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VOL.IV^NO. ^a7.
Threelilitou Take, ftm ike lattoi.^EmergeDcy hat
TheWithdrawal ls B*ll*v*d to Ba
Ttmporary-Cpmlontof Fl-^n^nci^r^-Th^ Presl-^aenfa Viows.
EmblemPins and Charms
Sonsof St. George
Bootsand Shoes
Tobe comfortable, should fit^just right. Wc have the stock^to make everyone feel perfectly^at home in that respect. It^will only be necessary for you^to call on us to be suited ex^^actly in price and quality.
Andmany new ones, too, have^praised the appearance of out^remodeled store and our way^of displaying the stock. If you^have not been to tec us lately,^come in ; it will be pleasure fot^us to show you through the^^tore.
Gentlemenwill find us ab'/fc to^supply their wants as usual,'^'but the attention of the ladies'
isespecially invited to otir new '^stock, in all styles, of ladies'^fine shoes, just received.
THERED BOOT,^36 North Main St.. Butte, Mont
1ashinuton. April a.-At a cabinet^meeting this momiii*. at which all mem^^ber* ^^l tha cabinet were present with tba^exception of Secretary Herbert of tba^navy department, the financial situation,^j* ^e understood, waa almost the exclusive^topic of discussion. Tbe meeliug lasted^for two hours and a half and wan the long-^est session of the cabinet since the new^administration come into power.
Whcutbo treasury department closed^its (loon tbie afternoon, the Bold reserve^^^f SlOU.up'j.ouo bad been invaded to the ex-^tent of $2,600,000 to m.ooo,uoa When the^day aliened there was in the treasury S18^.-
'u free gold. This amount waa In-^cr^ seed by sold offers from the West, ag-^ffsSJSMBj about tt.200,000. The Urge with-^'Iran is of gold fur shipment from New^York cut this down to such an extent that^when tbo cabinet met Secretary Carlisle^fouud that tho orders for gold up to that^time-about 1 o'clock -liad wiped out the^free cold and invaded the gold reserve to^tbo extent of t2fiS7AOtk
Asfar as it can be officially ascertained,^this amount was taken out of the gold re^^serve to-day for export to-morrow, al^^though it in unofficially stated that K00,-^turn in sold, exclusive of that taken out at^Now York, was withdrawn from tho sub-^treasury at Boston for export to Canada.^If so, this would mako about S5.000.000 in^k-old taken am of tbecountry for shipment^to-morrow, und leave the gold reserve in^^vaded to tha extent of S3.O0J.030, or Hie^total gold m the treasury at Sl^7,000,003. It^is believed that thia invasion is but tempo^^rary . vtd that within a few days the de-^pie reserve will bo restored to its or-^i;^nal figure of SlOO.'JOO.OOa
Whilenothing official can be obtained^here as to the decision of tbe treasury de^^partment in regard to the payment in^gold of treasury notes of 1800, tbe fact that^these notes are being paid in gold upon^presentation proves conclusively that they^will, for the present at least, be redeemed^as heretofore. The construction placed^upou Secretary Carlisle's statement given^to the press last night was that when be^had reached the limit of the gold reserve^he would exercise his discretion and pay^this class of notes when presented for re^^demption in silver. To this extent only^a^ro the occurrences of to-day a surprise.^It can bo stated witb positiveness that^thero is no disagreement ou tbe financial^situation between the president and Sec^^retary CarlUlo or among the members of^tho cabinet.
AMAZED NEW YORKERS.^Th.,y Expected to Fast the Earth Treat-^b:*- On 'Change.
NxwYork. April 21.^Tha upper crust^of the $100,000,000 gold reserve has been^removed. The financial world stood by^Mid witnessed the doing of it and, yet, to-^nig'.it in this financial center, no quakings^^*' the earth were felt and tba folks who^^*re moat interested are wondering why^there lias been no crash of worlds nor^wreck of spheres. Indeed some financiers^are looking each into tbe others' faces^and ejaculating as to wbother they bare^been fanatic or uncannily superstitious.
