
Dfivkf,Msy 1*. -Joe Burns of Butte,^Mont., offered to throw Benny Jones ijfH *J*gJX^ble^Denver, three times in one hour. Jones^weighed IS pounds more than Burns, but^the Montana man threw him three times^in 10 minutes last night. The stakes were^*2i0.
feweeaya I-'iee Map.
Spetlal ntsp.itcli to the MMMM
Rf.pI.onot. Ma^ l^. -Tho examination^in tho Sweeny-Willeti sh'ioting easerlosed^at IS (V^ o'clock this morning, hav ing oc^cupied the entire tune sime Tuesday
cenesalong the Fdgenater are very^pitiful. The loss of life will be very large.^y^ ^pnngdale u woman stood in the sec^^ond story of a bouse, Ouo yards out, hold^^ing her baby up over 1 he waters and was^still there at 9 o'clock to-night. Two men^have already been drowned in attempting^to rescue her. A gale of wind added^greatly to the misfortune of the city.^There is neither gas light nor eleclru^light, both plants being underwater.
Xrsulsof the
FourDopoe. Iowa. Mav I*.^Rain last^night caused heavy damage in this vicin^^ity. Word has just been received from^Sioux City of the loss of ^4 lives by the^bursting of a reservoir there. The dis^patch also said the damage to property in^the Floyd and in the Little Sioux^vallevs is immense, besides the prospect^of the loss of life is being great Damage^done here will reach into the thousands^The Illinois Central. Minneapolis .V St.
MMJMM.The MM testimony introduced j {i ,^,, MaBOI|, ^v A Kort rtndgc mad.^was that ot six eve witnesses to the1
shootingand the defendant himself. All^agreed that Willett was rushing upon^Sweeny with uu open knife, when th^^two shots were liicd. and that he (Iretl^only to save his life. The defendant was^discharged, when the crowd in lire court^room broke into cheers anil heanilv con^graiulHtcd him. The result gives univei^sal satisfui tton in Red I odge.
Clevelandtleti Vlrlorlone.
ATIvm v.May 1*. The democratic state^convention met here to-day. Cleveland^men scored a victory hy the selection of^ex-Senatoi Tolk MMfMf as MmJMMV)^t haiimail by a majoiii) of .Vt votes, fin^motion of the antt-Clev eland men. Ills^election was MMM unanimous, disirniati^Borrow was introdu-ed by his recent com^^petitor. Mr. Robinson The Cleveland^forces followed up iheir victory by moving^that the temporary MMM be declared^permanent chairman, w hich was carried^by acclamation, the aiiti-t levehind men^not insisting on a loll call.
Aflslrsat MM Falls.
hpeelalimpai' li to the st iii Urd.
(,ltrT Fails.. May IK- A public meet^ing has been called lor May JO for the ptir-^|iose of making ariaiigemeuts for the^proper iibseitanre of Mcmonal dav.^May iiO.
Ata meeting of the school board the^lollowing tcschcts were selected for the^ensuing teini Misses Mcl'ortunc. Fan^^nie K. \*^ ing. V M. 1-aild. Helen Kdgerton.^J. I., huh. MaryGilclu 1st. F.vaaiul S.Con^^nor. Mrs. F. S. Swan, Mrs. F-witig and^C. W. Kellison. Four other vacancies^will he ^ otmdi red nt the next meeting.
tee hi lug's MMMM
fjO.Mi^-. May I*. Deeming's petition^was hslgcd with thu priv)^ council to-duv.^praying for a respite on account of the^condemned MM being insane. The peti^^tion sets forth that Ih't*ming's fathei mal^^treated his wife shorily iM-fore the [MMf^gave birth to Deeming, and Ihe maltreat^^ment resulted in the prisoner's insanitv.^Ileemiug's brother. MM affirms that Ins^brother has been insane all his life. The^petition will lie referred to the judicial^^ MMMMg ^f the privy council.
^^^- a ^
CaliforniaMMMM^Fnrsrtn. Cal.. Ms) 1*. -Delegations from^four of the seven congressional distt icis in^attendance at the democratic state con^^vention last night nominatetl caiidida'cs^for congress and district delegates m the^national convention. The First district^renominated Thos. J. i^..,rv for congress,^the Second A. I ainmcnetfl. the Fourth^.lames c. Maginre, the Fifth John F. Rv-^land. All the delegatos to the national^conventioti t hosen in these MMMM sre^Cleveland men.
Tlnoiiahthe Head.^W .smiv'.ton. May 1^. -John M. lackey,^private secretary of t,eneral Rojeei his,^register of the treasury . committed sui^^cide to-day by shoot ing himself through^the head while temporarily insane.
waterhas^the past -'4^and factor)
havelost heavy liy washouts and slides.^The water works are threatened and the^mines are flooded The weather is clear^^ing to-night- hut the river is still rising. If^it continues great distress and destruction^will follow.
