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VOL.1V.-NO. m.
EmblemPins and Charms
Sonsof St. George
Tobe comfortable, should fit^just right. Wc have the stock^to make everyone feel perfectly^at home in that respect. It^will only be necessary for you^to call on us to be suited ex^^actly in price and quality.
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Gentlemenwill find us able to^supply tlicir wants as usual,^but the attention of tiic ladies^is especially invited to our new^stock, in all styles, of ladies'^fine shoes, just received.
THBKKD BOOT,^,f^ North Main Sr.. Untie. M m
Tie8tute Idjetm Sine Die 1 itbont^MMft
Asloon as the President Notified^the Senate That He Was^Throuch With Them,^They Quit.
Wahim:tos, April 15.^In tee senate^I'latt spnks at length an the proposed in^^vestigation of the record of Senator Roach^of Nor.li Dakota, arguing the right of toe^miiMe to make the Investigation. It wee^tho plain duty of the sonata to do so. On^too agreement a yea and nay vote will he^taken on too Roach matter before ad^^journment, a resolution was passed for^the appoiutment of a committee to wait^on the president and inform him the aen-^ato was ready to adjourn. Herns and^Sherman were appointed.
Afterfurther speeches in the Roach^matter Lodge offered a resolution direct^^ing the secretary of etate to inform the^senate by whose authority the American^flag was hauled down from the govern^^ment building at Honolulu.
Onthe demand of Goriuan. the resolu^^tion was laid over under the rales. Butler^movnd to amend by adding the words:^^und also by whose authority the same^wan hoisted on said buikling.''
Thecommittee to wait on the president^reported the, president said he lied no fur^^ther coimaunicatiou to make to the sen^^ate.
Chaydler,rising to a question of per^^sonal privilege, said lie had not distiaetly^understood yesterday whether the senator^f^^oro Indiana^Voorbeea- bad said that he^'^rnijrht have heard^ or that he ^lied^lier.nl'' a certain statement concerning his^action as secretary of the new.^Chandler said that be thought be hsd kept^pretty good truck of tba various attacks^made on him from time to time, both per^^sonal and official, but he lied never heard^before of the charges that the ships built^under bis administration were defective.^The ships were the Chicago, Boston,^Atlanta and Dolphin, end these ships, he^tbouuht. were very much afloat at this^time. The contracts for tboeq ships were^made with John Roach and it rould not be^to biin that the senator alluded as one of^those alio Lad retired ^rich, coutetited^and infamous.
Voorheesexplained that his remarks^yesterday were intended as an illustration^or the position taken by the senator from^New Hampshire and other senators on^that side. The language which be used In^reference to C'han/ler he had beard ussd^by others and n/,t at a very remote period^from the pi esrjxoiuie.
Ilansbroo/aalso rose to a question of^privilege ^ud began by expressing the^hope that the senate would not adjourn^without giving bis colleague, Mr. Roach,^the opr^ortunity asked by him yesterday.^Objection was made by several detno-^cra ,1c senators and the senate proceeded^'^* the consideration of executive business.
At6 -JO the doors were reopened and a^resolution wss agreed to, tendering the^thanks of the senate to the vice president^who bos presided over the senate during^the present extraordinary session. A mo^^tion to adjourn sine die was than made by^Hill and agreed to without division.
Thevice president said, before announc^^ing tho result of the vote just taken: ^I^beg to express my carnev appreciation of^the uniform courtesy shown me by tho^member* und oflic/rs of this body during^MM session now .losing. For tho resolu^^tion personal ' o myself, kindly adopted by^the senate. 1 am profoundly grateful. In^nccordaw, wm, ,he vote just taken I now^declare I'.lis extraordinary session of the^senate adjourned without day.''
importantconcessions an* the result of^negotiations that bare bean earned 00 for^soma time between ^twlswl B. Mabouoy.^United States into 1st sf to Ecuador, and^too Ecuadorean department of foreign af^^faire. The treaty, it ia said, was signed^some time last month and Immediately^forwarded to Washington. It is belie veil^that it was sent to the senate this week^end is now in asMSSiInn of that body^awaiting ratification.
