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A^-.tilling to.iin ii always tlic money UMt. Alxmt liulf a null.^!' po'iml* of^maker, ami a iiieinhcr of a aiiiuii^if team I ^ aliiiuct 4 I let la trisSSSIB ^^r^^ ^^^1^I ut^in n'.wajs in tlriiinnil. !f llien' was ever I'j'y., hut this was an ex^optional trans-^l any tlnulit ulmut Hie honesty of tlie gallic nc-tion, where iiolhiiii; I ut ' aluwl *^it was ilifc|*lletl in IK'Ki. Hail there hocii Hula nipper could la^ ua^tl.^the slightest crotikitlncsN it woiihl ha\e We hn\e for some lime reported In*!^leaked out dwtag ihe Brt^theriiootl ^ar. till* runi'miiy lias practically heeii otttabf^^ lieiT pl;i^ers and ma(.Miale^. wi re arraycil tlic market, mid n^^ wmUlM oiippfc.*^against eaeh other in the bitterest klml of I of that lirand Ix ilij; ohtHin.ihl' . whatever^BALL GAMES ON SUNDAY ! * s'lU'tttl'for existence. Tl.cii^.c. the little I price liicy asked liuil to he paid, hut
allthe ci rets, il there were any, mould Irutmaclioii in no eriteriou ^^l i lie mark.
TheConey Island Clnb Waots Some^Slugging Matches.
A.C. Spald nx Interviewed on the^Subject Among tho Fltfhters^-Jacob Caurt.inr and^John Tcomer.
Thet oney Island Athletic club, HH*Nfk^Manager l.uuiley. has mad^ a move w I.is li^mould seem to indicate a sepia li' light I j-,,,,. ltl^m itli the ^ llyinpie cluh of New Orleans. It '^was in the sliafte of an t^fffor to Jack Nfe-^Aul.fl'c and Hilly Myer to trani.fi^:- their^BOBleSt, now lulled lor Sept. .^^. ill New Or- I^loans, to tins ('. 1. A. ^'. Tiie agr-oiic'tit^^\a^ in the form of J-'.oli ad le.l to the |^puna-of Sltl.'UMoffei-ed hy t!ie (^lyillllic. \ '^ude issue in the negotiations between tho^men is a rl.Ukl forfeit which M\or claims^on tbe ground that Mo.Yiiliffe refused to^continue the match thai was ling.in hy Ihe I^^posting of snnl loi fell. The Olvuipic eluh^prolltlttcd. wImii he signed the present^uriiclesof agreement.t.^ make tins amount |^Ciaal to Myer. Manager l.umh'y propose* :^in make ihe loser's end ot his f I J.HH purse j^Sl.oii. and that McAuhlfe shall pay Ihe I^forfeit claimed by Myer out of his share. |^Thus if MrAuliffe should be lieai-n by ,^Myer. In- would not tela rent, wlile if I^MeAnIMN should win, M ^ ^ttrtMaM tcive '
SOOQ, MeAulilfi) says ho would rather^light at Coney Island for the larger purse.^A telegram man sent to Myer, in Chicago, :^bearing Ha' new proposal.^Jack Mcl.cc nl Cast It..^.lull is m il. In-d
tolight I'rcd Cnls of Pklladt iphia fasts*. t^Johnny Keagaii is folloning John l..'s I^Btylo and says a IMBS BSMS is not big I^enough for him to fight.
SolSmith of l os Angles knocked out |^llaii Hawkins, who claimed the I'acitlo^coast bantam cl.aiiipioiiship. in H loiinds^winch were well contested.
Charles llnglit and Hilly Wise, light- i^weights, fou;;ht to a lini-li at ^ireeiishiirg. 1^l'a. Wise was gaeu eight pounds away^and ^a* outlotight at all isiiuts.
AtWilkesUuiv. l'a.. May -J. I'uther^l'hillips. a Caiholie priest, put a stop to a^light Is t.n-cn I'at Ilnrk and I'. Turks alter^the hiiuth round. It was called u draw,.^Hoth lll'-ll v. ere Lntl'y punished.
I.in Mall has ^ hilletig-l IVilrhar.l to^box sis rnuiul-. ..i t.^,'i pounds. The latter
havecoma' to the surface. Theie ^s noor-^gati'/e.l betting on lias ball. There nrn^no pool r,M^ms that make a specialty of^taking beta on the games like there are^on horse racing. Tho management of the
clubshave no |shj| pri. ili'gcs III.
