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PreparingFor the Celebration of Inde^^pendence Day.
OrganizationsThat Will Appear In^the Monster Parado Unique^Floats Will Be Dis^^played.
BrrrF..Juno SI. -^All Dial in now^ln'i i-^sar^ to niiikc Hip I'uiirlli tif July rel-^^ lirution n ni'm-i ^^in|i|i t^ .mil i_M.itif.\ inn^success,^ saul Mayor Maulli' lo-^lay. ^In^for some ol MMi liritfht-iiimih'il nt izpiim^to conic lo tlu- Iron! u iih suini'stiiins for^trotting ti|i unique features lor iln' jtaradc^I'Iip |NHiple nn^ n'^poinliiiK to the Mjlicit*^iwr ^^ommititM'n with characteristic, a I-^tliougti eonic^'ht-tt iiiir\|iectiil ircnemslty,^unit there w ill In- plenty of money im h mil
10Set up tin* 1110...1 itit|^osiiiK celebration of^tlic nution'k liutliilay. What we want^!i^^^ in to get up something niiiime that^will attract attention anil hold the people^until all the exercises are oyer.
MayorMantle's idea i^ a must excellent^one, and in order to stimulate a friendly^rivalry among the different iiiganizatiotis^MMftieipaling in the celebration it in likely^that the committee in charge of that^branch of the work u dl decide to ofler sttli-^stantiiil Brians' lor the iimM uniipie th ai,^the must ttrivmal cnsiuuie, for the Im-^i^tltllliirllicd sneiely, for the Mieli'ty tlll'llillU^out the largest 111.lulu r. lor ihe must a| -^jimpsiiitc inoito, etc. In 1Mb direction it^l^ urged that 1 lie large mercantile houses of^then!., interest tin nischcs in I Ma mailer^and pre|Kire l'n^.'itH. icpre^eniaiixe of the^Imtiiifss in wInch thc^ are engagiii. All^effort w ill also Im. made to induce smile ^d^the hig milling companies to go mill do^]ikeui^e. It la ttiaiiii.iitii'il that the llttest^and most appropriate tloai that could be^gotten up would in' one representing^^ inner* nt well., either drilling in a large^piece of ol-c. such as could Im' candy M-^curcd from either the Aiihi-oimIu or Parrot^luiui . or uoiking in the face of u drift.^The display could be gotten lip ill great^Ktyle with hut little (roulile and at U^iiilluitely sin.ill eosi and ii w^ mill M(pa^1 ii ilia lily cany nil lbs Brat prize. It ik to^lie Imped that some of the mining cone^paniestHIl gi\e thin matter the attention^whii-h it deiiiainlH.
TheIih al '1 \ pi .giai'hical union lias. Ix i n^liatd at work lor some time OH us de-play^imil the iuciiiIhts promise something in^the nature ol a complete surprise and^nl.irli will reflect ureal credit on ^tin' art^presi rvati\e of nil ai m.^ The printers^w ill he n infott'eil by their brethren Itoiti^Anaconda and will make a nio.t inteicni*^iug turnout. The printer*. stone culler*^and other artisan* u ill In-urged to get up^float* on willed tin y v. ill lie n pn wanted.^Thciie lloat*. tf prop'*rl^ got leu up, ^ dl he^|icrhii|*s tin* most itilcicMiiig part of the^juuade.
Theparade will MWdnxbtcdly le Ihe^largest ever seen in llutte. Among the^\arioti* mm'ietle* \i hu ll haic alri atl) sia^^Mai their acceptance at the imitation^MM out and their iuteutioti ol p.irtici*
{lutingin the eclcliratiou are the (^. A. J!.,^ooha nud Waist re1 ai-semhly. Scnudi-^iiavinu Itrothcrhood, Women * I'rotec-^tive union. Ilriek l^i^eiV union. Workiuit-^tneirn iiuioii. Sou* of St. ticiirgc. tin* I*.^O. S. of A. and the I. 1). G. T. of Dillon. A^large iiutnlicr ol 1^ Hern have also In-eu rc-^ecived from proiuiueiil citizcna all over^the Mati* Mguify iug their intention of In*,^tug iircscnt. It t* estimated lhat SJyUOO^will tlcfniy all the eyjii-iise* of i In cele^^bration.
