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tMTreiodby carrier or mall at fa dollars a
Tear,t!n^ ^ dol'ars a quarter or^one dollar a month.
Itthe only dally news t wiper wltli ti l-fraph dis^^hes tn I'.er l-odg^ ronuty. It prlut*^ore telegraphic news than any oilier^newspaper In Montana.
Correspondenceand business letter* should ba^sddrcstcd to
ofMala ami Third streets. Anaconda,
officialPAPER uF DOI LODGE eol'nty.
ThoHutto raciiiR usKucitition is Ktire^of a l^i(f turitout at t In- spaaing of the^meeting to-day. Already there is as-^surance of the at tend.nice of even a^bettorlotofhnrsestli.nl were seen in^this city, ami we presume that Itutte^could easily sustain successful gall*/^programiiiom for a mouth to MM It^Will I* seen that the afsnciatmil an^^nounces a MMklMf ^I mtcrcbticir^eventa for opening day.
Thelot selected for the public li^^brary in Itutte is the lot which, from^the beginning of the agitation, most^people Is-lii-vrtl would lie chosen.^Probably the sale Of this property will^help to make the balance of the old^Central school lot valuable. iMMMMll^as some of t hose interested in the prop^^erly do not live far from Itutte, they^could afford to add a few volumes to^the library's shelves when the building^is complete.
Thingsare in a bad way for base^ball in this section. When (ireat falls^concluded to ]^ 1111 out of the league^there was talk about making this city^the home of a team which, in the sec^^ond series for the season. Would take^the place ol the Cascade nine. Ana^^conda ilid not rally very readily, al^^though 11 !^^ plan was not by any means^abandoned. Last evening, however,^word was received that Ito/.eman gives^it up. and the w itlidrawal of that city's^team will probably dampen this city's^ardor. If the league is broken np.it^will Ik- a great pity.
Correspondenceunder BoMMM dab^Ibis liioiniug teils of I he conduct of^the department of the interior tow aid^rill reus of .Montana who were doing^busines.-. in the National park and who^have rei elMly I ecu ordered out. We^do not pretend to say just what the^rights ol individuals are in the attempt^to conduct business of any sort within^the limits of the park. The iniporlaiit^fart ih that there is a Harrison ring^which, under connivance with MMftV^bodjF els a in Wasluiinion, is working^the [park racket for the money there is^ill it: and the Irotjbla with the people^who have just I een ^ listed simply is^that they are l ot In the mer.
Wedo not slum- the opinion of our
(VeilingMBtanporar) In itutte thai
anynew spapers are intent locally Btrg^represent nig Chairman Carter's rnnofd^oil the silver qtieatiou. Nciv;.|.:| ers^can i|Uote the tacts ami ni..ke out their^case when they claim that Caricr op^^posed free eolll.ige. NcWsp .pcrs call^also claim Mr. Carter as a 'uan who^Voted part of the time for free coinage,^umi they can liitiiish (he jntm. 'I lie^In utile with t he m ^t^ in new spapem is^that Mr. Carter is sometime,' of a nov^^elty to thelil ami they have Uol vet^learned lint he was on both |Mm of
thesilver question. They'll lind out^about it by olid by. and then v.c shall^hear no mere of the ^rflMkgta m tic re^publican press over Carter's record.
I'nitedstates companies own b'.OOO^miles. ^ireat Itritam owns nearly HI,.^000 miles. France comes second with^20,0m) miles, of which .*^,ox^i betanfi to^the government. ^,^ rtnany's only ca^^bles nre governmeiit owned and are^less than :t,(Hin miles long. A private^company in Denmark owns fi.sno miles^of cable wire. The only ocean in the^world at present uncrossed by a cable^is the l'acilic, and it is doubtless a^mere question of time when a line will^be laid here.
Inview of the cost of laying a cable^line, about i*l,000a mile, the rapid pro^^gress of cable laying during the past^quarter of a century is something to^be wondered at.
Carteris confident that settles it.^Carter is so familiar with the manage^^ment of national campaigns and he is^so cx|icricncc(t an Bgagft in handling^doubtful constituencies in the Mast,^that his prediction is highly valuable,^of course. If Carter is conlident he^can get bets in New York city in any^sum he wants to put up that Cleveland^will carry New Vork. We have seen^Carter confident before now. in a little^constituency which he fancied he could^carry but which, as he afterward ad^nutted, had him whipped heforo he^started in.
Ithas been an easy task to keep^track of a (fairs of recent date in the^Coeur d'Alcnc camps, and the public^appears to be prepared to await tIn^^patient operation of regular processes^of law in dealing with tho men who^are held under arrest.
