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Speed,Skill a.r\d StrervgtK
Studentsof trotting history ran oasily ^^rocalltlH' MMMMJ tliiMi-iox that hMM ho^*u I^put forth from linn1 to tl-iu- ti'iulinir to^prove that MMM s|^^*iil In the tnitlitii.^linrse ^u^ lai-tft ly Jii^' to, or rloM'ly nllii*d^with, a certain conformation.
Theconformation tliem*. ha* still many^advis-ntcs. bill ex|M*ri^*ini* ha* liruslioil^MMM many of I Im rohivrh-i of lli^*orlsitiff.^anil it is a i|iit'*-ttoii if any of the th^^orles^that at present a|^|^ ar n a^oiial^l^ ^.tronu^will st.u.il the NHtWn MM) of future ^le-^Yrlopinciits.
Itia m^i^1 that hors^. IMN bMMM NM^lx*!y i* short, anil in tiottintr Mm ten-^tleni-y i* to fmy.' or hit tin' front foot^w ith tin* hinil !^*^: therefore l^^ iiiloptltie^the siili* motion, or pai-iti;. yait. the H#^reacliine; i^. ai ulnl. ^Ve know li.un^t xperii iiee that ^ horse at all iin-liii'il to^lie iniMil-caiti ^l will shift hi* MMM at M^to a pace il he hit* hiin^elf in tiottint:. M^in-itli^ r i'\|-ei ii nco or tin ory ha* yet ileiit-^onurnleil ^!^^ trottit.g-lireil horses part^^or nln *oine ha\e iht^ ri haii#:ealile gait*^ami inn go last at i it her any of |ate^Certain it i* that ^niiTi .i-niai n.n alone ^^not the MMM. Taking the thei.i-y of the^short ham I ati'l we tiliil ^li-^MMi, It**, ^ ^Ih a MMM l^^l^ ^ ^'^hti'-ion,^2*^i^., a large, rangy home. Ki^ hla.ll,^. was a 1 oiiy Ian little over U hands,^anil UMMalM Jr.. -:l^a4. i^ UN hanil* w ith^a hatrel long MMONIM to trot a mile in two^miiiiitrH.it IMfl I ^iifoiniatioii wa* the^prime fartor that made a homo trot fast,^(lossip Jr., houewr. i* a natural paeer.
WeMf I ui^-r.i it^ ^l trotter* with short
lMMlie. ami u hil^'it i*a faet that Iha-
jir.t^ of p n 1 i s are huill on this o:.l^ r. il^i* Mill an open MMMatloM. as to whether^ihinorany oilier i'etiloiiiiaiion ha* any^UkMn 0:1 the ti nileney to pare. So,^I1M1, welinie hail iheurii * almost without^MVWM to 11. ^^ si/, .tii.l ^ onfoi niatioii^1 **etitial to 1 Mleme spei-il. I.ut a sillily of^lui-t**, a i-nivliil analysis ol tl.e alga anil^conformation of those trot lei* that have^itelnon*tla:eil extreme *peeil lo i*ecisjtla
MMM*eleaily that the holm ly phi in
indeedtin-. ^They In^t last in all ^^^ami all ^Maprs.^ When we *ee a huge^trotter Willi a long stride we are apt to^auy : ^If he i laild piek up a* Mini k a* the^MMM* yoinler he would speed like liic wind.^We say of the |k^ny : If he could *tride^like that I .: fellow. w hat a world heater^hi' would lie. Each i* fashioned, however,^with u stride pra.portioned to iheeeiifoi-^niatioii. and the rule i* that nature ha*^made a harmonious v, hole.
Asthe ^:l- li*t must ccrtainl) he classed^a* i'\frcme san-etl. MttMM we look it o\er^anil noic the *i^.e and gi'iicral sty le or con-^format loll of each imh\ idual. Hi'ii* I* the^list, with the record ami sue of each:
If.r.n.l. HaMMa
Snnol'.':0-\4 til
MaudM ^-' n*'i t
HieMMnm\ in
Allen,.ii^.':(^^^^ n;'
JaiEva see!t:|a r.
Imi|1'.moIt :t'i
M.Juuni ^-^ 'i\lit
IirUbarHl^.^ 11I^.1.
