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UIn the Sew Windsor Hotel Annex. Ro. 21^East Broadway. The Telephone^nnmtier ts 25S.^Advertisements ^UI be received at 111* Butt*
Olll.eeOf the ^tam^ahi^ till 8 o'clock
r.M for insertion In the fol^^lowing morning's pajier.
The0TAKDAiti^ It delivered to Butt* tub-^Beriberi early every morning.
J ^- i i't,.^s ...III..I.
tljrsvesft cm n. I^. ^'ct^ot mil eotiueiti al
He/einauHitli N. imiB., Irulti.
SMoudavs.Wcdnesda)^^ and Fridays.
CLOtlNOAM^ AllltlV.lt. .'I MAII.H^I A l tale
Mallfnt California an I tin-
MallI^r Knot vui M. c. Hi.^Mail for Fast via M ('. Ilv.^Mall for M.tl via S. I'. Ilv
hi111 onuuem mih..V
Will.nilDennett bl i^ Mm from Chi^^cago.
Professormid Mr*. Kilcy lafl yesterday^for California.
Thefuneral of Mm. Ilciix-rt Viol look^place yesterday morning.
Mr.and Mrs. George K. Motile of (in.leu^arc in the city, en route to HMMi
Avan n.im.xl Howard i-m-aped from tlm^city chain gong at noon v csienlny.
TheMmiaterial imnociatioii ^ill meet on^Momlay at the usual time anil place.
Ameeting of Welshmen will lie held at^Die conn house at K o'clock thin evening.
HarneyIlohan has o|iencil up a neat and^inviting aaloon in the south end of the^Dcllcviio house in Soulli Hutte.
MissHaisy ll'ltoniiidl of Walkervillo left^yesteixluy for (ileudale, where she will^spend two or threw w eeks with her lriend,^Mia* Sharkey.
MilJohnson. John Kelly and Trunk^Adams w ere arrested yesterday for lieing^auapicioua rtitvractera and hanging around^the Montana hotel.
Inthe police court yesterday Andy Cof-^foe MM |10 ami cohIh for indecent Mqa^^sure, and George I'lark and John Kelly^were coiitmiltisd for ilriiiikeiineka.
Thecounty commissioners put in an^^other day to-day on the treuHiirer'a I souks^in checking them up. The board will^probably Is- in session the grciiter imrt of^Ileal week, aa there is consult'rulilc busi-^lie** yet to be transacted.
Mnntananaat the M. Ilermoit: O. P.^f'hisliolm uuil w ife, Hoiemuu : I'. H. Alex^^ander, J. ('. Horn. Helena;!'. II. Pratt,^While Sulphur Springe; Con Kolir*. Peer^Lodge: W. M. Hiekfonl. J. W. Hamilton,^Missoula; Hr. J. M. Nligli and two daugh^^ter*. Granite.
Anarty consisting of Dr. l-'rcd A. MMf^of Orange, X. J., J. S. Silvei-s and daugh^^ter. Miss Julia, of Cranberry. X. J., and S.^G. Fortnan of Hightown, X. J., MOM in the^city yesterday on their way Kant. They^had juat returned from a trip through^Alaska mid bad many beautiful specimen*^front that little know 11 country.
Theiiersona up|miutcd Ivy the several^pasiors to help the ciilcrjoilliiicnt commit-^tee in the state Sunday school convention^will unit the committee al assembly-^rooms at hi ::ki o'cliK-k Monday morning.^All Sunday schools in the cily as well uk^elaew here m the state w ill Is- expect, il to^elect delegates as |K-r prograinme.
MissMary I;. Moran, princi|ial of the^Meaderville sehisils, assisted by the^Misses Kelly, l ynch and Farlin, together^with their pupils, picnicked at Ike Colum^^bia gardens yesterday . They all expressed^themselves as having an excellent time,^and s|M^ak very highly ol the gentlemanly^manlier in which they were trculisj by us^|H^pular pro|irii^tor,
KittyMM, than whom I here is not a^worse or inoix- depraved creature in tow n,^is again at large, hav iug paid her line last^night and was released fixim t he fkruni v^jail. She s|M^nl the gnuter inrl \tt her^coutlnemeut in J ul in the jailer's ollhe.^and treated every li.nly who hatl husiucss^there tou ehottii|siuriiig of vitupera^^tion, at w Inch she is an adept.
t'atllllil.lles Mat tile Pell.
ni-ITf,June IK. Micriff l.loyd lo-ilay^took Henry LaajrM and John M*xT^MxhTMi^the iM'iiiteiilinry. the former to serve live^and MM lalter two |*jmm for liurglary.^To-morrow two mon , Arnold and Kih y,^will also Is- Ink. n dovv ii. afi. r wMck there^w ill remain si ill three more vv ho hav c ban^convicted ami sentenced and are awaiting^transportation. Dealdea all these, there^are yet in juil 1-eainlulaics lor the Btxtti*^tentiary. who arc awaiting trial It hsiks^aa though Silver How's iiipreseni.ition at^Peer Ltslgc for llns year would exec il^any previous year. l^i-t year :(7 convicts^wen- sent up, w lull'in the live months^and a half of Ihis year It luivc hOM sent^down and the season only just coni-^meucod.
