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188 A. M.^From lint.c-T.paTrv r.utts .^^ ni. HUwr Bow ^:07 11 m stuart ^^^ a m.
12:05P. M.^From h.itte snd Harrises.^^Leaves mute lt:00 n m. Sllrcr llow 11:19 a in:^Ktuart 11 :^s a m: leave* Harris,.n U^:00am;^Deer Unlge iu:^i am: Warm Sprints 10: j^am.
OiOBP. M.-laavm llutte o uu |. to. Sliver^Bow r^:tvpm: Muari pm.
8:68P. M.-Uavn.(,^rrln^nS:C5nm: Deer
btourtiTjs p ui v'*nb s'^'ms* 9 m'^thai..* nrr.iH r.
8B.IO A. M.-For Garriaon^Stuart 8 so a m;
warmSpring. ^:S0 a m; l^^er losine j^.! a m:
arrive(iurriton 9.1:. a m.^81OO A. M.-Kor llutte^Stuart S:ll^^,Omi-
tonV:Mik; Silver How Mat m; arrlvo Hull*
10iw a in.
:00 P. M.-For Butts and c.arrlson^Smart^^:l^pm. Sllrer Howard pm: nrrlv* llutte^soopm; Warm Sprta** i:ts n m: Deer Lod|-o^tw(^; arrive Harrison 4 2 ^ p ia.
QilOP.M.-For Untie smart'., ^pm: RU.^ver Bow 10 (10: arrive Untie |0:I0 p m
Thedoily record of tlio thermometer in^this city for yesterday, as kept ut ('. W.^Urandun'a drug store, wua: 7 a. in., 63^degrees above; 1-'in.. 02 degrees above; 4^|^. in., tit degrees above; 8 p. in., US de^^grees above.
Mrt.Dr. Stephens iiml cliildren returned^last evening from a week's viait with^liutte frieml^.
Agame of lacrosse between two Ana^^conda teams will be played at the park^this afternoon.
Allfiremen are ro^|uesttd to meet at 11^o'clock sharp at the lire houee this morn-^ill*; in full uniform.
St.Mark's Sunday school will meet at^11 o'clock this iiioruini: ami all member*^are requested to attend.
Thereports cfrculiiled yesterday to the^effect that the park was under water were^untrue. The park it in line couditiou.
RalphBeaumont, who will deliver the^address before the vA'crkinenien's union^at the park this ufiernoon. arrived in tho^city yesterday.
Thomembers of the Lower Works Flro^company are requested to meet at^Standard ball at 1 o'cUick in full uniform.^By order of J. S. Dougherty, president.
Severalinvitations have been received^by Anaconda people to attend the closing^exercises of St. Mary's academy. Deer^Lodge, next Wednesday evening, at ( ot^tonwood hall. A number of people from^this city will niohahly attend.
Thebusiness men of Anaconda are talk^^ing of organizing a board of trade 10 ad^Tanco the commercial interests of the^Copper City. Missoula, Greut Kills, He:^enu und Eozcinau derive a great deal of^benellt by having similarorganizations,^and th.-to is no 11 nson why the merchant^and professional men of Anaconda should^not organize. A mi cling vi ill Ik* culled^before long to talk the mutter over.
TheCarroll base bali buys go to Uutte^this morning to piny the Butles. Tho^game will lie called ai - o'clock sharp. The^club bus bent strengthened and they will^go to will. The players and their |Kisitious^lire 11s follows: l'arly. pitcher; Ncwl-Ciry.^catcher; Iverson. first base; Long, second^base; H. Klciuhuus, third base: t^der^liansi 11. short stop: 1. Kleinhaus, left^Held; Walker,center field; I uddiby, right^Ueld.
JohnBrown, ^ ho for the past two inon.^lbs hat been suffering from un ubcess of^the worst type at St. Ann's hospitiil died^last Thursday. Death waa a relief in the^unfortunate man as his suffering was^pitiable, and there was no possible chance^for hit recovery. Ho was friendless here,^and at the time of his death was without^11 dollar. He kept the whereabouts of his^friends and relatives u secret and in spile^of all entreaties the place of bit home^remained unknown to those who would^advise his |K^ople of his demist^Hia funeral ex|x.-iisi* was borne by tho^county.
