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va Piano yon^hmo'I ileal of^tier of cost is^reests itself to^lier coiisidora-^on ure inainlv^^cod in uettiiitf^t fur the least
Inilltake plea*-^itniments ami^pnns.^t^^ I- .mil at
AShort Sermon on the Cps and Downs^of Human Existence.
Thetut of my ^crmon to-dny will not^ho found within tlictmemuf any hook.^It 1 s taken from tlm pfBM vol'imeof life,^and waa stt-xested by n fatnilv of travel-^Ine mendicants sinc'tiir ^^('.,!! Me Back^Apuin'' hrneath my office window, their^cruekeil voices Majaaaajal by the ilis-^eonlunt notes ol a ililapnla'i il aeeciileon,^whose iiiusicnl nirchutiisiii vrns sadly in^need of a liberal application c,r wagon^Itrrase. or some ot her lubrii aiine material.^The fatu'.i; BSMlalaa of a man and^woman, a girl neatly pafB, and tlueo^^mall children, one oj which was wheeled^In a baby carriage.
Aglance at the inomln in of this family,^who travel from plaeo to plat e, .leading^the MMH which i n.'.bles them to drag^out u miserable existence, led to tho ill.^quiry , ^Why do we live'.'^ 11 anyone ran^tell why such ppanjf live, or 0 hai ^ervici-^able niehe they ccciipv In ihc ^ commit, of^life, he will coiilci a Madtteea on his neat^Bliniatie brother:, hy eidii.!iicnini.' ihe'n on^the Mihject. Homilies wanderers they^^ re. goiiiK unions the homes ol happy and
inospeisiuspeople nnjpiap ooram n^ mm*
tainlives that are not wi.rth Ih In*. What^liappinesK enn tinM he for them V Why,^their PnojP misery Mpa] be im |BMaj hy^MM of theirowii condition with the^tolid'.tiou of those u hoviw' them alms.
NebraskansListen to an Effusion On the^Tariff Question.
Andwhat are i l,e ^ i ^ -. s ^Inch produce^auch a vast difference m the I onihtion of^individuals'.' Wlr, is ono man a million^^aire and iinoihi r man a pauper'.' Is the^BPBMol to he found in etir ajn teni of ell iti-^Kation. or does the ent:se lie in the indi^^viduals them-i !\i s7 An examinationnf^the records of tinn's liti s will show ihu^latter to Iks the ease. Tho-f who hate^eiircepded in accumulating wealth ntt*Ps^In nine rases out of ten. I.ecu hidnsti loua^and frugal all their lives. he-ales heing^gifted b.v nature wiili .t daiwil business^sense which cnahled thctu to r.-eocuize a^piHMl opportunity when H pfOOOtttad itself.^On the other hand, the im n \\ ho live from^hand to mouth all their da.\ s are either^indolent and shiftless, or tin ; squander^their eurniiij.-s on trifles Ittetond ol invest-^ing it in land or other ptopeitv that will^increase in value as tic years roll hy.
ThereIs absolutely no ettMOa for any^man to remain pool in this ^ ountry if he^desires to secure a eoinpc:eii^\. In Mou-^tana thero is seittceiy | wage cai'tier who^tWM Ml mou Bach mouth than in^required for the bt:pport of himself and^family. If the su: phis wi ic laid I.v. it^would lie hut a short time until it would^amount to a sum MfftofaM to bay n hit 111^any city in the slate. And then' is noeity^ill the state w here low n lots w ill not he^more valuable in the future than they ate^to-day. If the woikin^/meii i,f Hull:, will^look about them they will liud that the^aolid men of the city owe their wealth, iu^a majority of inst.iiiees, to the increase of^real estate values ajajea their property^came into their possesion, 'i'lie i.imc ia^true of cvi ia low u iu t he sta'c and all ape^perienco teaches that town lot invest-^liieuts are anions the sun-si ai.d most re*^tiiunerativi) that aM hi made.
AmongMontana cities, tlie one w hich,^at present offer** the j;reetaot Inilnroinonlo
forthe iiivcstmeut ol i ap.tnl m Icwn^properly is Uozrii:a:i. It is beat, because^property PpfjNtta there are low af than in^an.v other eit.\ of its size in Iboetnttti It^Is lM*st. because the resoui-ce i ot 'to7emau^ai'e As permanent and secure a i the fertile^aoil of the 111:1^,11 lieiun \.die. ol w !ii^ h it^is the eutrcpai. It is BlOt,bnoaMae the^rity is just entering upon a m w era of^tiew th and improvement, which is suits^to raise the value of real estate, and Iho o^who purchase now will hem til b| tta)^rise. It is best, becau-c the people of^Mctdana ai'e goiii;: to locate ilia p^rnia-^lient seat of ;:ovcinun in at Hos.t-num. and^that will giw an utipi eecdcnted llllpotttf^to business of all Kind.: and MM lortit.^nate ixissessors ot town lots wiil see their^propertj| double in value us s.sin us tho^result of the election U announced,
Tollozeumti is the baai pi wa t ^ buy, Iks.^cause it ia the choice MaMafM I part of die^city; because it is Nttf the BaBfttiB atreatl^railway, and i^ within easy ieai h of tlm^court house, the poatolll. ^^ anil the lie*^high achool buildiu:. which is being^erected at u Bffjat of ^tin.iO'; becatlaa tba)^additionajajHfata of riaa^aa koti throu. h*^out, every otie of which baa a a*otef i 'it^conveyed with the laud: boeaiOM tho^property is far n iiiomm! fraM aWMtapai^and win n ihii kl^ setiled its satiii .r'. eon.^ihtioiiswdl alwa\s i, main MMaUefitt ba^^rause the terms on w Inch the paaparll i*^offered for sale aii's.^ ea v that an; work,^iiigmali can si'euti lot! with.,ui di coin-^Inodiiig himself or faiuilv.
Forparticulars call on or ^stdMaa,^IKK N. RMtTH,^tieacr.il Agent,^Room 4 ttw ^lev niock. Uutte.
^**^.faVHaV) Omit House, UtulllUl.
