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TheButte Miners and Their Friends^Will Be Here.
Ta-D.W, Tlcnianiiii 1 lan-Non,^President of the United States,^is fifty-nine years old.
Hehas occupied many places^of distinction. His grandfather^was President for a month and^his great grandfather w as one of^the signers of the Declaration of^Independence. He was renomi^^nated by the Republican Con^^vention at Mini'' 11 r^1t*
Ourcut sale in Suits was a big^success and leaves us with very^few suits lelt. Still, there are t^some, and we want to sell them,^so we have divided them in three^lots, 58, Sio and Si 5. Our south |^window shows what we have left^in these goods.
Madrasshitts still continue
popularat Si.50 and ^2.oo, and^our MtOttnent Ol styles and pat^^terns arc very complete, lial-^brig^an Underwear at Sl.ou, Si.50^and S^.oo per suit.
Weare still silling Suits at the^remarkably low pni.es o! S-, S^^and S3. 50 a suit, which knocks all^other prices in the head for low^prices, good material and work^^manship considered
Arrannement for the Reception of^the Vlsiton-Programme of^the Cont^sts Decorate^the Town.
MainStreet, - - BUTTE.
^iitritl^ i^ntiuilt^*E^ (nil.^There will In* a MMttSfl *^f UN ^I* mh^-^cratic coiiniy Mfttal eeeanelttee heW in^Anucoiulu on Saturday* Amu. l*o. h\ 1J in.
I.M. Ki nm.kv. CltftiruiMb
Tlinrreonl of tin* lIiriiU'init'tfT yesti'r*^day in front tif ('. W. Hruihlon's aVuaj siore^was: 7 a. in., 41 t!^vn'^** alcove: I'J m., ^ij^^tjajpaaj] alwivt-; 4 p. in.. 7J dt-nn i*s nlxAe;^(^ p. in.. '^^^ (tagMM alxivo.
W.E. Ri^l*Tts h|h-nt yesterday in Anv^ronda.
E.W.f. Whyte tamo ilown from Hutte^yesterday.
Therewas a pleasant picnic party at tin*^park yesterday.
Dr.Warwick. WiriMon of Hntte was in^town yesterday.
R.S. Weeks of Chicago w as a visitor in^the eity yesti rtl;i^.
V.F. Whaley. St. Paul, rctrUtered at the^Montana yesterday.
J.H. Dickey of Kansas City was in tlie^city on buffiiicat ycMenlay.
J.H. Conrad came over from Helena^yesterday ami is a! the Montana.
Therewill be n special tn^etinjr of ttto^lodge of Elks at Masonic hall io-ui;;lit.
Theside walls of tho Copper City com^^pany^* new Imildin^ ire Renft) complete!,^and tlie front ^ill l^e I*e;:im to-day.
Heginningwith to-inonnw Um morniii;,'^acrvicc at the M. V^ cliinvh will MMWiN^at l^i.;i'^ o'clock instead ^^f at 11 as for^^merly.
Theeounty democratic eentral com^^mittee will convene to-day in this eity.^The meeting** ^^f the committee will he^held in Anaconda hall.
Rev.William Civile and wife and J. II.^Thomas, | committor of the fVaafa| tenaii^Sunday school, we m down the v.:ll^ v ye.-i-^tenlay in search of a suitahl'- plane lor ilio^Sunday school pirnie.
Rev.P. I.owry is airanging for a Smiday^school pirnie to ho hold at \h or La*|ne Mf^Warm Springs. Arrangements have nana^matin for a tpeclal train o\ or tho Montana^I'nion. The picnic w ill ba held a ithin the
TheA. O. T\ W. delegation to Oratd^Falls will IcaM' 1^ -morrow. The mpf*^sontativoK of Amo 'Mitl.t lesjaja ;n^- \. ||.^Morley. F. M. Fo\ and Jerry (iraham.^Gctirge Hall nmt to have gone Ion w dl not^In- able, on account of his accident -^tcnlay.
