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vol.m. no. 276.
anaconda, montana, tuesday morning, june 7, i3}i.
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theNm lor It, anil^is Where it Will bfi
BothSides Have Grown^Desperate.
Bytheir votes this fall tho people of^Montana uro going to practically decide^tlir capital question. It U not at all |^ro!v^able that any town will tret a majority of^all tlio vote* cast anil thus nettle tin: mat^^ter absolutely, but Hoiemuu will secure^enough vutcs to give Iter a plaec in thu^final content .mil that is er|tiivaleut to vic^^tory in ISM. Tiii* time Bozemuu has to^make lier own light, and she ' ^ making it^in a straight-forward, manly way that I*^gMtMMJ friends for her in every county^iii the state. Hut when the linal contest^toraw Bozomali will not huvo to light the^buttle single handed anil alor.c. She will^then hay o the. richest anil most populous^c ities in Montana to back her w ith their^influence and with their votes. Helena^will most likely ho her competitor, ami^though Helena should dr ain her pockets^of Mm la -1 nickel wrung MM her sister^cities during the last ^ years, and though^she should bankrupt her cracker factory^in her efforts to raise money w nh which to^buy votes, the will iioi be in it with Boze-^nutn. That is a foregone conclusion, and^every' citizen recognizes the fuel. save |^cr-^baps a few who am temporarily residing^in tho ^ racket City.
Thedesperate strain to which Helena is 1^driven may Im inferred from the ^pluck |^and energy^ inter* law o| MM liauser, I^wlueli appealed hi the ttmtpmtmt seme^days ago. When she has nothing to build^tipon except a characteristic which has^operated to the injury of every Montana^community outside of Lewis and Clark^^county, her ease is indeed a hopeless one.^It is very like a horse thief approaching a^man from whom ho had stolen a horse^and demanding admiration and piaisc for^the udroit manner in which ho hud got lop^away with his property!
Blaine'sForces Slowly Driving tbe^Enemy Before Them.
ANotable Victory Scored by Blaine^In the Election of Fassett^For Temporary^Chairman.
Bozemnn'shopes of obtaining the capi*^ta! are based upon the many advantages^which she possesses over her rival candi^^dates, advantages w hich are so apparent^that it seems almost an insult to intelli^^gence to do more than merely call atten^^tion to them. Among these advantages^may lie mentioned her geographical cen-^trality of location, her nearness to^the center of population, her acces^^sibility to all the people of^the state, her inexhaustible stores^of mineral and agricultural wealth, the^ca|Kicity of the -.mounding country to^support a denser population than any^oihir portion of Montana, the beauty of^her site, the healthfuluess of hor climate^and the admirable stato of her society. In^any one of these necessary qualifications^for the permanent seat of government^Ho. email can safely challenge comparison^with any Montana city. That comparison^will bo drawn many times between now^and the eighth day of November next,^mid every timo it is intelligently and^truthfully drawn will add to liozeman'f^strength.
Butperhaps one of the strongest argil-^moots In favor of locating the eapital at^liozeinau is found 111 her admirable^adaptation as u place of resi^^dence. The capital cities of nations and^of states are almost universally the^rerrigmzeil centers .f good sti i.-tv in ihe^countries VMM they are situated. Tin.^capital city, theiel'oie. should In- one p-is-^aeasttig those qualifications and attrac^^tions which will induce people of the Itet-^ter class to make it their permanent place^of abode. In this respci t Boieiuan is^without a peer among Montana cities.^Her broad streets, solidly built up with^substantial business blot ks : her clcp.tnt^residences, embowered in muguilh-cut^groves of collouwoods and poplars; her^I cuiiful lavMis ami pattern s of rare and^costly plants and Rowers, have long sincu^given her a world-wide reputation as a^city ol preeminent beaut^ and loveliness.^Her admirable educational facilities leave^nothing to wish for in this particular.^Her seven coinmodiou. rhiuvhcs. pre^^sided ovei I.\ pastor*- of recognized ability,^furnish ample accommodations for thosu^who arc religiously inclined, and the^MM that they arc unnsiiallv well at.ended^speaks favorably lor the moral status ol^the community. The he.illhfillness of tlx^climate is alteslcil hy the ro|m:ts of ths^health oftiei is and physicians, whiehshow^a wolidei 1 ut abseil' e el disease und death.^A spletidul sy .-1e111 ol water works1 turn,^ishes an abundant supply of pure mount*^aiu water for lioil; dotnestii and irrigating^MgMMM In shell, there is no.long^requisite to a perfect resideaee eit\ which^ImMMI doe-, not posaa-s. and ihe m.in.v^drawbacks to comfort and eon\mMMMI^w hich afll.ct most towns uro almost un^^known hole.
Yes.IMMMM is beyond question th^^best residence city in the state, and i ^ti-^|M Cf str.t:.:n-l- V. ho ale Us.lung for^homes v ill make a great mistake it they^locate without tut eettgM iug its man;, ad^^vantage-. Ileal est :^^^ \.th:.s ale lower^then'than iii any otln r grow ing town in^ntatia. and the lafHM oil'-ud are so^easy that any oi.e can ncei tlieui. In on:^West Side aild.'l M v i'l he o.ind the most^lie- :r able ; esaii m e i.. - in the city, and we^invite correspondence from tho ^ ^li^have not the tune or the MJMMtMSMl to^make gpMMMj irispei tion of ihe projs^crty. In our ollice can lie seen a mag^^nificent oil painting ol the add.tion and^we would be glud to have everybody cal^and cN.imitic i^.