CampaignTalk Before a Chatauqua^Assembly Civinu Sugared^Pills to the Weatern^Grangers.
ftUYfJMhAug. fa Fifteen thousand^)^eople at Chautaipia grounds this nftrr-^iiisin listened to the address of Governor^McKinley of t)liio. Special trains this^BaarntJaf, brought iu throngsof people from^Kansas, Iowa and Missouri to hear tho^groat protectionist. After the parade and^promptly at II McKinley licgaii his address.^The governor said in tho beginning, that^the latest national democratic platform is^a holder recognition of free trade limn^ever liefore, and analyzed it at length.^^jMtlaf points rcportiil by the committee I^and those stricken out before the platform^was finally adopted. As to the charge^that the protective tariff is unconstitu^^tional, the governor said its eoiistitu-^ttonality has not Iteeti seriously ques^^tioned in more than bWyeBfe, The aalir)^J was recognized iu the second net e\cr^! pas*-d hy the congress of the I'nitcd^j States, a congress participated in hy^I many trainers of the const it in ion. If the j^protective policy was u violation of any I^I'onstitu'ion, i' is not that of the Tinted I^, States. |t is a manifest \ iola-^[ lion of tiie constitution of the confederate I^^ states p^wsil^l^ that is what they mean.
tl.ippih, however, we do not rocogui/c that .^j instrument and never did. and we are not |^| oper.iti ug iintlcr it. Wecannot hate free^trade in this country w iihotit having lie,-^! trade coiiihtioi's. The dcmncrulic plat- I^j [emu demands it u|x^ti lhcsccondilions.it^is Ixiiind to bare it at any cost. The^I world Ituovvs w liat these conditions ate.^| ihe tinmers and workingiucn of Luglaud |^Know what Iboy are, liuiusauils of men '^w ho woi k on l oth sides of the ocean and j^under both svstems know thesi' condi^^tion-. To introduce them here w ill bring^vvidespreatl discontent and revolution^^ize values. It would lx- self-^destiuction. t iivelnuil joined the i-hoir^ol calamity in his s|x cell of acceptance.^^J fear.^ said the speaker, ^that ho lias^not consulted the markets since 181M. He^had iu mind campaign prices of lite*,^and seems to have been unadvised of^^v hai ceciirriil since. He had not then^read the re|sirt of the senate committee^appointed to investigate the effect of the^new tariff law : its effect on consumers^and manufacturers and wages. This re-^post w as unanimous, and showed a de^^cline in the retail prices of 1.'14 selecti'd^articles of comfort and necessity. The^report slums iu every pap] a constant^tendency to lower the prices of the neces^^saries (,| |if,, and its comforUi. The re^^port also shows that, while the cost of^li\ iug has decreasiHl here. It has during^the same |x-iiihI in Kngland increased.^As to wages, it ap|m'ars that the^v ages selected averag'-d in the^L'nlted States 77 |x^r C'ltt. greater^than ill Kngland which is under demo^^cratic five trade revenue tariff. As to^[arOBOfl to.w horn t 'lev eland so plaintively^ii'fcrs. the rejxjrt sa^s that the average^price of all agricultural prixIuctH except^llaNsccd, when put at their pro|xT relative^value, v ere MyB7 |x^r cent, higher in Sep-^tenibe,. iHttl, than in June, MM, Ma.v I^not in iIn* light of this rc|xirt and facts^ev crv w here observable, remind t'levelatid^thai in IMS we are confronted by condi^^tions and not the.it^ '.' The irttlh is the^I'tiiteetive tariff hasclica|x !iisl every in.ut-^ufaetMjrod ptloSbaHI not bv cheapeuitig la^^bor but beMfjb rewards, mh'iiring from^Ntfaoi* its high cllicioncv. Substantially^ivervthin^ which protection ihrcctl.v af-^|09ti will Is* rishiecd ill price^i-vicept lalxir. LTOslor the new tariff,^old industries have lx^eii stiuullated and^many new Industries started which have^pit en e'uplov meet to from 'jm,nim to 'J.'sl,-^t^^i pafasajn, and it is a fact well estab-^lisheillrom all foreign countries that at^this time while depression and anxiety^'^\ist iu their industries (hero is prosperity^i iu the l^takted Stati ^ alone, uotvv ithstatid-^iii^ the erv thai under the protective turill'^.veiannot sell abroad it we do not buy^abroad. Vet during tin* last year \\f* sold^abroad neatly fciOttjUOUjLltJQ mofB) than we^bnttalM abroad. This was an excess in^our favor w hit-h foreigners paid to us: and^which is eii*culatitig mining our people.^The i'e|x)i't of the treasury shows that^dutiable meii-liaiiihse has decreased^under the new law from H^.-^n.-ll for the ti-cal year ended^^lime ill. to ^tzi,:i'l i.hiij the year just^I net, dei :vasc of Jluti.JIH.Tna. The tree^list iu the same time increased *nl.75H.7N3,^moil'than half the value of our piixluets^ahsolutclv free. The value of our exports^of merchandise during the lost fiscal ^ear
aaaHJM^nVHa,an ioKftoaaonf ^h.'..hm.-
Hliio'.erthe previous your, a wonderful in-^eti-a-c in our foreign trade under the law^w hich w as to close foreign markets to us.^Our ex|x^rts never before reached the^point iu a given ^ear iu all our history.