Inthe National league BaSBBBl still holds^a hauilsome margin. Hiutikly u lienm una-^ble to cut dow n the h ad. Chicago and^are lighting |af third place^while Pittsburg. Cleveland, Lutiiaville and^New York are lighting hard. A game or^two mini or |ost make , gn at changes in
thestanding of tin^wins a shade more^this year is doing
lcudauee thus far I
dubs. A te^than half the gallics^good work. The al^^ts Ih'cii remarkable.
ihowsthat the game is not on HH^. as pessimistic |ioople an* at limes^d toth,nk. Haltiiuoiv still lias a^u last phe e, bin has hopes of yet
whu h^I deelini^i iiiclim^' cinch i
Ih ailing St. IjIrBll. The Hrow lis ha\^'doiii^^ BSSff work this season, which goat af show^that I oiiiiskoy, after all. mas aoiuuthing^of a manager and captain as well,
Basehall nppcurs to Im- at a pretty low^ebb in Philadelphia.^ says the I'lltsburg^! M^BBtaa, ^Cor a city that pn tcmls to so^I lunch, iho Quaker lomn is the worst nuii-^I ter of any in tin* league circuit. It i. an^cm eptioiial m ason, i.nd yt t Ihe Philadcl-^plna cranks won't attend. This i. partly^due to tbe fact that Ihe I'lnlla s do not^1 stand \ery high in the race and that I'hil-^adi Iplua want ^ base hall at ( cm . with^' a lice stri ct ear ride and a bag of peanuts^J throw ii in.
The peculiar unanimity with which a^large crowd olieys the orders of otio man^! is shown iM'twi'cii the innings by ihe occu^^pant . ot the Ideal hel'lc -. As SIHM1 as a^side is reined soluclsidy gels up ill his^place and shout*. ^Kverylsnly stretch!^^With one accord the several thousand^' men and boy s get up. straighten out their^cramped luiils, stamp once or twice and^1 shake theiuschc. Then ihe same party^yells, ^IAcr^ body down'^ and the thing^^ 4MM with the regularity of a disci^^plined army.
\l'uh^gy of MaMMth
^l'ringle^w rites in the I'ittsburg^Mlaal ^The few remarks I m ole^week about scullers, together w till a
ing^ ueral. Casting copper e. ihout tbe^same at 11,./1H,c. Wa have not beard^of any bualoaaa in An/on^ l*MZ eoppaf.^whi. h is still held for l^',e.. but Una is^abo\ e the ideas of bllVCI's.
! MM*' tbe market has Ih-cii rather^ii'H gular. Iu the beginning ol Hio wan-k^| prices ncie taiMj well iiiaintaini-d. but^: a flci a at ds there were Baal or real nations,,^and prices for q, M. H.'s ihchnad to ^46^l'.'a. ikl.n las. for s|K^t and t'lTmfor^llMMHMMba prompt, and these are the^clo^ iug quotations. I'or manufactured mo^mi that I MMM I
Inglish tough. Lis lhs.mil'': tn'st m-^leetcd. t.'/flti A'.^** It's. ; stnuiL' sheets. CM^l.s,. it^.7; India MJMM^ CtaftaM I'*.;^yellow metal liheets, c'^tl.
Thenegotiations regarding the produc^^tion aii-still pending, and. it i^ auid,, ara
MMin ireoiupleiiUith the American
andforeign producers having made^slight concessions. Ihe TharsiK com-^BMM has so lar not |MM il* aiMieix-nce,^I.ut is expected to do mi before many day*.^On repeated occasions we h ive given it as^our opinion that no material assistance^would lie rendenil to the cop|inr iiiduatiy^by sin b .Hi agreement, iiarticillarly as Ilia^p,obabiliti -s are that lieforc von'long it^w ill sun one pai ty or another to go Maw^Mm \ ..... and wo are Mill of opinion that
thei-Hoot the prices will entirely de-
pml on ihe consumption, wlueli. so lar^tin-year, has Im cii wry satisfai tory . and^the chain es are that Ibis Htate of alfaira^will eoiitiuiie.ind rend^ r uun^ecs*ar^' any^artiiieial assistance.
