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VOL.IV.^NO. aao.
Cwley Block.
EmbleiDPins and Charms
Sonsof St. George
Bootsand Shoes
Tobe comfortable, should fit^just right. Wc have the stock^to make everyone feel perfectly^at home in that respect. It^will only be necessary for you^to call on us to be suited ex^^actly in price and quality.
Andmany new ones, too, have^praised the appearance of our^remodeled store and our way^of displaying the stock. If you^have not been to sec us lately,^come in ; it will be pleasure for^u.^ to show you through the^store.
Gentlemenwill find us able to^supply their wants as usual,^but the attention of the ladies^is especially invited to our new^slock, in all styles, of ladies'^fine shoes, just received,
THERliD BOOT,^s6 North Main St., Rutto, Mont
SecretaryCarlisle lakes t S'Jteunt^or the Financial Crisis.
The Government's Policy la to^.Maintain the Parity Between^the Metals-What the^Saline s la.
WASHiNi.tON,April 30. Secretary Car^^lisle lo-iu-lu made life folio* ins state-^mciit regarding the Hnancial situation:^^On the exercise of the discretionary^power conferred upon tlie secretary of the^treasury by the act of July 1, 1880,1 bave^boon paying gold for coin treasury notos,^issued for the purchase of silver bullion,^and be will continue to do so as long as^he has cold legally available for the pur^^pose. I'nder this process the govern^^ment has been, and now is, paying gold^for silvur bullion and storing tbe silver in^vaults, where it is as useless for any pur^^pose of circulation or redemption as iron,^led or any oilier commodity. Tbe gov^^ernment, in the Orst place, issues the coin^treasury notes in paying for silver bullion,^and then the coin treasury noto is pre^^sented at the sub-treasury and gold is^paid out for it. So the effect is precisely^the same as if the gold were paid out^directly for the silver in the llrst instance.^About ^HOO.noo of gold, which was with'^drawn from tho sub-treasury last Tuesday^for shipment abroad, waa paid out on^these coin treasury notes. No order was^tnadotostop thu payment of gold upon^these, notes, nor was anyone authorised to^say that such an urder would bo issued.^Tho purpose of the government, to pre^^serve its own credit unimpaired, utid to^maintain the parity of the two metals by^all law*.il means, will not be abandoned^utmVc any circumstances.
Inview ol existing legislation,the only^question for consideration is as to the^^ joasuro that ought to be adopted to in-^Mire the accomplishment of these pur^^poses, and upon this question there is, of^course, room for wide differences of^opinion. The total stock of gold coin and^gold bullion now in the country, including^wlmt is held by tbe treasury, as well as^what is. held by banks and Individuals,^amounts to about fTl'i.n ^^,(^^^. When 1^cniiie into the treasury department on the^Ttb day of March, tho amount of free gold^on hand liad been reduced to ^1*t7.^II'J, but,^by arrangements w ith western banks, it^im.-rea-ocd until on the llrst of April it^amounted to nearly 83,tXJO,UUu. Then the^heavy shipments began to be made, aud^two Hps ago we had only about f40,000.^lint now it amounts to 98H3,OIXJ, after de^^ducting what has been withdraw it from^tho sub-treasury to-day for sbipmeut. Ar^^rangements are now in progress by which^more gold is to be procured from tbe West,^uud I hope that a sufficient quantity will^I e secured to kc^p tie g ^W1 re, er e I itsSt^There is gold enough m the country to^meet all requirements of thu situation, und^if ull who are really interested in main^^taining a sound and stable currency,^would assist the secretary of the treasury^to tbe extent ol their abilities, the exist tug^dilUculties would soon be removed.
Inaddition to this statement Secretary^Carlisle said that $o03,000 in gold wai^taken out of tbe sub-treasury in New York^to-day for export. The class of money^paid into tbe sub-treasury for tbe cold^w ithdrawn included $400,000 in gold cer^^tificates, which to that amount did not re^^duce the gold reserve, because they them^^selves aro practically gold, so that the^actual gold redemption of the day was^only $100,OJ0, leaving a balance as stated^above.
Thisis the Orst considerable amount of^c,old certificates paid into the sub-treasury^for gold export for many years and en^^courage.! the treasury officials to hope that^tho banks, seeing the situation will con^^tinue to present gold certificates inpay^^ment at least for the gold withdrawal for^export.