AlsskaaNatives slay Mew Sheet S*s
WAsiiMtuToy,April IS. - Secretary Car^^lisle has amended the regulations gov^^erning the killing of sea otter in Alaskan^waters, by striking out the prohibition^against the natives killing them with fln^^arms.
Mexico'sMlalster Uivn Ihs Viae Feesl-^Sewt a attew Out.^Washington, April 1*. The Mexican^minister gave a vary elaborate banquet to^^night in honor of Vice President Steven*^son.
JOLLYFortress Mearoe
Ireneof Da
istho ^^wonted Activity.^KoRTitr.ss Monitor, Vs., April It.^This^resort is in a state of feverish excitement^tot lay over the expected arrival of the^British fleet Monday, preparatory to the^great review of the navies of the world.^Admiral Gherardi expects the Mrniehers^early Monday morning and they are to be^followed tho next day by the three Italian^ships, and possibly the French end Brniil-^ian vessels. The third Russian ship,^which has been due for some days, has not^yet made its appearance.
InspectorGeneral Btwsfconridge, In full^regalia, accompanied by twoajsjf officers,^started the guns to firing on tan Phila^^delphia when he paid an official call upon^AdmiralGberardi to-day, and an hour later^they eaain belched forth the number of^guns due his rank when he departed^Following the general's launch were any^number of others from the fleet, taking^visitors out to see the ships. Barges and^gigs, with boats and cutters rowed by vig^^orous tars were conveying persons all^morning, and now and then a gig would^coino ashore with the captain of some^ship and the government wharf would im^^mediately be the scene of animated ac^^tivity to watch the pretty sight of 10 or 1-^Jack tan landing their commander with^pomp and care.
Sixtyyoung women at the Hygeia hotel^gavo a handsome german to-night to^many of the officers from the ships.^Crowds continue to pour in. This morn^^ing's steamer brought many people from^tho North, who were unable to secure^quarters.
GvnujSr^peets Her O'.d Emmy of^Couifince fltli Sena
TheRiots May Load to Revolution^Ahlwardt's Charm Ab-^surd-Tho Samoan^Situation.
Ilase Hall Creaks Dec'de That
^^ Mats Shall Hsve One.^s|Mvlal D|f patch to the Standard.
Ht.i.k.ni, April 15. The results of the^meeting to form a base ball league here^to-day are very satisfactory, and it is prac^^tically settled that a four-club league will^be started, tba season lasting from May^1:1 to September 80. Representatives^from Butte, Phil Ipsburg and Helena were^present, and each reported that^a club would be maintained.^Anaconda or Missoula. it is^expected, will be the other town and, if^proper rates can be secured, a eix-club^league will be formed, admitting Ogdon^and Salt Lake. It was agreed to main^^tain a salary limit of 1700 a month, exclu^^sive of the manager. Tue officers chosen^are: President, Willism Muth, Helena^pro tein; vice president, John Cole,^Philipeburg; secretary and treasurer, J.^G. McCormick, Butte. The president^will call another meeting within a few^days. __
HriiLis,April IV^The method followed^In the reichstag last weok in enforcing the^rules of procedure ill the rase of Ahlwardt^well confirm the belief that the bouse^wants to throw aside the accusations with^^out heating them. In the face of the fer^^ment which Ahlwardt's charges caused,^the president of tba relelistag would have^shown better tact if bs bad less rigidly^followed the rules of procedure. Those^who profess to have seen tbe documents^say that thty are nothing but a repetition^of tbe stale charges of fraud on the wsr^Invalid fund and exploded charges that^defective rifles were furnished the army^by the Hebrew Arm, Loewo A Co. With a^view of clearing up and ending the scan^^dal, Herr Rebel and other socialists as^^sented to give Ahlwardt the IS supporters^required for a formal motion introducing^tbe pa|^ers.
