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Admissionof Glilt Dots lot lodlfy tha^farlcisness of'aa Offense.
On*Mora of Th*i* Cases en Trial^-Tha City In a Suit-That^Shampooing; till^^Court Notes-
Bum,April 30Judge Speer this
morningsentenced John Coleman and Al^Hayes to tba penitentiary for two years,^the former for stealing a ease of surgical^instruments from Dr. Leonard and Hayes^for attempting to burglarise the residence^of Dr. Monroe. Both had pleaded guilty.^Before sentence was passed, the attorneys^for the prisoners made pleas to the court^for leniency. C. C Da now, for Coleman,^aatd be had reason to believe that his^client was not guilty and that it was a case^of mistaken identity and bad company,^but in view of tba fact that there was a^great deal of evidence, all circumstantial,^against him be bad concluded to plead^guilty. Dan Yancey, for Hayes, admitted^that his client bad pleaded guilty because^be was guilty, but that it was his first^offense and be bad bean driven to it by^necessity. He acknowledged bis error^and desired to reform and above all to^keep bis position from his aged mother,^which be thought be could do if the court^let him off with a light sentence.
Inpronouncing sentence. Judge Speer^aaid be bad no sympathy with the crimi^^nal class. - Ha didn t want a man to come^into court and plead guilty to a crime^when he was innocent, but when a man^acknowledges his guilt and thereby saves^the county the expense of a trial it should^count a point in Ills favor and the court^would be willing to give a lighter sentence^than it would if the prisoner would go on^the witness stand and add perjury to bis^other crimes. In those particular cases,^the Judge said, be was willing to cut off^half of what be had intended to give^them, but be wanted criminals to under^^stand that, while be was on the bench,^they would get ail they deserved.
rtacerVrns* Uunrts.
JudgeMcHatton this morning resumed^the trial of the case of Forms 4 Forms and^ot hers against Sam Ayotte and others.^The following Jury was finally secured^from the special venire: Frank Barrett,^William Rutledge, J. K Forrest, E. X.^Dunckel. Isaac Becbtol, Hugh Wilson,^George Brodenck, Thomas Driscoll, K. J.^Watson, George Osw ald. Peter Opie and^Charles G. Ferrell. In the opening state^^ment. Attorney James Forbis outlined the^rase for the plaintiffs. He said they would^show that the January lode claim, under^which the defendants claimed title, had^been located in 1888. They applied for a^patent and the plaintiffs a versed it on the^Kt-outid that they owned the property^under a placer patent issued to^them in 1880, their location having^been made in 1878, and after it was pat^^ented it was platted into town lots as^No)es A Upton's Railroad addition No 2.^'1 In- question to be determined at the trial,^said the attorney, was whether a quarts^vein existed or was known to exist on the^ground at tba time of the application for^a placer patent. The plaintiffs maintain^that there was not, but that what is^claimed to have been a vein was simply a^granite discoloration and could not be^classed as a vein. The January lode^covers two placer patents. t
AttorneyScalloo, for the defense, said^they would show that the ground in con^^troversy had been located as the South^Star quarts claim long before the placer^patent bad been applied for by the plain^^tiffs, i lie quarts location notice having been^IIled Dec. 7, 1878. It would be shown that^a well il^ lined and valuable vein existed^and had been known to exist on the^ground at that time. It appears that the^South Star location was permitted to^l.ipie and part of the claim was then^taken into the Noyes A Upton placer, but^the South Star was later relocated as the^January.
About30 witnesses have been subpoe^^naed in the case and the trial will proba^^bly last three or four days.
XswCivil Cases.
JosephHarper to-day commenced an^action in Department 11. against ^ harles^C Haskell and E. H. Irvine, lo secure pos^^session of and quiet bis title to the Pro^^tector lode claim, of which be claims to^be owner by virtue of the only valid loca^^tion made of the ground. The defendants^claim the ground by a prior location^under the name of Hope, but Harper al^^leges the location to be defective and^void, and be ad versed tho defendant's^application for a patent. A peculiar^phase of the case is that in Department I.^F. F. Irvine also commenced an action^against the same defendants and claims^the property under the Hope location.
