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Yenaiatlas; Berela Fires^Ministers Wit*.at Cere assay.^BsXObaDC. April H.^A Mondial coup^d' etat was effected brra last night and^Kin^ Alexander I. tba youthful ruler of^Servta, who heretofore governed the^country by resents, today rules in bis own^name. A (rand banquet was given at the^palace last niffbt to celebrate Kin* Alex^^ander's success in pa sains; the examina^^tion pmwlhsd for Servian students. Ail^the ministers of state were present, as^were also a Urge number of frisads and^supporters of the regents.
Formany months past the situation in^Bervia has been critical, owing to the^abuse of power by regents and stale offi^^cials. Affairs had become so bad that^the king determined to take the reins in^bis own bands. Unsuspectingly the re^^gents end ministers attended the banquet^and while enjoying themselves at the^palace detachments of soldiers and^bodies of toons took possession of the^ministers' houses and occupied the gov^^ernment buildings. At midnight. King^Alexander proclaimed that be bad at^^tained bis majority and bad assumed with^tba skuptsbiua tba government of the^country.
Asa matter of fact tba king bad not at^^tained his majority. According to the^(Servian law, he does not become of ago^until be is 18 years old. and be will not be^18 for considerably over a year. When the^deposed regents and ministers beard the^proclamation they were dumbfounded.^The king and advisors acted with great^promptitude and the soldiers, who wore in^waiting, at once placed tba regents and^ministers under arrest. The Servian army^is loyal to the king. Had it not been the^coup d'etat would not nave been possible.^After Issuing ths proclamation and long^before daybreak the king retired to the^barracks, where the troops were under^arms, and was received with Joyous accla^^mations and many expressions of loyalty.
Aproclamation which will be issued^everywhere in the country to-day bears the^king's signature. In it Alexander declares^the constitution has been lately in sore^Jeopardy, the rights of oit isens Imperilled^and the constitutional position of pari la -^1 lament so ^bused, the king must end the^unhappy condition of affairs. He there^^fore declares ha baa become of age and^has assumed kingly power.
Tbaministry which the king has driven^from power was liberal. This morning^the king issued a decree dissolving tbe^ekunsbtina. Writs for new elections have^been sent various constituencies. The^latter fact abows preparations fort ho coup^d'etat must have been completed some^time ago. The new elections will be held^April S3.
At11 this morning, the king, accom^^panied by many military and state of^^ficials, went to tbo cathedral where the^^Te Deuin^ was sung in celebration of his^majesty's accession to the throne. As the^royal party was proceeding to the ca^^thedral a salute of 101 guns was fired from^tbe ramparts.
Sofar tho set of Alexander appears to^meet the approval of the populace.
I'sitF.BVrl ^n Mora*.
Vienna,April 14.^Receipt of the intelli^^gence that King Alexander of Servia had^taken upon himself full powers of king,^csused a sharp fall ill Servian and other^European securities on the bourse here.
Bothlbs Aaaesatlonlsts and Monarch-^Ists Miln^ for His Favor.
HoNOLixr,April 6.^ Commissioner^Mount has been receiving much attention^from Hawaiian residents and is loaded^down with expressions of good will. A^delegation from the Annexation club pre^^sented an address netting forth the satis^^faction of tbs association at tho appoint^^ment of Mount and an expression of con-^lidencc that the most searching examina^^tion will disclose the fact that the present^government was established as a necessity^an.I was due to tbe interests of humanity^und civilisation and was not a scheme to^promote any project. Blount, in replying,^said : ^You will very readily understand^that I can make no reply to this address.^My negotiations will bo conducted entirely^with your government. 1 am pleased, how^^ever, to meet you.''
Acommittee from the Hawaiian Pa^^triot c league called on the commissioner^tho afternoon following tbe withdrawal of^the protectorate, and presented s memo^^rial reciting that, while the Hawaiian peo^^ple are anxious to promote the closest and^most intimste political and c ommercia!^relations with tbe United States, they do^not believe the time has yet come for^them to be deprived of their nationality^and sovereign by annexation to any for^^eign power, and they therefore earnestly^pray that tbe great wrong committed^against tbem raav be righted by the re^^storation of an independent autonomy^and a constitutional government kingdom^under their beloved queen, Lilouksloni.^Blount assured them that tbe memorial^would receive due at ten tion and would be^presented to President Cleveland. One^of tbe committee, on tbe following day^quoted Blount as saying, on receipt of the^memorial: ^Gentlemen, bear in mind^that this is exactly the course of America,^always. Tbe American people do not ap^^prove of any of their representatives in^^terfering in tho conduct of the govern^^ment of foreign countries.^ Tbe revenue^cutter Kush left here yesterday for San^Diego. It Is understood that site conveys^official dispatches from Commissioner^Blount.
