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VOL.III.-NO. 311.
Ariain D^scripti(n i What All Maj^See if iff Will
Sut-hbright, warm duvs ns hare smiled^Upon Montana during the past few ^cii^^make one almost w ish that Iim hail been^bom a spring pool, with all the HfJMMi to^Iron* other pggpfg that Mich a birth entails.^IJut u plain, ^ cry-tluy inn tul MM not^give expression lo the ciilhiixinsui winch^well.*-, up unhidden from the depths ^f hi*^plebeian soul nt eight ot nature's affgfgg to^throw off the hahiliincri'.K of death mid^clothe herself in the robes of li'V anil love^^liness. Oh. no! Thin U tho os; cci.il^priv ilrge of the gifted few, und you and 1,^gentle reailcr, must not encroach i:pon^their domain lest vi e be sat upon with tho^Jorcc and crushing effect of an able-bodied^^I'd well directed pile driver. So di not^be nkirhc-d; we know our gait, and will^not prei time upon tho patience of a long-^suffering public to indulge in any nonsen^^sical rhapsodies about tho return of sum^^mer.
Butsummer is hw, pint the unmn, nnd
wetal;e tins opportunity to anumi-i^ 'he^fai t to tha people, lest In the hurry anil^worry of busim--* it .^ hnuld o-cape their^observation. It-sides. It is our g mil fort^^une To live in i place where summer an^^nounces its presence by other and^plcnsalitcr means than suffocating heat^an J oust nnd drouth; eomieifuei'.ily we^may have greater i^ ami. to weleoino it*^return than othrr- igrfsggg livea are not^cast in biic!) plea-ant places, and may^notice it 'quicker.
Ourplr.ro of residenco Is Poinmat,,^Where tho approach of the 111 * s^ t delightful^season of the year was hcruhlid some^Inno ago by grassy lew n , anil bursting^buds nnd blooming (lowers. Now the en^^tire residence ngftJaa of the city is em^^bowered in green groves, and to sp in the^tower of the now hotel and look out over^tho city one might easily 11e.1g.1i-' hu.i-.eif^in thi- midst of a veritable garden of para^^dise. On every hand there is u pleasing^contrast of color, and to a lov er ol tho^beautiful tho scene is entrancing bcyoml^expression. i-ixtending lln- view up and^down ami across tho valley the loveliest^landscape picture that eve.- dcrglnod tho^eye of an artist is Is held. In the fort-^ground lies a broad ^ spa 11 so of level or^gently rolling country, relieved of any^suggestion of motiuloiiy by numerous^tinilicT-girl streams who-u- courses can l*o^traced from the points where tiny enter^the valley to where thay join anil leave it^together 30 miles below . Hack of all, ami^lonning an appropriate si tting for this^beautiful scene, are the grand old mot:n-^turns, rising one aliove the other until^they gtjggjittgftg in Blgjaalig pgggg grggtaa^beads tower farubuve the line of perpetual^sr.oiv.
TheBanker Hill A Sullivan Surrenders^to the Union Forces.
Troops From Forts Sherman and^Missoula Ordered to MM Scene^^Tho Present Situation^and Outlook.
Purelyft is no wonder that the eitlzejis^of BsMMM ore proud of their city and its^surrounding!-, an l it is no wonder that^those who once settle here nearly always^^villain. There i* in, mote atli actil e spot^on the face ol tiie earth, and as business^opportunitiesheie an^ excellent and every^^thing is prosperous, there is no reason^why any resident should ever become dis-^eouieutcd.
Bozcntanis a prominent candidate for
thecapital, and* hi i i lianc s for w inning^the ca\ elcd pri* ^ nre til} Itatterittg. lie-^lllg. for many reasons, the l^-t resi^^dedity in the state, if rggl gggl
thecapital her population will bo won^^derfully increased within a very few^years, ami it w ill be mi Tensed, too,^by the be tter clas-- of our pcop.e. The^fact thai Moutaiiaus all over the state are^favorably imprtKM 1 w ith the outlook fur^ffggrgngg W evidenced by tie great intm-^ber w ho have im i ^ it. 1 iii r- al i state heru^iluring the las; three or tour months. Tho^great'-r portion of these w ho have bought^lots intend to hull! re-id.'nccs and mako^Uozcmau their periuaticnt alssl^. Some,^however, have tsiugiu for specu'ative^impose-, knowing that in no event will^Bggeiuun properly ovi be wortli lass than^it is to-day. and that in the event of In r^getting the capital tU^ir property will bo^wortii doulile what they paid for it ju-t^as sisvn as tho result of tho election is^announced.
Forspeculative purpose*-, no one can aa^amiss in buyin;; any property off. red for^sale in Hoz' ti.ati. ivit those who wish to^I urcliase lots mi w hich to build homes for^themselves wtil hndonr West Side add.-^t.oti suitertor in many yggrgggta to^other portion ct the city. It i- well wat^^ered, has gnggttgatl It* gggl la local -i ,-.^that part of tin tow n n Picii w illc-. rtilually^In- built up With the bgtggV class of resi-^d sjts
Ourterms are otie-thinl cash, the ns^ina.nder in I and 12 months without inter^^est-, or. $.u daw n am) $K^ per month until^lots an- paid for.
Ik*N. --v im. general agent, room %^Owsley block, rtett. . Mont.
SeeorgeAudi;, Cc'ary house. Granite-
S|Mv|a1Dispatch to the Matnlat I.
W.vli.aik, Idaho. July 12.-The excite,^inent here to-night is intense, although^the actual seat of probable hostilities has^bggg transferred to Wurdnor. 1 he inn n^has absolute control of at cry thing w est^and north of Wallace, but the main light^^ing hpBB of the union is at \\ urdnor. Tin-^sl abs who surrendered and were captured^yesterday have been leaving the country^in dnivos nnd iiiaityure hid in holes m Hi--^ground. Tho union men killed in yes'er-^day's light wereiliree in number nnd the i^names are: .lames ll^i.nessy of Ihit.c.^Marry t'uinining. ami Augu^l Carlson.^The two non-union men killed niv un^^known. Five is the total nunilier e! dead^w ho MM killed ill the fight so far as^known.