Eventsin Belgium are giving the foreign^office here greater anxiety than the Ser^^vian roup d'etat, though this is known to^have been hatched in Paris In Russian^interest. An armed conflict over the pop^^ular demand for a revision of the Hclgian^constitution, resulting in a revolution aud^placing iu the power of the allies of^France, is so within tbe bounds of proba^^bility that French papers are already in^^dulging in surmises as to what Germany^would do in tbe event of the monarchy In^Belgium being submerged. Reports thst^are ereditsd in some French organs that a^eotnpact between Emperor William and^Eisfe Leopold arranges for the German^ocojpeiiou of Belgium within a day, if the^1 s^stall inn threatens to overthrow tbe^king. Whatever internal convulsions^man occur in Belgium It is the official^opinion here that Germany will absolutely^bold aloof unless tbe French connive at^assisting tbe revolution.
Withregard to Servia, if the French^^government did not inspire the coup d'^Stat it was concocted undents knowledge.^Ten days ago, DeKitch, who is now King^Alexsnder's primo minister, visited King^Milan in Paris and with him the plan of^be coup was made, which the boy king^executed. The event has importance as^possible factor in early disturbances on^the Bulgarian frontier, which will involve^tbe attention of Germany and Austria.^In a convcrsat ion on the Samoan diffl-^ejtBlTT^^^^' Walter Phelps, tba Amor-^minister, said that he regretted the^failure of Chief Justice Cederkrants to^fillflll bis official duties. Phelps holds^that the Samoan conference effected what^was at the time, tbe only possible modus^viveudi. Cederkranti managed In bis^short period of office to upset the care^^fully contrived. union of three opposing^interests. Mr. Phelps said also that be^thought a new conference would soon be^advisable.
SHOTOne Club
That Senate Confirms a Long^o Ulcers^Treat les.
Washington.April It.^Tbe senate^held its lost executive session this after^^noon aud every nomination by the presi^^dent up to date was confirmed, with the^exception of that of Hew son Lannou to be^United States murshal for Delaware,^which was sent in to-day. The senate by^its actiou ia executive session also failed^to make public the text of the treaty re-^i^ently negotiated with Russia aud that^source of contention, along with the treaty^with l-'raiiee. remain among the secret^ururiives of the state department and those^of inn executive clerk of the senate.
TheonI'.imatioiis to-day were: J. H.^^Vise, Cahfoiuia, as collector of easterns^at Sail Francisco; C'barlu* B. Bellinger,^Oregon, ns Cuitcd States district judge of^1 be district of Oregon; John J. Hawkins,^Arizona, us associate justice of tho su^^preme court of Ariaona; William M.^Trcid. Utah, as judge of probate of Utah;^Albert D- Fall. New Mexico, as associato^justice of the supremo court of Now Mex^^ico; Levi W. Manning, Arixotiu, ns sur^^veyor general of Arisous; Francisco K.^Studillo, California, as agent for tho^Indian mission on Fule river; Alex W.^'Jerrell, Texas, us minister to Turkey;^John W. Kiddle, Minnesota, as secretary^nf the legation in Turkey: Udward II.^Strobel. New York, as third assistant sec-^retuiy of state ; Henry Men iit. Illinois, as^consul at iSroiuen: Hanoi Morgan. Oon^^uectiout, as treasurer of the United^States , Joseph S. Miller, West Virginia,^ns cr jiiimssioucr of internal revenue:^Com til N. Jordan. \ew York, as assistant^iiea Mini at New Yoik city; Lucius. Q. f.^Lai jat. Oxford. Miss., as recorder general^Bf iff land office: William L. Kec. West^Vi sj^'nia. ptiticijial clerk on private laud^si anus in 1I10 generul land office; Robert^1.. Gillespie. Tennessee, us principal clerk^' if public lauds in the general land office.
A COALING STATION,^lirusdor Makes an Impor'snt Concession^U^ llic lulled elates.
Wvsium-ton.April IS.-There is excel^^lent authority for stating that the I'nited^Mates pnvat nineiit has concluded a treaty^w ith the government of Kcuador by w hich^the Ciuicd Mates i^ given the right to ac-^ipiirn a coaling station m the t.allapago*^.slatids at a position sf advantage m tho^Pacific ocean and an situated as to lie of^vast importance to naval vessels. These
InsagerateoContest.^Special Dispatch to the Sis Board.