Hallof the Cltj Will Be I niter Water^ltefore Morning.^Drs MotNfs. la.. May 1*. The situa^^tion here is serious to-night. Tho lies^Moines and Rnrenon rivers are both rising^rapidly and hundreds are moving out of^the lower districts h'eports Irom points^above unlit ate an eight loot rise. With^this amount above the MMM ^^^ ^se^another foot before morning. If it does^that nun h or even less one-half the citv^including some of the business portions^on either side.^ ill he surrounded by eater.^Mud utid water are pow flowing through^tho houses and the residents ot the bot^^toms are fleeing panic-stricken. The^damage done to property in the city ts^great utid all hope of the cultivation of the^bottom lands this season is given over.
Tsrloiles i lust-fl.
Alton.III.. M..y U, The^risen nearly three MMM in^hours and nearly every mill^along the river has ceased^All the farmers along the lowlands have^been rescued and brought to the citv. The^river is !'^ mil' s wide and the Chicago A^Alton tracks neai Mitchell will be de^^stroyed. All cars havo been oitlcn d to^be moved from the glass works,as it was^feared they would he wa, lied away.
ivashedAway tho I rat k
SpEfofit. Towa, May I*. - A fearful wind^and rain storm from the northwest has^been raging MMI '-' o'clock last night.^The river Sioux has risen 1.'fset in tfie^last hours. Three to four hundred feet^of the Chicago. Milwaukee A :^t. Paul^truck has fwen washed out at a creek two^miles cast. The entire eountiy along the^river is under water. 'I here is uo sign of^the stoi m abating.
In lows Tempest.
MeesH-tLlow**.Iowa. May 1^. A veri^^table tempest prevailed in Central Iowa^for seversl hours from the northwest.^Trees and buildings wem blow n duw n all^over tho country and MMM damage
AtCedar flap.4s.
CEPAPRinns May 1^. A cold wave^struck here this aftern.iou. the MMM^eter dropping io degr^es. A gale is blow-^ing cold enough foi snow.
s) ^ ^ ^^Thev Will MMM kff film.^Vr.w^ YOPK. May 1*.-Rev. Dr. Charles^A. Briggs of the Union Theological set-u^^nary, w hose orthodoxy * i^ he brought into^question before the 1'reshMcrian general^assetublv st the coming session at Fort-^land. Oregon, left forthst MM this morn^^ing snd will make his own defense befirri^that body. He goes at ihe wish of th^^hoard of directors of the seminary, who^will stand Io MM in the exi^coied fight.
isso close that the spaces between it ate^not over two inches square, nnd it is im^^possible for anyone on the inside to get^his hand through. Besides it requires nil^the strength of a man w ith MM hands^who ir. on the outside to move the bol^s .^none of the othei prisoners could have^opened it as they were separaielv lis ked^in their cages. The following evening^Sheriff Deertng took paiUcului pains in^lot king up the three prisoner., but the^next morning the cage was open^again. The sheriff says he is not su^^perstitious, but he could not help^thinking there w as MMMMMl suivernam^ral and miraculous about this During^the day he carefully examined ihe cell and^every corner of the jail and also the pris^^oners, thinking they might have some in^^struments with ^ Inch lie- MMJ might Is^ihrown hack, but nothing MM found. The^sheriff was determined to baffle theefforts^of the spook and made some hard MMl^pins which he put in MM ^^position that the Nil's could not^be moved while the pins were there^and could not be i cached from^the mmm The puis did no good^for the next morning the bolts weie back^as usual. To-day the sheriff locked his^prisoners in their cells, and upon return^ing h* found the door leading into the cor- | ^)i^ridor of the jail battered and the lock de-^destroyed, the door being open. An ex^^amination of the c ages MMMMi that they^were unlocked and the boli^ iliawn and^tho prisoners from Hinsdale county mere^gone. The insane prisoner sat in a chair,^hut no information could be gained from^him. Men are scouring the country in^every direct ion and the sheriff ho|ies to^recapture the prisoners.
Dr.:Isos. Texss. Msy 1^.-Retween II^o'clts-k last night and i this morning an^unknown assassin brutally shot and killed^four women, two of them leaders of local^societv and the others inmates of houses^of ill fame. The first victim was Mrs.^Hav i.e.. w ife of Dr. H. K. Havnes. one of^Denison's most res|iecfed ritiiens, MM^was shot ^hii ing th-- MM of her hus^^band. The murderer took he dead vie.^tun's .'old w atch, diamond ring and ear^^rings and proceed,-,! to the resilience of^Mis. Haw lev, w here In entcted the bed^^room of Miss T'-en Hnvlsv .hut the girl^fled to hei mother's rtsim for protection,^and while she was scaled on the bed t*y^her mother's side the assassin's bullet^The ironwork I came through the sen-en and killed her
Theassassin then MMMM* Mi IMMM^the Ivagnio of Madame lie c-rs, w here ho^tlied from the front peMk through the^window. mmMI M.iud Cramer. He then^* rossed the street and mortally wounded^liose Mew art. shooting her from the side^^walk as she vc is ulsiut to return to^Madam ^ Wilson's.