Engagementsfor gold for export from^here of the steamers sailing to-morrow and^on Tuesday amount to fC.175,000: from^Boston, 1750,000. There was much diver-^^tty of opiuion in tho financial community^during tbe day over Secretary Carlisle's^statement. In main the judgment waa^unfavorable, and this to no small extent,^t ecu use of tho statement's ambiguity.^On tbo stock market, accumulating^^bull^ rumors from Washington di^^verted practically all the atten^^tion from the secretary's circular,^but the Sterling exchange market opened^in utter confusion, reflecting a very un^^usual occurrence, a scare among regular^remittors against foreign credits, tha de^^mand for sterling bills this time proceed^^ing frot.i bankers who were doubtful about^gold payment for treasury notes, and^nn^jous to anticipate their payments so^h /avily as to force up Sterling rates to tbe^'.lighcst figure touched since the panic of^MM.
Overf i.OOO.OOO in gold is engaged for ex^^port by to-morrow's steamer with orders^unusually widely distributed.
I' the midst of this turmoil, foreign^Ic'edsra of money called in numerous loans^a ad these notes being drawn with a gold^^ Juiikc. payment in specie m at least one^cp.se was demanded and obtained. Not^unnaturally tho call for the money mar-^l.et tightened under the withdrawals and.^the ^-tock market operators lending usual^assistance, money rates were bid upon ox-^cl aiiL'c. So far as sll this was the result^of a simple fright. It had a reassuring side.^The treasury notes presented at the aub-^trcasttry were promptly redeemed in gold.^There was, moreover, a ^ tear statement^in several quarters of tho vexed gold^clause in tmio no es, older trust com^^panies mid many lianks. which to some^extent are lenders utt time, made positive^statements to-day that they were mak^^ing no stipulation of gild payment.^Foreign bankers, with one or^two trust companies, are steadily^insisting ou the clsueV and are resisted^by borrowers. Borrowers ou call to-day^w ere able to secure accommodation early^in the day at *^ to t^ per cent., but those^who delayed supplying their wants were^forced to pay 7 to 1.'. Posted rates for^sterling exchange raised lo $4.*^^!.'; and^St , and there BBS little disposition to^draw. The situation improved late in tbo^day. Money was in liettcr supply toward^the closo and limned as low as 4 per cent.
Thisis tho first tune since the resump^^tion of specie payments that tho reserve^has kSSM cut into, counting in thu sub^^sidiary com as part of the available funds^of IBB treasury. A difference of opinion^exists SB to w hether the subsidiary coin^should hja thus counted. If not. then tbe^is^cr\e has bean encroached upon seven
^^^as,previous to bow. ins* before tbe^suh-treaaury rlosea this afternoon M was^r*p*r^sd that tha efMetal* had been^notified of a demand to be mad* to^^morrow for 94,003,000 of gold for sbiprrent^Tuesday and there was an additional re^^port, not verified, that S3,000,0n j maw* will^be taken Monday.
OfI ite it has been a favorite supersti^^tion th it, if tba imm dropped below^its limit, ths result would be disastrous,^not only to values, but also to the mercan^^tile community. Tba fact that tho shock^bas been comparatively slight baa caused^an easier feeling about the future, al^^though there will doubtless not be any^surprise if tba movements in tbo slock as^well as in money and sterling exchnngo^markets are erratic for some time.
ManagerSberer of the clearing bouse^said with regard to tba gold situationl ^I^do not think that any action ia necessary,^as no artificial restriction that could be^placed upon the export of gold would^mend matters in tba least or chock the^outflow. We are simply coming to* sil^^ver husis iu tbo natural course of oveuts^and if the present mode of financiering^continues we will soon have no gold in tbo^country. but will bare plenty of silver.
loBtua'iRspraentatlYt^ at the World's^Pair in Homeslct
Commissionerirutherlln and HI*^Agricultural Exhibit Montana^Visitors-Soma Weather^Observations.
ThsTear Territories Will be Visited by^lbs senate raeaesiitee.
