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Isin the Hew Windsor Hotel Annex, Ho. 11^Bait Broadway. Tbe Telephone^number Is 258.
JdlWlllHlitlwill be received at th* Butt*^office of the Stamdaiw fill * o'clock^r. M for Insertion in the fol-^lowlof morning ^ paper.
TheBr*KT^a^n U delivered to^i early every morning.
#Ko.I. Pacific Mail west
boundidaily)^Ko. S. Pacini' Tlinmph
Express,west bound
jJo.2.Vtoren^an itsaraai
Ho.4. Atlantic Through
Mall,ea-t bound.^jPony r.spresa.....,
Arrive*at M.^V.depot.
.Iyeavrtfrom N. P. depot ami cunnecti at^kWenvao with N. 1'. through train.^Suouu.y., Wednesdays .nd Kiiilayn.
cxo.inuami A1IKIVAI. or maiis.
.dep. I and departs from M.
H.^l. Foster of the United Slntca army,^is at tin- Windsor.
Dr.A.M. Mitchell of llecr Lstfp MM in^tin' city yesterday.
Thostate Sniulay aclnail convention ^ ,11^ojk'n in thia city lo-niorrow.
TIipMm i ni.in Lyceum ia arranging for o^picnic on July 5, It w ill pmhulily k^^ tu^An n oiui.i park.
ThoIIit- dc|mrtui^!it will holil n siwvinl^hk^tinax Io-iiioitosi eveningr to make ar-^rallgciiiculs for tin' tournament.
TheFrcnclM'utindiana will to-day liolil^a grand celohration in honor of the found^^ing of their orgamiatioii in this city.
G.II. Hill. travcline pasaciigor agent of^the I'iiion I'ueillr, Sf lived from I'oiiland^yesterday, chai** rolling the ^Kajunka^^troupe.
Allinenilsrrs of the Veteran Firemen'*^nssocistion are miiwatiil to turn out to^the funeral of the lute William F. Jordan^Hue afternoon.
ltineniM-cteilili.itthe rniinty commla-^aionera w ill to-day take urlloii in regard to^uniting with the eity ollieials in the at-^tpnipt to riii the city of the vac*.
AllKnights of l'y thias nm roipicKteil to^nwet at Good Templars' hall.Went Hroad-^way, at 2'.:U1 this sftemoon, to lake i.art^in the funeral reremoiitoa of the late^Police Officer Jordan, w ho was u uiciiiuer^of that order.
Copt.J. y. Arlama, who i* stationed si^Fort Grant, Aril., la in the eity uu hia way^home. lie luu been ut Helena testifying^in the murder trial of the Chinaman who^killed another Chinaman tit Fort I 'uator^some time ago.
Mrs.P. J. Loftua anil her mother, Mm.^M. II. Sullivan, leave Hun morning for^Calumet, Mich., where they w ill Kluy acv-^eral weeks. Mrs. I^iftus has jiiNt recov^^ered from a protracted illness of 17^months and trope* to Iw laliclltcd lay the^change.
Geo.II. Ilaiion, instructor in technical^^ities in the 1'nitcd Stales government sur^^vey oflliH* nt IIohIuii, ia in the city, lie is^accompanied hy u party coni|M^aod of ihe^Misses linrtoii, 1'Iuhiiiwoii uiul Freeman,^Mrs. Saville ami Muster Ferris. They^have just concluded u tour of the Yellow-^atone |Nirk and are on Ihcir way snitih.
Karl)yestenlay mortllilu all electric^jivht win- In..Ue in (nun off the lln^tnct^'1 ele|{riiph ollice. tlueol the niesM'iifier^Im.\ s came in contact w itli the lirokcu v*nv^nnil the shock he receiM^I almost knocked^th^' life out of htm. A man who ^knew all^aImmiI electricity^ bogtynj to hliull the hoy^how sb hanille hie win's and was scut^epiawlinir across the sidcwark and into^MM Htrii-t.
I.dlie, (he '.'-year-old ilaituhter of Mr.^and Mrs. William Italicuhott. of No. Ml
North.lackson stit.dicd ycstenlay from
anMBJMIatcd ntl.ick ol scarlet lever. The^melancholy affair is made doubly sad^from the fuel that Mr. and Mrs. HaltenolT^lost their 4-year-old hoy fixini tlie kiiih.
diseaseais.in tbeaa irsaffta aarn Tic
luneralmill take place from the family^nsldclice at '1 o'clock, th,s aflcriKHin.