Along MMMM leather pocket lssik vvilh a^rubber around it. containing two ^!^ hills^and some township maps of l latlead^i-ountry. Finder will h-aveai Sianiiaki^^office, 21 F.asi Hroadway and keep half of^money. C. V. Heisler.
Ii.v VMM i mol^When you want gissl vvi~slonler by tele^^phone No. 1*4. J. II. Jacksen, proprietor.
wMBMMaTwo barber*. Apply ut^^trx-el. Anaconda.
KBKast Front
Writefor the new wait/, the Anaconda.^*iire to please you. Price by mail mo^cent*. The Sherman Musi, company,^Butte, Mont.
Ourgas stoves beat the world. Ho not^fail to cull and sec them. H. J. liliunc, 7n^We*t Park.
Fora refreshing drink or u g^sjd cigar^goto the ^Cahiiict.^ South Hutte.
Privatennd chronic diseases treated by^Dr. Noftcro**, new Owalcy bhs^k.
Buyyour fireworks ul AMM, Cohen'*,^corner 1'ark and Mailt.
BatteTakes Its Share of Pride in Ion-^tana's Victory.
Article*For It Have Been Signed^Base Ball Talk and Other^Notes From Field^and Ring.
Hl'TTF.,Jyj^J in. T|,(. news of Mon^^tana's splendid \ i.ioiy in the Suburban^to-day was n^eived with tlm greatest en^^thusiasm ill this city. 'I ne first informa^^tion of the result to i he people of Hutte^was by tli ^ Standard'* bnlleiin Isiunl.^The iMNirxl was ipiiekly surrounded by a^crowd of interested citixeus, w ho reg. in led^Montana's victory as a victory for every^cititen of the slate. A few minutes after^the result was posted, Mali us Daly. Mon^^tana'* proud on ncr, entered the ofllce to^receive a confirmation of the) aMMth Ho^was of course greatly pleased. The vic^^tory was woiih .r^;i..vm to him. the purs,.^I cing MbJXO mill the balance being the^amount of his winnings.
KlMi A mb yux.n.
ofAglet lilrllt hlglinl^Wrestling Blaliii.^W, H. yiiiiui of Cornwall. Canada, nnd^Jack King of le d Jacket, Michigan, the^two noted wrestlers, met to-day anil^signed nrticlcs of agieement to wrestle a^tlu-cc-stylc match consisting of Cornish,^collar-uml-cllsivv and cateli-as-catchcaii^for WSO n snle and a pillsc of offered^I y the Hutte Athletic association, the^mateli to take place at tin* association^husc bull grounds in this city on .Sunday ,^July II. 'J lie side stakes of MM) are to Is-^|...i^ i-il ill the hands of Paul Davis and by^Iiim to lie paid In the w inner, or vv ho is^decided to he by the club's i-cfcrcc. The^side stakes must lie posted in the hands of^Paul Puvis on or beMM June Ml It was
mutuallyagreed that ihulest is to lie
wresthslbv the ftoftM OtYtttU rules.
'J'hcstake of ^l.ittlisa very gissl one^fora wn-stliug inatch in tins cily, and^then, is every n-asoii to ex|Mi-i a gts.il con^^test for it. Then'is no ipiesiioii bin that^it will be one of the Mpiaicst matches ever^^ nude in this cily, foi it is the lirst to Is.
Jrivenunder the aua|tk*e-Hof Ibe new Ath-^etii' i'lub and its rcptitutioi de|m'iids mi
it,forjthc fairness of tinmeat will make
ormilr thai reputation and decide the^suei-ess of all luttin' sporting events tin-^terthe club's management. The ri nuta^^tion of the wreslli'ts is a guarantee of^mettle to make tin* match an interesting^and hard fought otic. QeMMI** MaM styles^aie collar-umlH Ibow and . all h-us-cutch-^can, vv bile King has made his In-sI record^in Cornish and collar-.uid-ellsiw . V'inii^leaves to-morrow for Wurm Springs,w here^he w ill go into training a*)d *xopeeta to be^in good condition bv July b. King is^nln ady in excellent sliaiMi ami has re-^eeutly wii-stltxl in several local matches.^His record w as published in the Si a.miaimi^of May _'.i and is worth referring to at this^time.