Thepolicy announced several days^ago was to permit the court in Sho^^shone county to resume its regular^function, in so far as this did not clash^with the proceedings of the military^authorities. It was also announced^that the district would bo no longer^held under martial law, but the pro^^gramme in this respect has been^changed this morning's news from^Itoise City is that the county will be^kept under martial law for a time to^come.
I'ublicinterest will soon center in^Itoise. With as much expedition as^possible, prisoners are being trans-^ferre 1 to that city and the inquiry in^court will soon begin. II will un^^doubtedly be searching, ami in tune^the quest ion of responsibility will be^legally established.
I'videntlythere are several gentle^^men in the congress at Washington^who would lie willing to make a tour^of the country under national aus] icM^and at public expense. To ties end.^tlMM genlloiiicu are proposing the ap^^pointment of special committees e:n^powered to tramp about the country,^make investigations and suhin.t to^congress reports which wouldn't he of^interest to the public after they are^printed ami paid for.
severalschemes have l^een up fur^^fecial coinniiniotis to ^study the in^^dustrial question^ and lind out how^the McKinley process suits the coun^^try. That is a quest ten on which Un^^people will register their Judgment^next November ami a study of it by a^posse of congressmen wouldn't 1*^^forth I cent.
Throuuhoul the Hast especially, the^tar ill quest hai w ill be earnestly debated^in ever) school district. The | eople^will ic.ch coiiclusn ns on their own^hook before they go to the polls and^they need no junketing c^ niniission to^guide them.
WORSETHAN DANTE'S INFE3NO.^Hoi r^ir^ or a rrnspeetlug Trl|i In Lower^California llcacrittod.^A man arrived nt Alamo last week who,^in the opinion of tho Lower CalifornitiH,^MM uivu Dante pointers on tho extent^and tin- attractions of the infernal re-^Kious. He ^ns tho owner of a (rood macho^mid complete proi.iieetinK outfit when be^left |he nguiijo of Uurru Klaeo. in tho
heartof tin- aonlMBOjn, Hew weeks ago,
umiall he had after be dragged himself^into Lfl Klor camp, near Alamo, was a^blanket ami an ap|H-hte rnuy fuerte. His^iniile reliiM-d to go around a precipice orf^Sun I'oilro, nud on his persuasion it^hashed too pronto for him. The man^landed in u mescal clump, but the macho^chewed sedge in I'roaerpinc's dark garden^from then on. In a day of hard work tho^dosgi-.ieiado pulled out with a kit of 109^Boaada, which in each weury mile^grew lighter as he dropped tools, rifle^^ ^lollies and grub, do vvu* in great agony,^as to water. Inn fortunately all the arroyoa^^ere full. J |^. soeiely of n few caddish^mountain pons or low down coyotes was^all that saved him from madness while^traversing the lonesome hills. At Chap-^alola canyon his eyes were gladdened by^the sight of a deep green forest of syca^^more, oak. alamos unil pine, in which^spoiled ouail. latitats, lions, lynx and fat^deer. The sight of living things choerod^him as water-snakes cheered the skinny*^handed old mariner, giving him strength^to take his slow trail along the yawning^desert, down ateep slopes into swampy^eh-negas and ill) across hallos pedrcgosos^and through ramus of cactus, maguey,^juniper, incsipnt, lilaree, sage, poppy^chcmi-.il, wild oats, cat claws, visnagas^and the thousands of varieties of flowers^llial run riot over the hills anil blush from^high mountain tops. Six necks of wan^^dering through foi-th-rights and meanders^landed him in La l'lor. vv lie re the gener^^ous I n-tu line n Idled bun with billion anil^took him to Alamo. Me rested and ted^up, and now, one of the permanent Di^^lutes of Mescal avenue in thut burg is the^man that can give pointers to old Dante,^lb- tells his tide generally in the Diablo^Verde, with a liddle prelude, anil on great^occasions of '-coiivviv iul^ import an inter^^lude is ml ri sin cod ;ind all sieg (lid John^I'ipor and come dow n heavy on the bass.