ItoliliiMin'sliaucliiK ^ l:i^
Mondayand Thursday evening*, one^doorenat of o|H^ru house. Sutunlay evi**^nine. Cetlterv ille dass I nun 7 till U. Social^WM from I till I.' o'cIih U at IIiIm iiii.i^hall. Wulkervillc. lid.I I'cllowa' ball,^Wednesday cveniiii; i-la-sca troin 7 till I*.^SiciuIh Ir.iin ^ till 12, For private instruc-^tiona call on l'roli^i*sor Itoliinnon, one floor^east of o|mtu house, i'.uicy ilaui'iiitf a^specialty.
Alluu in!^ i s of the lluttc fire depart*^mellt arc helvhy liottticd to ap|^ear lit^tlie city bull ut l'.':!tti p. in. on Monday,^June LT, to attend the Inner.il of William^1^. Jordan, formerly chief ol the lire de-^partineiit. All lueiula-rs not nhlc to at-^tend urc riiiucstcil to turn in their uni^^form*: to the chief. All iii|^aiiir..itionK uro^invited to attend the luneral in u Isjdy.
Oneblack and one hay horse. Itlark^brandisl ^II^ on ritrhl shoulder. Kay^pUM'nti toil. Ketnrti to J. tl. Jones, lluttc,^and receive reward.
WithKhunc's patent kIiiIiiiii window^screen^ you cuti wasli y..nr windows aa^easy us though you had no screen on.^Leave order ut 71 Weal I'.irk at reel.
Ourpatent w indow screen* do not mar^the window frame, hut alide up and^down as easy as iho sash. Hate no other.^H. J. Illninc. 70 West l'urk.
Cistyear plumbing; tloin- t*r Kruerrer a^^O'Connor's. ltu**^iBi**ut l.ana A Klein,^Mala slrsst, talrphuiie '.'on. It^ pali lug a^asssasnltjr.
Forevery thing in the innate line call on^or address The Sherman Music n-nipaiiy,^-North Mam huti. llutte.
Fora n'frcshinj* drink or a good cigar^goto the ^Cabinet,^ South liatte.
J.Wey Merrill, attorney and notary, 2K^North Main strout, Uutte City, Mont.
Juatreceived n large supply of lire-^works at Alex. Colic:,'a.
TbeSubject of Rev. Mr. Rounder^ Ser^^mon Last Might
HisLife Was Sacrificed for Hu^^manity's Good - A Lesson^for Hi3 Fellow^Men.
BVTTK,June SB. ItifV. Mr. R.tundrr n^^k111111^^ 1 din |^n 11^it for a stM.Fl MM this^oven ins to aihln ns his old rtm^nyatioii on^Hit- text, ^Mi* l^i' ^1 at 11ik PoM.^ The rev^ervnd fcntloman i .id:
Iam not nm* of lliuso ^ lnwo linhit it is^to make a Ihto of rv*'ry |^cr^^on \vhos*^^ili aih \h Mmicwhnt iinu^nnl. Nor am I^one*of tlumc* w lio can ih*vit lln^i a licro ox-^MMl it Im- a ihoiiKaiul nitk'M from hoinr*^ami iiKijally in a Ion ian rlimo. \\ H ani^F. Jordan was only n |x^licf^man, anil a^pluin, ordinary, ^ very day |M^li^*. iii:iii at^that. NoImmIv dr* .lux d of :ln in Ix-in^^anytliini.' nmat kahlo aU.iil (MBcff *!'^'-^dan of all tli^^ men on thf fonc Mo sjras
BBJsJiaplain 111.iii. His lillslIiCSH BJPSjS to
patrolhii'frts and d * altcndoil to that^Btrictly. stcaddy and faillif ully.
MTMmIIss sstMVdl StMI pn^l^at^!y SjsMSJ^that OsaSSV ^lonlin matlo fowcr SffSBSMI^than any other man on tlm fsM Mo did^not arret*! c\rr^' nnspirioiis oliarar tor ho^nnw, and SsMN him up for a holx^ ur a vajr;^Inatond of that, ho kopt an pyo on^tho KUKpirioiis oh traotor until ho ta'i iht^him nt homo oritno, and tlsMJ^ho mado a ruw i^f it. Ih* wan not plaoi d^up tou n. psy Ml Hii|M-nor s4B0Sfi knov.'^that h^^ con Id ho t runted to patrol the eil^ 'h^outHkirtti as faiihfully mid am paiimr.pn-^tiounly jik t hoi ml i the ehiof'M e^e wore on^him nil the time.