McKinleyquoted Hgtnes to show that^iiiidei the free irade ri'M'tiiie tardf from^Istr io Isid the balance of trade against us^v i- fialjOOOjOOO. In 1^. vears. |H7t; to is'M.^wiili protection, the balance iutraih'iu^our favor was sl.'.t'i.tl^...'! i. Mi Kildev
ai'iiuisiat iciigih m refHint Ion of the fanoj.
iH'iats'as.ertioii that tile larmer will ba^Ixnietlted by a rev enne tai iff. mid said ii^is poaMltreh a proteei.on to tin- farmer ot^litis count rv. that no class vveri* mor*''fr*
tnlnlybenefitnd In It. Wu.it tla-- farme r
wants i- consumers, anil more consumers^and fewer eomis'iitors. lie wants those^renenaaon slendab and regular and has^such ill the i .'^ .urni.iMl of i otisiituers in the^I'nited Slates who are lh.- best and most^luiithaiile cuntil - of tin' glolx'. The
danMcntlebantan of io-dav. aanl he.^think tnera is mnai peculiar sanenns
alxiutIsjanlpVJ eonsumcr- that I piejfaVtoat-^i.ieh io the domestic. IdJoMt, I prefer^the dotucstie consumer heca : e la- is the^baati he oosjntMMO more and ha- more^mope) to pav tor his liv iug :h.m others.'^The agt ictilturists of this count! ^ do not^^mM inois. farmer* : tin ^ vv .mi more peo^^ple ^v ho do not raise their own IiksI and^vlioniilie) call supply. Lvcry MP in
dustryincrease* the farmer's home mar^^ket and furnishes him with what he most^wants prolitable customers. It is no^fault of the new tariff law if the farmers^of the I'uited States do not supply evet v^agricultural want of our entire popula^^tion. That law was framed to give them^this market, and to encourage industries^w Inch increase consume! s b.v increasitr:^the country 's demand lor lalxir therein.
McKinleyipiotcd from utterances hv^Gladstone and Manning to show that frc-^trade Kngland has in many parts not pnl)^a stationary, hut decreasing, rural pope^latlon. There was nothing in that coun^^try to induce our farmers to e\chaiii;e^what they have got tor what it offers.
JudgeBeatty Hearing the Cases of the^Coenr d'Alene Miners.
IMrct In | oitniy ((intention
Iml.it-r (iovrrnor \\ ilh ^.
IpMWMn^Mtl lotlio Htan.l tr l.
QaMicn. Miilm. AjMSi I'Iiim IMIMtaf j^n.x^ut M o'cIfH-U iln^ fiii/fiiH 4^f OhImii-ii^ap|^c;^r^Ml to \h* wry iihk-Ii r-urpiinwl at ,^tlie arrixal al IS or LA Htr..nL'''rn. wtia hail ,^stoppiMl ^t(T I Im l Hi^^n Tarilif train. Qih^^--^trOD^, mif'h a** ^wIhi an* tli^ ^ v* and ^ar.-^tlw*v vij^i!ant^*i*7^ ^rn' a^*k^-^! while tin*^ladies |^^fkrtl at tliriu fiwn Iwhitttl *-ui-^taiitfil w inflows ami thf mm.ill 1h^^ U^okif I^oil in ^.j|^rii-^'^c^l \\i^imI^ im^Mit. Thrir^MMKity *a^ at last fHiahlisl;^ ^I tlioywrro^tho tlflf^ati-s to tlm rrpuhlican ^^otint\^colivt ntioii which iiuM bara tonlay for^tho pnrpoM^ i^f ol**^tiiii^ ilflc^atrs^to tlnk statf t-on\fiit ion at^Hoist*. (^itloj^;cinv; tin* prt'rupnl stati-^pxocutivc ami making iiitMlcst ifcoynitioti^of tln-ir ^^wti imliviitnal nx'i it. Tinfo mas^\r*r\- lit,!r rutImsia* tn atal at a (jlatwo ^r^wan apparent that the mrf-tinc of to-tlny^nan sininlv fur tho ptirp^^^*o ol rati!^ m^^and gHi ^ic life to an :ibivi il plan. 9nkJtt$^f^f WfBfdtMf falh il tin* fotivontion t^^ onh'f^ami nuttlo a \\\ *^ s|M'i^h, in w hifli Iu* !*^^^forifd t^^ tin- r**o^ rit iioiihh'^ in a ralhrr^lalH^ro^| .Hint. r. I*. BMM ^^r Wardnor^was *-.oh ricfl iis icnipoiar^ t liahinan ami^II. K. \flaios ot tin' saim* plan* iomp^^rai.\^fliairtiiati. !^otli wali^^ ;i oppo--iiion.
Whonii cairn- to tin* ap|Hiintr.it'tit of tin*^committer tin ri ^^ohiiions ii lu raiiu* \^*f^^appaii^u* that th^*re w t^ a larjj** rlninU of^IM hi the i*ooiu ami tho Wallaeo flole-^tration hail HMMM a o^^mhin ii ion to 1m^ss^tin- job. tex'hit ions, iit.iniiiati .i,s and all. |^'1'heif VfM very HltM wraiiylinj;. ho\\o\o^-.^as in fact thoi-t-flid not serin to Im* lift* j^enoiii/h in the convention to ir**t Hp aipiar-^n*le Several dele-rates kI/.'mI tip thesim- j^at ion and c onelinh (I that the\ ncie not in^it. ami left an MMni as the temporary or^^ganization m ftl pei h-oird. Tlierc i c- '^niuincfl to bbb the tiling iliroiiuh iil. Thii^ten of these eaine fruin Wallace atid all^from Wardncr. ami it was plain that tin y^had hsh to li^ and that they were the 1^Im^^ 4 that knew how to do h.
Itwas more than three long tedi'ios hours {^l*efo:e tho rotninitteo mi n vilmitms ajai^platform was reail\ ia rc|^ort and the^convention ajzani called to oitlt-r. One^delegate moved that the UelaajBjlAaBj to the^i^t a to eon \ cut ion In^ |ajal i ncted in vote^lirai. last ami all the lime for the noinina-^lion of Governor Willey. 'JNie nmintn wtM^carrie^l ^ ilh a nish. hut j** or 1(^ of tin- dele-^gatoH sat ami llfflatiad in sullen rtllaura^and this dainpem*d the aiilor of i he WHrn^le^ it^^s and a motion to reconsider HM ^r-^(;iied, and in place of this a motion |^ro-^\ ailed to the elfcct tlint there w an no c^mhJ^reason why l^ovenior Willey atwHild no:^he iveleeti'.l. W. II. I'laguet was chair^^man of the commit ice on rcolnt ions^and platf- u in and t lie document IM^in his hamlu i ititiu' and ^l^onnd^d in the^heantifulK loimdetl aantaajoea that Jajd^fi^* I a-.'net is noted |av throughout |la WW IpB^lenght.and it was t-uite a lcni^:ih^ dl ^-^niHsjou of the prest ni dcploraltli- siiaa-^lion in Slu)-h^ne comity from a hiuhl.v^moial and patriotic Ma.Mlpoitit. leading^chip to U lie\e that tIi*' nidcTiniom ajaja at^hand. Haaaacl Hia4ataaa4a^ thought die^re-olntions Bfafa) written win mine own-^crs' ink and that it w i ^ a mill^ M m i -*^ami not a repiihlicati convention. How^^ever that nm^ lie. ^11 * - ^ ilid folly as well an^eon Id possibly !^^^ expected |*|OM a part^^who eaiino: help hut (eel that thc^ a ^' ^i^a frnitle-s errand. A eo|^^ of the jilat-^loriii ^*ould not lie |^i tx umiI to night.