Inthe rase of the explosion of the Hel^^ena A l'nseo mill opinions differ rM|^much as to how nialii weie in the mill at^the time, and although no one has yet had^time to make ait^thin^ like a search it ts^certain that STCCJt one v. ho wa . in or near^the mid at the time is dc id. Tb* de-^^tfttotlosj of tin- mill was ^eoontpllahod ..'^the thinl trial. I inni an eyi-witness it is^learne.l that scleral uien got on the tram^^way and loaded gome giant pow der in a^Bat and stSSj it dt..vn to the mill. Tie^powder expladed, lioittsj no damage. The^mill gumd-kept pouring lead Irom then-
WMnchsstirs up to the dump w bee* pn pa-^rations for blowing up the mill were^in |uog:-' ssj, A Maaad attempt with^a car w.i-mad^, hut it proved a failure.^Then the men. seeing that thc
eauldinn MUi| out tbeirpwpo^ fratn^that point, go^ aaalllj sround h^ ihe Riime
wherethe penstock sjsj down and into^'lit* null. BOX niter bos of giant powder^was run down the h-ineii pi|s-witha mil
quantityof a-ator until about S00 poUKds
ib'sappear-d. 'J'heii a fuse was attached^to a box attti sent after the rest and it: a^few seconds the explosion occuiti-d and^the mill was in ruins. An^ w here irom In^tollmen am Fiipposed to have met in^^stant death.
AboutM or more well armed men left^at 7 nYlec!. for W.irdnc ^. The -.ituuti^'r | taitutis e.ut .^became very dosperat^ and etcrylssly^w as expel ling a bloody llgii-.
TheMiners' iiuioii has couiph tc^ control^of e\ cry mini' in tl ^^ t 'oeur iTAlenes. 1 he^llunUer H'.ll ^ Sulloati people at Wardm-i-^stiriendiTed this morning and agree to^1'.'. olT atid discharge all non-union n ^:.^The non-union men are leaving the conn-^try in droves and it is raid that the sym^^pathizers of the assis-iation are also to^leave the country. The state militia is^expected to-morrow. The number of
deathsat tbe Helena A Priseo iplonlofj
isdouhth^-s much greater than ha-bei u^rcpi-rtril. but this rail only Is-den rtnilied
byan examination, wbleb has not pet^baon begun, Kvnfytbttigfapeaeoful lo^cla}'.
the.iktiov. trixip-a:'ee,.ieina, ff tIn- troops^euterthi-l iviird Aleni - i.vth' governor^orders tin- striker- w ill be completely Mr*^founded. It is inn ndi ! io h.i ve the M s-
aulatr .ops go to MuDaihwMai haaaa
frontMienn.m, with the militia, will pra^^eecd to Waixlner. The former w ill am I^down the guh-h i*i vi hieh tha miners a-^-^oim tating, and the latter up, while rein-^forectuciits from S|s I at at-1 Walla
Walla will a^d la Burrouodlnn iIm
Strikers.All militia sent to tli - t'oeur^d'Ab m-i will ha nndi-rord'-rs of Insna '^i^(ieneral J. I*, t Urtia af Iba Idaho -late
militia,tv til w.e racelved at n o'clock^this evening that Colonel t'.irhn of Part^Shcrm in left at 4 this at'crtns n with^lour coinp itiic- of i: ^ p- I t W.irdn i.
Itiri-tsioi PaaMad onick.^Kjiei-lal I'Pl-.lt' 'i te p ^ Matlil.lt !.^Wasium.Tox, July 12. Harrison has
baaamoraandden ibaafb remor Pnttlat n
ofi'ct ns, Ivnnia in ordering out the mi'.i- .^i Inrv-to icttle a strike. 'I Ins morning at
an curly hour l-e lasuad an order, a b I^1 Senators lltilsiis nnd Mioitp had lui-ti :
iwor!\ing for all n;ght. to hatra traopaaai
10the CoSSJf d'A.a in mines. The seiiat-i.'s^j weix- up all nighl rcccving teiegmnts I^I from homeland ihe% bad Indtieed fit lineal |^ReboAeld to make arrniigeuienta foror-^derttig out tmops long befom the pn si-I^den' had issued his onlcisoti the re-pc -t i^of Has af nor Wlliey* Tbraa eaajananja^irem Mis-o.d i and twoliam fjBtt ^in r-^i.iau v ere oideti d to pit., ee 1 lot fan str'ke.
inatuu.inaaaarand sunt^ ^^! autiiority.
Atfmti Mm ran^Sis clal (M t^ Hi.- ^t:t 11 ^ l.
OOOVIn'Ai'M. Julv IX I lie steamer^tieorgie i lake- hi- lie, n waiting all i! -^for the ti-.k-ps fri pi Tort Sherman, ti -^ders to move have !s-en roc-cited at Ihe^fort, and 2*^ Hi' ii will leave fur Sboabons^county to-dav.
Airi^al of Troops at III Great Mills oi^the Carnegie Company.
UnionMen Still Rotnln Tickets to^f.-evont the lintranc^ of^Plnkartorts V.'hat tho^Work- i n Sav.
npattxto rcs-intc work i^'^lead mills a- soon as possible. There an*^many laoked out uien who ;nv willing to^a. c. pt the terms of the c -mpatiy and n-^titrn to work if tlMft could ba pfotOOtad m^! iloing s.^. It would Is- niH-cssary, hoa*^'ver,^| to sectin- additional outs: |e iioii-utnoii^help. He thought ii could in l la^ long Is-^I lore the cntuc plant w ottid I ^^ .I pat^atiott.
PraaMaMWebb of too Imalaan 'tad
iass.s-iitti.tu substnutiat'v iiilmit'cil this^' morning thai tie- woil.ui- n in all of ^ ar-^ttega-*s plants 'othe a^gfeg..te oT J^.'^- ,^wo-ial Is* call* d ^Ut il tin-1 ompattv at^^tempt . to-tart up I'.oiuc shad with lion-^union men.
'Ii.e rot Peeeional investigating iniii-^lllltte.- armed at Baaa and held ^ prehm-^inary eiaiierem-e w eh t ^nrnegie's aitorney^and others. The attorte .. saal tie- ^^^.tii-^panv would bk^ the lull.-! investigation,^and iIm* l-'r.ck would uppcur Is for.- the^e^v-m:nil!ce and ics.tly. I he eommlttci-^went |o llomesie.iil tin- afiern.s ii and w ill^begin taking ^ v idctn-e at 4 p. m.