KilledWhile on Holy.^DrHi-QiT., la., April 14.^About .1 o'clock^this morning officer Frith of the Mil^^waukee A St. Paul railroad was found^dying in tho company's yards. A few^minutes later another officer, Talroti, was^found in the same condition on the plat^^form of n coach. Both died soon after^^ward. They had been shot, it is sup^^posed, by tramps, whom they attempted^to dislodge. The condition of the car^showed a terrible struggle iiad taken^place.
Beetand Cremated.
EtTALA.Als., April 14.^J. D. Harnett,^keeper of a store near tbe line of Quiilcm^and Clay counties, was murdered by Ed^Olney, a negro. A posse of blacks snd^whites pursued, captured, tied and siiol^him to ^lc.tih. and piled fence rails on his^laxly, saturated tbem with oil end set^them on fire and consumed the corpse.
AYonthfal Murderer.
Ca.MIifn.V. J.. April 14.-John Hill, col-^oretl. aged If), was hanged here this morn^^ing fi r the murder of Joeoph Dodson. us a^r Mill of a political quarrel last October.
Ladies,try ^Viavi,^ the ^way to health.^^tlllice No. 21, Owsley block, 1 to U p. m.
Goto tbe Southern hotel for a good 25^cent meal, served in good style.
Belatteete IsssalgraUea trees
PirsonsIntending to send to^their friends or members of their families^will do well to call on us at ones and ar^^range for their tickets, as^tbem time and money.
Itappears evident tliat tbe present^gross will pass soma very stringent^ures to restrict ^migration, and gammy^^migration may bs entirety prohibited for^one year longer. Even, if emigration la^no*, directly prohibited, such rules sad^regulations may be adopted snd enforced^as will make It practically Impossible for^prepaid passsngers to land, and husbands^ana fathers already located in this country^may be unable to send for their wives and^children unless they can furnish heavy^money guarantee. Tickets should bo ar^^ranged for at once or it may be too Ists to^bring your friends to this country for at^least aSrear, and possibly longer.
Forfurther information, call on or^write.
W.M. Tforr.^Gen'l Agt. X. P. R. R.,^II Esst Broadway. Butte. Mont,
Kseareleaa.The excursion season has begun and to^start the ball rolling the following ex^^cursions have been arranged by tbe Union
TempleDedication. Salt Lake. April ^^One fare for tbe round tnp from all^points between Garrison and Monida,^Mont. Selling dates, April 3 and S, good^fur return until April 'M. This makes tbo^round trip from Butte fi^.10.
laterMountain Mock Growers' Associa^^tion, Ogden, I lah, April ^0^One fare for the round trip from Mon^^tana points. Selling dstes April 19 and 20.^Pinal limit April 28.
Trass-MississippiComsnerclsl Ceogress,^Ogden, April ^^ In ST.^Ons fare for tbe round trip from Mon^^tana points. Selling date April 28. Final^limit April 28.
WhichRoad Cves the Pass-rigor^the Best Aocomm dctlons t etw on^Butt and i hloago^^Tho Noi thorn^Paclflo Railroad Clvas ts Paesen-^gers bolter occom mod tlw^ bo-^twaen Butte and Ch.o go than any^other |lno; It la ths oily Ilia ihat^runs throug t oars from Butta to^Chicago, thereby avoiding changes^at8t. caul and Minneapolis
W.M. fUOHY. Gen'l *g't.^23 East Broadway, Butta.
Peoplegoing to tbe opening of tbe^world's fair at Chicago, May 1, should Join^tbs Montana Columbian Excursiou com^^pany at once and be assured of first class^accommodations. President Cleveland^will in all probability be present at tbo^opening ceremonies of the fair at Chicago^May 1. So will the members of tbe first^excursion of the Montana Columbian Ex^^cursion company. Wo start April 27.