CoutailssiossrItlaaat Is a Gentleman la^Spile of Reports.
Washington,April pa A private letter^from a United States official in Hawaii^came in the mail last night. In reference^to the report that Commissioner Blount^directed tbe lowering of tho I'nited States^flag without consulting with Minister^.stevens. Admiral Skerrett or any of the^representatives of the I'nited States ill^Honolulu, the writer states that lllount^did have a consultation w ill; Stevens on^the subject and, while he does not say so^in so many words, the inference to be^drawn from the letter is that Stevens^coincided with the couiiiissioner in the^action. Another report, and oue that^found much currency in Honolulu, that^the Japanese in Hawaii wore contemplat^^ing resistence by force to American domi^^nation iu the Islands and that they bad^received arms to assist them in this de^^termination, is contradicted by the writer,^who states that the Japanese and, iu fact,^all people of the islands are peaceably in^^clined and do not anticipate trouble;^that, in point of fact, the only agitators^there at present are the newspaper^correspondents.
to-dayappointed the following postmas^^ters: Thomas S. Ross, Flagstaff, Arli.;^James M. Mencfee, Areata, CaL; George^W. Harris, WarJncr. Idaho.
ALONO LIST.^^boss of th. Charges Hroeght Against^Prufesaor Hsrrlnglos.
Wamiinoton,April 20.- Assistant At^^torney General Colby to-day forwarded to^Prof. Mark Harrington, chief of the^weather bureau, tbe formulated charges^against huu aud other officials of tho^bureau for alleged malfeasance in office.^The chsiges include uiisreprotstion of^facts, shielding unworthy employes, eva^^sion or violation of tbe civil service law,^inefficiency, maladministration and im^^proper diversion of public funds.
AnotherOfficial of Ihs W, at her Hnrsau^Sjes Oat.
Washington,April 20.^The secretary^of agriculture requested the resignation^of Maj. s. s. Hackwood, assistant chief of^the weather bureau, and the resignation^has becu tendered and accepted.
Minneapolisand S'. Pan! fere Snoi-^pcind Yesterday.
ButLittle Damage to tho Fair^Buildings -Farmers and Stock^^men Ultcoumtfod Wrecks^en tho Lakes.
TheCuociuw War at Antlers is Abeat at^aa Kail.
Washington,April - ^. General Seho-^fleld to-day received a telegram from Cap^^tain Guthrie at Antlers, Indian Territory ,^stating that quiet prevailed there aud thu
Jrouble,villi the Indians are about ended,^xicke's men and the Jones party are ne^^gotiating for peace.
Montana Huildlng Will^Opened fur a t\ eek.
SpecialDispatch lo the stnndard.
Chicago,April 'JO. To the disappoint- ;^ment of many, the Montana state build- '^Ing, as well as a majority of tbe other^state structures, will not be ready for tho '^opening on May 1. It is expected, how^^ever, that a week Inter will see the doors^open and everything ready for a^cordial reception of Montana visitors. ^^W. M. Rlckford of the executive^committee of the Montana board of^managers, is in charge of the work at^the fair and is doing everything in his^|k^wer to push mutters to completion. In^an interview to-day be said that he hoped^that the formal opening of the state^building might take place on May 8, at^the time of the unveiling of the Montana^silver statue. The statue is at present^lying in the vaults of the Commercial^Safely Deposit company of Chicago.* hero^it has been since its removal from tho^foundry. The eyes of a curious public^have not y et been allowed to rest upon^it and the unveiling is looked forward as^one of tho most interesting events of the
The Legation HulldUg la Chill Har^bnrsd Criminals.
Wasiunuton,April JU.. Scnor Don^A tubal Crux, charge d' affaires of the^Chilian legation, had a long interview^with Assistant Secretary Adee to-day, re^^garding tl:s reported escape of tho refu^^gees from the American legation at Val^^paraiso and, auusctpietitly. Secretary^Greshaiu gave a statement to the press^say in:;. ^The charges pending against^Fucntcs and Holly were for violating the^municipal laws of Chili, and Mimster^Kgaii had been instructed by Secretary^tireshim that he should cease sheltering^them.