Doingscf a LtetHH Compioy T!.^t^uperati:] in tLo Yi^i.
tjeth\i \^bi) ITS Ce-:;.^!PORS
HonRaTlsAP.July 13. Tin- night paaaed^quiotly. Ail Hosnaaiaad was in bolidaj^at: !te early this mo-ning m atitieip.ition^of tl ^ militia. [I aaa expected tbe troops^v ild irrive h^ du.vl^ri-ak and the p^o;.;e^ti med nut in anticipatiott cf that eveltl,^n idv to welcoii-.t- the blue-i-oati d t-ei-i '--
SelttatlVt-M of till S'a'C W till a pi1S'e:.si.,l|
srboalchildren and brass hands. Ii a^the situ ,lion Is caiue soiiicw hat bidicr, us
iatbabosjn sassed and the militia did
i.e*.;.p|^eai'. Tin-hands did tin-ir Is al to^keepuptba hmtHs of Iba multitude. It
BS alter '.' o'clock w hell Ihe el \ went lip.
';li.' triHipr. are co. itttg!^ Thev arrived
by train from the MBAnajrosja at I EnMitoyaa* Fraasrnalfnnd Benaflebd as so
lirceiisbiirg und iimsist.-d of Iba I eianon HIfiwataf Montana, .bid^.ag
Keoandand Thinl brigade-, uui iliei tug fiom the enthusiasm dknjdavi d by die^1.001 mi ii. miller the couunand oft' - i id. av men the new l-slge is Ismiid
sealSoowQisiStIsanMbjorarfttktwo Qnllkag la be a pronounced success.
:;uusand three Held pi^ aasu The sudd-ti I The chartpetied with the nam
iii..I in the absence ot the leader-of th^* of th^i e u'tivch attgagt'd and pupu-
SoBay M n Who HaVU Examined^tlio Atialrs ot tho Western^Farm Morteu'to Trust^Contpany,
KAILWAY ML N OROANIXB.^Kirsi Ladga In Waatana af an Raaployas'
ti .itcrnsl A ^ - chit laa.^Mi tit. J tilt, I.', fins evening in the^parlors oi the Mcllerniotl hotel wn-. or- I pn*;s'4r
anus d tin- asalnoa kntja ol the .Uo
tlovcrnof\\ llh-v'- Hosa totlu- \all^'li's^i ll It f I vi ^ iii i ve.
Bilsf, Idaho. July 1.'. The lllliaalag
nwaaagan*aa aenl hy L^ovemor WUlay to
I'nsid'tit Harrison last night:
Thisin. mui.: rut gag alaagabsg b| the strll,^Ing llllllt-ts u| Die l eii'T il'Aletie ilislri.'t i-nlil-
iniicisi. a mi l hits eci-ii iiiuwn up ii^ gyaa i^mile ei.l iitatiy na n loll.-a ::;.,t it.iiueil. In
s]M'itill 'o-lli'lll! tilt-. I. a. II.. illlerllts 111;' I
thatggar gMargsstl gH'it '-eiislltiiii-J theiaali. I^Tit--i^-gisi:iti,it- is cat in si-.-i.iii sail rano.it n^iretitp'.iy ^^ iivctieii. The civi' autbuiWbn af
theci'tltttv lout sl'io- STS vv ally lllii.l ipll.le t ' 1
ngggsbip' c i ii'- batHats aranaaSs ngaa
fIns i. n, y.gsgabsfsaaj| ng sssa, wttbsgts
ltl Syngaa Is Inn lev. p, KIS-erS^ftlll) cpe Willi
tlicmiih, thiHi;*it I will otilcr it at ntice In Ph- I^l'n-1';. In llii- cinergi is ^ I 'In ie It :.e . s-ary t
sadfor Ha- aanaianga .^f fesosrsl srass^s, i[
Uieref.irer^s|tt*'st tli.it a s'lllicli'hi t. i- c l^- ile-^lsii.^'i fretn Pill tslit'ii.tnn nr ciscs iicrelg le-t^lu eiii!i-^-rt w 1th the -tan- mitliorglM HI gHdj^N. P. A\ ;i i.t \, le.vi rtie.-.
Saytl.ey will go
e.mpbtlti bitterly
upontli'-tn b| the^ST*1 association.
-ured oi regular
aiiforaip Btfaaaaa Bannd I*^'- it^- o air^i'AVtan Map in Waghlngjaani
agggggDsjpaagt la Mss Mangafg.
TkKOA,Wash., July 1.'. John MeTarna-^li.in. an ngeiit of the Suihv tn 4 ffuwbtt^Hill OOUSpatty, arrived here to-night in^ebargaof II men whom hi- bad ongi^in ttacereounly,C*al.^to go to ihaCorur
d'AI'ties.The party started ltoni Forest^Hill a vm ah ago 1'' strong. Ti.iec ol th. in^ggggftad at I'ortlallil. (In-., nllii de^^serted at Pendleton this morning, and
theremaining la, arba bnva arrived here,
gjgfartla r. The men^of daegption practiced^i. cut of die Miie-1 Iw n-^i In \ sav they ^vvcic as-^work in War-lner arid
wapaguarsnlaad thai then- aaa noatrlks
en.Thev tire nenrt] aU old \eva^!a and^California miners anl staunch union^itn tt.
WillHuffy, one of the party, said to the^Si ami\t::^ i ot re poiiilciit that th^ Bans^lo-i Hill people had paid tie ir fate to^Watdii'-r. T in men arc tie tt-lv all br-'I'i .
andyet say thag will walk back home
latherthan t do- the places ol' union it,en.
AMSSnhgff of stands of rith s and ainni'l-^nitlon have just passed through for Knoi^kauc. OlMg were Mil back by Sullivan
a;Hunker Hill anMutgnfa for bar of
theirfalling into the hands of union^miners. V special train has ju-t left f..r^Harrison to meet the gggl which will gons^\ey I'mtell Stales uisips fiom Oggttf^d'Alone ( ity. Tim e aoggnanlaa of in ili-^tt| are expected to pass through to-mgh^^for the scene of war.
Tin- Manager of the Hunker lltll anil^mill van Ti-legrupti lo i. o* crnor ttlllt-y.
H|ssial IHtpatili to the Maii-htrcl.