Axtellt:M1ft .' i
Theeoiiforniatioii of Ih. *e record break-^cr* varies in oilier a*aBMM fully a* aMM^a* in hciglith. Sum.I || far from BMHH '^hatl.lsoiiio i v. . pt for that stylo of lieauty^thai pleas'* tie- e\e ol .i MMMiaMMV in I
racingtun Iter*. She slatlda* t I\aci, I
ahoutotu-liall M i'leh o\ i U hand* at j^tin* wither., and two inches higher over |^the rtiiiip. which llnMM sharph on the j^hips. Tins c^Miformation Rives her an '^itninei's^ leverage or driving |* ^er, and^mIm a iMMMdOM Icnr.ih of stride. Mer J^ime. f.a inidalil.. e.eiipetiinr, Nunt^- |^Hanks, is a small, trim l.uilt, *inoothl\ j^r ado mnre fashlotnsl in line hues and^liarmotiiou.^ eotiiour. Mauds., 'J:,i*:',. i, (^lioi n ln'aiity except in Mtftaff i* her r i^,v^eoiifortnatioti is admired. ^he, too. is |^very high o\cr the rump or . ..iiplini:. and |^she. hao. ha* an iuiiiieie.'htriil^ when ai^^|sed. I'alo Alio. J lis 4. |. m,t a llan l-^souie her*.*, hill he i* a htiiHU aj i.ipnl^action eo[ir.idenng his site.
Allen. :^'^',. and Jay l!ye Sis'. ItJt, I
againpre^mit two oppoMile i^|m-k one a^mauiiiioih. the other hut little more than^a pony. Had .lay li\e Sec licen more^killdl.\ dealt w llh in his ral ly campaigns,^that is. not trolled int.. the ground lor the^almightv iloll.ir.it Is Ml opinion he would^ha\o MM lho iant.-.t tiotier MM) pulilie^has yet seen, or i.t |m#I hau put his^record l^'low any now iMslins, under the^same eonditions.
Nelson,Itltt. Mm! tiny, fiyMW, are an^^other pjirol ^cracks^ that arc a* dillerent^in almost every characteristic us two^horses could w cil 1st. VcUot: i^ nearly 111^hand*, w Ith a long, sw eeping stride that is^aim. .*! the perfect inn of trotting action,^toil), on the eoiitiarx, i* a potiv. w ith ac^^tion when ut spI like tin' roll of a .hum
inil* nipidilv. It the lutle hlaek whirl^^wind had the M en sMHJaf and g.ssl MMi^|si**r**eil h^ Nelson nhe horsei no one^can piishi't aoa f.i*t he could trot.
Anon,with an une.pia Ih d reeonl as a^^-yrar-ol.|, is a small horse, and *o is his^nearest competitor for colt honors, Mon-^hurs. ItMU.
Stanilsilll,2:11, is a large, eonipaclly^made hoi sc. l.uilt IMrb lie re on llie II nii-^l.letoniali I^|h' than after his sire, S.dtau,^laM His MMMMion. however, is like^lhatofln~paieiii.il aiicc-iors. and there^is no lack ol what we call MWOM energy^in his make-up.
SI.Julicn. .'11',. I* a large, rakish-lmill^fellow , ..nil his aelioil W4r- almost the |k*^ctr^ of mot i .il Hig '.n.le at MMHl MM^immense uml true and f.iultU'M m MM)^particular, li wa-. j :si such aenoti as,^comhii.ed with hi* high MMVtMM em-rg\^and pluck. w oidd 'ia \ e . .in led bttM a aMfty
lilileover a kite-shape,1 tr.iek.
Ueiniarrh.i:\\Vt. is a large, llnely pro-^|k^rtiomsl MMawaVoarifjg pMMll bMMMImj^dash of luoioi.gnln, i| blaoau Muli^ Ih.^lievi him ca|^il.le of a siiil gimalM aUaht^ot spci'd than i* indicated h^ his pr^ \\\^raoord. Aatvll.l':!.'. ha- Is-en s . |Mr~i.i.^en'l^ Is.'.iiied and kept DMaM the public^thai lap little can Is written of him that^is not threadbare. He is a lea ol more^thxnavirig. si/e. vitii puii iroiiiiig.il..^lion, and maiiv in. hue lo the opintoa: that^his Maw daaa not ImUmM the hunt uf^^Hi
Here.then, we hue all ^ slia|s -^und t**intwranieiits m the list ^^l ,. .trsno^^peel. No one rypa, either a* iMgMFdi^^l^e or gem Ml conforinalioii. bai in
MBMOtadvanuMrs.If awraj-rytaw .
