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FnnnyIncidtnts Tbtl Occur Sometimes^in tkt Coirts.
TheJudge Owmd the Dog-He Had^a Right to Cum the Court^^A Lawyer's Repu^^tation.
Butte,June U.^The funny side of law^exist* ss well ss the staid and dignified^side, but it ran only be appreciated by^those ^ ho frequent the courts and yet are^at peace with tho world. The criminal^who sees the gallows or the penitentiary^staring him in the f see .does not see tho^funny side, and the man who lias several^thousand or a million dollars stuked upon^tho whim of a jury or the judgment of the^court seldom has his mind in such a frame^that be can appreciate tho humorous^things that crop out of the case or the^jokes perpetrated by lawyers, but the^funny |^nrt of it is there just the same und^ratio of the best stories in circulation are^those told by lawyers in connection with^law and judicial dignity. A group of law^^yers at the court house a few days ago en^^tertained each other and a reporter w ith^Home rare and choice ones.
Itwas not very long ago that John T.^Baldwin and Thompson Campbell ap^^peared as counsel on the same side of a^caso in one of tho courts. During the^course of the trial a point of law was^raised and argued. The court derided tho^question against Mr. Baldwin and hi* as^^sociate and they attempted to raise a dis^^cussion with the court on its rulings.which^was cut short with this remark from the^judge:
Theattorney* in this court ran exer^^cise two privileges if they do not like the^ridings. One is to take exceptions and the^other is to adjourn to some wayside grog-^grry and cuss the court.
Mr.Campltell took an exception.
Haveyou taken your exceptionasked^Mr. Baldwin of his associate.
Yes,sir.^ replied Mr. Campbell.
Thenif it please the court/' continued^Mr. Baldwin. ^I will exercise the other^prerogative,^ and he did and ^cussed^ the^court unmercifully. The judge met him a^few days later on the street.
Ihear, Mr. Baldwin,^ the judge said,^^that you arc 'cussing' me considerably^about town.
Ye*your honor,^ was the reply, ^and I^do it by special loave of the court.
**Wo*MI'll reverse that order now.
Noyou don't, for if you want to change^your special order you must do it in open^rourt,' and the colloquy ended and the^'cussing' continued.
Therecent experience of Mrs. Coin of^Dublin guleh with the county commis^^sioner* reminded another attorney that^the woman at one time wa* up before the^late Judge Irvin on the charge of assault^and battery and disturbing the peace.^The prosecution had a clear case and^showed beyond a doubt that Mr*. Cole^bud made an aggravated assault upon^another woman and beat her unmerci^^fully. The attorney* In the case summed^up the testimony and made their argu-^mentsat the close of which the judge^aroused himself from a half sleeping state^into which he bad been talked by the at^^torneys, and said:
Thiswoman is charged with assault^and battery and disturbing the peace, the^offense being alleged to have beeu com^^mitted in Dublin gulch. She is discharged,^because that is the normal condition of^the gulch and therefore she could not^have disturbed it* peace.
Hereare two good ones told of the ex^^perience of I. W. Lipplncott while hold^^ing the office of police judge. Jim Dwyer^w as city jailer at the same time, and Lip-^pineott had the usual dog or two follow^^ing him. While walking into the police^rourt one day Dwyer kicked one of the^dogs, which was lying in his way.
Nevermind that,^ said the judge to the^jailor. ^There are worse ^ of ^ In this^court house than that dog.
Thojailer made no reply and walked^out of the court room, but the next day,^after having thought the matter over for^24 hour*, he returned and, walking up to^the judge's stand, ho leaned over tho desk^and said:
Yousay there are worse ^ of ^ in this^Iiot 1 oo than your dog, eh^ Will you just^adjourn court for a few minute* and step
Theinvitation wa* declined and the^court proceeding* returned.
JudgeLippinoott had a way of dealing^with vagrancy case* by giving them 30^day* in jail or 34 hour* to get out of town,^and they generally accepted the latter.
Oneday he passed the usual 30-day sen^^tence on a vag, but before ho could^mention the other prerogative he was in^^terrupted by the vag with.
Iunderstand that you usually suspend^sentence to give a fellow timo to got out^of town, and 1,
Whotold you this court suspended^sentence*^^ said the judge with an ex^^hibition of offended dignity.