IKKN. BMRV, QMMJkl til,^Booms I MM tM w0 Block. Butte.
^a,sCbu r,^^asatiy Umtm, lunula.
Minmapolis. June The sun MM^down w ithout any decisive gain by either^faelion. tin- Harrison managers holding^the delegates well in hand, while the |^BUM MM is re-onfoivod by outsiile in- i^ftHMh No dotiln the president has the^advantage of the instructions which hind^the majority whose choice would be the^statesman from Maine.
TheHarrison managers are displaying^good gcneialship in keeping theii MM!^pledged to vote for the president on the^lust hal.'ot. Thev count on the nomina^^tion on ihe first ballot. Chautieey Ml'^pew. tien. Horace Porter, Governor Mc-^liuilcy ami Si-natot Sherman have been^the chief factor in keeping the majority^of tho delegates in support of the presi^^dent.
TheHlaiite people, while showing no^signs of ui.m oiiiugcmcut.are seeking to^defeat the major ity vole on the lir.it bal^^lot, the.r policy iM'ing to bring favorite^sons mlo die Held and divide the vote.^They give out th.it the decision of the^Michigan delegation to prcsc lit AIger is^favorable in tlit it plan.
Severaldelegates argue that the light^between Harrison and Ulaine will rciidei^the selection of a third man a necessity.^The number advising the selection of u^candidate not involved in the factional^contest is increasing. ^Give us McKin-^ley -,^ said a Colorado man. ^The w inning^ticket,^ said another, ^would lie Sherman^and tiresham.^ Another combination is^Sherman and Whitelaw Keid. A proposi-^tion has been made to New York to drop^Rlaitic and Harrison and select Sherman.^Husk or ^ ulloin.
AClose (ontest.
Atest of strength on side issues is sure^to bo injurious to Harrison, therefore the^threat of the Harrison men toappcal from^the decision ol the national committee^would he a dangerous proceeding. The^contest between Harrison and Blaine is^growing so close as to make the possthil^ity rest on tbe decision of the committee^contests.
Thecommittee is now in session and its
actionis not cheering to Mm Harrison^men. who were counting on an almost^solid delegation from tin- Southern states.^In many instances they are unable to hold^their ground.
TheHarrison men are angry at the way^the contests have been decided, and^tlu-eateti 1o make a fight on Ihe national^committee all along the line. The Ala^^bama contest w ill be earned before- the^e\ocutive committee.
Tho^reform republican^ party opposed^to the regular delegations from South^Carolina are not recognized and will ap^^peal to the full committee. They say^they are Ulaine men and urge recognition^on the giouinl that they are the ^while^man's and r**s|ieclabl - colored man's^party.^ Members of southern dele^^gations Mud themselves imisinani^and appear to appreciate the fact^that the llaripou men are making^strong elloits to hold ihein in line, while^the anti-Harrison forces ate bringing all^means al their command to break into^the South, and apparently with cITccl.^Tied Douglass is actively at work in llni-^rison's can e. lie lias denounced Hlaine^on aecouui of his op|s^siiton to the force^bill in '^a. i, -neral l.oitgstreet has w ritten^to members of ihe Georgia delegation,^urging ihein to vote for Hlaine.
Ilplnglisno Work.
WannaMilh-i, i^ also quictlv doing^nussiouaiv work lot Itlninc. among tho^colored ilclogatL^. V.\ Senator Utuce.^Auditor I.y uoh and other Mtotod men are^veil.ing for- Harrison. I.lforis are licirig^made lo v ill o\ cr I .ang^tou to tin- presi-^denr* suppoil. lint without effect.^A not he: cotiserv ative estimate Psiright on^the result ol the convention gives Ulaine.^^.'.'; Harrison. 41-'^; Alger. .^.
Theopi l.ing of the last held day before^the convention found both p u tiei; rcsoluo-^anil i-otitahnt. The arrival tt anothei^si ore of promiin iit hegstoft this morning^showed altout the MAM iln imoii of si-nri-^luent as io Harrison and bluinc that has^pit vailed the l ist two day-. I he |iosilive^denial by tleneral Mgei ol ihe report that^M has withdrawn Ironi III*' r-ontcst a^lds^ho|ie for the Harrison |Kople. as it is gen-^^rally undtistood that in ally all the Alger^taUMriM will go to HI one w hen Alg -r is^^ out. Hut Alger's |^o^i::ou is not much^^ hanged, us it has lieerr generally under^MM all along that his l audidacy |* not^antagonistic to Biaine. He has left hi:- in-^MsH in the hands of his friends, to act^a.- varying ^ x.g m ies may require The^MMN opinion to-day is lhat there will^he no dai k horse, hut that '.he i onlest w ill^Is-fought to a litiish between HMM and^H miton. ^..oual ii come lo a dark h-.i .^however. Mcrwulev :s U-giuntng to hsmi^up strong as a i on '.promise candidate,^some Itcpoits Denh il.