BOISE,Idaho. July 12. T he peo|i|. are^in a state of great excitement baga ^\ cr^the ri'port from the north. Tl gaarBUsg^( ompaiiv A, Idaho Rational guard, left^for the scene of th, trouble in the Oggsjg^d'Ah'iii's. They wen tie i at Xtitnpa by a^cot11pan.i from llallev. and a Uttta fiirthci^on Ie another, and at t e'l'.thev will bo^anJaaaKod by the militia Irom Moscow,^Oggssgaa and Volntag, fi pernor Wiil. v^t'snlay gggglveil wonl fn^m ttanaml Seln^^BaM at Washington that I'nitcl Stan s^Igngng from Tort Sln-ni ei. Idaho, and^1*1*1 gflaamilg. sfiinl . laid ^ a oyslaradto^the Banna, Tin y artt Is* ander aggaggj of^(lovci nor Willi ^ ate. eotip rata with tin*^state miiitla. Tha g. v^ tgar sajra he will^masa within 20 hours a regiment of I'tilted^Slates tiiH-ps and .o mii.htia ai ihe scene
oftheihnTctiity. bW baaaafci I for iNgpg
froml'otts Spokane and Wall i Walla.^Thc^ w ill follow ihosc already started for
thef'oottr d'Aleties.
V.M. ( ieineiit. gngngfgrol the Hunker^Hill and S'liiivaii Mining c^ i i av. to-day^aired to the gorernor to stop the iroops^fiom coining into the Caaurd'A^esaa for^two ilsvs. as 1,(^0 striking rnlnalg bad^control of that company's m Bag and^mills and w id blow theiu up a^ soou as
Trli'graiiisto lilsliti*. Iti |iHnealatliaa Mt
HieNai inn-ll , aplfat.
W.V-.pt-.l.ll'N,July 1J. Senators s-lioup
andDubois of Idnba bntra raoobrad u iium-^!^ t of di-pati !n - in ragunl to tin-mining^troubles in the t ts ai d'AI'-ne region.^The gVat one came frot : M ir-i.al^Piukh.mi. w ho t ^an-iiiit ti d a in* -sag* - fmui^p man named John Kindiat Wallace, u--^portbag fighting at the Gam and Priaoa
minis, sayia ;:
We are \h*v i tli la stop th.nflii-t and fear
in.iti)it lit he klU'si sail mills Put lied.
With'he teaagrnju com lining this h^^lormaiton the aagajgara want U^oaMontba^Bronggeut and secratari of oar, but gggg
l.fitable to si ^ either, the lllesldel.t being^out of the city and Iba Bonn 'taffy nwav^from the dcpartini ut. Tint thi-u ealitd^on the attorney ii-tici-al nnd aftgf a ggn*^Miltutioti with htm telegraphed tic g.u-
l*rtllr iis to the cotll lit lolls imdel vv llllTl the
affoaldantcould art In aba nsattor of call^^ing out i'i oeral tnsips io aid in inni'itaiu-^ing older i.nd pre-crv iutr |w.iee. At mid^^night It.--^ ii aloe-received ihe following^Irom Attorney Banjaral t cargo 11. Hula its^at Hoi so tin. Idaho:
Thegovernor Is now preparing toeagaa las^Brasaaentasf traaos, if pos^tt4a be trUthata^BaaTgsrsg|taagrdas that i.;.i. i- auTbeb ^ i^anga tin- a-ai ai parlan 1 lo Hut oauaaodaoi t
Tortggarn 11^ awes tns liaass ay Ivia
Mi-gjn ii*i.i Vardgar, Mait^ livessrsssrsady^lost uii'l aiiieli pr^is*rij li'-stro) a. TThegsoliMi^BMNtggte gfarduar. Rtvfytahaj gaardeueggs^mi BfaMptaess,
Thelah-si d'-pa'e!,;s reeeivad by the^senator-.--gin ^l bv fiov- rnor Willey.t*-^|s^rl the easimltii s so far at - ix killed atid^seven wounded, and f* ar i- e\p(s - ..|^that tin- scene of violence may cxti t.d to^other p it -s of tin- Mate, necessitating iba^plot-lamaliou of martial lav.. The unkHJ^mini rs ate described iis all undisciplined^mob of 100 to -Vf'. armed w r h WTInrla stent^nnd revob ^ rs. They an-elm d with tin ir^suiccss. and will not Is* sati-tt. d^every new man i- driien from the mite's.^Many preliiuiunries iiate ls*en arranged^so that tin- preaklenl will ba abl ^^npaniptly,
ContganlesaC Trssps Org^the t aanr d'Alonaa,^W\siiim...ix, July l.'. -Tli.* gnaaadanl
telegraphedfiom vataiog i lasgggf MB me^secretary of wat to si ...i troops t.i(tl. ,i-^at with tha ^iv .1 a ut barillas in gtajaan nig
lifeand property in Idaho. In-ncral S. bo*
aVaadtbacaunoai talegra|sbad the pavatrajag^at* Idaho that troops aronhl is- sent at
once.He ids*i if (^graphed (icuctal Mer^^rill at Si. Paul to s*-inl llits.i- i-omp.iii.es^of infantry fgagg hfiaaoMgai and t.Te-^gt.i, icd (^-iicr.il I.'in gi r at San Kraa^^Cisco to scud all infatitiy ihnl could hc^span-d (knag port Sherman, and in cse^other Insips wen- iieecsat-y that tl.ey^Is- sent It-oin I'ort t tister and I'ort ^|**.^I,.inc. The pit sn! ^tit'^, ^;rder is a- Mi^lows:
J'.itht .'^'^cTft 11*1/ ^i ll'^ir-, tl'-;.-/. is/fori;
Theg ivernor ..[ the ^t;i* of PI..I1.1 esllisl n ti^BIT UB'h t soetleii 4 of Hi** cuustlpittna f^ * ss-^slstauei lu sii|.|^n sk',11^ a ^;^ iii*-ti i|i^ti ii'sii'-e^abV-li the Hat*- a'tilioiilk-s .ti-' ' iial^!*^- l*^ e^trol. 'ttttl you will al on ^^^ -1 111 t^i l!i^ seen - of^the tlls.-r.n r mi a-i ^ i'ii.t. 1 -tei- of It^ t ^ 1
tttcUl-.lte-l -1..'.^a 1 I. ^n'J'.'.-i i.f ill- f -.
tl'iit.with 1 r*l* r^ tp ri'a* w.tli the ut.1
annagftta*kg Bfaaarrhuj i- ^ ' ^ taatasggtg^sad Bro|s*rty. I am ;* -. washlagtsa :^night.iti ^^ mix M ignjsox,
(jeneralScholield. 111 addiliotl lo lie ^:. 1-^''i'general gaggggandjhgg tnearm-. is .i* t-^ggg :ts s.-en-tan of war. tla-n-iltsin setlt a^te|e_^ram to Ihe got erii ir of Idaho that gg^Would seta! tnsipa. t,* tieial St ho'h-ld al-o^telegraI'h' d (k-n* ml Mi it itt. commaud-^itig th^ d'-partm tit of Dakota al S; Paul:
s*:..l tl'f's- * eiii|*aiil*^s nf :-,f.ii trv tn t '. M -^sotila I :^' r:ei ihr****t to ilm s f (gs ggxagg
strikanggagaMgrtisI the programme h r^Ilm igoaptgat. ggrt Ihe soldiers evidently^d 1 not I.I.e such treatment from meg^w I10111 they wen* sent there to keep nnk-r.