Iheard it over In Seattle.^ replied the^vag, and then Llppiiicott sent him up for^60 days.
Duringthe life tine of the late James^B. Spratt tho judge of the criminal court^once appointed him to' defend one of a^number of prisoners who were ranged bo-^fore the court. Mr. Spratt did not liko^the appearance of the toughs before him,^and besides it was evident that he had re^^cently lingered around the flowing bowl.^Be arose from his seat and after survey^^ing the prisoners for some time he turned^to the judge and said:
Willthe court please designate which^one eff these1 am to de^^fend V
JudgeMcHatton during the early part^of his term of office had occasion to send^an order to a well known justice of the^|^rarc to appear in court with the papers^in a certain case. The justice sent word^back that he did not have to conic and the^sheriff was sent after him with an attach^^ment. When he was brought before the^court he was fined f 10 and rosts.
I'llpay it,^ replied the justice, ^but it^is a hell of a way to do,^ and the court in^^creased the fine to $60.
Anattorney, who is better known than^prominent as a lawyer, some time ago^was plaintiff iu a suit in court, in which^Ins character for truth and veracity was^brought into question by the defense, ami^a number of his enemies were called to^the witness stand, and all laid |^articular^stress on the charge that the attorney's^cl.arocter for truth i^d rererlty was very^had. The last witness of that character^was particularly hitter, and the attorney^called t he court bailiff to one corner and^asked him:
Howmuch do you think the court^would tine mc if I should say tothewit-
ncss.'Don't you know, youthat
youhave been arrested eight times lor^IMTjury'.'
Thebailiff thought $100 would !^e about^the sno of the flue, which the attorney
consideredtoo steep and he concluded to^confine himself to a propercroae-oxainina-
Lawyer*generally are not accused of^being very familiar with the content* of^the Bih'e, but Thompson Canipl ell evi-^dcrt'y does not belong to the general run^in th it respect.
astho prophet Moses says.^ he ob^^served in a recent address to a jury- ^Yon^can lead a horse to water but you can't^make him drink.
Hequalified the credit of that quotation^by adding: ^That is I think the Bible says^so. although it may have been Shake^^speare.
Children's Day Will Il^ Appropriately^Observed To-Dsy.
Bl'ttf.,June 18. ^To-morrow is the day^generally observed as Children's Sunday^in tho churches of Montana. Most of the^churches will be decorated with flowers,^and the services will tie appropriate to the^occasion.
Atthe Congregational ehiir li Children's^day exercises will lx^ had in the morning^instead of the usual morning service, and^will begin at 11 ::*0. In tho cveuing there^will he preaching service* at K o'clock.
TheChildren's day service which was^postponed last Sabbath will lie observed^at the South Butte M. K. church. There^will bo a sermon to the children in the^morning, and at night tho programme,^^League of Honor,^ will Ih^ given by the^you ng people. The church has lx^en very^tastefully decorated, and the exercise* will^be very interesting and entertaining.
Children'sday exercises will on appro^^priately observed at the Baptist church.^Sunday evening, commencing at 8 o'clock.^A very interesting programme has beeu^arranged for the occasion. Sermon at^11 a. in. on ^The Woman's Movement.^^At H p. m. Children's day exercises will bo^held, for * Inch an interesting programme,^consisting of songs and recitation* by the^little folks, has been prepared. Sunday^school at 13:15.
TheRev. D. J. Bealn, D. I)., will occupy^the pulpit at the 1'resbyterian church both^morning und c\( n lie. At 8 o'clock tho^doctor will s|m ak ti|^ou the subject,^^Lessons from the Johnstown flood.^ He^w as pastor them of the largest Presby^^terian church at the time of the great dis^^aster, superintendent of thecight morgues^established in the city and vicinity, and^an active member of w hat the west would^call a vigilance committee. He will give a^thrilling account of the now famous ca^^lamity. All arc invited to hear him.
Tin-rewill Ih^ n Kcanoinai tan meeting in the^evening at the Herman Lutheran church.
tieruiauLutheran church-On West Silver^street near Dakota street, Aa'ltsrtllim. pastor,^liegular sen Ice at 10:30 a. in.; Sunday school at^l'.' m.
Christianchurch^Services at the usual hours,^morning and evenlDK. The praise service that^lias lieeu annuiinra 1 Will bo postponed oue^week.