JaHaal^ Baoteg BTBeooni^11. ^m i he Chang i huraat
GeneralCharles S. Warren of Rutte,^Mont., was one of the incmlicrs of the con-^sinational commission in that slate, but^says that i he question as to whether Miss^lata Kuowlcs is chirililo for the olli^-e of^attorney general of the state is one with^which he docs not w ish to grapple. Gen^^eral Wam-n is at the Poland hotel. '-The^eonsiitution tines not dii-rctly say that uo^woman ahaH is- eligihh- to this otlice,^ he^said. ^Ily inference it w ould seem to ex^^clude those of the gentler sex. It refers^repeatedly to 'his' duties and does not^lake the women into consideration at all.^'I hi.-question is receiving n great ileal of^inn ution from the press throughout the^pllta, winch would indicate thai there are^pr..!-peets for Miss Knovvles' slloccsw. I^know her personally. and call say of her^thai sin- is a competent attorney who has^the esteem of the entire bar. She has a^large practice an I is eminently successful^vv n h pUT cases.^ (.oiierul Wart en is a |^er-
,sonai Mead af Cnnannnn Carter, ami ara
!iioum-i s his selcciion as the head of the^| repulilican national committee as the best^that could have been made.
Amemorial has been I'.ddroMai to^congress on li e subject of an exhibit^of roads, their construction and inain-^teiiain-e at the world's fail. It is^slated that the roads of a country are^the graduations on t he scale of its civi^^lization, the boulevard being an indi^^cation of the higher grade, and the In^^dian trail Ic idar: through forest and^over lulls and mount mis Icing the^Plampofthe lower. If such H ex^^hibit could improve road building III^this country it would Is- of much ad^^vantage. Kiiurinoiis sinus of money^urc sjieut each year on city stu cls and^country highways, and jet the money^is practically wasted. All suits of^fancy pavements have k-i-n given the^puhiicatall sorts of fam v prices, only^to wear out and htltltan worse thaii^vvoMlihss in a lew v c . i -. Judged by
theart in road building the I a lied^States must lie very far down in the^scale of civilization.
CABltSGAlL'iU^The death of Cyrus \\ . In Id has^served to renew public Interval in the^submarine cables of the world. The^original cable add by l'n hi in 1MB la^still ^alive,^although its per o.i of aaa^fulness eannt t extend over many mora^years, for ex pi it- say that forty yeara
istin- mux mi cm Ufa of ury rahta yet
produced.IIisiilc 1 'laid I cable there^are now nine others connecting the old
worldwith the new. Communication^is open with India by a nuMaofnrtrai^earned through the Mediterranean^eca, across t! c isthu.iis into the ImI an^ocean, and anehored at Ihnubay. ftOlt
thismam artery, traina brunoh ad tit
variousplaces.encircle awaaaaot terri^^tory in Africa ami Asia, and return^again to l.tigiun i. 1 'rum India the^main artery reaches out across the^Malayan peninsula to Australia and^to New Zealand. The ^ hmcse and^Japanese si as alto have important^cahles.
Atpresent the cables of the world^make about iao.t^W miles, of which
ANOVt'L STRIKfc.^t' it it | ^ it- in the h s'ory of labor t roub-^hs is a reporters'strike. The Minne-^npolia Tiilmm lias one on its h inds^mid it items to take pride m the^thing, as it it were an indication of^Spirited journalist ic enterprise. Other^newspapers have had their striking^i ouiposttoi s. but w here is the Ameri^^can journal that can boast of^having had its reporters walk out^^The reporters of this country unlor-
tunatelyhave no wganlmil nnir
brotherhood, but I ha Minneapolis
Prameinh aroMieea the itrikeri Iti^uniteil support, and every Individnal^newspaper man in the city is sad to
bein tympnthy nith Ihelr ennaa, The
question of w aires secn.s not to be in-^vohetl. the treatment of the reporters^by the managers . f the paper If ;e-
anonaibiator tin- re vote, it is alleged
that through the c^ i'llunatmn of morn^^ing and evening editions the men were^pom pi lied to work sixteen luuirsi l the^day. ai.d at length they ilett rniiiii d to^declare war.
TilerrttMM* . however, has the best^id' it. at least it bjum unces that it has^obtained a now stall of reporters, inti^^mates that they are a much brighter^lot than the old crew, and endeavors^to c.el tnoie than eOOUgh advertising^OUt ol the affair to pay for its trouble.
Itla to ba honed that theahrlkarawanM^have occasion to ah ot tho now man, or^blow up the fWonm building with^dynamite,or parforra any get winch^may in iaaaitate calling out the troops.^It is haniiv. Ukaly that ttnw arill try to^capture the plant and bold it against^all i on ers, and Minneapolis can |Ota^ship every night without fear of a
hiiy not with llnhorton dotactivaa
beforemorning. The strikers are^doubtlam familiar with strikes by ob-^^enratkm, it net by experience. Bad)^they will attempt nothing rush. They
cantake satlafaction In aeelng the
/. ' i,, get left in the matter of local^m ^ as it is pretty sine to Is- until^the ailmban Of its new force are
acquaintedwith the city and Itae4ti-^^ana,but that will i^- tnaironlyeom-^fort, unless the paper's circulation^siId begin to take a tumble as a re^^sult ot its confuOt with labor, li any^laborer ll worthy of his lure, it is the
bard-working,conscientious, capable^reporter on a daily nawnnnaar.