(Jtiiniiis the undisputed champion of^Canada, and has made lor himself a^record that is of interest lo every lover of^sport. He was I sun in Canada ill 1n;|,^and went to California w hen hut is years^of age and soon thereafter joined the^Olympic dub and competed m a number^of athletic s|s^rts as an amateur, w inning^the championship at putting the abet,^throwing the hammer and wrestling,^('uinn's first match was wiili Jee Aclon,^who was at Hint time undefeated. The^match lasted one hour ami forty-live min^^ute* and was won by Acton, .since then,^however, QnMUTI) victories have boesj^numerous. In the Coiiusli tournumetit^under the Olympic chili in MM, he defeated^1'hos. Nolan in u collar and ellsow match,^anil in the same year in succession van-^^luiahcd I'M. Skinner at Wissllaud. ( al.,^llarrx Critehtleld at I'kiah, ( al.. II. H.^Cameron .it Naliaini... H. ( '.. and Mat sal.i^Sorakicbi, ^The Jap,^ ul Seattle, ill i utch-^a*-t*atch-^'nu mati'hes. in livMIl be again^got the Is^st of the Jap at Seattle a (^rucco-^Itomaii contest, and also J. T. Donovan in^a collar and elbow inatch at the same^lime, and A. Stewart at Ihspimm, Wash.,^c.it^ h-aN-i'aleh-ean. At Olympia. Wash.,^he defeated 1*. Magher and n*tiirmsl to^Seattle and Is-at l^. II. I'aiueron. collar^anil elbow . and^gol the lies! of (.. T, I'errie^ill a similar match before the (. il.lcn (,atc^Athletic club in Sail Franci-co, and^again defeated the Jap at Helena.^Qutan MM H*M It. ( ane at Ogden and^won the mutch, and mhiii theri'aftcr won^the Denver ttit llaincnl r ilrh al fill h fell.^His other noted v ictories were over Lucicti^Man-Chi istol. w hoin he threw live times^ill one hour in Omaha, ami the Jap^again at the same place. Cinns-n-lt. iiiiui.^also Jim Connors at Headvvissl; Jack^Connors at Victoria. H. ('., Isvth ealch-as-^rateli-can nnd Cracco-Koniuii: Jimmie^Faulkner, caleh-as-eatehi'uu at Sc.nth';^I. I'. Haldwiii. caleli-asH'utchiaii. at^Omaha. In the net he has won matches
anddefeated A. f. Miller, tlIiumpiou
of\ ii inoiil. in tw o straight fall-; Jim Me-^Mahoii of Montreal live limes in one^hoar, collar and ellsiw ; Jim^Duane, mixed nialch; J. II^Mi'Fheraon. ciileh-nsH-ulelwati; D. It^McMillan, collar and i llsivv ; Donald^Currie, ut Hoston, iidlur and i'llsm ; I!. X.^Iliiniaon. at Toronto. CAtcli-us-c.iich-cati.^vlttinn vviesthsl one draw , and that was^i vUbJobn M^ Mahoii. the ehiimpioii collar^' nnd ellsiw vvrostler. He has al present a^' forfeit legated to wrest)* any in m in the^| wotId collar and i-llsivv sty le. t,iiiititi is u^I hue iithlete and when in comliiiou weighs^| IKS iMiuiiils, His chest mi'ttsureineut is 4-1^inches; neck. 17; biceps. M| foiiariu.^IBUl calf. |^| thigh. MM) waist, M;^hclghl. It feel. ' . inch.
Vulllll'sl^ i old s|s iks fol itself, as the^aisivt list contains some of the Is-st^known wrestlers in the country.
DeesedTin- Bave^svaesssA
TheCenterville wie-iling toiirnamcnt^i'Iosi d this .ilicrmM.n w ith Isrofjoud ttuxed-^style ii'atches betwii-n .lack King and^John Fly mi ami .hs- .hfford and All . i t
Kin...King defeated Fly mi in litre*easy*
siNiitive lulls, utul Jeflonl did the same^for Kitto. Al 7 o'clock this evening the^priics were awarded nl Coomb* ^ XMe^^kin's sulooii. King iis eiv ing tiro m gold^mid JclTord IW The toiiinainctit was a^mo*! Itilureslilig one all the way ihntugli^anil was isituhtcictl w ith exc ptioual fair^^ness. It attracted unusual interest and^gave thi' strong men of Unite and Center^^ville uu opportunity lo show what they^could do. A s.tuii.ir tournament but oil^a smaller seals will Is- held in the Milwau^^kee beer hall on July 4.
seller*no* iiiaa*r.