Thevwere n-icotsi with perfectreatpeet,^and h* ^^ am! I beta an attempt at .1 rot sr^w:is sent up by the onlo.'kiiig Bipyrglgl --.^'t Iii-1 iistps dt-si-t ml-d Ii* m the train,^1 rorMad silently. 11 tlx had 111 perfoat order,^. to !, ts'sscssioti t -! il.-' mil Is, i li-plov ed ar-
1lillery at-ress the M*'tlougabehi oppo'.ll'*
in giHU. sal plrlttts alt abngl ihe gwrka^1 ..ml st ith ,1 ihe tpicstiou oi takIt g gaagss^dag cf tin- mw 11 by angyahgnj ^^n. 1 omp.it v^ilaieitoth.' sir.ki ts' baadouartjara. .m-^I other to tbe trirlntty of the depot and a^I third toa i-hghl eitiiiieiiccoverhM.kiag and^commanding the comii.cifi.il i*i*titei^of the town. Tien Homestead w.i.^ill tl.*' balds el tl.e n.llltalv mid^gjgfthtl law had SIIHQIllad th**^nibitrary eaign of tba advisor) committee.^The citi/.ci.s ot Homes toad are deep!) dis-^nppointed that the milltbi thought it^geaaaagr) to taecapy the whole loam in-^sit-ad ot ggttftaggg Ihciiiselvcs 10 the mills,^hut gave no open evidence of the fact. It^was a complete aggjulgagtagg in th*' power^of that tat*- and giaro fully as tlssy etoul I^iba strikors geaaplad tin- gggt Itahas. Tha^batterlaaaevaaa the rlrer command the^w hole tt .vv n as well as Ihe Carnegie .v orha,
IVhcgthe troops arrived the ^t|^tl^erl^,^p elo-ls located in the BOfg^hhorhOod left^lh^ 'r posts mid c.iiigii gateil to watch Ihe^^*^Uiiers. The strike h-adei at onoa aenl^them beck to tl..- stgtb ns. tolling I hen I^they had 110 husln.'s 1*. ii av ll'ir |ios(s
aal Instructing them not m reaveaaj
non-unionman or il^-iis-ti\e tbrougll the^lines. T he leaders told them ihetnsipi^arould not interfere with theui in this.^Similar instruction'- wen* given toother^argtehmeg ami tba abobi striki nickel^line reformed outside of the picket of the^1 r -. p .
Thaeorntutttea,greatly crestfallen, n^lurnad to hwadquartera a-hora aa acrid^gggpgaakMt af tin* gfggglgag pgfgagrags^Ganetal Sno^ih*u s n-eet tioii was a bit a r^pal. A waiting campaign Vrna deckled^upon aa being tba only poaallde i*oi;ev^whtih could is* pursuad. Tha patnd ol
strikersiHitside cf tow n all ! the i .i.lro.el^djgpgta will Is- eoriiiuut-.l and ever) effort^made to keep Piukcrtoh watchmen mid^lloll-llllioll men out of till' ttiwll. ^We^nre not going to commit sun-nl*-.^ sa- l^lyihgimdl. ^^and eonewiueullj have lo^b-tw hi th*- Inevitable Tiro troops w ill be^I.en* for about Lvdays, it is : . t. 1 ,^are gmkatnkaad n an agpaggg id fdf^agga^day. How long w iii tin* taxpayers stand
thtu'.'And when the troops go away, as^cveiiluallv tln-v 1. est, how will tho iltgg^tit in is- changed V
Thegtilina will Is* no tbsttirla*ra to^|h;ii e. athl tl.e only rvaiuMI lor ordering
nutthe cntin \ It omil guard l^ Is'lli-V'sl
toIii- Intended to ronabtno ihaanaraal
eneaiuion t t v. th tin- pn .t rv at toil of^p'tl'lie |s-ac' at Houttsto.nl. The unpre.-^siotl. tin poforS, is iHcvalent that tin- mil.-^tia is Iii n^ to stay ihtt e or four v-.eeks. at^hjgjgii an I the baltla galxraag strikers nnd^mill-owners is now rang af 1 tidurariee. It^is evident that a reeling al 'hj* et in hgg^takt-ti ggggl .-ion of a luajoritv af the inch^since tin- appearance ol tho militia*
Thei-oiign -sioiial coiiimittce arrivt-d in^the mi-Idle ^f Hit- gggibMggxxtl ol the no |-^Ibgt ol the 'loops. As stsill as it was^k mw it that lie pun was in theeity a^lb leg.il.oti of 'lie hs-lo'd-oill mt 1 vlsi'ed^theui and n tillered die ho.pita sol the
city. Tlmmlttee hail an itiformal
tall,with tl'Houticll, w ho was ^|ss i.illv re-
ggaatadlo ha asaaaag al tha mreatigatioa
InPittsburg. Several oth^*r strikers wen-^questioiiisl. and in a lough w.--. ihee.ise^ol the 1*1* it, partit ulniiy in regard to tba^battl'-w ith tin- I'iukcrtotis, w... blocked^out. fluids also had all informal .ilk^with the ion,- . -men. but ba pleaded^that he had 110 information and Ihe offi^^cer* of tbe company at Pittsburg w oitltt^give every facility 'o tin* committee. The^eoiign'smien tin-ti expr* ^f.| a il-sin*^to view th^ -ceil' of tin* en^^gagement, 11ml i|iiit^ a large^pi-rtv started to tin* works. The^bai'l* ground mi th^ river bank wis^Minted 'ell and th-* position ol tin- Pings^ei'ton barges lltdTligntll BnfgMa lit irks
sidiin s^Idsaaa aaga agagaggad, and a
gi^d mental know Ic.is^ ^1 th^ ^ uuagc^meut secured by each of tin- inquisitor*.