|mnsonMill fui'thcr tie u i* y. ^ ^ ,,], ^,^aMMMMW in indiv idual* i I BBMal apawlat^to the si^c and MtatoMMMkMs. I.. ...^ttUfa was a ifiruffc in BppaaMMM, ^ I ale^Harry Wilkca,is but littM more
thana pony. 1 he chainpinti team, llelln^Hamlin and Globe, .:1H to pole, an- both^huge horses, the former being V^\ and^the latter Pi hands, (iluater, 3:17, that^many IM-Iieve would have been n wonder^^ful performer had he lived. hIikkI nearly^17 hands high, and his stride was proba-^h!^ longer than that of any ot Iter trotter^that has Is-en prominent. I.ula, . :1'^. on^the contrary, was oul^ 14*^ hands. The^champion. Goldsmith Maid, was but 1'.',^hands, while her stable companion. I.ad\^Thorn, was more than Hi baud*. And so^we might continue tin- list, but it seems^MMM ssnry.
Inlooking mer the list above.it ia ap^^parent that there are more large trotters^thin small ones: but this by no means^proves or points to the conclusion that^sixe is an adjunct of extreme s|Hs-d. '1 he^tendency for years past has Isscn to breed^larger horses, and from I'i'/i to Hi hands is^now ackiicw ledged to Is-the ideal site for^^'(Sid oi trolling piir|sises. Trotters aver^^age largei now than tliex did ^a years ago.^ami this would naturally influence the^average si/e ef any li:.t MMpiMMli
.Allol the records in the u':IJ list were^made ng.iinsl lime. When MMMMMM^ciimpaiguer.a Ir.itti-r of the wear and tear^order, the big horses, to u*o a slang^phrase, are not in it. The noted cam^^paigner* of all lime have Is-eu small or^Inns. t. of medium sizeonly. Harry Wilkes,^SftftMi that ha* probably won more con^^tested races than any trotter ever on the^turf. is. a* statist Is fore, only a |s^tty, be^^ing la hands ami otie-lwilf Inch high, (odd-^^uiilh Maiil, .:14, with !iC! heats in 11:30^ami better to her ererlil. was but a trifle^larger.
Hopeful,^:I4:I4. with hi* champion^wagon record and lil'.l beats won iul.':.')i)^nuil Is'ltcr. was only 15 hands and fash^^ioned like a cob or haekiiey. Driv er.^ :lHVi,^mid ll.ck Wright, a:!!^'''|, were Isilli small^horses, Is-ing under laj; hands, but they^Weil- great i-ainpaigiiers. and tie- former^has lc7 heals to his credit, w bile the latter^has l,M, uml his career lasnsl for 14 years.^Times, however, have ehtiiigisl since 1 hi.^day sof 11ie-.e old-time sturdy campaigners,^and hii'islers now aim lo hnsrxl exttx-mo^^aMd and ih-vi-lope il in -he shortest |s^^-^sihh- time. Formerly u flrst-cluss troiter^could l.e campaigned year after year, but^now each star in turn is MM dimmed by^the Iti-arc of a new favorite, unci the corcer^of a seiisatioii.il horse is nei cssurily brief.^^Spirit of lln Tiwn.
Inconiparing tin- champions of toslay^w ilb 11 rose of the pa*t, the element of age^i* an exceedingly interesting feature, and^one well worth consideration. In glanc^^ing nt the age*. Isiih past and prcoent, Il^must always Is' Isirue in mind tha. in the^past lie* horses were not tlcvoiopaa as^i arly as they are now. and it wa* also the^policy in the eaH^ days of trotting to ki-cp^a horse in the slow classes us long as |s^s-^siMo, T.sslay a w is.-i p ,|jey prevails, anil^enligliteiie I owners put their colts into^the I,, i as soon as |s^ssible. ami then si-nd^tli.-m lo their speed hunt a* quick us it is^safe to do so.
LndySuf!olH.|the lirst of the |MvMMM^^pious, was II ^i'ars of age when she troi-^Itsl in^'UK. The hay gelding I'elhum. one^of ' l.e earlier 1 of lite 1' :iiii performers, vv ho^made a reeord mttaVJ nt the t entei v ille^MM Ni-w A'oi k, im July ^. 1*4!^. was^f. tiled in l.s.1.. The hay man1 lighlaud^Maid, a eotiverted pai er, w ho reduced the^MMM1 to 1! :'.T in w as only li years old.^and In r performance at that age was con*^tddcred doubly remarkable, l-'lora Temple^was 11 years old when she Ironed in^L'.J4' .and li years old when she made^her lam.ins mile in ^JrlP^
Thebrown gelding Ih-xter. who filled^the public eye for u season in a greutcrcx-^tent probably than any other iMtMfbMuM^Ilia time or since, was tl y ears old vv ben he^MMM his cbiin.pioii mile in .:l7^t.
