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bycarrier or mall at tea dollars a^feet, three dollan a quarter or^one dollar a month.
bthe only dally newspaper with telegraph dis.^In Deer LodK^ county. It prints^I telegraphic news than any other^newspaper la Montana.
Corretpondenoeand business lettera should be^addressed to
efHala and Third streets. Anaconda,^Montana.
Inhis management of tlie Cleveland^forces at Chicago, William ('. Whitney^has demonstrated conspicuous ability^as a leader of men. 11c seems to turn^soss talents in that line for which no^^body has (riven hiin credit. Whitney^is a mighty ahle )^^^111u-inn. a well-^rounded man every way. His peremp^^tory refusal to permit his own liamelo^p ^ before the convention had no un^^certain ring to it. and the delegates^knowing Mi decision of character re^^spect his wish. Whitney is frank,^honest and courageous as well as^shrewd, his popularity is undeniable,^and his star is in the ascendancy.
Ina preeminent degree I he New Vork^Sn11 0'is the faculty of calling the turn^wrong every tline. Its bitter abuse of^Cleveland has undeniably helped him,^and its fulsome praise of II ill has done^as much as any other thing to ills^credit that political scalawag with the^democratic masses. The Sim had a^perfect right Hi prefer Mr. Hill or any^other democrat for the presidential^nomination, and it was entitled to a^fair hearing so long as it expressed re^^spect for the preferences of others.^Jiut it violated all the rules of courtesy^and decency of tleluite, its hostility as^sinned forms that fair minded men of {^whatever shade of opinion could not^countenance. In their way the Nun's |^attacks upon Cleveland have Ik-cii^brilliant, but it was a kind of bril^^liancy that repells rather than attracts.^With all his force o( intellect and ex^^cellence of diction. Mr. liana has been^unable to weaken the ex president's^Strong hold upon the |M'ople of the^country even in a slight degree.
Therule making a two-thirds vote^of all the delegates to a democratic^national convention necessary to the^nomination of candidates for presi^^dent and vice president was adopted at^the first democrat 14' national conven^^tion ever held, that of MM in the city^of liultimore. A resolution to that^etfect was adopted, but of course il^was binding only upon that conven^^tion. It has no force so far as succeed^^ing conventions are concerned, except^in so far as it is recognized as a prece^^dent. Subsequent conventions have^always adopted the rule, alt hough each^of them has been free to change the^custom ami make a map'rity vote suf^^fice. The rule has generally given sat^^isfaction, it is in many respects a^fairer test than the republican rule^permitting a majority to nominate.^The only candidate who l as gone iulo^the convention with a majority and^failed to obtain the necessary two-^thirds was Van Ituren. The Chicago^convention adopted the rule yesterday,^us was expected.
MAMBIMON'MCANADIAN tfMMOC^111 Ins me: s:;e.e to congress on the^Canadian n ci| n city bsjMMMM Monday.^l'icMdcut Harrison is at pains to have^it known thai a iiii-iiudersl.iiidiii^^urose between Mr. Itlaine oil the one^side and the representatives of the do^^minion on the other relative to the^abandonment by the Canadians of cer^^tain discrimination* against this coun^^try in the matter id' shipping rates.^While there is nothing in the prcsi^dent's remarks thai can he construed^into a retlection upon Mr. lil.uiie. the^ullusiun to this misunderstanding lends^weight to the report that Maine's res^^ignation was nuineiiiatelv tine to a dis^^agreement l et ween himself and the^president concerning the conduct of^the negociations with the Canadians.^This story llrst saw light in a lllaine^organ, and it has sinee been industri^^ously copied by nearly all the other^Jllaine organs in the land The admir^ers of the Maine statesman refuse to^permit even the exigencies of a presi^^dential elect tod to enforce silence upon^thetn w hen such silence would he all^acknowledgment that the president's^course was one of honor and dignity,^wl : . I'.laine's course was one of de-^dceeit and treachery.