JohnMcKcnzie left his rooms in this^city on the morning of June 11th,^and has not sinceretumed. At ho^bat appeared to lie out of health^for a lew days, his friends are anx^^ious to learn hit wherealKiiits. He^about 30 years old. dark complexion, and^lias a war 011 his Jaw. Has a dark brown^mustache anil is about .'1 feet ft inches^tall. He wore a brow n tack coat, dark^checkered pantaloons which were rather^large and heavy, and a black soft hat.^Any information left at the Anaconda^lKMtolllcc or at Ibe Sta.ndaHD ollke w ill^bo thankfully received.
AnacondaWorkln^men's futon.
Membersare earnestly n quested to^partie.pate ill the parade ami picnic of^tho union on Sunday, l'-'th inst.. and to as^soluble at their rooms at 10 o'clock sharp^on the morning of that day.
Imi halo or To L* .
Afirst-class blacksmith aliop, with^well-established business. 011 the corner^of Front and Hickory streets. The shop^la replete with stock and tools.
Applyto D. li. Hikka.n 011 premises.
Allpersons knowing themselves In^^debted to me. will please mako settle^^ment before July 1. after that date I w ill^be obliged to rive all amounts for collec^^tion. Respectfully, M. S. AsctlllKUl.
Creditorsof the F.stet A Connell Mer^^cantile Co. nro hereby notified lo settle^their accounts at lh^ oftleo in the old lo^^cation. Carroll accounts may be settled^lucre also
TheGranite saloon proprietors have
Commencedthe free lunok system. Cold^lunches are procurable at all hours and^hot lunches ut night.
GeorrrcBarich is tho agent for tho North^German-Lloyd and Hod Star steamship^lines. ^ hid. furnish the hett aocommoda^(ions lor crossing tho ocean at the most^reasonable rates. Ho can furnish you^w.th tickets and ttaropSM exchange. Cull^uu uuu at 414 Last l'qrk uvouuo.
Theproprietors of the Lender have^rented a store at-Mil North Main street.^Unite loppo.-iie Hotiner'si. and will re^^move their entire stock.
lor Kent or For Sale.
Atwo chair bai l^T shop anil two ball,^is sin is in good condition. Inquire ut Lou^Burnett's. P. l^. bo\ 7;i*.
Acar of the world renown,-.1 Win. J^Letups lager biH^r will lie thrown 011 the^market next week.
Purifyyour blood now with Oregon^Blood 1'uriliir. tlic trretit health restorer
Ifyou want a Cue piano at a very low^price, call ut King uml Kennedy's.
TheLcadci clothing store w ill move lo^Butts.
illthe Liter Union In Ton Will^Tnrn Ont To-Day.
Thar*Is Going to Be a Bis Pro^^cession Through tho Town^and Lots of Fun at
Elaboratepreparations have been com^^pleted for the first annual picnic of the^Anaconda Worklngmen's union at Ana^^conda park to-day. There will be a grand^street pat ado of labor unions and civic^societies, the procession forming at the^corner of Maiu and First streets at 12^o'clock noon. The procession will be^headed by the Anaconda band. At the^park the Hon. Ralph Beaumont will de^^liver an address on ^Lalior Organizations^and Their Benefits.^ There will be all^sorts of games and sports going on, and^dancing will continue through the after^^noon and evening.
Thocommittee on arrangements con^^sists of C. H. Williams. P. M. Fox, P.^Son nson, George Litton. S. A. Kennicott.^Fred Clansman, George Hart, C. A. Myer,^A. Murchion and T. Johnson.
Thecommittee on sports is composed of^P. Sorenson, (ieorge Hart, C. A. Myer, A.^Murchion, Charles Bacon and Joseph^Steiger.
'1be floor committee is comprised of W.^F. Whiteley, fhsir manager, J. Johnson,^Henry Plans, George Elston, Louis Fround.^H. Wintcrkoff, Thomas Blake and Sick^Knock.
Theprocession will be composed of the^following organizations:
fihstDIVISION,^quad of Aiutcuuda l'ollco In charge of Chief^Fags 11.