Wa^mMiTo.n, April 21. -The committee^ou territories will begin its investigation^of the condition of tbe four territories now-^knocking for admission to the sisterhood^of states early in June. Chairman Faulk^^ner baa not yet made the selection of the^subcommittee, but be bas deckled that a^start wiU be made from 1 meago. euuo 19,^and lie expects to complete tbe worn^within one month from that date. The^committee will go directly to Utah, where^they will look into affairs, and then pass^through New Mexico and Anions, r rom^these territories they will return by way of^Oklahoma. Short stops will be mad* at^tbe principal cities in each of tbe terri^^tories, and the committee will address it^^self to tbe consideration of tbe material^development of tba country and the con^^dition of the people who comprise it* in^^habitants.
TheMormon Cbareh Case Net lo he De^^cided Till Oeteher.^Washington, April 21.^Tba case In^^volving tbe manner of disposing of tbo^fund now in the hands of tbe receiver,^arising from the sale of Mormon church^property in I'tah, will not Ijo decided by^the supreme court of the I'nited States at^this term. The court granted a motion to^advance tho case upon the docket with the^speculation that it might be submitted on^briefs it they were filed this week, or set^dow n for oral argument on Mouday of the^second week of next term. The attorneys^found it impossible to get the briefs pre^^pared within tli^ time specified, and th*^case therefore goes over until tbe Octol^term.
TheRussian Treaty Will Oo late KftVrt^as loss as ihe President Says to.
Washington.April 21.^ Th* exchange^of ratifications leaves now only ono mora^step to be taken to put the Russian extra^^dition treaty Into effect. That is Its offi^^cial proclamation by President Cleveland.^Tbe proclamation will be issued in ^ short^time, probably on receipt of lb* formal^official notice by th* stato department^from Minister White of tbe fact of ex^^change. Until th* date of publication of^tbe proclamation, whenever that may be,^the exact text of this treaty I* expected to^remain the secret of the executive depart^^ment.
specialDispatch to the Standard.
CSBCASB)April SI.^Although ape of tho^most inclement days of the season, a^number of Montana visitors found their^way to the state building on the world's^fair grounds. Among them were Hon. W.^W. Dixon, Butte: H. Raymond, Virginia^City ; J. Flak of tbe Helena Herald; Prof.^F. W. Traphagon of tho school of mines.^Deer Lodge, and Mrs. Trapliagen; and^George K. Boa*. Professor Trapbagen has^charge of th* Montana mineral exhibit^and baa come on to personally oversee the^work. The general expression of visitors^seemed to be ono of discouragement at^the outlook. No on* believed that the^grounds, which are now almost impass^^able, could possibly be prepared for tbo^reception of visitors on May 1.
CommissionerW. II. Sutherlin of White^Sulphur Springs, when asked what bo^thought of the condition of affairs, sold:^^Tell Montana people that navigation^her* is first rate. Some places are deep^and outers deeper. 1 wish wo could trans^^port some of our Montana weather for^the benefit of tho fair.
Mr.Sutherlin has charge of th* Mon^^tana agricultural display. When asked^how near it had reached completion, lie^answered: ^I haven't fouud the cars that^carry tbe exhibit yet, but I suppose that^they are here somewhere. The pavilion^has not yet been begun. The contractors^were paid S1,000 in advance and aro taking^their time to do tbe work. However,^they have promised to commence on it^next Monday, and it will probably be three^or four weeks before ev ery tiling U com^^pleted.
OnMidway plaisanee the Japanese are
mourningthe loss of a qusint little wind^mill that stood at the east end of the bam^^boo fenced inclusure. It was erected lo^act as a scarecrow to frighten away bats^and evil spirits, but Chicago sepbyrs proved^too much for it. It is down, and the bronxo^fared Japanese are wringing their hands^and inter.tig all sorts of woful sounds.
ThoEsquimaux have grown tired of ex^^hibiting to somebody else's profit, and^last night Ave families, in all Stt persons,^escaped from their village and took refuge^in a hotel near tha grounds. The little^people hare been disgusted with the food^~ care tendered tb*m for some time,^have concluded to exhibit outside of^tbe grounds on their own account. Tho^Columbian guards tried to bold them back,^and did detain their household goods, but^tbe Esquimaux were determined and^marched out into tho storm and liberty.^The Chicoga company that brought them^here is now wondering bow it is to be rec^^ompensed for its tint* and trouble.
lisWill Kvpresset the Government at^the Naval Be view.