Thestory runs that at the conference^with the Canadian representatives on^^lime 4 there was present John 1*. Fos^^ter, who had been attending to much^state department business during Mr.^Illume a illness. In the midst of some^remarks by Mr. Iflame, Mr. Foster is^said to have interrupted him with the^suggestion that the views he had^just expressed would hardly have^the president's approval. Mr. lllaine^proceeded with his remarks, and^reiterated what had already been^stated, adding with emphasis, that^the state department was uble to^tukc care of ull the business^belonging to it without advice or^interference from anyone occupying a^subordinate position. Mr. Foster in^^sisted that he had a right to interrupt^Mr. lllaine because he knew he was^not presenting the views of the presi^dent. These views Mr. Foster then^proceeded to state, as lie said, by diree^tion ol the president and in his name.
Mr.Blaine declared the conference ad^^journed and immediately sat down and^wrote out his resignation.
Thismay or may not be the whole^truth of the matter, but It is entirely^probable that lllaine and Harrison did^not agree upon the treatment of the^Canadian matter, just as they did not^agree upon the treatment of the Chi^^lian controversy, and just as they have^not agreed upon many minor questions^of state. One thing is certain, the^friends of the ex-secretary will not^permit Mr. Harrison to add to his own^reputation at the expense of Mr. lllaine.^The truth will all conic out before long.
Thisis an unusually poor year for^favorite sons. The drums, banners,^portraits, the marching of local clubs^through the streets of the convention^cities, the yelling and shouting of hun^^dreds of enthusiasts, nil the usual de^^vices and rackets for developing booms,^amount to nothing. The democratic^party can boast of many men who^would make good presidents, hut the^masses of the parly had already made^up thru- minds as to the man they^wanted for their standard bearer and^nothing could change them. It is evi^^dent from the drift of things at Chi^^cago that the democracy believes that^far more powerfully than any other^mend er of it (irover Cleveland w ill ap^^peal to the support and confidence of^the whole people, without reference to^sectional or individual interests. It^was the consciousness of this attitude^of the democratic party that impelled^such excellent and admirable men as^(ionium and (iray to refuse to permit^the use of their names as possible can^^didates btfJtsM the convention.
IHSSfH.ITIOS Of r.tlll.l.iUKXT.
Mr.Ilalfoiir has been kind enough to^announce that the dissolut ion of par^^liament will take place next Tuesday,^lie has deferred the event about as^long us possible, be could defer it no^longer without incurring the disgust^of his own partisans. Then-will be^lively times in the liritish Isles from^now on until the elections are over.^Both sides are ready for the battle,^preparations have been going ou for^many months and little remains now^to be done except to get the voters to^the polls. The issues are sharply de^^fined, they have undergone little^cliiiiige, indeed, since the election of^IKWL. Home rule for Ireland is the^overshadowing qu est ion.
Theproposition to call Fdward^Mate, ex leader of the liberal parly in^Canada, to Ireland and give him a seat^in parliament from an Irish con^^stituency as (Hailstone's col^^league and I'arnell's successor seems^to have met with much favor^and will, it is thought, unify tne Irish^factions and greatly simplify the work^necessary to the success of the home-^rule cause. In the event of such suc^^cess, lllake would be a member of^(iladstoue's cabinet mid bis ripe exper^^ience as a political manager and organ^^izer would prove invaluable. It is evi^^dent that Salisbury is going to make a^desperate and determined light and^(iladstone will need all the aid he can^pessibly get to make sure of victory.^In all probability this will lie ^ilad^^stoue's last great battle and fittingly to^crown los great career it is necessary^for him to win.
Thecampaign will be short ami^sharp. They do a few things^over in Kngland in a hurry^and the voting, it is said, will^probably begin as early as duly 2,^and may be completed throughout the^t inted Kingdom within a fortnight^lalcr. Thai the cause of home rule^may triumph is the earnest wish of^Americans and of all peoples who be^^lieve in the democratic form of gov^^ernment.
Amongother disasters and fatalities^which are making the year IV.! a^memorable one, the announcement is^mai'e that suicides have increased^twenty-live per cent. What this in^^crease signifies, if it signitlcs anything,^is n mystery. The country is enjoying^a fair degree of prosperity, the land is^not scourged by famine or disease, the^reasons which lead people to make^away with themselves appear to pre^^dominate in no unusual degree. For^those who care to look at it in that^I way, the present activity manifested^by the destructive forces of nature is^mighty iiuccr. At many |Hiints in the^world, floods ami furious winds are^daily working havoc, and lires. explo^^sions, collisions of trains, accidents of^all kinds are increasing the death roll^to a fright fid total.