*' MhYcr Jordan*n I^i(p burly form Ijeenme.^n familiar SS SfSJI as a woleome si-hi to^residents m the outskirln. Me wont^alourhtiitf aloiitf in one dark rornor after^auotlior. into alleys*, Hoarehiujr lnwk yanln,^or aorojiipauyinu Udate*! re**Mlents home.^Me never (xKinted of any dotMlt* he had^ever |h-i forine^|. li. was only a plain pa-^tmlnian. Ite never told either of any^deeds that he was trot uu to perform, or^BJSJF d^**'ds that he had eome very tioar|m^r-^forinin.'. and umiM have |M-rform*il if^thiiun* had only bsSM dis7*9fesit
**ThUplain, everyday |m^lieomnn, alH^ut^whom on little was heard and w ho worked^in the oiii^-.kifiK, |m'i-formed last fall the^most brilliant and courayeous art iti the^|Mi!ii'it if^e^irdHuf llutte. lie uol|ee^l three^men prt^wlitiir around a stats at the corner^of Park and Montana streetH. Tin y saw^him ami sneaked away. Jordan didn't^arrest them as Hiispieioiis ehar.ieters. lie^ilaln't stand u'uanl nl lbsfloof and uivo^the hurulai'h a i ll nice to work sosjsbsj here^elne. lie walked away hiniNclf. MnuiHerotl^around nevotnl bliK'KK, -dtppeil lllto an^a I lev. el hnlied into a Imek yard, and^w isrkoil him-elf nnnbserved back to a point^whore he could watch the build.tlft s ithoiit^lM^inf/ Keen. He waited for hour-., ami^waited mud he had hpoii the Imnflan^force an entrance into the buildiutr.^Then he slipped back the way he came,^Hcciirod the assistatiec of two oilier |^o-
lleemen,foiinwed the Imnflais htto the
store,caught them in the act of sate blitw-^intz.iiiid t \cliaiiued shots with them unlit^the outlaws threw up iheir hands, and^i In n to^^k IfsSSS to jail, 'i he otliccr didn't^banc altout the halinhih and ImkiiU of hiat^de*^d t^^ the rep^niers. Ho wont home,^split w^mmI alitl drew water for hit* wife,^went IoIhiI. and the next m^ht wan plod-^(liiuralxMit his |m^at as usual. Heuasuuly^a plain ihdii*eman.
(Hi*'miu'lit ihiuk that with t-uoh a S*sSS*i^to hiri credit an otlioer would seek pnuinv-^tion. Hut of all the men on ihc felVeOftV^eer Jonlan wiin one of the few w ho was^not pulling win s for an atipoinlmcnt as^eity marshal or chief of police this spring.^IN dine* lintls no tM'casitiu for n'wnnltiitf^heroes w ho have no pull. So. t ^tlicer Jtir*^dan. unrewanh-d. plodded along in the^outskirts, ami did w hat he war*given to do^faithfully and well.
(Mlieer J. it da ii diet I as he had thill^stiekiuu to his sjast w it h lier*^ie tldclty to^the end. In his last eomhat he pas alone^aii'l undauiited, hut he bh w 110 shlatts^he never did that he uttered no cry for^help. Me foilgtit to the end. His last act.^as ho was tailing, was to pull the trigger^of Ii'h re\allcr. d ung bM duty up to the^last hrcath. Ha died a plain imoMtcii-^lattotis polieem :n, but a tru^* fsffSs^|
^*Thati!. i^^mI. I am not a |h Jii einati.'^is a remark, llrt*t utteiiHi a year ar.o, that^has sseosas Mstory ill llutte. Vet the^plain |m^lieoiuaii. if tic In^ brave, faithful,^courageous, while he may not achieve the^distinct ion ot more bridiant but less brave^men ill MOPS showy w a Iks of life, it* no less a^man tor being humble, and no less a hero^because lu* laces death at Old) $l^-li |mt^Month.