Washington,April 21. -Secretary Her^^bert left Washington for Annapolis to^^day via tbe Baltimore A Ohio railway. He^w ill board tbe Dolphin as soon as he^reaches Annapolis and will sail imme^^diately for Hanmlon Road*. On arriving^in the roads lie will give * reception lo^the officers of tbe fleets, and to-morrow^night he will give the officers a dinner.
ItWill Be tleassut.r Weather I^for a Trip.
Washington.April 21. Owing to tho^inability of ail the members of the sub^^committee of th* committee on commerce^to get away May 5, tba chairman of the^committee has postponed th* trip to th*^Pacific coast for til* purpose of investi^^gating the subject of a deep water liar-^bur, until tbe first weak in July.
Aflood Day's Work.^Washington, April 21.^Ninety-five^fourth class postmasters ware appointed^to-day. Of these, S4 were to fill vacancies^occasioned by death and resignation.
WakHINOton.April 21. ^Secretary ^;rea^^lism has received a report from Commis^^sioner Blount of his action at Honolulu,^but states that lie has nothing to give out^about It.
rventsat the Memphis and California^Meetlaxs
Mimphih,Tenn., April 21. -The track^was fair.
Fivefurlongs Northwestern won. lies-^peri* second, Ike S. third. Time, 1 :'4V
Sixfurlongs - Little Crete won. Swagila-^tor second. Red Wing third. Time. 1:1*%.
Fivefurlongs -May Thompson won,^V infield second. Rhctgoods third. Tunc.
tineMile--Rook Laidiey won. liorka^second, Belfast third. Time. 1 :44 f
Mxfurlongs- Ex-Empress Frederick^won. Royal Flush second. Toe Mike third.^Time, llsTyt
Attbe Ooldea Hate.
SanFbani im o. April 21. -Half mile for^2-year-olds ^Bordeaux won. Electricity^second, Cherokee third. Time, :50.
Sevenfurlongs for h-yser-olds Char-^nnon won. Steadfast second, Drummer^third. Time. 1
Fivefurlongs seaside won. Illation^second. Itcsuly t oil third. Time. 1 KG
Mileand a furlong- Garcia won. Kl Kayo^second. Almonl third. Time, 1 :^5J*
Fiveand a half furlongs \V^ai^^hott^won. Molt- second. Regal third. Time.
Halfmile-* ermel won. Paiaeky and^Happy dead beat. Time, :5I V|.
TwoMarderer* Escape Frees Slag Slag^aad Are Bet BeesptareB.
SingSino. April 21. -Roblo and Pallia-^ter, munlerers under sentence of death,^ureas*1 from prison last night- Both^men were under sentence to be electro^^cuted soon.
GuardHulse said at 7 o'clock last night^he passed supper Into Palllster. Th* con^^demned man threw a handful of pepper in^the guard's eyes. Hulse waa blinded and^Pallistar rushed on bim. took but revolver^away and under threats of death, forced^Hulse into Pallister'a call, first taking tbe^keys from bim. then lucked Hula* in th*^call and unlocked tbe cell of murderer^Frank Rohlc.
Thetwo murderers unlocked tbe cells^of Carlyle W. Harris and Murderer Os^^mond and invited these two to accompany I^them. Both Harris and Osmond refused. I^Palllster and Koehl waited until !^ o'clock. I^when tiuerd Murphy came on duty. As
iiterBOBBtaiiStockaea Dui!ioa*ly
EndorssFret Coinage.
Ogd:n Entertained the Visitors In^Good Sty I*-Resolutions^Adopted - Arid^Land*.
SpecialDispatch to ;he Waadard.
OotikN.April 21.^Th* second annual^convention of the Intermountsin Stock^Growers' ussoc'.atlon convened yesterday^in this city with del-gates present from^ntsriy t very stork raising state and ter^^ritory west of the Missouri and Missis-
Murphyemoted th* corridor Palllster , ^p^,, Reception committees were on^presented a pistol to Murphy's head, tak- jto moe( mli 1ue delegates as they
Ingthe keys from liim and locked him In I flighted irora the trains. Tho Kansas^Roebl's cell. Palllster took Hulse's shoes auu \ebraska delegations arrived in spe-^and cap from bim and put them on him- ! cimJ ca^ra. Governor Thomas came up^self. Threatening to kill the ^u*rds If I fpo|n i^.e with , ,peciai train and^lhey made an outcry, th* two murderers | de)iterc,| nn address of welcome to th*
climbeddown into the yard and mail*^their escape, whether by tbe river or ovor^th* wall ia not known. Tho terribly^stormy night facilitated tbe escape. Ii is^supposed I'allister has been saving the^pepper given him daily with his meals^with the object of escape In view.