Report*from the ^o ithom Crosn ore^tinder the now ey.iliide treu'im-nt eolil ituto^to ho cncuuiajjlng. Rnm BAS b -on re^^garded a* ^mc of the most refi.ietory in^the Mute and tin- !^^*^-..reat by
nilpftBMMM Kaal have been previously^tried, ih.it many of tin- stockholders had^become discouraged. 1 in i ail ha tub a t o^elated now and proptmay that the Kouttv^crn Cn^ss w ;11 boconiO one of the gi ( al^gold producer*.
Theplunge bath a^ I i'.u k |M| .
tliemost aaasular batninj MtaUUnMil
illtins t-ectioii.
WantedA few lenatS to bank cord^\\04m1. Auaeouda l'hiu.i:t^ t .... Mill ( revk*
Ifyou want to ko-p ^, |1 during thi- hot^weather take a plttnjfsl bath evory vlay
Forrent, fiintUhed. one thix-o-nn^ui^house. Inquire .'UJ West l hied Htn ct.
riutigeiiaiu, tJD I'.uk a von apan da^^and ......
Ti-inon*ow is the day.
'Jhe But to Miiu iV union and their^friends villi take po-se^-n.u of the city^anil hold Mgfh MM nival at the park. The^s|h cial trains, three in number, will amvo^aaafl alterin the morning and the
gnosis\^ill In- received in ilue form.
Anneondawill don her holiday attire,^and from business houses nnd n's'denoes^w ill float streamers and banners that will^testily to the cordial welcome that the^city extends to the visitors.
Atthe smelters, as well as in the Butte^mines, business will !^^^ suspended and^avarybody that wishes will be able to join^in tto da^'s fest n it lad
Thecommittor v l;j^-h was appointed to^arraugo for decorating tho eity mot with^a ready laapOMsl floin the c ili/olis yester-^t!ay, and the w illingn- ^s v. ith which every^^body takes hold of ihe matter Indicates^that Anaconda will join heartily with the^minors and their jollification.
Afterthe formal reception has been^heiil, tho live thousand \ isitors will enjoy^i hem so !v at in tho | ,u k and about the chy^us fancy dictates. Ill the nfieriicoii the^roiiteslK w ill bo hold, and those willat-^t ract c^ riisidorublo at ton' ton. Is it 11 Immmuso^of the valuable prize* nfVered and of the^contestants, who are all well known in^their (da -sos.
Follownig is the programme:
I.Uraad tlruuagflootest. t-i artaa, iMtt fl^I russ, IBB; . ^l \^t i/'\ f I'i 1aM lt^^iti UmwoMUI
*_*.Tug or war, for single vs. married men:^prtsa.
a,Tarae otaadlafl lonpa; pri/r. sliver cup.^i. i me itaMlaji )uau^; prus jr..
i,Pal naa*l rare ov^t Ml^j M ^;u^N;^prize, meeraehaw pipe.
IjuIIcs'ruce,.vt junls; prl/c, silk parasol,
7.I biwsiaBMl rat ^^. M yaWNi Bttaa, ^m.^s. Puttloa rtoae; prtae, iai anion rhMhi^rianra,
kl oot rnoa f^i memi^ers of tho Miners'^unloa, laivafasj prize, suit of clothes, value mr*.^to. Hack race, nre^ for all. M yarns; prize,
II.fliann jig aanee; pri/c, pair of shot^s,^ralua s^^.
IS.Iluti'l ^ r ue. Mtyards; four jumps; first^prize, $ui; ^eeoaal prtae.la,
i:i.lto)i^' ftmi| nice, uiuler I^. yeurs, it \;ii^|s;^prlxe, siut of clothes, value fi^^.
Vottatpontes! fat the nasi aannlnf young^ladi. I'li/e. uniii wnii-h.
Votingcontest for the ni^wt popular foreman^in Itutte; prlrr. gnlil Itrsdril rana,
EatraaoBfee to the drttllns ncnteat, sj .%u.^Entries in be nuuin uith the Inaaelal seeretary^of tlie Minors* unloa oa or before August ;^^^.^Contest m ciuisisi of drtlUnaradry back hole
withtlil'-e ^(t;.il lei* liu'Il steel drill. * * ^litest of
lanUnatea* duratfton^ Chnnpadla Mai atrtUaraa
Thetrains will h a\o for Mutte m three
sections,at a,9and ISoniocb p. m.