Nothingis said as to whether the^refugee* escaped before or after Kgaii re^^ceived his instructions, or with or without^bis supposed connivance. Tbe official^corresi*jiidence on the subject w ill not be^given out at present, if at ull.
Al*oslinsster for Wardeer.^WAsJAUtuTUS, AprU *^.^The president
andlease that Will Occur To-Day
SpecialDispatch tn the standard.
Chicago,April 20.~Manager Levi, Far^Away Moses, and all tbe other big men of^tbe Turkish village, put on their red feses^and went down to the Polk street depot^to meet the Turkish dancers and players^to-day. Tbe troupe comprises about v)^dancers, singers and actors, who will givo^lierformaneos daily in tho gaudy little^theater of the village. There were It^women in the lot and some of^them were pretty, these being^the dancers. Others were not pretty^nt all. They play the tragedy parts. They^went all in Turkish dress and looked tired^aud sick after the long voyage from Con^^stantinople, and their 1,000 mile run in^railway coaches.
HowardKretehmar's big bronzy statne^of Christopher Columbus will be placed^on Its pedestal to-morrow. The granite^shaft is in readiness to receive tbe flguro^of the admiral and parts of Ihs statue^now lie on the ground near by, waiting to^be lifted into position. The figure will^adorn that part of the lake front^near tbe auditorium and will make a^superb picture. Tins statue will he one^of the notable public monuments iu Chi^^cago and will remnin the property of the^city for all time. It Is erected by the^Columbian exposition and is presented to^Chicago by that organisation.
Thismorning the Harvard university^exhibit was unloaded and tbe work of^installation was begun. The schools of^Massachusetts bave been assigned a space^of 0,001) square feel in tbe department uf^liberal arts, of which Harvard gets one^hair.
Thepanorama of the Hemese Alps iu^Midway Plaisance was officially opened^at *.' o'clock Ibis afternoon, A. Holliuger,^Swiss consul in Chicago, making tho^formal address. Tbe owners of this con^^ception have produced one of the Beast^beautiful and interesting spectacles in the^midway.
St.Paul, April 30. -Three feet of snow^on a level, April JO, is most unusual in this^stale, but that amount of snow fell last^night and to-day in soiUj parts of Minns-^rota, the average being over a foot. A^heavy rain preceded the suow, which be^^gan in the northwestern part of the stale^Tuesday night, extending and rapidly iu-^creasing until this afternoon, up to which^time 1'. inches had fallen. After two or^three hours intermission it began sgain,^and the air to-uight is lull of mam flying^snow. Tho street railway was caught un^^prepared so that no cars were able to run^regularly during tbe morning. At Minne^^apolis they had even a worse experience,^as no curs were tutilling up lo 4 o'clock,^and ut Stillwater the cars were ^nowcd up^on die street, being caught iu all parts of^the city. Thu storm struck Duluth uud^the lake cities at tioon and raged furiously^there all the afternoon. All over tbe statu^seeding was in progress, but this unpre^^cedented storm willdelay farm work from^todays to two weeks. Altogether farmers^are feeling rather blue over tin prospect^for a wheat crop.
Inthe cities the storm cause.1 nil almost^complete stis|H*iisinii of business this^^ naming, but thing, are picking up sonie-^w hat this afterno.tu. Tho railroads did^not suiter on thu morning trains, but^those due this afternoon are tioarly all^late from one lo llvo hours. Th ^ storm^was widespread, covering almost the en^^tire northwest. A raging snow storm is^n I sir ted to-uight at Yankton, S. II., aud^the cold w eather ill that statu causes fear^of damage to stock.
SsetaFe Osselals levoks Ihs Low's As-^sl. aace Noa-tulon Men Working.
ToPEgA,Kan., April S). - At 1 o'clock^last night Judge Ha sen of tbe district^court granted, upon application of tbe^Atchison, Topeka A Santa Fe Railway^company, a temporary injunction reetroln-^Ing the striking shopmen from interfering^with tbe operation of tbe road or with tho^men who are at work In the shops. Hear^^ing of the case has been set for May 1.