NicolaBukovich sued Marl Kom and^John Rom to recover judgment on two^promissory notes of $350 and ^U6.30 each^with interest and $'*^ and $.'^^ attorney's^lees, and for a foreclosure of a mortgage^on lot 5. block 7 , Rice's addition. Frank^Ambrose is also made a defendant, as he^claims to have some interest in the mort^^gaged property.
The(it/'s Iters a sa.^In the caso of J. A. Murray. C. S. War^^ren. Lee Mantle and the Montana Loan^and Realty company against the county^treasurer and the city of Butte, for an in-^juution to restrain the treasurer from sell^^ing a lot of property on the Railroad ad^^dition for delinquent taxes, due on sueciul^assessments for extending Arisona street,^widening It and building sidewalks, the^city to-day filed an answer, denying that^the assessment was void and Illegal or^that the street had never born dedicated^to the city. The answer alleges that the^road a as used as a public highway before^the location of the Railroad lode, and the^improvements of the street liuvo bene^^fited the plaintiffs to the amount of the^assessments against them.
Mareor His Fee.^The old ba rber and *b.im|^ooing case of^F. L. Anderson against W. A. McKinnon^has been bobbing up in various shapes in^the last few days again. At the trial in^the district court John W. Cotter aad^Francis Brooks appeared for Anderson^and got a verdict lor f^0 and costs. The^jMi were paid to Brooks and then he put^in an attorney's bill for f6t^ as fees, and^assigned the account to Robert Somen.^'I be latter brought suit for it in Justice^Kirks ood's court nud got judgment by^default. The case was again appealed.^To-day Anderson's other attorney got an^order from .lodge McHatton citing Brooks^10 appeal' in court Saturday and show^cause why he si,on Id not pay the tM into^court on ilie original judgment.
Oihrr^ ourt Matters
Thedamage suit of Peter West I against^the Montana Pntva was on trial ail day in^llepnrtnient II.. and will probably be lln-^islie^l to-morrow.
JudgeMrMattou to-lay signed a decree
ofpartial distribution of the estate of J.^R. Wade, deceased.
Anumber of cases which bad been set^for trial in Judge Me Hal ton's court were^vacated.
Owingto the absence of the county at^^torney, the motiun to set aside the sen^^tence of the Juiy in the Reddy ease, was^positioned for argument until to-morrow^evening.
IsPresecatlea ef Mr . Caa-pbetl Was^Claarly M* Helens^Butte, April 20.^Mra. Florence B.^Campbell and W. R. Smith, ^betterknoa n^as 'Slippe ry,' ^ gave a pleasing little per^^forms nee to the usual crowd of loungers^in Judge McMurphy's court to-day. As^^sistant County Attorney Mattison acted^as manager and showed bis averaion to^farce comedy, by suddenly stopping the^entertainment and. so far at least as the^leading male character was concerned,^turning it into a play of mora serious^lines.
Mra.Campbell was up for trial on a^charge of obtaining money under false^pretenses, and Mr. Smith was complain^^ant. The caso was begun about two weeks^ago, but the defendant eluded the officer^who had a warrant for her, and she was^not arrested until a fow days ago, and^then not until after she had caused Smith^to be arrested for threatening to kill Iter.^Smith, it will be remembered was dis^^charged, but the disgrace the proceedings^had brought upon him rankled deep within^bis bosom and be told the officer where^tbe author of his humiliation could be^found, and soon bad ibe satisfaction of^knowing that she was incarcerated within^the walls of the prison that only a short^time before bad held him. Tbe woman^was arraigned a day or two ago and ber^trial was set for this morning.