iManufacturers and Dealers
Inall kinds of
hasrefused lo iicee| t. hut agu es lo light sispient statcineiil made by .lames A. Si.^Ihill at III |sauniis lor hVatta side. ee;ht I John, his prompted an IMJMaMMl of^^ nail flaw signing artleiea,I opinion Iroiii the MMM oar.nun atidex-
TherHIMUliI Hi! inn.ions lljht in S-p- | eliainpion. Jaiii.cs Taylor. Mr. St. John^Ii uiber kt M idem I) ill. I: riachardw.il
Lath,Shingles, Mouldings, Doors and Windows,
Estimatesmade on Hard Wood and Fas.ern Pine Finish for buildings of any size,
Aspecialty of Ccrd Wood in Car Lots and Fir Mining Timber*
ilt.'p th^^ Hi ;i ii IttflH I In* ' ^l^ uipic cluli^v. ltl ilr!iM^ Ins c\|icnM^i ami n.i.v ^ny ior-^li-il ii^Mi'M!^;ir^. 1'i itt-lianl Htutrtl S^^|iU'in*^*^. tlio ^1ul^^ it.unt il |af Mm l^^ tt^lil^I il/i-tmnioiis, Would ii* I ^i\i- bin ' li'-u-jh^llMfl to ttaiti. I'l iti lnnl pMvtWHvM In*^v ill tijlii l ii/ iintiiittii in llic 01\nip^ia^^ Mill Bftjf ^l ^ ^ ^^^ Imm fWH I', bvm kittac u
I'Ih*rari iT of J^m^ ^ lio^ n**kl tu'Risa tho^.nit w ill Im* w .iii Ih iI w iih n^^ littla afvfJPM
' totOVMt, II*' Uatal fiV^ H ^ lil** il BaN OHttl
btaMotlof koto, an.I tlu n* i- ttttto il.m(^i^a ulmt h*a Mill \h* al'lv ti^ 1'iwiT Hi*'^iuJnm i^f in.uix i^i tlir a^|tiiiaiit^. fin rhatii-
jon ImOjooojoofooi the big i^olcr. \\ liilf^HH) iOjOjoY i* Immtiit v iu-!i^*.(. p't'ji!** jin* in^In- n-^a '^^*! wttb 'Ii' poon - t ; | .nutria^llMOOjOjb wliii'h Si|ili\.in ami I orfiDtl MO
iut, I'M ii t^^ tl^^ mIimIooI detail* AI mi*
libitfaottlOa fof tli^ |in*m-;it, |i.m'* illl^ till*^I I ^ ^:^i * I tin- Km t1^ r. |f w 11 i * Ibl |^l ^^ -niall^- ;.\ s i-- t.uc. w lioi \ainilii il lli^ at -iohii.^In- OMM) vtt bs ^ lorninlal'li-o.i|Hii|t-iil,^nil ! lie h'm\^ i'lioMtli atul vli'^nir* rtiaii^li^to tli.w n OVOOj- ||mb . mMMDO of i t-rln tt.
InIim til i-in t' ^' limry is watching Mm
roolua tight i H'M\. t^u ( ti.iri^ \ Klmmlrli
ui:l Jock xv ilkJmoo i borhij Ii
ootdoom oooo hofo sine -ins 11 ^ i^ lo the^Moot,which ptovod oo ilioaoloniN) lohhiii
BodOOI fHoOJoV 00)d atlnnii-is will all It*
ottloyw to too boo In- faputtn hhiaoolf. I*^laMMlhol in-it| |Ktiiriii it* a bonl Mlti^ami a pooj bufaOT^ lint In- o ill OVOd it .ill lo^lut'ft the lilt I** giant M.,;n^ .^|- litan.^* ItoHojr boO botoj traininj i-ai^l^i!i\ fur
tlv**nt ami ^ ill OOj|Off thf riui; r Ml a \
Ikhthh rho rooioo of too Hcuai-oin olU*
htic ^*!iiU slioiiM Im* lilli-il i.i ^ |ht^^tu.iti-li. ^ lorn o*iii bo no liuuhl o s ,^-ni itn*^^'in'. IVilhoo hft MOO HNftoi lit. ..in-tit i!,t^\* \* ran l oin VII. n in Ht. LnuU,oinl Toin^I a U bi train in-; * OjoHpj .^ t/.... m in lu^f,^lMMI
Tint H\ uipic phib Im NBcoivod ho oos^^^nil 11- |N^^.ii .- t t^ljU(i Limn \lt Ivt nttod) on^bahhlfui liiii M 'i bWAylMfo boool-
lOOthpootod N*tttj\ ami bit MO nitl i boi
0'11 Ik* ioro onlod o boo duo, Tho * mm
lolaojdi Inb s oil -i, ihWOfoM), -^. iiiri ||!-^loOjod* riii- Otf iOj|iigg bIm Imiojoti tbo^J-'iUsninnons-riiii Lai^l light will bo all^Viojit, ohlMMjg - tho| do Mot |i ibiiftii nil)^huoitilro iu!^i; ..ii ohottl luoir |iUqm^TooohtbtUttm m^* belftovo tii^t Uw pi^^-^blbithro laws kntiuditDod iIm looioloiiinj^will bi siTionsh i . in .ulon t|. all in-^loodhlfl mm) it- in Lo Kola tig boi ^ othoMb^^cliilm. an.] llw^ g**iitM*al Mpirit in 1101 ut all
OdVWMtO till' rJM)|t.