Anaconda'sliuzeus should vie with^eaoh atboff in the cordiality ol the welcome^that they extend to the visitors, and in tho^attention pan I to them ufler they are here.
Ili I.evritgfHMl ICato li I': opci'ly Ilmttlril^ror 110 l^ny^.
Itwas reported last evening, and the n^-^p*)it was Mibstantiated later, that 11. 1'.^Mahan of this cli\ and W. Ih Paajnjajp of^Itutte. acting for sonioout of town parties,^had I'oudcd the Lovoiig.sNl ranch, west of^the eity, f^^r M day s, ill the sum of eTa.uuo.
Thisajananjftjr nnnannnaa several bnns
diedacres of land in Warm Springs can^^yon, w ith all the w atcr rights and improve^^ments.
Thopurpose of tho Isitalers is not^known, hut the laud is presumably held^for speculative purposes awaiting devel^^opments in Anaconda.
Willlie Tiled Monday.^When Ttrown and Irvine were brought^before Judge llooUwell yesterday morning^on a charge of burglary . lb own wai \ ed e\-^ination and was boiiud over to await trail
bnfnfaInn district court.
Irvine,by his attorney. Colonel O'Leary.^made atUdavit that bo was not ready for^trial, as there were important witnesses^that could not be brought lo Anaconda^bnlnya to-da^.
ColonelO'Leary said that they would^prov e h^ these witnesses that the goods^found in Irvine's possession were given to^him by a third |Hirty.
Inview of this statement Judge Rock-^w ell post poucd In ino*a examination to^Maantaj naamann
Ti lio to lltittr.
Yc'slenlaythe stock and fixtures of the^groeory store of .1. II. Smith d^ Co.. at the^corner of West Park and Montana streets,^IHlttO* Vna sold at auction. The entire^outfit was bid in by Sib on Hughes of Ana^^conda for WTJBQ* Mr. Hughes arftU rc-^oj en the store next Thursday.
Iti* rallnldl announced that A. Pohn-^dorf. for several years head clerk of tin^gio;^i\^ d ^|iartm^ tit **f Kstvs tl Conned,^and J. N. Knocli v. ill engage with Mr.^Hughes in his nan In iim ss.
Ist^^t Nolo* of Inlireat to Spcirtsnien^niid ThHr I'rlr'itU.^The Anaconda lacn sse club is highi\^elated over its pnw|m-cts ft^r the luiiatiee^of the playing Mason. Tin le have Is t-n
avacniaddaUaaM naada to inn playing
forceat the club b^ recent arrivals in the^eity. and il is u port^ d thai the Unite club^has d.shaiided ami that (our of the best^players of that club will join the * op|* 1^City loam.
vbaavacquisitions w id gi\ o iho ls^ys an^invincible team, atnl tho state laurels will
aaat!)ha tbanra*
Thegame ai D*m^r |.odue next ^*^'k^ill^be hetwceii Missoula and Auacoiidn. and^^ ill atiract maii^ visitors to tho picnic
Atlast the firemen seem 10 ho wtllii g^don 11 to biibiuesk as far as their ruiiiimg^teams an- concerned, and hard practice^wink will iKgin next next week, Iho bo\*^have fm^hd away a lot of good time, and^have nerd of all the practice that they can^get. If they are to do good work at Peer
bodge,tana will have in pull alaaajawlvaa
togetherill ipiiek time, or the itutte teams^will capture their honors.
Theentire tan 111 wdl get together next
we k far the flrsi time this scai^tai. and^then it w ill soon In* seen whether the team^is up lo its old fatM or not.
I.a.ies-o and racing do not detract a bit
fromthe Irraaj interest mnnlfrtlrd in the
comingmatch at the plunge hath. C\er-^aftnmoon the contestants repair to tic^bath, one at a time, and w till then^friends practice for an hour or more* for^the approaching event.
I'lltilyesterday there was hut little^doubt ul Williams' success, but there^see,mil to fan a revolution of opinion last^night, and o\ aej body with money wa^^anxious to 1s t it on t t i^ g.
tienrue Hull I'alU Twi uty lo t nt the
Itrllnrry.Hicul.ing Hi* W rists.
