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Deliveredby carrier or mall at fen dollar* ^^year, throe dollars a quarter or^one dollar a month.
lathe only dally newspaper with te|^gr*ph dlt-^pttcno In Door 1-odit. county. It print*^more telegraphic uewsthan tiny other^newspaper In Montana.
CatTMpoDdeneean^l business Icttera ahould be
Comerof Mala and Tlilnl streets. Anaconda,
officialtaper OF Dtt1 lodge form.
thursday.july 14. um.
Freepoinapo fared well enough yes-^terday in tlie inlnitv,' rung res* at the^teiii]Hirar.v r.iiutul, hut in the other^congress at the |'0riii.ili out eajuta! it^Iiuii hard luck. They s.iy that il is all^ni^ with the mmm tor tin' ]^io:,ont^session, ami that's MvIbbM* true^ttuiitfrh^the cry of t eril in a MOB^^ilcnti.il year prevailed; thus |mlit teal^exi.edu iicy triumphs over rijflit.
\Vedon't know that there's any (rood^in making use-lean excuses in this husi-^ncss fret*coinage in voted down and^that's about all there it of it. A ma^^jority of the dWQfWrtl ho'ding seat I^inthehnuse.il represent ;it ives collie^from constituencies which declared for^free coinage at lie-time when the elec^^tion!, were held; many of these mem^^bers huvts evidently yield-.! to the^argument thai New York must be.^sa\ Bd,
Inthis matter the democrats have^shown tin in elves very neatly as hos^^tile and as cowardly as the republicans^proved themselves to lie; we suppose it^will be strictly fashionable to say that^free coinage is ^^eliminated^ for the^present campaign.
Weshall go to press just the same,^every morning, even if it isn't mute as^much fun i.s it would have been bad^the democrats done their duty. They'll^have to vote free coinage left re tney^get though because it ii^ the |^cople's^cause and it is bound lo prevail. NOW^York lost or New York won. ^^While^we wait.^ the only sensible thing we^can think of to do is to go to the races^and make or break there. They begin^111 this town to morrow, and there^isn't any New York to be cared for in^them, thank Heaven.
UNDtRNEW CONDITIONS^Vhitelaw Ucid's newsp;i|sT treats^ti.e force bill in a gingerly way these^days. The TiltmiK takes pains to say^that it is not committed to the details^of the measure, that the bill failed In-^cause ^some republicans doubted the^v, ;sdein of its provisions.^ and that re^gardtng future legislation there isn't^anything particular for any part of the^country to fear.
Thisis all very well; it indicates Mr.^lleid's fear of the effect of the measure^mi the presidential canvass. .lust the^K line, the Tribune was the blattant ad^^vocate of the force bill when the^measure was |tcnding in congress, ami^it was grossly harsh in its criticism of^the republicans who refused to support^it. Several republican senators came^in for the TribuH^'* abuse at that time.^They were severely scored, their mo^^tives wire impugned and their rank as^trtii.t wi r'.liy lepublie ins u is callc.1 in^tpicstion. Indeed, the TribUtH Went^so far as to si\ that these men ^love^their purses mure thin justice and^patriot ism.
(tilthis question. Mr. lieid's new^paper cannot destroy tie' tMtlttOttJf of^its tiles'. Among the newspapers of^the country it was the most persistent^advocate of the force bill in its worst^form. It did not than loatiM how^wide .| read the popular h itrcil of the^^MMN was and is.
Ina letter printed In the IMtltMN^Sim oil the lubjed 1 f uegru lymehlnea^in the south. tier. John s Lindsay,^while holding that lym linig is never^to is- {notified, rxprcsaM the opinion^that the storu s o4 soataeru ijmcblngi^circulated in the North are gros ly and^systematically i \a : S rated, lie is^aware that in the preaenl political sit^^uation there is ., ki en demand hsf^b!oody-s!nrt literature, and that the ro-^pnl'l le in pat ty Is doing its best to re^^vive Hctlonai prejudic by causing to
bepuiilishe I and republished w ith em^^bellishments Um ] artieulars ef ev.ry^lynching, real or hnaginsr). alleged to^have taken place in the south. I'artoin
religions^agattnaa hive anwittingt)^le^ n cnlisttd in the cause of iDreading^the*^ falsities a:.d exagg-rat ions, and
uiiKpioaoaml bishop, the i;t. Bar, \. c,
t'^xe. h: s issued a form ol pray r for^the i.raitreateil colored nUMa,^ As the^campaign w.umi up the colored people^in the North are to be induced to hold^^piayi 1-meet:r; s to invoke the aid of
;.d.^ as has been cast am of their
I11 ' hreii in the Hi nth at election time.^Special effort is to I e mule to le.nl the^1 nil preacher:, lo keep up the hue^and cry unceasingly. Il Is all a part of^a well laid plan. In a recent interview^ol some c^ lored people with I'm .dent^Harrison he urged them to work^this vain industriously, collecting and^pnldhialngnil the ^toricaol Ijiiralagi
t!ay found or hea d about.^The I! v. Mr. J.tiulsay admits the M
ftioncn of paaaa iyncnlngi in the
seeph. and he appeals tothe I onthemers^to Hint e ill Stopping the practice be^^came ^they are taken as an index to^public sentiment in thesouthcrn states,^and society in those states seems to^the outside world far behind the rest^ol mankind 111 Christian civilization.