IWIMB BOTTOM OMOM OCT,^llisgusted anil disheartened enough^arc the settlers who only a very few^months ago made such a mad and des^^perate rush into the new Oklahoma^tract throw n open for settlement in^the Indian Territory. It will lie re^^membered that m the government'*^treaty w ith the Cheyenne and Arapa-^hoes. w hose reservations were to he cut^up. it was agieed. in accordance with^the new policy of the government,^that the tribes in occupation should se^^lect for themselves the number of^acies set apart lor them Indore the re^^mainder of the lands were opened to^w bite sett lenient. It was natural that^the Indians in possession, with their^knowledge of the country.should stake^out for themselves the most fertile^tracts, amounting m the aggregate to^one-third of the area of the reserva-^t loll, leav mg to the w lutes their choice^of the other parts of the new territory.^The greater portion of the latter is^said to lie of inferior soil and some of it^sterile. More than that, the Indians^secured possession of about all the^springs of good water, leaving the^settlers water tainted with gypsum^and alkali.
Inparticularly has the boom been^knocked out of the s:x towns that the^government caused to be laid out as
thecounty seats of the new counties.
Inconsequence of the rush to them,^the population of the towns within a^few days after the opening was as fol^^lows: Taloga, 2,600; loiand, 2.000;^Cheyenno, 8,000; Mrssniore, 3,500;^Watangn, 3,5(10, and Arapahoe, 2,000.^The disgust of those who were so eager^to established themselves in these^towns must have been intense, for they^have been almost adandoned since.^According to a census, said to hare^l^een taken by a I'nited States officer a^few days ago, the number of people In^the six towns hasdimiuished so rapidly^that the population of Taloga is but^eighteen Inland is altoget her deserted,^and Cheyenne, Hossmore, Watauga and^Arapahoe combined have only about^1,500 inhabitants. The moral of it all^is easily discernible.
wiu;\(.i.aiistom: m-kaki
AScene In the House of Commons When^tin- Grand) Old Sinn ^lcts l'p.
T.P. O'Connor In the l/indon Sim.
Thereis no moment more thrilling, in-^1nxiraling, to n ^penkei there is nothing^w liia li is n e\^|iiii.itely flattering ns tiie^silence which tells of the profound atten^^tion he is tilde to excite. Urfoic the mo^^ment for Mr. (iladstone to rise eiitnr, the^house of eotntnoiifi was in one of those^iihmvIs which show complete disintegra^^tion ii relapse into the anarchy of indi^^vidualism from the cohesion of a civilized^assembly. K\i lylmly was talking, and^not in low tours; rvm all the pretence of^alien! bin lo the speech of T. W. KiiskcII^w as abandoned, and men openly rarriod^on their conversation about whatever in-^u rested tlieni, w ith faces averted from^the s|^eakcr. with hands in liroiidios J Kick-^el s, wilb all 11 ic detachment of men who^wore taking Ihoir case and had censed tn^Is* even conscious that they w ere in a great^ilcbbi rative assembly, iii the midst of a^supreme debate.
Andthen (dadstonc got up. At first^tin re was a fieri e and tinging cheer. In-^i-pirod not only by the ordinary desire to^greet ihe great chieftain as he entered the^lists Ihe cheer had something for beyond^this. There was something about the old^man that immediate ly conveyed the sense^of the coming triumph. The listlessneaii,^the weariness, the deep lines of thought^and heavy care and responsibility which^sometimes strike the spec-;..tor almost^painfully as Mr. (iladstone sits on the^front opposition liench -all this had disap^^peared.
Mr.(iladstone is nearly always great;^but lie has different degrees of greatness.^He is no more free than other people from^those rises and falls of tcni|^erature - from^fatigue, weariness, malaise and all other^physical changes w hich mark the orator^at his heat or only his second best. If you^have watched him closely for years you^can toll in just a second or two after he^has risen whi ther Mr. (iladstone is in his^best form or not. There are certain ges^^tures with his arms- large, easy and^free which speak; then1 is a sound in bis^voice, deep and sonorous, ami the first^sentences, characteristically long, aro^rounded eft with a fluency without a^pause all these thiugstcll the trained ear^and eye ihat the old man has that spirit^of self-conflilence which comes from tho^sense of that mastery of all his rcsourrra^which ensures a great s|^eeeli.