Mismula.April 15. The Rod and Gun^club held tbe first of a series of weekly^snoots this afternoon for a slub medal.^Tho conditions were 1;^ blue rocks from^traps at 10 and IS yards rise, everything^considered Seversl of tbe scores mads^were very creditable. Tho score is as fol^lows: II. A. Stephens. ^^; W. H. Mare. 0^A. B. Ferguson. 8; C. K. Preseott. ft; H^H. Hanson, S; Fred Comer. ^; Kid Coffee,^1; C. A. Sinter. 8; W. W. White, 0; Joe^Menard. II; W. P. Drayton.6; F. F. KM is^0; A. P. Luminer, S; C. A. Soarles, 11^Fred Burolin. 10; T. B. Jones, 0; Will^Cave, F. P. Koni, 4. In the shoot off^for first piece st five birds each, Searles^killed four and Menard three.
HENRI'Tho Aiteraoy
(ieeeralPrelaws Against^tho Chlaesr.
MMDispatch to Hie tttasilarit.
H1x1 if a, April 1ft. -In response to a re^must from the governor, which rsme^through Thompson Campbell, attorney^for the Chinese Six Companies, Attorney^General Haskell to-day banded dow n a^lengthy opinion deciding that tbe Unite^city council bad a right to forbid cite cm^ployes to employ Chinamen. The opi 111011^reviews all authorities and treaties.
Clialtoegethe I'olloa to Cumlist^aud Arc Home I^Amktf.kdam, April It. The conflicts^between the police and the socialist nut^ers were renewed to night, the socialists^parading tbe streets and acting in s mut^disorderly manner and challenging 1 lie^police tooonibat. The police, armed with^swords, attacked the rioters, several of^whom were injured. 1 he mob was^length dispersed and order was restored.
Colembns'Moots^II\iana. April 1ft. Throe Spanish war^vessels, Reiua Regenta, Infanta Isabella^and N'ueva Kapana. started from Havuns^at noon to-day, having in tow the OsJnge^bus caravels, Santa Maria, Pima and^Nina, on the way to take part in tbe great^naval review at New York.
TheM. J. Connell Co. will sell this week^25 ladies' suits for fo. The price il.ese^goods were selling at last yearwas jl-'niul^f 18. The buyer bought a lot of them tin^spring at a reduction. Take adrantsge of^this opportunity.
Betere of tho Queen's Envoys^lagton
HoNoLt'i.f,April ' 8. The steamship^Alameda, which arrived here yesterday,^brought among her passengers Paul Keu-^man and Prince David Kawauanakoa, the^deposed queen's envoys to Washington;^William R. Castle, one of the Hawaiian^commissioners, and Harold M. Newell,^formerly United States consul general to^Samoa. Hon. S. C. Macfarlsne, snollier^exponent of tho queen's side was also on^board. Newman and Prince David were^escorted to the royal carriage which^was iu waiting and were driven rapidly^to tho resilience of Queen Liiioukalani,^where they explained their mission^When seen subsequently, Neuinan said
Iwent to Washington in the interest of^the queen, to prevent, if possible, injus^^tice being done. 1 favored the appoint^merit of s commissioner to examine into^the state of affairs before judgment was^pronounced aud secured my point,^brought back no assurance to the queen,^but I believe her best assurance lies in the^fact that Hlouut was appointed and sent^here.^ Little of importance has occurred^since the 1st instant end. despite the re^^peated rumors that the deposed queeu 11^preparing to agaiu assume authority, af^^fairs outw ardly bear an as|iect of trail^qulli'y.
Wsrld'st'sir l.sbibll. Are Arming The^Opening Cereiaoalos.