THEA\ACOXDA STANDARD.' T1^'^^^-^' ^;^ ^^* *^^^*^
business,and sluewd pohltennis w ill^lite the.so stories of southern ciitrugea^to inffiiine the norihern ntind and se^^cure tie passage of the force bill,^which a northern republican senator^has described as the wi isi measure^that ever passed the threshold of the^I'uited states senate.
ItIs certain that the republican^campaign managers calculate upon^making mere than their usual amount^of capital out of ^southern outrages^^this year, if it is possible to do it by^systemaiic lying and exaggeration.
THEBONDING QU.S'iON.^The proposition in llutte is to bond^for a library building in the sum of^HWO.Otm, The question Is to be settled^at a special election to be held next^Wednesday. In preparation for voting,^the regiitry books will Ik- opened again^next Monday.
Duringa fortnight the community^has I.stem il to yards of talk and has^read columns of new spaper comment^relating chielly to matters which are^merely incidental to the expediency of^the act of bonding. A pretty lively^controversy regarding the site has^been kept up, and bad faith has been^charged. We have no idea how much^this talk amounts to ^ r what sort of^an impression it has made on the |*o.^pie of liutte.
Alibrary is a good thing in any city^the ] 1*0pese-.l library would be a^worthy pi ssession for I lie city ^ ^ 1 llutte. I^Pn MM) il would have pretty liberal |
patronage,anqnantnntaMy M won h i ba j
auseful agency in a city which hit herto^has hardly done its share tow ud the
udvaiKetnenl of tba aanunnnity along 1^literary lines. The movement started^with tlie gift of ^ handsome nsjaj of^money by a citi/.i ii to win in lliitle's^debt of gratitude is thus made vary I^largo. The argument made by tie se |^who favor the bonding project is that^the city should show itself as generous^us was the donor of tlieoriental library^fund, that llutte ought to be pro^^gressive, that tin- paonM ought to pay^Raori bNd In intellectual growth, that^the community is rich, and that the^library would lie a nrido to Itutte as^well as an unfading source ^ f benefit^to Its fiti/enn.
Allof which is true enough; yet we^fail to see any parti^ ularuianifestation^of generouily, of progress, or of public^spirit in a movement whereby a imlor^loantf rich city incurs a inM which
fntnraciti^i at of itutte win a* left to
pay.It doesn't cost vci v MsOtj to Vote^bonds, that is the cheipest way in the^world m which the citovns of Unite^can show their generosity or patroipze^literature. If the people of Unite want^to show tlicmso|\c, generous, as was^Um donor of the original ^*U^.^kh 1. they^should do as he d:i! they should put^up the cash.
OurIn 1 a 1 is that I he targW portion^of the money needed for the library^project could have been raised in spot^cash aasong the prosperous I usiliess^men of llutte mid that 11 ought so to^have been raised, rut her than to vote^into debt those who are heteafler to^bmt the city's burdens. The living^generation in itutte has been inarvei-^oiisly pros|iered. I luring ten years, in^every leading line of business and com^^mercial activity, men have been suc^^cessful at a rate nnd 111 11 percentage^w hich luobably il Would be impossible^to match in the 1'tilled States. In^certain directions the cilizcnsof Hutte^have been fainoiu.lv generous; at the^same time, the laci; of public spirit^has been anMO notorious, and this lack^baa been especially not ic^ab!e in ^ eria n^men who have ventured next to noth^^ing but who have simply set down and^permitted the place, by nu aus of its^own immense resources, to make Ihcin^rich.