Tiiehip r made puolic tin- morning.^nMcffaM to ha\e Is-en sent to H.tiT^f^n by^.senator CmMosW, stating thai tie president^desiri d that his name M w itlnhaw n if he^v .^- no-, MMtaMMl on Mm ltr^t hallo1, naa^Iseu proirotineetl a forgery by Senator^I uiloiii. ami also by dispati te*s liorn^Washington.
Theslory of the trouhle :u 'he Indiana^delegation is untrue. Tlw different rs were^si ill d and I be di kgatioii will statttl solid
f r 1'a-i'soii till the la,:. The Michig 'ti^^lch ^ation met an 1 MMirnoUs% decid. 1^to presem MM name ol (c sieral Alg^ t^^ olotn I DsMstold w ill make the nouiinaiu'-^sp^'^x'h, Ihe Illinois i ouvi i.iion met th^morning and fm ^torl^tl Hon. W. J. Calm-^MM of ( lin age the UMBoia mm^ ^^'^national MMMsMMM nod uiianiinou-.^chose eW'Uator I ull. tn i-h .ii iiiati of t!a^delegation in the com cut ion.
TheNew York delegation oigatiiied ami^elecled S. W'i'iiierhec n.itiaiiult oinmittci-^man. Ihe Iowa delegation met short!'-^Isdore noon. A ^ omit of noses showed^the Harrison men in couir.il four to one.^but CsMmm'i MIMMl strength with the^delegation showed he bad a far greater^follow ing Iliau he choi* e for Ihe pix'si-^th-nev. The ImmMmM of nis reception^w hen he came into the r xmi showed he^could have .il n.nl utiyiiung he want' !^from the Iowa delegation except a vote^for Blaine. He v.as unanimously elected^the Iowa member of the noti ui.il commit^^tee. Piatt says 1U of tho New York dele^^gates Ulc lol liialin . The other* (lUt the^MUMMY ut *^l.
TheMM ronlr.l.
TheUtah contest was decided this afti'i -^lioon hy the national conimittec in favor^oi the regular ami against what is known^as the Salt Lake IMtoM wing- This gi\es^Hlaine two \otcs. The national commit^^tee then adjourned MM evening w ithoet^taking up the temporary chairmanship.
Theinitial step in A general movement^to bring the I'm die i. ist and silver stales^Mto line to act us a unit foi the promotion I^of then inn rests in the convention Ml I^taken this attctiioou by the t ahfornia del ^^cgution. A n-solutioii wio atlopted in ex- j^ecutivc session by the ('ah'oruiaiis invit- I^ing the delegates ol the ^-tatcs in qui stion^to a eonfcreiicc in Mm t 'ohtoruia head- !^quarters ai 1 p. m^ Pltoff to tin.-, there]^had MM iiiiuIi iriteiviewing of individual^delegules in win. h Senators Ti ller and^W'olcott of Colorado have taken a proiii-^iiiept pan. Tic slates invited lo thocou-^ferenie by the Cuhloiniuiis are Arizona.^( olorado, Nevada. (Iregoir, I'lah, Wyo^^ming. Molilalia and Washington. The^delegation elected A. M. Caution chair^^man and Nelson Ik'inieit national com-^milteeiiiaii. A |toil v.as not taken, but six^of the eight votes are claimed by the^Hlaine MMMjMli
Montinn'* Pe'egulion.
Montanaclened A. I, Scliginan chair^man, and chose the follow iug ^ qmMM^^men: liesolutions, I homas Couch of^Htitte. MJMstation, A. It. Hammond.^Missoula: credent tola, r.xul ^l. McCor-^iniek of Hillings. The delegation stands^about two-third.- for Hlaine and the others^are said lo be leaning lhat w ay .
Idahoorganized with Senator Huliois as^chairman, M. U. (iwiuu. .sicrctary . The^follow ing ale the Idaho convention olTl-^cers: Vice president, .lame-. M. Shoup:^assistant secretary. Moutic B. Guinn; ix-s-^olutiuns. W. H. Heyburn: ^ retlontials.^^lames M. Shoup: nrganiiattou, B. C.^Lockwood. The delegation solid for^Hlaine. and say ihcy want a silver plank^as strong as possible.
TheMass.iclitp-.ctls delegation i-lecli d^C. M. Craine MsMMl mmmmm
TheWisconsin delegation met thisaftei-^noon to discuss whom the delegation^shoulil siipjmii t as national cotumitteemati^Payne urged ihe claims of Hlaine. Senator^MMMM'WMMJMM iiigeut in lavor of^Harrison. General Fain Inld a|so favoml^MM presidem. Al the i lose of ihe meeting,^the delegation was polled and 17 an^^nounced themselves tor Harrison. I for^Ulaine and J lor M' Kinley. The delega^^tion favors Kusk as a mi anil i hoice.
TheOiegon delegation is organizeil as^follows C. W. Fulton, chairman: Joseph^Simon, national MMMMMMMI H. I4-^Hayes, credentials: J, K. Brown, plat^^form: C. F. Wolvcrton. pMMMMM orgam-^zatiou: t). C. Applcgatc. ruM^l C N. Hon-^elson anil Thomas H. Tongue, honorary^vice-presidents. The delegation is aboii'^evenly divided between HI line and Har^^rison.
TheWyoming deh-gatioti dieted Ihe^following Naitoual committeeman. J.^M. I .ni y. v ice-piesident. C. N. Potter :^resolutions, S. W. Howney.