Thocompany decided lo lake ibis action^yesterday afternoon, when seven cooks^who were carrying meals to tbe shop^bands were set upon by strikers who pre^^vented them from taking food into the^shops. This incident and tbe fear that^the additional (arcs of new men which^tho company expected to put on to-day,^might lead to a inoro serious collision,^Caused the company lo appeal to too^courts for protection. An hour before^liaaeu granted tbe order, (10 non-union^men arrived from Pennsylvania to lake^the places of the strikers.
Thesheriff and 9 deputies went out^this afternoon to serve notices of injunc^^tion upon the striker*. The strikers will^not take any pains to put themselves iu^the wsy of the officers and It will be some^lime before the work is completed. New^men went to work in the shops this morn^^ing.
Thestrikers say they were employed^under a misrepresentation as to wages.^The strikers also say that when the new^men learned that they were coming to
FlreiMWere Poierlesi and the City^ol tardier I; Destroyed.
FiveHundred People Are Homelese^and Thero Is No Business in
theCity -Relief for^tbe Sufferers.
SpermDispatch to th* -tan l.ir L
Wakhm.k.Idaho, April J). At 1:30 this^morning a tire broke out in the business^center of Wardner, and in two noun the^enure business portion and many resi^^dences on the back streets were destroyed.^It was another case of no water and a^baffled fire department. The tire was^llrst discovered iu what waa called^tbe Sherwiu block. across tbe^alley from the bank and oc^^cupied by Kamsdell Brothers with^a stock of clothing, and is supposed to^have originated in the sleeping apartment^of tbe clerk of tbe store. Over tbe store^are furnished rooms, and the tire waa not^discovered mini so late that the occupants^ut the rooms had barely time to escape.^: he chief loss w as sustained by Josh Col^^lins, loss i'^.'^^1: insurance f'J.tWO. c. B.^. Iligby's store was the largest inerchandis-^tnke the place of the strikers M deserted j itlg |,0^^ (^ ,|le burnt district, loes iT.OOO;
PromptWork Prevents Serious Ilsssags^at Ihs fair.
tllH Aiiii, April 31. Tbe high wind of^last night continued throughout tho day,^Ufcomiwiiiod by a heavy rain storm. To^^night the wind veered lo the west and tho^rain changed to suow, which, however,^nicltod as fsst ss it fell. The weather is^now colder than it lias beeu at this lime^of year for a long time, with every^prospect of growing colder through tho^night. Despite last night's tremendous^sto; in, the damage at thu world's fair is
{the train in Indianapolis and that 18 more^refused to go to work this morning.^Forty-three men got off the train last
t'inflicting statement-.^Kansas Cm , April 31. Oltlciuls of the^; I'uioti t'arillc road ssy that the strike on^their system is causing little trouble. The^! rued is not crippled in the least, they say,^' by locomotives being disabled, for they '^| aro all iu gotsl repair. Tbe sinkers oti :^. the other band say that iu spile of tho^' statement mode by the company to tho^contrary, the road la suffering front a^scarcity of locomotives in good repair.
AllOut at I'oratsl.o.^Special Dispatch lo th ^ Jvtuaiiaiil.
PlM'ATM.LO,Idaho, April 3^. - The^strikers here are much encouraged by the^news that the only machinests or boiler^makers at work on this division arc nine^machinists at Shoshone. The men at^Montpelier, Luna ami Glenn's Kerry went^out to a man Una morning. The machine^shops ami boiler shops Iters are deserted,^there being but one man at work to-day m^the machine shops.
tosseThings That Happened Yesterday, comparatively slight. A large section of
thealas* roof of tbe main building was^broken iu and tho raiu caused a consider-
Western t'a.srnger Assorts! on^Splits- Now far Cut Kale..