Musicians'i*roteetlre I ulou Band of Uuttte, 43^In number.^Auaronda Fire Department.^Cpper and Lower Works Fire 1 it-partim nt.^SECOXI, DIVISION.^Standard Drum Corp* of Unite^Allan in la '1 j luiL'rapliii a I I mon.^Carpenters' culnn No. ss.^Switchmen's I'ntoii.^( lea 1 makers' I nlou.
Marlduittt'I'ulou.^Ikiliermakers' I'nlon.
th11idDIVISION.^Anaconda lira** Hand.^Butte Werklngmon's L'nioB.
MinersI 11I..11.^rooks' mid Walters' K. of L^ltalph lleauiuont. Orator of the Day.^W. K.Morie) Assembly So. 3.711 K.of L.^Aiiaeiiinlu Worklurmrn't I'ulou.^Montana ( harloy und liinl.kin ou llorscliack.^Citizens in Carriages, etc., etc.^All societies will concentrate in front of^depot. Marshal of the day. David Adair,^Arthur 1'ortier. The lino of march will be^south on Main to First; oast on First to^Chestnut; south on Chestnut to Third;^west on Third to Main ; north on Main to^From; west on Front 10 the Anaconda^park, where the amusements and sports^of the day will take place.
Theparade w ill form at 11:30 o'clock.^All societies will govern themselves ac^^cordingly. Two prizes w ill be offered for^the two iluesl appearing organizations in^line. The judges have boon select d and^the prizes will b ^ awaided at the paik.
llonnyItui letque.
Thomoat notable innovation on the^stage of the modern is the introduction of^the Creole in burlesque. This (luetic peo^^ple who, though living amongst us and^being of us since our country's infancy,^had somehow oscapod identification as a^poople ol dislinct and unique characteris^^tics. They were a people w ithout a his^^tory, without a literature, who trod the^even tenor of their way w ithout s^ arching^for fame or distinction. Indeed it may lie^said that until the fairy-like and facile pen^of Mr. Cable, and the magic wand of Mr.^Jack came into piny to bring the Creole^hef ne the public, the race, even^though in our very midst, v. as unknown.^The charming stories of Creole life by Mr.^Cable, however, and the managerial skill^of Mr. Jack have made the Creole known^to the world. How well Iho race deserve^recognition cun best bo seen by attending^n perlormnnee of the Creole Burlesque^company at Kvans opera house to-morrow^evening. There :')^ bewitching beauties^and LI I tuir Egyptians can lie seen dis|s-^rt-^011 tho light fantastic, or heard aw alien^^ing the sweetest chords. Ami then Hone^Burlesque, that ever welcome reveler, w ill^hold court, and pleasure will pose as^hand -maiden.
Nobodyla Particular.^^Somebody was lunching just over tho^way from the Grand Central depot, the^other, day, w hen she overheard one of the^most delightful bits of overdouo non-chul-^ance ever uttered. A couple of girls weie^eating ices ai the table, when a palpably^newly married couple came in, and, seat^^ing themselves, began studying the^menu industriously. One of the first^comers looked very hard at the bride, und^finally announced to her friend that it^certainly was so and so, w ho had gradu^^ated with them, and they began to won^^der who the man was. Filially the bride^spied thorn, and crossintz over, began to^^reminisce.^ In a moment curiosity over^^came politeness and she was asked: ^Hut^AtifTUMu. you are married, who is he'.'^^Tho bride of a week hestilated an instant,^and then remarked in a superbly off-baud^wny: ^Oh, nobody in particular, only an^old friend.^^Htm Vmm I'rtt*.
Tothe ladies of Anaconda: I want it^announced that Mrs. C. H. Johnson is my^authorized agent and accomplished^teacher of my close-fitting French method^of drcss-culting. Young ladies are taught^all tli^' branches of handsome finishing in^the latest eastern style.
Lessonswill bo taught at 317 Park av^^enue east.
Mlts.S. J. Roster,a.vs. Patentee,^Cleveland, Ohio.
Potts-|h nny^earth,^side is^011 the
Whatwill be the largest electric loco^^motive In the world is ocimr constructed at^Baden, Zurich. It is to develop 1.50J to^2.UI.i horse power aud w ill make its trial^trip in a few months.