Atlast the cheer has died out. and then^there comes over that house just a mo^^ment before buzzing, distrait. Isireil a si^^lence deep as the silence of the night a^silence that almost awes you, and that^show s the house of commons in ita great^^est nnd most impressive moment. 1 ho^light streams down through the heavily-^curtained w indow s, ami Mr. Gladstone's^figure stands out with singular vividnees
thepallar looking ulmost ghastly under^the distorting light. It is strange to hear^immediately that line deep voice proceed^from a figure that looks almost^spectral, and that a few moments ago was^stretched in weariness on Ihe lieiii-hes.^And the vigor of t he o|^eniiig increases as^the twiments pass, until the house wakes^to ihe fnet that it is listening to as great a^speech as waa ever delivered by even tho^greatest parliamentary orator of his time.^The matter is as splendid as the words.^There is a line broad sweep in the com^^prehension and presentation of the bill^which lifts it from the discussion of petty^and distracting detail, and presents tho^measure as an intelligible whole-not a^thing of shreds and patches, of clauses^and sulwlaiiscs. For the first time since^Ihe speech of Mr. Sexton the house has^the op|Miriiiuity of estimating tho bill as ^^great piece of policy.
Ihold it true, nhate'er befalls,
'Tinonly sli.pld to be ajasji^l-'or wcaaii can now win minuets
Amilack sith Men on Norman Moist.
AmiI^' with hich distinction blent
|t running for vice president.
OnHits the poets arc nil agreed
Whoknow the name of Whitclnw Held.
sjtosajftfajsiBests,^No doubt the effort to Is ai Harrison at Mliine-^;i| oils has greatly ilamarcil the republican^party, anil will entail considerable loss in the^coining i'ittnputgii, nml the few opponents of Mr.^Clrtcland will not rush hn*tl!y Into the same^I hauler. In nil probabillli, he wIII lie nomi^^nated on the lust ballot, as Harrison was, hut it^will be without Ihe hitter tic lit which marked^Harrison's (i liuiipli. ^mnftii H'urid ffrretsj,^if.-in.
Virginiama^ he1 lie mother of presidents and^kciitucki ol s|icakcrs of the house, hut New^York Is dceldcdb and cmidiatl. ally the mother
of\. I'lCldelils Light New 'Yorkers Aalell
Itiu r. 10 urge Clinton. Panicl |i. Tompkins,^Martin V an Huron. Mlllanl Kttavere, W illi.an^A. Wheeler, Chester A. Vrllnu and Levi P. Mer^^lon are on Ihe roll alrc.nb. Whltclaw It. Id^Will make the ninth. St. IawU li! ln-flilR.s^rr.if.
Ifthe I'lesid.-nt should dcil.'e presently to in-^vltc Abraham Lincoln's sou Into hl^ cabinet a*^scct-ctai) ols..ilc. It will piobahly occur to him,^andte sevens! millions el his fellow citizens,^that I haiinec) M. Iicp'w has the iiiaklii .'s of a^very able and popular Aiuciiciiu lulu st.-r a*^London. Whether the Tandcrhilts mud he^willing lo loan the doctor, and whether he him^^self would eate toipili raili^^iiilui^: fordIplomaey,^ale other BJsntSftSStSS* //inm.nl I 'otmiuf, ivp.