Iti.ll.lUt OOd OOOOfti^A. 0. Spahling. In an inwr\ it-w wild a
Chlsooopi |mh-t.'i tin nii^. bod tiiiM poini^lo MomO ohoot Ino Sumloi gooop ^gooiiun.^Ih'huid: ^I f in s^s imIomTM hi Suiul iv^hall, although I WtUt glO'ttga OJgJMOOd to il.
1h m, hott o\ it. i hi l k' i si ii in foooootg (In*^Siindav OOJM i- ,i OOod lhlhg^ l.ini^i olunilm*., Ohio, tor IllotottOOi TIm ioIooo^k^^*|*i^ there joiin-tl ill a |m uih.ii in |hi^roimril ^^kiiig ft^r Suinla\ imhi^-. I In ^^c ^t IhaMBi 1 h^ boobon NoM ^ m^ ptod ibot^ihn Suii(ia^ oport BTOuid hi'ip t h. - ii- boot*^ni'ris. I^ut it ih ln't. Men Brho bod olwo^a^hung umutHl tin* Saloon^* on Sninlay went^to BBS HM ganii ^. Th.it was not BOoopdhk]^to tla-ir iih-as. I he Kilo^m kei |w*rs next^lofood in ^ iih the ( hrn^tian BOMootlt then^fightmir SatiUith (h'Not-iation. ami .iskoiI^thai tho gatnicn he ntop|k*il; that thrv wci*^a tia I thing- 1 he ^ btlolUo OOOB4B wne^^tangeien. Tho hat(m^ti men h.nl nnwit-^tingly Uilhil oiT their hmlihtig Io,m^. hihI^the oixlerl.v eh in* nt sac! I hoi boOB boM^Ill'Jvt l^ a guHwl thnnr if the r-aiootlf* op-^poa^e^j it. Tin* agitation w .(* ej.ojto* ^| ami^(^olumtm* if Mill BoMrhBJOOOnlol hall. 1^ihink that puhlie m-ntitiimu is bMoMoj that^w a^ .
Thert*is no ont.loor kimih in tin- world^BjBOJBJB BB hoBB hall. It ik a hove moojoi^Ion. Not ^lliee l*7i^. when I ^e v i Uu,'. i a\n .^Hall BBol KloholBi the LoOjtovttlB rrw^|i,^wore relegated lo the hi ark list, ha* there^Ix-eu any . rooked work on tin* dioOjt0oo%^'1'ho i-eaaxui !^* obviotjtt. Hasi^ hill ,tmJ^gainhlers have nothing in eomm ^n. None^o! t he h agaes or a*^**^^**iat ion^ del \ e an^^|OjOBOue from tho ^ale ol |mk^Is. It is ihe^oiil^ game or j^ori eomlm-t^-.| Bt/OTtl| OH^1U menta. it pa^s to pla^ honest hall.
few^lays ago maile the Htatomeiit that^w hi'ii in eomluioi, Jaeoli (iandatir it the^fastest seuller in Ani'Tira. (lur trit^ml^Mi. Taylor BBBBMB tlii^ reply :
' Thert' appeaitnl in ^ our pa|M-r l.i^:^w *-ek a statement made hy *l. A. St. John^thai when in eomhtioii Jueoh (^audaur^wan th^* boo] oarsman iti AiiM-riea. In^BBMOOJf to this I would like to Mute thai in^the ^'oiinc.nu lake poojotta John Teenier^boat OoiwfnUf RtfO length ', in one mile^and a boll BThOOj holh men were in OOOd^condition. I aeted as huo\ judge m that^ra^ e, and thocvfofO know what 1 am ^jh-.ik^^ing of. 'The lane BBoAB hi MMjI MOO BTofl^|M minutes _i. se^-iindH for tlui*e miles.^Teenier w.is ti..iie d and Im Li d hy oVofl^Mori i , i'n i hampioii ot Am. rie.(, .lohu^Te. n ^: in ihe fa- lest representa11\e oars^^man 0*0 tloVO hid In tbo la*t II ^ ears.'