Thefour foul nrinlsrs created intense^excitement, w Inch was itnpascl by tho^fact that there w as no i hi,.-to the etanimal.^Hundieds of urine.I usM are s^aiehing for^the inurdcrei Mm MMMI have been^brought into sen n r, hut so far without^success, -ever.il arrests have ln-cn made^on suspicion, flu' the gulllv MM is be^^lieved to he still at ksrga,
,I loll ef
Orjtn, of the*
Prmnrats of Psyolte Listen to the Words
efAble Orators.^Special Plspatrh to the Ptan latl
PAYrnr.Idaho. May I*. ft rousing^meeting was held tonight at the city hall^under the auspices of local MMMMM,^Hon W. A Cuughutier was MMM MMf^man and Burt Venable, editor of the^ruyette rarfefienaVitf, was chosen secre^^tary. There were loud cslle for Hons.^I.ro Ainslie. J. H. Hadey and f, M^Kennedy, each of whom responded with^able and eloquent u jdresses Mi. MM*M^believed that delegates to ( hicago should^go utiinstructed. He showed the donee^i ratic party to be a MMM friend to silver^than the republican party and roundly^denounced the corruption of the pre-.-ein^state administration. Mr Kennedy re-^ferredtothc promise of the MMM^party regarding the silvei and h ad ques^^tion, showing how It deluded people of^Idaho two years ago, and how Isith have^depreciated ,,, vain*' under republic in^rule. The s|s^e^ hes MM MMM*if|f^applauded.
DIEDON^A hpokaas
ilnterlashes In His siring^at I'orstetln.
isl Dt^|^at' h t^^ the st.indar l
Foiitixlo. Idaho. May !^. Frank Mc^( lelland. who was on Ihe wav fiom Spo^^kane-. Wash., to bis home at fjiCrosse,^w*Mh died Ml M tram MMI M Ml tins^afternoon at ^.la, of hemoirhage of the^lung*. He w as a union pt inter and wm ked^last cin the fV/io/rrsiiiia. The Isslv was^turned over to Manassa A Son. who will^prepare the sanw for shipment as author-^MM bv the I nokane Tvpographi' al union
Idit'irs f ,r^t han h
ttvvuv.M iv I*. Bishop Foster pre^^sided at th rioi rung's ^cA5ion of ^ho^M^tl ,*li t MtMM IfM MMM Ms^press, -1 Ins gi ant!, it. hi at the liberal t oti-^Irtbutious foi the ri'lief of Russian niiffer-^elsatld hoped it will be IMMM I. L.
Hurlbut.the present iticumbeut, was M*^asseted secretatv i.f the Sunday school^and I'lact MMMJTt The tellers reported^result of the last ballot for second^agent of the I uu iiitiati hook concern^taken T'H vim . -how nig the elet tton of^Louis I urtis of Chicago.
A.\\ Meiidenhall was iee|ecietl editor
ofthe Vr'aodi,' and Dr. J. M.
Buckleywas reelected editor of the Chrii-^ttae A't' 'S'o'.'. The t onfereiiee then took^up the question of abolishing the ft v e-v ear^limit on pastorates.
Til.'elect io.'i of the etl to of the WVt'ern^i ^iit'..j. Adtvrate of Cincinnati was con^^sidered and I'r. H M. Moore was nomi^^nated and heartily seconded hv a scoie of^deltgstc.s. Aftei | billot was taken, tho^tellers retired and ihe repoil of the com-^miiiee on I'itici a''v rt'ganling nine limit^w as l iken up. Vfiet some speeches, tho^MMmrttv report troin ihe ^ omnuttee was^presented, opposing the abolishment of^the present live .ear limit. I'r ^ oswellof^Jsouiherii ' ahfonua fsvoi-ed the majori'v^report. I he result ot tlie ImIIoI foi editor^of the New York f*|MM ftMMflMI^as follows Pi. J. M. Buckley, ^^^ Dr. I.^H. Fotts. ,1 Frances h. Wdlaid. ts. Dr.
ll'lekl'V w as d ee l.in d cler'ed 1 lie elec^^tion of eihlol for the IfsMksssMtni CftMfs^fiou |i/i... a'. ' a'ne ne.t. Ihe' nominees
weieDr. Edwards and In. \*^ Imlock.^Mici a ballot ^.i, r,i,l the tellers retire l^and iii^ chall man alllioiin, e l ,'ie result of^the ball'^ tor ti e It . .'. en fftrMTMg gM^^MNKM . Dr. 11 M M. te te. civ etl^^ft, P. B. Vc. ly M, and I. F. GaMM* *.^|^T. M, M. MMM w is MrMMl electetl.^Th'- aniio-iu,, rueiii was iKen math'for^MMMMM nieeiiiigs and the MMMM ^^iidioiirnctl. Ills generallv coneetleil that^Dr. A it lit i ^ I'dw aids w as e| 11. d ' ditor ot^the .Via'As, tan 4a*^aesMs,
M'f lclland was a consiiuiptiv c .^of age and left for home to die.