**tItlteer -Ionian is dead I Hut as his life^was dutiful and useful to the last, so will^his death prove useful. His death w ill^make more sate the lite of every chi/cu in^But la* Through his death tlie citizens in^the outskirts will receive for a time at^least double the t*^lico protection, every^dark rumor will lie lighted, ami the city^will he rid of an army of undesirable^criminals w ith w hich it has long been iu-^testcd. Hy hit death, too, the hrav s SsaSSf^ha** served his fellow SflltsSSjSM I^lor the BjsjfM t'ommission will^not lie so quick to inventigate w hem ver a^holtci w ho chances to hav c a pull com^^plains of all oUieei 's tm'll 1 .ilil^ . II.id t Kli-^ce rs .Ionian shot his man instead of Ix'ing^shot himself, there would doubtless have^la*en a police iu\estigalion to determine^whether he wan justified in fchooiing at^him. Hut the ofliccr was shot, and it will^In- a long day l^ctoiv any |miIic^ inau is ii -^tpmed t^^ explain why he did not ajstlogize^iM'fttn* arn simg a man. or why he did not^load his gun with blank cart ridges I k-fore^tdiootiug at a nispicitMis character.
*'lfthe city doSS its full duty | if it OOSS^not (orgei the death of .Ionian as it forgot^t he death of 1'enrose : if it w ill make hie^secure to its citizens h\ making a life a^burden instead of a bles-uig to vagrants;^if it w ill estahlish a w hipping post for^id lorn; the death of I Htlccr Jonlan. sin^^cerely mourned as it is, w ill lie worth his^weight in gold to the |x^ople of Hutte.
MifU All Klcltt.
BrTTK,June Mm. Mary Koogh, the^w SSaaSJ w ho w as SSBJSM St I frotM the Sisters'^lum|iital to the ^-ouuty jail I'rulay on sus^^picion of Itcinti insane, was Itwlav taken^tti Silver Hou b^ Heputy SherilT Hanklcy.^This was done at the |*sSSjsSSt of her^brother, w ho came to see her to-tt*y. and^the deputy she rill agrees to sec that she
isw oii pared lor. Then* are no signs ot
insanityabout her that the olUeerS cull^detect.
'1sk^-n to lilt* Rsajr,^ntTTK, June I'nder SlierilT (.alia*^gher tistk a trip to the I leer l.-slge peni^^tentiary this morning in charge af two^prist mers. ^ tin- wast l-ris Nolan. S^tSOeed
forburglary, ami tlthcr J*is. W illiams,
sentencedfor lorgvry.
Wo*h^ not kis p n -*dy made |SSaS|M^but nn-asun1 your w.tulows and make^them to onh r and put them in. 11. J.^lihitne. 7.i West 1'ark.
Fora Untie of line liquor or a l*o\ of^aossl l igars go t^^ the ^^l ablliet,*' BattttS^Uuttu.
C.anoiiiiestoves, t^ne to live burners, in^gtcat variety. 11. J. bluinc, 78 \\ . . Pafflb
atmaui it;k m.
Thmrover of th^ Vrrm*^ and **KaJa^1ia^^This M'rrk.
BDTM,June ai.-^TUe Power of the^l'rcs*^ opens at tho ojiora house Monday^night for two performsuces, and nltlsougti^the oricmnl date hud to be cancelled, sjood^hoiifw-h w ill probably arect tlie company.
OnWednesday night ^Kajanka,^ the^patitomiinu tdiow, wdl be on the liosnU for^two nights. rJ'ho Miller brothers have, in^their new pantomime, a positive '^winner*'^frtun tho show-man's standpoint. Titers^am many pouplo employed in tho presen^^tation, and with the immense packs of^heavy scenery, numerous and startling^transformations, trk'k *'|^opi^,^ etc., tho^w ondorl iil Msssjss is aeconled. In tho last^heem- ot all. dark banks of clouds nn^ first^i-weii; tho sun gradually Hm*s, and Kloetrs^In seen in a chariot drawn hyirnlden horses,^sast rgiug from tho tain. t)u the clouds are^the d.ITi rent character, changed into^fairies and clientba. The elown is a^eherub, u'ld is sitting on a cloud, Prying^that he does not wnnt to bo u rhomb,^while ad the rest art* laughing at his woe.^Nor is this the only scene of such dimen^^sions. There uro loine three or four to^each act, everyone requiring a score of^men to handle thorn. As to beautiful wo^^men. ^Kajanka^ is replete with them^briglii. young pretty faces, and hth ^, wib^lowy forms. In the mystifying mazes of^the dance, or again in the grand marches^,^and linal gn^upings, they appear to most^excellent advantage.