Theteasoiiable presumption is thai^tba average business man in llutte, no^matter vital the city's growth may be.^will never Igain Witness a period of^profits ao generous as the naa] ilee .de
baanrangnt, a*, the sine tun^, ma
monumentalway or in the thnnanf^aorawnanl municipal improvement,^llutte naa next to nothing to show far^all that it Ins so liberally yielded It^ban no adequate system of sew ers; its
prisonand police piovisions are se.-.n';^it has . 'i Indifferent town hill. ;;;nl tl e^future was bonded to build it. at that;^it hasn't a si|iiare yard of v.eil 111a.li^^st reels although tba lie-t material 1:1^the world for 10 id foundation w ork is^at its smelters and can Ih^ had far^nothing. The In'lire citizen of Untie^will have plenty to do and plenty to^nay for. and if the city istohavc.i^library, the tune is never coining v. lien^Its ret nleuts w ill 1 e better able to pay^lor it than they ale right lieu.
Allof which, it may be Bald, is not a^conelu ive aignaaonl again.t ti e pro^Mnad bi nding. That is true; our aim^is lo shew that there is a bet I r way^th n bonding, and our opinion is that,^without resort lo iplati which, isat 1 as!^of donbtful mi nt, the people of llutte^ougM to r.u e Immediately at least^sa 1,000 of the atone* needed for tba^library project, fYeanppoaa thai the^chances are in favor of the bonding^scheme, because those w ho interaal^tneaaanivaa in il are probably attend^big to the registration. Poaalblr the^plan is Set! 1 than no library at nil.but^11 is not the baa! plan by any means,^eat is it just tlcit this new burden^should be shoved entirely on the shoul^tiers of the I mure.
Campaignclubs, thai laclubaol ti e^I .oil old-fashioned hind with nape,
capes,torel.es and all the parapher^^nal.:! fir making a stunning display 111
aajnoturnal acnaaaaii a, an- sh n in ar^^nnbtingthniaanvmer. it was a sad
blowto in works ilea i ts. campaign^outfitters and brass baud aropl 1 an^v. inn rHalna waa defeated at Mlnan^^apolia Mad Blaine lien nominated
alreadyevi tj hamlet in 'he laud would
benitnei :.g nightly d laya ^ 1 |ysa
podium,and the giant firecracker bus^^iness would be booming like the giant^firecrackers themtelvi-s.
Aait is, no girat intcnst in such^things has I ecu ccvelopcd in either^party, and alt hough running novelties^in '.lie way ^f torches t i d accoutre-^mcnls have been invented since IttKft,^the maniiisctuiers complain of very^slow and unsatisfactory sales. One of^these devices is called the arch torch.^It is worn by two men standing eight^ice apart. The men have tin helmets on^their beads,to the top of each of which^is fastened one c;.d of a wire arch,^fn 111 which lanterns are suspended.^Tin- effect is said to be very beautiful^and impressive, but it would seem to^be necessary f^ r ti e two men to bear^constantly 111 mind that tl.ey are sua-^laining to one another the relations of^t he Siamese twins. Should one of them,^Ink ng advunt.ige of 11 temporary halt,^1 erceive and undertake lo inako for a^1 eer salocn, and sluntld his companion^simultaiii oiisly discover and head for^another resort of like character on the^opposite side of the alreel. the lx-auty^and iinjne: sivciu ss of the scene would^be Bath aaty disturlcd.
Stillanother novelly is announced,^the helmet laah torch. Concealed in^the lop ef a Loin et is a tiny lamp, and^by pulling a rubber lube connected^therewith tic Bjejaeag blows a little^nagne in in powder into the lamp's^Maine and the lesult is a blinding Hash^of white light The inventor claims^for this device that it is susceptible of^great and glorious pessibilit ie;i ut the^l ands, or. more strickly speaking, at^Ihn Banal la and Leads of a ami! drilled^company. If the inventcr would but^carry his idea a step or two farther,^there would be no doubt of a large and^steady dam Bad lor his goods. The^lubber tube, when not in pse convey^^ing magnesium to the lamp, should be^capable of adjust ment to a Mask of^comlorlable size and contents con^^ceal; il in the wearer's pi t ket. It looks^as if it is going to require extraordi^^nary inducements of some kind to get^(he boys to turn out this fall in their^usual numbers and with thaaf old-time^enl husiastu.
Maunt-ilnecraXI01I1 lletler People TI1-111^They Who Lite In Valley*.
Preaiil^* taaaaaa Baaaejs.
Thepurely political as well as scientific^sejneof mountains hits Been ilxvclt upon^hf writers fond of BpaBUBBAhnVi trom un^^ci.'lit to modern lisUBBi Wo are told by our^Bnieerft.il teaeheison iIiopo Kubjoots, in^BSany tongues, I10M' tropic.tl regions have^favored des|^ol i^ui and lemtx^rale climates
haiehean saaaanhaa bb hssaoasa 1 haartha^bast, BshMi arodnaad our seUaaHai MaaaBj*^nasa* saianeo^ ret saaaaaaBhad In paMHenl^^arvNndethoo r.iu-o|ie, with hnovanaani*^aeeatneas allowed Bjaadran to haaeana a
pubhi*i-iid.i\vnit nt ; and bow the inount-^iiinsof Su itz'-rl.nul, servini; ns barriers^Baadnal Bandga slates, fivonsl tin* urowlh^ot IimmI hnedhan and developed n
b.iniyraaa of aaanlB^ asaajs i^otd
andshdfnJt not ibshearienisl and^doti rii-d, by momttain ilinieiihitw,^ninth si,undated energy all Hie^loore hiiiee they were not i[imi|ierahie.