CliicAto, April 3^. All the work done^by the Western Passenger association^during the last six weeks went by the^board to-day. All the members of tbe as^^sociation threw up their bands and gavo^up ull hope of immediate adjustment of^world's fair rates. The cause of tbe col^^lapse was the announcement by I'ussen^ger Truffle Manager White of the Atchi.^son road, that his company would, at tho^expiration of DO days, withdraw from^membership iu the association. This wus^done, he said, because his lino could not^secure protection in world's fair rates^^ est of the Missouri i it er, w here it does^its largest business. Tbe Hem er ft liio^t.ramie had refused to Joiu tho assoc.u^tion unless us local troubles with the t ol^orado Midland were settled. The Mur-^lington and Kock Island took the stand^that any agreement west of the M.ssoiiri^was impoesible without the Denver 4 ltio^Grande This was the splitting point and^it proved an effect uxl one. The Atchison^people say that they withdraw, not with^any intention of cutting rates, but simply^to protect their revenues.
ablewetting of goods stored below, but a^large force of tneu was put at work^and everything was cleared up^before serious barm was done.^Some of the lighter buildings in Midway^plaisance were partially wrecked. The^wind during last night attained a velocity^of 72 miles an hour and there was some^damage to shipping in tbe lower harbor.^Tho steam barge Wright started out last^night with two schooners, W. L. Hanforth^and R. B. Hayes, In tow for Muskegon.^At 4 o'clock this morning she only had^succeeded iu making about five miles^headway. At that nine her hawser parted j^und tho schooner Daufurth was driven i^ashore off Belmont uvenue and wrecked.^Her crew was rescued with great difficulty^by the life saving crew. Nothing has yet |^been beard of the Wright or the Hayes,^and fears are entertained for their safety.
Repetitioner Ihs Devaststleo of a Short^I itu ^ A go.
Mintdi n. Miss., April J). A frightful^tornado crossed Jasper and Clarke coun^^ties yesterday afternoon. The cyclone^originated iu Jasper county, lia miles south^uf here, uud traveled iii a northeasterly^direction. A settlement of nugro cabiui^was destroyed and many of the unfortu^^nate inmates perished. Colonel Hacry's^magtiiflceiit plantation was swept clean^but fortunately potiu of tho fumily were^injured.
Fromthis |s^iut to liuruet, lit miles^south, the storm was especially sovere.^Dr. T. J. Krousc, tbe largest plantation^owner of the south, is a heavy loser. His^son bad his skull crushed ami his wife and^daughter were slightly injured. A negro^on the plantation uuiucd Ib nry to rniau,^Ilia wife aud uiuo children were impris^^oned under the ruins of H o cabin. A lire^originating from tho kitchen stove slowly^rousted the uiifortiiiiate wrcicbea.
Threemiles cas; of Haruet the wind^struck the neighborhood of farms. X. I'.^Leggetl's store wus destroyed uud bis^stock ol merchandise is now hanging in^shreds upon branches of forest trees.^His wife and children were buried iu the^ruins, which caught lire, and would have^perished but for thu timely arrival of^neighbors. A little further on three^negro cabins wen* struck. Two negroes^were killed aud several others badly^wounded.
Crossingthe Memphis A Ohio track^north of Shuberta the storm created^havoc among the negro cabins on tho^different plantations. Keports of damage
arecoming slow ly, but such us i ^iv^ d
indicatean avvtiil loss ol life and^property. All along the :m miles of the^cyclone's path aro strew u dead carcasses^of horses and SettsS and all description^of live slock, while crop* ale rune.I. The^loss will reach into the hundreds uf^thousands ol dollar-.