Glassthn Saloon* at Midnight.
T' tin tUUVir ^f the Standard:
Ifour city council are In earnest In their^efforts to drive all loafers and disreputa^^ble characters from our city, 1 would sug-^gest that an ordinance bo promptly passed^closing all salmuis and gambling houses^at midnight, thus nibbing such persons of^a place w herein to congregate. It would^enable, thn police to much easier get on^the track of suspicious prrHOUK ami make^this a much loss desirable abode for such^characters. 1 imagine the sal.sin men^w ould not seriously object to closing. And^this is a tune w hen tho office seeker and^wnnl politician should take a bark seal in^the interest of good government. Let^the council take this action, and I think^the pmhleiu will have been solved, and all^hanl eases w ill find a harbor elsew here^very quickly.
llutte,Juno '.'^;. Law and Order.
TalkAbout the Democratic Presidential^nominations.
a deceiving young man
He Palls to Account for Monty^Collected for a Charitable^Purpoie- People's Party
lliaurn Willi til* I'arlflr Mains!^Insiitunrn t cimpnnjr.^What ia pmof of prompt diccliarfrc of
Trump!|ni^ merit.
ThefollouillK letter alums that (111' Pn-^cillc Muliiul Insurance ronipany arc right^in hue:
Hm.kna.Mont., June IK. l.!^:\^T. il. sVsSSf. A.si/., Utntrnt A*jtnt l*ttviflc
Vntfutli.ifr hihttruuci' Company^ City:
111Alt M!^ I lie .ire to cxpn ss lo you^mill ^oiir coiiipuny my hearty appreciation^of llic pionip;ttcaa uith s/syjff|| the ^.i.u*^^life insiinitlcc |k^licy helil by my hushund.^W . II. iHttliric, was pari.
Theclaim was allowed in 10 days anil 1^received Mas money within Iwo wwka^after my husband's death.
1Kould also alale lha! Mr. (iuthrie was^instiled Inn alsnit duya in thiaeoiii|^any.^haviiii' paid hut Ihe first semi-annual^premium on May -, 189^.', and ilied June^1, IJHg.
Icheerfully reeoroniend tho Pacific^Mutual UCb litstiratice i'otnpany to the^iiisiu itijf pulilie for proiiiptneaa and^justice. Kcspectfully yours,
iSiyneili Smi.mi 1'. OiJIBSUUU
Mr.tiuthrie's claim is one of a list of^H^l that (lie Pacific Mutual have paid op^life and accidem |Milieiea in the last lour^;i i nil in tin iintn nf VInnlaasl .
Theaverage lime betwen the lllinarof^pnaifs ami (lie payment of claims during^Ihe past iwo years has been |c*a than two^days.
At.i-ltt'r I mm liar Mr. Mltnn.
IJostoN,Moy B. 1802.
Ah1 have eoimeuterl to tako tho pro^ihtel of (lie factory you will need to make^Kami for the noods at once.
IraO. Mas*.,
Hythe death of a near relative tho lioiue^conies into possession of the productlonof^a laru'c laclory. making men's, women's^and children s shoes, fai.om pairs now nian-^ufacuiretl ami a larve amount of slock on^hand to iiniiinfaetiirc. and to make naun^lor these gutsla tho present stock will Im*^add at irreatly n'duciil prices. Now is^^oitr time to get your ftaitwear at a low^iiricc. No old shopworn or shoddy gisada,^Ian all are fresh, clean giants, t all anil^ace us and pal prices. At tho Dill Hclialile^I..^it and shoe house of Ira i^. Mann, 4u^Weal Park sln-ct.
1'l'lvllr.o.to Let.^Sealinl BfsjtBgavsls for the exclusive Isjr^and saloon privilege, the exclusive fruit^and refreshment privilege and the exclu^^sive restaurant privilege for Ihe summer^races of the Dillon fair A- Kacing associa^^tion, to lie h.-ld ill Dillon, Mont.. July '.^th^to tilth inclusive, will la- received until^July Mh. laVW oil winch dale the said pro-^|Misala w ill Is' otjicufd by the hoard of^directors and (he contract awarded to the^highest and Ix-st bidders. All huts must^In' acoiiipanicd by a eerulleil cheek lor the^full amount proposed to he paid. The^right to reject any or all bid. is expressly^reserved. Address
W.A. JoNKs, Secretary.