Thegreatest^rem ^t v l.now.t^to medical sci^^ence. A (Mil^head of hair or^no pat, Fall^^ing of the lia'r stnpi^e i ay two cr three applica^^tions. i murium moustache, heaiuifui eye^^brows ali i lash-s. No tellers answeiel ex^^cept accompanied with stamp eg \\r-t I'mk^Mreet, Vurk Block, Mourns 14 and IS,^Mat's.St tin
GreatGerman Specialists,
IcrthcmDlrislon, S E. Broidtij, Bttti
Areths only Physca.t and Snrf*ons that^are graduate, of European an 1 America i est^lego, tbst hare ths ( all.onus and .Vi.,nfsus^Mate Medical Licenses to ptae Ice their speo-^Islties. They are prepared to tfe.it all chronis^^nd private diseases by the most successful^methods of the leading physicians of Kurops^and America with the lats.t knowe remedies.^1 lions a Is of testimonials tram patients justify^cur claim th t we lisve greater success than^ether so-called specialists la tits following dls-
fclye,t ar. Throat and Mess, such as Cat^^aract, Cross Eyes Begat 1st l.^4^, Deaf at^Kinging lu the Ears. ^
Kingingin the L_ _
andall diseases requiring surgical operations,^Itlaease. ^^r Man- tionorrhoea. tileet. Strte*
,Enlarged Tonsl a. Catarrh.
tieas.t strte
tare,Epldytltmltts. Vsr.eorele, Hydrocele. Kits-^lure sod Syphilis la all the \arled form.^ft*^rors of youth, causing Spermatorrhea, f rostra.^torrheo. Kenvnsl Weakness, la^ t Manhood.
ialssjassor WanseB--f*rolsp^us. Ante and^Retrs Version of the Womb. Leueorrboa and^all diseases peculiar ts ti e sex.
Disease,or Ik* Karl am^riles. Fistula,^Fissure asd Kectal fleers, cured without pals^or iteienslon from business.
AHt'hrnaie and complicated dl own. of the^Blood. Skin and Nervous System. We manu^^facture appdsnces for ail forms of Deforml'tes.
Alleases taken s cure guaranteed, as we lake^Sjo Incurables,
Consuts'Ion fres snd confidential. Patients^at a dht tncs not able to consult us tersons'lf
Cndo s ^ by writing to F n Rox ieV^. I nils^ontaua. lor terms for our lloui ^ TioaiaisaA^i. e a .rgical sun in. d csl treatment aa I rem^^edies received at ths Untie offices Is identic tl^with that given In ^ an Francisco. One of the^deetors from the Keats* City. Mo., div.slon of^the Lirtilg world Hl.prnsary Is the attending^Fhys elan and surgeon to the Hutte offices of^l^r. l.leblg a Co.. now baling such remarkable^success In chronic and private d senses
Helenaoffices, 11 South Main street, In chaffs^Of our leading Chicago specialist.
i.H. T. KYMAN.
Vicerrst t.
O.A. WOLF. Cashier.
MontanaNational Bank,
Surplusand Profit*.
NOTICEW CO-OWNEB^ To James 1 arias,^tour helm, executors, administrators or as^Sgnsi You are hereby notified that I, i red^J Mess, your eo-nwuer. have la accordance^with the provisions of secti on revis-d^statutes o' i he i' ii ited states, etpsuded ta labor^and imptovenieuts upon the nun Hog mislay^calm, locafd in an umrgauired distil -i north^of Walkert die, ,n ^llver Row counts, aloa sua.^for the ^ear i^^. one hundred tun i doilsrs,^represent nz wora. ; a 1 )ou. James Karles. re^^puted co-o^ner. and all Sthsf ssrssas wli in It^may cone ru are her-hy not.Ae I that i w.nin^t*i day- after ^.^ trail ^n of Hit- notice b. punll-^c .i mii vou fail to nay to ttie undersi ri.ed your^reaper lie ser'leg ef stl.l sum . ecirtlmr to^s our real Uitere., . If any your sad Interest. If^any. In said el tlm ^ ill Isec, m ^ i he projieriy of^th * uudi-r.tgntd. pursuant to taw.