Smithtook advantage of the interim to^hoist in plenty ol tangletoot, and when he^appeared in court this morning he was in^a happy condition of semi-intoxication.^His testimony was to the effect that not^long ago the woman bad obtained (28^from the D. J. Hennessy company by rep^^resenting herself as his wife. Tbe com^^pany, be said, bad secured payment of tbe^amount by collecting a part ot his wages^due him for work in the Mountain Con^mine. He acknowledged that one time^last summer he had introduced the wo^^man at the store as bis wife, and had au^^thorised her to draw bis wages, but tried^to shift the responsibility for his act by^claiming that he was drunk at the time.^After that little transaction, he said, he^had notified the manager of the store not^to give her anything on his account.
E.J. Wilkinson, manager of the Hen^^nessy company, w as the next and last wit^^ness. Mr. Wilkinson testified that Smith^had been in the habit of trading at the^store, and on one occasion had introduced^Mrs. Campbell us bis wife, and had asked^that she be given whatever she wanted^and to have the same charged to his ac^^count, tin another occasion subsequent^to this. Smith had told him that^he and the woman were mar^^ried and had again requested that^she be supplied with anything^she might desire and to charge the bill to^him. On various occasions after this^double vouching. Mr. Wilkinson said, the^woman had made purchases at the store^and that Smith had settled for tho same.^Smith, tbe witness said, had not counter^^manded his orders to furnish the de^^fendant with goods until after she had ob^^tained tbe 128, which had led to ber ar^^rest.
Theprosecuting attorney had heard all^he wanted and moved to dismiss the case^and tax tbe costs to Smith, because tbe^prosecution. In the opinion of the attor^^ney, was malarious and without justifica^^tion. The court entertained the same^opinion as be discharged tbe defendant^and entered a civil judgment against^^Slippery^ for tbe amount of tbe costs.^Smith said he was unable to pay. but^promised to call around on tbe next pay^flay at tbe mine and settle up.
liedxalMen Cheat lie Ferryman Out^ol Two Passsngers.
TfaeyPropose to Celebrate Their Anni^^versary In Style.^Butte, April 20.^The Odd Fellows will^celebrate the anniversary of the founding^of tbe order in splendid style, in Butto^next Wednesday. There will be a parade,^beginning at 2 o'clock in tbe afternoon, in^which will participate the Odd Fellows of^Walkerville, South Butte and Butte, and^tho Daughters of Rebekah. The Ahro^and Orton's band will be out. In tbe^evening there will be a social entertain^^ment at Rensbaw hall when there will bo^recitations, speeches and songs. Dr.^Howard will deliver the principal address.^Dancing will follow the literary ex^^ercises.
Alodge of the Daughters of Rebekah^will be institnted at Boseman. April 26.^Grand Master Pascoe, being unable to^leave at that time, Philip Dodson will in^^stitute tbe lodge. On May 1. a lodge of^Odd Fellows will be instituted at Kalispel.^J. M. Johnson has been chosen deputy for^that work. E. S. Booth of ihis city will^deliver tbe oration at Hamilton ou the^anniversary.
AnnualMeeting ^f the Montana Mock^Growers* Association
Forthis occasion the Northorn Pacific^will make a rate of one faro for the round^trip. Butte to Miles City anil return.^Tickets will be on sale April 17 and 18.^Final limit April IsV
W. M. Tuohv. Gon'l. Agt.
Trustsand combinations are unpopular.^But there is one form of trus s against^which no one has anything to say. That^is tho trust tho public reposes in Hood's^Sarsaparilla^because I hey know Hood's^CVsTMa
Hoop'sPills are purely vegetable.
WantedA small furnished house;^family of three. Address 2H East Broad^^way.
Ladies,try ^Viavi.^ the ^way to health.^^Office No. 21, Owsley block, 1 to U p. m.
ThoTrades and Labor assembly have^declared a boycott against W.J. Kennedy,^contractor, for being an unfair employer
1waive Houra In ^^With tha Oaa^On-Timely^covary.