To(lie niemlier* of llutte hajge No. 1, A.^4^. I . \V.: You arc hereby reipieated to^meet a( Miners' I'll ion ball on Monday,^June 'J7, at 1 p. m^ aliurp, to atiend the^funeral of our late lirolher, W. K. Jorilan.^A full alii ndaiicc is n oucstcd.
K.IIAKTl^iif., M. W.^W. t'. Hah lit-;.oic,^Kecording Nccivlaiy'.
TheI'nioii Pacific will, until further^notice, sell excursion tickets al half faro^every Saturday and Sunday from lluttc^an.I all Molilalia I'nion stations to all^stations south of Silver How, in Montana,^giasl tor return the following Monday.
MutilansI nt.,ii Ksltwajr t'o.^Commutation tickets, hmiicd lo.'IOdays^fr.-ri date of sale. giKMt I^^r^^_' trips iH'twccll^liutte and Anaconda,
S.H. C'alokkhkao.
SSTsVanr^r sals.^Saddle horses, work horse* or driving^horses lor sale. Uu Monday. June. L'J, I^will have a la-ind of horaos at farmers'^ornil. lluttc. t ome early and get your^I hoiee. W. II. 1-ockhart.
Ilorarasutl Mules For Ksl*.
Ihave a lot of work horses and mules,^also seme small horse, and mules suitable^laf packing which I will sell very cheap,^liinu.ro el J. T. ( artoil, liutte or Ana^^conda, Mont.
Intime of BJBSSS. prepare for war^^against the house fly. Blume'. |^aten(^sliding'w indow aereeiisoill do the work.^Leave your oixxlrs ut 7a Writ Park.
Kperlalattention tu. n tu rspslrlng nl^kniiivi ( l^ ^ oiin.il plumber*. |M unit
sicmiiiiiii.i'., Stttatal ti.in. ,v Kii'in'.,
Atsinalreel. i, 1, e1 ..nr *^0H.
Ivrurgr ^ 0'4'i^nni,r. pliimlirrs, ja* unit^alenni lilitT*. Iisariurill t..n* ,v lv!cla^blutk, Mutu strrel. lrb-phoac '.'0M.
Mlttr, June 26.^While there has been^no notification as yet in celebration of the^nomination of (.rover Cleveland as the^democratic candidate for president of the^United Mates, yet there i. a general feel^^ing, and a growing one, that lie is the best^candidate for the |^osition, Itccnuae tbe^^ ^ue moat likely to carry the country and^got elected. The fuel that tho ticket i.^running on a free coinage plunk in the^platform issulllciciit to satisfy every fair-^minded man. and the silver people will^rally urotiud tliut standard. Untitling^on a free coinage nlat Torm. Cleveland i*^admitted by all in llutte to Is. loo honest a^man to go back on that platform w hen^elected. The feeling in Cleveland's favor^grows cveiy day, and the democratic^candidate w ill evidently receive not only^tlie lull vote of the democratic parly, hut^the vote. a. well of a great many .liver^republican*. ^It is certain.^ .-aid a well^known democrat to-day, ^that silver peo^^ple can expect nothing from the republi^^cans. They are. openly pitmounccd^against free coinage. So the la st we can^ex|s-et is from tho democratic party which^gives us a candidate who ia sure to sweep^the country, and at the same time, wliilo^not a friend to silver, runs on a silver plat^^form which ho will never go back on.
ThereIs a well known young man in^town who is goitig to be arrested within^three days if he doesn't giro an account^of hia stewardship. He was around town^a few days ago collecting subscription,^from charitably disposed |^eople for u^friend who had been unfortunate and was^in tho hospital. He succeeded in obtain^^ing about $25 in cash and itlxrtit three^times that amount in promises. Yet the^young man he was canvassing for now^says that he never authorized him to^cnnvo.s for him. and furthermore state,^thai ^Doc^ has blown in the money and^the person for whom it was sutiecribed ha*^Hot received a ^^cut of it. There i* no form^of robbery no despicable as t hat which rob.^ostensibly for charity but really for de-^huuehcry. A complaint for obtaining^money under false pretenses has been^made out and will soon be served.