Chicai-o,April 1ft.- Tho exhibits^now coming into the world's fairgrounds^faster than ever. The daily uierage of^ears received Is overThe work of
unpackingthe exhibit* is also being^pushed vigorously. Tbe programme for^the opening exercises is complete, except^for the selection of a chaplain to oiler the^opening pruyer. While it will b^ uiude up^of strictly out of door exercises, there are^to be no military features w hutever. The^ceremonies are to be very simple and w ill^take place from a platform at the oust end^of the administration building.
^ - -^- ^ ^^THE DEBT O VISION-
Mlssanls ami Itavalll Counties Agree
Howto llu It.^Kperlal l^li|^atrh to the Htanitarn.
Mmsotla. April Ift. The commission^^ers of MiNsoulu and Ravalli counties met^in joint session to-day und decided to ap^^portion the indebtedness of H.ivalli^county on tho same basis as that of Fls:-^bead county. The commissioner* will^meet again 011 Tuesday to check up the^ussossmeut list.
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II1and HI suits for at M. J.Connell's^this week. The buy er bought a lot at extra^value when iu the bast. Tuku advantage^of this splendid opportunity.
Calaasbaete Ms etepreseule* at the Fslr^by a UsisinsUat.
NewYork. April U.^Tbe steamer New^York arrived this morning. Tbe duke of^Veragua, a lineal dseesndant of Colum^^bus, was on board, accompanied by bis^wife, eon and a number of other Spanish^grandees, direct descendants of tbe^famous discoverer. As soon as tbe vessel^anchored at quarantine. Commander^Dickons. U. S. N.. representing^tbe federal government, went on^board and delivered an address of wel^^come iu Spanish, to which the duke appro^^priately replied. Later a reception com^^mittee went down tbe bay in a special^steamer aud took the party off and landed^them at Twonty-eecoud street. North^river, end conducted them to tbe Hotel^Waldorf, whore they will remain until^they leave for Chicago next week.
inthe cabin of the special steamer on^the way to tbe Twenty-second street dock^Gen. Horace Porter, chairman of the con -^mlttce ou reception, addressed tbe duke^in French, bidding him welcome to the^eity and conferring upon him, under tbe^authority of the corporation, tho freedom^thereof. Porter also referred to the Dou^^ble achievement of the duke's Illustrious^ancestor, which opened up a new world,^and the fltueas of the fact tbe duke was^selected by Spain to represent her at the^quadro-centenuial celebration of the an^^niversary of that event.
Theduke replied iu French, thanking^the committee for tbe honor done him and^the corporation of New York for lbs be^^stowal of tbe freedom of tbe eity. While^proud of tbe achievement of bis ancestor,^be felt tbe chief credit was to the Ameri^^can people fur tbe msrvelous work ac^^complished in the developing of the new^world.
Theduchess and the duke's daughter,^sou and two nephews were then intro^^duced. Commander Dickens' address^was delivered before Hie party left tbe^steamer Xew York. He welcomed tbe^duke and party iu the name of tlio presi^^dent aud secretary of state ss representa^^tives of the whole nation whose courtesies^were extended. The duke responded In^a complimentary address in Spanish.
Theparty arrived at Hotel Waldorf at^10:40, Gen. Horse* Porter escorting the^duchess aud the duke following with Com-^^uauder Dickens. Mayor Gilroy and^Colonel McClelland, president of the^board of aldermen, mot and greeted tho^party iu the atate druwiug room. General^Porter introduced tho duke, duchess and^the reel of the party to the mayor^aud the reception committee, which^present. 1 As at that time^all of the reception committee had not^come, it waa decided to postpone the pre^^senting of tbe (rev Join of the city to the^duke for an hour.
Tbepresentation took place in tbe state^banquet room. The mayor, with a scroll^on which was engraved the resolutions^oooteri-tng the ft sjasm at tba city, in his^^ki, aoMrisfcu the dull H these words^'TonrOiwcl It affords ma vary great^pleasure lo give te you, in behalf of tbe^people of tbe city of New York, n 1^toous and hearty reception, la honoring^ou em honor the memory of tbe discov^^erer of America, whose lineal descendant^you are. His discovery contributed very^mueh ts civilisation, and, mindful of tba^fact, I have tho honor to present to you^tbe frandom of tbe city of New York.