GeorgeHall, a w ell know 11 cit iaan of tan^city. was set loicly injured at tho now^retinei\ building yratridnj lorenooli, by^falling from a staging.
Mr.I'all is a carpenter and w as at work^on n scaP'old about M faH fnun the^ground, when a piece of shafting, that^w as supported by a scaffold nhmm Mm.^broke through or Palled off, ami in railing^struck Mr. Hall, knocking I im from nil^foothold, and eart\ iug him to the ground.
Inhilling ho instinctively graspe^I for^support at the supports of the staging.^When in* strin k the ground one of bis^wrists was se\erely fractured ami tho^other wr^ netted so badly as to render M^useless for a long time. The shafting^fell on top of him and bruised his body^somewhat, bttt ho is not thought to have^sustained internal injuru
Theinjured man was at once n mo\ od
tohis homo on Blajbtb at root, arttnan nje
was resting comfortably last ^ veiling,^although suHcring considerable pain.
Mr.Hall is a n.emls'i- of t ho h^oaI hslges^of the A. 4 1. C. \V. and Knights of Cytlnas^ami of the Carpenicis* imiou. and tlie^members of these orders are attending to^his wants.
iiriv:tt the snftentti
Notmany days ag^^ a i How w alked into^u l irsi stieot aalaaai and. walking im to^the bar.-aid. ^fir e RM .1 drhik of whis- |^key.^ The bar*^ nd^ r pCOfUpt||f set out^the bottle and ghisse* and the thirsty j^man poured out a si if^ horn, which he^downed without winking.
Cabinwiping h.s mou-tach^. In-turned j^and started for the door without dt*fwtsft* f^hig BjBjy reinunerat'oii for the rcfioshnn Bl^that he and received.
Ile w as caih-d back and ask^s| for the !^money, when be insisted that he had^asked tho di-peiiser of lightning to give,^not to sell, him a drink.
Thisenraged lite dispenser, who ran for^the follow . and a lively i ace ensiled. All^ol'lcer finally caught tho ingenious indi^^vidual with a bit: .hirst ami brought him
beforeanother bar of a dUsWanl on.
Hiltthe judge thoanjhl tho joke a g'Mwl olio^and dismissed tho leihiw with a repfft^^mamh
OfSanraami aaaaannfaj af the Unifc
Tone (oiards are pnaaM Had 'o meet in
thetrnnuntvIbftaavaadna^^ ^aiurda^. Aug.^*jt^. for the alaataM of ^etneaaitaand aar*
poruls.U . M. Ki 1 t.v.
Capt. Conadt
Stparate sealed hids fan exeavating and^mason wotk. to be done on first sin i^batnrenn Cherry and Cedar streets, w d!^bnraeelred at Pieljo A Bnitlntt*a nftten^until 8o*e|npk Wednandnj avnolnaTi ITtai^In it, Bpeeifleatlana to be ^ccn at same
Choicegroceries, provisions and Hue^will's. Hajfaaffa and cigars, fruits ami^confectionery in his ow n buiiding.
ion*u. Boat*
4''7bast Park A\enue.
ThePeer 1-txlg** House, Ll rooms, fur-
nlafandi t atM t Tblial and ^ bantaMM
Tweniy-fbeteamsters and laborers*^annronda 1'i.miingt o. Mid Graniu
faajainaaad^At the StaxiiaIMi olln-e. C^o^d clean^ctuton or linen rags.
Just receiv iil, a car load of the cole*
bmted^ difornln Kinfnndel rlniaC Six
iMi-.tlcs,$1 or 7*^ rents per gallon. Six bot^^tles Milwaukee heaffc IL ! vervthmg de-^hveretl in air. part of tic ^^ 11^ o- ( arroll^tree of charge. Uevitic, the giocer. First^street.
Havey^ai seen the wonderful display of^Indian fttsahetsat Ixmg *v net at ly ^'
Ptunajnhntbi '^x* i*ark nrentu . open d i
aeninc^;t urn, ataal. Aug. 1 . MM
T the Kfl*f'^rirf thr Stun- nt.'.
lira* let a* know ^n \.nn sajaabai asnaral^the Korta Hea Is ^ ^t tae llenaan aseask Hnw^sjasji assent ue Hat ret What art laear aaanlsi^aad naasa its ine| aanaledf
asi sraiM a,^m unsj .1. \.