There Is I . t one of the delegates to the t ill-
cageeoavesjUosj trsei thisstsfi wtsscasi deny,
oluhn h. s\, t dented. H at ti c pecp'.c mil uie
srerttcslpolstbetasM era o^ffartbstssjasatl/ fur^Mr. l b M iami. And why is this theensatf It It^net Ihe Idolizing of the saj n, hut the cvaltatl iti^of the ptini-!ple^ of which be Is the chb I i \; .1^netil ami the frankness he has exhibited |^ de-^e'.arhu himself for prim tpt* alsne rspo.lti acy.^Tfc^Strength of Mr. Ilarti- ti lies In the net^that lie me'le ^f his party know where he^stands ami know (There lie is likely to stand In^e\ei\ emeigei.c) sluit ni o arise. The tame it
trueof fdr. ft rasaed aa dssnaeiaHa Hess, The^t;^iirr prineipiet of whi. li he is ttt ^. \|'. at at are
rivogii!/oi|as being tar ttst to ill est good ef^the greatest numter end srsabowsat) personal^rtaksM at considerations, li is no man irorshia^that cai lies Mi. I Icvchiml lo the front, but Ihe^rush of lieinocratlc sainttpsts.ssjaleet chiri]^ma h ^.' methods ami n . ^ hi poia,, ians w ill^make but a feeble si.aid. fiolllatun Mas. il. as.
MiasMargaret Townaend, the daughter^of John U. Townaend, the lawyer, lies re^^arranged and adapted an old enmic opera^composed by a Spaniard and aaid lo have^boon a success ju years ago. The scene^of the opera is laid in Austria and deals^entirely with Austrian affairs. It will^probably be produced in tho fall.
Dr.Hanallck writes that ^the moat ex^^traordinary enthusiasm ami delight have^been created In Vienna by John Strauss'^new waits 'Scld uinsehlungen Millionen.'^The composition is dedicated to Brahms,^the admirer of tho 'llhio Uutiuhc' wallxes.^It appeared simultaneously ill vcrsioiia^for piano two hands, piano four hands,^piano and violin, small orchestra, grand^orchestra and military' band.
Acompany of fully fifty pcereasea,^headed by Princess Louise, arc ex|iected^to come over and are antiei|siiiug great^pleasure not only in the fair, hut in Ameri^^ca. Tho rarity of Knglishwomeii's visits^10 this country has long been accepted.^Perhaps, says the New York runes, tho^pilgrimages of the aristocratic llfty will^set 1 he fashion among their sisters to in^^clude America in their future tours.^Princese Louise hits a motive for her trip^in the bust of her royal mother, w hich she^is now executing for the Columbian expo^^sition.
Thereport that Hishop Potter was to re^^ceive the honorary degree of doctor of di^^vinity from Oxford university 011 its coin^^ing commemoration day was inaccurate.^That honor was conferred upon him on^May^i. It was by a s|ieciul eourlesy lo^htm that the ceremony was not |K^stpoiied^until commemoration day. This is a dis^^tinction which has ls/cn conferred upon^but few other American bishops of the^Anglican church. In 177T Hishop Sen-^bury, first bishop of Connecticut and of^the American church, was thus honored,^w hile in P*I7 Bishop Whitehouso, second^bishop of Illinois, received a similar mark^of favor from the English university.^Bishop Ilotiin- has honorary degrees from^both Oxford and Cambridge.
HerbertS|iciieer. who lives iplictly in^Regent's park among his iMsiks and with^the society of a few' old friends, is dc-^scrilied by the Paris Kfjinlrr as ^a singu^^larly modest man, w ith gentle voice nnd^ahiiiau feminine grace. He dines away^from home often, haunts the Athenaeum^club, and occasionally visits u place of^amusement. Comic opera is his delight.^He finds in it an nfTsct to his lucubrations^upon the data of ethics, fancy n man^about five feet nine inches tall, wearing^gray trousers, a black frock coat, a low cut^white waistcoat, highly polished shoes^with cream-colored overgnitcrs, an old-^fashioned stand-up collar and a black cra^^vat^eyes gray and soft, mouth firm,^dices pinky w bite, bushy iron gray whis^^kers encircling tho neck^and there you^have Herbert Sncnccr, the Knglish phil^^osopher. No matter how flue a day, he^carries an umbrella.
M.iNils AND AlilMIVVsi.
Theni.111 w ho knows It nil^And keeps It we adore.^Hut lie who knows It all^And tells it Is a bore,
J^^cl.^iorf J'Atrnal.^Jess^I think it is nice tn he married on^one's birthday, don't you^ Hess- 1 don't^know 1 1 have know n it to bring bad luck ;^look at Eve.- Hranklim f-i/c
Priscillalat the pianoi I just simply^doteon Bach! Her cousin iwith a far^^away look 1 So do 1; but it's too late for^that. Pilncr's gissl, though, l'u/e Henml.