Tbaduke replied in English in these^words: ^I thank you vary much for your^distinguished consideration. You may^count on my friendship and I shall think^myself very much honored by your atten^^tion.
Auinformal reception then followed.^Mrs. Gilroy, Mrs. Dickens end Mrs. Bolt^assistsdin receiving the ladies of thedueal^party. Tbe resolutions conferring the^freedom of the eity are writted In red and^black ink on parchment, mounted upou a^scroll of blue silk, with a blue satin back,^the whole in a morocco case.
Theduke spent the afternoon driving^about tbe city. Shortly after luncheon^the duke, with his brother. Marquis Bar-^bolls, accompanied by Commander Dick^^ens, left the letter's residence to return^the mayor's official call. After leaving^cards at tbe mayor's house, the party^drove out through the Riverside drive to^General Grant's tomb. Tbe party re^^turned to the hotel lste In tin) afternoon.^During their ubsenco an immense floral^piece, in the form of a ducal coronet, was^left in the hotel, it came from the Span^^ish societies aud was worked out in red^and yellow, the Spanish colors.
ItHas Becoae Iteeseiry ta Stspsid
tieIssue of Gold Certtlcites.
ItShows a Balance of Twenty-Six^Millions-Austria Needs Uold^-Bonds May Be^leeued.
NewYork, April 15.-An^ceived at the sub-treasury at New York^to-day for the suspension of tbe Issue of^gold certificates in accordance with tba^provisions of tbe act of congress of July^12. UW-\ which says that whan tbe gold coin^or bullion bold in tbe treasury for tbe re^^demption of United States notes falls^below tUW.OOO.UOO tbe Issue of certificates^shall cease. The gold cert iflcates ia com^^mon use are tboae Issued under the set of^July 1-'. 1882. Tbe acting assistant treas^^urer in charge of the sub-treasury said:^^This step on tbe part of tba secretary of^the treasury simply means that be is^carrying out tbe provisions of tbe law. It^does not mean that tbe government will^receive deposits of gold coin and^refuse to pay back in kind.^Any one wbo deposits gold coin here will^receive legal tender notes. In other^words, instead of iasuing gold deposit cer^^tificates, which are necessarily redeem^^able In gold, the treasury will issue legal^tender notes, for which gold will always^be paid if demanded.
Theonly difference which tbe stopping;^of the certificates makes Is that tbe treas^^ury department will not issue them for^gold as it lias been doing. The secretary^is merely anticipating tbe withdrawal of^gold which will probably be made for ship^^ment for next Tuesday's German stesmer.^There is no reason for uneasiness because^the step wss taken by tbe department. It^te tbe first time that the issue of certio^^rates has been suspended because it is tba^flrst time that the roserve has almost^reached the $lOn.oiil,O00 point with imme-^diote export expected. Under a previoue^net the issue was sus|M^uded by Secretary^Sherman in MAX
WisiiiM.ii'S.April IV The continued^export of gold from this country to meat,^the Auetriau demand has reduced the free)^gold in the United Mates treasury to^f l^UU.UOU. Iu the belief that gold will con^^tinue to be exported for some time and in^order to supply tbe demand for gold and^replenish tlie depleted stock In tbe New^York sub-treasury, it ie etated that thst^treasury department has been shippings^gold from lbs treasury to Nsw York for^the past week. Tbsssvsunt thus sbippwl^it is thought Is not lees than alu.uOO.OOO^may be mors. Tbe statement of tho^condition of the treasury, made daily to^the secretary, shows that the net balance^ia gradually crawling up, being to-day^Ht.Ktf.im. Of this sum. ^U.000.000 Is in^subsidiary coin, and ^10J*X,000 in national^bank depositories.