Mt-ftinxot Mm MaaMaaja MatMal of Maav
MMalet llu/ aMMh^^BMMM tM^fSM to tlo^ Si.ukI t.
liti/t:i\n. Aug. ^. Tm llaj'l se^^|i^n of^the hoard of world's lair man.iir'-rs w .i a^hns^ one. I Ic\oi:of lite |4i iiiemh* r ol^hoard were present. The da.\^s hnsict -h^MM ^|c\otetl to i he rei ci. ing a nil atlopmH:^^^f reports of th^ tfarintM paMiinlllaoa. Tmb^most MMMnftBJM] of these was thai of^F.Tnecntivo flfMifpiMlaaluiiM t*UW*kford. l ids^shows that ftft'xc and tMMMllva \ -'ik^is heing MMaa h\ ||m DOttttnMMfViDfra^in MMV) ing out the plans out lined^hy the hoard. The di-pla, of^miti'-ialsat IIm mining MMiglwaa in H^ l-^etia. the MMBMMMMMMf ^av s. araa ajaod and^liiueh interest is heing awakem d among^mintiig BjMM thro^'i^hoiit ihc MaM in lllla^exhibit. Litth* interest is felt iti tin exhibit^of live Kt^jek. Marens |Kil^ in ihcotil) |ier-^son w lio as ^ct ha I MM n any dlapaalttoaj^to exhibit. Me will show as ^ tiatiy ' ne^horses fri^m his RIvctajMI flWM as |j. . .n^pun r, To awaken lajMlMiat ajMaMMj I-hi.i-^Bfa of lh^ date, which ha- faileil i It ^^!!-^bm \eil .so tar. the commissioner r^ nun-^mends the holding of como\ falf _
Mmh arasiaaa ^ .is show n in tin- w ark^ot the laflie/ department b^ the coiiimta-^sioiict's t-i'poi t. This ha enlarged IdMMM]^aaaaMHwna that he nnroiiiajMiitlw tba em*^plo^ nicnt ot a ^ !^ ^ !.. \n e\ientled and in-^MaaajMMjl HfajoU from MiM^ \flow .^ hair^^man ot the ladies* b-tai'l. Wa* sabmit'e.I.
Tli''raiho.td araa I*M|W Mad laj H aj^a a
one-halfiti i e each wa^ on all a-
-hippedto ( hfeago, -1 '\. M..eKmghi of^Helena a'ldre^.-ed the hnanl on ihc eiat-^terof tnrni-huig a eonipdat;^^^^ ... Ma^i ic* on various ^tate iiahistt ie-. The matter^^ as refcrr'^l to B#*OfM*f c^^inmittec. I hi
e\eenii\e f i^mimtt^^ re|Ht|ietl tfiat h'hll
S.M. Ncill ami Prof. II. i . Mt.ot.Hi hud^been ap|Hiiiitcd assistant. Missoula \\.^s^MMajMBaji IMPajtVaaa of the m xi m l^ l .r^meeting and Koi . M the date. A wotnan**^meeting will Im- laid to-mot it ^u at I^i^*cUtek to I'ffect a cotin:^ t^rgaliiza i -n.^Tin* mmnI ajtlaMTMad nntit MMMaaaaaj al^^::^u.
Itii Will lake the Hnaap.
l\T**'i*TTfiMt , tkug '-'^ Tba eanapaipn^in Maine v\ ill in - ojM-ui-f! Iiv tlie republicans^on tin. irth in ^'. Iti rlecfeiaij Blaine ariH
takethe stump.
Attorneysfor the Strikers Claim^the Court Has No Jurisdic^^tion A Demurrer^Entered.
H|'fv!.lll)lK|t.tt 11 to tin- Mlllltl ll .l.
ItiitsK,Idaho. \ng. '-'. The legal li.ittle^in the fc^lcral lour! of Hal Miners'^union cases was lM^gtui totlav. Iieilil.v^ami llavvhv. the attoinevs lor^the miners. liletl a ileiinn rer ami^a ploO ill aluiti'iiieiit this afn iiukiii.^The ileinurrer sets tip that Hat OOOBntaMM^of the iilaintills iloos not stale sin h a eajoi^or eotitaili any matter aanJeaffaoMJ Hai^eoiii t to iinler Of issue any attaehnifiit^against tin- rcspoiiileiit-. anil HoM Hm^^ '^tin i has no povM-r to ronnlM oVOM to^show onpjpj ^ h\ tin y afpanU BM Of Mon*
lonoiloraantenoafi fiirthi-r.th.it tnefacts
allppasjin tlie information on vvhi. li the^ri siraiiiiiiguriler vv as issued in^ iiisajfttrient^to show that the ennrt has juri-tli.-iii.il of^tin-liersoii of anv of tlIi fi-nil.ints. It al-
laaesfurther that it afaeeara anon tne fneo^of tnobitt af UmnoMpaaint th.it the eona.^plain ml hail a plain, PJM nn.ite an.I BSSjn*^ploM) reineilv at the linn- for all injuries
i-om;il:iiiici|of. Tnepfaaj In naavJanaant sets
lipthat the eoitit has no jui isilietion of^the action or of the ^nfejecf mat tor tin-ii-of,
orof tin- paraoa of any or law pi tpannants^ananni in tin- action. As to Ueoroa smith.