TheMaim deli gallon elected lohu M.^Mauley for national t ^mniittecrnaii^\ llol I out i eve rsy.
Ahoi cantrovi'i sy broke out al the lie-^gmmrig of the caucus ol v e.ilei ti delegate,^that assembled ibis afieinooii in the Cali-^loiiiia delegation headquarters. Fully ISO
illlegates well' present frUM MM I'.il'ille
cikisIand Com ky mouuiaiti staler. I ^it I^tor T* Her- pre-ided and aul it was Ml^less lo discus* Ihe platform until the can-^i^l- had deeidill t^ to the candidates lo I'l^MMiorted. If Harrison v. a - nomnialid.^il imilleriil not how ~ir ipg i lie silver pl.ini.^adopted, the re|iul^hr alls eoilU Hot Mm^the w t -lei II slate-. The I ' ,,u tr ill m 1 ' I' I
Hati.o i under no MvtimetMMI (ould^gf-t Mm electoral reto el t olorado.
Mti'-hexci'o ment VM I MM 'I by the^fallMt declaration. Jtts\(M HsMSSSM of f 'uh-^foriii.i replied \ igoro'islv. Mi. de Noting^of ' ahfornia follow i tl spent e in a spit ite I^MMH and was it-infon t-d bj no h | |^Mttil ' lie iteiianl i'taii Bonn lie ol Maun
'Ml'*l.ltt'l r poke W.lh ll.alked MMMM ol
MMMMMMMMJMVt^( Hlaine lli '-l.a^l^that he had In ^ ii i ^ e..i :ed i.i his home I ^^ihe I ahloiiiia ilelegat^-. a pi'ocordmg
alskIIMMMMIi w .i.d be no lees^lilting tew. sMMMf JoM * ^it Kevad*^fiilloweil Houlello. Jones declared I Ml^MMYMM was daugi-rou-. 11cait-c i^( h s^MM pi 'p'-ifiiies ami Mfcl be threaten'-.1
lo v.t.i the fire Coinage lull. llMH
Speie^ i otitradictr-d MM MM1 blank^and gave in for lat lo Hie radical hIot-^HIuiiic elMMM ol ihe MM lb' pi'i-^^ liiii.ed if a split WM hi. u.iht in tla
ipiihlit in party through Mm a*'tion of tl.^^MMMMi it would res' M BMMsi^i MN lor HI tine^TieiMMM was in an UfMMf and Ike^BtoMMMM ahonting ami cheering n -
Isin Ii a show mg of strength that the II. -^nso:. ni i'i s.iiieii'h red a.id left li^ ..^nciris to have full sway. i'i;e exefeeen Bl^was all occasioned by MM ofleriug ^ t I
reeetotiMby Imm heartily eerston at
theMMMM to pim tire an inteffl .^^^ gi^ ^ MM for the MjMMtMl free Mil It^Oi silveri and reciting it was deemed - ^^pedieni and just to the |s^^nle that cm-^| grcs* slroiiltl at once prei wio for lire coin^^age of all I he silt ei pnaluet ofouro^n^country, and that a tarilf ha levied ^it en-^|b^i ^^ d fori igti silver. No vote was taken^m th^ resolution and when^de Young moved that the - I ^^of lie' caucus was the it
('at'llicd on K'uhtlt fHI'jr,
ScenesId the Stricken Districts^Kortnern Pennsylvania.
bESOLATIONat titusville
Work of Hccovenns' tho Remains^of tho Many Untortunatoii^Wreck and Huln At^Oil City.
Tinsvn 11. Pa.. June s. starting at^Hall's IuiiiIht yanl at the MJMV end of^ic.1 ir. 11.* folI ^w ing named ate among the 1^|^iineip.il works dcslioyotl: Frank Wood'i
^;! rt finery, loss Wu.ti^. I.. H i-bo * Sons'^tannery, *IVi,lX^': freight -ta.toii of the^Western New York A I'ennsylvaula and a^freight train, loss estimated, 11 ^.^^^': J.^Motno, ratliators, Pcnv station, fl:^.nf^t;^to-orgc Stephen's shops, htiildilig anil^stix^k, f^.ft.(*^^: Anii rn an oil works, fl^.-^tWO: R. P. Kobiiison * Fazzau's relinerv.^MO.OOO: .1. P. 1 homas' Intel national rc-^hiicry. fHpl^, Th^ Mandard flil com^^pany's loss is unknown. Other MM^w ill iiggix gate MXOtt
Tiackswere washed away MM the^cuy for a distanee of l.S or Jn miles ami^Havel lioth norlh and south cut off^anil will not be restored lor two or three^day s. It is roporied that John 1^. MM^teller instructed lire Man lard Oil buyer^here to draw on him fot fl1 '.tff t foi the re^^lief of the siilb rors.
TheIsnly ol Fred Stiers was recovered^this uitcruoou. making m all ^^^ victims so^far. Facilities for caring lor the dead are^litiuted. and hi unrecognizable Ins-lies were^placed in sacks and laid aside until Ihcy
on It I MM furl her attention.