MThoobuV4 -laleineiil lo sine to ho in.^tojoolioc* coM%iQo; as it llooB fiitin one of^the boot in Loot of rOOftafl atid OJOMjpi in^I ihe w oi ld to-d.t\. To bo a little OOo4MbO^^I tial 1 0 ill s-.ate thai I profess to know u^1 liiti* .tlx ut orlllHojg ni^ mi - It. and 1 haw^J boon hltoffOBtod in the s|Hirt ojojoa the time^BrhoOj QfOOO failed to defeat t.oh ^ ham-^, bofBa \*. e||. I mdoT so v\Bff| thm^ t hat Mr.^T.vlor -a:-. I aw the BBOB he n*fers to,^and If mora man WOO OMtCOMMod in a B0O^^le t ^ .nalaiir V BB PMlHoOBOd that d.t^ hy^l roonjBBfi Wliv. \ on i-ouldn't eouipare the^! ne n. and if ever a man wat^ in gotwl eon-^diltou that day (.audaui BTOO, I tiiinJ^ Iw-^lirt/O lint Teenier would ha\e d^ 1-atetl^\ any man in the world on that da^ at t oii-^neiiit. He rowiil one of the lust ojoofl
ih.itit Iuh 1m*i*ii my fortune to, True,
jUutfttloNV ma^ bftVO lojojoovod mIojOB then,^hill 1 fool Juki as eertain BB of the lar| of^nix rsUofoojeo that t.amlaur m \er BoW the^da*, ami never will when Ii^ w as as fast a^I
Kt'.mthe TUi.ut. l.il Bod Mhool ^r M ^ -**^The mat Uet has nited i|uiet hut llrin, for^alihou^h IhB demand has been 003MB m^Ml-^erate ami eon ^iimer^ BBB rolls rvatixe ill^their views, it ha* hecn diHieult to mako^pun hasc ^ at any nmeession from the^prices em n ut Iftofl week. LobB iug^* *N^In Id at l.'^/l-J- eenls and win- bars at^12)l-*4 ami easting brands are ipiotetl^at UJftfUK **^^^^^ The Calumet A Meela^has sold 6LM.tkH| pounds rakes and w ire^bars at l.'| i eeuts for immediate di-livery.^'The pnee for w ire liars in now 1-T* ejeuts.^'The nd\aiiee that took plaee la-i week in^Loudon in the piieeot Men li.uit bar* has^not Ijooii maintained and eahleadxiees^BJBBta a decline to CM*'d. S|^ot
and117 futures.
A^ .1.000 ^ Inlm I'al.l.
LiAl^\ li.LK. ^ ol., Mairh -J**^Mr. Crtrltt* W'tii firkl,, Stat* Ayrn* American^Crt.u.^f/^|/ Junuratire tuitl ^rvuriti/ ^ 'um/Ktny^of IlfiftiiiitHT f'lVv. ihdoJ City* Montana.^Df.ak Sik : Your prompt action in tho^matter of oBBOaff to it ttiat poJIap \o. JU4,-^I K\ held by 1*. J. ( utiiiuigliaiu. and JKiy-^j able to me, was so spe* d;ly adjusted and^1 ull^ paid, that you deserve from lite heartr^I li lt thanks, not alone lor the pft^mpttien*^| you have MMBolood m. hut for your kind^condolence to a i^ra*f-sira keti faimlv-. No^amount ol money can take the plaee of a^kind InisUuid and father, hut the #5,U(^j^pa I by your coin|*any will enable nie to^rear and educate the fatherless children^i left to my ogf, always to iv\or^* lh^ ificrn-^| oiy of a Ihoughlful and proviilcut father,^{ and feel grateful to a beiiifleoojl company^1 such a-|ours. A on thanking you for^' your kindness in this matter, i am^lvYs|M*elfulJy.
Munr a. ft NMM.itAvt.
RockSprings Lump.
PennsylvaniaAnthracite^^and Cumberland Blacksmith
Allgrades of Buggies, Carriages, Road Carts,
Lightand Heavy Harness, Saddles, Robes, Whips, etc..
Completestock of Oliver Chilled and Steel Plow3,
AgriculturalImplements and Extras.
StateAgents for
|B.F. ^ H. L. SwectYCommon Sense Sleighs s Wagons
llCH til.' hi 11. T W;|^ ^|
iin*n|iiiii..ii i^ akand^.in authority Male^'In1 ^ v -. Liainpi. .ii.
Baalaaa thai Taaaaar
t\\;.K ll.l* l.c-l t..w,.|- id*.
iawll, Wliotliur tin. . I ma at^. I.titti Unit T^^-in. ^ w.ik tlic Im'ki
;ice ar t aneaVi ... i iMwhiei ^l.^KwaapuaS aaiisaaam.ee doeet,
lMlI. M^K.-llv.
arttllrTai^\^i- baat,
IIII I icl
jU 11* ii .11
Iem i.l aa
lintI il.)
l..\\at Ah
rialsla .*!
buitin n 1 ..it. a ajelai aaraa|M . .