Theaseaanadnaora of Scotiumi haan idicd^naa asaahl wttk dash1 rigorous sajaaeannd
theirreniArkabk) Hi^ei^inpliftli:iienu in^en ry depart uk-lit of luuiian life. The hill^tr hea of India have gN mi the nmli 1 rouble^10 thnan who haiu imtliTtaken lo ipu-ll
thansiAaatnaahaaBB some p^n of the ro-
Ittoiiwbicli is psssesMsl by the iiiotitiiaiu-^e^ iv, who are unlive to the Idlie, tuny he-^eoiiie part of the eiulonment of those who,
forthe Behe of aaaannni er for tin* of
merefijriosit), uuih-rlakti irreat mountain^journeys and take a pride 111 planting their^footstep and tlaz on |ieaks iinnM-oml' ,1^liefore. At lenat w e may he sure Hint none^bnt ^ilvcnturi^us spirit* undertake these^efforts, nnd none bin the hardiest succeed
1Bensejla nmi 11 a.
frmnthe New \erk 1 imei.
Theformal ion of a elul) i'omprislng Ski^of tba men im-ki'il out of Mr. Ceeuoeto'e^aorha* arbo are pladpsd to ease for Clave*
laud,is a H.-ituial resell of the loi-k-oiit.
'fhostrong eeseaian to having their nneea
entdim 11.11 hied thotie men slims, with a 11^ether v.orkers f^,r v,cites, is r-harpeneil |.\^the siieaesiion that liieir empli-.^i'rs are^eoatpelletl to eeotioiuixe in wages forth*.^Baha of promoting IBM interests of Ameri^^can labor by an enormous eaatHbatasn to^the repnbhena eaiut nigu fund. The losn^ot aa\ ee ef sereeal rtaasa ^^*^ n^i aaaaaaa^rotes aa Panaeiliaula as net a ^aMarof^much moment to the icpubileea aaann-
BjaeBa Mr. 1 .111: _vi's eontrili'ition to Ibe
earapabmfuntl* H Is lo ts- eanseted, will^Im^ spent in etberand nstsmtloubtful states^wiiere the antthsg doarn of sraaes in am^verba arM have enay aa Indulerenl Influ-^anes, in tins iha nsaMoM dNfaaa from^tic aomlnatlon of Mr. haul for vies yeesa
sVsat,Vhis ^is^ma to be resell led by or^^ganized latw r eioryw here, since it lathe
snaeialgriavanao of Mm priniers. arhuas^faeilitiea foe aaaaadhnj bb laa pnhtip are
gns'iterllian those of ill 11 encage I in any^saber trade.
Politicalbo-Mi s w ho go along tin* streets^now -.i-days if they see an olil hat on the^sidewalk are very careful not mltrk n.
ihnItlnneapoHa asasajsaani w as a gran^odueatoCi WtuhfagtoB Poa\ iin'.
TheNOW Vork eity repe.blieana are try^^ing 10 BSUtBUade t'ornebiis N. Ithss 10 lake^their t10111i11.11 ion for mayor, Mr. Illlsa^n ven gem tons siibi criber to n.mpa 1.11^funds.
bad'ho 1 rue frWnds of sMeaanor hhe
St'I w ill hasten his elevation to the highest^1 lllee ill the land by electing a di inoeratle
legislatorsin Mat issauselis ahbb shall^ilrsi s.-iui Blsa 10 tin t'tiitevi ptaiea seuato
andBhste hun in line lor ths greater hota.r
lent-rears bone.'. a)srlaa f^ess, jrm.^1 on iresMii.in nissrsaan Haot ^ay^ his
ta'elite STal ol getting at w hat people SSS^r iving atnl thinking is 10 talk w ith them
uarsileaad traina. lie thinks ||r^Cans
hiiltli* sUonger than ever hefon^, nnd^knows of many men w ho voted for Presi-^di nt Harrison 111 ;s,s^ who are not going to^do i-o this nine.