ComnerStrauss empanelled a jury to^^day ami viewed the icmains. He raid the^verdict could lie nothing el.-^e than an art^of Providence. I very bridge tit the couii-^try witli the excpiioii of three railway^iuitlges were -wi^|i| away and the roail.- so^h.nlly torn up that it w ill cost ,m nnmeiise^sum lo repair lie in llunihi ds of lunal^ .^are hoiucless and great sMeMMi pii-vaih..^Asslstancu is nei'il -d q iickly. t lothlllg^and food an' Isuh essential.
Never in the history of Titu v lie ha.^such a scene of desolation MM MMbMM^io the gaze of the associated press repre-^si nfutive as he saw this morning w hen he
-in led tbe mam thoroughfare. The first^sight w as men carry tug a ilea.I lusly on a^stretcher. Within ITi minutes ihe sight^became so common that i. ceased lntir-^i asion surprise. The territory cov itihI by^the Hood nntl fire w uh destruction is two^miles and tin hide.-, railroads, factories, re^^fineries, dwellings, etc.
Asfar as can lie learned the li t of dea I^i- as follow . Fred Keid. Mrs. Marp II.dm^and four children, Mrs. Fred CnrapbuU^^ltd two children. ITiTver Edgar Boise, two^rhildren of Joseph Spiegel. Mi's. John^Quiun and two daughters, Mr-.. Furiiiuii^n-oloredi. MrsJacob anil child. Miss
IsseiesKice, a man named Fngrisky und^son. an uirkiii.wri mull. Mis. J. II. Hing-^heimer and seven children. Fred Ixur-^and ^ ife are missing and certainly lost, ^^man named IvouiIk' and son. Mrs. Henry^Bricc. Miss Furiiian mmmm. Mrs. Fred^Keid. Frank Foster, Mrs. Ostium anil two^children. Mrs. C. p. Cooper-son. John and^Mary Kiebard McFadden. Mis. Henry Ja^^cobs. Miss In.Ma Cohi-u. a man nairn-d^Elsky. Mamie Quinn. Mrs. Neal McKinne.^John Mcl'hadtieii and sister Mary, Mis.^Fri'dLuher s. WMIMM I'.ikert's child, two^of the MmMMMMM children. Mis. C P^Casper-son. George Fease. Mrs. I.en.i H^MM ami two i hildt-en. Joseph Spiegel':,^two eluldieu. Mr.--. Fred Keid and daugh^^ter. Frank C. Foster's Isiy. Fled f'oppy.
'Fhetotal iitimln-r ol ImnIh-s ri-covered at^in ..ft a. m. is .'^.*'. The work of sean-luug^lol MM dead is still Is ing prosecuted. The^weather is growing warm. The odol of
hailed flesh i- 'm ginning lo pollute Mn^air.
Tbehie was caused by a spark from a^locomotp. e. Mechanic sited, occupied bv^Ibe |Mjoier- il.isse: for icsidcriccs. was^slinply blotletloui of exislenee. Notth^^vestige ol a dwelling on that street i-led^standing. 'Fhe greatest loss of hie ^^-^currcd here. The lire ami flood were so^swift thai whole latiiille.i were swop!^away bcloro thev realized their dangi i.^Tie' vol.line of ihctlool was greatIv in^i re.isell le the breaking of the ilaiMet^Kiei-i il|i arid Spai ^aiisbui g.
Looliie;tin tin- Iloilii'* nl Ihr t Ii dim ot^llo i .iltmlty.
Ontilt. r'a .-'tine i.. A lew Mtotetoto^watihlllg the HimmI uheti the MfleMloej^occurred ^ an give a g.ioil idea of w hat hap^^pened. All Iglie III.Il 11 111 | lip- e,plosl'.ll
occiirtrtl mid the w hoh* air was lilh d w i'lt^iMMi quickly followed by Iwooth't el^plosions. 'I luce gasoline tiinka e- plodcd^^JMMl iiisiautaueou.,b. I'hc oil on tM^rrcek ble/iil up. tie- ;^ i - it- Ihe an Inn '^into fit pi' . and th--w.itet ami laud and^.iir were all UteMMj ebtoMi Men, women^ami children lell |^rosirate. Many neve'^i^* i, RmM ^^ ho del ha.lid 1heiiis^ivi-s in
luke of Haines. '1 In npill nude lied w i' h^- ii a tn ol anguish f 'i I. ..'- i gl oil lid t^the rush mani of the weak were trampled^ii|miii and bu'lh injutnl. .some MN burl^by horses: others tan and h-aped into the^water aritl were illow tied. I he flame., ai^tin all quickly but iK-d ,, it. but thev lelt^hugh volume- of smok '. h^iieath which^roared tie I tree Haines ol the tire on Ha^water. Main il the submerged MM^and shop- w* (t- MM in the (tames. Many^1^ ^p|e\.-ere e'-nrtued atid ti-.iahle toi'se.ifM'^from ihe tire. Within the sight of th ai-^sands w ho MMM lia u- pitiful cries ilu y^MM buitied to death or h-afied into tin-^nvi and MMMl by I, ah f! ^kI and fire.^Il s marvelous that from the tallry of^death any w ere say ed .i!p ^ \^ isstiaiige^that out of the commingling of fire ami^thsid any hou.es el
Manyof IbeM w ho w ill live bail hi 11. i^Ihj ilead. ill . ate .o dreadfully hurried
anildlsligllie.l. i lire of the heloi's of 1 he^iHtasliin Was W. I. ^.ew .11 t. w ho. a! i' .