FitD J. M^Dated Hi tie. Mont.. Januar. I*, isj .^First puuUatlou. January a.;. 1*04.
Ailirriisoemhieasier ikls fcesst sat eswtBSV^word emrh msr^ (son; rp-cat raws sa esearaeS)
/oraViliiif/BrrsiKi'..V. adrertssfSMSl stesjils*^^w ls^ Use* At ssiJs.^^^^==
WASTEli-Absrhsr st Muiin's b e^k. Ces-^tanrlUs, Moat.
TJL'AXTEDA auras girt. Asp J at til Oak^vv street, Anaeondi.i
3HfANTED^lira! class bsrber si oacs. W.^TV F. Blekcoosrh. Asseea^Si Mont.
WAXTEH-Lad)to keep house^grot. For further tatT
Carpslitest, millpsburs, Mea
foryi^rttculers address
WANTED-Stnation as Janitor, can give^vv seed references. Addr
treseX. standard.
ITttllKKN'i I wo rooms, furnished complete^lor housekeeping, st West Mercury street.
IJMIKKKXT-Fiirnlshet bosnllng house; ^'.;^JT ^.^ Kemper avenue, near Parrot smelter.
IrHHIKENT I hr. e rooms with liathroom and^|wntr^. furnished for Housekeeping. X. K.^corner ( opuer snd Idaho.
I/tlKUEX r- l liree elegant Iv tn nilshed rooms^V one ^^^. one gin. one Sis i sr month: use^of bath with same. A| p y at '.'la South Idaho^si reel, Hutte.
t'Oli SAI.E-A fresiTnilisi eow7 vritii calf, at^110 West Wooimai street, llune.
FOltSALE-saloon and hulgin: house, with^lease on buildings ^pi I) at ^si Kaa Fark^^irset. Hutte.
|Qii' OM IX^.^lllMi ItOl'SK-Nicely fnr-^1 si nlshed. fur ssie cheap lor cash: doing^good bus.ness. For purtlcu.srs Imiuire at dl^Vsest Fark.
\gKs.BAKTHol.MKS-The rmowned trance^it! medium ami cl.ilrvm-nt of ih ^ Fa-t, 1^ lo^^cate I at H West Cars streev she has no equal^as a forecaster of the Highest order. Ihrouth^her gift of sec ml sight slncn childhood, she^can r^ veal the past and unveil tlte future; ad^^vise voii In all nflans of lire: tells your business^and riiture pros e is. To consult by in ii. en^c i.s- at ami lock of hair. 1'ertect satisfaction^guarantied.
TIMETABLE.^In Effect March I, 1803.
I13 p.
arbivsat surra
Ke.59. Pacific Ms ores i
IWest Bound.)
No.L Helens latesl lliMant
lmr Mir rnoa nt its.
No.5. Helena I. calt 31 p m
Ke.M.AttsaiM ttsswss tii.ast
(EsstBound )^Atlantic Kxritr.as.^(No. 24. i ally.)^ts Butte's best snd popular train for St. Psid^Minneapolis. Dulutli. Chicago snd Nsw York.
leaveButte st lafl s. m . arrive St. Paul at^I BS a. m . the se'ond murnlit; and Chicago at^| .v^ p. in. the same ul h.. Pa sen :sr ^ aave nse^night's t avel toi'al-ago sad all pjlu.seasl^thereof v a this line.
Forfurther Information. Maps, Bates ets.^tall at
cityticket office,
NolOO Main St.. Butte
L.C. Srrsnixs.^Traveling l'Sta. Azt.
.1.E Daw bow,^Baal Agt.
U.H. Lajcoley. g-nersI Ticket Agent.
F'OKHALE-lteslsiuant In flrst class lora-^Hon; complete on,lit kimmI trai'.o; selling^on account of sickness. Address A. P. Web^^ster, I'ocatello. Idaho.
l.'MikSALE-A complete newspsper outtl:^r seven-co until Wssnliu ton hand press: lots^of type, csn hi- had cheap. Addre-s Stss-^psper, csr.^ Sisadard, Anaconda.^j^t^it tiale-^A lisrralB, the furn tnrc eomplere^r andgoeali extremely rhe-ip; 7 room honae^full of roomers; lesson lor selling, obit, ed lo^leave the ett^. Address st once. II. .v. stand^^ard of - S c e, Butts.