Headingroom meetings-Sunday school at^3:311 p. m. Homeless children made welcome^ami cared fur. Evening at s i:,. Address by^Major H. Camp. Subject ^Liberty.
ServicesA. M. K. church will be held In Good^Templars hall on West llroadway. Preaching^at 11 o'clock In the ninrnlng soil at 8 o'clock in^the evening. Will hold the children ,tay ser^^vices that was iH^st|^oiied last Sunday evening.
MajorHenry camp will preach for Kev. J. K.^Squires Sunday at II a. in. Subject. ^The Cou-^f|Uest of the kingdom of Christ.^ Collection^taken fur church extension, ltev. Squires will
Breachat the evening service. Subject. ^The^tay of Execution under IHvtue Government.^^Suudav school and Bible study at 10 to 11:15a.^m. All cordially Invited to all these services.
To-Day'*Doings I'roiuise Sport for th*^Thousaatls.
Bl'ttf.,June 18.^A good many people^will take advantage of tho low rate to^^morrow^Sunday^to visit Anaconda. The^rate is only $1 for the round trip,and this^ii good on all trains for tho day. There^will be a grand picnic by the Anaconda^workiugmen'* union and a good many^Butte workingninn and others will go^down there for the occasion. Tho Stand^^ard drum corps will add life to tho occa^^sion and will be at the park all day.
Anacondapark is one of the loveliest^spots in Montana and this is one of the^best opportunities for seeing it. Trains^will leave fur Anaconda at 7:50 and 11 a.^m., and S p. m.
RealEstate Train urn.
Bl'TTF..Juno 18.^The following trans^^fers were recorded nt tho office of the^county clerk since our last report:^A. L. Stone to J. E. Morse, lot 3, block
s.Millie Inwnsite60,000 00
F.u. Shaw to J. W. Kemper, lot II,
block!^i. Kemper addition1 00
Georgellelliridire to Alice liellirldge,
lot9, block 7, f ausett's addition1 00
DecisionRendered in Farradiy's Slit^Against Irs. Romigb.
TheCourt Say* She Has a Local^Claim to the Valuable Bit^of Paper-Tho Oa^n-^ling Law.
Dissolutionof partnership of the North^^western Brick and Supply company, E.^I). Lcclarc, secretary and manager, has^this day resigned und gives notice that he^will not bo responsible for any bills ac^^cruing from thi* date. Mr. Lcrlare will^continue in the limn and brick manufac-^turinf business and will be pleased to re^^ceive the liberal patronage he had in the^past.
Chicagoand Return.
Forthe democratic convention to be^held at Chicago, June 21 to 21, the 'North^^ern Pacific will sell round trip tickets nt^one fare for tho round trip. Ticket* will^be on sale June 15, Hi, 17, 18 and ID. Pinal^limit July A. Tickets limited to continuous^passage ill each direction, and not good to^leave for return passage prior to Juno 24.^For full particular* cull on or address^W. M. Tuohy, general agent, 23 East^Broadway.
Oneblock and one bay horse. Black^branded ^D^ on right shoulder. Bay^pigeon toed. Iletiirn to J. O. Jones, Butfe,^and receive reward.
Leaveorders for W. A. Smith nt the^Sherman Music C'o.'s, 223 North Main^street.
Webelieve we ore right when we say^that we are liead^iuurters for stoves of all^kinds. If you are in need of a stove call,^get our prices and MM will see wo are^right. B. J. Illume, 78 West Park.
Around-trip fare of one dollar will he^made for the excursion from Butte to Ana- I^conda next Sunday. 1
Gasolinestoves, one to five burners, in^great variety. 11. J. Bltiine, 78 West Park.
Bcrrr.,June 18.--Mrs. Komigh ap^^peared in police court nt 2 o'clock this^afternoon, accomimnied by her little hus^^band. Mr*, ltomigh is a full-sued, buxom^woman in the prime of womanhood, with^a fair face and a pair of eyes so impassive^that they seemed to have been made for^playing poker. Adam Furraday sat back^among the spectators und looked a*^though ho wished that game of imker^which started Inst Sunday night was^Anally over. Mrs. ltomigh took her seat^with Attorney llaldorn on one side and^the dapper husband on tho other. Judge^McMurphey assumed his judicial seat and^whil^ tho audience *at breathlessly, an^^nounced his decision.