OatsldeAsslelaaee.^Nkw Yoks;, April 21.^In connection^with th* escape of th* two condemned^murderers, it leaked out this morning that^a brother or Rochl arrived in tbls city 10^days ago from Germany, with IT,U00 which^Roehl had inherited. The brother, upon^Ins arrival here, called upon Goldberg d^^McLaughlin, the prisoner's counsel, and^informed them that ho waa going to Sing^Sing. After * stay of * few days there he^returned to this city and said thai he^would immediately return to Europe. Ho^is believed to have remained in this^country and assisted in his brother's^cscan*. It is believed that Harris' refusal^to tak* advantage of th* opportunity to^^scan* will bar* soma weight with th*^governor ia deciding Ins case.
FromTropleal C Haass Can't^Stand Chlrago Weather.
Chicago.April 21.-The storm which^as been raging for three days still con^^tinue* at ^ utt* hour to-night. Sleet la^falling fast and tbe wind is blowing nearly^a eft-mile gait. This is ono of the most se^^vere and long continued storms known^here since the weal tier bureau was estab^^lished. The weatherman bas bopas that^It will pass over to-morrow, but It cer^^tainly doesn't look mueb like it to-night.^The world's fair buildinga stood the strain^well, no damage being doue to any of^them, with the exception of breaking^some panes of glass and overturning a^statue, lu Midway plaisanee, whore lb*^Egyptian, Javanese, Japanese, Turkish^and other villages aro erected, tbe dam^^age was more severe, soma frail buildings^having been used quite roughly. The^most serious feature of toe storm, how^^ever, has been the effect of the December^weather, now prevailing, upon the people^from tropical climates living in these vil^^lages. The Javanese, Egyptians and^others, with thin clothes and inadequate^protection from the Icy blasts In their^lightly constructed houses, have suffered^greatly. Several of them are III and two^or three cases of pneumonia exist among^them.
The Queer Vessels Beach ^esaplea^Roads la Safety Salutes.
FortMonhok. April 21.^ The throe^Columbus caravels arrived at half post^ten o'clock tbls morning in tow of tbo^Spanish warships, and were received with^great thunders of salutes and a display of^flags of the countries represented by^fleets. They dropped anchor at the end^of the line of vessels. The little fleet was^tumbled about off .lie Virginia coast yes^^terday in a lively fashion by the northeast^wind that blow all day. hut managed to^make thecapca uarty this moriiing, and,^after taking pilots aboard, proceeded in.^At the head of ' ho tleet was the unpro^^tected rruisvr Infanta Isabella,^towing the flagship Santa Marin,^which displayed thu Hag of tbe^admiral. Behind, and a mile^astern, came the torpedo vessel Nouva^Espana. with the Nina as tier charge, and^In the latter's wake was the big black^protected cruiser, Reiuu Rcgenie, with^the Pints. When off the fort, tho stars^and stripes were brought out mid saluted^by tbe leader, the fort quickly responding.^Before tho Santa Muria was abreast of^the Philadelphia, tho Dutch frigato Van^Spy k ran up the Spanish colors and sa^^luted them with l.'l rounds. Then tbe^Russian shipG-'iieral Admiral commenced^to salute and later every flagship In the^harbor hottoreJ these curious- lookmg^crafts and iho country they came from.
Allgood housekeepers should not fail^to look for and read the advertisement of^the M. J. Council Co. in to-morrow, bun-^day morning's STANDASD. It will be s^source of both pleasure aud profit tu all^w ho read iu
KessellSags Is Uuiie Hapata!