theplea is lllat lie Is all alien, a sllhjeel of
trani llrit.iin ami lielantl, ami Ii not a
citlaennfIne Untied states. \ alao of
noli-4-iii/enshi|i is maile in Inomoi of
riot.i.e. Wneinn. AnnVetr^ Mm, Mnnsou
anilsome oiheis. anil thai Itritol.iii.in.^Nelaon ami others are not ritlaeaja of^hi. iho. I.i it ol ot her stall ^. It ^-mi|i fur-^lln r that the organi/.itioii known as ihc^Miner..' union is i-i.iiiih.siiI of rilfaene of^^lltfcri'til states, leri itoi a s anil foreign
fantpilie.ittv will nrjnsanernaftt plena
lo-inoi-row ami will pani on Inem
proinptiv.Tne pattern! onanion at that he
vvill not sustain eali.-r of the plea- .out the^ease will i oi i ii* up on us merits lo-uioi row.^The ih fi nse ^ ill hring l.'i w ilin--i s fpaM^the t'iM-ur il'Alenes ami the i-omiilaiu.iiits^vv ill lii iiig .its.nt ti e same niimls r. lh-^Uisliiuillt. tiros-, ( lenient, Kitun :ir ami^I -l. r are here now ami a finish is 00*
partoflto inoi row naarnonp. Tne ease is
aitraeimgw iile attention anil a iiiiiiiIh-i^of h ailing lawyers an- in atlciiilance.
Ml-illill,llie H:l^ir nt MBpftti Senlrin-eil^Till* shoitlliiti or ***(.ftl rt-ilrti.ini.
Spei-liillllsi at^ ii tn the Str.nil.ll I.
UoiHg,Idnno, Aup. A ojsyrial to the^sin*,- man from Silver fit) says that Med.^liti. who vv.i- i-onv ii-ti-il ol iitanslaiiglitcr^fop killing Steele, at that place, was sen-
iiin ril to eight vimis in the panjMNMnMP
atrlnHffa anpont. The two natthnHs
iii-piite nrer some lots attd Ifedl^n ran
intf*his house. piMM-uinl a gun anil lireil at^Steele, killing him itiHtalitlv.
Thejttr: in the rnm of f/loaakttJa trieil^for Ihc killing ol tlepat) I inteil St.it s
llntalmlKnm Pritonard. ajtseajroosl ami^eare dloonnrnnd nnd l-'u-iiung is ht-Ul na
'lei-liomlsof s.'i.uni ii, avvn'i a new trial.^The killiiu'of I'riti haril is \iewisl hv the
otitold- us a eoiit-hiiHsli-ii ami unttreeooaf)
iiiiiitier.The plea of l-'leimug that he^killed Prttchard in lelMefettae is run-^iiil.il. as lie hail Im gun. I he trial will^not take place till the next term of eoiirl.^^ e ^^TO CHfcATL HAIiMONV.
l*rur^^or Sin lli.'i^ ^ s hi nil' ICt*gartl t iiy I lie^Win ni -* Mioietiii y 0aaMMaai
VPKM \. Aug. !^ 'I he \. ^^^^ A',. fat ^ M^pubh-hi's (ietads of a m le nie elab^ ^ia U fl^b^ I'mki ^ur StM Ib'i to I i.i i tlBonlaa the^mom-tan -\ terns of thewoi id. 'I he pro^^le, ^^r rei ooiieeiiils that da- aaaakaj inter^^national mom-iar.v MMnMM MOB B4fTBa that^no g^^ld ^ o!n coiiiatninu I-****4 than If.MiBia^a^ajaja ol lit* aeM In- .11 lowed to mi coim-d^i^r eiieulateil in contracting raMNlHaai^that siUei In* coined in pioportion af IB^valee att If a of silver to one in Bald : that^sil\ Bf Im - a leu a I tender up to s o. and that^^il\cr coin s ot h xeil ^stamlanl ol pnritx U^^^a ithdiav. ii ffotlt cm nlation. I'role BaBf^Soi IIm 1 ceti-ider- th it i*\er^thinu .1' p li'ls^on tie- attitudo lireal Britain.
An Attroipt to hrttle tlx* Hoin^*^t^iMl^Trmililf* tin C'linrgr* of f oniplrry*
PlTlslilIti., Aug. J. An irehii*ts llauer^and Kiudd made applu ati^^n fur releaso^on bail I Ma morninu* Jnilge Km* Ing fixed^their b;nI at ^o.tm and Alton.e^ l'rieilinan^evjH i ts Ml MMMV U^nd-.inen t*wlay. It in^pajajMMMl that information will Im^ made^again it H.f. 1'rick some nine today on^the eharge of conspirai \ and 1 lint he w ill^be BjPHMNaf b**fore night. Tfie Informa^^tion to made b;. tho \iii;i!;'.iin.iti^d uKwvia*^tlon.
W..1. Ilretinati. BMBMMMMMMJ th^* Amal^^gamated association, made applMMMMl^fore .Indue I.wing to-da^ for the appoint^^ment of a ifduntary trade tribunal to set^^tle the l!^^rne-ie.id trouble. The pt*titiofi^was signed b^ t7af tlio former euiploves^ef the Carnegie company, 'odgf* Kwing^made uti oiiler for a |BMA'MoMbJ license^for the tnbiin d as pro\ ided for in the ac^^w here a RMMMMl is made b\ employee^aaj|jra It ihot mimmjmi eaaMMtvajy dt^es not^sign the pctii ion in ^'* tla^ it H w ill he din-
Aitoniiy Cat stated this afternoon it^had been decided 10 bring all -nits against^1'Yich. Uavat|a| and tVtlMaf a^ once for con^^spiracy. The charge- art* lonndcd upon^the ititriMlnction of I'lnUerious.