I,^^^!: SALE-A bargain, the furniture com-^ple e and good of a ;-room ho se, Sa
melycheap: house full of loamiers; reason^lor selling, owuer obliged to leave cliy. Ad^^dress H. s^ standard oulce, Butte.
l-XKSAI.K^ Ihe Oscar Clark farm, cuiiialn-^r tagwhhlo a fradios of HO acres; lots or^water for liruratlon from went House errek,^sad is one of the very best prodi-r Iv.' farms In^the Bitter ltoo. vniev It Is all under u soil.^auhetsMlal fence, with dwelling house, barn^ami otSer outhouses It l^ described in the^goverument patent as thesaat half ol the south^^west quarter am lo s numbered thr e and four.^In section mas, township e.ght. north, of range^taenty, west. I his larm Is sltust ^ about three-^fourths of a mile fiom Ilia town of Victor, on^the in sis road. Prut- fii.o si. Enquire of ^ '-c ir^( lark, on the premises, or of W. .1. Stephens^at lit. office In the towu of Mia oula.
F'STRAY-Came to my place last November^i one I tile grav In ras, bran-ed ^bar M on^le t shoulde.; und two irout shoes on. Owner^can h ive same hy pay u{ ex|sense. John Hun-^stan. Basin ( reek.
MRS.J. HELD-Readings for ladles (I: rell^able business medium: locating mines a^specialty M North Mi.lu street. Butte.
(1TV SCAN'KMiK 11 Charles Sul Ivan, pro^' prielor of odorless Pump. 4i^ South Colo^^rado street. Bulte. Montana
Inprivate fam
II^AXTED-Board and roon^\ V lly hi two young ladin ^^given and le.pil ed. AJdrcas II. R^ Stand ird,
JACKSONDREHMMAKINtl SCHOOL^You^are taught ciittln::, nttin. an I ever,thing^necessary to cooduct a successful busiiiesi or^your own. b|iecla! terms to those who register^tills month. IS Academy street.
MIKPAH.MEDIUM -Iciislder her a won^^derful woman.^ csorge Itoberts. att irney^general i f Idaho. ^Highly g fled la Hint re^spect.^- E. Richards, late distrust ptooate Judge^of Idaho. Mme. Ml/|utit is the omy one tslii^hears genuine testimonial, and can be e in-^sit ted st tt'j North Msio slice-, Butte.
TUTTLkElManufacturing and Supply Company.
Manufaoturars!^ s
J.T. CARROLL. General Manager
DIDYOU EVER EAT^Cream Celery or Celery on Toast
Fulldirections on rss'i Csn. Dri-irmva awn llntirnrn.. Ons raw^contslus eootutU of our Famous t elery for s fsiuiiy ef issWe person.
Adelicious, crisp l e er) I'l k c, the oo jr healthful p.ekls made, a beiu-
tifulI'Uek.i^e, Ask to see it.
Preparedfront our choicest ( elery, cut all ready for uis.
ToANY I.ADY who BUVS or CALLS for our (roods and sends^us three 2c stamps for postage, a pack tg.- of our FAMOUS^CELERY NERVINE TELLE IS. and one of our beautiful Em^^bossed Celery Receipt Hooks. l or iq cents additional, we will^^end also one 2 lb. can of our FaniDus C.'lcry.
TheSmith-Dunkley Co., Kalamazoo, Mich.
larxeatCelery Slnppvs In the i'. 8. Orders rer 'lied oust for the FAMOUS WHITF.^1*1.I'MK t'KI.KKY, new crop, commencing shout June M. is.n.
TheWeil-Known Eminerv. Specialist,
TreatsI'rivate. Clironic and Spcciat Diseases^ct both soxci. Perfect cures warranted No in^^curable cases taken No injurious drugs.
Throat,Lung and Blood Diseases speedily and^permanently Cured by my New System of^Compound Medicated Vapors.
r.ooorrhoea.Oleet. Mrlcture. Cyst its, Fea^ utllls. Varicocele. Hirdrocele. Kinxsrsal Blad^^der troubles. Ms l\^n.l all llnpiirltlei of t is blood. causUtK Krupilous, I'unples, III itches, ets ,^s|ieedlly c ired bjr my uesr leme ljr.