Bargainsin silverware during Leys.' tho^jeweler's, removal sale. Owsley block.
GenuineShaw knit socks now $1.40 per^box at Wishon's.
Bcrrc,April JO.--George Beal Hensley^and his brother Thomas, two well known^young ranchers from the Deer Lodge vol^^ley, had an experience with gas in^Fitschen's Ekchango bouse on South^Main street last night which they will re^^member to their dying day w ith feelings^of mingled horror and thankfulness for a^timely rescue from Ibe very arms of death.^The young men camo within an ace of^crossing the dark river by the asphyxiation^route and it was only after two physicians^had worked over them unceasingly for^several hours and administered the most^powerful restoratives that they were^brought Itack to life and consciousness.^Had they been possessed of less robust con^^stitutions tbey would never have lived^through the ordeal for they were shut up^for nearly twelve hours in a small room^not more than 10 feet square with the gas^Jet turned wide open, and no means of^escape for tbe overpowering und deadly^vapor w hich was continually pouring into^tbe room.
ThomasHensley, who is t he older ef the^two, recovered from the effects of the gas^first, ami after regaining consciousness,^toid bow Ibe accident occurred. Tho^young men came up from their ranch^near Stuart yrtiterduy afternoon and went^to the Exchange house, where they were^assigned to loom 'J.i on the third floor.^They retired some time between 11 and 12^o'clock.
Inall the rooms at tho Exchange house^an electric light hangs dim n close to the^gas fixtures. There are no globes, how^^ever, in some of the rooms, which was the^case in the one in question, and the gas^has to be used. George Hensley has fre^^quently slopped at tbe Kxcbange and is^familiar with both gas and electric light,^but bis brother is unused to city life and^it was bis ignorance that nearly caused^their deaths. As they entered the room^Thomas reached up and, as he thought,^turned on the electric light, but instead of^that he got hold of the gus llxture nud^turned it full ou. He then felt around and^discovered that there was no electric light^globe atld he so remarked to his brother,^saying that be guessed be would have to^go to bed in the dark. George also felt^around and discovered that the globe was^gone, and not knowing that his brother^had thoughtlessly turned on the gas, they^both disrobed by ihu light which came^through Ibe transom window from a lamp^in the ball. From that time they remem^^ber nothing distinctly until they recovered^consciousness this afternoon, Thomas^says that he remembers having waked up^once or twico and studied some! lung that^he thought was u fuse burning, but lie im^^mediately dropped off lo sleep again be^^fore he could make any investigation.
AboutV or 10 o'clock tins morning the^chambermaid began to wonder w hy the^occupants of room 'Si did not get up and^as tbe tune wore on she grew suspicious,^that something was wrong. About 11^o'clock she went to the room door and^knocked loudly but could get no uuswer.^Alter standing there a muiueut, she de^^lected tho smell of gas coming through^tho keyhole. She immediately sent wonl^dowii stairs that the young men weredead^and then proceeded to get the key out of^the door which she did by means ol a hair^^pin. She then inserted her pass key und^opened the door for Mike Judge, an^attache of the house, who hud came up^^stairs by this tune, in spite of the dense^fumes which filled the room almost to^suffocation. Judge rushed in and packed^up George Hensley, who was lying on the^bed, und curried him out into the liailvni),^pcrlectly unconscious. His brother wax^nowhere to be seen, but Judge heard a^noise under the bed and pulling it aside^he discovered Thomas lying ou the floor.^Ho had a great deal harder tune getting^him out than ho bad had with Ins brother.^The inhalation of gas first produces^nausea, then insanity and llnully uncon^^sciousness aud death. The man was in^the second stage, and us Judge caught^hold of him and attempted to pull him^out, he commenced to fight savagely.^Although Judge is much the stronger aud^heavier of tbe two. the young man's in^^sanity gave him the strength of a demon^and they fought and struggled around the^loom for several minutes. Judge Ml him-^sMsf lieiiig overcome by tlie gas and ran^out into the hallway to get a breath of^fresh air. Aa^he did so the young man^subsided and fell tlown in an unconscious^condition, after w hich he was easily car^^ried.