Apart^ d '*) laborers w ho ^ into here on^a special tram for Homo-m ad this morn-^iua. but w ho refused to a 01 U. w ill ptoba-^I bly Im' sent home b\ th ^ Amalgamated as-^! .ociatiou. Thi^ Men ^ laimci lohaveU'en^j diM-ei\cd and dai no* knou their destina^^tion was BMMMMMMal* 1' M -taied (hat the^1MBMMtar of I bene tcad is pivpar-
ing p:ipet^ f^^r tlie arrest ^^f BBVataJ aaV^flier-, eh irgcd w uU m-i:11iti;; women. U^a merging of iin^ ItoroiiL'h conned MMnjM I^^IeIa:eKi^' charged that Ibja MaMaMI BMBB^MBt partn ioar u bom tin \ aeco-tetl, and
thew uis atid daaajHtarmaad i*a kMMMMi of
Hone tcad are nm - ih\ It is the inicti-
tMMto aara tba aj ^ i let t hoi onghl^ hwaa
tigatetl.audt^^ proseetim ibe enlpt'its if^the assertions arc substantiated.
Wood,the Murderer. Takes the Electric^Ronte to the Great Unknown
HeCot s to the Fatal Chair Praying^for His Attorney Touched^Off With Dla-^patch.
FIRM.I a Hirli
strlkan Ilrnrlug^I .itti i 111 ii Unit tie Na^HoMKaTI vn, A^tg. -. i'ben* is great^actiw, aMMMMJ 'he leaileis lo-day to pn-^\ent ti e weakening strikers of the me^^chanical department from returning to^work ami a meeting has been called for^this afternoon. The \nialgamaleil asso-^ciai ion si ill coiite'nl-. that it iho lb^nie-^stead men stand tirm i he eompan.v i att^never linil men loo|M iate the machinery.^Manager I'ottcr may he has ri*cei\e^l^melt from I tali MM ^re, I Mi ptaiVajMlal and^I'meiiuiaii this mot mug, man\ of whom^aii* e\iM-riencei|, skilled workmen. In ad^^dition, he MMM| BBfM of the old men ha\^*^applied and ha\c BJBBM taken hack. A^BSMMMMMM of atHkaCB this moiiiitij: at-^leinpleil to per-uaile the ladroail BBJgnV^neei ^at Mnuhall Io mfuao In Mini ftrtigtil^ilit^^ the ^ ard but fad.*d. The engineers^^tated that the railroad men were in ^^ in-^I aib^ with the Ktrikers, bet could not^jeopardize their |Me ilioi;s b.v such action.^The Mieiidan tmop ami a par) of liattaf]^H a ere ^nleted home this morning. I hrce^rcgimcnts stdl rem.iin.
Arta res'lll of Ihe stnuui -ti . cnileavol-
onthe part of the Vuialgamated aaaaaMV^llaaj the wax eriug laborers once again are^brought into line ami are to-night more^enthusiastic th.iii the IfMMMMJi men. The^entire strength f^f the ,i--^^-iation v* a-^brttiiu'hi to bear on the mechanical depart^^ments to achieve that, ami l^^-uight it
wouldaaaa M 'hat tne aMMMMM) wan sue.^cessful. moment at dv a; anv rate. The
raaaMlis tiat aatli bmmbclaiinAvaPtat*)
thisBVaMMM^ ^ DOMMBHMM of Htriker*^I MMMl the nnlb- t. -day Io itiie-ti^ate the^ft (Mirts a- to lia- nnniber of mi ti BjOB at
vols.The^ Maaartad to * niaa^i umbMIimj
lo-iiiht that the lirm ha^| a l irge iiuiuIh i
afnam aroiiilng and a fow aavpafiaaMaal
itillersvv ho iMTMad out two or three plates^t. i-d,.y. A (ft tt nUMBuWrof the ne-u, how-
i'Vei,we|e III^ lulled a lid ll-l|e-s. T||e^coim-littee folllid lloeau ^e ft ir dise,,tirage-
m nt the' evening.
Snpeimlendeti i Cotter -rated thit in^round BUiaMMN 100 aaaj men ^ ..tun in t^i-^fl.tv. In all he i | ,n is to have l.jm work-^in*-u. many of whom ate skilled nee I
VVol ptafWa
IhNNtvoim.N*. V.. Atitj. 2. At 10:V1^this morning Murderer I d Wood- 'v as Iwl^Into t lie death chamber. I lis f n e w as [sit**^and there wa-^ tho sbgnte^t ticmor about^\ isiblv cool, i ompre- ,| lips, but lie p(,T-^mHtod no otbaf out a ard ^n;n f*f emotion.^Wbatl he i'-aehed iheeh .jr. tba prisoner^saifl: ^I want to tharA War^|en Thayer^b^r Iuh ktadajeaa M^MMt a|aa nr. Ml epor*.^My tune on earth is ma lot long enough to^return mv thatikn to bidge Whitcman^lor hi;! noble etforts. lb* has U.-cn nearer^than a brother to inc. and 1 hope he w ill^live a long Ufa atlddie happv in the l.onl.^^The religion-, feeling of ihe Maaaaj d man^foil ml i \pre- - ion ifl tbaaaa onl si ^I pn^y^ttotl will now ^.vem-^ t'i^ -treiiglh of two^^MM to go to meet him. b^r I know
Iam going there; t.od bless you^all. Mav lb- make MMI all happv.^^As he sat don n in the chair be saifl: ^Gofl^reinemlK-r me.^ He repeated this thrcrt^times u bilfs the straps were being ad^^justed. Hia last muds were: ^^^m^l Da I^me.^ \s the cttii'aet t'UaM hi-1* Unly^-truig!iiem d out i , I Uf atal h.s MMMtfJ^11it tied nia\ ard tin ttie inn - of lhe chair.
T'Ve| \ e M-CiHIib W a ^ I lie dUIMlMMl of tllO
IIrut contact. The second **as ttAO *ec-^onds sietrier, and i- ir IMBMaad full |h*wcr^a OUH ol' UaM MMMBB Bfaaa from bis fore-^he.nl and tiie odor ot burned rubber tilled^the room. Tic- iMBMBMal Ml tli^ thiril^atul ban ill t iihi.i.'! .ii -i\ s*^con^lH cacti.^\\ .mmIs was in ihe ebairoua BJlinUMl and II^BMMM4a* rhart ua- a -huiit blistcriUtf o:i^the |e h on iho fore he ,d.