Aiin-st imi.ible instance ol MfMMM^^I^ccd and maturity is uffonled in ihat^greatest of all 1 he MMMMJMM past anil^present, QoMMllla Maid, w ho tlid tmi de^^feat pevler's record 1.11 she was 14 years^old. w hen she made her record of 1:17, ami^it was three years later, when lTyenrsold,^that she made her c!i..ii piollshipixslord of
Thatexri'ptioiially remarkable cham^^pion trotter. Kariis, was 11 y ears old vv hen^he trolled in L' .l.'l1-, ami deprived QaM*^smith Maiil of her crown. St. Julicn sue-^eeisled lo the championship on Oct.-a,^l*7'i. w hen he w as 10 years old.
Sincehis nine the champions hav e been^younger, and wiihthe almost universal^development of young MMM they will^continue to be mi. Maud S.. at six^years old. had a rtx'ni.l of IttMU^ami became the ipiecn of tlie turf. When^seven year* old she trotted ill 'J:!'!^^, but^she wa* eleven year* old when she made^her best record of SlOftJf, The HUM) hlaek^wonder, Ja^ l yc-Soc, has it tlvi -ycar-old^recotxl of SI:lll*4, und his record of :lit^was made when he was ^lx years old.^Snnol is the moat striking example of^e ir'y dev elopnient and pmgress. As a^I w o-v eti r-old she i rot lis I in J :1*; as u three-^y^ ar-old in'.'tin1.; re|M*ated that time as a^four-year-old, and a* u llvc-ye ir-.il | trot^^ted in Si.HISV4, ami Is-i-ame the ipieen of the^turf. Her Iraiuer, t'liarles Marvin, an !^hix-e.ler. Senator Sianfonl. aix* confident^that ah* can knock a couple of ataMMM^.11' this MM
Ifthe stallion ebainpioiia are gl un ed^at. lis* same fuels relative to aiie w ill^BMJMMTi l'then Allen, the Hrst of the stal^^lion brigade lo get below '.':.(a. was nine^veils old when he trottisl m ii'J*. tiisirge^M. I'utcla-n w a* ten years old vv In u he
trottedin s.'::^i. Mianid of l':.'.; . a*m
madew hen he aas eleven years old.
Thechestnut . alhon I'eat iiauglit, w Ini^le ld tl e paoord lor a few month-, in 1*,^^a^ 1^ y. ars old ui ihat lime. The im-^mort.-iMi.s.ig.- Wilkes was V|mmh altl,^w In li he trotted in'.^:ja. Then came two^. hi I ,ii 1'iv. iv young ivprvseutativcs Jay^to.itl | was only 7 years old whcnhctnil^rg.^ VTillu Meord and a year later M
::.'l1-. Manihriuo loft^Iratti d in IrJOMid was
ledueed ihat lo
mI...1 s eaan ..id
tl. lit HallaM to enter the L':.\i list.^Smugglers,,1,1 when he
.I 1:1 - ;. and Itiyetirs old wlmii he
mi.;,bis champion reeoei o( ^ UaW. Pmm
thed..y * of HtUMJMJMr lo the pres. til ih.
. .it an.lined their honors earlier.
l'nill., . .v.. i v. .irs old win n he made his^MCordof ^tl*Kj Axtell made hie world-^t. nowlled ns'onl of Sldlat ivveorsof age^^^^^ * r' i'* ^Id when'he nt tdr Ir^^is. ^ nl of sl:10s^. and a year later he made^I. ^ preaaM reeonl. Allertou won the
i ^^ n :it .'^ tears of age. Though t|^. ,,r
Mlliol'h r of th^ ^lallioti impn^nsi|t|t^I'alo Alto, i :Uf^-4. wa* f v.a is old w lien he^w. n tin honor. m ha* lieeu n lasl pel-^foi ii.. i . mis* b^' w as 4 y .ar* old.^1' al.o iuatructitu tu.ee Uuit old the
leadingaidetvho dera were w hen they ob-^taimsl their best records. The illustroua^Pocahontas was eight years old when she^paced in - :17 V. to wagon nt the Union^course. New York. Billy Boyee waa six^years old w hen ho made his record of 2:11)^away hack in lw.'i.and in I hi us lie made his^n cord to saddle, '.':14'/. Johnston, 2M%,^for many years the champion, made his^n-cord when seven years old. That fast^^est of the sidew heeling man's. Cricket,^^iM, made her reeonl when six years old.