Theparade w ill Hal t at In o'clock sharp^and ^ ill coin'mle it* inarch ai the ( cnti.d^school ground* ulsnit iuhiii. and the ns-^nctnbled multitude will then listen to ad^^dresses and the hunting ^^f ikt ireieea.^Members of the tiro I'latu club wilt turn^out In a hotly attired in some distinctive^form of dies* mid the Sliver How club w ill^proliuhly lollow suit. It han been su--^gestiil that a tiuinhi-r of litth rniidfefl Ik*^dre**cd to represent taiii'to and Martha^Washington in immature and that the^float w Inch carric* ilieiu ho drt\en l^\ a^man ait ti ed in the typical costume of^Vnclc Sam.
Thecommit tee on music ben negotiated^Willi the Bentnti A Montana. 1'inte A II s-^ton, Alice, runnel guard* and I It ion^baiuU. but no ilitiiiite ai t uigeini lit- ha III^^i't Inm ii made. The Mkm scale i* MO
1hariln.x for i-ai h pn ce. and a* each band^ma ajbenrt W nanraa. Ilili nun Id ntnka the
cisitout of all pro|Mirlion to that mIi.i-Ii^can Is' paid. The eouiiint'ec Ii els ili.it^tindei ihe ciri'tuiist.mei s .mil on Merit an^iri^-n*ioii, uin-ti the iuou'-\ to defrn) the^c\|ieti*e* i* i-otitrilniieil w ith no otbnf ob^^ject in \ iew than toward the ci-leln at ion,^the hand* should not evict the full rate^lor oul\ alniut two buufw' pl.i^ uu. It i*^the opinion ol tin- ponjiniittea that union^price* should In- set aside on the fourth^and this will prubabl} In- done. The^South lllllte pi opt^ prop. *:^ to get up a
MnrennMlntiredlstda) of then- own and^w ill engage their ow u band tor tliuiKc.i-
uilglit iii the St i.
HiTi l . MM .'I. t hi. I t.r.iy oh*ei-Mil a^couple ni hald-li'i'king li!lnw^ to-night^w hone actions c ue. .1 him in Isvoino M^pieious. and he decided tu keep tin in in^Mglilloi u while. I'lliaih they iturKil^wwel on nVottatn/nj a* fat- a* Montana^htrcct. and then fumed into the alley and^u.ilknl i-.im i.iii.iiil M.im. The chief fol^^lowed nines behind and otrertooi. tnetit as
theywere in tin- ai l ol lueahiiig lute a
11ar W lllilon of the BUtler house. lie sue
eenoen!m ajveatlna Inah and took lot m lo^tbaeounty jail. The* gave Ibalr name..
UbJohn Cordon and Uilliam I In tier.
Thriillgll WIHhiiii | tiangr.^Bt TIT. .June $L Next ihlllMltv after-
noona s|MH-ial I'ldliuan slii-|H-r will ha at^^tached to the Ilium PMMa anuUi bnnnd^tram leuxing at ItM oVIim-U. The aJauMr^will In. run IbmM witliout change to^lVirtlaud. atloiihng a snleudkl oppor-
H11111^ to ull lllleuihug to \ bat t he c..i*t to
cnjoian unusual di git e of comfort on^the trip.
Dissolutionof partnership of the N'otth-^wcsterti Hrick and Suppl) eoiupau^. II.^1^. Lii-larc. s crctar^ and manager, ha*^tin* day rcsigtii'd and gi\e^ notii-e that he^will not In- raeputteibls for nM lull* ^i-^cruttig from tin* dale. Mr. l^cclare w ill^continue ui the lime atul hrick tii.iniil.n--^turinf bu*ine*s and w ill In- ntanaan to re^^ceive the lilnral patron age lie h.el in the^la^t.