Ihave considered the evidence care^^fully,^ said the judge, ^and I find that no^larceny has lieen committed. The pris^^oner i* discharged und the sheriff is in^^structed to turn over to her all tho prop^^erty that was in her possession at the^time of her arrest.
Thisorder restores the check of 11.8(10^to Mr*. Romigh. Payment on it ha* been^stopped, but there is still likely to be a^suit over it. An attempt will be made to^collect it, and suit will be brought. The^claim of the woman is that if Farraday^had won the ^t^40 cash which she put up^against the check, he would not have re^^turned the money, and she thinks that she^should have equal rights at poker even if^she is n womun.
Thequestion now is whether a gambling^debt can be collected in Montana, and tho^courts will probably he called on to de^^termine this point. As n rule gambling^debts cannot be collected, but in this city^gambling is licensed and it is claimed that^this license place* it on an equality with^any mercantile business. A mercantile^debt can bo collected and it is, therefor*,^claimed that n gambling doht can he col-^lceled through process of law.
Thestory of the night's poker game^shows a peculiar system of playing.^Two packs of cards were used. Mrs.^ltomigh at first won steadily, anil Addm^went out to get another puck. With tais^pack ho won steadily. Mrs. Bnmigh ^n-^sisted on returning to her own pack, and^the matter was compromised by using^each pack alternately. Mr*. Komigh Ini^variably won with her pack, and Adainin-I^variably won with hi*. Tho way ^he .gotl^the best of it w as In betting heavily when i^her pock was in use and lightly when^Adam'* cards sere in play.^ i
Theauthorities have not yet done any^^thing in regard to this poker game, but it^is possible that both parties may he ar^^rested for gambling without a license and^also for gambling on Sunday.
Men'sand Boys' Clothing,
DressGoods, Ladies' Wraps,
WesternEnterprise. u^Nowhere in the I'nited States are there^so many young and energetic business^men ss in Butte, and none of them de^^serves more notice for their business en^^terprise and push than Jus. I). Leys, oar^young and hustling jeweler, who lias been^gradually building; up a fine business for^the past three years, and stand* lo-dny ij)^the front rank amongst tho jeweler* of^Butte.
Thelatest hit he has made is hi* beau^^tiful Miner*' I'nion emblem pins (anil^charms. They are his own design, ami^being the only Miners' union emblem on^the market, are in great demand.
Mr.Leys deserves credit for his idea,^which is a good one and welcomed among^the miners, who can now recogniio each^other by tho pick, shovel and candlestick^so neatly interwoven in the design.
WillHave a Good Time.^Bl'ttf., June 18.^The P. O. S. of Xr^picnic, in celebration of the anniversary^of tlie battle of Bunker Hill, postponed^from Friday on account of rain, will take^place to-morrow, Sunday. MeMahon's^circus is announced to be present on that^occasion and tho lioy* declare they will^have a good time yet if the rain will let Up^a little, a* seems likely.
ThereWill lie Me Shut-Dowu.^BlTTK, June 18.^No timber can he re^^ceived from Missoula for the Anaconda^company liefore Monday and perhaps not^then. Agents hi liutte have succeeded m^obtaining sufficient timber in town to keep^the mines mailing until Monday or Tues^^day, and it is now altogether likely that^there w ill be no shut-down.
MondayKxcurslna Rates.^Beginning Sunday, May 29, ltrr.'.and un^^til further notice, the Montana I'nion rail^^way will sell Ion Sunday onlyi round trip^tickets between all stations at oue fare for^round trip, good only on date of sale.
Creditorsof the Kstes A Council Mer^^cantile Co., are hereby notified to settle^their accounts at the office in the old loca^^tion. Carroll account* may be settled^there also.
MontansI'alea Railway Co.
Commutationtickets, limited to .10 days^from date of sale, good for 52 trip* between^Butte and Anaconda, $28.
S. B. Caldrrhkad.
.A round-trip fare of ono dollar will he^made for the excursion from Butte to Ana^^conda next Sunday.
Fora bottle of fine liquor or o box of^good cigar* go to tho ^Cabinet,'' South^Butte.
Dr.C. V. Korrros* has moved hi* office^to tho new Uwsley block.
Jewelryat cost. HU days. Leys, the Jew^^eler, Owsley block.
Miners'union pins. Leys, the Jeweler,^Ow sley block, only.