'ih*lammlttia then patagnod to Pitts.
Tin* at r ingcnt* tils lor t stine-row^eoiitained only ott^ caggnsand. General^Bimaden I as nedat ^ d 1 hut the {rhalg lw-^lalitin shall baaaalajnad t * pntgal duty ami
consequentlythe loam will Is* il...-. uglily^pobei tl. T he strikers la lien-this order^was i-siicd .11 order lo cover the ahaflgT Ut^fntrrsltiehig ntm-tniion men into the w ^ rks,^but this is mors * .iiji etnas'.
cirel*s and
flicfollowillg^lilted: Past I ggsjg^II: pres'deiii,^. 1;. lafMMag 1
setletary, W. W. khnon 1 treasurer.C. ^,.^John- ai: cliiplaiu, A. Haw. s; etiiid'ict-ir.^Ii. A. Haul, a-tl. ; sentinel. A. ^ . Holman 1^trustiiij. w. M. Qetnna 11. M-1 afhot, J. M.^Id none t medical examiner, Dr. T.*l^ Mur^^ray. Sll|trellle ^ ItgalO/er t . II. Wilson of
gsnaasCityargantaed tha loggri ami in-
sit1: i' d the iii- ii I its iii the seetel s Bgjd
nivleri - of the eider. Tts'itorrow Mr.^W lis. ai w di Btgvg tor I hie mi to ugjlii/e .1^hslge thoea,
larly kttowti 111 r.ttlwa^w ill 1 etna in ojs-ti t^i d.iv s.^ng| in.in* ut atggggra a ata ^^pn a-ili-tit. H*lttgam Gemm
IM. Tallsit : va-nprt sidcllt. I
tut * silaars. Ihalr ^^^ ^r d'Ataae^gTmthatu and Hemeatoad Hravhatgi^III 1 I. , July IJ. T'o-uight a m ^^^ling of^the th^ Mun. -'unti'ti w as bold, at which^II. M. Magrttt, W. i. Weeks. P. Malou.n.^T homas g] uHhag -. W. K, l^f ucy . I^ - ph^Thomas and W. A. Shifclilin w.i.' gp^^Bointisl .1 eiiliiia.lt*'c to th ift
i-xpriive oi the uuton's symnath) arlth^Iba brothmn hi the t'oeur d* Alene ntinoa,^ami th^ working mi 11 al Hi*iiM*sti*ai|. Tic^c.^ iiaittte n-jiortisl ll.*' bJI^*v. utg i -.olu-^tt**ii-.. wh.ch tgggg ad ptisl. and copies of
srblebarks bo forwarded to tin- dlgTarant^union*.:
To^iii t-rettiers i.f tin-1 oner iP \leni -. I.i din
We.iinHntis Vim* is uaiundakei rarenre tssas
CI*'ill Colli CV his' I-' ^tll ^iii lit .11 iii -i -V 111 I'.lt I- V
sinlitMlorserwot nf ^oirr rsilon Iti ^our tat ^^Irnct'le In i'.et* ii'hn i viil.i In'titu- .11. I 11-lit 1.,^ram atroTratsens m our rotnrnoa i-iiiiitrif; aa*!^we licichy plislg** von nur enain i.ilile ^ujii 0.1^In tie- faturs i- 111 the p ist.
i'. ITi.'it we t'l.ef ^ it itmiusllfleil ran-^daagaattoa ^'1 tli*- rTakertira hrree sag dsaoaai *^in- in as a narrates1 bars! ut outlaw -. eutt ooul 1^re* taatnead tiint oat n rM*esentatlves in aungress^Iske Imaieillate stegs lit have iii*|. snarBBl I*^inked and sn end an ^agaal/atl^i thai is a ill-
KpeIgg Dgngggg to 111- stan I ir*L
lb. vi it. Julv 1.'. Later develapmanta
inthe affairs of the W**st^ rn Farm Mort-^gag--and T 1 ;s* comp ile, hav e all ominous^Usik f^f llios,. w In, ha*. ^ luaitag'sl tl.e run*^e^-rn. Tht^tim*-for Iba i-r^i.ion tnwulk^tlie rl-str has cxpinsl. a id novv i' appears^ih i' ihe officers of thee ticern. including^iln r*s ^iter, ti. W. i'. Griffith. Jr.. are^hi,' Iv la bare their turn. tTiarh s Hart-^. I. Judge Well, and others, who am^pushing the chums for their cheats^against tin- collapsed coiat; my. now sus-^|s . t cnum.al b.ibil.tv m ^^ w here, aa I^lo fgsd out where gga crookedness^Tin y openly ihs |ggg it to lie their bo-
Hafthat tlretblors of akg eaggggrgxy
hateI** eu ileins rately ggajgggsgi g\ ami^sueh f.icis as Je-I_ W* lis bad in his^P'.-scsi 1011 were laid fad the district^attorney tba other day. and In* was re-^ipi^ -.ted to I. .ii- the grand jury t ail licforo^it tla* eh-rks and oflhs'rs of the company^ami sift the matter to the Isitlom.
Jinlgi'Well- was sen at his office^by the ret^**rti'r for the STAXOARIl^coui*cruiiig tin* s.isjM- '..| criminal actions^of the offleem of the company. He s..i I:^^Ih-iv^ mi absoluie prisif of anything^erimbxal on the part of uny indivtilual
eonnacksdwith tin- aanaggggj but 1 am
satisfied then' ba . Is.'cu consider ihlo
erooked'less. My eli**nts ciailtl IlloUey
'hata a * paid to the 1 otiipauy on mort^^gages, v Inch 111*tin v Ihey never received,^W hen thev aroaaaal ing alsmt the money^thev re^-ei, e*t t*-tters cttnitnisetl in -| nis-^i*all^ niaiiner. not ex.utly denying th.it^1 gg rampali) hail reei ii*-.I th*- motn \. but^word-si 111 Snag a way gg ..' gBtg the it is
|iis11 gggl di*- mortgage I. id n^t beotr
potl^ir. Tins pi -'i-'y vv* Iiav ^^ every^r* ^*i to Is'lieve was imsappiopiialeil,^ami 1 In ar thai tin re an* mini! *r ela'r-.s^einoui.titU hi i.s.'it 'hit ^it. Mv claims^an * .^p.i'.uiva!. soi.ll, hut I pni|s*s*^* t.i^llliii out ala*r Ibetuoii.y wetii 10 wincii^les.tliitioiis I wasfiaul tn und should Imva been 1111-^^gdlatelj lurnislov r l ^ my cIk iiis. I^bavi* rii|iif*ted ih^ district attorney to^I.mm the m i ter lo the aiieiitiou of the^gland jury for in 1 esttg.a .oil.