Dra.Monroe and McGarvin res|Miudcd^promptly to the cull for assistance and^immediately went to work on the two^young men. It was at first thought that^tieorge. w lio wus in much the worse con^^dition, was dead, but by the use ot the^most powerful restoratives known to med^^ical science, tho action of the heart and^lungs w us llnally revived.
'Thiswas nut accomplished, however,^until tho strongest ammonia had been^injured down his nostrils. Alter that In-^qticiit hypodermic Injectiousof strychnine^were made lo keep his heart ill motion.^The young man first commenced to shiver^us though he was freci.ug to death and he^llnally recovered consciousness about I^o'clock this afternoon. Thomas' case was^not so de penile and he w as brought back^lo life about 1 o'clock, after two hours of^the hardest kind i f work on the part of^the doctors and friends.
Theescape was the narrowest which the^physicians in attendance hare ever known,^and tbe young men are Deeply thanktul^fur their timely rescue. Their mother,^who resides in Anaconda.was telegraphed^fur and ramo up on the first train, lioih^of tbe ^ oiiug men art- well known in Unite,^as they wore burn here and s|s tit part of^their lives in this city.
GeorgeHensiey took a turn for the^worse this evening and be is now lying in^a very pit carious condition. He recovered^consciousness somewhat iMMween .^t and ^
oV!ockand it was thought the worst was^' ever, I ut be almost immediately lapse I^| into insensibility again, and has not^! si own any sign of returning conscious^^ness. At midnight he was lying m a per-^l fectly insensible c^ ndittou and breathing^i in gasps, with occasional spasmodic^I l^ Itching, of the muscles, lir. Hough wus^called in tbia evening and he and lira.^Monroe and MeOarvin are in constant^attendance at the man's bedside. They^anticipate no change in Ids condition In-^i fore morning, when he will either onii-^ineiice to regain consciousness or fad^: rapidly. They do not consider him out of^| danger by any means and frequent hypo^^dermic Injections of strychnine ate nec^^essary to keep up the heart's action,^which would otherwise stop and which
mayeven now fail at almost any iHe,
StephenHensley. brother of the two young^men, cuine up from Doer Lodge this even^^ing.
W.irtd'sFair Travelers Will II ire ll.^The public demand through service^when traveling. It Is oId-f.i^iilotted to^^change can.^ tin the through, solid^vest 11 hi :ed trains of the Chicago, Uaiaa^I'acillc A North-Western line I mm or to^( btraaoa Omaha and intermediate points^I here Is no change. This is the Basal and^fastest scivice between these point-.
UlimnadMounting^bone iii first-class shape at reasonable^prices. Leys, tho Jeweler, Owsley block.
Ticketsfor the grand organ recital at^at the Christian church on sale at the^Sherman Music Co., Unite.
Wecan anil will save you on a square^^love ft., und on a reservoir stove Ho to^IU. Call and see if we arc ^right.^ H.^J. Bhinie.
Prof.Roddy. Ibe artist, teaches portrait^painting. No. 7u West Park street. Unite.
-hitand ests ra^TMg^T -
leavesdo Sediment on the bottom of the cup.
Hareyour natch repaired at ^Leys,^ tho^JcwcliT, Owsley block.
ChristianScience |)is|^ensary and read^^ing room at 111 South California avenue,^Uutte, Montana.
Jewelryrepairing and manufacturing^in all its branches al Leys, the jeweler,^Ou -ley block.
Wecull and w ill save you ou a square^stove f*^, and on a reservoir stove ^ ti to^Mb. t all and sec if we are ^right.^ ii.^J. Illume.
Iluythe Improved Singer.^West Granite street. Unite.
Onor alioiit March 2lUh we will occupy^the store al c i tier of I' irk and Main, re^^cently occuped by Alex ^ ohen.