Iii- uul lil,..|y that Tcoi.,. T ^ II] ever
ilo.iu-i''i arliai in* bsa eaea,as4H lanafl^likul) lltal a~a vill ra*| ajsjdlli pal aiaatiMr^Tanex i. M.iiv u ilm |niy. r*aeaa ami^t.uiick.i.ics li.iv.. rtiiniHl all proapaata. an*J^.in ;. ..ilnii! prafaaaiaeeal arc at ill Inrllniil^locai ^^ .mi the ^feaa leasaJM*' iwieiataaa
Ilie |^; .^:^^m^.(I il'iulilo m nil race. ^ lileli li^s
ae.lei.mil tiii.ua utHf lar tea^eels ac cNe it t'Oiiill esaer bava baas
Itii.wu.-il .in t'ie lieatl ^..^ aliri;|c l\. Tla re
areanofm feit tip. attfeaeeii Uiapiihlic were^i..al that tbsra vea. Hew tii.ii leeiejsi^i~ ..if Maaara, Ueelee ami (^'^ aeeor liatra
lill'li'tlthen BtlaelbjS lo M.iiil.inv atld^aeSBSd) lh.il Malilmi ^ can liml ,n \u..^mile. QHMsa ( liroll.-i lino baoe nnule
:..tea arorU'i iihainidiie,'anil 11 m.i^ es^tli.it ^^ ^ ill have a big boat rare or twn^In as tliik year. Ceraaiiilya cAulaat bsts
esterase^^'^ ^iiuml Stanburv ^^ ntil In-
inieit^i mi;.
it.|i|n.i- laaesi t^Eatuwiuttf uml Viuuu .intiriml. v
Teasaarbal for cvfsjae h.i* ease oaasl^bet steady, a lair besteesaliaa haaedo.
ill| III Lake al iiImhH lie.. Willi a '.-^ inlll^l.its ii IfUh r^^:i r. llIM i ..i.i^..hii ^iivli ,i ,^^till rr.intn.iml n |^remiiim. tli..i:_!i *i mil,^aii.l b.ia.e tnitiAiituit.it.. ar^. it j-. i titl ut
Hi'TTK. lees 1. 'I'lie unilcr muiiimI^Msssnu Hi inii.lt *^ Satvaaon. rot.'ritjn
IIr.-in tlti'lcrtaUiliL' Lu-inekS coililu. fci|
ili.^ tIn iii at N^^. 14^^ West Park street,^ilesin- tn ret'iiinnu ml most heartily to their^Irictitls a ml patrntis their sueeessnrs at^the same ataeaV MSBSSaja Mi^ aithy A-^Mcl'.iatti. ^ . v. Ia.se tlionatc/li arqnnttitaiieo
arltball dataila of tea iiiMbalatilin laiaf^aaaa ami alda aspcriPDre, couplrd a*lth^saefasseaettcetlae it* ail. will fuUll all
tin*taejuirt'tiieiits tif .inr many lticuits.^The UDilaraianad will fmiml at rtsj^saiii'-place l'.*r the i^e\t inntith far tee^ptirpaaa sf sattlles up oar beainaaa.
Siiii Ur| ,V Sol.vi .iiv.
TheI'liii'ti Paeille railway olTcni s|^ocial^in.(neetin tits tn psaaansaffV dt atlead lo^ptrt.is lieyiinil tht^ Missouri river. S|Mvi.i|
Bata |a uls.. asad in boosbiesMilsTeetata
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Miniieapi.liHami return. Account ihe^national tepiitilicaii eoiiveiitii.n. t'if.^Northci n Paeille raih ad will kill tickets^lo Municapolis and ivtiiru for M'tfortltS^r.niii.l trip, rickets m ill In. tin Bala front
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Moiiit-a|...luami lleturn t^lo.
MaySt, lune 1. S, 3 and I. tin- flaast^Nnrthtin will sell lickelH to Minneapolis^and ii'tuiu lor f*in. on iiectiiint of the aa*^tit.u..I t. iHibliceS cotivctitlsMt
rteoicinbecthis la th^ only UhaVfkb^tracks direotl) In front ..f the r.\p.. it:on^baikliie;. Pall on or write the undi iwiuued^early and ^acurt* your aAVoniieodajitansea^ibera will lie a ruati. J.h.. l^AWaojt,^(iuncral Vaont.
J,Wei Merrill, attorney and notary, 2K
KortkMam st re. i. [kitla City, kloat.
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i'.^^. s. t.r \.
Leys.i||e law eh
Usedin Millicus of Homai^40 Years the Standard.
finUirCCJ^^ E^^t Oranlta Ktreot, Uutta,^WIT L\*Cj-\ Kiuut Mi cot. Au.iroutla.