, v. hum. nt he it further
/,**.-.ti^ a. That aeaiisi aeenrg oar sjm^ami ragatrseareal la lbs ai ik 11 gar n at I
-I--.iii.. B-- that ^^ agM ptrdgi-rives la 1.1.
iti*t Hict.i mi ti asslstaace n* IP s w-.tlnu **u
|H.Wt1 lo 11 inlet If 1 ^ A.
KiHEDEI'AHTMENT MEETING.^It*-^il ill ioa^ of CondofgSMa l':i^-*-l^Re-^i ,,' ' ^I Mgs Mtk
He11. July Ifa Tha ggn ^|epar'incni^he'd its monthly meeting to-night, at^which a sp. ei.il i-oiitmiit' e. which liad^bngg gg^ollited to at lend to the relief of^the Joidaa famtlv. re|sir;e I that ,i*^'r..jj^of'1* KM apptup. i .1 d h id ilr idy bgga^-p.'.lt in shipiiitig li.e Isi ly an.I providing^ti.iii ^ |sii'iatii'U foi- Mi-. Jordan. The
r.illlliiiltiti n'sohitiotis of eoti^loh-lico
the foll.iwm :, which aerw
adaraageala eat ^ggnhtkagl fang if I s ibmiit^d
iih'ilist and two n pics onicrcd ill
BURIIii'- a 1 ^
unt 1
ita I ii'in-li Sinn
'of i I'^ it^llit'l lie.int.
P*i!s, July IS, A h aw hrggMM-
ctirr-edill the mountains ^ti-i hau-.iilg SI.
t.crvaisi^-s Bninaa. Wui1 smwat'i
tvarttiiiga l.uge iiuiuls r ^^! houses r.'i're^but ' il iiiuli r a mass of ns-k and oarth.^T he Iv i|. id Iiav^ .dn iul.v I^^ ^ ^ 11 I do n out^ami gngahet. badly bxyurt ^'. aran nai mil,^It Is ihotiglit thai MM b bgggggggnfng^l|^* debus. St. t. ivais is a v. - 'ling^plae* with -it'iihur spi-it.gs, .i.id n al'ai-^orile s 111111111 r n*sort.
A Dt 2
KaiUlslnll Sil
LtVi.-S Lt. -T.
Ic'vn'tTii'iniu/i far titjh'h /'u*/t-.|
TO Rhs-UIWE WOriK.^Muungcr iit'i. ggga ih't tin* Cggnggjla
Mills\t ill -. It ^ i.t.inr
1*1iTMti 1:0. July Ifk^H. t'. Frn-k. 111.111-^oger of the ^ .iru*^fie eonipatiy . said 1:1 an^interview to-tlay that it is the intention of
eaasorPagstsss Is nl.-i^t\ 11 Ii I* i-s* gfyai *.^I'llllll v. III.. Julv !.'. I'eori.i lake this^eteliiltg was th s^s*i|o of a hornlil-^1 it.istt.ipl-t*. A cyclone strie k the walcr
ahimtIflfTO and aaasdaad 11gggftalag
steamer,I'rallkie Kolsoni. with a parly^from I'ekin illsilll t^ oil Is ii ol. All bu'^I- liave Is-eiimssiuiitod for. It is ladievisl^lully a ilo/.-n 1 s^i ishi'il. \*i on1 i'ni'a,.*'.!^fgugg lb*' cabin. 1 In* work of bringing ti e
ikad a-lioti Is now iiipmgic--.
ttMunagongh Pgrh,^UmmiHUH Pvt..v. July l_. T\ingstcti^bloke lln* :^v ^ ri-f 111 long riconl I.^-^lav,^in iking the distant e w ith \^ nggggfjg up,^Daaagg mel Ntuekton have also^niM'ritl th' illstanci* In !:.^-,bm their race^wiiilowiiii ..tiaikjlit-away c.uirso, v.l-ili*^l-otigstoti's |s*i forinaiii-i* was uio'iud an^inner gfggnlgr gnggtgBi^Hat gfgginjggi Uagjagag won. ggmgg
liiuiilno-: I. K' * ioti ll aid. T i.iit 1^M\ fin I. lists S r Wain 1 grojstl omaa Tie
seco'id.|gi^'les^ thinl. Time, I :itj .
Ill** mil ' and a half Pis l Si out won.
Itemnil M'eond. li e eland third. Tt
Kitefurlong's Clggngjg ami, HangMM^si-coiiil, Miiinehalia third. T une. I i ll's.
Sixfurlongs \\ alcott won, Mui Young^second. Vault 1 tl.nl. Time. I tli.
Sevenlurlottg- Dgayonat and IgagfnkM
ran a dead heat, We.tchi s'cr stsonJ
Tggxg,1 dak
naggsadBy 1 1 gig).
lli'TTK,JggJ Ii. Kurly this morning^John Wilson mail-- .111 old and l it-. ' -e^complaint to Officers Scott ai d lla.Liiiati.^lie said I.** ind .1 friend h id g.-i..- into the^Spn'.id l agle -ti'nnii in W..*.tiling stns t^and h id bought scl eral drinks. Vex* he^^aal ih.'.v-had gone into a Is l agsj nil at-^j te'idatit iivl ^lit. I^ iii. frictiil*^'il. I^: tutu m tht hgg witlt one of tin- gill-, who^j then robls-d ggm of | '. ;.nt did il so skill-
!fully that he did lint k- II until after be
ItIt the rgvlnagL a h g b --.si his money.