-'' veil's
GreatTatls BMM
fspseislDispatch to th^ Sl.iuilat'l.
^ht.vl F.vu e. May 1^. -It is confidently^MMMMi here that work MMI the con^^struction of the Neihurt MM*I will Is-^commenced in a few deys, as soon as the^disappearance ,,f the snow from the^mountains will permit of the MMMM^of the work. During the recent MMM^weather, which so vvulel) prevailed, the^snow fall on the mountain Jaugc* wa^very great, and th'- snow line is lower^than it w as ev er know u to be at this tun. .^.serious fears of a flood are felt here which^might prove exceedingly disastrous.
Bareball grounds are tiring prepared on^the cast bank of the river lust aisive- the^bridge and fronting the depot building.^|| teams being engaged u|^^u the Mfk of
grading No other suitable place eould 1 Beach Kidl). s.xm a great crowd ^f [Ms
Con I ii i tin ; t' v plorstlon* in^Nets- .f^rsev.
Trv 1st e Cm, V. J., M iv 1*\ Dr. c. c.^Abl-ut . oni.e.-rc'l w it ii the MMMM*^tton ot the I'tnvetsitv ot (^nnsvlvan i
V1 cliaeulo ^., ,1 M i sen 111. all ! H ^ Nfeo-o
ofDov lesti .w n. I'* . have made a most tn-^MIMMM disioverv while i-vploiuig along^the Fgg ItMrMT rirer, in fttlMMl e'outity.^Thev tui' mi r d the site of an .in.'lent^Indian potter,. Although no similar dis^^covery has ever bc-ti made in this^section of New Jersev. Dr. Ahhott is quite^confident that the center for a large^sIkii isni i' pMMfl vvas hs'ated along th ^^hanks of the river. Thu ground was^turned up in a nunibct of places m an^ucre ol '. i t it,,r v and MOVt large quanti^^ties ot potshenls and chips of jus|tei. No
signsof any dwellings couMMdiacosMtsrJ.
Dr.Ahliottwdl shot-ilv make a full ee-^ploraiioii of rti.^ I.H'.th'y for'ho twneflt of^the I io . i ^ov ot reniis) Iv aula, and he^cvisse-ts io lind rate and v aluable pieces of^Indian p. tt. i v vv uoii w ill b^ placed iu the^MM '^ a a MMMMi
MM'ii a Kiel
tt vtvitx sv it r v, l Ihto. Mav 1 s. \s a se^^quel to a gv psy w edding hen- tins morning^th^ re ^ auic near fsung a riot. The trouble^started in a uuanel fvetw vn William^Ihe'. i colored man. and lack Ha)den.^Haydeu being the aggressor and beating
hefound outside, w ithin reach ^^! the street^car lines.
Hurnetlihs Town.^I^^^t)0^. May 1*.- Dispatches from^I sg'is. Africa, aays: The British^have routed the lebu and Fgl^a^tribes at Kye at'1 burnevl the town.^There was stisip lighting. Fight of the^B^ iso allies mete killed The enemy's^loes is not known.
DantlrtlIn t'ls Air.^f 1 ^vtc^!^. Del . May Is James Taylor,^a negnv. w ho assaulted Nelh^ Wilcj at^Kennedy sville, w as taken fioin the Ches^^terton jail last night and lynelied bv a^MM ^f Mft |iec4ile. it'cluding some ^f the^Is si connected families in low t\.
grossand gypsies weie arrived again-t^each other and a hot row followed. Hav-^den stahb^vl Beach in the face, the knife^running through both cheeks. He also^stabbed him in th^ breast. Beach will^die.
4^ onstnulionsl AmendHseat.
WtsMix'oTox, May Is. H.cssof Iowa in-^trodiucda joint resolution in the house^tivdav. pioixssing a constitutional amend-^uieui providing MM no |wnsion ot anv^I'u k pay, or emoluinent, that does not^^ease with actual service, hereafter be^granted, allowed, or paid toon account ot^any sailor or soldier except under the pn^-^visionaof the laws existing st the time ol^enlistment, nor unless it isclsimed in less^time than two years after Ihe same has^at ere, d.

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