Banna,mddhnn and Mat- the gamerw
ofrepu'ilieanistii in ls.^--- Meniphta Af
Therepulilicaii canvass is alsuit to Ih-^giu, ( liairuian Carter has bought a lot tit^aUttlonari and called ill Buaaotl 11 it iis.in.^II the two get together w hen ('after is out^IBM* will lie music. .Wha.it/ .liv/iet.
Aceriling to a m cut decision wax an-^geb h rl btil Unas trees must now pay^per cent. duty, hut no one aoafd object to^that If tin Uttht angels who gather BVBUBd^the ^ lu isttii i- tree coul I be clothed in
aomethhagwarmer than aaaarlaan aneOo\Vi
Theonly inditsiries that the larilf on vvmil^encourages are sheep raising and OTOnB^making. Ita* )'^^rk llrrnlil.
lietelt'illg lo the force bill, wtlil h Mr.^Cleveland so foti'ihly condemned last^-\i ck. the New York Lost says lhat ^it is^Is nud la ^ ut ane of a tlgutv in the can-^raea I ban the republicans desire. The^pat i.v n.anageis v\oitld like to hlur over it
amirootoad that they no longer mean to
passsuch a mi a^urc. hut evety Ihsly kilos s^thai I bate candidate for president is a^fanatical Im Iicm-i- in it. and that, if tlu-^lifiv-third congress is republican, I hi-^UoOtte lull, or something ^ qu. Ily bad. a III
benil t.ipti.v produced ami pnahed laaaagh
Ifthe eeaourees of the admiuitoratiiiii are
1^ [11.11 lo the la-U.
Theii pul-be.iu party is responsible fur
Increasedfederal taxes iuq used upon die
mateat- In :
t.vcnstove ammrfuntureri
Kmicartiagc uianuractuix-r.
I'.vtry furniture manufacturer.
I'.vpry tnalstcr.
l.vit^ cigar leamifaeturer.
livelyroofer and tinsmith.
Iv i ry Baarhla dealer and stone cutter.
Ivcty photographer.
Everyhonee painter.
I.veryManh baah manufacturer.
I'.vcry hat tiesMiukcr.
lively in imifactttts-r of pianos olid
liver,pr,liter and pulilishcr.
And even every undertaker. t ' n
fansin Hhabcspeere'o time seem to^hav c I-- , ii composed of . -tru li and other
fea'hetsfoatt*nad to ii.until s. Grutuojeen^carried fans fa tnoae daya^ and m one of^the later flaureeof the germ.in they aaar
carrytana. According to an old mauti-^scr.pt in the Aebluob^BB nuiv^i uui. Kir fid-^waul Cole rode the ctttOUM with a pin-^dfirouafan, which had a long stick with^winch he corrected bladaughUHa,
Thegtaduatinir clas^ at Harvard, ntiui-^herinn -~u waa elaaalnVd pot ft lea Uy as^lodows: llcyaibticana, lb1: daaaarrata, M)|^iiMlenentleiita* 811 preiittuiionistii. s; aaug*^ataraaa, 8| uaelaaasd, BV The lottowiaat^is the religious elassith-atiou: l-'pisco-^I .hail-, el . t nil mans, 40; Coni'ti gatloti-^, 411 Baptist a. iti Koman Cataouea,^'. : Metbadlsta, 5: Pivaaa tcrians, I; Jcs |aa^^4 ; live thinker-. I ; ttBCMaaad, Mt
ascleutia' state-lhat in the course of
aboutOjOWMMOyeara from now the foece
atwotk on earth will have I'ouipleicly^Icveled its surface, so that there will no^longer U' hills or valley-, continents or^dial! net it a or sane* AM the land a ill bane^been washed dow u into the sea w Inch w ill^then cov i r all vv it Ii a watery uianlei and^n tulcr impaaatttle any life except thai^which can exist wulwut div laud.
Hrlatlou*or Mt-Kliili-yisin lu tho t'arnrale
Trimhli'*.Frnm Hi^ lloston Herald.