Watchesnt cost. IK) days. Lej s, the Jew^^eler, Owsley block.
Ifyou want your demijohn fillod goto ' For gasoline telephone No. 317, liutte Oil^McC'ormick ^ Hughes'.^ company.
Usedin Millions of Homes^40 Years the Stand arA
,Is going on with unabated vigor. $65,000 worth of goods have been re^^duced lower than ever. T hey must be sold at once !
WREMEMBERThese Bargains are not confined to any one department,
gi^^r^^^^^ but abound in all. Do your shopping early ! Early in the
day,early itTthe week. Come earl. There are enough for all coiners, but if you
wouldhave the first pick.
SummerDress Goods, Etc.
RedScotch Gingham*, 30cents; were .15 cents a yard.
FrenchZephyrs, now 15 cents; were 25 cents a yard.
IndiaMulls and Nainsook*, now H|f rents; were 25 cent* a yJ.
Crepons,in delicate tint* for 1:1.75 a pattern; were 17.50 each.
Chantillyand Spanish Flouncing*: for $1.25 a yard.
Acase of 4 to 13-inrh Irish Point Lices, just open,si, go at cost.
100Silk Lace Scarfs, all colors, rut from 50 to 15 cents each.
200piece* Ribbon, 10 cent* a yard; regular price, 35 cent*.
Mens Clothing.
GoodSuit* at S^.0O; were 110.00 and $13.50 each.^Better quality Suit* at about half price.
Newline Summer Trouser*, $5.00 a pair; worth $7.50 to W.50.^Spring Overcoat* greatly reduced.
250PatternSuit* at price* ranging from $3.50 to $17.50 each are^' reduced to $1.75 to $10.50 each.
0Wool Cheviot Pattern Suit* for $3.75 each. t^0 Camel'* Bair Pattern Suit* for $11.75 each,^leces Colored Velveteen* reduced from 75 to 40 cent* a yard,^tlish Ca*hmere*. all color*, reduced to 30 cent* a yard,^patterns India Silk Novelties are cut away down in price,^urahs, Satins. Moire* and China Silk* marked to 86cent*,^^mnants of all kind* at nominal figure*.
i Items for Ladies.
Sampleline of New Wrap* and Jacket*, in tans and (ray*, at 66
rent*on the dollar.^Kleetrie Gossamer*, all *i*ea, 75 cent* each.^Several Jersey* are marked at half price and lee*.^Gause Vest* for I3X cents each.^Good Merino Vests, 35 cents each.^Black all-silk Mitt* for 30 cent*.^$1.50 Kid Glove* go for $I.W.^$1.76 Kid Glove* go for $1.36.
Carpetsand Curtains.
IngrainCarpet* at 26. .1^, 40 and 50 cents a yard.^Remnant* Body Brussels and Tapestries at o5 cent* a yard.^Several Pari* Lace Curtain* cut to half price.^Window Shades, odd lots. 116 cents each.
FineDado Window Shades reduced from 75 to 50 rent* each.^700 Feather Pillow*, 50 cent* to $2.00: worth half as much more.
Hats,Socks and Ties.
Christyand Stetson'* Hat* reduced from $5.00 to $3.50 each.^Cotton Sucks. 75 cents a dosen |iairs.
4*10Seamless Cotton Socks. II for $1.00; worth 35 cents a pair.^350 Windsor und Four-in-hsnd Ties at 35 cents, were 50 und 75^cents.
100Teck^, 3 for $1.00; worth 75 cent* each.
Thesefigures give some idea of a few of the many bargains to be had here, but^as seeing is believing, you must examine this stock to properly appreciate its worth
C00Light Flannel Ovorshlrt* at 50 cents; were $1.00 each.^240 Whit* Dress Shirts. 60 cents each ; worth double.^1'jnti I'ulaundried Shirts at $6.00a dozen: worth double.^! 130 Black Silk Shirt* at $3.00 each; worth fo.00 each.^All Summer Flannel and Silk Shirts 33 S off regular price,
IQOdotenCashmere Pnderwear. T.'i cents a suit; worth $2.00.^[atdoaea Finest French MMlJU, f J.35. worth (4.50 a suit.^M iloren Fine French Bulhriggau. 11.75; worth $3.Sv^ a suit.^30 doseu Summer Merino Underwear. $1.0*; worth $2.0J a suit.

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