Iending an hour in a boat rescuing 110-^peffMed pi ^i- a-, w' ni down toMftth uadi i^the f riling of a hi izmg I ^ i-e.
TbelleiyBmM *!e-lro^i d A mile of pi t^-^crty along the eifM'k on the west side.
Ai-iossibe rii ek Imm tie* ^i lie petrtti ^ A
the^ ity no! a botis.* is standing between^the creek ami the lull, and not a vestige^ol lite is v leiMe except in in, it ^ hi t - t
thedead. Along the east side from the^MMrtkeJ Oil ^ reek, a rbstaneeof threc-^ImmMm of a mile, every I tnldiiig except^one was destroyed. Tiro loss wiil be more^than a million dollar-. Il. -.w. en ..^-u and
HOC}houses were il^ .tloyed. I'- - lies liotels.
works.MMMtMMt Me. More than
.00 homeless people are now being caret!^for.
Amongthe dead no' (omul are P. J.^Feeney, sale und i-ighi children; J. M^^MMHti ami four rhiljren II I eonaitl.
ifu and children. The follmiug Isshes^are idem ill. ,1. tdwaul Kcit int. railroad^m-etion Iniss: an unknown Mk wMMi^Stuart. Daniel Sullivan. James Holmes.^John B. Keynolil-. William Hiker. Ftank^Watson. Mis. John Iloaeli and child. Pr.^Ti-rw illiger. a will known local pohiu.an.^ilrow in il w lu'e tcM uiug women and chil^^dren: Gram Terailliger met hi* death^WM the same MMMMlli V. It.^Platike. ( at thage, X. Y.: I ouueilniatr Bar-^thoiinew Lyons. Mis. Fdward M.l.s and^tw o iluldreu. Ambrose T. Morgan, lames^T. I.'ogeis aii'l son, ami Frank t.csslrich.^city eleetriri.ui, Mrs. J. ' MMi ii\ un^^knowns. Mis. tl'Lcary. Fdwatd Aiken.^Fred Aiken, William Aiken, Waller Mr-^Phersoii, Mis. J. W. Bristol. I lurlca Mil^^ler. John Holmes. Mrs. J. Mills ami livo^ehildreu. James Hot ~ew orth. May or Hunt^places tbe number dead at Oil I ,tv at 1 ^. -^The names of the inissiug are A man^nana tl llarkin-. '^ Iwa.d Mills, wife and^four rhildren. Sheridan W.ck. Samuel^Pice, Mr. Hardsell ..ml font ihiltlnn.^James MM H- P- 1'ouglierty. Wilti.un
IAiken. Mrs. Levi Feller. Mr-. Iiavid^Kaphn. Miss I inina BriggJ. W. N. Ha.-^sonhttz anil l'-i others were injuied. some^seriously.
miuisi iiimii. pkoi'i i; 11.
IMeeesltegs nl Hie tiuartl of istIhioI Trus-^ler.
Bl'III, June ^^'. The school trustee-.
heldtheir regular meeting to-mghi. At^^torney t. K. L^*-ouard was present ami^gav e his opinion on ihe wewer tax keeled^against iheCiutialsihool pi*o|m-rt\. Th^^properly has been sold for the dehiiqnent^taxi^-and was puichiscd b\ I . 1.. Ma-^honey. If now reipureil altMiui f'UQ to^ttMMM it off.
WMMIagreed with the board that
ihe school pi Opel t ^ i ^ mill llol b'^ i a Veil. al^^though Judge Melialtoir reel hi ly deeldisl
illthe case of the county that the lax wn-^not a tax but an asssessiiieut tot public^intproy cincuts anil i he county hud to pay.^The board ileridf tl that Mr. Leonard^l'r**tH siihinii the c.i-e lo Judge McHa'-^ton ag.iiti on an agreed state of facts and^then carry il to the supreme court for a^tj na I decision.
'Ihe members ot the Isiard then put in^an hour signing diplomas for ten High^M'holl graduates ami the w rit pig professoi^sent m a bill for tin lor tilling m ten^names, which was not allowed.
ProfessorPiley submitted a statement^ol the accounts of Ihe Mikado perform^MM 'Fhe rtveipts. which were turned^into the high school library fund,^amounted to^^fR!W\ /did JM'- of It w as^paiti for- the lllue Hud library . *K'i for I^^volumes of the American Cm velopedia^and other hooks, lo a total amoonr of^leOB.Ml. Tbeee are now Mi volumes in the^librar \.
DpMmotion of Mr. I.argev, u was de^^cided to have a summer normal school,^w hiih every employed teedM w ill be re-^quirisl to attend.
AtBaltimore--'t; Chicago. I.^At U.i-lung.ori I I lMiM*tl,Ti^At Boston- IT, Pit.sburg, 4.^At Brooklyn I; Cleveland. 1.^At New Yot k 4 l.ouist die, X^At Philadelphia -IB) St. I^mis. 7.
\l'l^i 11. I at u.
M'!.IMS P^F.k. Juliet-. Five furlough -^srorrnell won, lavish se^ ort'l. toiiitihu-^t|i-n thud. Time D.r.t.
Sevenfurlong- U'v.indolt colt won,^St. Anthouv second. Tom Toiign ihud.^Timi', 1 :'T^4.