'Hill whyallrihute this Carnegie trouble^to the tariff '.'^wo shall lie asked. Wo might^answer, because it rightly he tongs there.^But we w ill not argue that point at pres^^ent. The mora obvious reply to iho ques^^tion is: ^Because tho high tariff advocates^have insisted on placing it there.^ They^have told lite workinsmcti of the country,^again and again, that this movement for^higher duties w a-in the interest of their^1 higher wages, if higher wages had como^| in the Carnegie works, it would have I jean^I rung out ns a triumph for McKinley pro^^tection from ono end of the land to the^oilier. vWerWugUMU would have been ap-^peal- d to on every hand to decide this^contest in favor of Harrison, tiecauso ,the^tarilT bill that Harrison hail advocated^and signed hud brought them this^blessing. It would have la-en the grout^eanloflhe campaign. Well, the McKin^^ley tariff has not done this. On the con^^trary, miller its effects wages have been^reduced, tho worst disturbance*, ttie most^destructive and desolating strike that has^been hWOWn for many years has ensued.^Thousands of men have been brought to^a state of rebellion; hired mercenaries^hove been imported l^y their late employ^^ers from another state to put them down;^thousands of the state militia bBVOhBBH^ordered out to quell anarchy. This is the j^way ill which the McKinley tariff hasopcr- 1^atetl. |lo these saint- politicians w ho wen- |^preparing to vaunt of Uta gisid cffi-cts of I^thai measure, anil to claim v otes for their i
partvbaaaanaaf them, nanooao that ttnw
an-toMBaaU ii'sponsihility v. lien the el-^fei't is so widely itilfcrcui V They cannot^IKissihly tie so simple. No, they have in-^vited judgment upon the issue of this tnr-^ill in oiieriition, nud lliey may lie sure that^such judgment will lie rendered.
'Neathye shade or yt- trmy love reclined.
Herblue eyes opeueil vvydc.^Aii-I ^l, 'twas ye save of her Illy wliytc hands
Thatdrew me lis- her syde!
AllgOO n flash my way I made,
fveneana tier aaai t^ aatai^-^Ah. aaaattMan ladye. aag ^ ^i kunvr
Vimvc until* you're slave tec call:
Mildlis ye fawn's was her prellle glance.^And vvliii would have thought she'd say,
Myhand was nut railing you here, f^i south,^Hut vvuvlug ye BUS away!
Theman w ho can't collect is resting on^his ovvers.^ (ialn\ti.n .Vetcs.
Tle thief usually has a conscience of^steal. (7/i-iis r'u'/s li^n^hir(tn.
Theman w ho gBM to school to his mis^^takes has a good teacher.- /iVim'it Horn.
Wesuppose a man's bachelor quarters^arc just the same as any other Iweiity-ilve-^ccllt silver pieces.^ Jiiitohoiottm Li oiler.
Takenon an average, week in and week^out. a silk hat demands more attention^than a jealous w ife. - Atihritul.ee JeaWBOfL
Areyou going lo put up eny money on^the races to-day'-'^ ^No.^ ^Why not'.'^^^I put it up yesterday.^ MaW HOW I'reas.
Somemen husband Ihelr resources and^others would like to. especially when their^resources arc girls. lliHyhamtu* Lender.
Thesummer girl now at the shore is^more romlortahlc ami looks much bi tter^ill a belt than a man dot -when he's^strapped. - Wii' York JoitriHit.
T'apa,was I'n s dent Harrison ever a^liule ben 'ike meV^ -Yes. my son. why'.'^^-'1 was only wondering if I'd ever lie u lit^^tle president like him.^- Lml:.
Maud-Ho you stipposeth.it all the crea^^tures that go out between the acts go to^see real, sure-enough iiieii'.' May ^ No.^indccdi most of the time it's only spirits.
c/ueie/d fatar Oauttas
issWinnie Hav is is now at w ork on a^Isiok of personal it-collections of her^father.
CyrusW. field of New Vork. appointed^consul to Brunsw ick, is the son and name^^sake of the gnat philanthropist and pro^^jector of the international cable, who^lately died. Young Mr. field is a graduate^of Williams college.
Koherll.iiieoin has retained but few of^the innumerable police and souvenirs he^once possessed el his distinguished father,^lie Inui-clf has bin littU- reverence for^relics ami nearly everything of tho kind^be had lias been beggisl away from him.
BasaeUVictoria, through her American^lawyer, has movisl in supreme court t-hum-^Imth in Now York to vacate an order re^^quiring her to lurnish MM bonds lor court^costs in her suit to recover MhOtW worth of^asphalt which is alleged to have been^stolen from Trinidad and said to the^Standard Asphalt company. Deciaiou was^reserved.