Pliny,that rare old gossip, tells of a care^somewhere in Dalmatia where a stone^thrown in raised a regular din of noises.^Fingal's cave, 011 the Isle of Staffa, has an^abnormally developed echo.
Millionsof Colorado beetles were washed^up on the shore at Sea Isle cily. N. J., a^day or two ago, and the residents are at a^loss to explain the remarkable occurrence^or form any idea us to where they came^from.
Athree-legged snapping turtle has been^caught 011 the steamboat wharf at Sew^London. The freak has walked sideways^two miles through the heart of the cily^w ithout meeting any one who noted or^accostod it,
Acitizen of Newcastle, Pa., has six^trained toadi. The reptiles have is-en^^ aught to march or hop ill squads and to^catch roaches. Olio bus been trained to^climb a ladder, while another turns the^crank of a small churn.
Whileexcavating for a Imuae at^ville, Pa^ Hilliarp Skeau found a^seven foci below llie siirfact of the^Tho coin bears the 17K7. On one^written ^American |^emiy^ and^other ^One cent.
Thereare many people now living who^will have only one birthday to celebrate^for nearly twenty years to conn*. Tint^strange circumstance is due to the fact^that they were born on Feb. -^.^. and to the^further fact that tho year l'.MJ will not be^a leap year.
TheUnion Pacific trains near Onion's^station 41 miles east of The Dalles. Ore^^gon, was delayed i he other duy by crickets,^millions of which wen* on the fun-warmed^rails. The wheels of the locomotive pass^^ing over them slipped as if the 1.ills had^been greased.
AnEnglish firm has invented an in^^genious device for turning on the currents^for electric lamps at a certain hour. An^ordinary dock is so adjusted that at the^desired moment a spring is released, per^^mitting a pa 11 of piv otcd contacts lo fall^into mercury cups, thus completing tho^circuit.
TheTurkish cavalry still has Winches^^ter carbines and will retain them for n^short time. The infantry has nOO.OUO^Henry-Martini rifles ami JiJO.nOU Manser^rifles of ^^^^ millimeters caliber. An order^w as placed iu Ausi ria a short time ago,^moreover, for 2M0,0Xi) Mannlicher rilles ef^7.6 millimeters caliber. si
Aportrait of Longfellow , on exhibition^at the minimal capital just now, lacks the^w hile beard so familiar to almost eveey-^one w ho h is ever seen a picture of that^poet, and a chorus of protest and lamenta^^tion goes up from beholders. It wtas^painted, the initiated say, thirty years ago^for Tieknor A Curtis. .,
Acitizen of Portland, I ml., claims th be^the owner of a largo tomcat who long ago^developed great love fur the eompunioii-^ship of the poultry tribe. ^It eats every^^thing they do, even to shelled corn, mid^when night comes |s'rchos itself oil the^roost alongside ol a nsister us eoutonU'tl^as if it weii* with those of its own kind.
Photographingunder water has actually^been carried out. so il is said. F.xperi-^meiits were made in lss.i in the Mediter^^ranean lo ascertain how fur daylight pen^^etrated under water. In v ery clear water,^near Corsica, and eighteen mih s from^land, the limit of daylight was found by^means of photographic plates to be l.f.-o^feel.
Ilhas been shown that the white elm of^our bottom lands and groves yields, one^year with another, at a wry moderate es^^timate. Mo, lv.1^.(K^0 seeds. Sow . an ehn^ordiutrily lives at least a full 1^^^ yeaira.^and, consequently. 111 the Course of ifk.t^comparatively short life producs nearly^:^.UX).000 grains, ull coming from otic orig^^inal seed.
AGerman gymnast named finch has re^^ported to the German consul at liudapeslli^thai his tMBxas had been attacked a yd^robbed by Albanian brigands near the^Gulf of Arta. in Southern Albania. Frail-^leili Adele, a Hungarian, aged I'l, a per^^former on the irapcz ^ and said to bo very^good looking, was carried off by the band^and has not since been heard of.
laron KTv n. w ho was know n as Sir^Williuill i hoinson before be was elevale.l^to the peerage lat t w inter, has rt-cciveii a^curious recognition of his services to sj|S^^trical science. Thu English Isi.nd of Uiule^has adopted ^Kelvin^ as the name iu U^applied to its unit of electrical energy,aud^It is thought tb t the term, being short^and clear, will Is widely accepted by elec^^trical engineers.