Lit s, tho Jeweler.
GRADUATE BOSTON DENTAL COLLEGE,^Formerly Demonstrator of Operative Dentistry and Dental Science In the Bostea
DentalCollege. 1'ost-Grnduatr Chicago College of Dental rsurgerjr, Post*^Graduate Haskell.' Prosthetic School of Dentistry.
Rooms37 and 38 New Owsley Building, Butte, Mont
1am the only D. D. S., (Doctor of Dental Surgery) and Pest-Graduate practiaiag^dentistry in tins building. Twenty-five years' practice. Credentials on exhibition al
AXV A Nil AM. so-called geM^r ret ..veil in Montana tor lbs^disease lull NKKWK.Hs aad^nttier f ^rm^ of ii.ueo.ism srs^kase iimtit'uns ot senates^^ ^ l.r.-I.Ir. K Kr l.l.f.Y '.wlgtit^I i. Isuilile i blonde of (iota^remedies THK HEM INK KKKI.KV 1HNHLK l !II.^^KII^K. OK ^odd. 1 BKA 1 VKNT'tonal^given anvwher- In the si leaf Mutilans except In B.ttc. at THE KLfcLEY INSTITUTE,^comer ot Quartz and AUim strevs. and at Moulder He; ,-prln ;^.
Hcst Ou.tlity ot Silver I'lated Spoons, Forks and Knives,
madeby stogST! Broft, Reed ^ Barton and Rogers ^ Hamilton.
atGreatly Rc lueed Trices until Stturlay. April 22.
PlainTi s-poen*. per iggea, regular price, fct.no; r'ducnl to^Kam y teaspoons i egular. (MM redu-e I to f^ 7.V^P alu l ahleso ^ns regular |^rle\ $1. lag ic ^i t ^ *^ .VI.^fancy 1'shlespoons. r -guUr ptlae, s-i u^i red ic* I lo ^^^ M.^Plain Tahle tork*. regul ir pries, ^l): red les 1 to H.'.a.^K.'incv Tab e V irk-, re julur prl.-e. s I ti. r.^ bi^ d to Ivja^^^MM Kolt -s, r-gti ai price. .V^; PttSMi latsVU^Putter Knives, cadi, p ain, raduc nl Inm.-dt lo 3.-.C.^Putter Knives, each, Kaa.-y. r'tlu-el fr en : ^ to ^oc.^Kuitar Mie'K Plain, ri-lnc ^d from 30 to rve.^sugar shells, Kane^, redu el fr ^ta 7J t ^ ^iue.
Thisis your chance to^Fully Warranted.
supplyyour table. The Quality is
Thefinest line of pianos in Montana are^take seen at the Sherman Music Co.,^Main street. Ilulie.
ME9BVMIMrmn.ii^!. i '
Mriplrfttsnr^^** Mirk rind NrrvtMM lit- t .:-^^rti^% llnrka.-hr, Oirr.inr**, Morbiil lVar*.,^Hot Ktntihr*. NmMi I)^^|M-p^l.i, l^ullnt^*..^^ onlMtolon, II^ilrrlat. Pit*, Hi. VilM* linn* . .^| Ot^uw Habit^ ItraBkrueMtVtr.. nre mini^I by Dr. MUtt' RoWMMfc* ltrrvlae. |Mm^not miitahi opifttn. Mn, Aawbta ^* RrownVv^!^^' in J. 1 tit., fufTV-ml with KpUoiny for ^VI ^inm^ami i. Htm** tou t ompi^tf^-ur. Jnr ^h IVtnv KM:t^Oi' At#n, bud twea Builfn-.; vi-'i Xrrvnus r.-t.-im^tlon fOllfpUX It}*r*, COUId i.^it ^l^-.^p, not hlntr, li**|pod
fefrtmUT., u j Dr. Mlto*' ftMtoratlv* Net^^ty, no | he la now wrelL
Iwtfh to IWM *fitliiionyt('lh*vatii*^n| /^^ VftVa'^h^ ii-.rative AVri'ine. f or fully 3u y* nm j fmftrrvit^^^KvtMantly from a dtKroMiisH nrr\ ^i* tawdartu',^from whl^*h I ^ ^lid get no n tlW. I mm year I wa^^coinp**tl*iJ tit quit work to* hum* of ^^* w^^ rrtty I
tnx*ur**da boiUe of Df, MiitM Krnrlaa, MM niter^tklnc ahout onr-half of It flo* iimlarti** f1i*a(^-^prar ^^! mid I I. tvenot had it Hlurr, I Imvr r^*^Non^to Oettii w I fiuv* ii rr^^rairtomtlv curod. und^f*r MtUt Mtrqtm nmut hiiv**th**^^rvdu^W. W. ^VAIS^ Ed. /n.fr/,r,^jf^,r\Vu^ i^ tt^ufB, P*.