Thopeople's party i* arranging for^speakers to stump Montana during tho^fall campaign, hut then'will likely Is^ none^here liefore August. One of those with^whom arrangements have been made to^eonio i. Mis* Todd of Michigan, the lady^orator. Jerry Simpson has written, stat^^ing that he cannot say deittutcly whether^he w ill api e.,,- in Montana or not. He i*^inclined to think that lie can reach a^greater number of voter* by speaking in^the Ka^t. Miss Klla Knowlcs. the |h-oplc-*^party candidate lor ottorm y general, is^preparing herself for the slump and will^ap. ak ill all the cities of Montana. All the^nominees of the parly in this state tuivo^accepted and will make the race.
Kive-eentIs-er houses are increasing in^number, in llutte. Some way or other^there seems to lie no halting place be^^tween laser for 15 cents anil Iseer for 5^cent*. There arc l.Went house* in llutte^and there ore 5-ceut houses. Hut there j.^no boor for 10 cents anyw here. It would^seem that a general reduction in price*^to 10 cent* would be Ix'tlcr than all at^^tempted wholesale reduction which will^only catch the hobo*.
TlieMinisterial association is said to lie^meeting with considerable success in its^petition for closing ant boor halls w here^women are employed a* waiters, or em-^ployi-d in any way except simply to fiirn-^ish'muaical entertainment. This meet*^with general approval, permitting those^places which arc ros|^ectablo and disus^^ing of the objectionable places. Tho pe^^tition is being generally signed.
Creditor,of tho Estes A- Council Mer^^cantile Co.. are hereby notilled to Nettle^their accounts at tho olllee ill the old loca^^tion. Carroll accounts may bo settled^there also.
A.O. l\ W.^Emblem pin* at Ley*, tho Jeweler, Ows^^ley block.
Dr.C. V. Norcro*. ha. moved hi* office^to the new Ow sley block.
YVatche*at cost, :W day*. Ley*, the Jew^^eler, Ow sley block.
Forgasoline telephone So. 317, Butte Oil^company.
Aboutthe quality of some^thin^js tlietc may not be much^ncccssitv (or bcinj; exceedingly^I articular. To some tilings you^can close your eyes and not be^very seriously damaged. With^other things, the fact is other^^wise; with nothing is it so empha^^tically otherwise as it is with the^me licines which you take, no^matter what the lisSCSt may bo^which vou seek to remedy.^Either the drug is all right, or it^isn't, and if it isn't right, it's all^wrong- there is no middle^groupd. There are some direc^^tions la which your own personal^cue can I e of no possible service^to you; you must rely upon the^druggist. Vou can rely most^implicitly UMM every prescription^which we fill tor you. VYc make^this' part of our busincis come^first always.
R.11. PAXSOlt, Manager.^jj^ Wett rark St.. Opp. tvmral aeajjk
lll'TTB, Mo.M.vs .
Telepl'.o.iaNo. 271.
Celebrationof Low Prices Thronghont^Onr Store.
TbeReason For Sncb Redactions.
Tonlay Regret Missing tbe Sale.
Previou.to the Fourth day of July^^The day on which the principles of in-^lil.i'KMiKM i were inils-dded in the souls^of all true and loyal A.MKHK'A.nh. we will^prepare a celebration of low prices in^every department, giving every man,^woman and child a chance to buy^merchandise of all kind* at rodiculously^low prices, for this season of tlie year who^ever heard of such reduction* a* men^^tioned below at this time. The question^U naked, why do we do thia'.' Wo find^ourselves over stocked with a great many^line* of goixl*, too many for thia time of^the year, and have decided to unload at^prices that will justify you in purchasing^at once. Y'ou will want a new dress for^the Fourth, sco our selection* before you^buy. Whitk Goods. Challies, Satineh,^Ginghams, Brandkmiiro cloths in^pattern* mid styles not shown elsew hero^ut price* fully twenty-five per cent, less^than eoni|^eting houses. Ginuhams for^^merly 20c now i:ie. 2ac now 17c and so on.^Skkusk kkk GlNtiHAMN again in vogue,^regular 35c quality at Hie.
Whitkooods formerly 12y^c now 8c.^Better qualities reduced from 25c to 15c.^China PRINTS, satine fini.li, desirable^pattern* at 5c a yard.
Spacewill not perm it us to give a full^and complete account of all reduction, in^our .tore, but low trices will prevail in^Dress uoods. Men's fl'rnishinos.Under-^wf.au. Hosiery, Parasol*, Jackets,^Capeh. In fact everything in the dry^goods line of which we have a full assort^^ment. One week more of the bargain* in^carpets, you cannot blame anyone but^yourself if you miss thi* sale, A few of^the values wo mention below.