NewYork, April 21.^Secretary Car^^lisle's statement on th* gold situation^waa tbo general topic of conversation on^Wall streot this f ore noon. It was not^favorably received on the ground that It^ia felt to he inadequate. Most of the^banker* seen expressed themselves as^unable to comprehend tbe secretary's in^^tention In reference to treasury notes.^J. Edward Simmons, president of tho^Fourth National hank, said: ^Mr. Car-^lial* bas announced no policy; hi* words^^^^BoaV'''-uf so far as a solution of the^^pwlHsT Is otneemed.
tluiBBof the foreign exchange dealers^are again allowing ^ premium of hi of 1^per cent, to those paying for their remit^^tance* in gold. Kusaell Sage said this^morning: ^I believe thai if people do not^lose their bends, we shall weather the^storm and that the currency question will^eventually be arranged satisfactorily. It^I* a pity, however, that Secretary CsrtisI*^does not tak* a bold stand upon lb* sub^^ject end glr* us an idea of w hat he Intends^to do.
Atth* sub-treasury S3,000,000 In treasury^notes were deposited against a withdrawal^of an equal amount of geld. Of these^notes Ssuo.OQO were treasury net**, the re^^mainder being gold certificates end^I'nited States notes. Cashier Muehlmann,^of th* sub-treasury, baa not received any^word from Washington to make any^chang* in the method of receiving pay^^ment for gold.
Order Operators Overwhelm Their
OaestsWith Attention^Special ntapateb to ths Staadara.
Hki.cna.April 21.^Th* sscond annual^ball of Mount Helen* division 187, Order^of Railway Telegraphers, took piece to^^night. There were 150 couples in the grand^march led by Superintendent W. H. Brim-^eon of tbe Northern Pacific railway of^Missoula, and lady. Thirty dances were^on the programme and were much en^^joyed by those present. The music^by the Helena orchestra waa superb.^About 100 people war* ia attendance^from abroad, prominent among them be^^ing : Messrs. C. W. Mount. J. K. Nagle,^W. G. Sadiier, J. F. Brady, E. G. Smith,^Mart Gilligsn. A. Ellis. Misses K. Fagan,^Jessie Kelly, McAndrews, Norn Callahan,^and Mrs. E. G. Smith, ell from Butt*;^J. B. Jelly, M. J. Mets, Missoula; J. A.^Altenbarb, Garrison; II. Barglln. Living^^ston ; W. F. Dora ii. Anaconda; E. M.^Kevin, O. W. Shuotler, Great i alls. Tile^ball waa glvau under th* auspice* of^Mayor J. C. Curtlu.
A Hesrnaaa Druggist Whe Cealda'l
MakeMath Bads Meet.^Special Dispatch to tbe standard.
1'oztm an. April sT. Sheriff Caldwell^yesterday closed the I lose ru an pharmacy.^Dr. G. L. Hogun, proprietor, on th* fol^^lowing attachments: H. M. Parchen A^Co., Helena, SITS: Gallatin Valley Mercan^^tile company. *2!H.US: Gallatin Valley^National hank. SJ.lH.'o.
Dr.Hogun claims to have made an aa-^aignineut previous to the serving of the^attachments lo Nelson Story, through^Western Dowliug as agent for Story, who^is now in California.
Kill-pelThinks She Mas tiood Water
audLights.^M^ rial Dispatch to ths Standard.
Kaum'IX.April 21. The Kaliapel^Water und Electric company to-day mad*^* test of tbe water works iu tbe presence^of the city council aud a Urge concourse^of ciliseiis. that the city might accept or^reject the a^ stem. The test was a grand^success aud was highly satisfactory to tbe^city officials and cilisen*. Kalispel's^water and light plants hav* cost about^f160,030 aud arc seal to be tbe best in tbe^state. J. A. t oram, president of tbe com^^pany. and Mr. Carroll, both of Butt*, war*^preseut.
visitingcattlemen at the afternoon sea-
sion.The eon.res* held morning end^afternoon sessions, but on account of^tbe failure of tbe committee on creden^^tials to report, tbe work of organisation^waa not pertortsd. Aquila N- hcker of^Utah was made temporary chairman.^Committees on credentials ami resolu^^tions, composed of one delegate from^each state, were appointed. The after^^noon was devoted almost entirely to^speechmaking, ihe sneakers heuig Gov^^ernor Thomas of I'tab. J. H. N-ff^of Missouri. Maror Lundy of Ugden, E. P.^Savage of Nub: aska.