TheNorth Ban is often eaUad the QsjBt^man aaanttj from its aneieiit name, der-^BSjaalana Oaanaaja* It is not properly an^ocean. Is'ing an arm of the \llatitic. It is^culled by the ti riualis DSSjaaWi MSST, bf^the Huti h ITerd IM and by the Treiu'li
ajarda ITnrat,
Thereare live oceans, the Pacific,^Atlantic. Arctic, Antarctic and Indian.
JollyDsn'I sully.^In ^Haddy Nolan^ I) .mid Sully hat^found a plaf wort hy ol b la abilities a - au^actor, and one whieh fui tiisheH Imu alt
exeeiiontopportunity tndiaplny In aaTeal
hi--notablesuccess as an Irish dialect^eoinedian. In this play In aims at ami
aeeojnpliahesnrasttno otber Irish anaaa*^iliitn has tueeeeded in doing* uamel^, p u*-^Ifmylnn faithfully the type ^^f Hibsrnla a
soli-,that we meet with 111 the c\'TV-^liV
walls - of bfc. evh-biting, together w ith tin*^well-known w it aud geiiiahty, a rotiicd^sentiment and lofty putp ^se thai an* not^Miflie.i nth cm diiiil on the stage to a an*^tiolt.ility winch poisesse^ each to a^BBjttftu B oV gn e.
Katiesin pftnsaosnenj^Baalad bids a ill ba reeeivnd at the aaana
ofthe ^ oppcr City t '.hiiiih iti.iI company^up to the hour of IJ in.. Monda^. Aug. .^A. I). 1 b^r tin- plastering ^^f tln u m w^store budding.
Theanrnera artal neat Ufa all materials.^Proposals, mist stipnlntn the ntdannnf
yardfaf bfiek* hitl:-w ^i k and pntl long ^ 1*^rep,1,ring. The right is leserved b\ tho^ow uei^ to 1 eject am or al1 bids.
N.*J. M^ I ox.si i.r. Architect.
I11 m^ It at the I'll 11 Ir.
Thepeople who utteml tho Mimts*^union pu r^;e a ill bal ^ no cause to go hun^^gry, bunch will Is* earned in the Hub^boane and the anon s. Yen ^ aa get any^thing from a h in tandn leta and .1 cup of
coffee to a t|arinfl ehieken. N,i nana lo
tireyoureeJri ^ dtaggmg b isaets to the
Ilnift.^ .111 I Mult-. I or *.ilr.
1have a lot of work hor- * and mules,
nJanaaaansmall hors*^ and mule*suitable
forpacking which I w ill s* 11 very chea;^.^Inquire ol J. 1. * stroll, Butts or Ana^^conda, Mont.
GenvajeBnrtaai ran Inranab nan adan
li'ki t.-^ to crt'f s th^ 01 1 .to |i\ ,inv .f tue^following 1: ^-. :^^ which he i-, the Xna-
anaataagent, i aa: i in* ^ mi.ird. the Nertai^Geraann Ltnjrd and R d Star. Hnann eiap
suppl you with L iro|m-ati ctehaligc. t all^all him at 411 Knet 1'ark avenue if you
want to anaaa inn aaaat
PlungeItuth, 'ZSJ Park avenue, often day^and night.
Dr.(fUtcltus. d^ uti*t, oftcc over Suntli^Drag C o'b. tiore.
Iluusr*^f an Vmurlr.in V|l^*loniry^Iturnnl it llknlnor.^Washington, Aug. VK The seerJ^tnry^of state to-day received a cablegram from^the I'nilcd Statin charge d'affain'S at^i onstaiitiiioplo informing him that the^house of Dr. Hart let t, an American mis^^sionary at Ikirdour, pro\ iuce of K0111.1,^Ante Minor, had Ki 11 burned, and the^lives ^if the mifcsiouai.es there are in^danger. He believes if prompt action Im^^not taken the missionary can so and the^lives of iniss.ouarics will ba in serious^1 lunger ill other places. The building of^Dr. Hartlctt's rcnidcticc was originally
aaajaaadby laced authorities, petaaenaani
tocomplete the same was refused^uuh ss 1 ^r. Ha it lot t w on Id furnish^bonds to guir.mtec to neither hoi I^religious worship BjOf m-tru. t childivu 011^the premises. The legation applied to the^sublime |H^rle for stu h pneaalaainak claim^^ing that the treaty rights of Americans o\.^tended not only to the purchase of l.md,^bm lo the ctijoMueut of the same. The^permit wa-hu.iil\ granted by the sultan,^ami it appears immediately after the re^^ceipt of the |H*rtuit by the local uuthoritlae^the house was binned.