Awrestling match t^sik place at (he Mil-^waukee Is'cr hall this evening between^Alf Kitto and Jim Sellers. I.,,'h weighing^lisl SSJSJsfla, It vv as for a puise of Jltti put^up hy Mm Milwaukee lieer hall. .I nk^King refcreeil the match. Time was^railed al '^^ :X I. The men had eiglil hitches^III w hich vome very gissl work was done.^I'hey were evenly mulched and every^tune they came together liny tllckhil^each other fiercely ami the struggles vv. re
hriefhut v leaf]n th,. 1 m ultetl Isith
werewind.si. Kitto fell on Ins kms-s. and^lliey were onlctxsl to hn'ak. They again^advanced ami t^s.k hold. Sellers getting a^grapevine hold on Kitto. tripping him and^laMTLue*on.bisbecb. Kittlo refualtsj to^vvrvstle any more as he was bum, the
refereedeclared Seller* the winner. Af^^ter this Jnek Weston threw T. Kent two^falls in five hitclics. Westou offers to^wrestle any man in Montana for J3U0 to^I50U at 150 itounda. CL
Anexciting spurring contest took place^nt the ( ..limine last night between Jim^Lcuvitt of British Columbia and Jerry^Connelly, champion middle weight pf^Wisconsin. The first round opened up^savagely, and proved conclusively that^there was no ^fake^ alsitit the affair.^Leavitt led the lighting at the Mart and^several lively exchanges tisjk place, in^which the men broke alsiut even.
Inthe thud round Leavitt had bis man^out of wind, nnd could easily have nut him^out had he not Im-oii in such an t'xflauit Ml^condition himself that hi blows hod no^force. In the fourth, llfih and sixth both^spa ins I for w ind.
Inthe seventh Connelly came up fresl er^than ever and showed a disposition to^settle it right then-, but Leavitt kept away^from him and in the exchanges gave him^as go., ! us be sent. I-cavitt went ill to win^in the eighth, w hile Connelly stood still ill^the center of the ring waiting for nu at^^tack, Leavitt circled at'.mini him waiting^lor an o|M'iiiug. Finally it came ami w ith^ii lightning movement he swung himself^clear nrouml and struck his opponent full^in the face with the Inck of his right^hand. The blow was a terrilh' one and so^^ puck that Connelly hud no time lo dodge,^il or ward it olf. It curried him^clear off his feet where he laid^for several si-conils completely stunned^and almost insensible. He succeeded in^getting up before the 111 second* and^would have continued the light, but his^seconds, seeing that he was whipped, in-^tarfeean and tis^k him lo his corner,^Lrav ill's blow was a lue'iy one and was^just the kind of u one which he Hluuche^put Dcmpscy out w ith. Ill spite of his de^^tent Connelly is a gixsl man. and it was^the general opinion ol those present thai^if it had not been for his op|silieut's lucky^blow he would hav e put Leuv itt out Itefore^tlml ot the Huh round.
Onnext Friday uiglti the winner of last^night's contest will Ineet Jim King, a^brother of i be w rest lor, at the Coniiipic,
Itnow remains vv ith George Kessier to^say whether the long-talkod-of fight be^^tween himself and Williams of Salt Lake^is to come off or not. In reply lo the offer^of II. L. Frank and Fred Ititchie lo back^Kes-lcr for ItvJjMl lo tight under the aus^^pices of the I '(s alello At hletie club. Hell^Wilson, Williams' backer, writes that |ho^Ogden Athletic club will bang up a purse^of MJMB for the fight, the meeting to count^off in September. ^That is but a few^hours ride farther than l'iK'atcllo.^ adds^Mr. Wilson, ^and as the accommodations^an* very |sn^i- al I'ts'utello. and the purse^offered by the Ogdou club larger than^Poeati'llo can possibly offer, we would^iti'teh nrefer to have the contest come off^in Ogden. Or if that I* too far away^we will go to I'ortlaiiil. where Mr. Konslcr^is, prov ided the Portland club hangs up a^reasonable purse. In either case we will^Is't y ou *1,IK^J mi the side. We mean bus^^iness ami are anxious to make tin- match,^but w e vv aut it to come off whero MM ure^sun' it vv ill Is' on MM merits of the men. I^don't sec how you could |s^ssibly object to^either 1'oil In lid or Ogden.
'1In- pro|M^sitioti of Mr. Wilson has been^sent to Kessier ut Portland w ith a promise^that his Hutte backers an* ready to abide^by his decision ami put up any amount on^i he side. No reply has yet been received^from Kessier.