To-day'ssession was a great improves^inout on Thursday's mootinj. It resulted^iu something definite and practical to cat^^tlemen's interests throughout the tcrri*^tory embraced within the range of th*^cattle industry in tho West. The meeting^opened with a largo attendance. Vic*^President Waite of Kausas City occupied^the speaker's chair. Soon after^tho couveution was opened, the ar^^rival of Drl.uidi North of Ne^^vada, president of the association,^was announced, and shortly after, when^ho appeared on the atage, the cattlemen^gave the old gentleman a reception that^amounted to an ovation. He bowed and^smiled, hut refused to take the chair^till tbe afternoon session.
Intbe afternoon the committee on reso^^lutions reported. Thu resolutions were 12^In number aud embraced tho following^topics: Mask yards: improvement in^breeding cattle; brands; arid lands; irri^^gation; silver; Indiau regulations, and^ranges.
Thediscussion of these topics was gen^^eral and notable for tbe hard sens* it^contained. Silver and th* question of^ceding the arid lauds were dwelt upon^with greater emphasis than any other^topic. The cattlemen were a unit on^these subjects, being in favor of-the free^and unlimited coinage of silver, and ol^ceding the arid lands to th* western^states.
Contraryto expectation there waa no^fight tusdo on the proposition of the neat^place of meeting. When the question^came up, tbe Nebraska delegation moved^to make Ogden tbe permanent place of^meeting and th* Missouri delegation sec^^onded the motion, which waa carried with^great applause and without a dissenting^vote. Rules were then suspended and the^old officers were reelected, cowboy fash^^ion, in a bunch. The congress adjourned^at 8 p. m.. subject to tbe call of Secretary^Armstrong for IBM. The convention we*^a great success, tho visiting delegate* be^^ing overjoyed with tbe treatment received^at the hands of the people or Ogdcn.
Whatthe Oastlemea Thlah Ihnald Be
DoneWith Tkens.^OttOKN, April 21.^The second day of th*^Inter mountain Stock Growers' aesocias^lion proved tbe last. A set of resolution*^waa Introduced during the afternoon, re^^citing that in tbe western half of the^United States, there are exclusive of^mineral and agricultural Isndj, 2.uOO,00S^square miles of arid mountain and desert^land, a majority of w filch is yet owned by^tbe government; that, under tbe pre* nt^federal law* oo bomesteading. the^government derives no revenue^from tbe arid belt; that said^lands are only useful for stcck^raising; that constaut strife and some^bloodshed will result from crowded post^^ures and the inability of stockmen to^secure property rights over the lands used;^nnder which circumstances congress ia^asked to cede the arid lands to tbe various^states and territories, making the nee**-^eery restrictions for th* reservation of^mining anil fertile lauds. The resolution*^also fay or tbe admission of the termor:**^to tbe union at the earliest praticable^moment; tbe free and unlimited coinage^of silver and the harmonizing of sheep^and cattle interests. Tbe ^ ^ Hirers elected^for th* ensuing year ere: thrlaudo North,^Nevada, president; R. L. Armstrong,^Ogden, I'tab, secretary.
APrisoner Broke for Liberty aud Brehs^Ml* Neck.
SACR.mr.NTO,Cel., April 21.^A convict,^named Jose Garcia, made a break for lib^^erty from the state prison at Foisom thia^afternoon. He plunged into the American^river and started to swim to the opposite^shore. Before he bad proceeded far, how^^ever, three or four guards began tiring al^bim w itb their rifles. Garcia was shot end^killed. Tbe prisoucr bad only been at th*^penitentiary on* week, w her* he was sent^to serve an eight-year sentence for an at^^tempt to commit criminal assault.
TWELVSBODIES FOUND.^A Steamer Seewros th* VieIIass of IB*^Milwaukee Horror^Mn.w m-kkc. April a.-Th* bodies of^two of the victim* of th* tunnel crib hor^^ror were picked up on the beech early this^morning. The steamer Burroughs went t*^the crib this morning and secured IS^bodies. Foreman Barber, of tbe tunnel^construction gang, says that there were U^^u*u ia the arihwhea it was overva

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