Samuel.1. Tilden ilres up the platform^of ISTii upon w hich In. wan elis'tinl to tln
pr lilenci by ssaguoo maJorNi of ibanaas
ularvim1 of tin* is utitry. The platfiim^^ ml: ^We demand that sNcUOteeB hou-e^lavat .011 I hall be only for n veiiue.^ J'he^il. in, 1 1.1 tie plai form of UM n net ales lli.it
deraanth N^aasrlsa OBse var.
Theri putibi an 1 art| has the udvatitage^oi inoiiej. Mauuliiclunrs^hitcoutrioutc
willplaeo their offerings, likely again to^lie heavy, into the hands of die republican^managers. Somo of the great ^trusts^^w ill do the saino. An average assessment^of thirty Hollars on each fisloral onVi-^lioblerwill givo the republican national
aaanujaaniahonl ta.i^^.,,'^- Tiioy can
tlumre-ly on a ^campaign fund^ of els to^eight millions of dollars and this will bo^used in close nnd doubtful stale*.^Coop-^ssasnea Journal.
Illinois,in the opinion of the Chicago^.Vrtc.i, Ik by no means a sine republican^stnto in this presidenlinl year. ^In 1883,*'^it says, ^fifor Seertsd lbs slate against
PsJsaerBar a plurality of iSJsbTi If iho
voteof this year should BB inelinisl to in^^ert a i illieveiil^ to the advantage of the^democrats, they might easily wipe out this^majority unil turn the wale against tho re^^publicans, issuing out of eoiisideralion^the tierman-I.utlieraii is volt, it is obvious^that whil^ Illinois cannot Is' accounted^doubtful in the ordinary sense, yut It is^looked npeU as moving towards the demo^^cratic column BaoaUBB of the enoriiiotis^labor vote 111 ( liieago nnd tin' iiiflueneeu^at work to turn that vote over to tho dem^^ocrats.
Stomprdout ^^blond - prisons of^ovary cam^ and^nature, by Ur.^Revet (loldeti^Uouical Diaoov-
Tt'ia medicine^that start* from^the beginning. It^rouses every or^^gan iato healthy^action, purtliHs^and enriches tho blood, ami through it^cleanses and renews tbe whole r. stem. All^Blood, Skin, and Scalp Diseases, from a ram-^mca Mutch or eruption to tho worst ISerof-^ti!s, sro eur.il by it. pw Tetter, Hslt-^rbeom, nezemn, Errnipplr.*, Boils. Carbtin-^elcs. Boro Uvi-s. (^oitn^ or Thick Neck, end^Enlarged tILinds, Tticors, and Mwellings,^it'n an une-jtiala.1 r -tasly.
Don'tthink it's Has tbe aarsaparillas.^Tiey claim to lw eaod fcr tbe blood in^March, April, nnd Mar. ^(toliien Medical^Discovery arena ispinlly well at nil seasons.^And it not onlv c7ntm^ to do good^it Quar-^aii'i-M it. If it d. sen t lie Dent or cure, in^every case, you hnvo vour money back.^You pay only for the good yo^ get.^Can you nsk more I
Neil liryant. one of the once famous^tionpc of minstrels, i* n government clerk j^ut Washington.
Timfamous S^|Uiro Massie Bensloy, the
OratnaOman asaghaiata of aVbafdneni
Ky.,is BanHadg He ins nan l ied li.SW^i'loping couples.
Mrs.Neilie (iratil Sarn ris now lives in^London and is a woman of wealth. I.or^father-in-law left his estate to Iter aad her^tiio children 011 BeB condition th it tlii'y^would make their is-sideuee in l.ngiatld.
WlHeo.iM. Davenport, though blind,^owns and spswatssl a 7 m-aeie fai in ill Ley-^dcti. Mass.. and is one of the best Judges^of live stock ill his county. He earnisl his 1^first dollar saw he; wood and thrashing,^ami is now worth ironi f.Vl.on toJTj.t/jo. 1
Theblock which probably lias lie - largest :^population of any in the world is in New^York, bound'd by Avenue . 11 and (', S t^^olid and Third avenue*. It h is a imputa^^tion of :i..VJtl, or a^ the niu pt is.ll; ratu of^l.OKi.iltlJ to the square mile.
LadyDuflei in |He for;iis h^r social duties^ill Paris with a tact and grace thai win c.d-^miration, but there is a serious side to her '
sBaaSBOtBrsrtiash assjeaa to annaa a little
surprise.She preferred staying at home,^for instance, to going with her huslnusd to^the race for the Grand Prix the other day.
CalebTicknor has n solved to pic--eno^the home of William Cullen liryant at^Great Uarrington, Mass., in which ho was^married and in which he' w rote some of^his most famous poems. Mr. Ticknor^built a hotel on th^ original site of the^collage, but the latter was curcfiillv^shifted ton place in the sear of the new I^building, w here it w ill remain.