GeorgeMoore, w ho. like I ^.-ear Wilde, is^nn lri-hnian. has announced li s intention^of forsaking l'.iiglaud ami writing here^^after in franco and in flench. Mr. Misiro.^who is the son of Ihe late tiisirge Misire,^M. I'., haa written several notable hooks,^among tin- number being ^ A Drama in^Muslin^ and ^Tin- Confess ons of a Young^Man.^ He was formerly a laud owner lu^Ireland, bat sold his property.
Thesultan of Johorc. w ho is -non to visit^the Uaetad States, is nil oriental proteu-^tate null all the vices but with few of the^virtues of his kind. His grand tour of f u-^rope a couple of years ago was n pro^^tracted spree from start to llnish. ami a^cosily one, for he was the prey of every
pauoatoraadadvontunee of quality on
ihecontinent. The sultan is said to bo a^handsome man with an immense amount^of vanity umi a consuming fondness for^In-decking bimaalf in line clothes ami orlb^limit jewels.
Onlya bab| - seee,
ilid mid tattered and worn,^BUrnll) I -a in I wis-p
A-null i totituet raa menru.^Tcar-bltuui d I aase
Attin- tinv retnlMter cf joy,^I lew Ureal v lite'- tut lire
s.'iv dea'lli i latent il in; hoy.
A*MtM I -at .Hid ihe.lined
Av HOOM -ectlieil l^- I -e.^And I -aw a luminal fli'lure
AsI stared taro le.ir-vve: eye^,^A rui '..iiii - - nie.l te hav* natteil
Veilin \ - leadlttr ^i' - - 1 t -1 -1 .^While tai i.way Intli#Utstaaet*
CuBiesounds like Mings ol pi
Mure-list n i beeiQBM tin- pteture,
Mns'l-in guiil ;Ul..^ll w iln lul.t,
vvhilt- within the marly sates^steads an t^^^ slldres^4*d InwhaOi
1sec lila flaxea curts serovrru d.^lli- 1'ivciv ill'., so true and i*' i|
Thevsseaite nay, a- plala a- worilSi^come to me. I aaai aaateaaye
Huaaiin l anas te^ .ml bi in a,
NcivnusivI i'litn-tt at} seat.^Otic* mine I hear his iientle velee
Andtin' palo'l ^i link n et
1rlasit my liAnili In silenl prayer
i.11 kne^v - in -t vv hat i^^ no;^Hut i stwei ti eu i m.a lets i -
1held still that utile shot-
-afaiacoiaain Ti ltaa^.
I.ool:out for^counterfeits. Imi^^tations, and mils'^stit it'av, rejira-^acnlul nt nrr.uine,^but sold at loss^than regular^pritxM by dealers^In nietlieincs not^aiitberized to aoU^Dr. Pient's genu^^ine mi lieir.es.^To pi lard affiiast frcud and imrs -sition,^tho uiaknrs of l^r. l'icree's nenuino medicines^now Kill their work! famed remedies only^through draughts, authi.riztvd as agents, ana^under a jiomfire ynarantr' of U-nciit or^cure, or uiur.ry ivfunikd. Autliorizal agents^on/// can, under these regulations, furnish^t)r. nWOah pmafsr medicines, which always^havo MB| lire, and always will he, sold at^the bttoanag prices:
Dr.l'ieres's Cold :i Mtslienl Discovery (the^remedy for all dnen.^^s arisint from impure^bloodl, #1.(10 |ier l^ittle. Dr. I'iercc's Fnvorito^l'i'escriiilion (the n-mclv for woman's chronic^weaii-esses and dernngi'ttientsl, SI.ik) per tsit-^tlo. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant lV-lictn (the origi^^nal little Liver fills-, ^-'.'i eanbj nw vial.
Hutthey're tho ehoais-st iiiulieinea sold,^yuu pay only Cor the good you gou
Anew : nd eemplete treatment, consisting ot^Su|i|^i-.lniili;^,^ iliituieu; lu riipsiiles. also in llos^and Pills; a Positive Cure fur Kxterual, Inter-^mil. lll.inl or Bleedlnc. Itching, Clironle, U rent^or lleied t.irv Idles, iiml many other diseases^and female weaknesses; it Is always a great^henetii tot lie general health. The l.rst discovery^of a assdleal ears rsoderlas nn operation wUb^tie- kiille unrieeesssry iii'ictftei-. Tin- remedy^lis- never lieeu kll'Ov'ii lo lull, tfl |s-r hoi:, c. Uit^V.; sent ^v mail. Why s afer from ihls terrUrta
dlirsjiTTnra n wrlttea piaranttrIs po-nivciy
givenvrllli st\ ho\e- to refund tlie money If not^cured. Send stump tor Free Sample, 'otur oiteo^inmeil ftv Hie suiilh llrug Co., sole agelita^Anaeuuda, Mont.