Ofall menagerie stock i he monkey tribe^is the most precarious. The comparative^comfort of a fSKJs IMS does not cnmnoit-^ssto for the activity of their natural bfe,^and, considering that they feed 011 frssih^fruits in their primeval forests, it is not^amazing that alter u tune an 1111111:11 !^ ^1^dietary of hazel nuts and stale buns is apt^to disagree with Iho quadrumanal digrsr^Uon.
Sealedbids for the privileges of lemon^^ade stand, soda water, ice cream, lunch,^candy and fruit at Anaconda park. July^4. Parties can bid on the privileges si ugly^or all together Bids must be turned iu^to Charles Collins, secretary of committee^of arrangements, bv June 30. Committee^reserves right lo reject any or ull bids.
TheCnion Pacific railway offers special^inducements 10 passengers destined to^points beyond Ibe Missouri river, ^special^care is also used in Isjuking emigrants to^and from all points in Europe. Consult^their agent at general railway and steam-^ship office, corner Main ami Broadway.^Butts, before purchasing tickets else-^w hero.
B.H.nbfi Id will SSSJS1 the liarber shop^So. s. Main street. 1 Murray's old stand'
Monday.Juno LU.
Forflrst-clae* tnoalsat reasonable prices^1:0 to the Hoard of Trade restaurant. JW*^First street.
IllCharleston the other day a woman^testified in court that she was the mother
ofJU children.
LssUlaUaaBe^^rnleg -airly Appliances^en Hallway Trains.
WAsHlNOTOlt.June 18. - The house eom-^milloo on interstate und foreign com^^merce authorised a fuvorablc report on^the hill to promote the safety of railway^employes and passengers. The law re^^quires Iho locomotive to lie equipped w ilh^power sufficient to control tho train.^Every new locomotive after July. IML^must be s^ equippisl. After July, 1H96, ull^locomotive*, and nil new curs or old cars^scut 10 the shop must lie equipped with^automatic couplers; and after July. 1^all cars must be provided w ilh continuous^brakes operated by the locomotive.
Astandard automatic coupler, the law^provides, is lo lie established by a vote of^*.'^ percent, of Ibe common carriers in the^country, to lie llkd with the interstate^commerce commission in July, IMlik If^no coupler receive* this percentage, the^commission shall designate a standard^coupler within six months.
Oxfordcounty. Maine, turns out nearly^all of the spools on which the thr^ad of^this country is wound. The spools are^made from w hite birch timber, and they^are produced by the million.
Strictlyfashionable china must now be^all w lute.
Itit a c'iTcult matter^to overcome prejudice.^VVc speak fiom experi^^ence; for this is the only-^reason anyone can |h*4^fcr not using Snow Flake^Baking Powder; the U.^S. Government uses it^in p eferencc to all^other'. We guarantee^every can.
aH GROFF, Manufacturer,
St,Paul, Minn.
OnensnJuly I, ISM.^JUopsssd Oct. 1, IBM.
Oneof the handsomest nut most cleg-satl)^^ppoiDtnl ltutclt ID the United Mates Tliot^onglil)-fireproof, snd proylilod with ciri..tn^eirrtrn' bells, fire slnrsis. ninnlnj wster, bstlis^Steam heat, upon fire places BBS all morieri^sonTenionret. Itnoms en suite anil ilngls^^uWloe and service strictly firM-class. Katei^from |3 SO PbR DAY UHWAHDS as^roriiuix to size sod character of rouint occu^C. W. LUOMI3. Prop.
TheClolhlas House of M. ft. Asclilielni^Will (lose Oul Their l.ntire liuslnesa^Within Slilv Days
Ihave determined to close my entire^stock of clothing and cents' furnishing^poods ui less ban ('.astern cost w ittiiu ^^'^days. Kvcryihuitf must lie sold by August^IS, ]^'^j. Ha.c positively made up my^mill 1 to discontinue business 011 th.it date^and furthermore that my siook must ls^^dosed 011: in this city within th it time.^My stock is nil new . well selected and 110^fake sale. 1 also otfer ni^ buildings and^fixtures for sale cheap and on very reas^^onable terms. Will vacate premises
August15. MM Rsapset fully.