FrankOL Ijiv, son, an American me^^chanic, has been arrested ill J'ocutecas f ^r^exceeding the matrimonial hurt pn vn'e 1^by 1111 old Mexican law. Through thu^rapid death of bis successive wive* Lnw- ;^son was able lo marry' M B*SSSSSU ill four^years. Tlll^ issejile of the eity thought this^conduct extraordinary and Iikia legal pro^^ceedings against him.
JohnTeiinicl. the cartconist of /'nuWi,^completed hissevent y-sei-or.d year in Feb^^ruary last, but his figure is still elect, and^its resemblance lo that of a e.ivaly ofliecr^ts emphasized by the curls of bis nearly^v.hite moustache. ^His f!ng-r^ BOB as^llrm,^ says the London H oM. ^atnl his^walk is aj clastic as ever, and bis eye as^bright. It will lie u surprise to a huge^number of readers, even, we aro per^^suaded, to many within the circle of hi*^friendship, to bo told that the word ^eye' I^Is here used ill the singulnr w ith a special 1^slgnlllcance. At the age of 31 Tenniel ,^was extremely fond of fencing, and in a |^bout with a friend the foil entered one of j^his eyes and enti:s.'y ilcstroyisl his sight.
Theyfilled the li unmork -tlirn'tgll t Me tree*^The iniMinlieanis. softly stealln';;,
atant'cii Hciiitii nt gniiicn suna
Inhim were tiler ' r'icaiia^.
Hergreat bIbj eyes stars aeawaafd aaati^ills gBsasea aera asaeaaaai
SheRsnifHl the day 1111.1 then there was^a li.niiiiuK'l.al'le reeling!
g*i r,,r;,- ajessranr,
Thepresidential situation a job for^four yens at ;. o,if^,i per unniuii.- /v'.ii(/'.
Havej-1.11 an B p pet ho T*1 asked the^physician. ^No,^ replied th^ patient.^^Hum: very bad s.i iniitoni.^ ^Ma.xlie^not. You si e. I'l l' just hail m) dinner.^^^ll'irt/ii leteM Viie.
AVexiie; l'rotilcni. ^How do you like^it ill the Wesi V^ ^Not very well. It took^too nun h attention to lii d out just when^to tbroiv 1111 .vour Hands and \i lien lo lay^down your bands.^ i'iicV.
Ji'iin'eSo Charlie marriod a Cideago^girl. Was it 11 church wedding-.' Daisy -^Yes, indeed. .lennie How was she^illt'sseilV D.ii.; (lb. she ^.voi'o the lovel'-
eatlone rain eoat, with rubier boots and^umbrella to match.
HollowsI should I bins you w ould BO^^gin to think BJanM getting mat ric h^Blue at^(Mi, 1 have: I've given it n great^deal of Ihottatrh Hollows Well, when^din's the event coin^ oil^.' HriH'ie Never.^--JBbsBm V mi far,
Mrs. IIIo;r :s Is your htis'mnd trouble.I
withsasssasabutbal aaaeeaeasteBsea)ti
nights.' Mrs. .lone y No. he is employeil
inaeeaee that deaa not advertise, and sa
hasacquired tho habit of sleep.ng during^Iheilay. glasrS JlsssSri
JohnsonBaan Bsrajr en rear vaaatlaaT^jaci.sviu ^'cs;vii'nt daarn to hhsassrasTans
oasisin Maine. Lots of fishing and that^soli of thing. Ben know, ^that'* the^kind! Any game-:^ ^You hatl Poker^every night in tl: I wifk and all Sutidav.^^-Tttnu Siftimgt.
1kti-Blej for a sretieaasa
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Thesssaaars make the nam.^At ten el teiti lis ihc K'ttne.
flicssasswi ti l s the tale;^Ami I discern the cent. 11.1a
B)skjas nan sstsf laU.
Dr.I., t. M1 sr * Nkhvs ami IlitAiH^Thkaimkxt, :i iiiici lllc fur Hysteria. IMxrtncti.^His. Na ir.ilglii. Itcail.ioi... NVrnnm I'nwtratliiB
ssassMby sBsikai ..r toaaees, WaBa4Uasess,^Henul uesesssi m, Rottaalacol liraln eaatlaa^l:i-.unt., in sen. il rav, aeatai Premature Old^Age. isutesuMMs. l.o-^ of Power Iasttkeraes.
imp..t.ne\. 1 srraees ami ail trssssi irssf
swum,Involuntary l.a^^es, Hnernintnrrlioea^sanssd by nvci-ex.rtl in nt bra la, self-abase^(irer-lieliilr^ncfi. a iiiunth'* trestaient, f 1 ^ t S^jr.. by mail We i.-uarsntco six boxes to cure.^Kaeaardsr for an saaea, hihi sr.. am scn.i n-ri^^ten gn iraoten to rcriiiei g nut. urcii. Oaaraatee
Iksiid only hv Ti.ebinllli lirugl'o.. solo nsent*.