J.T. CARROLL, General Manager.
Manufacturingand Supply Company.
AndEltctrietl^MacLinery ud Su^plitd
ThePhoenix Nursery Co,
ris^ tliroiieh Wuomiln. Mlonetota, NortU^Dakota. MaultoUa, Muuuua, loabo, Oregoa^and Wulituittoa
Dlulns^^ar^ ar^ run l'etween BMSMSj st^Paul. MlnueapnlK. v\ ^ ^ ^ i^'-1;. lli i.ua, hullo,^Tacuma, beatlte uid I'oituiu.1.
FullmanSleepioj Car Rout).
rtallyliftwr^n ChU mo, St
Pullmanier*1.^Purl. Mnnlanaiiuil lice Pant.
t-tweenM Paul, MlnncaiN.lli .ml^urlll 1 lakola aBtl MuUltOlM |K..UU.
TallyK\pre*^ 1 rains rarry rlpuatit I' .llman
sjaaajacfar*. Dbess Cafi. i^ay CBaabaa, Pbb-
Dimlc am aleepeik ana trea Coiuaut bimu-^lug GSrS
TheNorthern raclfle R.U. Is the ra'l llnsta Tel^lowitntie Park; the papular line la t'ahfornla^an.l Alaska; antl 1U trams past tlituui;li lUt^gruiiUesl iceuery u. Miveu Mafay
(npM al all roupnn olTiW of th^ Northern^aolllc railroad lo pniuu North. East. houlUiuid^iv.it lu lue tulleJ Stale, ana cau.ulik
-HM !X. ULDL l.lt-
AlintVCat i1lttk.
Ho.r. Morenian K^ press, hrlnn* pao-^M iners fit.in all eastern p. int^. ur-^rlM i al Norllietu I'acllic dep. i,
Wecarry a first class stock of
ShadeTrees, Fruit Trees,
Weinvite our pitrom to examine our (rci^lr. bill* an 1 satisfy^themselves tint oui goods arc shipped lroin Wisconsin and are cul^^tivated there.
Weare making preparations to establish
withthe intention of putting in a Green House and pecking grounds.^Ojro!)e:t in doin^ this is to enable us to hold our British Coluin-
L.G. BARRETT, Missoula.
Mr.a :er for tin- North west
I^ p in
N...1. ladle Mail. TbTi
fromt'liieai;.!. arrives al
I'limnileisit ulan;. i^eo. IflB, Poui lApresg. M-n.lav, Wea
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Ka.1. Atlantic vail. threuLlitra.ufr.-ei
Portland,ai l ives at M. utaua UalaS
depoti daily i jtiaiasas
llelcuat spren. arrnii at M.uilaua^Luiuii depot laSBT)....li.^v :
dei-actriluM M.ttb.
Ms1 raclfle Mad. for Spokane. Iacn-^iii i, settle. Portland ana all t'ahvr-^UU i^niits. leave- boat Moutiuia^I i.'cn lie pill ..lad;
^(.a.^ raaiii aaall ramifji train M^all t oast |^oliit^. thmuifli .IwiH-r-.
leal...tlolll M^lltalll 1 lir'll depot.
llel-naan.l M,^soui.i Expi ^^^. Item
HoataaatTnion ^i^ ^.t uiaiivi^|lo. ^.^ Ailauti.' Mall, ttirouchtrala for^W Paul, i iue.w^ an.l all eastern^is.Inls. lean s lr-'Bl Monl.ui.1 I Id Ml^flrpot d.iuv i.voouooo
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en,Paelflc dc|s.t. lor M. PauL O*^eaiio aud all eastern polntt idainr] *
J'o. lie. I'ons K .press. Monday, W ed-^ii.-dii aii I in...... na\e. from
KorvbrranaaNe den.d rr.ani^^ So i lias tlirouti.i fl.c,M^r^ lor St. raul
andi :.i .1 _^^So I has thraash ^le.-uer^ tor Sp iKar.e, T^.