Dlseaaasor the Narvous System.^Kenilual weakness, iilicltt litsses, loss of scsiiai |suwer, sesual debility, indigestion, etc.,^leadiu.' to softesluir of the hraln and insanity. No autttsr what you hare taken or who failed^to cur- you. IH. HciiuH/. wurratits a cure of even eisc he ttndertasei. Haeelai attention^given to all oltrouic luflainiiiat.ous. dl.eiiMrges, irieytiiaritl *s. In dlse.-tse. of sown,
A i ostlmonl.il.
Thenames of persons cured are svttiihe I. but In many Inst.tr.e-s I have iiermlssioo to fur^^nish the address oa t'oiid.llon or privuey No letter sf nanes sill lie puollshetl without the^consent oi the write:. I.Sid twe lolow.n; letter
inrrr.. Mont. Nov. in, lett^I hi ' Si ii cm r. tit*: ^I do tin* to make the follow.iur statement relallie lo my e is- lu the^hope thai other iiuforiiinatc suflerei. like in^ a )r may lie eipialli lieneited. Ihailie*n stirrer^; liig for slsmit thn-e yi'arsfrom ^^ in ual w itkiii s,. lo.l min'i o l and nervous pro.lra'ion, cans^[ lug nieiuncuoii an^l loss or aleefi. My bssU was eeterad srtsa nicer* and my rorehea I ssksj^1 swolleu Just over the e i b ows -o h.idli .is to have the app -aran ^*^ or growing Horns i w is tut-^| able to oldatu nioie loan one hair's nntaterruided steep at in* tune, the ternoe itching^mi i mental suffering- caused I y m\ disease inakuri it lui|Hiss|ine tur tue to sleep or resf^When my disease Hist avpea,, o I eoii.-.. iil in ., pht-le aas ^Mioot re lef. I III n a lenipted^I to cure myself hv us ug puient inediciues, hot as-ill f.il lug I rotisiuted mi l w.tstreate^l hi^several Ainer c ii s|Mt'isilsts. who a so fi.t e i lo enr - 111 *. I wa. ^|e-.p iired of mt Iseint* ciireif.^I hut a ft .end of in.no re-oiiiinen I u- vi u I dscld ^^! le tn saas m as an I so p it sjessa saatf^your esre wdli lie result t,,.tat r i n i I eu aeeks' tieatineut I f e. Il,^ a new man .lid
Jsess only llss
UtnlBiCars oa all Through 1 rains.
Thismarvelous WONDERLAND reached^*sly by this Hb*.
Thepeople's highway from ^ Blcaso, st. Panl,^Mlanraeolis, liUiiith sud West -u: enor le Wla-^a peg, Helena, nutte, Missoula. Mpokaaa, Ts^^soma, Seattle, Foniaod sad Fuget soaau.
Thepopular line to reach lakes Pea aT^Oriclle. Coeur d Alene. Kooteosi. Chetsa, ths^Hot p ings and Mountain assorts st las^Ni rtliw -st sod lo Alaska.
.Have Fi lira it raises Cars, Pullman IsurkS)^; Sleeping Cars, Free COIobsK MeeplBg Cars,
resold st si eoupea oflsast of the^^ i railroad to points North. Bast, ^^at tBsTsited Htstes sad Cassis^^TIME SCHEDULE
rastxsssatvs at arrra
o.T.Rsreaisa E^ press brlBTstbrouaa^BSBseagers froa all eastsrs points,^km res at K F. depot st^:^J P at
M.V. No 1. Brtars N. f. throngn^slesawr sad passeotars from all coast^points arrive, st M. I', depot St.... IliSt
Ks.MS. I'osy Etpress arrives st N. P.^asset afT:.....V. ^^atpai
TBAlMti.i1vi Bl'TTa
Ks.s. Botsmaa Eipress for I.lvtnf^stem. Miles City. Hsssssrrk. J
Iowa.Farso, M. ('total. M. Paul. |a^^Inth. ^ lil. aao sad all sastsra points;
leavesN r. depot st
M.C. No. A Making close eoUBOO^ttoas st Harrison for Spokaas. Ta^^eoaia. Kent le, Portland, fan Fran.^ctsio sad sU coast points: leaves M.