Farmer'swife at J a. ni.^Hufe! YY'ake^up! It's ruining pitchforks! Disgusted^farmer Let 'em rain, h'gosh! I've got no^use fur ^cm. Nothing to pitch.^Chicago
Apuzzling question^frauds (four^years old Mamma. Mamma -What is^it, dear'.' ^You never saw me before I wns^horn did you'.'^ ^No, love.^ ^Then how did^you know it was mo^^^Brooklyn Lift.^I bought my lore^A dainty glove,
Apair of thetn, indeed;^When them she spied,^And on had tried.^Micirled: ^(Hi, ain't they suede!
CMsejss -Wuii.^Snecies are like misfortunes they sel^^dom come singly. /Anton Tranicript.
Menwho light over tlier politics are not^qualified 10 vote. Galrmtou Xtin.
Theczar of Russia is no dancer, al^^though he occasionally giK's through tho^Htissian steppes. Hochetler /\i.sf-A'.rpiv*s.
LllaDo you believe in signs, Algy,^dear'.' Algy To tell the truth, darling, I^alway s was a htlle superstitious. Ella^^Well, there is a sign over there that says^lee cream.^Marninl Lampoon.
Superintendentof Sunday School (who^has talked for half an hour, in a last ap-^pcali Children, what more ran 1 say'/^YVenriod Tot tin the front row, eagerly! ^^Pleathe, thir. thry nmen and thit down.^^Vvrk.
Iwant to nsk one more question,^^said little frank as he was being put to^lied. ^YY'ell,^ acquiesced tho tired^mamma. ^When holes como in stockings^what becomes of the pieces of stocking^that was then' before the hole catue^'*^^Jvtlgt.
|)R.e. J. LEONARD.
Aspsrtalty. Asm of nosa. threat see kaaan^and nervous syitssn.
ernesstocasi t-.as 4. at, to t e. m.
So.BIS N. Main Bt_ near YVoounan. Dutte. Mont
AS111.11 Pl.AVi n-Ol'T SONfl.
It'sthecnilnii.es! thing In creation,
WhereverI hear that o.d song.^^Iiu I he\ Mis. Me at iloin ^^^ I in so bothered.
Mylife seems as short as it's long!^Tor ev rvlhlag 'iicars like ml/aekly
It'peiirrd In the years |iast nml gone,^When I started mil spark.11' at twenty.
An'had my ttrst ueckercher on.
'Ihough I'm w rinkled, older and grayer
lllgnt^^w than no |iap'iits was then.^You strike ii|* ihls soni:, ^pu They Miss Me,
AndI'm lest a youngster again!^I'm a stand 11 hack Iheie 1111 he lurries
A-wIshln' tor evening lo come.^And u eMsiwrta' over and 1 v *r
Themwords. -Ho They Ml^^ Me ::t Home'.'''
Yousee. Martha Kllen she sung It
Thefirst lime I heard 11. and so.^As she was m\ vers llrst ^we'theart,
Ilreminds me of her. don't y ou know-^How- her face used lo hs^k in the twilight.
AsI tuck her to ipelUa'; ami she^Keii a-liiiititnlu' that song Id I a-l her
l'inlhisnk.ef she eyi mi l^s.\| me.
Ican shut mv eves now. as sen sing It,
Andneat fiet Ian aaswerta' words;^And then tin- glad chirp of tlrickets.
Asclear Bfl tin' tw liter nf hirds;
Andthe dust in ttic in ni is use merest.^And the r.i-Me.'d aid fennel and grass
Isns swiid ss th* ^cent ol ihe lilies^nf Msa of old. rs M p.i^s.
|o They Miss Me st Homo^ Sing It lower -
Andsofter ana serfs t as the breras^That powitered our path site the snowy
Whitehhsitn ol ihe old locust trees,^let the w hipperw dis help sou i 1 slug It,
Andth.boss nay oyer the hill.