WEOFFER ^17 pieces Ingrain^carpets at a reduction of 12)4^to 23 cents a yard. Prices rang^^ing from 19c upwards.
WEOFFER^ 23 pieces extra^heavy, wool mixed and all wool^filling, ingrain carpet, at a re^^duction of IJ and 17c a yard.
WEOFFER^27 pieces extra^super, all wool carpets at a re^^duction of 22 and 27c a yard.
WEOFFER^33 pieces Tapes^^try carpets at a reduction of 16^and 2jy2c a yard. Price from
WEOFFER^11 pieces hand^^some Velvet carpet at a reduc^^tion of 29 and 33c a yard. Price^from 95c up.
WEOFFER^16 pieces Body^Brussels carpet at a reduction^of 21 and 20e a yard.
WEOFFER 19 pieces of Mo-^quette and Wilton Velvet car^^pels at a reduction of 25 and^33c a yard.
WEOFFER^298 pairs of Dra^^peries, embracing all the lead^^ing no\cities in Nottingham,^Irish Point, Renaissance, Brus^^sels Point. Swiss. Silks, Velours,^Chenilles, etc., all go at a re^^duction of 15 to 25 per cent.^Lace Curtains at 75 cents a pair.^Better ones at 95 cents, equal^to Il.tO curtains elsewhere.
WEOFFER^ 29S Smyrna Rugs,^all sizes, new and attractive de^^signs, ironi S1.00 to $3-75 each.^Rugs from 25 cents each and^upwards.
Theabove lines are especially^set aside for this sale. Come this^month lor genuine bargains.
pollSALE- With itor.il title, a group ef aeves^(^'.d brarlug ledgrs. unn ledga well devsW^oped, with to shaft, with two level., one 120and^th;-o'.her 130 feet; plenty of good-pavlog ore In^light; al^-^ s first eU.. lC-statnp water mill, with^hia 1. In j lioate an I all mi'-bnllding, on ground.
Goadgrated mils and plenty rf timber for^in.ulug: ulso half mile of w ater ditch with ^uftl-
cent water to run a loo-.tampnilll. For further^lartlculats addrr*. Win. M llaadlnc llutte.
. ^ ^ ^ e ^ i ^ ^ ^ ^
WeHave Just Received -
- A Cat Load of the Best
20lb tubs at^10 lb tubs at^5 lb tubs at
Perround,^20 cents^22 J^^ cents^25 cents
Thisbutter 1. GUARANTEED equal to any^butter mad. In the United States.
Wehave alto received a car load of
Whichwe will tell at $5.75 per cm.
Thesegoods are GUARANTEED abiolutely^fresh.
ButteCash Grocery Co.,
TheOnly Square and Crowded Hoos. It^the City. Two entrance, from Wyooung^Street lor Private Parties.
Vocaland Instrumental Concert Ever*^Evening, stranger, visiting this resort^are alwsr. treated courteously. The^t'Upper Shade, ha. the larget* transient^and local trad* of any Bouse la tat^Westers Country.
Bnach24 North Main Street,
OvtrButte Hirdafirt Cmpany,
$3 AND UP.
A.a matter of course you do. If ret^waat to live high aad at a modoratt^pllce put up at the
WhenIn WeUaee. Ilaho. Nicely fur-^Dished room.. Excellent table, set with^nil the market aflnrdv In fact, a llrst^class hotel lion't overlook Thr Idaho.^Meal., ^^ cent.. Hoard, Sfi.so per week.^Special accommodations (or romii'.crcial
KRATZE*4 JOMS, Proprietor*
ANDthe right point in hnviiig drugs^and be .uro to GET SATISFACTION^^you must go tci the right place. Tlie 11 us^Jarltyof peoplo in this city know wh 'rt^that is. Tl ley know wo hit the [slim, yet^do not offend. Wo have what is wautot^ill our lino, and our line include., tho
BestGpn in the My.
I-aCarolina (Imported) - 2.'^e ea-h^Manuel Garcia ^ ^L*Jc each
AmericanGirl ^- '1 for L'a.
LsSaSSiTCeyWe.tl -^ 2 for St^Flora dc Andora (Key West) 2 for -So
Marguerite. Doineatiei ^-2 lor -00
D.M. Newbro Drug Co.,
Wholesaleand Retail Druggists.

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