TrauhlrIn Keiitli A merles.^Km Jam m.i^. June '.I. QMMbl fan-
telhohold* the c.lpllal of Kin (il.llllle ilo
Sulandtheprincipal cities of the state,^BSMMl Tulare* I* organizing to oppose^f nstclho. Thirteen person* a*UJU Milan! in^u light at hut imallio. ton (lie to also m-^i i.i i i 11 at other nnJMUi
Jeweh-iat cost. ID days. Le.\*. the Jew-^elcr. Ow sh y lihs'k.
turnbottle of line liiptor or u Ism of^pood cigars go to the ^t abiuet,^ South^Butte.
Onlyfirst-class stock in w ini^i, liquors^and cigars at McC'onuu.k ^ Hughe*.
Mullan'sNotoriety hreksr Is SHU Dcfors
thsPublic.^Kpeelsl iHviwtrh to the Standard.
Bntsr.,Idaho. June SI.^Jacob Heater of^Mullan, Idaho art ,nil in this city to-day.^He tells a most remarkable story of bis^treatment at the hands of tho Miners*^union while serving in the capacity of con^^stable in Slu-shonc county. According to^In- story it seems that the Miners' union^wanted him to serve some papers on In^^coming scab milters that were reported to^tic ei ^iuing under guuid to work the mines^Bt Wanluer and (icin. They wntilcd him^to oricst guards lor ^ inning into the state^illegally and he says they told him they^would buck him with II aimed men. He^replied that if the papers were all^right he WenjM MM them without^annul men; wliereu|siti they suid^if he did not flu a* they wished, they would^get some other man to do so. Heater^states that he was under the Imiii of the^Miners' union from that time. He also^says that they hud him arrested under a^charge of lunacy and tried to send him to^the lunatic asylum in older to get him out^of their way. The miners failed, be Fays,^to make u cast* out against him utid Judge^Holdmaii lilieratrd him after he had I* en^in durance vile lor three days.
Hesay* thut alter they had written a^letter to nMM Willi y explaining tho^situation, two men cume to his house and^took pesM^: ion. ordering him to *how up^a letter which he lefusiil to do. '1 hey^then threatened to knock him down and^take the letter (KM him. when u|miii he^drew hi* gun and drove them from his^house.
HeM|M further lhat he wa* shot at scv-^ciul time* b^ parlies in W allace and !hc^'^contrived to make hi* lile burdensome t^^hun. Mr. Il^ .iler sa\s that he w ill com^^mence proceedings against all who had^anything to do with hi* a nest mid aided^in iniiiiiidaiiug him. He thinks that if^the in jut id ii ui* an- held o\cr. the w ar w ill^MM end in S!.-.shone county, mid MM^w ill lie restored. He is MMMMtJf bitter^MM Ml tieatinctit w hich he say* he has^recoiled.
nra refreshing drink or a gissl cigar^go to the ^^Cabmel,^ South Unite.
ALarwj F.nc Picture,
18x0, h^fdWood ItMMi l^r SJ.S5.^.^-.lino St/o FfMM,
Ior Jj.Ss.
S.iincBtM, for SJ.85.
SoMCthiRffVery PrettVi !^^i s-.s^.
MagicCnrptl Swcapcfi^Cfon 11 Jewel No. 1.^Crown Jewel No. -^Crowe Jewel No.^Grand RapicM,
Si4^^1 go
1Bxj6k will (O lor^JOx^S, will EO lor
(JetPrices l-'.lscwlicic Hcfoic
GreatMarket Pavilion,
Wcsruiiamte sr.. buite.