M.S. Am HIiriM.
Wohavo but lOdays more to do business^ni our present location and during that^time 111 will olfer better bargains than^ever. We mention u few items of^interest.
BestAmerican dress prints, ti cents |s^r^yard.
Kicent dress ginghams now 'i cents per^yard.
Goodouting Uaiuiel now ^'., cents per^yard.
Yard-wide unbleached muslin now^cents |^er yard.
Blacklace mitts now -IS cents 11 pair.
Uid.es'silk gloves, assorted shades. ^^^cents a pan.
Itilants'fancy hose. cents a pair.
Allremnants at ^/. our usual low prices.
One-thirdoff on men's f iiruisliing gissls.
Buyyour 4th of July dresses now . All^white g^sxls and embroidery flouncing* go^this week at cost.
C.O. U. Store.
for.Third and ( berry sis.
^ * OFFIC^. ^^1 Honey Lunnei! on
Diamonds,Jewelry, Etc.
alifrswiif Sails
1Without rain^at blood llrswn.
Prof.L Jeffreys
NJI'STIfK I'orKT ^ Male of Molitsai
i.-Hint) BfUssrliSMi rSs. aaMSMsTewa
HP, iH-tun- J. A. It. 1 '..w-ll .lud.CS Ut lilt
inbig SHOWsin
TwoMcnatjerics, Tlircc Museums, Romin Hippodrumc, Four-Ring^Circu*. Aiiu.irium and School of Tr lined Animals.
ChineseFancy Goods!
Oir New rood* I sfss'l arrived.^Csl suit e inul'i^ ibem
GEALUNG 4 CO.,1 , 11. j. -s, [ i ^ ( j lleass.
Asorrel horse, branded w ilh u heart ^^n^left side, two hind feet whit,' to the knees.^Finder please return to Warm Spritsjs^livery stuble slid receive |M reward.
ForSale-A |ss^l lobl^ and bar IWIiires^complete. A|ipl^ to t on U'l'ounur, Ml^1 miii street.
Ifyou want a cheap I sale, buggy go to^King 4 Kennedy.
Fivetub baths for one dollar ai plutigu^house.
NowImmea.urxl, y Angmeii'el by the I'tiliinnHil ig mat i
puce of 4;lo rloiis ^|ie, ts,'Ular
lievioed, pa iit-'il snd cnsirtii'ted l,v J dm U '11 '. IN (., ere iN^r of Pc worij 'aneM o as^^ nf^^TBS Kali ol llaliyl hi.^ * lu^ as I u let N. r.i M Mtetssaa^ BBS ^ I It ^ It. a it In ROSS. Mln-^ntelv BS*JSSS^'e In I iull ^ai rei^i i ,1 ictlan. falti f il in c n ^|e,i,e* ,ti,MM Barred laS mISBsSS bM^a -p ^ n ui nis und sa In it i g ii ^i .iid sarrrsmilsr s es s. tic ^ l y ^r Hsv.,1. Uwresca'tea ^f^me !^SJKaBSB, Hie Halls BBS laWSfl of Jen s d^in. ft ^ S au I ,,, in if Kin,- s ilbssss't le.iiii'e.^Sacred Ark ,,(t e r.iretiant, Holoni'Ml'S 1^^ \. i^c. Ike .1 il^ ,.^^ i^ ,f ^^,l en u. t r.nlo tlir '^usen^of ^l,el,s. I'rtH'c t mi of War ^ h iiin t, K.111s niiu und K i-'.iai.t iu nal e lo.o d l'ri,i*e^*ional^I'sr: d-t A inarscl and euvl-inie il.siin t uu b.Hws.HBtaii I 'tmnesssBliy Usst s iSlts ni smi-^iientiy lie r iL. Iihtul ai and iniud eievailui IBsstaf s iu I ill * tra u is suestaSUlsf SlliSSltieSi^t ut hsvu finlu iniie to lime itiutel puunc aitn:itli^u, is tlieenilre ales.ire iu tiiU of BBBSt a .^Ilbliiliiiius oil la-clil ins pie e itutlois.