WhntIs Interesting Itasn Hall KethMM*^a-ts The Mute l.ragllo.
Thefifth series of games in the Mon^^tana league opened this afternoon with^Hutte ut Helena. Great Fulls at Philips-^burg and Missoula al Hoteman. The race^w ith the exception of Missoula is u pret^^tier one now than it has In at any time
sincethe season o|hmiciI. Hutte has a^gissl grip on lirst place and w ill probably^increase her lead at Helena. Great 1 ilfj^is pushing Bozemaii hanl for second place,^th.-ro being only one game's difference ls^^twcciitli. nl. Helena and Philipsbiirg am^tied for fourth place. Missoula lias 4iot^yet won a game but with the new mat^tial^in her club she may lie expected to pJay^go ul liull from this on.
TheHutte team left lust night for Helena^ill charge of S. W. Davis, Manager ilcj^Cot iuick being utiaplc lo go on neeoutrviSf^the washouts. Caplingcr nnd Hn'finun^w ill be in the isiiiits to-day. l'lnnnery will^covers cond and Hurkucs'i will lake his^place in the Held. Manager McCoriiiick^leaves to-night tor Helena and will meet^Jerry Harrington, the new catcher, ut^Logan anil proceed with him to the capital,^llarkncss and Harrington will Is1 the b^ur^terv in to-morrow's game and Hrenrinn^vv ill cover second.
TheHelena club is in n bad way.^city ollieiuls ure nil down on it nnd t^mhm artx-st bull play ers for simply MM^iug the Mreets in daylight. Marrwi-^ov er ihere from Hutti^ and was am^inside oi l.'hours after he had stril^town. Not more than u corimrul's guar'^turn out lo see the gamos and Ihej base^ball world is in a generally disorganized^condition. In an lllterv lew w ith ,^s^crotary^Mtith the Helena /m/e/s ie/-nf says;
Caplingcr.a pitcher, was also lusikcil^for Helena, but Hutte sicppcA in and^bought him oil' anil he is now play iug^there. This thug of one cub tump-ring^w ith players engaged by another club is^one of tin doings that will help bring Ibe^Montana state league into disrepute, if^the clubs do not discontinue it. Tho only-^way lo prevent it is to have the protection^of the national agreement.
WhenHutle lost a man, who iuni'.isl^lo SiMikane, the managers over there wore^much m favorof hav ing the league get^under the protection of tin*national agree^^ment. Now that Httite has a chance lo^get players engaged by oilier clubs in tlio^league, the management ure not so anx^^ious tor the protection. It is said that un^^der the national agreement several Hutle^players would be disipuililleil. It is even^said l!i u Hutle beebeed tulil|^ering with^^OMMSJdI the players under contract to^Helena.
OfctHirscno player could leave this^club without a rolease and goto Butie,^bill I he fuels thai the latter city Is holding^out extra inducements makes llieui dis-^sntistled vv ith their present places. The^effect is to pnslucf'caivlcss work. If any^of tMBee shown slMpsMttMM to he lax in^order lo gain their release, they will^promptly be laid off without salary nnd^cannot play with any other club.
Kx-ntaty Mtith thinks Helena w ill sc^^enic the last game pluyctl at Butte, under^the protest ctitcnsl. Helena bail two men^on basi s at a critical |Miint, and a gissl^butter at the plate. One of Ibe two bulls^rcipiii-od to lie oti hand became ri|^|Mil,
andtlther was knocked out of the lot
ona foul. Instead of sending up a new^ball, w hieli would have been in the hatter's^lavor. Unite scut up mi old one that b id^Is'i'ii usisl in practice. It very likely cost^Helena tin- game.
Thisi i aliout the most scnsclcg s rot im^^aginable. The Butte club has never tam^^pered in any way with a player belonging^lo ally other club, although it has had^plenty'of opportunities to do so. When^Secretary Mutb was in Hulic tw o w cc*-.*^ago attending the meeting of the execu^^tive committee, before Caplingcr bad^aigmsl w.th the champions. Manager^Me^ ormick went lo him and inquircrl^about the matter. Mr. Ninth told him^ih.it the Helena club hail no claim^oiit ii'ilingcratldtli.it they did not want^him. us they hud si-cured a better pitcher.^Thi* effectually settles thai charge. When^Ibe Hutte train was in I'hiiipsburg no less^thuli lour of the I'layiis of tuut team
wentto Manager MrConnkk end asked^for engagements, but they were plainly^told that Butto bad no desire to meddle or^take players uwuy from any other club^and that they had lienor stay where they^were. When the Helena team was here n^week ago, one of its best players asked^Mr. Cowan for a place on tbe Butte team,^but bis answer was the same aa Manager^Mcf orm.ck'a had heeu to the I'hiiipsburg^play ers. Helena's protest against ibe butt^game played hero is too foolish to bo eon-^sidetcd. If the Helena directors would^devote mo so of ihclr time to getting good^men and treating them right and leas to^finding fault xvi h other club* they would^get along better.