I.rbTakes His On n
IllsRoom.^Ill i i k, April 31. -William H. I.rb com^^mitted suicide at 12 :S0 o'clock this morn^^ing etJSfS^ N^\ U in the Columbia block.^WeslawSMway. Mr. Erb was a young^man M years old, the son^of Major Erb of Sell Lake City.^He was employed by F. A. Heinse,^tbe smelter man. He roomed at the place^given with W. H. Lippiuan, also employed^by Mr. Hemic. Tbe two young men and^! two friends played whist in their rooms^I last evening until nearly midnight. Mr.^I Erb went out with tbe rest, while^Mr. Lippman went to bed. After^about an hour sir. Erb returned to^the room and went to bed, end^Mr. Iippmau waa awakened by bis^strange actions and evident distress. Erb^fell from the bed to tbe floor in a lit. Lipp^^man did everything possible for him and^aent for physicians. Tbe Utter were,^however, unable to restore bun. aud be^tiled alsaut 1 o'clock. Erb was undoubtedly^insane, ibis being caused, partially at^least, by his devotion to spiritualism, of^w hich lie lied made a study.^He left the following letter to a friend:^1IKAR KittrM' vvh n you receive, this my^snul will Is* in ^tavarhan. or katuo, or laka. or^biiiies. or wherever the sol lis of nil 0 go, who^2e amiss I would n^^t like to have it known^how I luet my end. I have oil-u threatened lo^do the saun t lug and I would mlsli the same to^Is- attributed to a At of lemporary insanity.^Try to liavs me but led here, without the knowl^^edge of tut folks Tv I folks tli.it mv father has^cast me oft forever, ^that you are no longer a^son of mine, etc ^ They have not heard frota^me tor a long llnie. It Is not so. but I would^rather g^ thus. Try to make the. dis-tors ssy^heiirt fitllure or somethlus at that kltitl.^Avoid all publicity. Try to make^caii-e aplsar s^ tailor^ o wske lbs^mark In fife I have exported. I Snow t^mu.t pay s terr.'de relribiitl^Mi hut I know moru^of w h it slate I inn going lino tli.ui most pcopln^Itnaain ^. I think that In some future Inc.n nation^I can better work nil the Karma, tnai I urevi.^i,usl\ eaiilrai'lisl than III this. ^ veil w 1th this^great additional crime on my head. Tbts Is on^^of the tluno I hadlodo tn this life sooner er^later. Itisa sort of ciucittikiu. Hotel b^a^i n I may Ihsl. who ever watches over us. i m-
teatpsXMgiii-d, Willi i^ ii. mm,
torntier Potior arrived at 1:13 o'eloek^unit the impiest will lie held to-morrow.^The physicians think that thu poison^taken w as strychnine.
ATill^He Tried to
fHi aggie^t .logo .
SanFkani 1st o. April Thomas H^llouglass. a customs inspector, was caught^smuggling opium ashore from ihe steamer^China to-day. He was placed on guard on^the China, and attempted to take ^V tins^uf opium ashore iu a small bout.
ConlsyA McTsgue Will Msasge
lleerla de l*eB^Special Dispatch to the Ktaudard.
Hklkna.April W.^The contract for the^care of convicts during ihe next two years^was to-night aw -anted by tic prison com^^missioner, to 1 ottley A McTague. the^present c iiittii'Mors. fl.c b d was for IJ^cents per dsjt lor each COSyvlSt* The neM^lowest l id was II cents per day by CaI-^laglier ft Jcdyn. There were 10 other^bids. I'uder the new contract the cost to^the state of maintaining convicts is ^\ ^i^per mouth. I'uder the old one it w as^per mouth.
TheMemphis and San fraurlsro^logs Have flood Kvents.
M Mr-ills. April JO. The track was fast.
Sixfurlongs Oliver won. Iluceplialus^second, Dick Willis third. Time. 1 :l'.l.
Halfmile Iu l-'ruiil won, Annie Buck^^ingham second, Ludy Cay third. Time,^u :53.
t)nemile Cora Taylor won, Vida sec^^ond. British Blucblood third. Time,
Sevenfurlongs - Sam Farmer won. Par^^apet second. ILilly third. Time. 1:31.
Handicap,one nine and u sixteenth ^^Puricerd won. Chimes set on 1, LjckjH^rt^third. Tim*, 1 :M.
At- hi y'r inclseo.
SaNPr..\Ncis^-o, April at). - Five-eighths^mile Jim ft. tlrst, tiypsy Ctrl secoud,^Addto Chipmsn third. Time. 1 M\.
Five-eighthsmile, _'-yuar-olds Atticus^first. Moututta s.-coiid.t^uict third. Time,^1:03.
Mileand 70 yards Ks|^erunia first.^Rod Prince secoud. Sir Walter third.^Time. 1 -AT\.
Sevenfurlongs ^ Garcia finished first,^hut w as tlistiiialilb'il for ioiiliug. H.-aaie^\V. vv is .ivv.i dtsl the race: 1! - 1 Cloud sec^^ond. Nellie C. third. Tunc. 1 :JUJ^.
Tun, -tpiartci s of a mile Mart met first^\Vic ,low second; ChaiTucr third. Tunc,^1 :;ij^.