\UA -m MM ^\s. In Jn-tloe ^ rn rt. ^ta ^^el Mmlana, ronjnt% *f i*e^T Le.hti*, is.^Aniaunua hMraMMtt, nf up i. O'le.uy, Kail*
)lft'-^^ 11; III-* |IM o. Til^ Co|l|l..r I'l ) I tell
metrial cnnpsiiy, ^ luie n.itl nt. Idanilff. tr^.^r. .1. 1 ^ riie eii sat. ih^ ^lataa MuMum
toIlls a ^ni' ll.ltlli il ^ rl.'ii t.ril. ere t at fan^nf-*b*r^ b.i Biinunoai'd in be mi I i|ifia ir 1 aft r 1^im, i'l... 1... a lit ^ of the |i mi e I 1 and lor^Ihrajuntyai l^acr I ^ ^t r^^. at noetic' in Ana^r inna, 11 ial 1 count^^. situai leu aavs stlet the^^ 11 . ^ nf ih . maininni en ^ au l^. 11^ |-ut^ttt-a-^II ^thprenl lur fnur wksIm lithe 'Anaeoada^-tiai.l.l a lMli.i|ii ;ull.l'l Ii MM
ruutitv.inaanad in re tu at i . ^. 11 ^n la tlie^romil'l'it 01 iheC ipuar 1 It. ivn.m '^-elal rom
in.aon|i a tua wnli 11 In arnllaetlnn Ii^ie a^ - t- iintaf it 1 e i ilir'^* 1111 1 t un-^^lie mi,1.tie .tii- ii..i'.ai^. u r ia^l^, ssrai^.111 merchaui I^^ ullaiil delltetni tntrou h.
til- pailt.H. aimto tie 1 e-lit iiihI
ififlirea or biimlredtUt mi.ms and for
.! ds sure* and hautllt* so d ami deliT-
imt- inuhytbs It. J, llenMasi Merrsattl*^. - -in 1'-mi,,11 n. i^ir.ii n 1. nmounling't is nwr^and ^ 1 cati ^in ntm imtiltnMM ^*^-^^* rt tie^n - ^inil tin r f 1 11-1 iu Hi y a.-.ui el la I'l.un^till aud in a-f.iit'.t inrtsai jn.l -iii-nt wi I n^rendered ig lit run r. J Ktird. tli^ s'-ntre^MBlsd n^fsud4Bt. f-r t m Ml n nf nltl^tl th en^ami twatttr-eight r^ - b'WdiaMas not'n's ant^en t^ ni -1 t 111 11 null I . hah e 1 ^ let d i
1.tr.'ti mi icr mi iiiiiul t duel rhtn da - ^^! .lutic.^A. It. ItlJ.i ii I I \ IC% .
jii-tue^i ihe haaas.
ALeltsr From our Mr. Mssn.
|MWiMay 2t, 1892.
Asl have consented 10 take tho pro^duct of the factory you w ill need to make^room for the goods at once.
In\O. Mask.
Mythe death of a near relative the house^comes into possession of the production of^a large factory, making men's, women's^and children ^ shoes. fiO,OOU pairs now man^^ufactured and a large amount of stock on^hand to manufacture, and to mako room^for these gisjds the present stis'k will bo^sold nt gi. atly reduced prices. Now is^yisir time to get your footwear at n low
Iirtce.No old shopworn or ebo My sootls,^^ut all are fresh, clean goods, ('nil ami^-ee us and get prices. At the ^ ^ld Reliable^linot utid shoe house of Ira (J. Mann, 40^West Talk street.
Snoisy Ks^ ur.i.oi Itste*.
IleginningSunday. May lW-'.and un^^til flirt her notice, the Montana I'liion rail^^way will sell (on Sunday onlyi round trip^tickets between all stations at one fare for^round trip, good only M tluto of sale.
Foreverything in the music line call on^or nddrejis Tho Sherman Music company,^L'.:; North Main street, llutte.
Wohavo an entirely new line of oil^stoves, ull styles and prices. II. J. Illume
71West P11 rk.
Forthe finest liquors in Butte goto Har^^rington ^ Driscoll, corner Main and^Quart! rtrcels.
Silverwarent cost, IXiduy-i. Leys, the^^lewtier. Ow sley blin k.
Arenow- showing all the leading^X. Y. bin ins Shape*.
Agrnttfor the
KNOX,Millcr, Christy,^HATS.