t7deietal^tL v. K^. U Tor Missoula. Walls*
sadHelens: leaves M. I', depot at. T:at a ^^Ms. no. Tosy Espress lesres K. F.
depotSt.V. TiliSBJ
No.s has ... -
leapollsandChleato without ehsBg*. ^^ind s carry mail, dally trsias. No's 1st sa
No.a hat throegh sleeper for M. FsuL Mla-^lapollaand Chleato without ehsag*. N'esT^^od s carry man. dally trslss. No's iM sad 1IC^Kay r.gpresses. Mondays. Wed seed sys sad^trldsys
rerEatea. Maps. Tubs Tsbsas er ^ssssjel fa.^brmatton spply to say agent. Nortaera rweias
OeseraiAgent,^^ East MVeadwaj . Bulla
CHAELE*a FEB,^^lT5fa4flwk
amahle to r'Kurn lomy wirk I tike meat ire Is ^srtifrtai !^ Cat^fmt^ ami wltl leeoainieiid you ;^^ rsou.i I, to all in) fne.i Is ub I a u, ia n .thee.
itla*'or ^ a t.o ary |
,|.|in Ii ^,^!*'.' i . I. C imi tim L
Kitary nassM
orlh^ .ii. il Illspensai y. 'M^ North Sfalo st , Over Ited Hoot anil sdiu* Slur, , t.utlr.
Piibvcrlbsdnn'l sworn la-fore in-- on litis lotii ilay of Noreinh
L.II' CE. Pres cient.^^M6M DALY. Vice PresllfDt.
WM. TttUBMUX. CasUtr
President.becretarp and Treasurer.M ini
FirstNational Bank
Hiuse o* refuge for fallen women. |'p serva^tlon c:.ts^ for itlils In actual dautier ol htsli.g^their virtue Are lauglit all kiu^ts or u*eful^w.irk. au'l Hnl p.enli of .nino^ui ,unu-em m^AilUres.
IIIHtKSi^, i RlnKl S^.^House of the i.....0 Miepln ul, Helena, Mont.
ThjMgoiFalls Land jtj Lumber Co.,
Successors:o Lavell Brothers.
IIiv snd sell fVimest! ^ an I Foreign Kxehsn rs^in i transact a ii ^ ral llauklng llus.ness. Cos*^lotion. i^roin,itlv attem eJ to fcxcoaoite^d . ^ n on laindop, Kdlnb urgn, lilaagow, Duuila,^Ik-cast. I'arls. Hainluirg, berun sad sU las^lra^)iug cue* of I tiroiie.
nBBi.artiNDISITS:^Amerle in ' x hauge Va I ma, fan's Nsw York
tiinahaNsl.onal ftuak ntnalia
Me.,,.I'HigissCo ssn Francisco
ttali N^;i us I auaOsMee
lloe Brown ee ^ Co B me
Mennantt' Natlaaal BankHelena
Iambicllros A ^ oDeer Lodge
Manufacturersa:.-l denlers in
Attoon for Ladles.^Ftcncli Tansy Tublcts ore for the relief^saw cure nf psinful snd irregular mensi-s^.-.nil will remove all obstructions, no mat*^ier w hat tliccsuse. Tlis only sure snd ssfe^remedy on the market. Manufactured by^A. Aujendre, Paris, France, 13 per box^and for sale only by D. M. Newbro Drug^company, sole stents. Butte, M
Lumber,Lath, bhin^les. Doors. Sash. Blinds,
1Full Stock ot lata Fialshed Hard Woods, Building Paprr, Etc., oo Bui
Yardsand lately at ho .11 Huts bbwSssbs at ftionips ^s Fa.lt.
mainoffice jj east broadway. butte. mont.
ITelephone No. 100, Three Rings.
I.K Ess sis. n. C Carnep C H. Kaa*
esasatosad hoy Silver, field. Copper sad^Lead orea t O. Hng ru. OBIee -eotl^Bsuidlag. corner Vtsn aid uraajts^aA^^ sad at works, south Balls.
J. K. EVELETH. Mana^;^r.

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