anonr.KWAitn^We will pav Hie ahove reward f ir any etise nt^Mrer compiaiiit. I^yt|^epsla. Hick Haaaaebaj lr
digestion,( oil-tll-llflon of l o-tIv'liess we ens^B--t awe vvlth V.est's Vi'g'ltihlu I.Ivor Puis,^When ttie illn e'loin are Kltn'tly i-omplled wllh,^Thev sre pnrelv vegetahle. and never full ta^give'^.n tataettim. augar Coated, tjirge boxes,^In:., lies are of eounierfelts and lmltatlona^The genuine -old tiy
HflliF,rJROWMKE 4 CO..
Transacta (ie:er.d Pan kin: Dnlirsi, 1 a-^t'liaiiKi dravvii on ad tie Lead nit^tdll'-s of Kurope.
rorresp.iudn's: W i s, Kari o ^ t o.. New^T'ira: Well^. larito cS lo.. Sat lake. Well-.
r'araanCo., Haa FraacUooi iNaaaa National^baaa, oaiaaai nrat aaMaat Baaa, OauhBi
HWNATIONAI. HANK. Ax vi o.mia.
Tacific HOTEL
On i f Ihe Handsome ^! M I I ^'^; A.-polntoa^11 u se. In ine i m-iir d'Atene- Kvi lleut^tah e. eieati. well ami nBad ro^^m^,^liKhi -il b eii i irli'lty. vv llh or vv ini^^tial i o .id. geofftniag
BpoeUlAeeommodat.ont for Commercial
Men. iJirire Samp o llooins.
ltatea,$1 .111 to t t.uo Baa Bngk^MRS. E. HELLER. - Proprlotroso.
Ha-toanwed ftfan tho^Martsr I'liK-kt i
Wheres ic ha. fi r rent
ElectricUgM md Sliam Heat.
Aspoclalt). Also of no**, threat aad lungs,^aad nervous system.
orrtceuouns; ^-.m a.m. to 7 p.m.
No.51.'.N.Mala St., near Woolmaa.Butte, Mont.
y P. christ man, d. d. a.
ofDee,First Street, between Main and Oak,^Aoaconda, Mantana.
Bya new proeast. All Classes of D ntal
Workt x -rutsJ In Ins'.-elass niauuor.^ArllUcial ici tii Withaut Plat.a.
It.^. 8. kSI'DKK,
Phyalclanand Surgeon of St. Ann's Hospital^and Montana I'nion Itallroad.
Cor.M..ln and Third Streets.
Oi'ficrOvaaBicammin's STons, ExTnAsca^ox FiusT BraanBj
Reside:eo on Oak street.
No;r St. Anns lies pita!.
ontrel:o-.irs-9:.m a. in. to Haa 1^- ni.. from^Ian to 5 p. m., a id from laM P ^i. to s p. in.
OfllcoNo. 17 Xlabon-y 8T^et.
Eyeand Ear and Private IMseaiet a Specialty.
Butte,Axacomh axd Hii.ua.
Leaveall eommnnleations, orders tor plans .ml^speelflcatlout. with clerk st Montana Uoul,^lliajr wiU recelre prompt attentloa,
l)Kvi an ix Real Estatk ano Minim; Si oca
schrocder's Block
Tj.Mrnruti:,^^ gBSUML
Building.cf all klnJi on Ins allment Plan.^QCAMTa Mil.ts, HoiHrs, QM Hoi si:s. Etc.
te'tiu Mine and Mill Mieliin ry a Specialty.^Ail work by toe hast workmen aad fully ituaian-^t'ld. Nuieyeais exiicr.i-n elu llittte and Aua-^e u ..i.
ofllee/isWest idan t ^ street.^Post dll -e Aildr 'ss. Sou,a B.u:c, Montana
W.M. Thornton
\vm.l noGK. Prmtntat,
XIAKtl'SDALY, Vlre PrPslient,
W.M THORMoS, (ashler.
FirstNational Bank
OKANACONDA. MOXT.^Capital. ----- $100,000.