Aerlike ssagle on Hie stomach. Liver snd^no*r*t*l illsii^! Insiiep-la. Ill Iiiiikiicks, Fevers,^i iitib. Nervine. Hlso.iters. Sleciilessnes*. I^is^ of^Ai'p 'tltia rettore the Complexion; |iefcct diges^^tion follows their use. Positive cure for .-Irk^Basasaas sml 1 onstlpation. small, miiu, easy^to Ulie. Large vials of ^1 pills, a cents. 8o!U by^HUE M1I1U DIIUU IBBBJUBJI
'wallace, IDAHO.
Oosof the Hanil^omest and llest A'ipo.nljj^House:, In tho coeui d' Alene*.
Bxcellint table, clean, well ventllatn.l roimt,^Uglited by electricity, with or without board.
BpecialAccommodations for rommerclal^Men. Larjfu baiuplo ltooint.
Bate*fi.30 to S2.U0 uer Day.
BD.C HLl.l.lia. ^ ^ ^ Proprietress,
TT13 TtTB IP^!_AT.. MEnTrilWIt.
ItpsoasS US) levrr 3i^l Kldncrs ^nd Stoiicich,^circs ii m.l.11 li-. I^v^|ir'-^li. rrcati's no Apps,'^USSj 1*ii stss di- bsvsts njaaJi und
MV-ii T*ac TVesV PtronK.
Usedeverywhere. ^! abattleisUB^rBB
x.floor, m. e. riiowxi.Ra. it. c. chai
BUtS,habcls rif T p. B. sauuba^*a
t,t'' 1 1 '
euTTEcity, mont.
Trsnsiirta BTSBsOeJ lianklnp business. Ft.^shsaas drawn ou all tUe le.eia..- cltie* of^fturope.
rorrrspondents-.Wells, ranrn ti Co.. New^York; Wells, rasas a Co.. salt IJike; Wells,
rasg10.. Kan naaelseei ussaaa ssnsael
aiK,Omaha; 1 as: Nalioual llauk, umuuu.^HUST NATIONAL LANK. Anaconda.
T.D. Fitzgerald,
ASjlBUIty. Also of^aad sss
emcaaocaai ^m a. sl to t r. sl
No.ta X. Main St. aeaTiVoolmaa. Butts. Moat
UOes,First rarest, between Mate and Oak,^a nsftnatls, Mtratsiis
tv a new proeest. All Claass* at Dental^Work executed In first-class sasnnsr.^Artificial Teeth Without Mate*.
rbjrsleisa aad Burfeon of at, Asa's Hasp^sad Montana tjtuse aaliroad.
Cot.Mala aad Third
oxfiusi ariutsT.
i:eildencsua Oak street.
Near^tt. Ann's HospltaL
ofheehours P:^a. in. to 11 jo p. in., troia list^to J p. ni. and from Caw p. ul to 11 u. Uk
orr.eeNo. 17 Mahoney Ktroet.
Li-iTi:Citt, Montana
Tyean 1 Ear snd Private H se ises a Specialty.
DBALBBUl IlXAX. Kstatb and Mivuia Stocb
Kchroeder'* Block
tlulMluT*of all kinds on Inttalhucnt rtan.
Qnanaamm.'*, hoists, ons houses,etc
sat 11,; Mine and Mill Mae ilnery a Specialty.^All a or a hv tin- best workmen sun fully L'uarau-^teed. Nun: yearn' experkn.'s Untie and Ana.
''face,li West Orsnlte Street,^rostufT.ci.' addicts. ^ outh Bullc, Montaaa.
W.M. Thornton
r.'u.l. iioGn. Pr^i(3^^,
ILUICL'SDALT. Via-President
W.M. TUORXTON. Cashier.
FirstNational Bank
Capital. - - - - - ^I OO.OOO.