Sixfurlongs K v.. lilh. and I i/i l\
rana dead licit. Iiopi ul y thiol, linn.
I I^ 4-
I'i.t'and a halt fill longs Viui'ir*'l won,
Shelley Tultle -.'^^ ollll. F.igle Hud thud.
Time.1 :HH.
IIiiiIaoiiKncr banrlir.ip one mile arid^Ihrei-sistfM-iith. Patiquct wiirr. I.ivoru.i^second, Rogi i - thud. Time. '.'^'
OMM Now or Nevi-r won, AffejbM^olid. Kllkeo et thud Time, I I^' .
\.Ii. i . W. i li-i i no,
WvlKitniiiL.JlIM '^. lip' MMtol^election of olliiels of 'diver How I nlgc.^No. II, A. O. I'. U'.. look pl.v e tin , evM-^pig and MMlled M follow.-. I'. M. U ..^A. I^. Sehniidi i I'^ W. W.r. MallMMI^h.i in in. J. v KeMyt overaeer, I Leue
ilretiw: ii'tiii d^ l. I I^ Hin k!c. ri.iiai,^J, f, French | HnancieTi U P. Burrows:^trustee, J. J. I ait. II. gui'l^. J. S, Wiiba.^I. \\ .. J. O. Cook ^ i. U'.. i. org* Brow u
Ihenew ollh ^t -a ill In- installed \l!^.
evening,s.-ep. wore tetien to provide fot^the pro|H't reeeptioti and MtotrteiniejMl
'ol llio delegates i^ the stlplenie hslge
Iincei itig at Helena e*lio will visit Butts:^and Walkerviih oi ^ ls^dy null lime 1^'-^Iwccii the J.'ud and J.illi of this mouth.
MtMtun's H .ii.Ii .-I..
Brrir. June '^. ic.itou's uuiistn I. ap-^pi a i eil at M.i ;iini -.tin - evening I ^ e large^and enthusi isii^ audience. The litsl part^! was neat, the stage lieinj MMed w In^i missive curtail:- ^t en-inn ..aim. I he^i singing was eMeik M anil tin- MMetst tlrsi-^i lass. In Ihe si-i-oiid p ut. alt the f-|s--cial-^ticp were i-xrepiI'-ually attractpe. t'ior-^1- u's company MM ii^t ei.iuu to be tie-^greatest stiow- on earth, anil thai is prut.-^ahly w hy it gives better satisfaction than^- IM minttrels w nh uion claim and piotn-^I iae then |^erfoi niatii e. ThocomiMny will^appeal in i ha ._^-d ;-: ^gl aiallie. : sin :^ \-^and Wednesiliy ceuing and at the^Wednesday in it in ^
I.tl. U. ^ . i li-l i loll^Hi 1 r r, June I -Fuleliiy lmlge No. .. 1.
O.fl. F., held its regular election to Bight,^a'w hu ll ofti' '-rs were elected as follows.^I^r. J. W. t,unu. N. Ii. . Tu.una* Noiih-').^V. G.. J.J. Yoik. MMatfl W. H.Hugo,^financial seeivtai v . It. W illi ng, tn a-^s uer irustec.-. I . L. l'ax^ ui. Pr. L. t'.^Il -hoi . and -I. R. I'- Mile n, v
IIn- Iclge is en: it - ly out of delit and has^s goosl treaaury. l' baa heeu uW'Uierl lo^thoroughly repair ihe ball and buikMng^^'.iiiol I'v tin' I ^!gi' and make tin- lodge^room one of the finest tu the West.
TheHuste Amateur Musical sactet) will^hold lis sev'oiid rehearsal of ^Ptuafoie^'^till.evening at the High school at s.Hi.
Tbediners' Trouble in the Federal^Court at Boise City.
Itn Argued by Attorneys Repre^^sent.ng the Mine Owners and^the Coour rt'Alone Min^^ora' Union.
MMIfilfpat'ti to the rtaMart.
Bi-f. Idaho, June '. In the federal^court to-day, the ia-e of the I'mon mine^against the Min*-rs union earne up on an^ord r to show cause why ihe injunction^should not Is- granted (.tending suit for a^perpetual itijunction. Frank Ganahl ap-^pea red for the Miners' union anil Judge^Albert Pagan for the pla.nnff. Ganahl^MM ed I^ dissolve the m^inciion on^Ihe ground thai Judge Hea'ty could no'^IMMM MJhMJMm at f MMMM. that it^could not lie issued w ithou' notice to tic^d# tciidaii:s. and lhat it u a* MM by th-^^judge and Ml bv the court. 'ianahl^olfcieil no authoi ities, but s H'tned to at-^i .rk MM power of tie-eotiit all along the^MM in pursuance ot ultimatum, thrown^out by dispatches MM .'Mirth Idaho for^the p.i.. fo'iiv.ci-k^. .Indge Hagan maile^a v igoioiis reply, demanding lo know^what were the acts MM which the de-^fenilaiiis wen* eujuiueil fioin doing, w hat
Wast he v loli'lli e. tut i 111 a lat Ion a .el linM -
fulIMMMM lo rhe property of others^by trre-ttonsihle men an .1 combinations.^He ^ h i'l -nied th^ ihf. ml MM to show a^single case where i|r. law aliowttl any set^of men M do MM acts.