Don'tforget to see the window display^of fine soaps and toilet articles for the^^ic*t three days ut the Council company's.^They show an ossuriuirul aud variety uot^tvuud cUtw hero.
insuranceft.OOH. A. L. Page of the Cen^^tral hotel is also a large loser. This ia^tbe second ^ una that his business lias been^destroyed by ilro in Wurdiier. His loss ie^is.uOO: insurunco fci.uu.). I.eorge B. Mo-^Autay's house waa thu last to succumb to^tbe llames. Loss ti.UM: uo insurance.
Thebrick building of tbe Couur d'Aleno^Hardware company stopped the progress^of the Are in that direction. Had it not^been for thai the lire would have con^^tinued on up to the Last CI ia lice mill and^tho total loss is estimated at ItJU.uuO; in^^surance about (lT.uui.
Huingat such u lute hour ll was some^lime before the lire department was out,^but it was there in reasonable time and^was doing gtskl work, and by that time^the tire hail made considerable headway,^but the water of the city's water works^lasted ouly 'Jo minuies and gavo out just^as they had Ihe lire under control. At^this time the water was turned in from the^Bunker Hill aud Sullivan flumes, but it^scenic.I thai fate hud decreed tlial^the lowti slsotild bum. Bui little^water came and the people fought^the almost continent! flames ae^best they could, while the firemen tried to^learn tho cause of no water. Men went^up Ihe flume and fmmd iu two places^boards so placed across tho Hume aa to^duut the water and let it run over tbe sale.^The tire department bad just expended^their last dollar ia connecting thu Bunker^Hdl and Sullivan flume with the city^water works, to be used iu case of tire,^but bad neglected to guard against ob^^structions iu the flume.
Bythis time ihe fire had spread to the^other sale of the street, and was burning^with great fury all over the business por^^tion of Ihe town, aud by 1 o'clock all that^portion of tbe low n. extending from what^ia known as the ^U d Thompson'' house,^on both aides of tbe street, including tbe^reaidonces oit tbe hillside ou oue side and^tbose across the crock on the other, aud^up the streets lo thu Couer d'Alene Hard^^ware company's store and tho Pythian^home on tbe oilier. It was a wild and^weird scene aud a desperate state at^affairs.
Theilro spread so rapidly that it was^with dilBculiy tiiai people were aroused ia^lime to escape with scant clothing. An^effort was made lo save goods, but in but^few instances were any saved. There waa^1 no place of safety in which to put them^1 and at thai hour, the flames being out,^j but few go. sis were carried away. Hy day-^, light Ills place waa a black and burnt^! waste, strewn with warped iruu linings^I end furnishings aud tangled^telegraph wires aud probably^' UUJ homeless people looking at^i the ruius. Then- was little or no insur^^ance, and the toss is complete. Worse^I than that, the liar I times of the last two^j years, together with Ihe recent bank fail-^' lire, leavee many people uuahle lo reopen^I business. Many of them, too, are utterly^| disgusted by repealed disasters aud feel^I like abandoning the place. Several of tin*^1 stores were closed and others were hold-^I lug ou, waiting for the mines to resume^' work. The conduct of the miners about^town was praiseworthy, as many^of them gave valuable service^wherever ilwv could. The fire depart^^ment's work was good and ^ hen they got^a flow of water through tbe lluiue they^made sltort work of tbe Pre. Had they^nut had water jusi when tlu-y did. the rest^of the town would have burntd. Both^the I'likm Pacillc anil Northern Psciflo^railroads are carrying food and clothing^I., the sulfei nig and homeless people of^Warduci' free of charge to-day.
WASTrial of
Mrs. I ^..wty^le.terd.iy.^special !^ .^at.-lt to the Htati'lara.
Livi!itisTt^s. April PA^Tbe trial of Mrs.^Dowty tor murder was concluded end^given to tbe jury ut ^ o'clock to-day. The^day was takeii up iu the introduction of^vvpcrl tesiimiiiiy to prove that the woman^was suffering from emotional insanity,^and that this wus the motive of the crime.^Jutlgo Henry instructed the jury on mur^^der iu tbe tlrst and secoud degrees.
Aster'stomtit.ou is^Serloes a' U, por ed.^Ntw York, April 20.^The condition of^1.ils in Booth, who was reported lust night^as being seriously ill, was said to-day by^intending Physiciau Smith to be uot^serious. Lust tiigbt he bad a good sleep.
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