OnHis fly.^Jerry Harrington, Butte's new catcher,^is one |of the best men who ever strppjcl^behind a plate i n the National leaguc.nnil^w ill prove a mountain of strength lo the^el lampions. With he and Brennau behind
ihe bat. Ibe stolen base column of their^opponents w ill not tlgtiro very conspicu^^ously in the score.
Hutteis also negotiating w ith one of the^best mci nil basemen in the country. and^w ill probably have him here in time lo go^Up against Helena.
Liieiil.vvliowas formerly a compositor on^the Hutte tfsWer, is pitching for S|^oknite,^and is doing great work, having won five^out of the last six games he lias pitched.
Aeconlingto :iv erages compiled bv Sec^^retary Stevenson. Larry Glo.non leads tho^league in bulling so lar ibis m usoii. with
IIb.e c hits. Flanuery is also well up to^the front.
IfHon man does not w in the next four^games w iih Butte after all that is being^done with that end in view, the cranks in^the future capital t'.'l will all probably lie^down mid have a lit. No less that lour^stnr players who are under suspension in^the National league, have been engaged^by Bot^ mull to participate in the four^games against Butte, two of which will^lie pluyiil here on June '.Ii nnd 27, nnd tho^other two at Buzeman on July^^'t ami 4. It is authentically stated^that these four men ure to receive ^50^apiece for each of the games, in addition^to all their traveling expenses. After the^four games with Butte these men will, of^course. Is- ndeuaed and that is now under^^stood by them. If the Boieman people^expect to win by this means they will bo^terribly fooled, for the Butte boys can^I Is'at all the stars that any of the other^/teams can got together. ^Conic on Mac-^Jlull and damned bo Butte If she ever^Irries enough.
i.The Hutle cranks note with pleasure^^lie better play nig of the Missoula tram,^which won its lirst game yestenlay. The^leant has been greatly improved of late,^and it bus now been made stronger than^vrscr by the addilion of Ben Cargo at^siairt. who is a muling good little player.^Mnsoiiln lias started in a little late, but^sAe will gin-some of the leaders a lively^r*ee before tbe season closes.
''^he attendance which has marked nil of^t beg. imes played in Hutte so far is a matter^of great surprise to many who were p-^si-^tttu before Hie season opened that base^ball would not pay in Hutte, and has^greatly encouraged the management in^! strengthening the team and io^keeping it at the head of^, the procession where it properly^belong*. It is not .overestimating it to^suite that more people turn out to the^1 Hutle games than in nil the other cities in^the league. The Butte people aro thor^^oughly aroused over the national guino^and would be glad to see two or three^g-unes every wick, instead of two every^oilier week, if the other towns could stand^if. Ah the schedule cannot be increasisj,^if is probable that one or two exhibition^gbtnes will be arranged for every week.^Before the season is over S|hiUuiic and^some of the oilier Norlloves! Pacilie league^tenuis will probably Is- seen here, and the^i M^IW club may coiilldontly lie expected^| 19 K^vo them a hard tussle for the su-^| premai y.
Ago-si game of ball will lie seen at the^Athletic grounds this afternoon between^Hie Butte Cily nine and the strong Ana-^auuda team. The la;ter team wan recently^tMifcuttsil at Anaconda by the Huttes. but^ft 1ms lieen so strengthened since then^. ili it it will no doubt Is' able to give a good^account of itself. The game will lie called^af'3 o'olis'k sharp, to allow the visitors to^return on the ;^ o'clock train. J. It. Mc-^cWe. w ho caught for llio Butto Klectrics^last year, w ill catch Karly. who is now^w ith rise Anacondas. The following is tho^baiting order of the Hutle team with po-^srtmii. : Kv ansef., Kirby p., Sloan, lb.,^Ptatt hi., Burns |f.. Glcison, lb.. Nevins^.'Sl*vDvvnu L'b., Mulipiccn c, Jimmy Hall,^l ttutc.
fi'lieAnaconda wnltic*. A pet of new^vvxiltzes. Send lor it. Price by mail M^rents. The Sherman Music company,^Hutte. Mont.
.3'herowill be u special meeting of the^fijx' department Tuesday evening Juno^!\.at K o'clock. By prder of the president.
1'We are rolling a beautiful four-hole^range for t-'H. II. J. Blume, 7tt West Park.