I'eoisod lila Id. is*.1 ss Is ingtn - tauy
trhnrtdihudbhu ami demandaa her ar-
jrest. Tbe Worn lit w as al rested and Wil-^-'^1 gave g cash bond to appear ugaittst
il'it1 ^* 111 sitl-nii'-ilon t ^^!'^^^-.1.1* ^^ 11 'S. Hiere-
In*ll'itt^*riiv Ore depart-^aeerel] . raf an *i - ^^ii;...!-' ..ii'l la . t!i.-r. aa.l as^' It-! : ^ -l- ^^^ -v n -r*-l ttu^^g^.sl a
inch* J^get
heis afraid of
Wumivs. |t l a i*:I Mrii.slity ti-sl. the
nilaise riil*-r, I * teninv*' iri.iu .'.a mnl-t nur late^i^ ^ ai^^ aii-l i-'Cira.i.-. tt i-iisrii I- .lor..an ar**l
Viaggx is, I'liiia.: Iii^ ha t.in.- sa*l tl'irlog tha^t ^, r hi^ .'iinii ^ t.on trKb tin- rtu'te niv tire^c* t'.-illtn a' In- was an n'-l*-. fearl'-sssn'l ^-t4l*'t*'Ut^lio-fiiall. s c nirttsnis nlttiT, g ggM su-t tfuosld-^i t iiit I*. anil
Wiinin..Ian nr.* hi - .1'* ^ in* n--,-**st'^^^-
It'1 -. ^ CI'V tit It'll! . it' W.I- nil^ **f Hi ^ I .^-l ss-
tcestsdand rc-i-i'ti-ii I'll, -'..of -a: 1 tit', .mil
Ii Imi.ml* ileii'li i.i- i-.iiii^. ^ere deprived
IIilland luil l-:rot liusli d I a l^i tug lather,
.in1 t'cir tartar in ide
tt111111 ^^. tt ^ Ine^Hie s la of an all w 1-1^f. r . 1^ It
/. ml, 111 it vi^. tli.' ItilttelTt^ II
niHi.t.^*.irii*-s'l^ ami -i*r^p . ^ rat
Inin daatb m uat naanrds snd brol^i*- : ata is^ tbe ^m^- of hatts deeply
ii.'ltil It llii- .1* pi IV.-I tin* stil l I ^f
taanaad Ibr .-ity if sn true ^ cIII rag,
/.-.-.ii#.i,1 uat veextcadto in- worthy,Ma-^lag wliV so suddenly deprived ' s Buagaag't^Mip|s^rt ami eumfort. our raasl sbBMM Wfsggp
thyunit gis^I ^IH. ami I^ III^ tap 'nil lr-ti
ntoaf ageeasod i-i^iiir.sli- ^!-* ten*l.*r our^inie, our 'ate and a.*!, t^ reolaea ;'^ far as^possll Is tin loving 1 itm-r lak'-u from th *ni.
/.*.*-^'. ruat a copy of these raaatsrtiaas tie^i'l. -r-'s .. I iiml l.i.i..: m a - nialile p ie*** lu our^*;^^^#.'.I'm nt r-^ 111- thataeopy is* transiii.tteti^I- l.n* 1* i . .: ll..- ins-*, i-isl, .mil tlttl tll'^^li.' 1 I.'..... .'-^. . I 1.*t^ ^ 'I - - in^' tin* tli.1 lata
si* x o.tiii* Is- r*-*;i i--t* tl I-* pilhlisii Hie gune.^\ eotl.mittet* Og puteli.l.-tllg tltlifiirit's 10-
portadiba' the low* -! Hguraa that cm Id^gi-1 on la utiif mi ^ was *7r-..r:i. TTu* gggni^mi:ti ^^ was inatrneti d to r* is.r*. to the gen^^eral ti ti' ii irui'iit eomrrutli t*. -^t hit f Murray mad** his report for June,^showing tin* depart nielli had i- -1 ^-u '-^ d to^M-ieir alarms iluriug tba iu-itttli. Mftngr^eg ^ if ^*^^' is no d imag^ and in thn-o^the less w.i^ estim His! at M.'XJii. f-VV) mil^^' ^^'. The hlllcr Was the West llnsldvv iy^lit*-ami tha iitsur.iius* grgg giv* u by the^chief as fdljUM T he traaantnr raasngad
thatsince he last ii|sirte | In* had m*^p* inieii ;-.'.lo. and had og hand ..'*;*. ^'^in the gene ml I ind. Out of ihe relief^fund. K u uas baen paid lent ing a balam-e
Ti ^^ p* 1 a ^ tit a-of) g lot of lines O'l
inml^ !. lor tt^' turning out on the^Fourth ^^'^btly, anil refused ts^ accept any^excuses. All npis al was taken ft 111 his^1 rag, aad tho deportment sat down on^him, B'ld a ti'imlier of htistness excuses^sere s ^^^ad. Ti* ih.iir t ueti ant.oiim-itl^that he. loo, had failed ga Igrg out, and^tiie-d b'insv lf Jl. ahtch he prill.
Iiii.iiii.il . ' ^ v^ ^ 1 ^ 1. a.l and rc-^f.and to Ih^ linanee i-niiiinitt*-c. i'here^Is'ieg tao 1 acutu'ics i-n the fbuincc^cm ti- ^*. I. Krticgi-r and ths-rge^l-ipp ivii-e i-hs-ti-d to the poaition.
I^ eii.i.rm in also appointed a new re-^li -f i-eiutuiuts* '.^-.en i* for tin' next six
nuhs,1 i---its^sed of II irry t arns, T. J.^I! id \ and A. 11. ^ aiiieisin.
1. sec re- 11 v w as iustnntcil to prepare^1 li.t . deliiii|i:*'iit tiremeu subject to^'^a - or ^ ipulaion lo Is- acted tl|sill at tbe^t --x in- * f .g. Th'-re -v.ts s.*ute talk als^it^Hie 1 - u a iment, but the general commit^^tee w as not readv to rcjsirt and an ad-
irninonlwas taken aatil aont Tucsilay
I--v'1 tun.' it is expis-tisl t*i Is* txtady to^siibinii a statement of their work.
1agaanra gjooat si^out.^i'* vx v, .l ily U. Tie aubtcrranegn
rumblrngbiootMronakrawith Mouut faggt
isless fn-iptciti. The eruption fix'iu new^Aaaueag ut the summit ihreiiteningthe^v Cages on the .'astern anil southern de^^clivities ii|t|H.irs aLsHit to cv*Ase. Tho^principal 11 .Her. how cv cr.-how s signs of^^ . .\ and -tre.im of lavs
ringin the direction of Ntcolsi.

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