Thecourt promptly denied the motion^to ilisnolv i'.ind .aid thai the MM ftf the^^ oiirt reipnri'd that all laeis be b'ought^out. The Mm citnl .fudge Field as^atltbcrity for issuing the injunction,^(ianahl offered to read numerous ilhdavi's^MMMMM1 to VMM Hagan MjMMBsM^ih ^ pa|M^rs itad not lieen shown to him.^Hi .it 1 y ugain MMMMi HMM! and 'ianahl^finally snhmined MM nihdav its to him.^Judgi I', ply anllh.it no pia^tiee or suh-^tet ftr-ge shoulil pre* snt him from getting^ai the lac-concerning this ease if it look^all summer.
Thecom i was very emphatic on this^IMiurt and will probe iheso matters to the^1st'tote, lb- v. dl no' i otp.ipi^ nor dissob ^^the present injunctions till all fact* are^hud helorc him. To-morrow Judge Hagan^MM apply to have tune to rebur the affi^^davit* seived tifsin him. but would not^say w hat bis ^outse will Is* until he had^carefully read all affidavits. It leaks out^now that the defendants do not deny th^^outrages perpetrated on Pipkin and wolfe.
tints AUmitlJug N^w MM aa4 Arl-^/ oia l'a^s Hie House.
Wj.niM,to.y, June ti. -In tho house lo-^day Had h moved to siMpcnil r ules and^pass the anti-option lull and thirty minutes^were MMMM] under the rules. The mo^^tion agn-ed to, yeas M\ nays 40, and the^bill wus Hceonlingly passed.
Blanehardof Louisiana moved tn sus^^pend the rules lo non-concur in the senate^amendment* to the river ami harbor bill^and agree lo a conference. The motion^w a. com urreil in. yo^s 11'.. nays ,M. Blan*^i h ull. Patchings ami Henderson weie ap-^po atSMf the conferees,
Washingtonof Tennessee moved fhe^MMMMM of the rules aud pass the bill^admitting the territory of New MexU'o.^1 tie bill passeil. lto to .t. amid loud ap^^plause, which was renewed when Smith^liiovctl to sir- |M-nvl the iules aud pass the^lull MsMMtMg Lriaesto to statehood. The^bill pa ..id. MM l^l. nay - 1J.
Fotneyof Alahiuia moved to suspend^the rule*- and pas^ the legislative appro^^priation bill. Henderson made a lien e^attack ufsiii the bill cutting dawn neces^^sary appropriations and Pay tie eritieised^the at^ nipt to passlho lull. The bill then^passed at'ilil deui'm-ia'tc afipl.tu^e.
MiMilhn intnsliieeil a com trrrcnt resos^I.in.ut fm 'he tin il adjru: nment of mil-^Mi M Mon-I.iv, July-4. at p. m. Tip.^resolution w is referred.
gMjm44 ^ MM nan.
I'.pit u^n. June '1. The election in the^-tan- MsMg mt two congressman, su-^pieme ju lge, att' MM g'm Ml ait I MM^Iters of the lege l.i'ure. was the most or-^Mart) in Ihe hisior. of lie MM Owing^to die M w I allot law p is pi..(table that a^full vote M il'-'' polled. Indications^point lo ih- election ^f the eirPre repubh-^i an state ticket w ilh the exception of the^attorney general. It i^ gem rally conceded^the |e ople'-. part) v. ill nasi on. -sixth of^Ih. intii v He ol the ^ tale and IriMu the^in t iiiftartnati hi ebtaiMbto it la thought^tbe) ailldraw fiom the demtwrate and^republicana ta about equal pMportlMM
\short Mitluu,
Wi iMIHcTOWi June !^ In MM semte tiv^day laaa i!:au DmMMJ vvere present^ami there appeared to be a lack ot inter-
e-tiii ih.- peareedingsi 4*eMadstaMaaeal
tie iiale on ihe te.m'.ation to release the^h iam e cointi ,t.tut!^r cottsideia-^itou of the bill to place s-ool oat tito Mse^lis;, anil In tag il baton the senate for ac^^tion, v.--: seat! in * mid i se to see the^tit mot rat k eon rent i sa nemi raM a man^w ho Could succ. ed on a tariff reform plats^form. He dai let believe free coinage^constituted 'he laaMtag issue before tlio^people. No act ion w as taken on the reso^^lution and -i 1 -t' the s nate adjourned.
tif I imr Missniseeek^Ri t rt. June i.. Another one of Major
amp's cases against saloons employ ing^^ oiiien has been disposed of. This after-^WOM the assistant county attorney moved^pi Judge Muidoon's cvun to dismiss the
a ^ against Ltcm man * Schmidt,^th.nking M useless r.t proceed to trial in^riee ol the venbet in the case tried last^IMMMM
yyiii sUv ihe i aMsV^Bt I''. MM ^^^ Assistant Pity tiers^EaatrnM intend* to bring suit against the^officers ot the Workingmea'a union for^baring his name published as employ ing^t'hutcsc. Mt. t'astmausays he lias not^employei11 innese in any way. and he will^test til.- lega.li^ of mm a publication in
PggafhtoMMlMmmmMMm^U v.p:s. io-. June ... I no president^today sent lo tie senate ihe nomination
offlee. ('. L. tioodman. register of the
Laudoffice it I .aaatott^ Wyoonng.

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