IJ. Wcy Merrill, attorney nnd notary, 217^Korth Main stivet, Butte City, Mont,
Justreceived n large supply of fire^^works nt Alex. Cohen's.
Aboutthe quality of some^things thi'ic may not be much^necessity for bmMJ exceedingly^j articular. To some things you^can close your eves and not be^very serious'y damaged. With^other things, the fact is other^^wise; with nothing is it so empha^^tically otherwise as it is with the^medicines which you take, no^matter what the ailnun: may be^which vou seek to remedy.^Hither the drug is all right, or it^isn't, r.n 1 if it isn't right, it's all^wrong there is no middle^ground There arc some direc^^tions in which your own personal^care can 1 c of no possible service^to you; you must re.y u;-ou the^dfrllggist Vou can rely most^implicitly upon every prescription^winch we fill tot you. W'c make^this part of our business come^first always.
K.H. PAXSON. Manager,^i.-s w est Park St.. Opp. central eioUoJL
11111 K- llllMlV'
TtlephonjXa 271.
Whatto Weir For tbe Fourth or Joly.^A Yarlety Here, Rot Shown Elsewhere.
CanTon Afford to Hiss Onr Carpet^Sale^^Only Ten Days Longer.
Bultcwill celebrate the Fourth^of July in a fitting style. Kvcry-^body within a radius of two^1 undrcd miles will come here if^within the range of a possibility.^They know that when Butte^people undertake anything they^make a success of it, and it goes^without saying that thousands of^people will be here from suburban^towns to participate in our ccle-^1 ntion. 1 revious to this day,^there are some things which^should receive your immediate^attention. Vou certainly want a^new dress. What would be more^appropriate than a pretty new^challic, a satinc or a handsome^Scotch gingham. We have them^in great variety, in patterns and^co'orinos that are confined to us^exclusively. To complete your^costume buy a new parasol or an^umbrella. We have them in great^variety and prices never so low.^But ten days yet rcmaia in this^month anil the opportunity to^buy CARPETS and housefurnish-^ings will soon be at an end. Can^you afford to miss it^ A saving^of 12'/; to 35 cents a yard is an^item at least worth your atten^^tion. Read the prices.^WE OFFER 17 pieces Ingrain^carpets at a reduction of 12%^to ft cents a yard. Prices rang^^ing from iqc upwards.^WE OFFER^ 23 pieces extra^heavy, wool mixed and all wool^filling, ingrain carpet, at a re^^duction ot |J and 17c a yard.^WE OFFER 27 p eces extra^super, all wool carpets at a re^^duction of 22 and 27c a yard.^WE OFFER^33 pieces Tapes^^try carpets at a reduction of 16^and 27J/2ca yard. Price Irom^3-.c up
WEOFFER^11 pieces hand^^some Velvet carpet at a reduc^^tion of 29 and 33c a yard. Price^fiom 95c up.
WEOFFER iC pieces Body^Brussels carpet at a'reduction
of21 an I JM a yard.
WEOFFER 19 pieces of Mo-^qucttc and Wilton Velvet car^^pets at a reduction of 25 and^35c a yard.
WEOFFER^293 pairs of Dra^^peries, cmhrac ng all the lead^^ing novnttits in Nottingham,^Inch Point, Renaissance, Brus^^sels Point, Swiss, Silk*. Velours,^Chenilles, etc., all go at a re^^duction of 15 to 25 p;r cent.^Lace Curtains at 7; cents a pair.^Better ones at 95 cents, equal^to Si.;o curtains c'scwhcrc.
WEOFFER - 298 Smyrna Rugs,^all sizes, new and attractive de^^signs, iiomSi.ooto S3.75 each.^Rugs fiom 25 cents ea-'h and^upwards.
Theabove lines arc especially^set aside for this sale. Come this^month lor genuine bargains.
J^-xoIt8AIX Wl h ^eoil tltl\ a uronpof ir-veo^g r.d b' a.itm MMjej, wm ledge well ileveV.^0!^r.l, vx-llli 100 that:, with two l^vrls, one 120.in 1^Ih* other 130 teet; p.e.vv o' food-nadu:^ oro In^Sight, a'.si^ lirst cla s 10-stainp water mill, with^bvxmV.tns bMM an I MJ MtfsfcMMMMI on Krotird;
(ionlcrated MM) ^'.n.l plenty of t inlr-r for^ni nltis, iilso half mile or ^liter illicit ^.111 MMe*^e o.it nbM to run s nnn'iimpn.ri. For iu.tl er^HMMMMM address Win. V. Ilea'llnfii. lliilla.
*^*^*^*^^*^ ^
^ ^ * ^ e ^ e ^ * ^ ^
Onthe 27th of Jure. 1 892.