Holieroi ^ aluaaaaMb^IbmbBo x^u^. -. KtMnlah
l!t: V
hfdrtw ba h pUbirod to take^celebration of ih- I'N'th atiuiv
aajllniof ^ olunibua. bbmmbmV^at .1 o'cltM I, I till moruittu. tin^the pol l front w lucht fdtmibu^ii. I PC V\ al -hips fd other
partin the^i iaff| of the^I lor PBiaa^!.ittcr boing^aaJM An-,^loicign lia-
\i la idem ^^ 1'rmi aaad '^^ '^W a* t'. :;iii iit's ( hiiI
P|n -m ia , Aug. J. I'red-^w ho wa- ai r iti d ai Long
aCBBMBBf)^t iM'tgman. w.i-^i:ig this .. Iti'i'Pn'M,. ami a^BVBaMMPO lo Bold hllll. be w
fromruatobV* riiuorinieni
ibon1 hat
aOBBBBii^' k MolbeU.^Hi am h a^^ all^givell u heat-^there w ar* no^lii U : tl^N il! of l'oli^ e
tiuMBfolh.wi d the Spanish. Al il.iv break^to-nioiTo.\.-h ttild the v% nnl In- fav^nab'e.^a ve--e| ^ on^ti'i.ctetl e\aetl^ on the iimmIcI
fdthe Plata and Nina will BOM tl..J.
thehues forne d bv 1MB IBJpMM B|uoMMMM
on'Ida Iha bai al PBtloa*
He l^H111 I 4.el lit- 'lull.
n\sii\ mm, T#mm^, Anu 2. laaM^arufttta ayoutb of psdajoflold Juajetlon* ou^^la rod tba poatonVd at iluit bmmb and oaj
hirlMBtold ibera a'M l:o mad tat him. re.
Iurn d a fea minutea later and aaManlted
Ihe I .IBM i
vvoilhis ^liM
reA l^ mile) . w nh
If-1 e\ pefted t^i II V C,
lit.BaMMtr t
Kv%s \s t 11 v. Mo.. Aug. -^ A masked^login aj nta11 at 111 idnuattomptod to^hold tip a ^ abla train on KunMttll Mraot^and rati the ^ onductur* I'oUca So not .hi
Palket BUppetied to Ih* OMB ^I lh'1 pas-eii-
geisami a fuailaaM BMMBKl* The ollleci
wasa'OUBjdod m the groin*, ilain;' loiislv .^bill the robin a ^ BMBBMl.
BaaMM*^^ Ba Paaa|BMaMMi^^ itn iUOt iug. % That hit ajjo. Nl.tw an-^kee .'mil M. Paul tatutenieut for the UaoaJ^ycur ending June ^'tt*. shtit*h graafl earn^^ings ^Sl.',JM..Vt*. imlreasc M.TT't.-'s,:; net^earuiugpt. *l!,l*^.r**i;L aMBMBMta I2^M1 *tT^*^\fter MMMMrtiBM IB ere-t on th^ fmidc I^BMMl amlsc.eii pci ( out. on the pretetred^^^tuck tliere IBMBUUM] BMBMt^w Inch is uUint of the lo pt r M nt. BM^the common -to^ k.
iI'M a i a ami In-i ^ etor Nh K-h ev w ere the^only w n i^e*rtcrt. ^^' Mara - t d he has be* u^miahh lo ibid aiivthin^ to -nbstunt ia*e^the charges n gum Ml the prisoner. Mr-^ICalm ie-tdie l thai klollocll liad sent^llergtnan bmmbi** Tito dofeucloMt I bag
mafica MatOMM Bl Mlmltting ^aiullBg N^b) BKpre l^ Mttt KB Id llei.m ,n in tric'i I'd^him when he rBOjUeatod a loan. He dis-
FMaaBjadH Uno-.vlodg ol ih- intoMMad as-
Ill- t.iioni'i ^ ti:^|tir^t.
1*11ism m., Aug. J. ThM'te i ^ in-
fpieston i In IcrtheH of the mmn1 Udled ill^the aBMBMMMM '^'^* BfMB NBMMBBd lo-dav.^Nothing in * w as idieite l. The luye*tiga-^tMBJ will POlittllUO to-im ^i i o-.v.
iiuMaad apllt.
B|M'fla'HKeat. li lo tie* Man.I -M.
S\ir l.vut. \ng. lefll laiW. a MaV^f^re*| pot ter mi Met 'ot illicit*! new bank^Ifiibliiitg. ara* luatuaHll Billed a; t o*eloek^this afierti'S.n. Th^* bniUing Baal Iwo^lift-.and t|o-^ | on iho shafts at different^Hours have not ^ ^ *. In-en p it in. t lark tlirost^biM head ihni.intli the empiv d^K^r frame,^thinking the lift araabaloa hnu. A l^^^^on th^ i^p|m^-ito ciev .Pur -let.in d si warn^^ing, hm IfMi late, a- the lieaVV elevate
ihftcemhil, and catching * lark'* ht I^split it iu two. ( laik wa- ih - momitiL'^heard to remark upon the dt4Ugof allcmb^iug c.uclessui'rts around eh'X.ltornV,
stts -
io fMaMai r Baa ^ Bib^Sr. I in is. Aug, 2. I hairtuan Viuing of^j the TraiitMtitituicutsil .isso*'iatiou lia*^' f a I led a^ meeting of the a^s^H'iai ion at^^a1.1toga. N. Y.. for ihe Mtb v^i thi* mouth,^the obi. ei U'iug io taka aeilaaj on the^vv ithdrnvval of the lb^ OfBJBBB We^teru
froaithe aaaoauitl m^ alao to eoaaa^aar the^r^rnat BMuiabHn id H iH Bgajgt HMBBBg^tl.ct hp|H-r Water line.