ttoM a Boaltl*. r canmnirr.
Kinobook^ Froc at DrutciciKift Dr. MMaV^N^rv*i^ afd Livar PKia, ^'^^-i. .t. - r^ wita ^* tbe
brutrvmi-dv lor Hi!lt^iiati*^f^i^ Torpid Uvrr, rti ..^^!^^,^h** ^ti -^^^^^irue0.lPliihitn l^*.^Hold hy th*^ Wv.bro BM| Ob* Mt% MMl th^^Hmlth l^na;^ o, AuiicoqiU.
:will atop a 'Cottsfb la oaa nlsrbt,,^^ chock a Colt | In a day, aad CUS^!^:Cona^mptto ^ If t -.ltcn ta time.'^^IF TI1E LITTLE OKEO HAVE;
WHOOPINGCOUGH OR CR0U^ :^Dtfit rr:^.j:!T j
ACS eent,^bottle mtLy ;^.aaro Uicl.-;^_IUtci. Aalc*
= 22i Uf^f^cr Main St..
(Altoalt, Fraa,
F~nCMII.I.r.K. T. P. a^^ Tress. H. CKZICaBB,^XL VKXICKKM, Weatera Bsarsssatatlsa,
Buildersof General
GoldMills. Wet and Dry Crushing Silver Mills, ^^ melting, roneentratlng. Leaching,^Chlorinating, Hoisting and Pumping Plants of any capacity. Tramways, Gorliaa^Engine*. Compound Kngincs. Boilers. Cars, Cages, Skips. Ore and Water Buckets,^Wheels ami Axles. Exclusive Eastern Manufacturers aad Agents for i. M. Bryaa's^Boiler Quarts Mill and Uendy's Improved Triumph Concentrator.
Laval Mala M .
yourdru-f-^rist M it. |
|Dr. Aokc^s 'Engl5h Pills I
I 11 tin roNvrii'*. i so v.
I^s^sll. plre-s^^. a r .asrlte allk tb.- IsSles. I
|sr.ii. myiLi i.'.' ^^. it v^ 111 N.r.I
GeneralOffice and Works.
ClgboutsAve. sad Willow St..
uDU^ locitej la
wln^to his larss Iscrsitini practice, for^lieeli I'.illllK'llcl tu provide
thethird time^Hs I* ao^' persu-
I1 and 12 New Owsley B'd'g,
tiverLeys' Jewelry More,
wherefor the ns^t two wee.4, all 9^h^ will t^ doe. si^prices. Teeth extracted and tmiiift u^erted wittiout f
Theonly Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.^No Atntuoiiia; No Alum.
Usedin Millions of Homes^ 40 Years the Standard.
AllGrades and Hrices. Four to Fiv j Convenient Pieces of Furniture in One. $65 to $ 1 50.
rrafni mi irtmi \- ir nromTinvTiin nn it, 20, 22 and 14 Wes:
Broidny,Ba te, InL
1i WM l f. FURNITURE ll

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