Tillthe 1111 hoolges out In a rbonis
1if stars, and our rolres !^ ^tl L
Hutski ^They s a chord In the sjsajslt
Thats inis.ed w hen In r voice Is away'.^^Though 1 Itsti 11 front midnight t H avornMCi
Vllildaw 11 te! the dusk of the dm '^Ana I gte|^' through the dark. |oo.,in : t.p'arib.
Andon through the aeavenlj dome.^With no lou* n ..mi slngin' andaobeln1
llicwords. Do Ihe) Miss Mr at ItoSMT
J.ieof U'hifosah liiUy.
Ufnos,Flra Street, between Main and Oak,^Anaconda, Montana.
JJva new process. All Classes of Dental^AYork executed In hr^t-eias^ matiuax.^ArtlUcuil 'icotb YVUliu.it i'Ulos.
Physician and Burgeon of St. Ann's Hospital^^and Montana Union Bsflroart
Cor.Main and Tlitrd streets.^QR. STEPHENS.
on1 111s r MfHsSS
Srsldeuceon Oak street.
NearSt. Ann's HospttaL
officehours MSs. m. to SM| p. m.. from l:t^^to I p. in., an J frum li; JJ p. m. to J v. m.
QR.P. J. LACHAFELL2.^Ofr.cc No. 17 Malmney Street,
Eyeand Ear and Trlvate Diseases a Specialty.
Butte,Asacomia axd IIblema.
leaveall communications, orders tor plans and^specifications, with clerk at Montana Hotel.^Xhc-y will receive prompt attention.
cJVllUll/J,^(her Red Boot end Shoe Store,
BetwesaMjl and Eroa jsray Strsets,
Wherehs can bo easy
suitedFKKK UK^CHAKUK^on an
Privateand^Chronic Dis^^eases of Both^Sexes - Perfect^Cures War^^ranted No In^^curable Caeee^Undertaken- No^Injurious^Druse.
CATARRH.Throat. I.iinp and Blood Diseases,^speedily an I |sjnu iiieutly eurist by my^new systeas of Inlialatlun of com-^pound nn die.ited vapors.^Diseases nf Ihe Nervous ft\ stem, such as Self^Abuse, seminal \V^nkuu^s. Mcut bosses, I. us of^N-Mial Tower. niisHl lUsordrrs and biss of^Ainhlllon, Aversion to Sielety. Melaucholv. lu-^dlaslltksB, etc., lo nine- la sciitenlmt of this^Itratn and insanity, all ctirahlo cases, warranted^to euro In a very short time. No matter what
Jenhave taken or who has fulled to cure you,^ir. MMsM warrants a cure of every case bs^undertakes. Ills wonderful new remedy is the^only ceriain and pei muiicut cure In such dis^^eases.
Gonorrhoea.Oleet. Stricter*, Eplollolymltls.^Varicocele, Hydrocele. KinxKV mil bladder^trouldcs, Kkin and all imiiiirltio* of 110 blorsf,^causing Erupllous, 1'inip.es Cystita, lllutches.^etc., speedily cured by my new remedy.
BUSINESSCARDS.^qharl.es houck.
Schroeder's Block
fit11 urn.
Bullillnjsof all kinds on Installment Plsn.^Qcahtz Mills, Hoists, Ors Hocsks, Etc^Setting Mine and Mill MaciiUierr a Specialty.^All work by tne best workmen and fully auaran-^tced. Nine years' experlmoo laitte and Ana^^conda.
Office,r. West firanlte Street,^rostoflks address. ^outh Untie. Montana.
Anew and complete treatment, consisting of^Biiliposltorle'.lUntnient In Capsules, also In Hoi^and Tills; a Positive Cure for External, Inter^^nal. Blind or bleeding. Itching, Chronic, Recent^or Hereditary ITles, und many oilier discuses^and female weaknesses; It Is always a great^lament to the general health. Thetirst discovery^of a medical cure rendering an oia-rution with^the knife unnecessary hereafter. This remedy^has never been known to fall, tl per box,^for^ffi sent by mall. Why suffer from this terrible^disease when a written guarantee Is positively^given with six boxes to refund the money If not^cured. Kcnrt stamp for Free Sample. (iiiarHiiten^Issued by This smith Drug Co., sole agente^Anaconda, Mont.