Secretaryfooter promptly cabled the^charge d'affaires to make an urgent de^^mand for affaethm peetnetlani iudemmiy
ptmishmciitof tin* guilty aatftaea aad rep.^rimatid the auihoritnn if louud ejaalaai^The b uitcd States el nisei s New ark .11 id^lletinmgton, now on then* way to QeenuV^v\ ill he oid-ied to the vicinity ol the out^^rage 10 aaaanafrt aaa dcmau.i.
WENTTO MEET HIS JiiSUi.^Cifili'i |i K /ui n's Cinal H^ n^l -Ottnt IVn-
itictnrt,ft^teajnati^Pimh.cion. tliv., Aug. 1*'. rn dt rick
Earnwan hnnajed at l' nfdeeb tans aftee*
noonlor the murder of his v\ ife and^mether-indaw m ar Milton last Uriober.^Zorii di-playcd remaikak^e DOSnpoanm In^the last ami tiled w ithout the least sign af^t ^ ar or tier\ oii-iicss. After I ho death w .11 -^rant was r^ ad. he bade all present g^Nsl-^byc and said In- ho|u d to meet tin ^n tu 1 .^better world. When the black cap Was^plan d o\cr his head tin* words: ^I go to^meet my Je-us,^ were plainly muhhlc.
lor l^nl
Tworooms, suitable for housekeeping,^at IL'I West Park avenue.
Haveyou seen Kidp ith*- Ib loryof the^W orld^ H not. call on T. W. Hayes. S^i^^net First atrai t.
Watitisja* Ih'd Drn-k yarl, inolders,^setters and brickyard men in general, at^once,
Plungehath, l^jn Paik avenue, open day^and night.
Impuroortlti.irft Ii!o.k1 Ir nln,^tinut uf l.ii ^mii^^^1 t^^ mi)
I-rm of Vttu.tlMUfin or ^ii^IIk'i-n-^l.on lltut rluf.-. U|^ tt.f . v *r. .,^w!ictl thi' l.l.Hhl ii.tur,::.. I ^^^ H ^ i:. liri'f .!^ 'I \'. lll^i'.-
fi-lin^It. r. ttocMflMMfartlUi^Htti-mi't to MMk IMl m htM^by ,tt:.rk.uij lh.- M1 Willi lu
SatminiT^i ^ '|.oi,rii ^ iktyrtHhSMt] 1
M^^ 1 oli^ol.'t.-. J.iy'u Wfi'lut StMMfWtllt I^tn Ki. ni. II so.-* lo MM ^ it I'. I:^^^.' i .^u.uu.^ ^!^^^ M^Mi kite :^^..! kaweta la I MMk^fill liou. ciil luvUoraU i lot* ^ in ula.i.m. M 1^the liai'Urlili. lire (juickly i^rrii'd ul. Ilihiugli^the nutiiruti oaoui'li.^Try it i.ii I not^ it, d. lirlitful
Mm.^ kn iw.ai ltri.msir,
rtuplatul Mark^ i hlrrot^. y. I'..^w: ^. 'I took it fur ttOtttt^LIik^I ,U'I vi lilloon tb^ flnt but-^lb' bci-fttno l oiiTitii i'.I of Us ;.u r-^II,, for I (oulil fii'l it w,^ work-^Inn ^ akMali K 1 !^'.niH'il. purl^Bel uii'l I ran .1 no' u,'K' so r^:ly,^sud ivi rytLiui; la uo ^ ^ orkluK f'tll ^^^^^^ rrnultr.'