aaaia,b **ie a P. is a *^Kor Kate^. Maps Time Tahl^^ or Spc-lal li-
ieiniatl.il apply to tui^ a;;ent. Noilhera 1 acdia
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NoTirrto roouNnis.-T-i Gcori* W^I't mi. IM^ tn R, l'cnii. JotM ^'la^ baueti. .1. Iv^Luke. sWWeVrO l^tuii.-l, ^ lin^iik.i . ^uur uvui^ruLreuUM. atiniiiiii*ti.ii.^i^^t MftljpM:
You^!^ h*tfli*t^^ liOtHie'l lliut ^'l:i.i^ -m-Hnlwr,^jfiur tfo-tmniT. lias In .n-ft'itluii'-t- with tlM \ ro-^(1^Imm ^^r ^eotftOB KattL ftovftMtl m.iluu,*^ of Utfi^LiiiteU hiaios. e\|H^uUetl Ui Labor an^l Lnproro*^1 D^'iiLs .:|M^n (In) l'r^ m-r*ot i|tUsftl lot'.o lainiirj^; itillTi. lui'Utnl ut lh^ lifjil of Hit* \\e\t Itiriv. of
|^ iii-^oiit ^iiicu, uiKi.it 10 mm'* froM inn*Mti Lav u^I Divr UhIk* fstMmtjr. Vout.. for the pmt I MM,^I t'UA lmn^lr^M i^!^^*) iloll;tr*^. r^^provi*!itlii\^ork,^MM voti. *tt^orr^* W. nrM| LiJv arn s. l't'iin .loiin
I'lirlafgll. al. K. laffsiuS E4iWrUl IH Whit. -
'liionia*-.ropnt'-t! ount-is. au l .ill nttfaff |ierv^Dl^wh^^m It may iNtm-eru. :ti ^ l.cr^*l'y notlii'tl tn.a
il^l:inn wt (lays n't^i tni* a ^i pul^ii^ atioa
MMlau to puy t^t Um uii.it*:-i_,o' I fovf I'MfMMCa
m portloM ofMftal rMiM acfoi.t ii-, ty roar p ii^luit rest, if any, ^our HeM laterMt, if an... m mtm^rUkJi will Im*ooiu^ tl.u iiroitony of um uu ,^f.^r^L,n* il. pursuant to law.
iI ATS I'll \ li ..IL^Dated VtmruniU, Moot., i -t^. 1, IMfei.^i-iret i'uui.iaatiun. l-tfb.
NPOnCITO CKKIMTORS Kstale o( L-ttle^11. Stiaulinl. .leeease.l. ^ol|e(. i.. Ii iel.y^l'lv. n l.v lh.. inidcr- i.-iie.i. adnilulstratat of DM)
'Ilittle l^. Htranbal, dRsea, la laa
amiap persons bavuut rlilM^Id tleeeasril. tn . \h!hi! tl em with^nrnajry i.e.lei-, rlthlti font mantli*^,.. Die nrst ptiMleatbm of IIU^ aotlea. la tji
saidadmlBlktrator at Ida Ida.f liBaiaeaa. tba
sane-lielair thi uiaei^ for llie Iran action of Ilia^bualneaa of said estate, at llarrHon. In th.^^is null of lied I..mIs.-. -.late.^ Moa'ttlui. IMt' .l
April*.IKBJ.1 n'.^*' N-
A.liulnutratornf tha estate of I. tie- I', siran-^Ital. .ice- a-.e.l.
Mtatecreditnffs ol^aaalBSl 1 be I^tli^aft
TOTITfTO rSKDITOUK Ratas* af Ms^S Hales, deceasMl. Notice Is hereby flvaa by^e uml. rsliiucl. atlmlBlstr^tor of Hie estate of^ll.it. ^. dee. a ..-d. lo tba creditors of, and a.I^I ||j,|.|ia daluik against iii.' si'i 1 lie. eased.
iiii.ltth m i. .tli tl..- Beeeasari eoucbei
aitbla four muotbs aftar tbe nrst inii leatbta ^ '
liotltv.to the raid ;a,r,...-..-trat ^r at In^if bnsluess, th^sami iM'lnntbe psaee t..r
f tba businti said c-tate. at
OOlintJ^i I..- . bBajBi stall* of^M al.aua. ..ate, \p:.. ^. y pitiiWN.^Administrator ol lh^- esuti^ ol Ida Uatal da-^c^ueJ
th.transaction i^i. ,ri in i
Freelo ilip iSictei
ah^ tm are BBaTsrtaaf frota ihecitei't i of YaaHb^fid Triors. l/s^^ of BUBSaad, iaMbH r.asaia.^' i.ouair...a'a. titeot, ^ii:cturc, sypiila. aud taa^, many iron. Ie^ wbh-u ;.ra H.. vnev's id i.aas^! tflTlbl* daoiders ^tu ic.e.ve, FltkS OP^i iiak'.r. iuli .lii.cfe.i. , . : l., p. il .uul ewt
aasBsaMSsat bbbm i^y vir.t.n^ to tin*
mt'LAsi slMtl \.\ii I'OL'ELE UK ^ Uataii lalal aod iaaal Lv*ai|
Omnibusto all Irelns
lumphonsNo* i.
lav.;,Market SirnH. s^Califoruu

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