AnotherluvltliiK Add.t.on l^ ti e er ^r a ceplatile. world popula- and alws ^i welcuin ^ Il dldav
psntuinntie.III ,11'IV i#rtCI*TV, .IU rVrsaa'-s, Vl,^l^.ri,^ a^^l il,-lii^^*. rro.iti-- in
ult ird calash optics. Iirlniinin^ w.'h comical Hittiaiiouft. effervi'-c n; In .p ir*uiu hu n ^r. ard pre*^BBlBSIsBtrf IBS srrssl ij4u^ih-lroioacr of tl e Mlnile .Voild. I .OOO |s*oplr, linrses. p u ..in I^led i ii ill ih p irtn l|..ltllli;.
I'lrciis K iii--. * Itig Crouncd 11 M in d'in-^o n operil o i * Mo ^t r Trslas.^eo sp^i.^u\r. *3.ootj Hal.) i x . ai^ ^o i.uon , .v- ^i,d.
I OO.ilOO ill V'vuy Ad el I ealu e..^I li.ng for l.ady Ai t. ^ ilv | Kin,- a Psrslss Aetseslr. I Bin*Bur Msf^ \^t ^n'y.^I Him: for I'hlldreu Ar.^ noli UupsliSB Bsureseu'a'.io'i sf IBs E stia' M p;oli ra^^nt 60 Mlnlatur,' Mietl md I'nines itriven l,v t'hnd e i. J .ckcvs ^j i Barsjissft.
2snd * Ihirs,-1 hariot k .re.. Htiiii llui' haces. | |:., Jucsejr Ka srl \N * Itiarrowr BaSBf,
Wee;,leC.I ^' Itn e sHC , |ia-es. red -t i in K ic s,, I la'dni lire i^ d Ki ^ W ^Stllng ^^^^ I Bo\^In ^ I o its, -ii0,y Hue K.lep iam and ^ sinel Itme.. ^ ^-t en and Hurl.do K no -. M lie a ^1 D ussy^Uares. Man Au.ni.x lUee liois^. ^ I, t n le l!ac ^-, ip.nn i^ K h-es,Calchlnu ^i.e^,^a 11{. lUrow^lig Heavy Welch's.Illltli. MOSslr.it H. .Ac.i.KIKs,
AtI 'o'clock I.hp'l I'd B US'lie
$300,000 FREE PARADE.
TwoPerformances Daily.Doors Open at I and 7.
Lowtxcurs on Rates on All Hailroads.
WillAlso Exhibit at
ButteCity, July 4th. Deer Lodge, July 8th.
Thsonly l'lrft Class Hotel to orautta
elegantlyFurnished ttooms.
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Ailives .New York
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A.W. lliiiiielle i Co., iilaliitltls. vt PsMSk^Kurd, detpn lout. All n^ b iniiii ^ns Thi' ^ a.s^of Mollis ia, lo the sbovs-iianiPd dvieudau:.^Orsetiag
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Isf'otssjs, .1. A. ItocKw-idl. a Justice St the
l'ea-i*In .ni t for llie i ^unl^ of i, l.^^U -. sl
tn office, lu Aua un^U. s t on t -n (la di)^^after tan sen Ice ^ tins i-jmumus by uuimc.i-^tl ui. then and I here In masi-Ktitsor 11 llie com-^p..i.ni of A W l;i,rn-;t L i ^^.. Hi - alio*^name I p am Its. u a civ I s'llou lo SBSSesff tlM^ai m of ^evtsSty-eBs aud isvul) ulus ssp*bbb^^dtedtlis dollars, lor lueiehatidlAe so ,1 rud de-^liwieut ' ths aMssasSa by plslutifft. by d*-^tendant's sppei.it inttaucs an I reo.u 'si in I lie^in..ni'1. or rsenian. Marsti s,d April. IskL^ami Indpfa dt th.-r*.! juduuien'. ^IH i^- r -n i ,^l^against M'iu I'atiink Kurd, tie sbive-iiane-d^defendant, for tin, sum of seient. on- and^Iwe it^ uui1 irie liniidicth. dollar, and costs of^^ull h, plaintiff*' bsliaif exi*^iiil*,|.^it.yen uui*t in^ hand tm, MB dav of J IBS,