Onnn:to simvv capse why nnnpa^of.-: 1 ^ of r^-:i o la- ^' stun.Id net b - made.^^la ll e diatrisl etunl o t a Hunt JtaVjfi ..I-^trle'of H e statept Meoiaaa. la I ad far tha^ro a'v of peer l.od-e In un- m t'.er of tin- es-^i a o if Mis s Roberta, deceased. Joscplipio^an t (c.l i R it erts. the rsaaaBmeaai tliccs-^tme ot roses Kobrr e deesaeed,aariaa Ike]
tinI' aetitloB liere.u praylns; lm tin order of^aieoi till othe te il c^t itc of s^!d i*a e t,^nn the a u i o a laere'Bsst f.-rh it i- lasro-^fere ^roered as the led.-eof said court, thai .'ill^Bersaat lalerra'eo in ue eaaale if said das^ceasedsprejraiforstn^sai4 aaurksteuarl ea^ra.r. a .the nil: aa| of Vi e ist. MH, at 11^o e.i Ok ib ti e foicnoi.n of SB d day. nt the court^riKim o sum district Sourt. si tlf'-eurt louse^In said on n v nt User Loage, te I'sow anan^vsby in order'should not as ir iBti 11 - tnesa -1^cvei titrle ^^ to sett so aavh of t.ieralcs its of^the-til I dec -as si as utttill In-necessary. And^tha a io iy of ihsor l rh - pobhshedM least^to r saesessltre weeaa in on- aaaaanda Ktsad.^to d a neasaai e unu'.e I and nub heed i^ said
Jlaf lot 'leeotillf .l^. M DVUFKB,
l.it id J id) I. 1MB Juuse.
X'TI(^E TO CO-OWNPIl-v-To .lohn Ree^^1^ aaa Wllilaas achkeuojf r. voor aalra or as.^stem Von sre hers by aotluoil that I. ^ iaij^OldUaber, yisir eo^ovrner. have m ti'eorila-ies^alth sect ii-n _- ,sj i of tee tensed stetafoi al ths^I lilted mates, upended :u lan.-r and Improve,^nnnts nonetae Nati nd auarti lode mhiuti^rialak sltuatod in an uaoraanlced Mlokvaols-^liicta m iii^mi auiebt Pear boeea saoaty, Hia^^tana, lot the (ear radiat I eeemusr St, UM l^one Imudred i I'll i dollar*, ur-t I-r t ie year^luaiea l^eeemis-r ^l, Hi- seal o' aaa^h adrai i mi iloiiars, and lor tho ^^sr eedlai^li cember ^l, lata, ihe --uat el on - linn ired I ^ 11^c ; r-. and v u. .loha Meek :e:d Ullllaia^s : .i-^lii ir v in;' li Irs of assigns Bfs nerehy^teit cr notified thai unle** you eoatribuu \^ ir^r^erssxtlon of aara expenditure i lopsth^r wna^luteraat aad cost aliliui iJ ietj i^o days aft r^t s completeserrlee of mlsnotiei b. isiltllea*^t m all your rhtbi. i't-e. aiterea aad tlalai in^ni iotas .i !^ v ^ named nuarts I -lemtalnt^claim nlll beeeme tits property of the i n or^s t.edvo.rc -4-vvrner. woo I s p lorin u u.o^vo k and aide Hat raeattosl nrpjudkuret
U'^'^'CI.A l s iihliJAI'd IL
Anaconda.Mont.. Mav .. i^a
IkrstpaMleai Ms . latt
ANACONDA ^ BROKER^. ^ ^ orncT.
Money1IM I! I
Diamonds,Jewelry, Htc.
lluvsntl sell Hotnestie and Pore cn I^xchanica^ami f.it^ac. a Qaaerei Tankiua BaslBeaa. Cot*^leeiieoi ur imptly attended 11. Kscnsate drsapa^en L union. Kilfntiiirifli. t.la-g iw, liulilln, lie -^f ist. Paris. II mil-uric, Reilln and ail the Lead^in : Clt.o, of Euro|ie.
AmericanExchange Natioual Hank Ne^ Vork
omabaNational HunkOmaha
Wo.,, p.irco ^ Cesuu iTtaaaisoa
Itali NationsI Kaakogilen
Hags.In es idee CoButte
Mereiirn's'National Hanki: m a
iarable l.ros. fcl'oI^ier l^algs
Vh i'.cs tie and Retail Healers la
j.h f vs raa h. c. krtea c H. Hand.
EUTTt.WONT.,^San pie r.nd buy sliver. Cold. Popper nnJ
Li.d ^^ic^. r' o. p. n. once -eon
bitldlu:. e,^rre list aid Uraallj^M... and at vv.irks. ttoutfe II :tl I,
J. K. EVELETH, Maraser.
Ir.y.i-nr Ni.lt
WithoutPain^or Bared Prawn,
Prof.L Mreji
CMIHOPODISI,MANir.LRt .nd t^f KaATOlOGISI^nooui u ^ M.. l mi cel. Mga M us.

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