W*will pay the above reward for any case ol^I Jeer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, In-^digestion, coustlpatlon or ( ostlvencss we can.^not cure with West's Vegetable l.lver Pills,^ehen the directions are strictly compiled with.^They are purely vegetable, and never fall U^give satisfaction. Sugar Coated. 1-arge boxes,^K cents, lie ware of counterfeits and Imitations,^The genuluo sold by
Till. smith OBCG COMPANY,
Suchr.s Prolopse. Antlflectlon, Ret reflection.^I^iicorrhca, and all discharge*, cukomc )q.^flamniiitlon and all Irregularities, etc., promptly^eradicated.
Manyhundreds of cotes cured In Montana and^adjoining states,
BBBBenanaasBSmxartherefore less likely to set out
oroTdcrthan any other sss or gusillne engtties now^bullU Just Ugbl tho burner, turn Uss wbsei. assi U^nasaUday.
Kodonbls or false explosions, so frequent with tat
rsr BImpllclty It Beau the World.^It Oils Itself Automatically,
X*Bastsrtss or XTaotxta Bparb,
Itteeevrlth eCnsspsr Orsde of qasnllns than any
seeeeseeiprivB ciscclsbs xmr 19^PALMER ^ REY, Mamufacturirs^tu FratMNt. Cti tjsj rsrlksm. 9r.
andSatan Dealers la
Itrouses the Liver snd Kidneys snd Stomach,^cures l|i^sil.iche. Dvsoeesis, creates sn Appe^^tite, Purities the Impure BlooJ, snd
MakesThe Weak Strong,
tlscUeverywhere, tie bottle 1 six for t*
etlTTEcity, mont.
Transacta general banking business. Rt-^rhiiniio dravru 00 all the kiudlnj cities of^turops.
Correspondents!Wells. Fargo ti Co.. New^Yorki vVe'.ls, Targo ^ Co.. Salt Ijikc- Wells,^l-ai.ofs Co., bun Vratsetsooi Omaha Natlcnai^Lsiiis. OmaliUi 1'lrst National Bank, Unialia.
J,K. tvslstk a C. Caraty. t H. Haal
Sampleand buv Sliver. C.o'.d. Copper and^lx-.ul tires. P. (^. llox 770. OSlee. Scott^building.corner Utah aiidiirisutW surest*^and ^i works. South Uutts.
J.K. EVELETH. Manager.
MainStreet. ^ ^ ^ Anaconda
Oneof the ITandsomest and Rest Anpaiuteu^Mouses In ths C'oeui d' A^nus.
(zeellenttable, clean, well ventilated rooms,^lighted by electricity, with or without board.
Accommodationsfor Commercial^Man. Largo Sanipla Ilooms.
tiA to Cuo par Day.^B. Hhl.l.Ka. ^ ^ s Froprletrsas,
ChineseFancy Goods!
01New nesxlt! tveST arr.ied.^I, I ..ml I st 11.em
GEALUNG ^ CO., 'ol,*M*'^ffitlrta*^!e!'
Omnibusto all trains.
TelephoneNo. 23.
W1LL noGE. NeeMfJet,
MAKCL'STALY. Vice President,
\V.M. TDORXTOX, Cashier.
FirstNational Bank
Cranaconca. mont.
Capital. - - - - - ^ I OO.OOO.^l-ivsn l sen Domestic ant Fotelcn Fxehanft^snd transact a lieneral Ihuikliii Business,^Le.ie t. his promotlv attended to, Ka-^lliatiL^- ora ivu on lellu^ II. I dlnhurKU.^L....s,ow. Imblui. Usif.-.st. Tarts,^lluuhurg. Rerun and all lus^lA-Hoina uMea .it 1 iiropu.^coKitrsi-oMirxTs^Amerli'an tM '.iance National Han's. .NewYor't
iuiiahaN.itioiuil llaui Omaha
Wells.I ai ja k en San Tian is -1
Iun National HankOadoa
lln-o.Ill wn.oe a. Co Hlltta
alereiisnt.National lliinlt Helena
l,,iaiie strea, ^ 10Iswr IriBeM
feeHilars, Tuliacw and Confectionery
*bolcaals aud tetaU dcaien lit COAX OUs

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