Urtaagi-i*af an luaUfUMBB MMBBV at Salt^Lake in 'I'moiIiIi*.
gaaaMjMb] att ii M BM^ MmmbmMj
Saii I.vki , \t:u. Bj l-tst w inter a now^stM'ieiv iM aimgthe name of the ^Ancient^K-senie ^ ^nh i ^ graa lUgannBfld here, ha\ -^iug as a proiuineii' P-ature an ilBMMBMM^rti-heme. Uet'clittv it ha- Istti ch.itgctt^that the latter BBalUfU lias been st^ ar^^tanged a-to lec.e a l-^.p hole, wheroljy^beiielif lanes coiild Is- fiefrauiletl, ami^ii|hiii this show ing the matter was taken^up In tie-posial authorities and charges^of using the mail- MMMBJI) BBBM MM n Mad^against J. J. Thomas, I at lh t.la^ and^Dr. ^ . J. Wealhcibj . Th^ first named^ih a brother of (iov-rtior Tbtxnart^and occupies tie- po-itmn t^f pffii MM ^ MBBi
mryto the au*jatiHB Hundreda of bbbV^/ens have been initiated. TIlooxaMMMBtiMB^d^ \- loped Ihe but thai Weailieibv hoids^the assignment ^i| all income of ihe bbo^^i*erti for ii if rm of ^f ar.-. in coi.siffcra-^ttoii of MMa h he aj. t e'-ff to adv a nee money^to MMMrpBMMa and maintain tba concern,^vv Inch would have pi ^ -. ^ tl a ttoiiatiia if mi-^molesied ami tin* istii'ker crop had held^dill. Wcalherhy in tin i h..d BBMl an in-^terc-i in In^ ^'-nap^ to atbl i
^sf^ .^
.%^ .^-.^- fur I rlin!ii 11 I .'.. ' A-.iiu.t ths^Natl l.atii' ^ I ritfine,
Sfrrlsll^lsii;iti'tl to tin' st.iri.l.ir I.
SaltI.\ki . An;. J. ' In- trial is still oil^i.f I . II. Pnraona. L'nlted stun s aaafnnnl^i.i l Inli. siiitiK tin- sut l.aki^ TiHitiM for^itlnil^I libel, t fen eeaj s bIpjm, tlie
fVi/iinifriiiin-inn i h.iik'itti; tli.^t Marshal^I'arsons alluuisl a ^star^ pt !-.iiH'r tu ro-^hiili* uiitsiiln tm* |H'nileninu) .mil at a^Itttttttt) nf a luiti-il ili'iiii-ntiiiiilaiiK1. Tlie^liHouttef Innueellon la t..^.. ,^^ i.. IfcKtr*^Uillie,a liiffli poIIit fliarifi'il ^itli i-mlx-i-^/iin; tin' in.ni. v i.i Ktiniottakor Itros. I'l.e^aHarto rormlnp Ine oasis i.r tl.o suit^^lajiasj inn. a pttBivj oVavtnn a ^nlnrji a**-^oonaannied M^ I i Inine. and tnnl fur tliis
priviU'^c r.ir^i.ti . r:\ ^l |h-r da^.
Iirl^i-t'... i.. ^ sja ni. i'liiinr-ri-t'lui.f, and
tui. W illiam K'eison. aaannpittp editor nf
tlie/i .' ^.^'. arefe anaanp offoMO on the^statu! in-ila\. II..ih ^.^li s i Ins.-il this after*
pnon.' omnilsHiiMii-r Nori'i'll liidd Colonel
NiI^iui for Iin- grand pMl m MM Isjnds.
tlisili'sllriMik.. Ihe ^i|nil. inr Murilrrrr,^\\ III lie sri,t tilt^ in s.-piointfi'l-.
hprrlal|i..|iatr!i lo tli^ Mairlanl
Sr.ik vsi . \iifc:. _'. -luii;. ^ Moore \osti^r*^da^ ftiasj Tttaanny, Si-pti'iulM-r *^. as tho^ilate of tin1 e\i*eut ion of I iiarlee Itrisiks,^the old oolonafl man eottt irled Inal Novoni-^par Of th'- iininli'r of I^i ^ ^ l ite wife in tin*
eii|in -inly. ls'M. Hi menitrad Ittp
udpre'seRnotinrenetnt ^nh the ntnaoal
ion.)iosiire. Wl en le.n in; the eourt mum^hi-DaarsJd to a nutiilier of anitiaintenees,^ami imllltl as IblMlpIl lllore nleaseil than
otta*rnrloBi At Inn Com ol dm iniln he
shisikhands with his attorney and^thanked him for Ins efforts in his behalf,^and Nttaarked tnnl hn tana oof pJMfl to
PljeI run It iii.
IttlllI IH 11 PI I Ann^ 1 The tlrst lejal
prneooaIn thoenanof ibe iron HnH BM^i...i is-g in bom in Bdwafd B irholi,^trustee)of the local branch, ga-nfslieninp;
Ihimself ami oilier im. i f the lo al
Ilinitieli, on .h i omit of a loreiun attat u.^metit for ^1.0 ^i.
SiiiirvinoJnstiif Kreeinaii It. S.Mitert^y^of the lion Hall hits returned to this eity,^hut ilis'lines 10 s| .1. of the cuai||es^aanjlnol nlntanlf. He Ineieta, nonreean, that^nVanecnajttlaareaUrlphl ami that be is
notafraid af an im--st mat toil.
~^ e ^^liar.01 lllrsih tiiuilafi^Ni^ TOW, \nu. .'. Huron Hiisieh ia^eomiiiii to Ann r i u. He i^ turn completely^i. stortsl to health, and uei ouluig to a^l' ,i,. totter in one of the l.s al llehrv
pnpora.the fatnona phltanthfopaat intends
tospend several months beta'.
PheIi*. Is t oii-il* ni lueal.^tin. 1 ... \ .'. Indite Haker to-day^mfueod to las lea writ of mandamus 1 0111-^|s-U.tiir the tanyor to issue a lie^^tise to the
UnrfloldPark locke* rkoh. Inddonp the
.a ' ^ !..^ .:^ : ' .^''^''. 1 l.s 1.1 i ^^ , on-

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