Wewill liave eomp etrit unr lirst jr -ar to Imsln -si^lu Hutle. We desire in Like au:.. c unit of stuck,^niileli |^ sn l ime that It will take al least a week^unless reilti'nC In order to reduce our st .'k^wpuI IIihvk a rlearlng-out sale, commeneln{^SiittiriUy. .Inn* II. taw, continued tin II .Ittne 27.^is'.e For t'.iis piirpu.se we liar* marked dow-u^every ait.iie In stn,-k.
flroeejatedMijar. per cwtIIH
(sittrar.^ |M
lx;l( Siiviar.^ II .HI
riilvertmlSugar, ^ ^5i
Minns.^^ II 41
llieakf.it Paeon, ** 11 re
No1 Hi a I ltiCl,^ ^ 75
NavvItesii',^ ^00
1.1.nillo ik,^ in
l.'oltOsU,^ S II
Californiacanned reaches, ex. stauri4 mi
^ 1'ears, ^' ^ 4 01
^ Aprlrots, ^ ^' a 75
^ Otares, ^ '^ 5 75
riurus, ^ ^ 17.1
(iallonPie I'rttlti, assorted4 25
linker's( urn. hem In the market, |ier ease .1 on
I-ally .tune Peas,2 7j
Kx.-sifted Karly Jun^ Pea*3 25
Toniaiiieii.per rase j MS
KxtrastrliiRles* Deailsj 75
IjiimdrySoap, ton bars In luxa 41
Whiteltusslan Soap, loo bars In box4 7n
I'aiiidtfsSiihp, loo ban In box4 25
10^. Kilter s .lams, each1 lift
inn. Kilter's .lellyAach1 00
ArliuckleI'nfloe, per ease 100 pounds 21 01
l.lon^^^^^ 21 on
.Muski^ka ^ ^^ 21 in)
Midland ^'^^ 21 no
Scli.'pp'sCiM'oaniit, per pound package 30^I'ermmiii rhocolu^, '^ ^... 40
IcaUoel.e.s svi iiii. per ken3 011
^ lieklei. inlxnd and |i.aln.... 175
llolstelnMilk, per can 10
5gallonrun Maple syrun4 M
10 ^'^^ ^ 8 50
I ^ l.o'jt'a'.dn 8)nip iff
1 ^ i iui ida S*p ^ Ul
t'uiianMeaMBj OMeri, t^er 0^xof so 2 on
llesii'reamery llittter. In tuba, per lb 20
The.-mention of buyers, wholesale and retail.^Is culled to tills sale, as It is a bona lid^ snln^for the purisnse of reducluff ourlnimens * stni-k^liefore InvnirlnK. We tu.il.e no limit on quan^^tity but will seQ from on^ pound to a carload.
BUTTECASH GROCERY CO.,^Corner Wyoming and I'ark ttts.^A. F. 111!AY, Manager.
TheOnly Sqnar* and Crowded House ut^tlie 1 lir. Two entraunes fioui Wyouuag^Hi 1 el for rrivsio l'aitles.
Vocaland Instrumental concert Kvery^Evenlnts. 8trsncert Ttsltlnn thli resort^are always treated courteously, ill*^Clipper Shade* has tbe largest transient^anil local trail* of any liouw In lu*^V estern Country,
Br-ac1 24 North M.-.m Street,
OverButts Hardwire Cowoany.
$15AND UP.
$3 AND UP.
Asa matter of course you do. If yea^want to live hleh and at a moderate^prico put up at the
WhenIn Wallace, I tahn. Nicely fur^^nished rooms. Excellent table, tet with^^II Hie market aftords In fact, a first^Class hotel. Hcn't overliok TlIK Idaho,^Meals. 3^. cents. Hoard, {3.50 pe' week.^i^|ieiial accomniodatlnus for roniiiiSrclal^men.KRAT2EX ^ 10NES, rroprieton,
ANDtlie riclit |^oiiit in huyini; ilrtic*,^anil !*^ sun) to GET SATISFACTION,^you 11111 si go to tlie right place. The ma^^jority of |veople in this city know whore^tli.it is. Tliey know wo hit tho point, yet^1I0 not offenil. We have w hat isvi antod^in our line, and our line includes tho
BestGail in the (Sir.
D.M. Newbro Drug Co.,
ImCmmHM'Imjiorted)^Manuel Garcia^American Girl '* -^Ui llosa (Key West I^Flora ile AndiuM I Key Westi^Murgueritc iDoiuestii')
j.ven-h^^^^ each^- fur l'.v
1for Joe
;for i.y
2for JZc
Wholesaleand Retail Uru ;^:i'.i.

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