Mallorders promptly and carefully attended ta
Whilethe storm in the^jewelry work! israginp; and^Diamonds, Watches, etc.,^threaten to become as^cheap as the air we breathe,^we wish our little voices to^be heard as we call upon^our ljuardian an^el to help^and protect us. Wishing^ourselves to Income prop^^erty holders, we have al^^ways conducted a straight^anil legitimate business and^our prices do not have to^be placed in a jar of mer^^cury to sell our e;oods or to^tell the public where the^bargains are procured. We^wish to call your attention^to our display window, and^compare our prices with^the lowest. We do not sell^( ur i;oods at cost, and we^doubt the philanthropic^spirit in others, as business^has to be conducted on^business principles. Call-^in-; your attention to the^lad that we have removed^to 114 North Mam, and^hoping to receive a small^share of your kind patron-^ajje. we remain, icspect-^ftilly,
Watchmakersand Jewelers.^I 1+ Noith Main St.. - Buf.j.
Wholesaleand Retail Dealers la
Guns,Rifles, Revolvers,
.Sportsmen'sClothing^DOG FURNISHINGS,
BaseBall, Lawn Tennis, Gymna^^sium and Athletic Goods.
Inour line are in order, wc^will take a hand just for^fun, and hereby announce^that, commencing with^Monday, June It, we will^offer EVERYTHING in^our stock, without reserve,^at a VERY LARGE RE^^DUCTION from our regu^^lar prices. All goods will^be marked as heretofore,^in plain figures, and dis^^count given from those.^Hardly necessary to enu^^merate what we carry. You^will find everything in ( ur^stcck you would expect to^find in a Pint Class Jew:^elry Store. There will be^no money in the sale for^It will be your inning.
swc never did misrepre^^sent, we won't commence^now. The guirantee on^watches will be just the^same, and wc will stavherc^to make it good. Many^people have told us that^not elsewhere in this city^could they find styles as^attractive and assortment^as good. We might have^tbottght they were giving^us taffy if they had not^given weight to their words^by buying. This sale will^be for only a limited^period.
President.Secretary and Treasurer. Manasaf
Jewelers,BUTTE ^ ^ MONT.
Th rmtnti of Rllvrr Bos-,^Mont ;m:i. h! t pa^ a r.-w.u j^^f Two Tliomaud Fire Hun^^dred I) ill.tr- fur InfiTinatiuu^that will k\w tu the
Arrestand Conviction
Ofthe pajaaj or IMMM who,^ou tho uu;ht of
Sunday,June 12, 1892,
AtIlls l(ril ^lli- ^. 11. .ir till
(Bts.I UUUIU. t ounl) I Ink.
ThompsonFalls Land and Lumber k,
Successorsto Lavell Brothers.
Manufacturersand dealers in
Lumber,Lath, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Blinds,
1Full Stock of Eastern Finished Hard Woods, Building Pap.r, Etc., on Hani
Vrd^ and r a tory at Bom , um ^ Sawui I. a'. Tliomiuon Falls.
TelephunoNo. 100, Three Kill**.
Vreaident,V. P. and Trcas.G. M. and Sa^^.
M.UNZICKER, Western Representative.
ChicagoIron Works,
Buildersof General
GoldMills, Wet and Dry Crushing: Silver Mills,^Smelting, Concentrating, Leaching, Chlorinating,^Hoisting and Pumping Plants of any capacity.^Tramways, Corliss Engines, Compound^Engines, Boilers, Cars, Cages, Skips,^Ore and Water Buckets, Wheels^and Axles, and all kinds of
WesternOffice,General Off oo and Works,
4Lower Main Street, Helena, Mont. Clybomti Ave. and Willow St. Chicago, QL
223NORTH MAIN ST., BUTTE, MONT.^rVnd for CntoloRtioa and Prs'i-s of all kinds of
Cor.Colorado and C^lnnnJ
Thishotel will be run on the European plaa in a^itnetly first-class manner. Rooms light, newly^papered, painted and furnished throughout Kvcry^convenience for the comfort of guests. Kates liber*!^Now open under the management or
AnExcellent Restaurant^Run In Connection.

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