HoyW'ikes, S!:(i^y, the ex-^ luimpion pac^^ing stallion, was sevon years old when ho^attached that record to his name, Itiroct.^.:'^.. the champion stallion, the all-aged^champion, tho champion race and^time side-shis lcr, was six years old when^In* obtained this four-fold MMi The^puecrs ^-videntlv conic to their speed earl^^ier than the trotters, but the recent ex^^amples of Isrih trotters and pacers Mow^that they both an. ilevelo|^ed earlier than^^JU years ago. Spirit uf tin Timt:
A Kllfe iMMMMMMfl
MayIs* shortly defined as one guaranteed^to bring your satisfactory result*. Among^investments which come up to the stand^^ard are the*o:
Aticket over ^The ^MltafMssaf' from^MiiiiioatKilis or St. Pniil to Chicago and^|siilit* cast.
Abusiness lot nrn good homo in any of^the many hundred thriving cities and^towns hs-atisl on the Burlington lines in^Minnesota, Wisconsin. Illinois, Iowa,^Missouri, Kansas. Nebraska, Colorado^und Wyoming.
Aticket over ^The Hurlington^' from^the northwest to St. Louis and all points^south.
Acheap f:.rm selccied from the fertile^lauds of Kansas, Nebraska, tho Dakotas,^Oregon or Washington, taking ^The Bur^^lington^ m I In' Is'st route M get there.
Anapplication to your hs al railroad^agent for your ticket via ^Tho Hurling-^ton.
Asheet of paper, envelope, and a 2-eent^stamp, cxpi tided ill writing to Wt J. C^Kenyoll. lien. PilSF. Agent, St. Paul,^Minn., for further information ou the^nhove points.
AnAlitiiru ProcUra,^I have received the following from an^Indian eorres|Hiuilcnt. An immediato^stop should he put to this practice to^which he alludes: ^It is tho custom once^every six mootba for the nativ e infantry^regiment stationed at Ahpori . near Cal^^cutta, to l.e summoned to that. Ali-^|sire jail, where then* are more thnu^l.'-on unlive prisoners, in order to lire^ten rounds of blank ammunition by^s.s tioti volleys at, or in the direction of,^the said criminal*, who crouch down^in their cells and tremble in their^shoes metaphorically, as they all have^naked feet. The idea of the civil authori^^ties is, I presume, to intimidate the pris^^oner* anil to dissuade them from attempt^^ing to escape. I urn sun* all the native^soldiers called on to |m-rform their duty^must think it very strange. 1 have been^a long tune in Calcutta and never heard^of any ;iriaoncr escaping fnun Alipore^jail. Besides, there is always a fairly^strong unlive police force then* oil duty.^To witness this hist parade the lieutenant^governor of Bengal anil others were pres^^ent on Hie roof of lho jail.^^ Truth.
Mim-is'MMM pin*. Ix-ys. the Joweler^Owsley Mock, only.
111i'll K iii* Til K Poll.lift i i imf ami^M i- 111 vm 11 1' i . imi' l\v,
Amiiiviu.M'-tit.. .Inly jc. IK12,
Notli'His hereby given tlt.it the annual Meet*^!:i. nt llie st s'kliolilers of the ll 'iinl r fill^^and Meri'.'intlle company will he held tit the^olBeeiii IM/ l ittr'.ek ^ sirlrkfudea, An n ..1.In.^Molilalia. August I. MM m I'M p. in., far tlio^purpose ef eli'. ting tlve ir.' tf stees. in servi- the^ensuing vriir. and for Hi* transaction of Mf^other I'llslln st. that nciv legally roine lx*rnrurii*^at. sting.IL *^ I i It I'vrru k.
Pws llireugii Witi-cii'lo. MlLnemta. N'ortll^Piiknti. Mniiltol-a, Muutana, Ualio, Oregvia^and U at.hu gton.