Inysnd sett pomestle nnd l'nrelsn Kxchsnjs^uud IrSssssSt u 0e11er.1l Banking Business,^Cidleitions promptly attended to. Ex-^cii.ein ^ drawn on Ixindnn. Edinburgh,^iiniNi'i*. Hul'Un. l^ifa^t. l'arla,^lliimbiirit. Berlin and all the^l-eadlns i ities ot Kuropa
!Antertesn Ksehniiits Natloual Bank.. .XswTork
HasansNational llauk...oniiihs
Wells.Karate *ji'oSan Irnaeasss
L'tak.National HankOtdea
MenBeats' National BonkHelen 1
larn'* lira*. a^i'aOeer UmIks
Wnolesaleand Ho tall Dealers ta
Otnmto mow t At'SK mm okdei^ot s, I^ of re:! e 'a'1* i.lioetd not Ii ^ made. -^Int i'il si.1^. wa 1 o t e ill.id d' III ill ^^trie . f Hie state et Mi 1: am 11 iBlloT Hid^to n ^ ^f 1 leer Lea ^ in m in lararaaeea.^is 1' f Vi * s i.dierts. d *. c.is. il. JnscnMtio
I.u.l. 0 11 IE ibrrt^. tie' ,x c Itrti es ef tliees-
lale ^' \ oscs Loatr i ic esassi. aavdat lis*]
Ii.1 set.tsai kerea prartsa fur aa seder 01^s em nil o tea tei| t ni*ef ssai 1 e-c e t,^lertheatrie e. Usere a est for h it ^ th.-rc-^lore en,ere.1 In Hie li, . of raid . curt, t at ill^awrssas 111 erf* ul In lie estate if :v .1 de-^1. :isr.] ipfe r ll'fore IB^ *.!id d * r el BSart esj
rauea'.teenth an) o' treat.laaLat tl
ne 1 i'i .111, e forenoon of ta d day. at tbe eoai t
10.:.. o tai'i illsirst enart. H Hisat lisvss*
lis1 .0: n v of Ivertaasr to sow saote^wl y ni orio 1 sl.ov.ld not lie i r nt^ . t. the.;^..i
ev. '.T ^ s lo s^.l s i ii1u ^tl III ..!'' r -al ^ s it! of
itie-.-'ii^ ce . ^'.', as sasH heaei'rMsry, aad^las a.o.v.if Hi r. or.br h ^ piihi ^ id at least
Of v es-lve iveeUs III li e Ml. co id.) Mllll'l-
cr.la i ew^|iiie.' iirla'.eJ sea Msb i-h^i In said
1,e o! -e'.o.',,,' .IV M I I'..H K
1..t j My :. is-s.Ju ,e.
Itssremoved from^lh* Morlrr Block:)
I1 O South Montana Stroet,
Whereshe hu for rent
tCIcctrlcLlsht and tttsam BesA
VTtrr TO CO OWXEBA.^Te dw-^ IT^I'enn. Krtwtn S. I'enii. John l is) lissen. .1. It
lnVc.I dsard Huiikei.Thnnia*. )mir lieir*
*xc.utor. 11.1111l1ustr.it.^rs. or as.tcus:^\. iiiru lieieov uotiiled lliat 11:11:. OtdaaBsr,
runco-owner, has, in aee .rd.ei. c witti ta* pro-^Islnas eteeetton -.-'-'i. Iiei.se., statuts* of tin^I'lilted Mate*. i'M'onuc.1 BJ labor 1111.1 naproiis.^Incuts uimu tbe i reset'til .inarl/ l.wle nuutiif^iloin l.n'ste.1 at the nead of tbe West |..r\ ..(^tilesor* euleh. almiit n- mile* liom Anaconda, la^lici-r U^d^e eounty, Mont., for the ^ear iso
J.K tvel-fs N. C Cirnsy. C H Hani
aimi, mont.
(samplear.d bny Pllver. fiold. Topper snd^lead ores. P. o. Box 77^. ilftlee. Scott^leiiuUiut.eorner I'tah iiu.IOraaiui ktresu^and al a 01south Butla
J.K. EVELETH. Manager.
1ne hiuulritt !^^^^) doUar.. repretrnthij sxn.rst;^and v.ui. lieorse W I'enii. I..!^ ard s
Iivbaaan. J. K- Lake, Edwia Huafcle, ^^'thorns* reputed owner*, r.n.t all other ii'i.'^n^^shorn Hinav concern, j in hereby untitled, to it
IIwitlilll ^i dav* aflei tins notice b^ p illic it'..a^ten fan ta ael a^ the undershmcd imir 1
\\p irtlons of ^a'1' *^m ai-eordtus lo i mr pea*^liiteresi If say. vour saM interest, if am. In said
(kiunwdi uesisws the propaitraflassx^ess^^^ ,^' *afsa**st ts saw.
lutsj, l^i( I At S Ol.lUlAlUia.
lutedAnaconda, Mont.. 1 en. 1, ISXL
i-u.i pubiis'iwu. 1 sa. a -
!t'rrrvililnc romfortahte and Itumellke. and sl
ii:ea-.'U.'.'ieKale siow. Table, and ilea**.^\fcta VvSiuiausi IUmlu.^1V^S, IX iiiS^i

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