Thefamily ef the labon r. n^ well nn that^of thr atlllloaaltH . saoald read a boat ihr nil^mntnnes ^i tin* i*ui -.t and mom Whotf^ome
aojkiaaPnafotr at tne world. ^ Mi s OeaaTa
SnowFlake^Baking Powder
ti-Nl. II ^''U .I.. ^ i.11*11 never u*r any other^IM.V IN LAN
^trt A IT*. ahriv R.
B:BfSA. M.- From BMH LWM Butt, Nt
.im ^.!^ - r r.i.w MV n m -*i uart ,:.*r., m.^I2:CS P. M. From Hutu- mi l t',111^
I...\... buN* II mi ^ ^ MlTCf It-.* 1119 , in;'
MuxrtIhi'iam. i.:*v^. i. irr.-'.n l'^ *^', m;
li.iI . .'l-f* i'i :i ;i i i. v\ iinii ^iprlliCK lii:v.,m.^6:OD P. M. Iju\^. I.i tl- S.tMpm; Mlltf
Ben:. ^. ^ ^ m art I M |. m.^S:fif. P. M. l^-.iti-. ^..irr.Min . X, p m; i j.^r
1m ft - p hi. Warm npr.a.;* I JO p mt
Mnartf^:3^ p m.
in*iv^ MMH^^;05 A. M. F if fi^rrl.on Ktnart * tl n n|
V..i In -.[.r.l.:i'u 1 ^ i-r i.i.l^' i 'j ,^J i :^|
arrivi*^.an iton ^ HI l ^^b.COA. M. I : i- art i inam.f'.rar
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St.Paul, Minn.
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PullmanlMpi|| Car Roots.
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Havbrol^nii;^ o., SoIp A^pdU. Ituttf*. Montana
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Monday,Aujr. 22
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a.a.C. W. LUUMIS. Hrop.
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Tin'N'.rtli-rn I- . !!^^ IMi -1In-rail line to Tol^lowktotta l*arli; Ilia popular imn tn CaUfaraal^aid Alaska, and it. ti .. ^ , i.^ inro^ii iaa^Ifr.iuaeat kvvui i) ut .os.vi lUlei
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Shrieksof Laughter.
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No.7. MMMM Kxproaa, lirin^. paa-^m-niiiT. from all aaatara iMilnta, af.^rite* at Ni rtuora Paaika d.-imt,^|4ail) 1 , t:fS p m
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Belap, r 111 1M.'iida., \v. .i
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il'l'ol MIPS
No4. Atlantic tiaii. tliroiuti ti .iai limn^I'miiaiei. arrltra. al atotatana L'ukia^iapot (dall) 1 .1.' .^)noo
Urti'oaKxpn-M. arrlrra at atoataua
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No.I. Paclll^ \la.!. f r -|^ikane. lacn-^111.1. m . tti... I'oiii.md an I nil t'altfor.^11'1 |*iliu^, !e iv. * tf'-iii Moutaua^I akaji o^ 1 ' .... Il. 2:Sftp ni
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lli-t-namill M.kM.i .a l.v.-i from^Mutilaoa Culnn .le nt dally) 7:30ana
No.1 ^ fitlaulk! Mall, llirouah Irala tor^M. 1'bhi. ^ aaaaf/a an i ait aaafaja^point., l#aTe. ii.ni MoMana I t.uii^aapi t da lyi1-' 00 nooal
No.^. inveinan E\ineH^. Troin North-^rrn ntetta a^p ^. lor ^^. I'aid.^ lil-^catto and all e.atern p iknt n dally,' 3^ pu
Ko,flax, Pou) BaprfA., Il^ Qday. ^v - I-^ne^d i) and rrlday, teate. ti 1^Nmiliern l a. If) ^ ^!^ i. tr 15arm
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1IIAKI EH I EK.^f ^antral I'aaw-ii.et and lVkaC 4gi af.^VatTCUHV, bk.lAoi.aUia.
QraafalAk-i-nt,^tUii Uroadaay, liatte. MouL
Vh ilatala aud Katail Deaiwa la
tat toloni. il.oa a ..i -., i w.
... OFFIC-i ^
Mon*yl.ouieii on
Diamomls.Jewelry, Etc
MMMIfMWMtt * im
PORK.GAME. ETC ,^. Mam Siuvt. - ^ AnacoaJx

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