Plnlnr^^ar*i ar* mn ls^tween rhlrjigo, St^raul, MlnrteapoUs, V*.n^nl)^p;, Ucleua, halts,^^MMM ImmM and PmBbM
PctlmaoSleeping Car Roots
Pullm:i service itr.lly ls^twesn rhlcago, St.^1 .el Montana and the raeine Northwett; M^I'eivMcn *:. Punt, Miiuii'Hi-nll^i siul Aimae-ots,^Noilli P.ik..i.t and Manltulia pouilv.
nallvEvpriHi Train* carry slsgant Pul_
fleeiiiiigcars, DMBfOMJMI CoaMM, |'ial^^man louruil ^u-eis*i^ and 1 ice Culouist aloaa-^Uig vara.
Th*Northern ra.-llte n.It. It tits rail line ta Tsl^lowstnr.e 1'iirk. the isipiitar litis to i ailfornla^and Alaska and Us train* past thruu^,u las^tiuuilt-sl svenciy of aovcu tlalea.
Areunlit at^Pact lie railroad t
West,Ul l.e L lilted *^t.lte^ and l.ui.l il.
allennpon ofTli'sx nf ths N a tlisra^points xeith. Kait. SoutUsad
.)^ in
IIIIt iv K AT III I if.
No.:. noreninn Kxpre^^. hrlngx paa-^seticem rie'-i alt eastern |^oints. ar-^rivet at Nnrtlieru I'ailtle llepot,^i daily)
Ho,:i. Parlie Mall. Thnufii Iratti^from CatrsfO, nrrlves at M mtuita
Itileii eej* t olailV i
N...:.'.^. I', to I xpiesi. steaday. wed*^i ^*-lay mill Krtuay, Sortaera raclaa^deiKSj '
Kel, AUsutk* v...tl. tturouxatrs afrani^Portland, srriret at Montana I Mai^depot iwall) i ktMMM
Ihli-ti.-i i:xpr.^^ arrives ul Montana
Iin..|i depot daily)UlSMBl
^ii-xi^r t MM in itk.
No.i FMHU Mai', for MtMS lae^^Ma, Hesltte rNtrtUa-d sad all I'sllrur.^m i |Miii,ts. lean I Iron Moataai^I i... n .!. iml iv| ^ p m
Nil..'*'I'in'iii ^ M. ui. tlir. 'iis'li train far^all i ..isi paint-, itiinui,)] al*asjsr*i^leave. Hum Montana Cm.in uVpct,^id,ill) i-.'.it an
Helenasad M Manilla Kspress, frosa^M titaaa CBkNnot I dally 1: .am
No.Atlantic M ul. tiir.iimh train for^si P.in., i a lea to aim sll sastnni^p .hits.ii'ii s in m Moatana I'talon^MM .I n v i11 no nooa
Ni.s. It,, em.in Kkpreta, froM Noi tl.^era l*aeltte defsii, far at. Paul, fill-^raniiuhI altesaieru aojali td:u:v ^..]pm
Ka.im. l et': Express, Moaday, wad
in-.1 t\ .-vin: i t i.lav. Ii*uve^ fliun^Northern Pa.'Uli' .I'll itT Dim
N.i^ has Hue ^ii ^' ,.is t,.| si. pani
andfhleagu,^^No i hus tliroujth ^^s|s*r* for Spi'kaar, la-
r.** i s..,p|,.v. -titni*^Pat Hntci. Haaa, Tims |*sJsM or see^-iiil In-
hiullnaapplym ui) mmM Nuitiaau l'aciua
t'HAKl.Kt*^ 1 r.K
ilensralI'.-s - ^: . and llckel Aynt,^WM ITOHY.at. UuOalaa
immm.11 Agent,^at tsti .,, .^^ :v.. Butte, Moat,
TheFastest Horses Ever Seen
Ona Montana Track Will Compete at
/PAGERSOf World Wide Reputation Will Meet.
JIMMILLER^Holder of the 1-4 mile World's Record,
APRILFOOL^Holder of the 1-2 mile World's Record,^Are amongst the Runners.^THORNLESS, 2:1^ 1-4,PRODIGAL, 2:17 1-4,
SILVERBOW, 2:17, are some of the Trotters.^Amongst the Pacers are^YOLO MAID, 2:12, the champion m^re. TURK FRANKLIN, 2:16 1-4.
ONEFARE for the Round Trip, Every Day^during the Races, from
JULYl^th to JULY 27th.
Comeand See the Records Broken.

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