Secretary1 arUsle. in replying to a^query regarding tba rumor, said: ^Six^millions of bonds bars not been issued.^^The secretary did not slate explicitly that^no bonds were to be Issued. It was ascer^^tained subsequently thst tbe precaution^^ary measure which was commenced under^tba Harrison administration of preparing^to meet sn emergency by tbe Issue of^bonds, if necessary, has been carried a^step further under tbe present administra^^tion. Kecognuung the fact that tbs prep^^aration of bonds is s matter of time. Sec^^retary foster directed the bureau of en^^graving and printing to prepare a largo^number of bonds, bearing t per cent, in^^terest, as authorised by the resumption^act. It ia learned that I6.OUO.00J of those^bonds are now heme advanced on a fur^^ther stage toward completion, so, if it^should be deemed necessary and proper to^issue them or any part of them, rather^than break In upon tbe gold reserve,^emergency could bs met with the I^possible delay.
Anew Union r.irateS to Segalate Labor
hn'aihi, April lb.^The men wbo, for^several days, have been laboring on tbe^formal ion of the American Hallway union,^lu-day completed the first step in tho en^^terprise sud issued a lengthy document,^setting forth the outline of tho organ na^^tion. The union proposes to enlist, as isr^as possible, ail railway employes of every^description, and its avowed objects is the^abolishment of strikes and boycotts anil^the eradiratlou of the heavy tax-sand^dobts which lbs members of the various^organisations are now compelled to pay.^The founders of the union claim that the^new organisation w ill in no sense conflict^with existing orders. Its design, pri^^marily, they say. is for the great numbers^^ ho In-long to no organisation whatever,^llesldes the rr-'iilatioii of labor troubles,^tbe organization contemplates several^sids issues, such as ail employment^bureau and au insurance department. A^meeting will be held Monday for the^election of officers.
11,s of rwMsjSSj^BOTE, April bV The True Tests of^Americanism w ill hold their social gather-^lug iii I'.dcln.. hall Sunday at ^' o'clock.^Tins is one of the nux.laru-s of tlie P. (^.^S. of A., and the members of the subordi^^nate camps are rushuir into Its fold. Al^^ready they are makiug great preparations^for the comma r'ourth of July, and thev^promise to present tlie most imposing^body iu line. _
Thebest geds 'or the least mouey al^^ways attracts the buyer, und tho best^dress goods oil earth for Sue. a yard have^just been rccc ved by the M. J. Connell^Co. Changeable vlfrcls, plain or polka^dot.
IUa'-kpo'.ka dot satcou waists, special^price at M.J. Council's for Monday, Tues^^day aud YVedussJay, 73c. Begular price,^il.N^.
WestersKsasae eaffsrs Severe^frees Flames.
Tiipcka.Kan.. April lb. Reports^Untie to come in of disastrous prairie Area^In tbe western part of the state. Tho^greatest damage reported occurred In^Hodgnian county, Thursday. Tbe Urea^swept over tbe southern part of tho^county, destroying everything that lay In^their path. It is impossible to estimate^tbe loss. Logan county also suffered^greatly.
ruasnlrrPromises te Lower
Ikettecord.^LoNtxif. April lb.-The new Cwhard^aleemer Campania bad her final trial trip^to-day. She attained a maximum^of tft.b knots, or fully *i miles an^This is tho greatest sisrod ever attainod^by any steamship, and justifies the bops^that stie will be sble to make tho rua^from Postnet to Sandy Hoc k in five days^and a half.
LashedOat-^t utvi land. Ohio, April l.V-Thoee pees^ent at yesterday's conference between^he Lskv Shore engineers and General^Manager Connlff refused to make any^statement, but It Is learned from a good^source that the Lake Shore emphatically^refused 10 receive the men at present. Tho^stand of tbe railroad company will not^cause any disturbance iu tbe brotherhood^at present.
Seetbe special offerings in ladies' street^waists for Monday. Tuesday and Wednes^^day, in the suit department of the M. J.^Connell Co.: 100 striped waists plaited^front and bach. Price libc for Monday.^Tuesday and Wednesday. Actual value.^Sue. _
Hoys'clothing In a great variety of^styles ami colors at M. J. Connell's.la vol-^vols, flannels. Cheviots, plaids, rhsshs^and in such stylos as kills, Kauntloroye.^Two or threw pieee suits,^vsstsse.

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