IWi.J. A. Ko.'kwki.u
Jutiieaof the |Vo-e
NOTICF^IF ^TOCKHOtJ^nM' MKKI INC-^Bsties is hereby iiPpii In the stock! o dcr^^of the Copier City i 'oiiiii.er' ial, ompsir.. hat a^luerti iii of tin, stocklm! ipi s of said ^ on,pany^will (s lirld at toe head oBlcssf |,ie,ai.i cm-^panv al No zW Mas3 street IsUlsM.fst ABBS^rond.i. :n ll,e stale of .\|..u.aii i. on t\ e liie- la) .^WtJM dav of dune. IS*', sl liiVv k p. IB.;^| that It.e (dijert of the meplinii l^ lo .iicip is ^ ibe^anie nt of the rapiial^!^*^^ ^i Hi ^compani. aud^thit ih,' SBBBMM to wit bl l^ | rnposetf to ui.^, ressp tlie ciiidtal kfnu rlun iieil taossSBS^1-cl'ain. to-wtt to u i. , n tiie sanie to tin- e\-^t' u o- i ns Thouaand sthare. nf ' nn Hundred^Dollar, paca.U. J M-vsKsst.
I.^ mil aha^,^Jos. I'srrns.
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Freeto the Aicted
Allwho at* luffertni from lbs effects of Youth^^ful Krnirv. Lssj ^f Mauliood, Fallioc rossrs,^Usuurrlioea. U.eet. Mtrtctur*. -^)|dnua aud to*^in.ni^ lieu.iles nllk'll are lb* ^r*clt of the**^Irir.bl* iii-oii.-'s will rsreivo, lacs OS^Ciiamuk,/.in sUrastaMSf ftou, ,., tr, ai a^^i ear*^Viuii.c i-ca at humi by w r.l.n; le iu*
CilifarniiMdli.al ami iwud IilLrflvj,
utu%Maiket Btieet. Saa a-r^Csilforuia
T.D. Fitzocrald,
TheLeading Watchmaker
ASDff\A.M'FACTL'KISC jEWaa,^Mala street, Auaconaa.
Onlrplace for tb*
This^ the only line maklnjt connectloB ^^tiarsi Nohthkrji Kaii way st St. I sol^day Ul th* year lor Chicago, snd tbs LasL
I.en vs Putts
Irave Helena
1amv*drssl Kslla
Arrivelira id Korkl
Arrive^t. faul
viasou ! il 1 1: s PACirtC
lave Untie ii ^fjp. a.
L-:i\s llel-aa I:W ^^ ^'
leave lte^-^,^aus-IOp. m.
Arilve^t Taul U IV p. ui.
viaNOBrHWISlSH* l-in
I-.ave St. NM : io ^. tu. ^ 1- !'^ ul
I,.h. 7 ^p.m. I i^i a. m
AITtMCsBBaifa. StM|. w. ^:ou^. ui
Th*Snrthwe.tern Line Is the shortest ho* is
bo!ii^i s' ,lie ^ ..nd uii' tot h.c.mo rk-ciu* v.iui^Mkata over this ha*. M u^*v folder sddran
a.curia.l' i^ 'i^i ABv'Ut, SL l'aUL.
Vip. in.^Mi a. at.
iOp. tu.^sts. a.
p. m.^05 p. m.^a a in.^p. m.
723 a. m.^^., m a ai.
V.Q- BUUWNKLL, l'roprlstee.
Bugles,Ssdiiles ui Horstii lor Him
AJsoproprietor sf rtAseniree. rlaiucacs I^Bffsst Line i. un*. 'lou noao*^with su uauu.
sadbum*. tu^. susst,
Ibiswid be ran in 1 it at Class
Kylea. a
Veals-erred al . uv 11 ac.
elAM'Al:;, BL lLl^LNIs^ , I O ^ Man, at.. - Anaconda

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